This is the 71st episode of Season 3: The Snowmads' frozen revenge! Main Heroes: SpongeBob, Bunnie, Donkey Kong, Sonic, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong. Main Villains: Lord Fredrik, Snowmads, Plankton.

Opening: Donkey Kong's birthday interruption

Donkey Kong: I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! Bunnie Rabbot: Happy Birthday, Sugah Kong! SpongeBob and Patrick: Hooray! (Meanwhile) Pointy Tucks: Masters! Masters! We've spotted the Freedom Fighters with the kongs! Plankton: Excellent! That party will be no more! (The Snowmads bring Lord Fredrik's horn) Plankton: Care to do the honors? (Footsteps came out of the dark revealing the devious Lord Fredrik)

Lord Fredrik: My pleasure. (Blows into his horn sending a huge ice dragon towards Mobius) (Back at the birthday party) Tails: Time to blow out the candle DK. Donkey Kong: Here we go. (Prepares to blow out the candle but the candle gets blown out by itself) Huh? Sally: Guys! Nicole just spotted a bunch of Plankton's minions on a strange Viking ship! Rotor: That's strange, I thought Vikings didn't exist anymore. Antoine: Of course zhey don't. Cranky Kong: Well these Vikings do, and they are called the Snowmads! Sonic: The Snow-what? Diddy Kong: The Snowmads, We've fought them off before, they once took over our island but we managed to stop them. SpongeBob: Guess you gonna have stop them again, Bunnie Rabbot: Your right Sugah Sponge, and these Snowmads aren't gonna go down without a fight. (The ice dragon creates a strong winds that blows the heroes far into the distance) Plankton: (Laughs evilly) Who can stop us now? (Laughs) WHO?

Lost Mangroves

(The heroes land in a plane that's stuck on a tree branch then they started punching around the plane causing it to come loose and fall apart the heroes then come out of the plane unhurt) Rotor: Where are we? SpongeBob: I don't know Rotor, But whatever this place is, THE VIKINGS ARE TAKING OVER MOBIUS!!! Patrick: Why does this keep happening to me?! Dixie Kong: We've got to get back to Mobius. Tails: How are we gonna do that? Sally: Nicole, How do we get back to Mobius? Nicole: To return to Mobius, you must defeat the Snowmads that have taken over other islands. Dixie Kong: Nicole sure does come in handy, Sally. Eddy: Forget about Nicole, C'mon let's just get back to Mobius. Edd: Oh Eddy must you always be so rump? Ed: Is it my turn to jump on your head? Sally: Just follow us Ed. Ed: Follow the leader! (Laughs) (At the island's circus tent) Sally: What is this place? SpongeBob: It looks like a circus tent. Patrick and Ed: A circus tent?! (A spotlight flashes on the heroes and then they see Pompy the sea lion)


Pompy the sea lion

Donkey Kong: It's Pompy! (Pompy claps his flippers to call for reinforcements to the knocks the heroes into the battle arena) Sonic: Juice and Jam time! SpongeBob: I'm ready! (Pompy then jumps and slides towards the heroes and gets jumped on by Donkey Kong then Pompy throws some fishes with his nose) Ed: I got it guys! (Uses his head to get rid of the fishes) (Pompy then gets back to the top and does the same attack he does and gets jumped on again then he throws a sea urchin and then 2 green fishes at the heroes but they managed to get rid of them) Sonic: Hate to leave you bruised pal but I'll give you a ring sometime. (Spin dashes at Pompy when he does his same attack then Pompy gets angry and turns a bit red) (Pompy starts a new a attack by rolling sideways then slides on his belly and gets jump on again then he throws in a big blue fish and then 2 green fishes) Eddy: Where does he keep getting these fishes?! Cranky Kong: Forget about the fishes and concentrate on the fight! (Pompy then gets more angry and turns more red then he calls for reinforcements and they slide at the heroes but they managed to get out of the way and stomp on Pompy one last time) Donkey Kong: Allow me! BANANA SLAMMA! (Punches Pompy really hard sending him flying into the sky and out of sight)

Autumn Heights

Nicole: You are now in Autumn Heights. SpongeBob: Alright gang! Let's go! Antoine: What do those fuels have that I do not? Cranky Kong: A fuel? That doesn't make any sense. Antoine: A fuel is a stupid person Cranky. Cranky Kong: Oh I think you mean a fool. Antoine: That's what I zaid a fuel. (At the mountain top)

(The heroes see a strange creature with a mallet that smashes a banana and the heroes gasped causing the owls to hear them even their master Skowl)


Skowl: HOOOT! (Enraged, the heroes jumped into the battle arena and the fight begins) Donkey Kong: Okay gang! Let's get em! (Skowl then throws eggs at the heroes that hatch into his minions DK then picks up a unconscious owl and throws it at Skowl) (Skowl then flies toward the heroes with his sharp claws but misses then he tries again but gets hit by Patrick and gets angry and flies higher) SpongeBob: This floor won't last long! Diddy Kong: Quick! In the barrel cannon! (They all jump in the cannon and follow Skowl who creates a strong wind with his wings) Sally: He's too strong! Sonic: Don't worry Sal! I've got this! (He reaches into his backpack and finds his power ring and he spin dashes towards Skowl then the strong winds stop) (Skowl then drops his sharp feathers on the heroes but misses then he tries his sharp claws again but gets hit again and becomes even more enraged then flies even higher as the heroes follow him) Astro Boy: Doesn't this owl ever give up? Dixie Kong: I don't think so! (Skowl calls his minions to assist him the owls then fly towards the heroes but they all missed Skowl then flies high into the sky and starts dropping eggs from the air and the last egg had Skowl inside making him dizzy and SpongeBob then karate kicks Skowl far into the distance) SpongeBob: I AM SPONGEBOB!! DESTROYER OF EVIL!!! Rotor: Take it easy, it was just an owl. SpongeBob: Well that took care of him, eh guys? Patrick: Done and done.

Bright Savannahs

Nicole: You're on the third island: Bright Savannahs. Sonic: Well we've took care of the sea lion and the owl. Edd: Who's the next Snowmad? Tails: We won't know till we find out Double D. (At the battle arena they see a bunch of bananas as they try to grab it a strange baboon named Ba-Boom stole it including Nicole)

Ba boom


SpongeBob: Hey! Where's Nicole? Sally: That baboon has stole Nicole! (Ba-Boom then uses his powers to copy 2 replicas of himself then 3 of them started laughing at the heroes causing them to fight Ba-Boom) (One of the replicas swings at the heroes with a hammer then the second one without where it's the heroes' chance to jump on him then the replicas does the same attack but gets jumped on then the replicas spin dashes at the heroes but Sonic handles them Ba-Boom gets mad and he and his replica starts throwing spiky fruit bombs) SpongeBob: I've got this guys! 1 bubble bomb coming up! (Blows a bubble bomb and throws it at Ba-Boom) (Ba-Boom gets even more mad and copies 2 ghost replicas and they swing at the heroes while throwing spiky fruit bombs) SpongeBob: Bunnie, care to do the honors? Bunnie Rabbot: My pleasure, Sugah Sponge. (SpongeBob then loads the bubble bomb into Bunnie's arm cannon and she shoots the bubble bomb at Ba-Boom sending far into the distance)

Sea Breeze Cove

NICOLE: We have reached the 4th Island known as "Sea Breeze Cove". A small Tropical Island with most levels from underwater. Sonic: What?! You mean to expect me to swim through this water to find the next Snowmad?! That's water! SpongeBob: It's ok to be scared of water every now and then. Donkey Kong: Come on, going for a swim is so much fun. Vezok: Yeah, watch me do a jack-knife. (jumps up, stretches his arms & legs out & then dives into the water & emerges, chuckling) Come on Sonic, get in to swim! Sonic: Uh-uh! No way! Sally: (whistles as she is close to Sonic & kicks him in the water) Sorry Sonic, nothing personal. Sonic: HEY! (falls into the water) Help! I forgot how to swim! Squidward: What a baby. SpongeBob: Calm down Sonic, now let's go through this together. Shall we? Sonic: Alright. I'll do it. Diddy Kong: Oh boy! Let's go! (The Heroes begins their swim & as they are swimming, they come across a puffer fish named Fugu)



SpongeBob: Say, isn't that Mr. Puff? Donkey Kong: Who? Patrick: Or was it Mrs. Puff? Donkey Kong: Wait, that's not Mr. or Mrs. Puff whoever they are, that's Fugu! SpongeBob: Oh yeah Mrs. Puff is back at boating school? Diddy Kong: Then what happened to Mr. Puff? [footage of Mr. Puff, now a lamp, being turned on] SpongeBob: Mrs. Puff doesn't like to talk about it. Vezok: (swimming up to Fugu) Donkey Kong: (following Vezok) Bunnie: Vezok, what in the hay are you doing? Vezok: Watch this. Vezok & Donkey Kong: (to Fugu) BOO! Fugu: (bloats up in panic & turns to see the heroes) Vezok: (begins laughing like a maniac) He should've seen his face! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (However, Fugu roars in rage & inhales, bloating himself into giant size, with spikes appearing everywhere on him.) All (Minus Vezok): (gasps) Sally: Oh my gosh! Vezok: (still not knowing Fugu's giant size, still laughing) That really scared the pants off of him! Dixie Kong: Uh, Vezok? Vezok: (stops laughing) What? What's the matter? SpongeBob: We don't wanna alarm you, but... Cranky Kong: Look behind you. Vezok: Huh? (turns to see Fugu, now a giant puffer fish with big spikes) Oops. (Fugu then exhales, blowing the Heroes back. They stand their ground, preventing themselves not to get poked by the sharp shells & gets ready to fight Fugu.) (Fugu inhales & exhales, bringing & pushing the heroes back, but they stand their ground. Then Fugu spins around, with the Heroes noticed his rear end, which is the only spot that doesn't have any spikes & Donkey Kong rams at Fugu's rear end.) Sally: That's it! Attack at it's rear! SpongeBob: Right. But Patrick, Squidward, Vezok & I can breathe in air & underwater. Get the bubbles! (begins blowing bubbles for the heroes to breathe in the air from the bubbles) Sonic: Thanks. (Fugu roars & then inhales & spits 3 bloated fishes at the heroes) Avak: Watch out! (kicks the bloated fishes back at Fugu, hitting him) (Fugu is enraged & his skin is a bit orange & darker as he inhales & spitting out sea urchins & 2 bloated fish at the heroes) Eddy: Incoming Sea Urchins! (However the heroes dodge the sea urchins & kicks the bloated fish back at Fugu, causing him to deflate back to it's normal & smooth form) Ed: Here we go! (slams his head at Fugu) (Fugu is even more angry & his skin becomes a bit red & orange & darker. Fugu then inhales up to it's giant form & rolls around at the heroes, but the heroes dodging them out of the way) Antoine: AAH! This is beginning to be the worst day of my young & handsome life. Eddy: Uh, less talking, more action! Sonic: Yeah! What he said! (Fugu exhales, going backwards at the heroes, exposing his smooth rear & this time SpongeBob karate chops at Fugu's smooth backside. Then Fugu exhales & spindashes at the heroes, but got rammed at the rear by the heroes again.) Thok: Air! (The heroes then breathes in the bubbles & then Fugu inhales & begins spitting out multiple sea urchins at the heroes, while the heroes begins dodging them) Sally: (dodging them barely) Sonic! (Fugu spits out a bloated fish) Sonic: Hey! This is for hurting my friends! (spindashes at the bloated fish, sending it straight at Fugu, hitting him, making Fugu dizzy) And this is for Sal! (spindashes at Fugu, sending him far far away into the distance & out of sight.) (The Heroes swims back to shore as Sally hugs Sonic) Donkey Kong: Nice finish there, Sonic. Sally: Sonic, you're brilliant. (kisses Sonic's cheek) Thank you for saving me from that monstrous puffer fish. Sonic: It's no biggie. Now let's go to the next island!

Juicy Jungle

NICOLE: We are now in the final island, before reaching back to Planet Mobius by wormhole, is the Juicy Jungle. SpongeBob: I wonder why it's called that? Squidward: No matter what is happening, I'm moving back to sanity & don't you sad clowns come crying to me when your circus tent comes crashing down. (begins walking off) STH Rotor: What do you mean by that, Squidward? Squidward: You wouldn't know accidents, if it slips you down a sewage pipe. (accidently slips on purple grape juice & falls down through the giant juice pipe, screaming) SpongeBob: Squidward, we're coming! (slides down through the giant pipe as well) (The Heroes begins to follow as well by sliding down through the giant juice pipe)

(Meanwhile, at the juice pool, filled with purple juice. We see a polar bear, relaxing on a large ice platform carefreely, licking a popsicle. The Polar bear's name is Bashmaster


. Suddenly he heard Squidward's screaming, coming from the giant juice pipe)

Sonic & Spongebob: INCOMING! (The Heroes slides out from the giant juice pipe & then lands together on the large ice platform, rocking it a bit, causing the popsicle to fall into the purple juice water & Bashmaster crawls up to the edge of the platform, only to panic at the sight of his popsicle eaten by a school of fish & turns to the heroes) Donkey Kong: (smiles nervously) Bunnie: Whoops. Sorry about that. (However, Bashmaster picks up his hammer, which is flat on one end & spiky the other end & roars in rage, as the heroes ready for battle against Bashmaster.) Squidward: (now a bit nervous) Oh boy. (Bashmaster slams his hammer at the heroes, but they dodge it & the hammer is stuck, giving Donkey Kong a chance to jump on Bashmaster. Then Bashmaster wobbles & falls into the purple juice pool & climbs back on the large ice platform & jumps up to the right side, rocking the platform a bit & summons ice blocks & pushes them at the heroes with his foot, as the heroes jump over them) Antoine: This ice platform is slippery! Bunnie: (ground pounds the ice that has the Watermelon Bomb & loads the Watermelon Bomb in her arm cannon & shoots it at Bashmaster, causing him to wobble & fall into the juice pool again) (Bashmaster emerges & then jumps up 3 times & lands 3 times, rocking the platform & then summons more ice blocks & push them at the heroes, while they dodge them) Reidak: (ground pounds the ice with the watermelon bomb & throws the bomb at Bashmaster) Eat this! (Bashmaster got hit & falls down for the 3rd time & emerges, with his fur now a light purple colour & roars in rage. Then he summons ice blocks as pillars & charges at the heroes, spinning around) SpongeBob: Quick! To the top! (The Heroes then hops on the ice block pillars & then jumps over Bashmaster, who is now dizzy & Sonic spindashes at him, knocking him down to the juice pool. Bashmaster emerges again) Sonic: Rude, much? (Bashmaster jumps up 3 times & lands back down 3 times, creating 3 icy waves.) Diddy Kong: Watch out! (The Heroes then jumps over the 3 icy waves, then noticed that Bashmaster summoned the ice blocks as pillars again as he charges at the Heroes 2 times, causing them to jump on top of the pillars, dodging those charges, in which Bashmaster is now dizzy from his 2nd charge in a row. And SpongeBob jumps on Bashmaster, knocking him into the juice pool.) SpongeBob: Phew. That is a workout. (Bashmaster emerges again & jumps up 2 times & lands 2 times, creating 2 icy waves, in which the heroes jumped over them. Then Bashmaster summons the ice blocks as pillars again as he charges at the Heroes 3 times & the Heroes jumps on the ice blocks & jumps over Bashmaster's charges, then Bashmaster feels dizzy & was jumped on again & falls down into the juice pool.) Patrick: This is fun! (Bashmaster emerges with his fur now a darker purple & is in a rage again.) Thok: Talk about attitude. (Bashmaster then summons ice blocks as pillars & starts pushing them at the heroes, as they jump on top of them, plus they ground pound the ice block with the bomb again & throws it at Bashmaster, causing him to fall into the juice pool. Then Bashmaster emerges again & slams his hammer at the heroes with an icy wave to add the slam, but the heroes dodges them & jumps on Bashmaster's head & he falls into the juice pool again.) Tails: (panting) That polar bear's mean! Eddy: Eeesh. No kiddin'. (Bashmaster appears & then summons ice blocks as pillars & pushes them at the heroes, but they jump on the pillars & ground pound the ice block with a bomb & throws it at Bashmaster, causing him to feel dizzy) Astro Boy: Let's finish him off! Donkey Kong: Yeah! Who's gonna do it? Squidward: (charges at Bashmaster & then super kick at him, it is super effective because Squidward has 2 legs for each side, causing the Bashmaster to be blown back far away out of sight, into the distance) Reidak: Wow. SpongeBob: I know, I didn't know Squidward had it in him. Squidward: It is because you could've help me out of this situation in the first place! I nearly freeze to death! Dixie Kong: Sorry Squidward, but if wasn't for you, we wouldn't find Bashmaster, now would we? Squidward: Huh? Donkey Kong: (spots the red & yellow wormhole from the opening) Look! There's the same wormhole that transported us to my world. We can go back to Planet Mobius now. Come on! (The Heroes then goes through the wormhole, back to Planet Mobius)

Planet Mobius

(When the heroes returned to Mobius they saw the entire planet was covered in snow and ice) Edd: Oh dear! They've turned Mobius into an icy paradise! Tails: Aunt Sally, I'm scared. Sally: (Hugs Tails) It'll be okay, Tails. Patrick: Hey! I see a fortress! Sonic: Where? Patrick: Over there. (Pointy Tucks spotted the heroes and warned his masters) Pointy Tucks: Masters! The heroes have returned! I've gotta close the gates! Lord Fredrik: You're not going anywhere and neither are they! Fish Poker Pops! ATTACK! Plankton: Seize them slaves! Plankton's Minions: All hail Plankton. All hail Plankton. (Donkey Kong calls for Rambi the rhinoceros and the heroes and they ran through Plankton's Minions and the Fish Poker Pops like bowling pins) Pointy Tucks: They're still coming! Lord Fredrik: They won't get far, Archies! FIRE! (The Archies shoot their dead fish arrows at the heroes but Bunnie uses her arm cannon to burn the fish arrows) Donkey Kong: You guys keep them busy while Bunnie and I open the gate. (Donkey Kong went under the gate and tried to lift it open but he wasn't strong enough) Donkey Kong: Bunnie! Can you help me out? Bunnie Rabbot: No problem, Sugah Kong! (Bunnie and Donkey Kong lifted the gate together and the gate slowly began to open) Bunnie Rabbot: Come on! Move! Donkey Kong: Almost there! Sonic: Can you guys hurry up?! (Donkey Kong and Bunnie were lifting the gate as hard as they could and finally the gate was open) SpongeBob: The gate's open! Let's go! (Inside the fortress the heroes found Plankton and Lord Fredrik in the battle arena as they jumped down cracking the ice causing the floor to break and they all fall into a very dangerous battle arena and the final battle began) Plankton: (inside a large yeti-like battle suit, covered in white & cyan spikes) Behold, my new power! Chum Yeti, go! (Plankton's newest robotic creation, the Chum Yeti roars as he slams his fists together) SpongeBob: This should be interesting. (Lord Freking & the Chum Yeti jumps to the background & Lord Freking increases his size. Plankton controls the Chum Yeti to slam his fists at the heroes, but they dodge & jumps on the hands, causing the Chum Yeti to shake their hands a bit.) (Then Lord Freking launches multiple ice balls out of his horn at the heroes, who have dodged them & the Tuck Puff & Tuck Fluffs comes out of the ice balls & the Heroes stomps on them & picks them us) Plankton: Watch out! King Freking: On it! (Plankton & King Freking begins darting side to side, but they pause to adjust their helmets, but they got hit by the Tuck Puffs & Fluffs which are thrown by the heroes.) (Then Plankton & King Freking jumps back on the battlefield & charges at the heroes, but they jump over & stomp on their backs. The 2 villains charges again, but get jumped on again.) (Then Chum Yeti begins pounding his fists at the ground, at the same time Lord Freking jumps on the battlefield, trying to crush the heroes, but they begin dodging again & jumps on the Chum Yeti's fists again, causing the Chum Yeti to go on the fritz abit.) (Plankton feels enraged & then the Chum Yeti upgrades itself with spikes) Eddy: Oh man! (Lord Freking then jumps back to the background & blows the horn, launching more ice balls, releasing more Tuff Tucks & Fluffs, in which the heroes jump on them.) SpongeBob: Aim carefully guys! Plankton: Oh no you don't! (The Chum Yeti launches spike missiles at the heroes, as Lord Freking begins darting side to side) Sally: Incoming! (The Heroes then dodges the spike missiles & Donkey Kong notices Lord Freking distracted because of his gloating & throws the Tuff Tuck at Lord Freking, hitting him) Donkey Kong: Got him! (Lord Freking hops back in the battlefield & charges, only to get stomped at the back by the heroes 2 times, causing Lord Freking to go in a rage) Plankton: I will have my revenge & you know it! (Lord Freking jumps at the heroes, while the Chum Yeti slams his fists at the heroes, but the heroes kept dodging the attacks & stomps at the Chum Yeti's fists again. Then Lord Freking & Plankton jumps to the background & shoots ice dragons & spike missiles at the heroes) Bunnie: Ice Dragon! Antoine: AAH! (The Heroes then begins dodging the ice dragons & spike missiles, causing Lord Freking to fire more ice balls with Tuff Tucks & Tuff Fluffs inside them, at the heroes & Plankton to slam the Chum Yeti's fists at the heores, but they dodge them & stomps it's fists again, as SpongeBob takes sharp aim & launches a Tuff Fluff at a distracted Lord Freking.) SpongeBob: Gotcha! Reidak: Keep going! (Lord Freking & Plankton gets back to the battlefield & charges, only to get stomped at Lord Freking's back & at the Chum Yeti's head 2 times, causing the Chum Yeti to go on the fritz again) Plankton: YOU! YOU! (Plankton is enraged again & the Chum Yeti upgrades itself again, this time with heavy steel armor & also equips a giant sword, a giant hammer & a giant wrecking ball & chain.) Sally: (gasps) Oh my gosh! Cranky Kong: That's one tough robot. Diddy Kong: This is going to be harder than we thought. Plankton: (now completely enraged) NOW I'M REALLY ANGRY!! YOU'LL GET NO MERCY FROM ME!!! (Lord Freking then proceeds to jump up & tries to crush the heroes, but they dodge again. Lord Freking then jumps to the battlefield & shoots ice dragons from his horn, trying to hit them, but the heroes have dodged them barely.) Dixie Kong: Yipe! Edd: I think I'm getting leg cramps! (Lord Freking then shoots more ice balls with Tuff Pucks & Tuff Fluffs inside them & the Heroes dodging them again. But then the Chum Yeti launches multiple bombs at the heroes) Plankton: Now let's see how you like these bombs! (The Heroes begins dodging the bombs while dodging the ice balls) Sonic: Now you're cooking! Yeah! Yeah! (stomps at the Tuff Puck & picks it up) (Lord Freking then darts side to side & pauses to adjust his helmet & got hit by a Tuff Puck, thrown by Sonic. Lord Freking jumps back to the battlefield & charges but got stomped at the back by the heroes 2 times, causing him to go on a rage again.) Lord Freking: That's it! No more games! (jumps up & lands back down, causing to make lava pillars out of the platforms, except one in which he is on now) (The Heroes we're lifted upwards by the lava pillars) Plankton: Hah! I got you now! Reidak: We need some options & fast! Sally: NICOLE! What are the Chum Yeti's weakspots after the heavy steel armor is activated? NICOLE: The head is the only thing left vulnerable, we must reach to the top of the Chum Yeti in order to hit the weakspot. SpongeBob: Look out! (The Chum Yeti unleashes his giant dark sword & slams it at the 4 platforms, except the one which is out of reach & the Heroes dodges to a safe platform & the Heroes run along the giant sword & rams at the Chum Yeti's head.) Sally: Yes! That worked! Patrick: Uh? How come we're flying? (The platforms we're left airbourne for a few seconds) Squidward: Uh oh. (Then platforms we're brought back down with the heroes, who are noticing that the platforms temporarily sink to the lava) Sonic: AAH! Out of the frying pan & into the fire! Hakann: Now you tell me! Donkey Kong: (spots a platform rising from the lava) Guys! To the rising platform! (The Heroes lands on the rising platform) Bunnie: Whew-we! Talk about a close shave. (Lord Freking & Plankton jumps to the background & launches ice dragons from Lord Freking's horn at the heroes, while the Chum Yeti shoots missile spikes at the heroes. However the heroes continues to dodge the attacks. Then Lord Freking shoots more iceballs with Tuff Pucks & Tuff Fluff inside them & Plankton summons 2 Jack-2 Bots to attack at the Heroes.) SpongeBob: Jack-2 Bots! Dead ahead! (The Heroes stomps on the Jack-2 Bots & the Tuff Fluff & picks them up & Lord Freking & Plankton begins darting side to side & pauses for Lord Freking to gloat & Plankton to adjust the Chum Yeti's head, only for the 2 villains to get hit by the Jack-2 Bots & the Tuff Fluff, who we're thrown by the Heroes.) STH Rotor: (panting) This is hard work. (Lord Freking & the Chum Yeti hops back in the battlefield & Lord Freking charges faster & Plankton controls the Chum Yeti to roll into a giant steel ball, rolling at the heroes & then the Heroes jumps over the Chum Yeti by jumping on top of Lord Freking & a couple of Aerial Jack-2 Bots for dodging the attack.) (The Chum Yeti stands up as Lord Freking got stomped at the back again by the Heroes) SpongeBob: We're almost there! Cranky Kong: We can do this! (Lord Freking jumps up & lands back down, causing to make lava pillars out of the platforms, except one he is on. Then the Chum Yeti unleashes a giant hammer & slams it at the heroes, but the heroes dodges them & jumps on the hammer & then rams at the Chum Yeti's head.) Plankton: No! Stop! You're starting to let my bot go on the fritz again! (The Heroes falls down with the falling platforms & jumps up & lands at the rising platform. Lord Freking then shoots ice dragons at the heroes, while the heroes jump up & duck down to dodge the attacks. Then the Chum Yeti wields the Giant Wrecking Ball & Chain & then spins the wrecking ball around & the Heroes begins jumping on Lord Freking for charging again & some Aerial Jack-2 Bots & then the heroes stomp on the Chum Yeti's head) Plankton: NO! (The Chum Yeti slows down & feels dizzy while going on the fritz. Then the heroes lands on Lord Freking's back, casuing him to feel dizzy.) SpongeBob: All together now! (The Heroes then charges at Lord Freking & the Chum Yeti, with Plankton inside.) Plankton: (now in complete shock & disbelief, with his antennas droop down) Oh barnicles. Donkey Kong: BANANA SLAMMA! (The Heroes then rams at Lord Freking & the Chum Yeti with their combined strength, sending Lord Freking, Plankton, plus the Chum Yeti far far away, out into the distance.) SpongeBob: (waving goodbye) Bye bye Plankton, don't forget to write.


(Lord Freking & Plankton, in the Chum Yeti, are shot out of the fortress & the clouds are clearing up when the entire fortress begins to crumble down. The Heroes make their escape & spots Lord Freking & Plankton falling towards the Fleet of Snowmads Viking Ships.) Donkey Kong: Look! (Lord Freking & Plankton makes a splash down, crashing into the remainder of the Snowmad ships out in the seas of the planet, defeating the entire Snowmad clan and freeing the island from their control. The Heroes begins cheering at the sight of the end of the Snowmads' reign of terror.) SpongeBob & Patrick: Hooray! Sally: Freedom Fighters! Alright! Eddy: Yeah! We did it! Bunnie: (spots Lord Freking's horn falling towards them) Look! Donkey Kong: (catches the horn) Haha! I got it! Sonic: That's Lord Freking's horn. Avak: I wonder if that thing work with us? Donkey Kong: Let's find out. (blows into the horn, producing a breeze of flowers that carries the heroes back to South Knothole in the Great Forest) SpongeBob & Patrick: Wheee! Ed: Giddy up horsey! (At South Knothole) (The heroes arrived & then they watch and rejoice as the breeze of the flowers flutter around the entire planet, melting all of the ice and snow, returning Planet Mobius to its former glory.) SpongeBob: We did it! We saved Planet Mobius! Diddy Kong: Yeah! Let's get back to the party! Vezok: Yeah! Time for Donkey Kong's Birthday Dance Party! (At that moment, we see the heroes enjoying Donkey Kong's Birthday party, with the Kongs playing their instruments & the All Stars dancing together.) Bunnie: Happy Birthday Donkey Kong! Donkey Kong: Thanks Bunnie, I really like your strength. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be inside the fortress. Bunnie: (blushes a bit) Aw shucks. We're both really strong when we're working together. Donkey Kong: You said it. Reidak: Say, what happened to Plankton? SpongeBob: He'll figure a way out of his own mess eventually. (At an unknown Beach) (Plankton is washed up on the beach with his face planted to the sand & then we see the HenchCombots, who are now rebuilt, arrived & spots Plankton) Redbot: There he is. Yellowbot: (pulls Plankton out of the sand) Are you ok? Plankton: (not knowing his mustache is frozen solid) Thank goodness you have arrived. Good thing I've rebuilt you, now get me outta here. Bluebot: (tries his best not to laugh) Greenbot: Uh boss, you're face... Redbot: (covers Greenbot's face) Your face! It's good to see your face! Plankton: (gets up) Greenbot: Boss, you're face... Yellowbot: (bonks Greenbot in the head again) Is a little dirty, let me help you. (wipes the sand off of Plankton's face) Plankton: Good, now let's get outta here before my day gets anymore worse. (begins to walk off) Bluebot: (laughing while Plankton's not looking) Greenbot: (rubbing his head) Redbot, Yellowbot & Bluebot? Why can't we tell him about his mustache? Redbot: I think it's best to get back to the Mega Chum Bucket. Yellowbot: Yeah & you can tell him & get all the glory. Greenbot: Great! Thanks! Plankton: (had heard them & turns to the HenchCombots in angry) What's wrong with my MUSTACHE?! HenchCombots: AAH! (begins running away, screaming)

The End

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