This is the 9th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) Queen Aleena here, there's a big lesson learned from my Children & it's about Ed's Overeacting Imagination, proving that even the smallest bit of Ed's Imagination can lead into big trouble

Edd: (Testing the Ring Toss Game by throwing the Rings at the Empty Bottles, but he missed)

Eddy: [to Double D while sticking his head through the bikini beach girl painting face hold attraction] Hey useless, put those rings down and get a load off your eyes.

Edd: [sarcastically] Hahaha, very funny, Eddy. But in order to attract a crowd, one must demonstrate the use of these archaic arcade games.

Eddy: Is that what your trying to do? (Goes in front of the "Whack-An-Ed" Machine) Step aside & let the Pro demonstrate (Starts the Machine & Ed pops out & back in while he kept saying "Whack Me!", while Eddy tries to hit him with a Mallet) Hold still so I can hit ya!

Sonic: What's going on here?

Edd: We've made some Arcade Games that'll help us spy on Robotnik.

Spongebob: Nice Stradegy

Edd: Thank you

Owen: But how are we gonna deliver the "Whack-An-Ed" Machine to Robotnik?

(The Camera cuts to Dr. Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: (notices a "Whack-An-Ed" Game, "Ring Toss" Game, "R U Tall?" Tower & "A Strength Tester" Tower appearing out of no where) How did those objects get there?

Sleet: I don't know sir, but do you have any ideas

Dingo: (Puts up a Monster Painting face hold Attraction) There

Dr. Robotnik: I have one, it's about those Medallions that the Hedgehogs have, if we stole those Medallions from them...(While Robotnik is talking, Ed pops up from the Middle Bottom Hole & notices the Monster Painting Face hold attraction), roboticize the Hedgehogs & I will rule all over mobius!

(A Long Pause)

Dingo: But what about the Queen?

Ed: Monster !! I want to be a monster !! (wrecks the whole carnival)

Dr. Robotnik: (Notices the "Strength Tester" Tower is about to fall on Sleet, Dingo & Himself) LOOK OUT!!

The Strength Tester Tower Falls on Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo with a Loud Crash


(Our Heroes have arrived)

Reidak: What happen?

Ed: Look at me! (Goes behind the Monster Painting Face hold attraction & makes a hole through it) I am a Monster! RAHHH! GRRR! BLAAAH! I am just a Monster in a boy's body

Sonia: Oh great, Ed did it again

Eddy: Hey!

Ed: RAAHH! (Stops)

Eddy: Why do you always have to (Yells) WRECK EVERYTHING?!?! (Tackles Ed)

Ed: But Eddy, I just want to be a Monster

Harold: Wow, his impersonation as a monster sounds Awesome

Spongebob: That's just what we needed

Eddy: What are you flapping your gums about now?

Spongebob: Humor me, what if Ed really was a Monster? Think about it

Sonic: Huh?

Spongebob: Ed's overeacting Imagination can destroy Robotnik for good

Eddy: I SAID I...(Thoughts of something) Robotnik is acculty a Villain & we needed him gone for good

Gwen: Wait a minute, maybe we use Ed's Imagination to destroy Robotnik for good

Manic: Now why didn't we think of that before?

Cody: You know what, I like that

Ezekiel: It's worth a shot, let's do it eh?

Ed: (Carries our Heroes) Monster for Ed, good I will be! (Heads back to the Van)

(The Camera cuts to Freedom Fighters HQ)

Eddy: You betta not mess this up Lumpy

Ed: (Wearing an Edzilla Costume without a Mask) I will be the Best Monster I can be Eddy!

LeShawna: I'm sure you will Ed

(The Camera changes to Ed's View)

Sonia: Now try this one (Puts on an Edzilla Mask on Ed)

Ed: Wow! I feel Transformed guys

Edd & Eddy: (Giggles)

Eddy: Hey look! Ed's gotta chin!

Mr. Krabs: Wow, you look terrifying

Duncan: Wow, even I'm terrified. Almost

Sonic: Manic, Eddy you two stay here with Ed, while we go talk to Cyrus

Edd: While your talking to Cyrus, I'll just go get a Mirror Ed, you look very convincing

Corroder: We'll be right back

(Our Heroes goes to the next room while Manic & Eddy watchs Ed)

Eddy: Your a Natural Ed, you should've been born a Monster

Manic: Yeah, you look very scary

Ed: (Breathes Heavily, succeed to growling)]

Eddy: [waiting for Edd to come back with a mirror] Man, What's he doing? Making a mirror?

Ed: (His vision changes to Red)

Manic: Are you ok, bug guy?

Eddy: What's with you?

Ed: [turns into Edzilla, offscreen in the background after his vision is colored red] I AM A MONSTER! RAAAHH! [savagely attacks Manic & Eddy and bursts through the garage door]


Squidward: (Hears Crashing noises) What's that?

Meltdown: I don't know, but we've found a Message from Queen Aleena, she says "Be careful of Ed's Imagination, it's really dangerous, even for you & Rotbotnik"

Sonic: I wonder why Mother is trying to warn us about Ed

Spongebob: I don't know, but let's go back to Ed, Eddy & Manic

(Our Heroes went back to the Garage of Freedom Fighters HQ)

Edd: [entering holding a mirror, then seeing the mess of his garage] We're back!

Sonic & Sonia: (Notices the Garage is attacked) AHH!!

Edd: The Garage! Oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear. Curse the consequences of an only child.

Eddy: [on the ground after being attacked by Ed as Edzilla] Ed's an animal.

Manic: (on the ground after being attacked by Edziila [Ed]) Your telling me dude

Rotor: [questioning Eddy] Ed?

Eddy: Who else?! That idiot attacked me and busted through the garage growling like a monster!

Edd: I told you about Ed's overactive imagination, Eddy.

Geoff: So that's why Queen Aleena had warned us about Ed, he's gone completly Mad, dude!

Eddy: Hey don't look at me, I'm the one that got overimaginated all over!

Edd: Ed's prone to overstimulation Eddy, he can't control himself!

Eddy: [attempting to pin the blame on Edd] You're the one who dressed him up!

Sandy: Then let's go after Ed, just in case he get's hurt

Hakann: But how? Ed's far away by now

(We can hear Edzilla's [Ed] Growling & his Attacks)

????: MOMSY!

Rolf: [frantically leaping onto Kevin] What is this sound that makes Rolf soil his trousers?

Kevin: I don't know, man. So get off me!

Sonia: That sounds like Bartlby

Eddy: Who?

Heather: Let's just go

(The Camera cuts to Bartlby's Mansion, looking like it's been attacked by a Monster)

Sonia: Bartlby? Oh my

Eddy: (Notices a Statue being scrunched up together to look like a Chicken) (Laughing)

Edd: This is worse than I thought, it's either a pretending or play acting, Ed acculty believes he's becoming a Monster, he even made out with...

(We can hear Fighting Noises & crashes)


Manic: That sounds like Robotnik

Sonic: If this keeps up, he'll be destroying everything in it's path

Avak: We have to warn the Townspeople

Noah: Ok, Ed is really overeacting

Bartlby: AHHHH!

DJ: More like Dangerously Deadly

Eddy: Come on!

(We see Sleet & Dingo finding Robotnik & Bartlby)

Sleet: I wonder where did that Monster go?

Dingo: I don't know, but we betta find our Boss before that Monster comes back

Sleet: That what I was going to say you idiot

Patrick: That could be Ed

Eddy: I'll figure out a way to make a buck over there, if it kills me (Runs off)

Bridgette: Eddy, get back here

Trent: Dude!

(Our Heroes follows Eddy)

(The Camera cuts back to Ed's View still his vision still Red)

Edzilla (Ed): (Spots Sleet & Dingo)

Sleet: Where are you Bartlbrat?

Dingo: Don't you mean Bartlby?

Sleet: Whatever

(The Camera cuts to Sleet & Dingo)

Dingo: Robotnik? Bartlby? (spots a Box of Chunky Puffs) Hey Sleet, I found the Jackpot & it says "Chunky Puffs" (grabs the Cereal Box)

Sleet: Alright we'll take a break

(Sleet & Dingo starts eating the Chunky Puffs)

(A Grey Tentacle of Edzilla slithers around Sleet & Dingo like a Snake)

Owen: Uh Oh!

Ezekiel: SLEET! DINGO!

Sleet: Huh? What was that?

(The Grey Tentacle grabs Sleet & Dingo by Constriping them & it goes away with them)

Sleet & Dingo: AHHHHHH!!!

Eddy: Did you see that? (Laughing)

Edd: What have I done, I've acculty created a Monster

Thunder: Hey, where's Jonny? (Picks up Plank) I just found Plank without a Jonny

Edzilla (Ed): (Roars at our Heroes)

Kevin: Check it out!

(Our Heroes run for their Lives except for Edd & Eddy)

Eddy: (Laughs) This is too rich! Ed scared the pants off of them!

Edd: We gotta go after them, they might be in Danger

Eddy: Come on, let's go see what Ed comes up for next!

(Eddy & Edd goes after our Heroes)

(The Song Begins Eddy & Edd follows our Heroes being chased by Edzilla [Ed])

Sonic Underground: Ooh, built for speed

Eddy: He fast as greased lightning, and how that kid can run

Edd: He travels faster than the speed of sound just for fun

Sonic Underground: Ooh, he's built for speed

Eddy & Edd: He's built for speed

Edd: He makes a roadrunner look like it's standing still

Eddy: Make a race car look like it's got no wheels

Sonic Underground: Ooh, he's built for speed

Edd: That boy is built for speed

Eddy: Goin' faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster and faster

Sonic Underground, Eddy & Edd: He's build for speed

(The Song ends, as our Heroes except for Eddy & Edd goes inside a Building)

Eddy: (Clears throat & he starts banging on the Doors) HELP ME! DON'T LET THE MONSTER EAT ME!!!

Edd: No need to be alarmed, Ed's just playing, he wouldn't harm a fly. Like they are attracted to him

Kevin: Take a hike Dorks, it's every man for himself

Sonia: Kevin! That's not helping

Edd: He didn't hear a word I said

Eddy: I gotta see the look on their Faces (Goes to the Back Door)

Edd: (Follows Eddy)

(Meanwhile back inside)

Spongebob: Is he gone?

Edzilla (Ed): (Bursts through the door with his Monster Tentacle & grabs Kevin)

Kevin: Whao!

(Edzilla [Ed] goes away with Kevin)

Reidak: It took Kevin!

(Back with Eddy & Edd)

Eddy: [struggling to open a window] What's with these stupid windows?! [Edd opens door] I hate it when you do that.

(The Rest of our Heroes accidently crashed into Edd & Eddy)


Edd: Gullibility can be so painful.

Spongebob: It's....EDZILLA!

Edzilla (Ed): (Roars loudly)

Eddy: Nice Entrace

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Activate their Medallions & tries to blast Edzilla, but it has little effect)

Edd: (Notices Zaktan is holding a Chicken & grabs it from his hands) Excuse me Zaktan (Shows Edzilla a Chicken)

Edzilla (Ed): (Stops & looks at the Chicken)

Edd: (Throws the Chicken) Fetch!

Edzilla (Ed): (Follows the Chicken)

Zaktan: Runaway Mr. Chicken

Rolf: Take to your Heels

Reidak: Quick, into the Club House, there's no time to explain

(Our Heroes climbs up & into the Club House one by one)

Rolf: Out of the way, oaf! [pushes Edd to the side]

Edd: Overwhelming fear is not an excuse for rudeness, Rolf.

Owen: (Grabs Eddy & Edd & goes up & into the Club House as well)

Edzilla (Ed): (Roars)

Squidward: Let's remain calm.

Eva: We'll be safe in here, nice really nice

Justin: He's ruining my Complexion

Edd: But he is in own little world now, the best thing is to just ingore him

Edzilla (Ed): (Goes around the Tree)

Rolf: The Beast circles with hunger, we must attack with a Sacrifice (Picks up Sandy)

Sandy: Put me down, you jerk!

Trent: Hold it, you can't play his game, you only encourge his Bad Behavior

Eddy: So what it's funny

Sandy: Let go of me! (Punches Rolf's Head leaving a Lump on Rolf's Head, causing Rolf to let Sandy go)

Eddy: See? (Laughs)

Spongebob: There's only 1 thing to do, someone needs to go down & give Ed a Timeout. (Looks to the ground) I'll go

Zaktan: Killjoy

Sonia: Ok, good luck

Courtney: At least it can't any worse right?

Edzilla (Ed): (Bangs his head on the Tree many times) (Stops) (Calmly) Ouch! (Resumes on banging his head on the tree)

(The Clubhouse starts crashing down)


Xplode: Ow, that hurt

Sonic: Is everyone ok?

Rolf: Yes, thank you Speedy hog Sonic, all as well

Edzilla (Ed): (Grabs Rolf)

Rolf: Please ask Rolf's family in stock to remember the Son of the Shepherd

Edzilla (Ed): (Also grabs Sandy & Mr. Krabs)

Sandy: Help he's messing my suit

Edzilla (Ed): (Takes them away)

Beth: They got Sandy & Mr. Krabs

Edd: My apologies, Sandy! He's just being the best monster he can--

Eddy: Hey, if you find any teeth laying around, they're mine. [faints to the ground]

(The Camera changes to Edzilla's lair (An Old Abandon Cave)

(We see a Hundred Skeletons in the Cave)

Sandy: Where you taking us?

Edzilla (Ed): (About to eat them)

Mr. Krabs: Please don't eat me money

Edzilla (Ed): (Grabs a box of Chunky Puffs & Chews them & spits them at Mr. Krabs & Sandy)

Sandy: That's gross you know that

Edzilla (Ed): (Sticks Sandy & Mr. Krabs to the Wall)

(We see Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Jonny 2x4, Plank, Rolf, Kevin, Bartlby, Sleet, Dingo & Dr. Robotnik been stuck to the wall with Chewed-up Chunky Puffs)

Edd: Ed seem to be acting like a Science-Fiction Movie he has seen

Sonic: Huh?

Spongebob: We'll explain later

Eddy: (Laughs) Ed stuck them to the wall with Chewed up Chunky Puffs, man he's good

Ezekiel: Yeah eh? It is funny, eh?

Manic: It's time to free our captured friends

Owen: He's coming!

Edd: He can't see us (grabs a Giant Bush & puts it in front of our Heroes to hide in it)

Edzilla (Ed): (Looks around & goes out the cave)

Duncan: Oh man, what an Idiot

Courtney: Duncan, come on

Sadie: This is totally scary

Katie: Oh my gosh, I think so too

Jonny: Get us down

Plank: Chao!

Edd: Yes, I'm sorry, we'll get you down now

Eddy: What?

Sonia: Are you sure? Your gonna free Robotnik as well?!

Edd: I'm sorry, but enough is enough, look at them

Eddy: Fine, we'll get em down...for 50 cents for Villains

Dr. Robotnik: Why you little...

Patrick: Guys!

(Everyone except Eddy notices Edzilla behind Eddy)

Eddy: What? No skin off my bones. Who's first? (Notices drool in the Jar) What the?

Edzilla (Ed): (About to chomp on Eddy)

Sonia: EDDY! (Saves Eddy, just in time)

Edzilla (Ed): (Got our Heroes cornered)

Eddy: He wants to skin off our Bones Double D!

Edzilla (Ed): (Roars)

????: STOP! I forbid you to attack my Children

Edzilla (Ed): (Gets close to ????)

Kevin: Who's that?

Rolf: I don't know, Cassonova Kevin Boy. Do you know who she is?

Sandy: Nope

Dr. Robotnik: I know that voice

????: I Queen Aleena, shall not abanddon Mobius or my Children as long as I may live

Edzilla (Ed): (Roars at Queen Aleena)

Spongebob: (Unmasks Ed)

Ed: Hiya Queenie

Spongebob: Are you alright Ed?

Sleet: That Beast is no longer than that Green Crocodile

Dingo: He tricked us

Dr. Robotnik: Wait till I get my hands on you

Ed: (Frees Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Kevin, Jonny 2x4, Plank & Rolf) Your free

Queen Aleena: (Leaves a Message & leaves)

Bartlby: What about me?

Sonia: Don't worry, you'll be safe in here as long as your an Agent to Robotnik

Bartlby: How did you...?

Eddy: Thanks to Ed's Comic Books

Squidward: (Frees Bartlby) Let's get out of this Dump

Dr. Robotnik: Wait! COME BACK HERE!

(But our Heroes are already gone)

Dingo: Hey, where'd they go?

Sleet: This is not good.


(The Camera cuts back to the Van)

Sonic: (Driving the Van)

Sonia: There's another message from our Mother

Bridgette: Ok then let's read it

Sonia: She said "I will rejoin my children soon & have our destiny to defeat Robotnik's Reign of Terror"

Sonic: We came all the way here, for that?

Sonia: I'm afraid so

Gwen: Ok

Edd: [underneath the bed in a hushed voice] Eddy! Hiding underneath their beds isn't gonna save us from harm's way once Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo, eventually flake off of the Cave walls!

Eddy: Relax, will ya? I always keep a couple of months' worth of supplies for when the heat gets turned up. They'll forget about us in no time.

Manic: Hey guys, Did you see a can opener?

Ed: [bursts out of the can holding a can opener] I AM CAN OPENER MAN!

Eddy: What the-?!

Cody: Please, Ed. Calm down.

Ed: No no, wait! [grabs the tissue box and puts it on his head]

Eddy: Give me the stupid can opener, Ed!

Ed: [extends arms and smacks Edd and Eddy] I AM TISSUE HEAD!

Edd: We've lost him, Eddy!

Sonia: Uh-oh!

Ed: I WILL BLOW YOUR NOSE! (Attacking inside the Van)

All: ED, STOP!

Ed: No, no wait! [rips through the bed] I AM BED BUDDY! SLEEP ON ME!

All: ED!

The End

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