This is the 6th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) Sometimes a good rest will give you lots of energy for tomorrow, but today my children will know something Unexpected

(We see Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: (has an Ice Pack on his Head) Ow! My head

Sleet: Sure are you ok?

Dr. Robotnik: No, I'm not ok. (Puts another ice pack on his head) Ahhh!

Sleet: Have you tried taken a day off

Dr. Robotnik: Hmmm? I've never taken a day off before

Dingo: You haven't?

Dr. Robotnik: Your right, in order to attack those Hedgehogs we must get some rest. I'm going on a vacation, Sleet & Dingo, I'm putting you in charge of everything, while I'm gone. See ya later (Gets inside his Pod & goes far away)

Sleet: See you soon Sir

Dingo: Wait till we're in charge

Sleet: Let's stop those Hedgehogs

(We can hear Growling)

Sleet: What was that?

Dingo: (Hops on Sleet) That sounds like a Giant Monster that's going to eat us all

Sleet: Get off me you Idiot ! (Puts Dingo down) That's your belly!

Dingo: (Notices his Stomach is growling) I'm hungry

Sleet: Let's eat anyway

Dingo: Ok

(The Camera cuts to our Heroes in the Van)

Spongebob: I don't think they don't look so good

Owen: (Shocked) Oh the Horror!

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Look Sick)

Sonic: We have a Serious Headace, 3 Missions in a row, but nothing

Sonia: We need a Break

Manic: But we can't, Mother is counting on us, but we need a break, but how?

Sonic: I hate to say it but, Spongebob your in charge of our Medallions

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Gives their Medallions to Spongebob)

SpongeBob: Wow! This is the best day of my life!

Squidward: Me too.

Zaktan: But wait, if they need to take a break, what are we gonna do?

Spongebob: Maybe we can spy on Robotnik to see what he's up to

Edd: Ok, I made a Tracking device to find Robotnik, I got a sample of his Mustace & found Robotnik, he's at a Vacattion Home

Xplode: Spongebob, you keep an eye on Robotnik because your going on a trip

Spongebob: Got it, see ya later (Starts running) I can’t believe this is really happening. Today, I start living!

(The Camera cuts to Dr. Robotnik taking a walk)

Dr. Robotnik: Well, Robotnik, you’ve really outdone yourself this time. A beautiful day of relaxing and pampering with pay & taking over Mobius. Hmmm, I guess I do kinda feel bad about Sleet & Dingo, all by their lonesome...ohh, ohh, it’ll pass. They'll probably just standing at the register with that stupid grin on their faces (scene cuts to Squidward's imagination: Sleet & Dingo in his Base with dopey looks on their faces)

Dingo: Hey Sleet!

Sleet: Hey Dingo!

Dingo: Hey Sleet, could you give the Underground a change for a quarter?

Sleet: No problem! (bangs on the register and gives Dingo a bunch of money) Here ya go!

Dingo: Thanks. I'll give all of the Money to the Underground so they can give it to all of the people of Mobius (back to reality)

Dr. Robotnik: (gasps) I forgot to tell him how to make change & to not give all the money to the Prisonors! (he runs back to his base, banging the doors open) Sleet & Din... (sees only Sleet & Dingo in his Base) ...go. (checks the cash register to see if everything is still there. Gives a sigh of relief)

SpongeBob: Hi, Robotnik.

Dr. Robotnik: Gah! (Turns to see Spongebob)

Spongebob: All done with those errands?

Dr. Robotnik: Get them

(The Swatbots tries to catch Spongebob, but he activates Sonic's Medallion & fires at the Swatbots)

Spongebob: Gotta go (Escapes)

Dr. Robotnik: He got away, anyways I needed change for this dollar

Sleet: Do you want four quarters? (holds up four quarters) Or ten dimes? (shows ten dimes on his hand) Or twenty nickels? (shows ten nickels on each arm) Or one hundred pennies? (shows one-hundred pennies on Dingo's back) Or one quarter, three dimes, seven nickels, and ten pennies? (shows the quarter on his nose, 3 dimes on his fingers, 7 nickels on his thumb, and ten pennies, in the shape of the cent symbol, on his foot) Or, if you give me a five dollar bill, your options are...

Dr. Robornik: Alright I get it, goodbye. (Leaves)

(The Scene cuts to Robotnik's Vaccation Home)

Spongebob: I'm in a vaccation home & Robotnik is...having a vaccation?

Dr. Robotnik: (Relaxes on his Chair)

Dr. Robotnik (voice over): Everything will be fine. There won’t be any Hedgehogs today anyway. They’ll probably just stand there, bored. (imagines Sleet & Dingo behind the counter just standing there) Sleet & Dingo, bored.

Sleet & Dingo: We're bored. (yawns and falls asleep. Robotnik's Base catches on fire and Dr. Robotnik tries to blow it out but its a thought bubble. Begins to run to his base, but stops)

Dr. Robotnik: Ohh, what am I doing? (he pulls out a watch) I am wasting valuable relaxing time here, that’s what I’m doing! I mean, really. What are the odds? Those Hedgehogs setting my base on fire. (he walks back down the road.)

Spongebob: Cue the Fire Truck

LeShawna: You got it (makes Fire Truck Sounds)

(Then, a fire engine whizzes by. Dr. Robotnik is startled and runs to his base with a fire extinguisher. He sprays the galley with foam. As the foam subsides, Dr. Robotnik, now with a foam beard, walks over to Sleet & Dingo, who has a foam moustache)

Sleet: May we help you sir?

Dr. Robotnik: It's me you Idiots

Spongebob: Hi again

Dr. Robotnik: You again?!

Spongebob: How's those Errands going? (Activates Sonia's Medallion & Fires at the Swatbots) And gotta go now (Leaves again)

Dr. Robotnik: That Yellow Hedgehog is started to get on my nerves. Anyways just go do your jobs

Dingo: You got it boss

Sleet: No wonder Robotnik is mad at those Hedgehogs

(The Camera cuts back to our Heroes)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: We're much better

Harold: Good cause Spongebob should be back by now

Spongebob: I'm back & here your Medallions back (Gives Sonic, Sonia & Manic their Medallions back)

Sonic: Robotnik is having a what?

Spongebob: A Vaccation

Eddy: Then let's stop Sleet & Dingo

Ed: You got it Eddy

(The Camera cuts back to Dr. Robotnik in his Vaccation Home)

Dr. Robotnik: Must...rel... (cracks his back)! (pulls out a mirror) Look at yourself. You’re losing your bluish glow. Stop worrying so much! Now, repeat after me...I will destroy those Hedgehogs. (his reflection turns into SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: I will destroy Dr. Robotnik. (Robotnik screams and throws the mirror at the wall and runs to his base)

Dr. Robotnik: Sleet, Dingo!!

Sleet: Yes sir?

SpongeBob: (Appears again) Have you finished...

Dr. Robotnik: No! (walks out)

Spongebob: Time for the Music of all times

Sonic: Ready Medallions? Activate!

(Sonic, Sonia & Manic activates their Medallions)

Spongebob: Then let's rock

Dr. Robotnik: That’s it. That’s it. No matter what sick fantasies run through my mind, I will not go back to my Base! (walks into his Vaccation Home)

(Sonic, Sonia & Manic starts singing)

Dr. Robotnik: (then runs out towards his Base)

SpongeBob: Have you finished those errands?

(Dr. Robotnik runs back to his house then back to his Base)

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

(Dr. Robotnik runs back to his house)

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

(Dr. Robotnik runs to his Base)

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

(Dr. Robotnik keeps running back and forth while the Underground sings)

Underground: People don't always say what they mean

'Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

Underground: And things are not always what they seem

Spongebob: Have you finshed those errands?

Underground: You better know before you make a scene

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

Underground: That things are not always what they seem

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

Sonic: Friend or foe?

How do you know?

Let their actions speak

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

Sonic: Better or worst?

Trust them first

Soon enough you"ll see

Underground: That people don't always say what they mean

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

Underground: And things are not aways what they seem

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

Underground: You better know before you make a scene

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

Underground: That things are not always what they seem

Sonic: Rumors come and rumors go

Until you get some proof

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands?

Sonic: Don't believe what you hear

Try to find the truth

Spongebob: (Repeating the word "Errands?" as the Underground Sing)

Underground: That people don't always say what they mean

And things are not aways what they seem

You better know before you make a scene

That things are not always what they seem

Not what they seem

(As the Song ended, Robotnik came back to his base & stops)

Spongebob: Have you finished those errands? Have you finished those errands? Have you finished those errands?

Dr. Robotnik: (yells) No, I am not finished with those errands and I never will be. So quit checking up on me!

Spongebob: (Activates Manic's Medallion & starts drumming making an Earthquake & all of the Swatbots are destroyed) Bye (Runs away back to their Friends)

Dr. Robotnik: (walks up to Sleet & Dingo) I know what they'll up to. Forcing me to come back here every time they mess up!

Sleet: But they haven’t...

Dr. Robotnik: Ok, maybe they haven’t messed up yet, but they will. They will. (walks backwards) And when they do, I’ll be there! I’ll be there! (laughs) (Leaves acting Crazy)

Dingo: Sleet? Do you think Robotnik needs a longer Vaccation

Sleet: I think so too.

Dingo: But he makes me proud to wear these hats.

Sleet: (Facepalms) Oh boy

(the Camera cuts back to our Heroes)

Spongebob: I'm back

Edd: A job well done I might add

Mr Krabs: He is a great fry cook

Owen: (Sighs) Pancakes

Ezekiel: (looks through a Telescope) Look, it's Robotnik & he's...Locking himself inside looking Crazy, eh?

Avak: Let me see that (Looks through the Telescope) Yep, Ezekiel's right, Robotnik is crazy!

Sonic: That'll give us enough time to attack Sleet & Dingo

Duncan: Then let's go pay them a visit

Duncan, DJ & Geoff: (Hi fives each other) Yeah!

(The Camera cuts back to Dr. Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: (Locking himself inside the Vaccation House by putting all sorts of door locks on his door so he can't get out) There! Now I’ll have to stay here and enjoy myself! I’m not even gonna think about you know who at the you know what doing I don’t care! (laughs) Just gonna relax... (Sits on his Chair) Let my day off...begin.

(Robotnik hears SpongeBob laughing outside)

Dr. Robotnik: What was that?

(SpongeBob's laughing is heard again)

Dr. Robotnik: It’s that Yellow Hedgehog! He’s spying on me, to see if I’m really doing errands. But, but he left his post, and I’ve finally caught him messing up! I'll put him into the Roboticizer with the others next! (peeks out the window) A-ha! I caught you, Hedge... (notices that its only the wind blowing onto the coral) ...branch?

(Robotnik notices a SpongeBob look-alike behind his curtain Door)

Dr. Robotnik: Heh, here’s those Plans that Sleet wanted me to get. (reveals what’s behind the curtain) I’ve got you now! Wait’ll Sleet & Dingo finds out you’re a...(pulls off the curtain and noticed a toilet with cylinder shampoo on it)...toilet? Grrrr!

(Robotnik goes back to the Living Room)

Dr. Robotnik: You’re losin’ myself, I'd betta calm down. If I let this get to me again, I’ll just end up running down to my base, bursting through the front door, up to that yellow headache Hedgehog, and he’ll say... (SpongeBob appears next to Robotnik from the Trap door)

SpongeBob: Hi Sir. Are you finished with those errands yet? (goes through the Trap door)

Dr. Robotnik: A-ha! (goes after Spongebob through the Trap door & it leads to an Underground Tunnel) I know you’re in here. Swatbots, get that Yellow Hedgehog! (gasps) What? (SpongeBob is not in the Tunnel. He winks & he reveals himself to be Queen Aleena & she ran through the Tunnel) Queen Aleena?! I'll get you (Chases Queen Aleena through the Tunnel) I’ve got you now, Queen Aleena! (Goes Crazy) The Truth will be revealed ! You can't beat me, Ha!

Queen Aleena: (Hides behind another Tunnel that goes back the Other way)

Dr. Robotnik: (Keeps going through the Tunnel that leads to Robotnik's Base & comes out of it & he stands in front of Sleet & Dingo) A-ha! I caught you now. You didn’t think I knew you were a stick outside my window. Ha! Or the toilet in my bathroom. And then, you were in the Trapdoor! And I...And-and you...And I...And Queen Aleena...goes through the Tunnel and lose me & lead

Sleet: Uhh, does that mean that you...? (Robotnik covers Sleet's mouth)

Dr. Robotnik: Yes, Sleet, I am finished with those errands.

Sleet: Well welcome back sir. Anyways we have found only 1 data & it's only from that Yellow Hedgehog sir

Dr. Robotnik: Well who is his name?

Sleet: Well he came from Biniki Bottom, lives in a Pineapple & his name is Spongebob Squarepants

Dr. Robotnik: (stunned & he falls down on his Back)

Sleet: Was it something I said?

(The Camera cuts back to our Heroes)

Sonic: Well done Spongebob, you've gave Robotnik a Wild Goose Chase

Spongebob: Thanks but someone came with me

Owen: Then who is it?

Spongebob: Her name is Queen Aleena

Sonia: Mother?

Spongebob: Yes & she gave me this message saying "You have a long way to go, for finding me. Don't give up & I always love you, from Q.A."

Sonia: (Start crying)

Eddy: Is something worng?

Sonia: I missed Mother so much

Patrick: Aww, don't worry, you & your Brothers we'll be together in no time

Spongebob: Wow, Pat, that's the smartest statment you came up

Patrick: What statment?

Owen: Awww, Group Hug!

(Everyone gave each other a Group hug)

Sonia: Oh you guys, your right Patrick, we do need to work together

Patrick: Me?

Ed: Then let's go!

Sonic: Alright everyone, let's juice

Lindsay: Ok

Beth: I second that

Courtney: Alright fine.

Katie: I wonder what happen to Chris & Chef

Sadie: I don't know

Katie: You don't know, oh my gosh, I don't either

Justin: I'm going to lose it

(Sonic drives the van to the Sunset)

Hakann: Don't lose your mind please?

Justin: Alright

Noah: Touchy

The End

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