This is the 5th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs, Kevin, Rolf, Jonny 2x4 w/ Plank, Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah & Ezekiel


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) Freedom is still in hand & they need helpers to help my Children to defeat Robotnik & his Bounty Hunters, Sleet & Dingo. My Children must learn the meaning of Teamwork & Helping each other

(We see Mr. Krabs in the Krusty Krab waiting for Spongebob & Squidward)

Mr Krabs: Where in the barnicles are Spongebob & Squidward?

Sandy Cheeks: (Appears) I don't see Spongebob, Patrick or Squidward anywhere & I just found this Message lying on the floor

Mr Krabs: Let me see that (Reads) "You must a portal to Planet Mobius, signed Q.A." Q.A.?

Sandy Cheeks: We don't know where they have gone to, it's like they ain't coming back, we gotta go find them

Mr Krabs: This better be good for all the money I owe him

(Sandy & Mr Krabs sets out to find the Portal to Mobius)

(The Camera cuts back to the Cul-Da-Sac)

Kevin: Where are those Dorks run off to?

Rolf: I don't know Cassanova Kevin Boy, the Ed boys are no where at sight, ja?

Johnny 2x4: Nazz, Sarah & Jimmy are having a vacation so that means it's just us Boys huh plank? What's that Plank? Plank says that he found a Message lying on the Ground

Kevin: (Picks up the Message) Check it out, the dorks must've gone to a place called Mobius

Rolf: Ahh Yes, the Legendary Mobius, we must proceed to the Legendary Mobius in our Proper Animal Forms, for I am the Son of the shepherd

Kevin: Animal Forms?

Rolf: Ja, Kevin. (Founds Ed, Edd & Eddy's Footprints) Follow Rolf

Johnny 2x4: Let's go (Follows Rolf)

Kevin: Fine, this outta be good (Follows Rolf & Jonny 2x4)

(Kevin, Jonny 2x4 (Holding Plank) & Rolf sets out to find the Portal to Mobius)

(The Camera cuts to Camp Wawanakwa)

Owen: Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes (Laughs)

Gwen: Well this is the most Boring thing I have ever done in my life

Heather: Oh shut it Wierd Goth Girl

Duncan: Whatever this is Jumpy Mc Chicken, I don't see you in action

LeShawna: Well, can't argue with that, even I don't know how to

Geoff: Ok Dudes, let's chill out

Izzy: Yeah this is gonna be Fun Haha!

DJ: (Notices a Message) Huh? (Reads) "You must help my children, the Sonic Underground, in order to help them you must go through the Portal to Mobius, signed Q.A." Who's Q.A.?

Owen: Is it, Question & Answer?

Lindsay: Who's Question & Answer?

Bridgette: I think we wanna rethink that. (Uses a Maginfying Glass) It says "Queen Aleena"

Trent: Like, who's Queen Aleena?

Eva: I don't know, but we betta go there right now

Harold: Hold on we gotta find out where IS the Portal to Mobius

Courtney: Harold's right, we need to find the Portal

Sadie: What about Chris & Chef?

Beth: I don't know, maybe we betta rethink that

Cody: Where are they anyway?

Tyler: I don't know Dude, but we betta get going

Katie: (Spots a Trail of Footprints) Look Footprints

Justin: Good Work Katie, now we gotta follow them

Noah: Ok, but how are we gonna get outta this Island, Chris & Chef got the Boat of Losers

Ezekiel: I think it's only a stunt eh? But the Boat of Losers is right over there (Points to the Boat of Losers at the End of the Dock)

Owen: If this is a Stunt, would Chris leave behind...(Shows the Campers Chris' Hair Gel) his Hair Gel

All: (Gasps)

Owen: And that's not all (founds another message only Red) And it says "I've captured your Host & Co-Host, if you ever want to see them again, then we'll have a battle to commence. Ta Ta, From Dr. Ivo Robotnik"?

DJ: Chris & Chef are in danger & left us on the Island Alone? This is Terrible! How do we get outta here? The Jumbo Jet from the 3rd Season is totally Trashed !

Harold: Not a Problem DJ, let's use the Boat of Losers

LeShawna: I hate to say this, but let's go save Chris & Chef together

(The 22 Campers hopped on the Boat of Losers & drove off to the "Nexus", the Temple of Portals)

(The Camera cuts to the Nexus from before in Episode 1)

Kevin: So this is the Portal huh?

Rolf: Rolf shall enter the Portal

Sandy & Mr Krabs: (Appears) Hello

Johnny 2x4: Cool, a Krab & a Squirrel

Sandy: I'm Sandy Cheeks

Mr Krabs: And I'm Mr Krabs & I love Money

Rolf: I'm Rolf, the Son of the shepherd

Johnny 2x4: I'm Jonny 2x4 & this is Plank

Mr Krabs: Is that Wood?

Sandy: You darn tooting

Kevin: And I'm Kevin

Sandy: It's nice to meet you

Total Drama: (Appears)

Rolf: Who are you guys

Owen: How's it going, I'm Owen & this is Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Saide, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Kaite, Justin, Noah & Ezekiel

Kevin: That's alot of People

Duncan: 22 of us, so who are you guys?

Kevin: The names Kevin & this is Rolf, Johnny, Sandy & Mr Krabs the last two I introduced are our new friends

Trent: Well, let's work together

Owen: Yeah, like an Alliance!

Rolf: (Carries Sandy, Mr Krabs, Jonny 2x4, Plank & Kevin) Come, the Legendary Mobius awaits (Goes through the Portal to Mobius while carrying Kevin, Jonny 2x4, Plank, Sandy & Mr Krabs)

Total Drama: (Follows Rolf, Kevin, Jonny, Sandy & Mr. Krabs)


(We see our Helpers in the Sanctuary & we can hear Children playing & Laughing together)

Owen: (Wakes up) Ow, my head. What happen? (Notices the Children as Animals) Ahh! Who are you? Where am I?

Girl Tiger: Your in the Sanctuary, silly

Owen: (Looks around) Ohhh, I see what you mean, but where are the others & why am I all furry?

Boy Fox: Here's a Mirror (Shows Owen a Mirror to see that Owen's a Bear)

Owen: AHHHHH! I'm a bear I...hey I don't look so bad, where are the Others?

Rolf: (Appears) Hello Jumbo-sized Owen

Owen: Rolf is that you?

(Rolf appears to be a Blue Goat)

Rolf: We've been brought to the Legendary Mobius, ja? Rolf shall return

Girl Echidna: Thank you Mr. Rolf

Rolf: Your welcome, for I am Rolf, the Son of the Shephard

(We can hear more Children's Laughter & Playing together)

Owen: Rolf, what happen to the Others?

Rolf: Follow Rolf !

(The Camera cuts to the Cabin of the Sanctuary)

Rolf: There they are, sleeping like Babies

(We see Gwen as a Swallow, Heather as a Bat, Duncan as a Dingo, LeShawna as a Panther, Geoff as a Kangaroo, Izzy as a Chipmunk, DJ as a Rabbit, Lindsay as a Fox, Bridgette as a Dolphin, Trent as an Eagle, Eva as a Gorilla, Harold as a Chameleon, Courtney as a Cat, Beth as a Meerkat, Cody as a Hedgehog, Tyler as a Monkey, Katie & Sadie as Pandas, Justin as a Hawk, Noah as a Bandicoot, Ezekiel as a Moose, Mr. Krabs as a Mobian Crab, Sandy as a Mobian Squirrel, Jonny 2x4 as a Woodpecker & Kevin as an Armadillo)

Owen: Oh the Horror!

Harold: What happen?

Heather: Is that Owen & Rolf?

DJ: What happen?

Ezekiel: I don't know eh? It's like a Summer Camp for Kids

Johnny 2x4: Morning Everybody

Rolf: We've turned into our Proper Forms. Look (Shows everybody a Mirror) & see for yourself

(They all looked at the Mirror & Screamed except Jonny 2x4)

Kevin: OH MAN!

Mr Krabs: Great Neptunes Trousers

Johnny 2x4: COOL ! Look Plank, Runaway Circus Freaks! That was great huh plank?

Plank: (Turned into a Chao) Chao

Jonny 2x4: Plank is that you?

Plank: (Nods yes)

DJ: Aww, it's so cute, like my pet Rabbit, Bunny

Owen: So how do we calm ourselves down

Gwen: Don't tell me we'll start a Musical again?

Duncan: I'm afraid so

Owen: But how?

Courtney: I don't know, what we should sing?

Girl Tiger: How about one of the songs that the Sonic Underground sang?

Heather: Sonic Underground?

Beth: Who are they?

Boy Fox: They are a band & sing Songs from their Hearts

Duncan: Sounds like a Musical to me

Girl Echidna: What are you waiting for, sing for us

Courtney: Ok, but what should we sing?

Jonny 2x4: I don't know, but let's find out

(Everyone grabbed their Instruments)

Owen: Now let's sing!

(The Song Starts)

Owen: Nothing’s quite as beautiful as the laughter of a child , or the wonder inside every little smile

Courtney, Heather & Lindsay: Maybe love and hope and tenderness or laughter soon will leave

Harold: Children want a world to grow where they feel free

Rolf: Teach the children, light the way

Gwen & LeShawna: Help them make a better day

DJ, Trent, Justin & Cody: Show them how to help each other when they fall

Johnny 2x4: Learning how to get along

Tyler: To show love, yet be strong

Mr. Krabs & Noah: Helps the children light the way for us all

Izzy, Katie & Sadie: Teach the children, light the way

Kevin: They deserve a better day

Eva & Sandy: Show them how to help each other when they fall

Bridgette & Geoff: Learning how to get along

Ezekiel: To show love, yet be strong

All: Let the children light the way for us all

Duncan: Let the children light the way for us all

(As the Song ends, everyone is surprize that Duncan sang the Song from his Heart)

Owen: You did it Duncan!

Duncan: Did what?

Courtney: You sang the Song from your Heart!

Duncan: I didn't do that!

Courtney: You did, your kinda nice

Duncan: Alright you got me, I don't want anyone to think that I'm soft or anything

Harold: That's ok Duncan, your secret is safe with us

Duncan: (Glares at Harold) I'm not nice, ok? Just set the Record straight

Harold: (Gulps) Ok

Gwen: Got it

Rolf: Come, the journey still awaits

DJ: I hope nothing can get any more worse right?

Girl Tiger: HELP!

DJ: Or maybe not

Girl Tiger: It's Robotnik. He found us

Duncan: This should be interesting, let's go

DJ: (Shivering)

Owen: Come on DJ (Grabs DJ's Arm) Let's go (Drags DJ outside)

DJ: Why does it always have to be me?

Rolf: (Screams in his Native Tongue & Charges at the Swatbots)

(The Others helps Rolf destroys the Swatbots)

(The Camera cuts back to the Triplets in the Van)

Eddy: So Cyrus is your Greatest Ally?

Sonic: That's right

Manic: We gotta head down to the Sactuary to check on whats happening

Spongebob: Sactuary? What's that?

Sonia: Sorry, it's a Secret

Patrick: Like my Secret Box

Reidak: Ah Come On! Why cant ya tell us?

Sonia: Because it's important to the Future of the Freedom Fighters

Eddy: Why's that important?

Ed: Silly Eddy? (reading his comic book with the triplets on it.) Sanctuary is where the Freedom Fighters raise their children! Without it, the future Freedom Fighters would not be and the current Freedom Fighters would break and fall apart!

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Gasps at what Ed said)

All (Except Ed): (Looked Shocked at what Ed said)

Eddy: Ed is that you?

Ed: That's my name Eddy, don't wear it out

Vezok: How did Ed know all of that?

Manic: I don't know, maybe he reads to many...

Edd: Comic Books?

Manic: Very well put Double D

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Notices their Medallions glows) Huh?

Sonia: I guess someone is singing our Songs

Xplode: (Notices Smoke coming from the Forest) Look, there's smoke! That must be where Robotnik is at now, we should attack him

Meltdown: Where did that Smoke come from?

Sonia: Acording to this radar, Robotnik is attacking...(Gasps) Oh My Gosh!

Corroder: What? What is it?

Sonia: Robotnik is attacking the Sanctuary

Sonic & Manic: WHAT?!?!

Spongebob: Let's Step on it ! (Slams his foot on the Gas Pedal & he drives the Van to the Sanctuary)

(The Camera cuts back to the Sanctuary)

(The Helpers are still fighting Swatbots & their Winning)

Owen: Phew, that was close

Duncan: I think we've hold them off for now. Look (Points to Robotnik's Barracks) They must've use the Barracks to Bulid more Swatbots for Battle

LeShawna: So how are we gonna destroy that thing?

Johnny 2x4: Yeah, it's so big we need all of the power & teamwork we can get

Duncan: That's what I'm hoping for, here's a Game Play Technic that I picked up from my first visit to Juvie, it's called "Crush the New Guy"

(The Camera cuts to Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: I finally found the Sanctuary, now I can easily destroy it & they'll be no more Freedom Fighters left (Evil Laughter)


Dr. Robotnik: (Notices the Total Drama Characters, Rolf, Johnny 2x4, Kevin, Sandy Cheeks & Mr Krabs with Dodgeballs & Pitchforks) Swatbots, arrest these Rodents

(The Swatbots comes out of the Barracks & charges at them)

Duncan: Ready...Aim...FIRE !

(Our New Heroes throws Dodgeballs at the Swatbots & then they attacking the Swatbots with their Pitchforks & the Swatbots are being Destoryed already)

Gwen: That was fast

Owen: We shall use the same tactic all over again!

Eva: Let me at'em!


Duncan: Now to find those Controlls (Founds the Self-Destruct) Bingo (Activates the Self-Destruct)

Computer: Self-Destruct in 5

Duncan: RUN !

(Our New Heroes run away from the Barracks)




Dr. Robotnik: I can't believe this (Roars in anger)

Sleet: Uh sir, I'm afraid there's more of them from Other Universes have just arrived & save the Sanctuary & we've lost the Communications & now Sanctuary is still hiddin....again

Dr. Robotnik: GAH! I Hate those....uh, whatever they are, I still hate them

Sleet: (Sighs) Never mind

(The Camera cuts back to our Triplets)

Sonic: Alright, we're here and...

Duncan: All taken care of

(The underground notices the Sanctuary is safe once again)

Manic: Aw no fair dude

Owen: Hi

Spongebob: Sandy, Mr. Krabs!

Sandy & Mr. Krabs: Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward!

Patrick: We've been resuced

Squidward: I gotta get outta here

Mr. Krabs: Well we can't beacause the Portal to get back home is gone

Owen: I wonder why we're here?

????: Young Hedgehogs

DJ: AHH! (Jumps onto Owen's Arms) What's that?

????: No need to be alarmed, DJ

DJ: How do you know my name?

(It was the Oracle)

Sonic: It's the Oracle

Oracle: Yes, I am the Oracle

Sonia: Oracle we need your help you see our new friends they're...

Oracle: They're each from another universe

Owen: Whao

Oracle: Why is your big friend scared?

Courtney: Because DJ maybe a big guy, but he's also a bug wuss

DJ: It's true, I've become a Scaredy Cat

Oracle: (Laughs Heartly) Do not be afraid DJ

Duncan: How come we ended up here?

Oracle: I'll show you (He waved his hand)

In an instant, they all suddenly found themselves floating in what seemed to be an entire universe. They could see galaxies, cosmos, stars, black holes, worm holes, and so much more.

Oracle: As you can see, There are many universes. Ours' is here. (placed his hand under a star system) And your Worlds are here. (placed his hand under another star system not too far away.) Now this next part is important so pay close attention.

Everyone, even Sonic, Eddy, Ed, Johnny, Kevin, Ezekiel & Duncan watched.

Oracle: Now this next part may be hard to believe but our worlds are in the same positions in all these universes. All these planets are similar but different at the same time. Just a few hours ago I felt a shift in the balance of our world. A rare event has taken place. Somehow, the lines between our worlds have been warped and a rift between all 6 worlds has appeared. It would seem that you and your friends were somehow sucked into this world through the rift.

Spongebob: So that's why the Portal from the Temple have been Activated

Oracle: You mean the Nexus?

Spongebob: The wha?

Sonic: Do you know anything about the Nexus?

Oracle: Yes I did Sonic, The Nexus is the most important place of all the Universes. It's a Temple where there is the Center of all Universes kept with over a million Portals to Different Universes

Eddy: No wonder Ed kept reading his Comic Books all of the sudden

Zaktan: But how did we sang songs from our hearts?

Oracle: You've already have

Reidak: Say what now?

Oracle: You've already sang the song from your hearts. You'll help the Triplets & they'll rejoin Queen Aleena in their destiny to defeat Robotnik & other New Villains from their Reign of Terror

Xplode: New Villains? Like what?

Oracle: I'm afraid I can't tell you about them

LeShawna: I guess we can get going then

Oracle: Good Luck, new friends. (Dissapears with Light Blue Aura)

Sandy: I guess the Oracle is telling us to help the Triplets

Sonic: Then let's do it, to it

(Everyone rushed into the Van, except for Spongebob who notices a Purple Hedgehog)

Spongebob: I wonder who is she?

Sonia: Guys, I think we have a problem here

(Everyone was squished in tightly)

Owen: (Squished between Corroder & Xplode) It's too Small

Spongebob: I don't think there's room for me.

Manic: (Squished between Duncan & LeShawna) Oh now you tell me

Izzy: (Squished between Squidward & Gwen) Wow, it's like we're clowns in a circus

Spongebob: It's not a circus, Izzy

Sonic: (Squished between Edd & DJ) Then how are we gonna get going? We all can't fit in the van

Sonia: (Squished between Patrick & Ed) Eww, can somebody help me

Spongebob: Hold on, I think I got a plan (Pressed the Big Red button that says "Expand")

(The Van expanded itself & everyone got more room even Spongebob)

Sonia: Thanks Spongebob

Spongebob: Your welcome, now come on let's go

Zaktan: Ok, I'm driving (Drives the Van)

(As the van drove away, Spongebob looks back & saw a Clocked Figure in a Purple Robe standing tall watching them, her purple long hair is blowing in the wind)

Spongebob: I hope we can end this Journey soon

The End

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