This is the 4th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) Our New Heroes will sing Songs from their Hearts & one thing's for sure that our New Heroes will help my Children to defeat Robotnik's reign of terror

(We see the Triplet's Van driven by Sonic)

Eddy: Are we there yet?

Manic: Even I though Sonic was Hyper

Sonic: Hey, I resent that

Spongebob: We betta stop Robotnik before it's too late

Squidward: I think it's time to relax

Ed: (Sits on a Chair & reads one of his Man-Eating Comic Books)

Edd: (Still standing) I'm fine standing here

Spongebob: Song from our Hearts? Is it that possible?

Manic: We got a Message from Cyrus

Reidak: Who's Cyrus?

Sonic: He's our greatest ally

Hakann: Ok? What does he say?

Manic: We're going to the Forest, Robotnik is turning it into a Factory

Edd: Well he's Robotnik, he's too evil & he can't controll himself

Sonia: Can't controll himself? We'll get to the Forest later on

(The Scene cuts to the Forest)

(The Van stops next to the Forest & Everyone got out)

Xplode: We made it

Eddy: It's like a Jungle in here

Corroder: Look! (Spots a Factory in the Forest)

Squidward: Great, Let's go sneak in. I can finally give Dr. Robotnik a piece of my mind

Edd: Oh dear, there's a lot of Swatbots in that Factory, we should sneak in & don't get caught

Eddy: Wanna bet?

Patrick: Let's go

(The Scene cuts to Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: This Factory is perfect not like last time that attack is from those Newbies

Sleet: Well we betta keep an eye on them sir, they might be aiming at the Factory

Dingo: They are?

Sleet: Dingo, you go find those brats (Pulls out his Shapeshift Remote)

Dingo: Oh No, Sleet. I don't wanna....

Sleet: (Turns Dingo into a Fly with his Shapeshift remote) Now go find them Capeash

Dingo: I got the Capeash (Flys to find our Heroes)

(Cuts back to our Heroes)

Rotor: (Hiding in a Bush) (Fires his Weapon at 2 Swatbot Guards, destroying the 2 Swatbots) All Clear!

Spongebob: Let's move! (opens the door to see 100 Swatbots) Oops! (Closes the Front Door) Bad Idea!

Ed: I know, let's try the back door

Sonia: Are you sure?

Ed: Um, I think

Sonic: Let's go check

(Our Heroes go to the Back Door to find only 1 Swatbot)

Patrick: (Sneaks behind it & Punches the Swatbot's Head off & the Swatbot falls down) I love doing that!

Reidak: We gotta be careful ok?

Zaktan: Got it

Vezok: Right

Thok: Let's do it.

(Our Heroes goes through the Back Door)

Eddy: Time for a Serious Blackout (Cuts the Wires to the Power Source & the Factory shuts down & all the lights went out)

Sonia: Good Work Eddy!

Eddy: Thank you Sonia

Meltdown: Now I can't see a thing

(Back with Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: Hey, what happen? It's dark that I can't see

Sleet: The Power Source has been cut off, including the Back-up as well)

Dr. Robotnik: It's those Hedgehogs, get them

Sleet: (Dingo lands on Sleet's Nose) Dingo, have I forgotten about you? Get off me you Idiot! (Changes Dingo Back with his Shapeshift Remote)

Dingo: Sorry

(Dingo is too heavy for Sleet & they crashed to the Ground)

Spongebob: (Notices Swatbots coming this way) Incoming Swatbots

Computer: Self-Descrute in 10 Seconds

Sonic: Already?

Xplode is the one who activates the Self-Descrute

Xplode: I'm sorry, but I can't wait any longer

Sonia: If the Factory blows, so is the Forest

Squidward: What now?

Eddy: I got it (Grabs a Huge bag of Montezuma's Free Range Manure) It'll be sweet

Edd: Not again

Sonia: Montezuma's Free Range Manure?

Spongebob: I'll turn off the Self Descrute (Turns off the Self-Descrute)

Computer: Self-Descrute has been Cancelle

Spongebob: Done, ok Ed fire the Manure

Ed: (Unzips the Bag & fires the Montezuma's Free Range Manure everywhere) All done, Spongebob

Dr. Robotnik: Phew

(The Swatbots are charging at our Heroes)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Activates their Medallions & plays)

(We can hear Rumbling & the munure grows Grass, Plants & other Vines & it makes the Factory Crumble)

All: (Carried by the Grass) AHHHHHHHHHH !!!

Dr. Robotnik: What's happening?

Sleet: I don't know, but we're heading outta here

Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo: (Escapes in the Escape Shuttle)

Dr. Robotnik: I hate those Hedgehogs!

(As the Villains left, the Grass, Plants & Vines grows even taller & the forest is even more Beautiful than before, before Robotnik takes over)

Sonia: Wow. Our Music must've made the Grass go Faster & Stronger

Eddy: Wow, that's fast, like cash

Patrick: Wow, it's soo Beautiful

Vezok: Is it time to go now?

Sonic: Ok, let's go

(Everyone goes back to the Van & droves off by Sonic again)

Avak: Those Medallions are very Powerful

Edd: Who knew such small Medallions can carry such power

Manic: Well, we gotta get going for our next Mission

Eddy: What? Next Mission? I'm getting a Headace from that Mission

Patrick: Who?

Ed: What?

Rotor: Where?

Meltdown: This is no time for silly games

Thunder: What silly games?

Meltdown: (Facepalms) Let's just go

(The Camera cuts to Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: How did I get defeated by those Hedgehogs?

Sleet: Maybe it's about those Medallions that those Rodents have, but they are unstoppable with them, unless we can Resiste Music with a Robot

Dr. Robotnik: (Facepalms) Why didn't I think of that before?

Dingo: Because you didn't know

Dr. Robotnik: Maybe I can build a Special Robot that can resist Music & to stop those Hedgehogs once & for all. Sleet, Dingo, build a special Robot that can resist the Underground's Music

Sleet: What about the others?

Dr. Robotnik: No just those Rodents' Music!

Sleet: Yes sir

(The camera cuts back to our Heroes)

Eddy: I still don't get the hay, why would Robotnik trys to stop you three

Sonic: Because he's our Main Enemy & we gotta stop him

Reidak: Ok, but how do you suppose a Giant Box standing in front of us?

Sonia: Stop the VAN!

Sonic: (Steps on the Breaks & the van stops) What's up sis?

Sonia: I believe Reidak is right, look! (Points to a Giant Box)

Eddy: How did that get there?

Edd: I don't know Eddy, I think it's a trap

(A Giant Box was only a Giant Robot to look like a Box)

Manic: Let's get outta here

(The Robot grabs the Van)

Manic: Aww man

Corroder: It's a Giant Box Robot !

Sonic: And it's about to be taken down

Sonia: Let's go

Edd: Wait I don't think?

(Sonic, Sonia & Manic activate their Medallions & fires at the Robot, but it has no effect)

(The Robot puts them down)

Sonic: I don't understand, why does it have no effect

Dr. Robotnik: (Appears on top of the Robot's Shoulder with Sleet & Dingo) I'll tell you why

(The Robot Grabs Sonic, Sonia & Manic)

Sonic: Robotnik?!

Dr. Robotnik: Because this robot has resisted the Music from you 3 & now it's Inderscrutible (Evil Laughing)

Spongebob: Well, you forgot about OUR Songs

Dr. Robotnik: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

(Our New Heroes grabbed the Musical Instruments from the Van. Spongebob, Eddy, Zaktan, Reidak & Xplode have Electric Guitars, Squidward, Edd, Hakann, Thok & Meltdown have Keyboards & Patrick, Ed, Avak, Vezok, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor have Drums)

Spongebob: Let's ROCK & ROLL!!!

(The Song Begins)

Spongebob: All right you inverte-brats! I'm gonna teach you how to do the Sponge!
Well, if you take your leg and you stick it in the air
And then you take the other one and jam it right up there
You twist yourself around
And give a great big lunge
Now you're doing the Sponge
Do the Sponge, Sponge
Do the Sponge
Bet your buns you're doing the Sponge.
Patrick: Well, now, if you take your leg...
Eddy: And you stick it in the air...
Reidak: And-a then you take the other one...
Xplode: And you jam it right up...there...
Corroder: You twist yourself around...
Squidward: And you do a great big...lunge
Edd: Now you're doing
Ed: Yeah, now you're doing the Sponge
Spongebob: All right, now, yeah, a-do the Sponge, Sponge
A-do the Sponge
Rotor: Before you know, you're taking the plunge
Spongebob: I said the Sponge, Sponge
A-do the Sponge
Meltdown: Bet your buns you're doing the Sponge.
Thunder: Yeah, bet your buns you're doing the Sponge.
Zaktan: Aw, yeah, well, you're doing the Sponge.
Spongebob: Oh! I said, the Sponge, Sponge!
Yeah, do the Sponge!
Vezok: Yeah, do the Sponge, Sponge!
Hakann: Well, do the Sponge!
Avak: A-do the Sponge a-do the Sponge
Ah-oh Ho!
Thok: A-do the sponge!
All: Oh Oh Oh!
Spongebob: Oh! The Sponge!
The Sponge! Oh do the Sponge!!
Yeah, you're doing the Sponge!!!
A-do the Sponge!

(The Song has ended)

(As the Song ended, Spongebob & his new Friends had a vision except for Robotnik, Sleet, Dingo & the Triplets)

Spongebob: Where are we?

Ed: Hello? Where did everybody go?

Zaktan: (Notices a Woman wearing her Purple Robe) Look!

(The Woman relieves to be Queen Aleena)

Queen Aleena: You've done well. You sang the song from your hearts

Reidak: Yeah, I guess we did

Queen Aleena: There are new Adventures awaits us & their are new Enemies as well. My Children's Journey is far from over, you must help my Children & tell them that I love them (She Dissapears)

Xplode: Ok, we'll protect them

(The Vision has ended)

(The Giant Box Robot is malfuctuioning with Small Explosions)

Dr. Robotnik: Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what?! Run for it !

(Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo hops in their Escape Shuttle & fly away)

(The Robot drops Sonic, Sonia & Manic)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Falling) AHHHH!!

Spongebob: (Catches Sonic, Sonia & Manic) Gotcha

Sonic: Thanks Guys

Sonia: (Notices the Robot is about to blow) Uhhh, maybe we should go

Spongebob: Let's get outta here

(Our Heroes gets back inside the Van & drove off)

(The Giant Robot exploded)

(Back with Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik: Where did that Song come from?

Sleet: It's not from the Underground, it's from...others

Dr. Robotnik: Others? Is that it? How?

Sleet: You didn't say that the Robot didn't resist ALL of the Music, except the Underground

Dr. Robotnik: Those Newbie Mobians are far more powerful than I can Imagine.

Dingo: They are?

Sleet: Well those Newbies you talked about their from...(Whispers to Robotnik's Ear)

Dr. Robotnik: (Tries real hard not to scream, until....) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Dingo: I think I've gone Deaf (Falls to the Ground)

(Cuts back to our Heroes)

Spongebob: How did we do that?

Sonic: Thanks for saving us

Spongebob: Your welcome, but we had a Vision

Sonia: What Vision?

Manic: Can you explain to us, what happen?

Spongebob: Well, when the Song has ended, my Friends had a vision about a Woman with her Purple Robe & she revealed her true self & it's Queen Aleena

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Gasps) Mother?

Meltdown: Yes, Queen Aleena is in our Vision

Avak: That's not all, there's more...She told us that your Journey is far from over & they'll be new Villains as well

Sonic: Then let's juice!

Hakann: No Boxes for me, I got a Painful Headace from that

All: (Laughing)

Hakann: Hey, that's not Funny you know that

The End

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