This is the 37th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

This is the 1st part of the Sonic Underground: Crossover's Big Picture Show Arc


(A long-shot view of Robotropolis is seen. It looks peaceful and quiet.)

Queen Aleena: (narrating) Previously on Sonic Underground Crossover, the Monster Pig has been ressurected & has started rampaging throughout of Mobius.

(The title flashes on the screen:)

Sonic Underground: Crossover's BIG PICTURE SHOW

(The Streets are shown. The Buildings are all rusty & metalic instead of made of bricks & signs are nearly aboout to be fallen off)

Queen Aleena: (narrating) Heroes & Villains have worked together to stop the crisis, only to find a weakspot on his forehead.

Starring:  The Main Protagonist of the Series & Movie: SpongeBob SqaurePants

(A Close up of Garbage, which has fallen out from their Garbage Cans & garbage paper begins to blow away, being scattered in the sky, before the camera moves to the broken central statue.)

Queen Aleena: (Narrating) I manage to try & help as the Secret Spy Trooper, but was caught & my idenity is revealed to my children, by the evil King Pig. And the propechy has become broken.

Also Starring: The Protagonists of the Series: the All Star Underground / All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonic Prime, Tails, Amy Rose, Queen Aleena & the Sonic Underground

(The Hover cars have been abandon at the broken statues, The Wind blows & some dandelion seeds become loose & begins floating & gliding through the breeze where the street lights have been seen becoming sparking.)

Queen Aleena: (narrating) But the sacrifices are also the hardest to make. And with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, the Sonic Prime becomes Super Sonic Prime & Spongebob has become Super Spongebob & they both destroy the Monster Pig & defeated the Bad Piggies. Peace is restored, but at what price?

The Antagonists: Dr. Robotnik, Plankton, Sleet, Dingo, the Plankton Empire Officers, Captain Gutt & Captain Jospeh Koopa & their crew.

(An abandoned basketball is seen next to a game of checkers & hopscotch. Strangely, the number on the end is 62, and the square is incomplete. Following said trail, we find some broken chalk, two abandoned shoes, a skateboard with the wheels still rolling, and a dropped ice-cream cone on which ants are crawling.)

Queen Aleena: (narrating) We finally found out why the Council of 4 is for. Not only to protect Mobius & defeat Robotnik, but it's also destined to protect the All Star Warrior, who is... Spongebob Squarepants. Even we found the All Star Warrior, tragic has begun to happen...

(Lightning flashes, and we see the lane, utterly destroyed. A silhouette of a mobian can be seen splattered against one fence along with various debris, including a bag of cement, spilled black paint, an oven mitt, a toaster, and a cinder block with a balloon tied to it.)

Queen Aleena: (narrating) My children we're captured by Robotnik, Plankton & their empires. And we've lost hope.

(The camera moves back to the ants, crawling on the ice cream, before the lightning crashes again and we see more of the lane, replete with footprints, downed trees, and boxes. Among the destroyed items are a record and a bowling ball.)

Queen Aleena: (narrating) Chaos & destructon, wherever we go. They do not stop there. All it's left for them to do is to eliminate all of us.

(We then see the ants again before getting a long shot of the destroyed area. In addition to the lane, a house has suffered remarkable damage, and there is even an ice cream truck in its backyard. Not only this, but a water main has broken, flooding an area near the woods, and there is strangely enough a broken canoe by another house.)

Queen Aleena: (narrating) Without any resistance from the resistance & the freedom fighters, the villains' reign of terror began to grow even faster than I fear & I fear that my children are close to roboticization & becoming Robotnik's slaves.

Main Antagonist of the Series & Movie: Lord Fuse

(Scene cuts to the Sonic Underground's abandon Hideout)

Queen Aleena: (narrating) And if they do, this could well mean the day the music died & the end of the Sonic Underground.

[Ed bursts inside with the Piraka, the Hero Factory Villains & the Giants, knocking the door off its hinges and into the back wall.]

Tree Rex: Go! Go! Go!

[Ed spots it and tries to run through it but instead runs into the bricks that make up his basement.]

Zaktan: Quit fooling around Ed, we've got packing to do!

Xplode: Pack only the essentials!

Drilldozer: Women & Children first!

(The Piraka & the Hero Factory Villains begins packing up their suitcases)

Hot Head: Ed, do something!

Ed: [Stumbling backwards, he spots his shoe and rips it off before trying to get his sock off with his teeth. As he works to get it loose, he hops around his room, destroying it.]

Reidak: Oh for the love of pete! (grabs a sack & tosses it to Ed) Use this!

Ed: [catches the sack & grabs two comics and Baron O' Beefdip.] Trouble! Bad! [He grabs a stack of random junk.] Pain! [puts some bread in a toaster and sets it to go off before grabbing a bag and stuffing it full.]

Meltdown: There's no time for toast either!

Vezok: (packing the food in the suitcases) Food is essential as well!

Crusher: Let's pack them too!

Ed: [Spotting his chair, he shakes the assorted items and the stuffing out of it into the bag and shoves the chair into the bag.]

Avak: Ed, those are not...!

[Before Avak finishes, Ed then rushes into the bathroom and tears down the drywall to reveal his sponge collection. The Toast pops up.]

HF Rotor: Toast is done!

[Ed quickly grabs the hot bread, butters it, and tosses it into his bag. He pulls the bag out of the wall and grabs his sponges before running off.]

Zaktan: That's everything! Everyone outside!

(The Piraka, the Hero Factory Villains & the Giants begins following after Ed)

(With Sleet & Dingo)

Sleet & Dingo: (are seen walking down the streets)

Sleet: It's a happy day for Robotnik & Plankton indeed.

Dingo: Yeah, the Sonic Underground are captured, especially Sonia. She's preaty.

Sleet: And your ugly, now come on! We gotta find the remaining freedom fighters.

Dingo: Who are they exactly?

Sleet: (sighs as he facepalms) The All Star Underground & Queen Aleena. Where have you been?

[A huge explosion rocks the two.]

Dingo: What was that?!

[Ed & the Giants has just burst out of the hideout with the Piraka & the Hero Factory Villains. Spotting Sleet & Dingo, Ed jumps up and grabs his sponges.]

Thok: We've been spotted!

Ed: Save yourselves! [He hugs the sponges.] Be free, dear friends! [Ed casts the sponges skyward, grabs his bag, and runs off with the Piraka, the Hero Factory Villains & the Giants & their suitcases.] Trouble! Bad! Pain!

Thumpback: Move move move!

Vezok: You'll never take us alive, coppers!!

[Sleet & Dingo look at each other, with Dingo confused by the group's behavior.]

Dingo: (realized something) Hey! They're getting away!

Sleet: Let them go! Let them tire themselves out like Robotnik & Plankton said.

Dingo: Oh, so what's the plan again?

Sleet: (sighs in annoyance) Come on, you knucklehead.

(With Edd, Tails, Amy Rose & the girls of the All Star Underground.)

[Edd is in a dark room, whimpering. A bunch of clothes are on his bed, next to an empty suitcase. As Tails, Amy Rose & the girls of the All Star Underground are packing up their suitcases, Edd is trying to write a goodbye note.]

Amy: Poor Double D.

Tails: I know, he's been that way since the Freedom Fighters have lost hope.

Beth: I sure hope he pulls himself together soon.

Edd: Beloved parents. By the time you read this, I will be long–far–oh dear. [He picks up the note, folds it, and puts it in the trash along with many other failed attempts before starting again.] Dearest Mother and Father. It is with great sh-shame... [Edd puts down his pen and begins to cry. Pulling himself together]

Mane 6: (feels sorry for Edd)

Edd: That I regretfully [a few tears leak out]

Katie & Sadie: (remembering to pack only the essentials)

Edd: I regretfully confess to my involvement in the inexcusable, unconscionable, reprehensible, abhorrent, detrimental, detestable, incomprehensible, immoral, thoughtless, impossible, hurtful–

Heather: (can't take it anymore) ALRIGHT, WE GET IT!

[Edd's writing goes jagged, and Edd stops and wails.]

Edd: Oh, what have we done! GGGGAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

[Edd gives in to his tears.]

Courtney: Now look at what you done!

Heather: What did I do? Your the one who is playing dirty than I ever was in Season 2 of Total Drama!

Courtney: I was a C.I.T., that was a long time ago!

Fluttershy: (flies up to Edd & comforts him) There, there. It's ok. There's nothing to worry about, that's all.

[Suddenly, his door bursts open. The group looks behind him and sees Group #1 from before, which are the Piraka, the Hero Factory Villains, the Giants & a worried Ed.]

Ed: Dah-houble D!

Zaktan: There's no time for a goodbye note! Come on!

Ninjini: We gotta find the rest of the team!

(With Sonic Prime & the rest of the All Star Underground)

[Eddy, Dudley & Rigby are shoving things into his suitcase.]

Dudley: Come on! Come on!

Rigby: Why... won't... you ... go... down!

[They finishes and tries to slam the overstuffed case shut. When they finally does so, Rigby tries to lift it, but finds it too heavy.]

Mordecai: Dude it's too heavy!

Harold: I said, pack only the..!

[Suddenly, it bursts open, scattering its contents all over the room. Rigby lies there.]

Harold: Never mind

Patrick: Help me! Help me!

Sonic Prime: Relax guys, we'll just have to travel light.

Duncan: Easy for you to say!

[Rigby gets up just as a banging comes at the door.]

Rigby: What was that?!

Timon: Oh no! They're here!

[Eddy leaps up, terrified.]

Yellow Bird: Quick, think of something!

[Eddy grabs the vacuum cleaner and affects a falsetto.]

Eddy: [imitating his mother] Um, my little Eddy's not home right now!

Red Bird: (not impressed) Really?

[The door flies open.]

Eddy: DON'T HURT ME! [He dives behind the vacuum cleaner.]

Spongebob & Queen Aleena: (enters inside)

Spongebob: Come on! Let's go!

Tails, Amy Rose & the Girls of the All Star Underground: (enters next)

Tails: Quick!

Amy Rose: Everyone inside!

Ed: [running in with the Piraka, the Hero Factory Villains & the Giants] Trouble! Bad!

Vezok: Run for your lives!

[Ed & Vezok trips over the vacuum and lands on Eddy.]

Eddy: It wasn't my fault, I swear!

Owen: Help! I'm too young to die!

Vezok: (looks at Eddy) Hi.

Eddy: [He realizes who it is.] Ed, you idiot! [packing again] I thought it was those sore losers!

Ed: [panicking] What do we do, Eddy? What do we do?

Eddy: What happened to Sockhead?

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! I know!

[Pinkie Pie reaches into Ed's bag and pulls out Edd.]

Pinkie Pie: Found him!

Hot Head: Here, hold this! [He hands the suitcase to Edd.] Quick, start packing!

Edd: We're fugitives, ladies & gentleman! Are you aware of the consequences we're about to endure? All because of King Pig breaking the prophecy, thus putting all of us in danger, including our misguided chicanery!

Queen Aleena: Wait, I sense someone approaching.

Tree Rex: The Queen's right. Look!

[The gang see a shadow pass by the blinds.]

Eddy: Too late!

Kitty: Quick, back to Headquarters!

[The All Star Underground, plus Sonic Prime, Tails, Amy Rose & Queen Aleena rush out of the hideout and head down the street.]

Reidak: (accidently crashes into a building with Boggy B) OUCH!

Boggy B: (groans in pain) Hey! That hurt!

Reidak: (carries Boggy B) Oops, sorry! (follows the gang)

[They come to the fork of the road and skid to a halt; something outside is hammering on it, trying to get in & some shadow figures are at the end of each road, checking the streets & spots the gang.]

Spongebob: Quick, this way!

[Spongebob quickly directs them through alley ways The doors & the walls we're bursts open & down behind them, but the heroes continue running.]

Squidward: Oh, none of this would've happen if we only stopped King Pig from revealing Queen Aleena's secret spy identity!

Rainbow Dash: Over there! (points to the Freedom Fighters' HQ)

Sonic Prime: That's it! This way!

(The Heroes enter inside the HQ & continues running through the hallways & come across the control room.)

Black Bird: Which way do we go? Which way do we go?

Eddy: Quick, in there!

[They find the room, and Eddy begins to open the door.]

(In the Garage)

[The door creaks open, and Eddy peeks in. He looks around. Seeing nobody, only the Sonic Underground's van, he enters.]

Zaktan: It must be the garage.

Edd: [following him in] Eddy, do you think this is wise?

Eddy: They'll never find us in here! [He rummages through the garage.]

(The Heroes then follows Eddy inside the Garage)

Pumbaa: (looking around) It's perfect.

Xplode: But we need to disguise the door.

Eddy: (found the wallpaper) Ah-ha! [He tapes the wallpaper to the door.] Ssh!

Thunder: (nods quietly)

Patrick: (whispers) Gotcha.

Eddy: [closes the door.]


[The lights click on in the room. The All Star Underground proceeds to do all the locks. The gang huddle together in the center of the room, waiting for the coming storm and hoping it will pass them by.]

Spongebob: (whispering) Nobody make a sound.

Queen Aleena: (keeps quiet, while listening carefully)

Eddy: [whispering] This is all your fault, Sockhead!

Edd: [whispering, shocked] My fault? Funny, isn't it, how it's always my fault when the Council of 4's amazing prophecies goes awry!

Vezok: (whispering) It's all because of King Pig, revealing Queen Aleen's secret spy identity with his Monster Pig plan.

Meltdown: [whispering] Yeah, well, I didn't see you stop them!

Corroder: (whispering) You shoulda known it would go bad!

Ed: Boy, did it go bad.

[They stop talking. There's a creaking and some noises outside.]

Owen: (whispering) What was that?

[Bouncer looks up and spots a congratulatory glass on top of the fridge.]

[Duncan pushes Edd to the door, and a piece of toast falls off Edd's back.]

Duncan: (whispering) Listen to the outside & find out what's going on out there?

Ezekiel: (noticing the toast) Huh?

[Bouncer then hands Edd the glass and gestures for him to use it to listen.]

Bouncer: (whispering) Here, use this.

[Edd puts the glass to the door and his ear to the glass while Eddy stashes himself in Ed's pocket.]

Amy Rose: (gulps quietly & nervously)

Rainbow Dash: (waiting impatiently)

[All except Queen Aleena are sweating as they listen for any noise.]

Katie & Sadie: (covers their eyes in fear)

Harold: (stretching the collar from his shirt nervously)

[Suddenly, a crunch comes, and Edd's eyes turn inwards. They look and sees Ed eating the toast.]

Fluttershy: (shivering in fear)

[Edd, now standing in a puddle of his own sweat, drops the glass.]

(Then all they can hear is silence)

Patrick: (thinking that the storm has passed them by) Phew. That was close!

[The door starts to buckle as something pounds on it.]

Squidward: (now completely annoyed) PATRICK!

Ed: We are not long for this world!

[Ed darts around the room, trying to find shelter.]

Spongebob: Quick! We need to escape!

Edd: The window!

[Edd rushes over and parts the curtains only to find that it's been bricked up.]

Geoff: Aw man!

Hot Head: The fire place?

Hakann: There is no fire place!

Eddy: What's with my brother and these stupid bricks?!?

Timon: I have no idea!

[Edd and Eddy stumble backwards and trip over the rug. It rolls up, revealing a vent.]

Twilight Sparkle: Everyone, look! This heat vent will lead to an escape!

Ed: [on the camel] Over here, guys! My lumpy mutated horsie will save us!

Avak: (was a bit dumbstrucked) Are you serious?

[The wooden bar breaks, and a foot kicks through the doorknob.]

Edd: Everyone! The door won't hold for much longer!

Red Bird: We know! That's why we're trying to escape with our lives!

Eddy: [panicked] Don't just stand there! Do something!

Reidak: We'll help you with that!

[Edd, Reidak & Crusher grabs onto Eddy and pulls, trying to work the grate loose.]

Kitty: Come on, no one can be dumb to follow Ed's...

[She looks over to Ed, Dudley, Thunder & Ezekiel, who are trying to get the camel to run.]

Ed: Giddy-up, horsie! Do not let your mutated lump slow you down!

[Ed, Dudley, Thunder & Ezekiel falls off the camel and Ed slams into the wall. He hits what looks like a fire alarm and slides down.]

Dudley: Ok, bad idea. That camel is not going anywhere.

Thunder: Nope.

Kitty: (groans in annoyance)

[Edd and Eddy, meanwhile, finally get the vent cover loose, and Eddy leaps in only to find that his brother bricked up the vents as well.]

Eddy: More bricks Double D!

DJ: It's hopeless! We're trapped & they're gonna kill us!

Timon: (completely scared) I don't wanna die like that!

Pumbaa: (completely scared) Me neither!

Thumpback: Come on! We gotta knock that wall down! (rams at the wall, trying his best to knock it down)

Ed: Ooh ooh oh! This-a-way, guys! [He shows them the alarm.] Look!

Tails: What's this?

Edd: [reading] In case of movie break glass?

Eddy: Bingo! [He grabs the provided hammer and breaks the case.] The HQ's always prepared! [He reaches inside and pulls out a peanut.] A peanut?

Ed: Cheap movie.

Xplode: (facepalms) Oh you gotta be kidding me!

[An arm reaches through the space where the doorknob used to be. It feels the chains before reaching down and lifting one of the bolts. The door creaks open a little more, and we see Dr. Robotnik, Plankton & Plankton's empire officers, straining to get into the room.]

Krekka: Hey! Lemme through!

Nidhiki: End of the line, All Stars! [Ed grabs the peanut with his teeth.]

Squidward: This is all your fault!

Heather: Hey! It's your fault too!

Squidward & Heather: (starting a girly slap fight)

Eddy: It was just a mission, Double D! How did it go so wrong?

Edd: [scared] Eddy, the laws of probability can be a real mean–

Zaktan: Come on, we don't have much time!

Ed: [garbled] Just my mouth

Rotor: What did he say?

[Ed bites down on the nut, and the shell cracks, revealing a key.]

Edd: Everyone! A key!

[The kids strain at the door.]

Eddy: It must be for the Sonic Underground's van!

Spongebob: Quick, get inside!

[A piece of the door breaks loose. Eddy scrambles into the drivers seat.]

Edd: Eddy, we're too young to drive!

Thok: And Spongebob's too stressful to drive!

Eddy: Get in, get in!

Yellow Bird: You heard the man!

[The All Stars, minus the Giants, dives into the backseats while Spongebob, Zaktan, Twilight Sparkle, Queen Aleena & Edd rides shotgun. Eddy fumbles with the key.]

Eddy: Come on!

Boggy B: Hurry!

[He finally puts it in the ignition. He turns it, and the engine barely coughs. Eddy tries again, and the engine coughs again.]

Mordecai: Dude, what's going on?

Edd: It's no use, Eddy!

Eddy: [trying again] It ain't workin!

Rigby: Why isn't this working?

Tree Rex: (spots the horse harnesses) Hmm...

[The chains break as Vezon slams his head through the door.]

Vezon: My vengeance will be slow and painful, like Papa's Super Smackdown, All Stars!

[Vezon crashes through the door, and Dr. Robotnik, Plankton, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kanker Sisters, Von Nebula, D.O.O.M., The Rahkshi, the Bad Piggies & the Serpentine, plus Jack-4 Bots & Swatbots follow him in.]

All (minus Sonic Prime, Queean Aleena & the Giants): AAAAAAHHH!

Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Ninjini, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl: (has their harnesses on & straps all of them to the van)

Thumpback: Hold on! Cause we're going Old School!

Hot Head: Stone Age style!

[The Giants runs forward, pulling the van along with them, like they we're sled dogs. The bad guys grab on to the car as it breaks through the doorway and smashes through the top floor, sailing outside.]


[The impact with the wall shakes Dr. Robotnik, Plankton & Plankton's officers off, and they fall on the pavement, the metal floor & the grass outside the HQ.]

May Kanker: (as Lee seethes) They're getting away, guys!

[The van twists onto the road and slams into a hydrant before turning and running into a garage. It then backs up and goes through a fence & the Giants continues pulling the van with the heroes inside, as they push on. Vezon, meanwhile, lets out a piercing whistle, and his giant robotic spider named "Fenrakk" gallops up.]

Vezon: You will never get away from this! [sinister] Never again. [getting on Fenrakk] There is no escaping from the 7th Piraka! [He rides off in hot pursuit.]

King Pig: We're right behind you.

[The villains take off after Vezon. Sleet & Dingo peek out from behind a building.]

Sleet: Say, this is interesting. Let's go see, Dingo!

[Sleet & Dingo race to the sidewalk just in time to see the Giants, pulling the van as they go by, followed immediately by Dr. Robotnik, Plankton, Von Nebula & Dr. Zomboss; on their Hover Pods, Krekka, Nidhiki & the Rahkshi; in flight mode; Vezon; on Fenrakk, the Kanker Sisters & the Bad Piggies; running after them, D.O.O.M.; in their D.O.O.M. Mobile & the Serpentine; in their Serpentized Vehicles.]

Sleet: [gleefully] My my! Whaddya think they're situation is it gonna be this time, Dingo?

Dingo: Whatever it was, it must be the worst one ever!

[The All Star Underground, plus Sonic Prime, Tails, Amy Rose & Queen Aleena trundle down the road.]

Edd: I think I'm gonna be sick!

Harold: Me too.

Vezok: Not in this van, you're not!

[Larry & the Kankers, tumbles onto the windshield.]

Larry: Ow. AAAAAAHHHH!!!

Kanker Sisters: Oh boys!

Edd, Eddy, Dudley & Kitty: (screams) WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Ed: (screams) BBBWWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! [Ed swerves, scared out of his mind. The car almost hits the D.O.O.M. Mobile.]

Snaptrap: [angry and scared] Let em have it Larry!

Tails: (turns on the windshield wippers, wipping Larry & the Kankers off of them) Not this time!

Larry & the Kankers: AAH! (falls inside the D.O.O.M. Mobile, crashing into Snaptrap)

Snaptrap: AAH! (got tackled)

Ollie: (driving the D.O.O.M. Mobile)

Larry: (to Snaptrap) What's up doc?

Snaptrap: Don't you start with me! Besides I don't even know a doctor!

[Robotnik, Plankton, Zomboss, Von Nebula, Krekka, Nidhiki & the Rahkshi hover into a field, while Vezon ride on Fenrakk into a field. The 6 stops in mid-air. The Giants jumps with the van, and the Giants land on the van & the van lands on the fences bordering the lane. Vezon, Fenrakk & the Rahkshi chases them. They gets close, and Vezon whips Fenrakk to coax out more speed.]

Vezon: Yah, Fenrakk! Yah, yah, yah!

[Fenrakk speeds up, and they approach the car's rear. The Heroes meanwhile looks out of the window. He looks down, and his eyes bulge. The wheels are just barely staying on the top of the fence. One false move, and they will fall to their quite probable deaths.]

Spongebob: Uh oh! One false move & we're done for!

Edd: [lamenting] So much undone! Unsaid! Mother and Father will be so annoyed!

Courtney: This is getting out of hand! We gotta do something before we're deat meat!

Eye-Brawl: Yowch! [Fenrakk has clamped down on Eye-Brawl's leg with his teeth. The only thing propelling the van now is pure momentum.]

Ninjini: Eye Brawl! Hold on!

Red Bird: Hang on, we're coming!

Eye-Brawl: They got me, guys! [He begins to slip out.] I'm a goner! Save yourselves! [Eye-Brawl is close to being dragged out.] Don't forget about me! [Eye Brawl's harness breaks off & falls out of the van.] Farewell.

Ninjini: (takes off her harness) Eye Brawl! [she grab Eye-Brawl's arms and pull.] Nobody gets left behind! Giants! Help me out! [The Giants painstakingly yank Eye-Brawl back into the still-moving car, although Fenrakk refuses to let go.]

Sonic Prime, Amy Rose & Angry Birds: (opens the roof hatch & stands on the roof)

Sonic Prime: Kidnapping, that's not going to happen! (charges up his spindash)

Amy Rose: I'm ready! (whacks Sonic & the Angry Birds with her Piko Pik Hammer, using her strength to boost their spindashes & tackles)

Sonic Prime & Angry Birds: (rams at Vezon & Fenrakk's face & lands back inside the van)

[Suddenly, Eye-Brawl's leg slips out of Fenrakk's teeth, after those attacks, and the Amy Rose followed Sonic Prime & the Angry Birds by going back into the van. At this moment, they reach the end of the fence and fly out over a dumpster.]

Vezon: Curse you All Stars!

[Vezon & Fenrakk slams into the dumpster.]

Ninjini: Looks like I'm out.

Amy Rose: Don't mess with us!

Patrick: Uh, Amy? (points to the woods)

Swarm: Incoming!

[The van sails into the woods, hitting many trees along the way and snapping them, but also snapping Swarm's harness. The All Star Underground scream as they go through the woods and fly over a ravine into the junkyard. The wheels continue to carry them forward until Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Hot Head & Thumpback resumes their positions as sled dogs and runs again. They pass by a mountain of trash.]

Swarm: Guys, I'm out too.

Tree Rex: Keep moving! We have a long way to go!

Pumbaa: I think we've gave them the slip.

Timon: Thank goodness we've lost them.

[Krekka, Nidhiki & the Rahkshi are on top of a mountain of junk still in flight mode with the Serpentine Generals on their Serpentized Vehicles. They sees the Heroes pass and Krekka snarls.]

(With D.O.O.M. & the Kankers)

Francisco: We can't find them boss!

Snaptrap: Keep looking!

Lee: Yeah, our boyfriends gotta be around here somewhere!

[D.O.O.M. agents & the Kankers are driving down the lane. They finds the dumpster with Rolf's indentation and stops. Vezon & Fenrakk is nowhere to be seen. The Bad Piggies then runs up. They are out-of-breath.]

King Pig: (panting) There's gotta be an easier way to do this.

Foreman Pig & Corporal Pig: (spots a bunch of vehicle parts & gets an idea)

Foreman Pig: As a matter of fact... there is.

(Back with the Heroes in the Van)

[Eddy, Mordecai & Rigby peers over the steering wheel as they rush through the junkyard.]

Rigby: Thank goodness! That was a close one.

Patrick: The villains have left the building

[Suddenly, the Rahkshi slams their vehicle from the left, shaking them and sending them skidding.]

Turahk: Not so fast!

Ezekiel: Oh, help me!

Rarity: Oh dear, now what?!?

[Spongebob looks out the window and spots Krekka, Nidhiki, the Rahkshi & the Serpentine Generals.]

Pythor: You'll never be rid of us!

Spongebob: Uh oh, we have a problem!

Meltdown: They're like cockaroaches!

Skales: What did you say?!

[The Serpentine Generals then hits them, and the van once again skids.]

Eddy: They're maniacs, I tell ya!

Boggy B: (notices Krekka & Nidhiki charging at the van) Oh no

[Krekka & Nidhiki slams them a third time, and this time they spin in circles, causing Crusher's harness to break off.]

Crusher: (hanging onto the van) Sorry, my harness broke off as well.

Pinkie Pie: Wheee!


Izzy: (laughing crazily as the van spins around in circles) YEAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Pumbaa: Getting dizzy!

[The van hits another mountain of trash, and this acts like a ramp. The van leaps into the air and slips upside down. As it does this, Squidward & Edd turns sickly green, and Xplode flies past them and out the window, still clinging to the steering wheel. The car lands on two wheels and continues to drive this way. Xplode is on the right side and is forced to run with the car.]


[The car turns left, and Robotnik, Plankton, Zomboss, Von Nebula follows. Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon, Fenrakk & the Rahkshi brings up the rear, having managed to rejoin the chase.]

Dr. Robotnik: Stop them! We can't let them escape!

Plankton: This is personal!

Vezon: Run like the wild animal you are, Fenrakk!

Rainbow Dash: Whoa! Talk about a need for speed!

Queen Aleena: Hold on, Xplode!

[Spongebob & Queen Aleena grabs at the steering wheel. He spins it rapidly, pulling Xplode inside. Tree Rex, Bouncer, Hot Head & Thumpback continues to run, carrying the van with their harness.]

Spongebob: That was close.

Twilight Sparkle: Are you alright?

Xplode: How do I look?

Zaktan: Incoming construction site!

Owen: Oh no! Not again!

[They reach the edge of the junkyard and crash through the fence. The heroes reach the construction sites and blast through it, on the way wrecking some of the incomplete structures. The rest of the Villains, which are D.O.O.M., the Kanker Sisters & the Bad Piggies rejoin the chase, with the Bad Piggies in their newly built vehicle.]

Dr. Zomboss: Prepare for our treachery & the zombie apocalypse!

King Pig: We're freaking out!

Eddy: Double D! You got any bright ideas?

[Squidward & Edd is puking into a paper bag.]

Mordecai: Aw sick! 

Plankton: How do you like your faces? Fried or scrambled?

Dr. Robotnik: Prepare to be roboticized!

[The Heroes look up with a start. Robotnik & Plankton are on their left. Plankton then rips the door open.]

Boomerang Bird: Guys! The door! The door, help me!

Big Brother Bird: (gets determined) ...

Vezon: I will assist you with the All Star smacking doctors! [He, Krekka, Nidhiki & the Rahkshi go into hyperdrive, going faster, catching up to them.]

Lee: (on the Bad Piggies' vehicle, with Marie & May) Go guys go!

[Corroder manages to shut the door, tearing it away from Plankton. Raw Jaw locks it and begins to roll up the window.]

Edd: Ezekiel! Fingers!

Ezekiel: Oh, sorry.

[Ezekiel jerks his fingers back as the window closes.]

Dr. Robotnik: That's it! I'm doing this by myself!

Plankton: Me too!

[Dr. Robotnik, Plankton, Dr. Zomboss & Von Nebula leaps onto the van, and their hover pods flies off, coming to a stop against a steel wall, crashing into it. Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon, Fenrakk & the Rahkshi slams into the back of the car, and they fly upward. The Rahkshi & Krekka & Nidhiki lands on the roof, and Vezon lands on the hood. The Kankers, the Bad Piggies & the D.O.O.M. agents reaches their back and grabs onto the open trunk.]

Snaptrap: [groping for them] You're going down, dudes.

[The Heroes look up and spot the Villains trying to break in the Van. Krekka blasts the roof off of the van with his Kanoka Launcher, causing Thumpback's harness to break off]

[Fenrakk brings up the rear & tears the back door & Hot Head's harness off with his teeth, and the faces of the villains leer in.]

Hot Head & Thumpback: (hanging onto the van)

Hot Head: Sorry guys.

Thumpback: We're out too.

Katie & Sadie: EEK! (hugs each other)

Boggy B: Holy cow!

Spongebob: Yikes!

LeShawna: Aw no!

Dr. Robotnik: We have you now!

Plankton: There's no escape!

Nidhiki: Time for payback!

King Pig: Corporal Pig wants first crack at em!

Snaptrap: Prepare to perish!

Vezon: I will behead them all & use their heads as my trophies over my fireplace!

Turahk: Say goodnight freedom fighters!

Pythor: Time for you to die!

Marie: Like, thanks for the help up here, guys? Duh!

Ed: It wasn't me! Eddy did it. [He ducks into his jacket.]

Eddy: In your dreams! It was Double D.

[Eddy ducks into Ed's sleeve. Edd is about to say something when Bouncer sees that they are approaching the playground.]

Spongebob: There's no where else left to go!

Dudley: They got us!

Rotor: We're doomed!

Bouncer: It's not over til I say it's over! (to Tree Rex) Now!

[Tree Rex & Bouncer reach out & both giants grab onto the merry-go-round. Centrifugal force is quick to act on the van, as the villains are pushed away from it. The Bad Piggies are the first to fly off.]

Bad Piggies: (screaming & squealing as they fly off the van)

Snaptrap: Hang on!

May: I'm trying!

Pythor: No! No! NO!

[The back door tears off, and the Sepentine Generals, D.O.O.M. agents & the Kankers fly away.]

Bouncer: (activates his after burners & boosts the force even higher)

Guurahk: It's too strong!

Dr. Zomboss: STOP! AAAHH!

(Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon, The Rahkshi & Dr. Zomboss fly away from the G-Force of the van)

Dr. Robotnik: You haven't seen the last of me!!!

[Dr. Robotnik & Plankton are torn off by the pressure, and they fly off and slams into the slide, while Fenrakk is watching all this. At this point, the pressure on Tree Rex & Bouncer is too great]

Spongebob: Rainbow Dash, mind giving us a lift.

Rainbow Dash: I'm on it! (flies to the back of the van & begins pushing it around in circles, beginning to break the sound barrier)

Sonic Prime: On 3. 1... 2... 3!

[Tree Rex & Bouncer lets go of the merry-go-round as well, as Rainbow Dash breaks the sound barrier, creating a Sonic Rainboom, while carrying the heroes & the van. The van flies into the air and over the wood, leaving behind a rainbow.]

Vezok: (as the van flies away) HOOOOOMMMMEEE FFFRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

[Dr. Robotnik runs after them, carrying a metal pipe.]

Dr. Robotnik: (enraged) NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [He throws the pipe away in anger.]

[As Dr. Robotnik screams at the sky, the camera moves back to the park.]

Vorahk: My leg!

[Corporal Pig is stuck in a hole in the road.]

Snaptrap: (groans in pain)

Vorahk: My leg!

[Corporal Pig escapes the hole.]

Plankton: My head. Who turned out the lights? (gets up slowly)

Dr. Robotnik: [ranting] I can't believe it! I almost had em! We can't let this go, man. Not after are victory is extremely close!

Plankton: We're so close, yet so far!

[Sleet & Dingo tiptoe up to watch the show.]

Skalidor: What do we do now? Wait for them to come back?

Skales: You idiot! They can't come back after all this madness we've done!

Fangtom: I don't see you coming up with ideas!

Turahk: These freedom fighters are better be dealt with right now!

Dr. Zomboss: How can we find them now?! There's no way to track them down now!

Vezon: (has enough of the bickering) Enough with the bickering! I will hunt down those Freedom Fighters for you and squash them like the cockaroaches, the parasites & the rats they are! This is my word! Dawg?

Snaptrap: They're gonna wish they never messed with the Diabolical Order of Mayhem!

King Pig: We ain't goin near that one with a ten-foot pole.

Foreman Pig: Might I suggest the special forces, King Pig?

King Pig: [whispering] You're reading my mind, Foreman! Bad Pigges, it's time to call in the special forces.

Von Nebula: Those pesky little rats couldn'tve got far. (heads off with the Rahkshi) Rahkshi, let's go!

Dr. Robotnik: Let's move out! [He walks off with Plankton & Dr. Zomboss.]

Vezon: Yes! I, Vezon will draw forth the–

Pythor: Serpentine, move out! (The Serpentine slithers off)

Lee: Let's go girls! [The Kanker Sisters hurry off.]

Vezon: I, Vezon will draw forth the Spear of Fusion! [the Bad Piggies sneaks away.] The crossovers shall riddle my mind no more! Krekka, Nidhiki, Fenrakk! To the shed!

Krekka: Coming!

[Krekka, Nidhiki & Fenrakk heads towards Vezon. Sleet & Dingo watch.]

Sleet: Good thing we're not with Robotnik.

Dingo: What do we do now, Sleet? The bad guys are doing our job, hunting down the resistance! What on Mobius did they do?

Sleet: I have no idea.

Dingo: Think of what they'll do to them, Sleet! It'll be worse than soap in your eye! Worser than polyester chafing! Maybe even worse that Sonia keeps on kicking me in the tuchis & other gentle spots!

Sleet: Let's have a picnic and watch! Besides, it's time for our break.

Dingo: [after a pause] Oh yeah, Sleet! I wouldn't miss this resistance-thrashing for all the shoulder pads in the world! Say, I wonder what happen to Discord anyway?

Sleet: He's been missing since the whole high speed chase. He might be busy. Come Dingo, let's find Discord & get him to watch the fight with us!

Dingo: Oh boy!

Sleet & Dingo: (heads off)


(With the Heroes)

Rainbow Dash: INCOMING!

[The van crashes down in the middle of a desert. Eddy sits up and adjusts the rearview mirror while Edd heaves himself up.]

Meltdown: See anything?

[Eddy & Rigby then looks back as Tree Rex & Bouncer continues to pull the van. Seeing no one, he smiles.]

Eddy: Ha! We lost em!

Rigby: Yeah-uh! No villains from a thousand miles! Up high! (high fives with Mordecai)

Fangz: Boom-shaka-laka!

Mordecai: Yeah-uh!

Edd: How can you be so certain, Eddy?

Alejandro: He's right, how can we even be sure about it?

Eddy: Those chumps'll never catch us now! From here on out, it's nothing but smooth sailing!

Tree Rex & Bouncer: (notices a giant rock up ahead) ! (stops, but the harness break loose, causing the van to roll straight towards the giant rock)

[The van slams into the giant rock. The rock tips over, and the Sonic Underground Van explodes into pieces.]

Sonic & Queen Aleena: (lands safely)

Tails: (carrying Amy Rose while flying with his two tails as helicopter blades & lands softly with Amy)

Amy: Phew, that was close.

Tyler: Ow! That hurt!

(The Crossovers are lying on the ground, groaning in pain as they get up slowly, but Spongebob & Patrick felt no pain & begins cheering)

SpongeBob and Patrick: Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Again! Oh, yeah! Again! [they do the victory screech from "The Algae's Always Greener"]

[Ed wiggles his way out of an exhaust pipe and sees Eddy's three hairs sticking up from inside a car door. Ed rolls the window up, and Eddy pops out. Eddy looks around.]

Eddy: [to Tree Rex & Bouncer] Way to go, you bozos! The only rock for miles, and you had to hit it!

Tree Rex: It wasn't our fault!

Bouncer: Yeah! The harnesses broke off when we both stop.

Tree Rex: Now the van is completely destoryed, now we have no mode of transportation.

Squidward: Oh, no. That didn't just happen. Please tell me that didn't happen!

Patrick: What happened?

[SpongeBob shrugs. Squidward runs around the giant rock.]

Squidward: Where are we? We're lost! There's no way out! Stuck... in the middle of nowhere... with Sonic Prime, Tails, Amy Rose, Queen Aleena, the All Star Underground & especially, SpongeBob and Patrick!

[SpongeBob and Patrick wave at Squidward who starts crying]

LeShawna: Hello? Can you help us get down, please?

[Edd, Heather & LeShawna is still in Edd's seat, there only because of his seat belt.]

Edd: Seat belts certainly are a trusted friend.

Heather; Never mind that, get us down right now! [Edd's belt gives way, and the 3 plunges to the ground, falling on top of each other with Edd on top & Heather on the bottom, leaving LeShawna in the middle.]

Edd, Heather & LeShawna: Aah! [His friends stare at them.]

Harold: LeShawna, are you ok?

LeShawna: (gets up) I'm fine stringbean. I've been through worse.

Tails: Double D, are you ok?

[Suddenly, Edd jumps up.]

Edd: I've followed all the rules! Lived a life of decency and principle! So why didn't I follow my instincts? That one day these short-sighted sophomoric shell games would go too far!!!

Rotor: Yipe! (dives behind Thumpback) Double D scares me!

Ed: [diving with Timon & Pumbaa behind Eddy] Double D's dark side makes my armpits sweat, Eddy.

Eddy: What doesn't?

Geoff: Somebody do something! Anything!

Pumbaa: (burps loudly)

Timon: Hold that thought.

Zaktan: (spots an ancient journal with a Piraka Symbol on the front cover) ! (picks it up & starts reading)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (reads the journal as well) !

Edd: Lost souls are we, gentlemen, doomed for eternity! [He collapses to the ground.]

Squidward: Oh, why must every 11 minutes of my life be filled with misery? Why-y-y-y?!

SpongeBob: Oh, cheer up, guys. It could be worse.

Patrick: Yeah. Squidward could be bald and have a big nose.

[camera zooms in on Squidward's head which deflates]

Squidward: Well... this is the end. [head falls on the ground]

SpongeBob: No, it's not, Squidward.

Queen Aleena: The All Star Warrior is right, the war is not yet over!

Dudley: [building coffins] It's not?

SpongeBob: Come on, guys, we're gonna be fine! [patting Squidward's head] As long as we stick together. Remember, we're a team!

SpongeBob and Patrick: [they do the victory screech again]

SpongeBob: And besides, we have each other's backs. We're gonna win this war with or without the Sonic Underground. The important thing is that we never give up! We must keep going forward & never look back!

Sonic Prime: (gives a thumbs up) Spoken like a true All Star Warrior.

Eddy: Yeah! Lighten up, Sockhead. Hasn't Eddy always steered you right? [helping Edd up] Don't answer that.

Duncan: (relaxing on a rock nearby) Don't worry, if we're stranded, the resistance will obviously rescue us. They'll send out a search party.

Gwen: What if the resistance thinks we're dead? Now we're gonna die on this stupid desert!

Thunder: We are?

Noah: If everyone on Mobius thinks we're dead, then we need to start a new life, because sports & being a freedom fighter is not my forte.

Ed: Oh, oh! If I might partake in this chat? Could we not joineth the circus? Eddy could be the world's–

Eddy: [being twisted into a strange shape by Ed] Hey ow stop! It doesn't go that way!

Ed: –shortest elephant! [He displays Eddy for all to see.]

Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie: (begins laughing)

Ninjini: (sighs as she use her magic to turn Eddy back to normal)

Ed: And you Double D can be the clown!

Edd: [considering] I guess one could get used to the confining nature of tights.

Twilight Sparkle: Or prehaps we can transport to Equestria. That's where my 5 friends & I live. It's the safest world possible. We'll be safe here until the heat dies down.

Queen Aleena: Cutting off our trail by going through a portal into another universe. That would be one of our soloutions.

Kitty: I suppose we can live our lives as ponies of Equestria.

Hakann: Talk about stupid. [The Piraka grabs the group.]

Avak: He's right. If we're goin anywhere, The Piraka & I know a place so out of the way, it's practically invisible.

Courtney: Dare I ask? [She clutches her forehead before turning back to the Piraka, grinning.] And?

Ed: Yeah, Piraka. And?

Reidak: And... [clutching them close] If any of those villains find us there, they'll be mailed back to Robotropolis in a body cast.

Lindsay: Where are we going?

Black Bird: Yeah, what exactly are we going?

[Zakan walks a few feet away before leaping into the air with Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok to deliver their pronouncement.]

Zaktan: Our father's place!

Spongebob: You guys have a father?

Queen Aleena: I see that the Piraka have found their father's journal.

Xplode: Wait, you mean to tell us that the 6 Piraka has a father.

Sierra: Then that would mean...

Queen Aleena: The 6 Piraka are actually brothers.

All (except Queen Aleena & the Piraka): (gasps)

Zaktan: That's right. Our father's name is Paul Piraka. He was our father, our hero.

Queen Aleena: Paul Piraka is also a high ranked freedom fighter for years, always ready for a fight against evil.

Amy Rose: I never realized that the Piraka are brothers & they have their father.

Pink Bird: Me neither.

Edd: [downhearted] Piraka, I have my doubts your father would offer us sanctuary.

Vezok: What, are you kiddin me? We're kinda connected! Like a family! Brain wave stuff! He's talkin to us right now!

Sonic Prime: Then let's get moving! We better think fast & be fast & cover our tracks.

Spongebob: Right, this time this mission is serious business. No more singing from here on out, we now know the meaning of war & we're ready for a final battle that we never forget!

Queen Aleena: Then by the power invested in me as Queen of Mobius, I dub the All Star Underground to become... official freedom fighters known as... the "All Star Freedom Fighters"!

Eddy: Whoo hoo! We're official freedom fighters!

Boggy B: And we're ready for our first serious mission!

Spongebob: That's right! No mission is too big or too hard for us to handle! No matter what happens, we must keep going forward & never look back!

Thok: Come, let us move forward!

Patrick: Oh boy Oh boy oh boy!

Zaktan: Yeah! Paul Piraka is waitin for us! [He runs off.]

Twilight Sparkle: Alright All Star Freedom Fighters, move out!

(Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, Queen Aleena & the newly renamed All Star Freedom Fighters begin their journey to find Paul Piraka.)

Dudley: Paul Piraka is gonna be so awesome!

[Dudley runs off. Edd looks at them and then back at the wreckage of the Sonic Underground Van. Reaching into his hat, he pulls out his labeler and starts to make a label as he walks towards the trunk. He finishes up and places a label on the trunk reading "Out of Order."]

Edd: There.

Waspix: (from offscreen) Hey Double D! Are you coming or what?

Edd: [running after his friends] Wait for me, fellows!

(Back in Mobotropolis)

[Vezon is looking through the shed.]

Vezon: Food, check! Weapons, check! Food for Fenrakk, check!

(As he continues packing up, we can see the Bad Paggies sneaking around quietly to the backyard & looks around.)

King Pig: All clear.

Foreman Pig: (uses the Portal machine to open a portal to Pig City)

Corporal Pig: March!

(The Bad Piggies march through the portal.)

(In Pig City, we can see the Bad Piggies returning to Pig City & then begins building their own weapons & vehicles.)

(Back in Robotropolis)

(King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig & a whole army of Minion Pigs are in their created vehicles, weilding weapons)

King Pig: Never fear, citizens of Pig City. The Bad Piggies Army are ready to fight!

Foreman Pig: We sure are!

Corporal Pig: FORWAR MARCH!

(The Bag Piggies begins marching forward.)

King Pig: It's Bad Piggy Time!

(With Robotnik, Plankton & Zomboss)

(The 3 villains are tearing down the road, looking for the Heroes. Robotnik, Plankton & Zombos rides Robotnik's hover pod bike past the Robotropolis city limit. They reaches a turnoff and takes it. Suddenly a bug hits Plankton. This is followed in short order by several more. Bugs are hitting Robotnik & Zomboss, but Robotnik doesn't seem to care.]

Dr. Zomboss: Gross! Those bugs are on me!

Plankton: Ew! These bugs are disgusting!

Dr. Robotnik: Get a grip, you two! This rage train ain't stoppin till I roboticize those crossovers for good! Whoa.

[Up ahead is a gigantic cloud of flies. They hit it at full speed and go straight through it. When they come out, they are blanketed in dead flies.]

Plankton: Robotnik, stop! [Robotnik blindly rubs at his eyes.]

Dr. Zomboss & Plankton: AAAAHHHH!!!

Dr. Robotnik: AAAAAAHHH!

[The three crash into a wooden shed.]


Plankton: Ouch.

Dr. Zomboss: [getting up] Ow! That hurt!

Von Nebula & the Rahkshi: (flying by with Von Nebula in his hover pad & the Rahkshi in flight mode)

Turahk: Tough break, Ro"butt"nik.

Dr. Robotnik: I can't believe this! My hover pad is totaled! (begins fixing the hover pod)

Plankton: (gets up) I knew we should've slow down for the flies to buzz off.

Dr. Robotnik: We need to figure out where those crossovers took off to and head em off. I'm pretty sure they won't be going back to Robotropolis. Not after when the Sonic Underground are captured & the prophecy is now broken. And the fact that we're winning war against the resistance.

Dr. Zomboss: That'd be the last thing they'd do. Without the prophecy, they're a bunch cowards.

Plankton: Good one, Zomboss. Now let's think. Cowards run and hide, right? So who's the one person in the world that the All Star Underground trusts, 'sides the Sonic Underground, Queen Aleena, Lightrahk & Darkrahk?

Dr. Zomboss: I have no idea, but do you know anything about the past that they trust? What about this journal of the 6 Piraka's father, Paul Piraka? You know, his journal that I found when I become David?

Dr. Robotnik: Those crossovers would never... (realized something) That's it! They're going to Paul Piraka's place!.

Plankton: Who is Paul Piraka anyway? He sounds like a real hot shot & a father figure to the 6 Piraka.

Dr. Robotnik: (realized something shocking) HOLD IT! Paul Piraka is the 6 Piraka's father?!

Plankton: Yeah? What about it?

Dr. Robotnik: Paul Piraka said to me that he will murder any villain if he finds out we're after his sons, he said so in the past & he means it!

Dr. Zomboss: Ouch, that is bad.

Dr. Robotnik: We're wasting time! We gotta get those crossovers before they get there. If they get there before we get there, they'll never get theirs.

Plankton: Wait, what?

Dr. Robotnik: Forget it! [He pulls Plankton & Zomboss onto the hover pod.] We gotta go.

[The three set off again, this time on a much more damaged hover pad.]

(With Vezon, Krekka, Nidhiki & Fenrakk)

[A giant stack of items moves across the desert, following the rainbow trail, Rainbow Dash has left behind before. On top is Vezon, directing it; on bottom, Fenrakk, tugging it, while Krekka & Nidhiki is traveling on foot. Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki are following a trail of footprints, tire tracks & Rainbow Dash's rainbow trail from her Sonic Rainboom. Suddenly, Vezon spots a glint of metal up ahead, and he leaps off.]

Krekka: Stop!

Nidhiki: Vezon, what is it?

Vezon: We must not be seen, as the All Star Underground will surely flee, my friends! Lay low, and follow my rear end.

[The four creep up on the rock. Suddenly, Rolf leaps out and brandishes his Spear of Fusion.]


[Vezon begins to pant. He then looks around and realizes that there's nobody there.]

Nidhiki: It's a decoy.

Krekka: Where is everybody?

Vezon: The crossovers think they have played me as a phony baloney. But they have yet to feel the wrath of this 7th Piraka!

Nidhiki: Spread out & search for clues.

Krekka: Yes Nidhiki.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (begins searching the area for clues)

[Vezon takes out a key and unlocks a suitcase. He takes another box out and opens it, revealing six eggs. He takes one out and looks around. Spotting the steaming engine, Vezon cracks the egg on it; the egg begins to fry. He then walks over to one of the seats and takes out a canteen. Vezon opens the canteen and pours oil out of it, onto the seat. Once the canteen is empty, he throws it and the cork over his shoulder. The cork lodges in Krekka's throat, and he begins to choke.]

Vezon: Krekka! (pats Krekka on the back, causing him to spit out the cork) You interrupted my study! Do you think this is party time for 1999?

Fenrakk: ?

Vezon: No!

Krekka: (panting heavily) ?

Nidhiki: Just ignore him

[Rolf turns back to the chair. Taking out a muffin, he proceeds to dab it in the oil. He then looks at it.]

Vezon: Ah ha.

[The egg finishes cooking, and Vezon picks it up. He then proceeds to lay it on top of the muffin. Suddenly, Fenrakk rams him from behind. Vezon drops the muffin, and Fenrakk scrambles over and eats it.]

Rolf: Fenrakk! Has your thinkbox collapsed? Do not eat my clues! Back, I say!

[Fenrakk suddenly charges forward, pushing Vezon backwards.]

Vezon: Wait–Fenrakk, no! [He slams into the car's trunk.] Accursed robot spider!

Krekka: (chuckles)

Nidhiki: (groans)

Vezon: (to Krekka) Your despicable! (to Fenrakk) And as for you. One more boo boo like that & consider yourself stricken from the annual custard bake-off!

[Nidhiki notices the "Out of Order" label Edd stuck on the trunk.]

Nidhiki: Say, what's that?

Vezon: "Out of Order"

[Peeling it off, Vezon has Fenrakk sniff it to get the scent.]

Krekka: We might be getting close to our enemy.

Vezon: Yes. And we'll have the newly named All Star Freedom Fighters on a spit by nightfall!

To Be Continued...

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