This is the 36th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover


Queen Aleena: (narrating) It was too late. Monster Pig was awaken from it's underground tomb. Now my children & the All Stars must work together to destroy the Monster Pig & save the entire Planet Mobius from destruction.

(We can see that Sonic Prime, Tails, Amy Rose, the All Star Underground & the Sonic Underground & the Villains, minus the Bad Piggies, we're horrified by the giant monstrous green Monster Pig, which has the head of the whole Minion Pig from the Bad Piggies & the body of a snake.)

Monster Pig: (hisses & then lets out a monstrous roar)

Mordecai: We should get outta here.

SpongeBob: Good idea. RUN!

(The gang then begins to retreat as fast as they can, back to the All Star Mobile HQ.)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: RUNAWAY!!

Monster Pig: (uses his giant snake body to slither as fast as it can to try to catch up to the gang.)

King Pig: Go get'em, our super loyal pet!

"More Coming Soon"

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