This is the 33rd Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Ninjini, Thumpback & Eye Brawl


Queen Aleena: (narrating) By the time we all know that the All Star family is growing more powerful, the Skylander Giants are the first giants to walk the face of Skylands. Just like the price I have seperating my children, the Giants too carry a heavy price. The Giants we're spread from Skylands & they have not been seen...until now.

(In the outskirts of Robotropolis, we see the 8 Skylander Giants appearing out of the portal, preparing for a crash landing)


(We see the Giants have arrived on Mobius)

Tree Rex: Wow, what a ride. (gets up)

Bouncer: Yeah you said it. (gets up) That was a nightmare.

Crusher: But at least Skylands is safe from the Arkeyans. (gets up)

Swarm: (gets up) Yeah, now what do we do?

Hot Head: (gets up) We can't just sit here & do nothing.

Ninjini: (gets up) It's ok Hot Head, we can figure a way back to Skylands somehow

Thumpback (gets up) So what are we gonna do until then?

Eye-Brawl: (gets up) Prehaps we can help the people in this world stop the forces of evil

Tree Rex: A clever suggestion Eye-Brawl. Giants, we'll just have to help all of Mobius fight agianst the forces of evil & we know we can't do it alone. Let's go find a resistance team.

Bouncer: Alright, let's go!

Tree Rex: Skylander Giants, move out!

(The Giants starts heading on a journey to help Mobius fight against the forces of evil)

Hot Head: So what do you think a resistance team looks like here?

Crusher: That's what we're gonna find out, right Tree Rex?

Tree Rex: Indeed. We betta watch out for anything suspecies.

Bouncer: Like those bots over there! (points to the Jack-4 Bots & Swatbots)

Swatbots & Jack-4 Bots: (spots the Giants) Intruder alert!

Jack-4 Bot: Intruder alert, Sector 26-Z!

Swarm: Yeah, something like that.

Thumpback: Looks like they are dangerous.

Tree Rex: Giants, attack!

(The Giants starts attacking the Jack-4 Bots & the Swatbots with strength & ease)

Eye-Brawl: That was close

Ninjini: They could be more of them.

Bouncer: Indeed. Let's keep an eye out for more of those bots.

Tree Rex: Very well, let us go.

(The 8 Giants continues their journey by stopping Swatbots & Jack-4 Bots along the way)

"More Coming Soon"

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