This is the 31st Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Boggy B


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) We all believe in miracles that has happened many times in the past, but they say that worms are small insects, but from another universe, they have big suprizes up in their sleeves.

(In the "Worms" universe)

Boggy B: (witnessing the destruction of Worms University) Well, that's a shame for my arch enemy, Professor Worminkle. Now I have nothing left to do. Unless...(looks at the map) I will never forget the day that a nice woman who has given me this map to an ancient universe called the "Nexus". Time for a little road trip (slithers off)

(In the Nexus)

Boggy B: (with a team of 9 Worms) Alright team, we're in the nexus. Now to find that portal, spread out & find the portal to Mobius.

(Boggy B & his 9 Worm Troopers started searching)

Worm Trooper #1: Nope, it's not over here.

Worm Trooper #2: Not over there either.

Boggy B: Keep looking

Worm Trooper #3: Yes sir

Boggy B: It's gotta be around here somewhere.

Worm Trooper #4: (finds the giant portal to Planet Mobius) I found it. It's over here.

Boggy B: Good work, now let's be cautious, you never know what to expect.

(Boggy B & the 9 Worm Troopers enters inside the portal, coming out into the world of the "Sonic Underground" version of Planet Mobius)

Boggy B: (looking around to see that he & his 9 Worm Troopers are in a barren wasteland) Hmm, looks like we're in a wasteland. Find anything that could be useful.

9 Worm Troopers: (nods as they start their search, finding a car which is trashed, but the engine & tires are still intact)

Worm Trooper #5: Boggy B, sir. We found a vehicle.

Boggy B: (checks inside) Nobody's in here, let's rebuild the vehicle.

Worm Trooper #1: Aye sir.

(They begin fixing the car, turning the car from old to new)

Worm Trooper #6: All done, sir.

Boggy B: Alright everyone, in the car before...(suddendly dodges the blast coming from a Swatbot who has spotted them) Ambush! (fires his bazooka at the Swatbot, destroying it) Looks like someone is after us. Let's get outta here.

(Boggy B & the 9 Worm Troopers enters inside the car with Boggy B in the driver's seat, Worm Troopers #3 & #7 in the passenger seats & the other Worm Troopers in the back seats)

Boggy B: (drives the car away) We need some big help.

Worm Trooper #7: Might I suggest the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground?

Boggy B: Who are they?

Worm Trooper #8: They are part of the resistance

Worm Trooper #9: Maybe we can tell them what happen to us

Boggy B: Hold on, that's a great idea. Especially when Queen Aleena said "Help my children, please.". Set a course to their base.

Worm Trooper #4: (activating the GPS) Already on it, we'll be there by an hour.

Boggy B: Good.

(At the All Star Mobile HQ in the desert)

Boggy B: (stops the car in front of the base) We're here.

(The All Star Mobile HQ bottom front stern ramp door opens up for Boggy B & the 9 Worm Troopers to drive the car inside)

(At the Bridge of the All Star Mobile HQ)

All Star Underground, Sonic Underground, Tails & Amy: (notices the car heading inside)

Tails: Looks like we got company

Spongebob: Let's go find out who they are.

(Our Heroes heads to the vehicle storage of the Mobile HQ where they meet the car which is driven by Boggy B & the 9 Worm Troopers)

Sonia: Show yourself whoever you are!

Boggy B: Alright, alright, we're coming out (he & the 9 Worm Troopers got out of the vehicle)

Zaktan: Are they...worms?

Twilight Sparkle: I don't get can there are worms inside a car?

Boggy B: Are you the Sonic & All Star Undergrounds?

Edd: Yes, that's us

Sonic: Who wants to know?

Boggy B: Name's Boggy B, Queen Aleena summoned me to help you.

Manic: You mean our ma?

Boggy B: That's right, Aleena's your mama.

Sonic: I'm Sonic, this is Sonia, Manic, Tails, Amy & the All Star Underground

Spongebob: I'm the All Star Underground's leader, Spongebob Squarepants.

Boggy B: That's good cause I got 9 Worm Troopers.

Sonic: And that's also a good thing on finding our mother too?

Boggy B: Finding your mother? What are you talking about?

(A dramatic zoom-in on Sonic's apprehensive face as he reveals the truth about the war between the resistance & Robotnik)

Sonic: Believe it or not, reuniting with our mother becoming the council of 4 is the only way to overthrow Robotnik. He started a war against the Resistance before the All Star Underground came along. It was another Mobian War against Robotnik, the last one until Plankton came along.

(scene changes to a dramatic zoom-in on Spongebob's serious face)

Spongebob: Now it has become a Triple Threat War after Plankton arrived with his new army of Jack-4 Bots. And now that Robotnik & Plankton are enemies to each other, there's no telling what will happen next.

Tails: Since the Evil Staff is now useless, we have a new mission, collecting the 7 chaos emeralds before Robotnik or Plankton do.

Boggy B: Really? Wow. But seriously, seriously do you think those guys Robotnik & Plankton are gonna hold a grudge for that long against us & each other?

(A green plasma shot hits Worm Trooper #3 in the left eye)

Worm Trooper #3: (holding his left eye in pain) Ow! My eye!

Boggy B: What the?!

Eddy: (notices something in the distance) AMBUSH!

(Green plasma shots were being shot by Swatbots into the desert along with the Jack-4 Bots who have curled themselves into balls, being shot into the desert as well by brand new large Jack-4 Launchers)

Meltdown: Get back, we'll handle this

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (turns their medallions into their instruments)

Sonic: Let's rock'em & sock'em! (strums his guitar, launching blue plasma shots at the Jack-4 Bots)

Sonia: (plays the keyboard, launching pink plasma shots at the Jack-4 Bots)

Manic: (drums on the cymbals of his drum set, launching green plasma shots at the Jack-4 Bots)

Amy: (smashes at the Jack-4 Bots with her Piko Piko Hammer)

All Star Underground: (starts attacking the Jack-4 Bots)

(Boggy B & the 8 Worm Troopers run into the mobile HQ, screaming, carrying Worm Trooper #3, and Worm Trooper #1 closes the door)

Dudley: I'm warning you bots, I'm part boxer. Now leave us alone! (uses the puppy punch at 5 Jack-4 Bots, destroying them with one big punch) Puppy punch, there is no subsitute (blows his fist)

Spongebob: I'll finish them off (starts spindashing at the Jack-4 Bots, destroying them all)

(But suddendly, more of the Jack-4 Bots launched out of the Jack-4 Launchers at the Heroes)

Manic: I'll handle this (starts drumming causing an earthquake to cause the Swatbots & the Jack-4 Bots to lose their balance & gets destroyed due to the power of the earthquake) Whao, awesome!

Harold: But look, they just keep on coming! (points to even more Jack-4 Bots approaching)

Owen: We don't know how much longer the medallions would last without being drained.

Applejack: We gotta scram, y'all!

Rainbow Dash: Aw man & I thought I was gonna do the Sonic Rainboom!

Timon: Never mind that, let's get outta here!

Pumbaa: Where?

Timon: Anywhere?

(Our Heroes begins to retreat back inside the All Star Mobile HQ)

Spongebob: Hold on gang! We're outta here! (slams the accelerator, causing the All Star Mobile HQ to go forward very fast, escaping from the Jack-4 Bots who are about to face off against the Swatbots)

Fluttershy: (tending to Worm Trooper #3's wounds)

Boggy B: What just happened?

Reidak: See the war is not over!

Zaktan: Reidak's right, we have to win it against both dictators Plankton & Robotnik, or we're all gonna die.

(In the Chum Bucket)

Plankton: Well?

Snaptrap: (with the Chameleon & Bird Brain) Sorry, but those Sonic & All Star Undergrounds have damaged our Jack-4 Bots, but thanks to our reinforcements, we got them on the run!

Plankton: Excellent work.

Krekka: Should we track them down?

Plankton: Not yet, let them sweat a while.

Nidhiki: Sir, we got a transmission (shows the transmission to Plankton)

(The transmission shows the Jack-4 Bots are facing off against the Swatbots)

Plankton: Robotnik...

(The screen changes to Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in moniter with Sleet & Dingo) Greetings Plankton.

Plankton: Robotnik, why are you facing us? My army are battling the heroes too

Dr. Robotnik Prime: No way, I won't work with anyone that looks like they live in a zoo.

Plankton: Very funny, but just you wait, I will have the Jack-4 Bots crush those All Stars & the hedgehogs too

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Not if I can help it. They are suppose to be MY kill...!

Plankton: Then you got ourself a bet

Ollie: A good ol' fashion wager, I simply adore a good wager

Francisco: Yeah, me too

Larry: I don't get it. How can a wager solve our conflict between us? (get pushed into a shark tank by Marie & May Kanker) GAH! (got attacked by sharks) Help me!

Snaptrap: Thank you girls.

Lee Kanker: (with Marie & May) Alright, what's the wager?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The catch is to roboticize or kill the Hedgehogs & All Stars, whoever finishes them off first, wins.

Discord: Now that is a good call for chaos!

Plankton: It's a deal, I bet 5 bucks that I will finish them off first.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Deal, if I'm actually here in your lair, we would've shake our hands for an accept deal

Vezon: In which we can't...

Pythor: (with Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus) But we accept your challenge...

Turahk: (with Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk) And prepare for the battle of the lifetime...

King Pig: Cause this Triple Threat War has just begun...

Snaptrap: SNAPTRAP OUT! (turns off the moniter)

(With Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I see that Plankton's army is playing hard to get. Sleet, Dingo! I need you two to find those Hedgehog & those who Plankton called "All Stars" & exterminate them now!

Sleet: Yes sir, our Swatbot Army will be ready to attack! Come on Dingo, let's go!

Sleet & Dingo: (walks off)

Dingo: Oh boy! Is it my turn to call the Swatbot Army?

Sleet: (sighs) Just get the Swatbots into position, you flea paradise.

(With Lightrahk & Darkrahk)

Lightrahk & Darkrahk: (standing face to face against each other, readies their staffs)

Lightrahk: Darkrahk, I request your assistance.

Darkrahk: Why would you assist me?

Lightrahk: Because, you & I have the powers on stopping Lord Fuse who will return.

Darkrahk: Where did you hear that from?

Lightrahk: I saw it from Ed, Edd & Eddy's dream

Darkrahk: Lies! Lord Fuse is finished!

Lightrahk: Can't you see that he is returning to exact his revenge?

Darkrahk: Save your pitaful words somewhere else, cause I'm not gonna go back there again

Lightrahk: Remember what you said to me when our father died.

Darkrahk: That was in the past. I'm looking forward to the future by conquer all that stands in my way.

Lightrahk: I'm not letting you get away with this!

Darkrahk: Then you...are my enemy!

(Lightrahk & Darkrahk engages themselves in a battle of Light & Dark)

(Back with the Heroes)

"More Coming Soon"