This is the 30th Episode of Sonic Underground

Character Debuts: Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange Bird, Pink Bird & King Pig.


Queen Aleena: Lightrahk has gone to find his brother because of Ed's, Edd's & Eddy's dream of Lord Fuse. Without Lightrahk, their missions will be harder than ever. Except that they'll meet the most heroic destructive team of birds known as...the Angry Birds.

Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange Bird & Pink Bird: (singing their theme song) (but all except Blue Bird stops singing because they noticed something big) Huh?

Blue Bird: (still singing)

Red Bird: (taps Blue Bird, causing him to stop singing)

Blue Bird: (noticed something as well) Huh?

(Suddendly a steel cage appears & then the steel cage traps the angry birds inside & it is pulled upwards by a Flying Red Scorpion Shaped Ship carries the Cage with the Angry Birds inside, into the Giant Portal to Mobius)

(At Robotnik's Base)

(The cage lands on the ground)

Angry Birds: (notices that they're inside Robotnik's Base) Huh?

Dr. Robotnik: Well?

Sleet & Dingo: (exits their ship & goes inside Robotnik's Base)

Sleet: Just like you asked sir.

Dingo: They're ready to be roboticized sir.

Dr. Robotnik: Excellent, these birds called the Angry Birds are the most powerful & most short-tempered birds in all of the Multiverse. That's why they're need of roboticization so I can clobber those Hedgehogs & the All Stars for good.

Sleet: Yes sir. They will never see this coming and once they need of a Strategy plan now...

Dr. Robotnik: I don't care about their brains, Sleet!. I want their brawn!

Dingo: Only brawn?

Dr. Robotnik: Yes you two knuckleheads.

Sleet: But we've couldn't capture those birds without some help from him (points to a big round green figure wearing a crown)

Dr. Robotnik: Ahh, King Pig, the leader of the Bad Green Pigs. You might be one of Plankton's new recruits that he sent.

King Pig: (reveals himself from the shadows) Yes, Plankton actually sents me to help you. These Angry Birds are also my enemy. So what do we do with those short-tempered fowls?

Dr. Robotnik: Roboticize the Angry Birds.

Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Green Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange Bird & Pink Bird: (their confusion quickly turns into anger)

Sleet: Yes sir.

(Then suddendly, we can hear the metal banging from the metal cage, meaning that the Angry Birds are using super speed tackles, trying to weaken the cage & then they're free from their destroyed cage)

Dingo: Oh no!

Dr. Robotnik: Swatbots, stop them!

Swatbots: (aims their Swat Gun at the Angry Birds)

Angry Birds: (growls at the villains)

King Pig: (notices that the Angry Birds are angry) Oh no! Not again!

Angry Birds: (starts attacking the Villains & the Swatbots.with their super speed tackles, knocking them all to the ground & destroying the swatbots in the process) (growls)

Red Bird: (bounces up to Robotnik & lands on Robotnik's belly with an angry look on his face) Never...trap us...and or roboticize us...again!

Dr. Robotnik: (sighs) (passed out)

Blue Bird: Whao, Red Bird did you just talked?

Yellow Bird: So do you Blue Bird

Red Bird: Looks like we all are talking for the first time

Black Bird: Yeah, looks like your right.

White Bird: Come on guys, we gotta get outta here

Boomarang Bird: Ok

(The Angry Birds bounces away, making their getaway while destroying Swatbots with their super speed tackles)

Angry Birds: (notices the gate is being sealed with a steel door)

Red Bird: Big Brother Bird, care to do the honours?

Big Brother Bird: With pleasure little bro. (uses his super speed tackle to break down the steel door & because of his super strength & large size & weight, he destroys the steel door with one big super speed tackle.) It is done

Orange Bird: Yippy!

Pink Bird: Oh my goodness, we're free.

Red Bird: Yes, now then, let's go!

(The Angry Birds escapes from Robotnik's Base & hides inside an alley way)

King Pig: (feels dizzy after being hit by the Angry Birds really hard) (shakes his head & he's not dizzy anymore) Those Angry Birds are gotta be around here somewhere. Bad Pigges, after them!

(Then the Bad Green Pigs goes off to find the Angry Birds)

(Back with the Angry Birds)

Red Bird: Wow, that was intense.

Blue Bird: Yeah, I'm pooped.

Yellow Bird: And I'm hungry for some bird seed.

Black Bird: Us too

White Bird: But where could we eat?

Boomerang Bird: Not sure.

Red Bird: Anyway, let's find out who is this Robotnik & Plankton fellas are.

Big Brother Bird: I heard that Robotnik & Plankton both wanna stop these Hedgehogs & these All Stars.

Orange Bird: Okie dokie

Pink Bird: But where could they be?

Red Bird: Don't know, but let's stay alert.

Sonic: (suddendly appears from the shadows) Hey there. You want some help taking down Robotnik & Plankton?

Red Bird: Yes, why'd you ask?

Sonic: The Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground are both at your service.

Red Bird: Thanks.

(At All Star Mobile HQ)

(Sonic & the Angry Birds arrived at All Star Mobile HQ)

Spongebob: Hi Sonic, who are those guys?

Sonic: They call themselves the Angry Birds. They got captured by Robotnik, Sleet, Dingo & the Bad Green Pigs & their leader, King Pig, but they had escaped without being roboticized.

Red Bird: I'm Red Bird, the leader of the Angry Birds Flock. I'll introduce you to the other birds later.

Edd: Eddy, do you think it's time that we should tell the truth now?

Eddy: Alright alright. If it makes you stop!

Zaktan: What is it Eddy?

Edd: Ed, Eddy & I had a confession to make.

Reidak: Well what is it? Fire away.

Eddy: Lightrahk had left to go on a long journey to find his older brother because he saw Ed's, Edd's & my 3 in 1 dream of Lord Fuse.

All: (gasps) Lord Fuse?!

Angry Birds: (looks confused)

Red Bird: Who's Lord Fuse?

Spongebob: We'll tell you later.

Sonia: Wait'll I get my hands on that monster, I'm gonna...!

Ed: And our 3 in 1 dream also showed us the All Star Warrior

All (except Sonic, Sonia & Manic): ED!

Ed: Yes mommy?

Sonic: The All Star Warrior?

Manic: Who's that?

Vezok: Uh oh the secret is out.

Xplode: (sighs & then gives the scroll of Part 2 of the Prophecy to Sonic, Sonia & Manic) Here. Queen Aleena had given us the Second part of the Prophecy & we've kept it a secret, because only the All Stars can see the second part of the prophecy.

Owen: I hope there's no hard feelings.

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (reads Part 2 of the Prophecy)

Sonia: You mean the Council of 4 is for one crossover that would become the All Star Warrior by the power of our medallions & Queen Aleena's Magic?

Gwen: Yeah, pretty much.

Sonic: I think we get it now.

Black Bird: So what should we do first?

Spongebob: We should be going, finding the 3rd Prime Chaos Emerald. We got the Green & Purple Prime Chaos Emeralds so far.

Dudley: Right, let's go!

Kitty: Tails, set a course to find the 3rd Prime Chaos Emerald.

Tails: Already on it. We'll be at the location of the 3rd Prime Chaos Emerald by sunrise.

(Then they drive the All Star Mobile Base for the 3rd Chaos Emerald)

(They didn't know that there's an orange komodo dragon in the forest watching the Heroes drive by, but it was only Dingo as an Orange Komodo Dragon)

Dingo: A Prime Chaos Emerald? What does "Prime" even mean? I betta tell Sleet (starts crawling his way back to Robotropolis)

(Back at Robotropolis)

Dingo: (goes up to Sleet) The All Stars & the Hedgehogs are heading towards the location of the 3rd Prime Chaos Emerald.

Plankton: So it's time that we follow them

King Pig: Right!

Sleet: Hmm, just in case that these Angry Birds would be subspecious...(shapeshifts Dingo from a Komodo Dragon to an Orange Angry Bird that is the size of Big Brother Bird) You make sure that your with those Angry Birds so that they lead you too them.

Dingo: Alright, alright. I'll go (starts bouncing all the way to All Star Mobile HQ)

Rotor: (flys by, trying to check that no one is around, then he notices Dingo mistaken as an Angry Birds) Hello there. Are you lost or something?

Angry Bird (Dingo): (nods yes) I'm....uh....Crazy Bird?

Sleet: (hiding behind a tree) (facepalms) (sighs)

Rotor: Hello Crazy Bird. I'll find you a good home. (gets an idea) Say, how's about I take you to live with me! How's that sound?

Crazy Bird (Dingo): (nods yes)

Rotor: Ok, let's go (carries Crazy Bird [Dingo] back to All Star Mobile HQ)

Crazy Bird (Dingo): (snickers evily)


(Back at All Star Mobile HQ)

(The Angry Birds are busy watching TV)

Red Bird: So this is what watching TV looks like?

Blue Bird: Looks like it.

Rotor: Hello, guys!

Sonia: Rotor, where have you been?

Rotor: I've brought everyone a surprize (takes out Crazy Bird [Dingo] from behind his back) The Angry Bird's very own Angry Bird pal. [sets him on the chair next to the Angry Birds] His name is Crazy Bird and he'll keep you company while I'm at work. Oh, you Angry Birds get to know him very well, while the rest of us be right back for the Prime Chaos Emerald.

Manic: Uh sorry, but no go bro, Rotor. You will stay here, just in case. We'll be right back

(Everyone, except Rotor, the Angry Birds & Crazy Bird [Dingo] goes inside the Van & drives off to find the temple of the 3rd Prime Chaos Emerald.)

Rotor: Ok, you birds wait right here & I'll get you some bird seed (goes off to get bird seed)

Yellow Bird: (looks at Crazy Bird [Dingo] ) Uh, tweet?

Crazy Bird (Dingo): (evil laughter) Look closer.

Black Bird: What the?!

Rotor: Come and get it! [sets food bowl down and pours a can of bird seeds inside it.]

Angry Birds: [bounces up to their food bowl and starts to eat]

Rotor: Come here Crazy Bird. Eat your bird seeds. [sets him next to the other side of the food bowl] There you are, Crazy Bird. Now eat up I'm gonna go make my enchiladas. [walks off and gets something. When the Angry Birds starts eating his food Crazy Bird (Dingo) Scares them]

Crazy Bird (Dingo): Rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwr!! Stay out of my food! [eats the Angry Birds' food bowl and the Angry Birds runs and hides behind the wall next to the T.V.. Crazy Bird (Dingo) chases after him and is about to tackle them & the Angry Birds is about to do the same thing against Crazy Bird (Dingo) when Rotor comes back]

Rotor: Done! [Dingo then stays sensitive again] Oh, enchiladas are hot hot hot! [sits down on the chair and begins to eat when he sees the Angry Birds getting angry at Crazy Bird (Dingo) ] Angry Birds, it is not nice to ignore new friends. [picks up the Angry Birds & Crazy Bird (Dingo) toward the toys] Why don't you two play a little? [went back to his chair] Great, now my enchiladas are cold. I gotta reheat them all over again!

[The Angry Birds notices the squeaky toys with Crazy Bird (Dingo) when Crazy Bird scares them]

Crazy Bird (Dingo): You'll be next!! [rips the squeaky carrot toy with his sharp teeth onto Rotor's enchilada dinner. Crazy Bird (Dingo) was about to attack the Angry Birds] Now I have you!

Angry Birds: [suddendly attacks back & then runs and hops on Rotor]

Crazy Bird (Dingo): Ow! That hurt.

Rotor: Angry Birds, what has gone into you guys, huh? [picks up the Angry Birds from behind him] Because you refuse to be cooperate with our new friend and you have ruined my enchiladas dinner, I have but no choice to put you to siesta early tonight. [cut to the living room where Rotor puts Crazy Bird (Dingo) down on a small green bed] I hope you're happy now.

Black Bird: But, but...

White Bird: (interupts) Alright.

Rotor: Good. Because you can sleep with your new friend. [sets Crazy Bird (Dingo) on a small green bed and the Angry Birds & Crazy Bird (Dingo) gets scared. Rotor covers them up with a small blanket] Aww, look at you guys are so cute together!

Boomerang Bird: Alright, we'll behave.

Rotor: I accept your apology, Angry Birds. Now, you guys be good to each other until the All Stars return back to All Star Mobile HQ. Good night. (walks off to his room to go to bed)

Crazy Bird (Dingo): (grins at the Angry Birds)

(With the All Star Underground & the Sonic Underground)

Spongebob: Look! (points to the same castle made of vines from "The Jewel in the Crown") There's the location of the 3rd Prime Chaos Emerald.

Manic: Oh no bro, not this place again.

Sonia: Remember what happen last time when we went inside that castle.

Sonic: Mom laid a brilliant trap for Robotnik and we blew it!

Edd: Your mother made a trap?

Zaktan: But how did you know it was a trap made by Queen Aleena?

Sonia: We didn't know!

Eddy: Wha?

Sonia: We were trying to find our mother!

Ed: Like a needle in a hay stack?

Sonic: (short silence) Yeah, more like that.

Spongebob: Trap or no trap, we have to get that 3rd Prime Chaos Emerald.

Sonic: Spongebob's right, Let's haul haunch! Wherever Sleet and Dingo are, Buttnik can't be far behind!

Vezok: (notices the Bad Green Pigs appearing from the horizon) And your right on the money, cause King Pig & his Bad Green Pigs are heading towards us.

King Pig: (on his throne, being carried by 4 Helmet Pigs, smiling evily)

Sonic: (spindashes at the Bad Piggies) Go! I'll hold them off!

All Star Underground, Sonia & Manic: (nods & heads inside)


(Back in All Star Mobile HQ)

Rotor: (sleeping)

[The Angry Birds bursts through the door and runs toward Rotor]

Red Bird: ROTOR! Crazy Bird's attacking us again [hops on Rotor's bed]

Rotor: Guys! Shame on you & Crazy Bird! [takes the Angry Birds back in the living room] Crazy Bird is perfectly dangerous. [takes off the blanket and sees it] Now he's fast asleep. Now will you let me sleep & behave, birds, please? [sets the Angry Birds back on a small green bed and covers him with a small blanket] Good night. [turns off the light and closes the door. The Angry Bird looks at Crazy Bird [Dingo] but it's only its decoy skin.]

Pink Bird: What the? It's only a decoy.

[Just then there's a noise coming from the down stairs kitchen]

[The Angry Birds goes into the kitchen and sees a big green thing behind the fridge eating. Gary slithers over there. It was Crazy Bird with Sleet]

Red Bird: Sleet?! What are you doing here

Sleet: Hello Angry Birds, if you think you can take on Crazy Bird who is actually Dingo, let's see if you can handle an Mutant Nudibranch! (shapeshifts Crazy Bird [Dingo] back to Dingo & then shapeshifts Dingo into a Mutant Nudibranch)
Mutant Nudibranch Dingo

Dingo as a Mutant Nudibranch (Orange instead of Green)

Angry Birds: What the?!

Dingo:  Hello Angry Birds. I'm your mama! RAWWWWWWWWWR!!!!! [sticks out four tongues with large sharp teeth]

Angry Birds: (Screams) RUN!!!!!

[Cut to Rotor who is sleeping. Cut back to the Angry Birds toward the oven. They looks behind, Black Bird grabs a pan, and turns around. Black Bird tries to stop Dingo with the pan. Cut back to SpongeBob who is still sleeping. Cut back to the Angry Birds being chased by Dingo]

Yellow Bird: Watch out! [Dingo chases the Angry Birds into the library. They stop in front of the books, turns around, and sees Dingo who's about to eat them.]

Dingo: Say "Aah".

[The Angry Birds get away quickly as they can and hides behind a pile of books, as Dingo chases the Angry Birds around the pile of books and uses his big tail fin and hits the fireplace where the log is. The Angry Birds gets away quickly as they can and dodges the fire which burns the library all over the place. The Angry Birds growls at Dingo by the fire. Cut back to Rotor who is still sleeping when he sniffs something burning coming from down the stairs]

Rotor: [talking to his sleep] Mmmmm. You're making meatballs, Grandma? Time for dinner already? [Cut back to the Angry Birds, in the bathroom putting out the fire with a pot full of water from the tub. The fire is put out]

Black Bird: Phew. [The Angry Birds sees that Dingo is ruining several of the Heroes' clothing with his big sharp teeth.]

Dingo: These clothes taste delicious. Thanks ['spits out several of the Heroes' SpongeBob's torn clothes]

Big Brother Bird: Stop!

Angry Birds: [runs towards Puffy Fluffy Monster Who's ruining the library books and tries to stop him on the back with their super speed tackles. Dingo looks at Angry Birds trying to stop him with his teeth on his back but he hits them toward the bookshelf]

Pink Bird: Ow! LOOK OUT! [sees Dingo who's about to eat him but the Angry Birds jump over him and runs quickly toward the garage he turn around screams and sees Dingo about to eat them. Cut back to Rotor who is still sleeping and the ceiling is starting to crack and fall. Cut back to the Angry Birds who is chased by Dingo rushing towards the wall]

Angry Birds: CHARGE! [charges at Dingo in the living room.]

Sleet: This does not look good.

(Camera cuts back to the Heroes)

(We see the Heroes are inside the Castle & in the Throne)

Spongebob: Look! (points to the Raido Trasmitter wearing Queen Aleena's Robe & hood) It's here.

Sonic: Wait a Mobius minute, that's the same setup that Mom made to trap Robuttnik! The Radio Transmitter only turns on the Fake Jewel.

Zaktan: What if it's powered by something?

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: Huh?

Twilight Sparkle: Zaktan's right, let's check it out.

Harold: Ok (opens up the Transmitter to reveal that there's a White Prime Chaos Emerald) It's a Chaos Emerald.

Sonia: Mom must've hide the Chaos Emerald to activate the Radio Transmitter & the Fake Jewel.

Tails: Interesting.

Edd: So now we only have 4 Chaos Emeralds left to find.

Timon: Ok, but how do we get pass the Bad Piggies?

Pumbaa: Sonic already tooken care of them all

Timon: Oh yeah

King Pig: (arrives in a constructed vehicle has 8 metal crates, 4 wheels [2 motor wheel at the front & 2 airplane wheels at the back], 2 super hot-rod engines, the crates are 1 x 2 in the front & 2 x 3 in height & depth) (evil grins) Except 1

Reidak: Oh great

Sonia: Since when did Pigs build vehicles?

Amy: That's what I want to know too.

Eddy: Maybe they're perfect for a scam later on that is if they're on our side.

Twilight Sparkle: How did those Green Pigs build that?

Applejack: Who cares? Run!

Sonic: AJ's right. Let's juice, jam & scram!

(The All Star Underground & the Sonic Underground starts running while King Pig starts chasing them in his newly built vehicle)

Spongebob: Whao, that machine's really fast.

Ed, Edd & Eddy: RUN AWAY!

Sonic: No way, we can't shake that pig! (carries Sonia, Manic, Tails, Amy & one half of the All Star Underground)

Spongebob: (carries the other half of the All Star Underground) Then let's do this the hard way.

Sonic & Spongebob: (carries Sonia, Manic, Tails, Amy & the All Star Underground & runs faster in super sonic speed while carrying them)

King Pig: (laughing, snorting) Having fun yet, All Stars? Afterburners! (turns on the afterburners, causing the vehicle to go even faster, catching up to the Heroes)

Sonic: No way!

Spongebob: Wow, that pig's fast! (notices an alley) Dead end.

Sonic: Wait, I have an idea.

Sonic Underground, All Star Underground, Tails & Amy: (hurls through an alley too narrow for the vehicle)

King Pig: (notices the alley that is too narrow) Oh no! (shrieks)

(King Pig & the vehicle gets caught at the other end allowing the heroes escape as the vehicle gets torn to pieces in the process)

King Pig: (dizzy) Gee mom, can't I just sleep for 10 more minutes?

Sonic: Fast, but stupid.

Amy: (giggles) Nice one Sonic.

Geoff: Yeah, I can't imagine what would happen to the Angry Birds, while we're gone.

All Star Underground [minus Rotor & the Angry Birds], Sonic Underground, Tails & Amy: (in shock) THE ANGRY BIRDS! (hurries back to the All Star Mobile HQ)

Edd: Oh dear, they must be in danger!

Ed: Save the chicken!

(Back in the All Star Mobile HQ)

(The Song starts as the Angry Birds makes a bee-line against Sleet & Dingo [who is still a mutant nudibranch], attacking Sleet & Dingo with their super speed tackles, singing like pros)

Red Bird: Try to be best. ‘Cause you’re only a man. And a man’s gotta learn to take it

Yellow Bird: Try to believe. Though the going gets rough. That you gotta hang tough to make it

Blue Bird: History repeats itself. Try and you’ll succeed

White Bird: Never doubt that you’re the one. And you can have your dreams!

Angry Birds: You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down. You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down. You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

Black Bird: Fight ‘til the end. Cause your life will depend. On the strength that you have inside you

Boomerang Bird: Ah you gotta be proud starin’ out in the cloud. When the odds in the game defy you

Orange Bird & Pink Bird: Try your best to win them all and one day time will tell when you’re the one that’s standing there you’ll reach the final bell!

Angry Birds: You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down. You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down. You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ho-how-ho-own


Angry Birds: You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down. You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down. You’re the Best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own

Orange Bird: Fight ‘til you drop

Boomerang Bird: Ever stop

White Bird: Can’t give up

Black Bird: Til you reach the top (Big Brother Bird: FIGHT!)

Blue Bird: You’re the best in town (Big Brother Bird: FIGHT!)

Yellow Bird: Listen to that sound

Pink Bird: A little bit of all you got

Red Bird: Can never bring you down

Angry Birds: You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down. You’re the Best! Around!

(The song begins to fade away after the Angry Birds defeated Sleet & Dingo)

(The Song Ends as Sleet changes Dingo back to normal with his shapeshift remote)

Rotor: (arrives) What's going on here? (notices Sleet & Dingo) Sleet & Dingo?

Sleet: Dingo?

Dingo: Yes?

Sleet: Retreat!

(Sleet & Dingo makes their retreat away from All Star Mobile HQ, not long after the All Star Underground, the Sonic Underground, Tails & Amy arrives)

Reidak: We're here!

Spongebob: What's going on? (notices the Angry Birds are unharmed) Guys are you alright? Are you hurt?

Red Bird: Nope, we're just fine.

Pink Bird: Thanks for asking.

Fluttershy: (sighs in relief) What that a close one. You birdies are so adorable.

Angry Birds: (blushes)

Black Bird: Aw shucks! It was nothing.

Spongebob: We now know that the Angry Birds will be a big help for the resistance. Plus we got this. (holds up the White Prime Chaos Emerald)

Rotor: The chaos emerald!

Sonia: How did mother knew about the Prime versions of the Chaos Emeralds?

Harold: Maybe we can figure it out later. It's night time.

Timon: (yawns) Yeah, it's getting really late.

Pumbaa: Welcome to the All Star Underground, Angry Birds.

Red Bird: Thanks. Anyways, it's a long story on how we defeated Sleet & Dingo. You see it started when...

(As the Angry Birds tell the heroes what happened, Sleet & Dingo heads back to Robotropolis, still feeling banged up after the Angry Birds' super speed tackles)

Sleet: I wonder how we will ever explain this to Dr. Robotnik?

(With Lightrahk, at a dark unknown area)

(We see a dark area with purple thunderstorm clouds in the sky)

Lightrahk: (appears using teleportation) This must be the place.

???: (dark voice) Hello, brother.

Lightrahk: (notices ??? who is actually Darkrahk)

Darkrahk: What took you so long? (laughs evily)

To Be Continued...for now.

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