This is the 29th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Lord Fuse

(Special Guest Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin as the Teenage Purple Hedgehog Mermaid, Michelle Ruff as the Teenage Green Fox Mermaid, Laura Bailey as the Teenage Yellow Echidna Mermaid, Kate Higgins as the Teenage Blue Bat Mermaid, Kathleen Delaney as the Teenage Red Cat Mermaid, Bella Hunson as the Teenage Light Blue Rabbit Mermaid, Karen Strassman as the Teenage White Hawk Mermaid & Kevin Micheal Richardson as Lord Fuse)


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) The Evil Staff is now powerless for the Villains & Pure Devil Xplode is been sealed with the Elements of Harmony thanks to my children & the All Star Underground. But once they sealed Pure Devil Xplode within Xplode, they found one of the 7 Prime Chaos Emeralds which is the Green one. And Tails & Amy Rose are both from the Prime Zone. And they will all soon learn that the guardians of the Prime Chaos Emeralds are they are least expected, especially when a dream of the ultimate enemy would become a warning for my children & the All Stars

[In Planet Mobius in night time, an eerie fog appears, and mysterious singing occurs overnight.]

(A Stranger walks by)

Stranger: Wake up Eds, I know where you came from

(Suddendly it was only a 3-way dream by Ed, Edd & Eddy as they woke up, they accidently bump their heads)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Ya, Ow! YA OW!

Eddy: What the? What are you 2 doing? I had a crazy dream

Edd: Me & Ed had that same dream too

Ed: Wow, we all have the same dream guys.

Edd: Interesting.

Eddy: Come on, let's go to the bridge.

(And so, Ed, Edd & Eddy are walking towards the Bridge of the All Star Mobile HQ, as they walk by, they noticed that no one is here)

Eddy: Hello? Anybody? Where is everybody?

Edd: Maybe they're on to us

Eddy: Nah, besides they would never turn on us

Edd: (notices Ed with his Ice-Cream) Ed? Where'd you get that?

Ed: Go get you own (They both started fighting for the Ice Cream)

Eddy: (growls) WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!?!

(His voice had echoed around the neighborhood, and the camera shows that it is completely deserted.]

Eddy: I don't get it.

Ed: It is simple, Eddy. [He pauses to think of an explanation.] Our new friends entered a wormhole and were spewed into an alternate universe! [Edd and Eddy look at him cynically.] Simple.

Eddy: [grabbing Ed's ice cream] You're simple. Let's check the bridge. [They walk off, but Ed doesn't follow.] Ed. [Ed follows the other two.]

(Later at the Bridge of All Star Mobile HQ)

Eddy: [at someone's door] We'll get to the bottom of this. Hmm? (notices Lightrahk) There's Lightrahk

Edd: You must be up very early to find the other 6 Chaos Emeralds

Lightrahk: A watchful eye never sleeps. As long as Robotnik, Plankton, Darkrahk & their empires are about, no one is safe.

Ed: Where did everybody go?

Lightrahk: They're on the top deck, doing some training

Edd: Thank you Lightrahk

Eddy: Come on, let's go!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (goes off to the top deck of All Star Mobile HQ, by going upstairs)

(They Arrived at the deck, but no one was here, except a villain that the 3 Eds are familliar with & scared of)
Lord Fuse

Lord Fuse

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (got scared by a familliar villain) LORD FUSE!

Lord Fuse: (now has 2 long & muscled legs) Well, well, well, if it isn't Ed, Edd & Eddy. Long time, no see.

Eddy: What are you doing here?!

Edd: We thought you we're banised

Lord Fuse: Only to return for World Domination in the Multiverse & recreate it, in my image! (charges at the 3 Eds)

Eddy: Quick Ed, use the Batter-Ed! (grabs Ed by the sides)

Edd: (grabs Eddy by the sides)

Ed: (charges at Lord Fuse, while chopping his arms at Lord Fuse)

Lord Fuse: (grabs the 3 Eds by the throat & throws them away)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (crashes into a pile of trash upon renewal) YA, AH! YA, AH!

Lord Fuse: So be it. (Cuts a rope holding a heavy crate)

(But before it could fall on the 3 Eds the All Star Warrior appears, wearing a Karate Outfit & a Golden Ninja Mask, lifting the box and throwing it overboard)

Eddy: (gasps) It's the All Star Warrior!

Edd: The Legend is true!

Ed: Ah, it's preaty big!

All Star Warrior & Lord Fuse: (fights each other, but the All Star Warrior dodges Lord Fuse's attacks every time)

All Star Warrior: (finally uses a move uses a Hadouken to finish Lord Fuse & the blast blew Lord Fuse overboard & off the cliff)

Lord Fuse: (screams as he falls) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Ed: Yay!

All Star Warrior: (has an attribute for each of the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground & his eyes are covered in Flames & he is covered in Aura)

Eddy: What's going on?

Edd: Who is this amazing warrior?

Ed: Hello my name is Ed?


(Then the entire deck is covered with hundreds more of All Star Warriors)

(Suddendly Ed, Edd & Eddy then awakens again from their 3-way dream once again, hitting their heads like he did in their dream.)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Ow!

Ed: Ed is hurt.

Vezok: (splashes a bucket of water at the 3 Eds, trying to snap them out) I told you that would wake them up.

Spongebob: Are you ok? You had some dream.

Eddy: Yeah I guess we did & Vezok? THANKS TO YOU, NOW I'M WET!

Vezok: Sorry.

Zaktan: Say, has anyone seen my Alarm Clock?

Spongebob: Nope. Sorry.

Amy: I think we're being robbed

Squidward: AAAAAAHHH!!!! She's gone! My clarinet has gone missing!

Tails: That's strange indeed.

Patrick: AAAAAAHHH!!!! My cuff links! They're missing! Oh, why? Why? [sobbing]

SpongeBob: I hope this doesn't mean that we're missing the one thing that's nearest and dearest to our heart.

Squidward: Nope, I'm right here.

Sonic Underground & All Star Underground: Freedom Fighter HQ!

Spongebob: We gotta hurry!

Sonic: Right, let's juice!

(They all rushed out except Lightrahk, who is meditating & is reading Ed's, Edd's & Eddy's Dream about the All Star Warrior & Lord Fuse)

Lightrahk: (remembers Lord Fuse in the 3 Ed's Dream) (opens his eyes in shock) Oh no. Lord Fuse.


(Lightrahk is 15 Years Old & Darkrahk is 16 years old, meaning that Darkrahk is a year older than Lightrahk & the 2 brothers are training together, until they both notice dark red storm clouds emerging from the skies)

Lightrahk: What is happening?

Darkrahk: I don't know, but this might be bad.

YinYangrahk: (notices the red storm clouds) Lord Fuse is back.

Lord Fuse: (arrives in his Green Fused Space ship & comes out of it & stops in front of YinYangrahk) Yingrahk, I'm here to control the Multiverse by taking you down myself! (unleashes his 2 Swords)

YinYangrahk: Not when I'm around (unleashes his Rahkshi Staff which is White on one end & Black on the other end) It's over.

Lord Fuse: So be it.

YinYangrahk: Lightrahk, Darkrahk, no matter what happens, I love you my sons. (charges at Lord Fuse)

Lord Fuse: (charges at YinYangrahk)

(The Battle begins with YinYangrahk & Lord Fuse fighting each other with their weapons, but Lord Fuse seems to be winning & beating the heck out of YinYangrahk with his strong bare fists)

YinYangrahk: (falls to the ground, feeling weak)

Lightrahk: (gasps)

Darkrahk: Father.

Lord Fuse: (evil laughter) Your not worthy of becoming the Sacred Circle Master & don't worry, I'll take good care of your 2 sons by becoming our fused slaves of Planet Fusion, FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!!!

Lightrahk: NOOO! (Stabs at Lord Fuse in the Chest with his Rahkshi Staff of Light)

Lord Fuse: (felt the stab very painfully) GAAAH!!! What is this?!

Lightrahk: Brother, now!

Darkrahk: (does the same thing like his Younger Brother did to Lord Fuse, only with his Rahkshi Staff of Darkness)

Lord Fuse: (felt the same result) NO! How did you...?!

Darkrahk: That's because....

Lightrahk: We're brothers!

Lightrahk & Darkrahk: AND BROTHERS STICK TOGETHER! UNITY! DUTY! DESTINY! (fires a Light & Dark Laser Beams & their Beams have fused into a familiar YinYang laser beam like YinYangrahk's beam, only larger, stronger & faster)

Lord Fuse: (Felt the blast) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (got blown away back into his Space Ship) CURSE YOU LIGHTRAHK & DARKRAHK! I'LL BE BACK! (flys away, while feeling sharp pains from Lightrahk & Darkrahk)

Lightrahk: Get out & stay out!

Darkrahk: (checking on YinYangrahk) Brother, our father is critically damaged.

Lightrahk: Oh no! (goes up to YinYangrahk) Are you ok, father?

YinYangrahk: (weakly) I'm ok. Well done my sons, you have defeated Lord Fuse for now, but he'll be back for more. I believe he had damaged my body & my soul. Your now onto the next stage of becoming Sacred Circle Masters & I can only give you my powers of Yin & Yang because I love you. (donates his Yin powers to Darkrahk & his Yang powers to Lightrahk) Farewell (dies & slowly dissolves into white stardust & floats away)

Lightrahk: No, father! Don't die! Please! NOO!

Darkrahk: It's ok, brother. Our father isn't the team anymore, we are. This was our Father's time. Our Father's Time But with our father being dead, now it's our time. Our time. I know it's a setback, but that doesn't mean we get to train harder.

Lightrahk: (suddendly smiles a bit, but still sad) Huh?

Darkrahk: It's our turn cause the fate of the Multiverse rests in our hands in the Nexus. Are we gonna protect the Multiverse from evil doers?

Lightrahk: (smiles normally) Yeah.

Darkrahk: And are we gonna protect the Multiverse for our father?

Lightrahk: Yeah!

Darkrahk: We'll do it together as a team.

Lightrahk: And we'll share our duties...

Lightrahk & Darkrahk: 50/50!

Lightrahk: Are you happy?

Darkrahk: Are you happy?

Lightrahk & Darkrahk: No! Deal! (Shakes each other's hand)

(End of Flashback)

Lightrahk: (a tear drips down from one of his eyes & then writes a note & then he chants...) Zip zam, bam boom bam, telelport me, using a hologram. (teleports away)

(We see that the note says "To the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground, I saw Ed, Edd & Eddy's Dream about Lord Fuse's return. I am going to where the road takes me to see my older brother for some help on stopping Lord Fuse from returning to the Underground Zone of Sonic for revenge. Good luck, cause your on your own for now. You may not see me for a while, sorry for letting you down. Lightrahk")

(Camera cuts to Freedom Fighters HQ)

Spongebob: Pheww.

Squidward: [moans]

SpongeBob: Reporting to duty, Mr. Krabs! (notices that Mr. Krabs has gone missing) Mr. Krabs? Mr. Krabs? Mr. Krabs? Mr. Krabs? Mr. Krabs?

Sonic: (notices that Cyrus is gone) Cyrus? Where is he?

Reidak: (notices Rolf) Rolf? Have you seen Mr. Krabs & Cyrus?

Rolf: How should I know, strong & tough Piraka Man. I haven't seen Loyalty Lion Cyrus boy or Cheep-Skape Crabby Krabs anywhere.

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs is missing?

Sonic: So is Cyrus

Squidward: I'm missing my clarinet.

Zaktan: ...and my Alarm clock.

Owen: ...and my food stash.

Xplode: ...and our ammo

Sonia: (notices that Sonic's, Manic's & her medallions are missing) And our medallions!

Sonic: Oh major yip!

Patrick: Has anyone seen my cuff links?!

Sailor: [laughing] So, you lost your cuff links, aye? They're probably in the Mobius Triangle.

SpongeBob, Sonic, Sonia & Manic: The Mobius Triangle?

Sailor: That's right. First, an eerie fog blows in, [makes noises with tongue] then, you can here the hypnotic song of the mermaids. [makes the noise again] And then, poof. Your cuff links are gone. Never to return... [he dissapears. laughs]

SpongeBob: The triangle must've taken Mr. Krabs.

Owen: And Cyrus! We gotta find him!

Squidward: Maybe Mr. Krabs is doing his morning dumpster dive for loose change.

Lindsay: Ew.

Ezekiel: I like a good dumpster dive.

[They went outside to find Mr. Krabs & Cyrus]

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs? Cyrus , are you two out here?

Meltdown: I haven't seen them

[An eerie fog appears and the mermaids begin singing]

Squidward: Oh no, is that a mermaid song?

SpongeBob: No, just a thick eerie fog.

Jetbug: Oh boy

[A spotlight appears on the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground]

Gwen: Not good.

Thunder: Party's over.

Squidward, Owen & Noah: Uh Oh!!

[The Sonic Underground & All Star Underground scream and get pulled into the Mobius Triangle]



(They're we're inside a Giant Vaccum & everyone emerges from all of the objects, but no sign of Squidward)

Harold: Is everyone ok?

Spongebob: Yeah, we're ok.

Kitty: Is everyone here?

Dudley: Wait, where's Squidward?

[Squidward shows up in a gumball machine]

Fluttershy: Oh my, are you ok, Squidward?

Nitroblast: Come on, Squidward, stop messing around. We've gotta find Mr. Kra-

Spongebob: Hey, gumballs! [He chews one and blows a bubble].

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! I love gumballs! (she chews one & blows a bubble) Hmm Yummy!

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) (notices an opening of the Giant Vaccum) Hey guys, I've found a way out.

Gwen: Get me outta here! I'm afraid of close spaces! (gets out first, causing loads of stuff to fall out of the Giant Vaccum through the way out along with the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground)

Eddy: This is the Mobius Triangle?

(The camera zooms out to see the full view of the Mobius Triangle, which is a large island & it's filled with loads of stuff that has been taken by the curse of the Mobius Triangle)

Squidward: Looks more like a dump.

Sonic: Whatever this is, we gotta find our Medallions.

Spongebob: We still have our Prime Chaos Emerald (holds out a Green Prime Chaos Emerald) But still we've gotta find Mr. Krabs & Cyrus. The Freedom Fighters needs them. Cyrus? Mr. Krabs? [Ed bumps into Squidward, making him trip, roll down on the pile of trash and bumps into SpongeBob] Squidward, this is no time for seahorseplay!

Squidward: Oh, my neck.

Ed: Oops.

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs!

Sonic: Yo Cyrus!

Spongebob: Mr. Kraaaaaabbbbbsssss!

Eva: Would you shut it already?!

Squidward: Am I the only one who said that?

SpongeBob: Oh, Squidward, Mr. Krabs is gone. I can't take it much longer! Oh, it hurts so bad! I can't take it much longer! I hope he's not in too much pain...where ever he is.

Squidward: Oh, I think Cyrus is doing just fine.

Cyrus: *on a rock, cracking a coconut) Hey guys

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: Cyrus!

Manic: It's so good to see you again

Cyrus: It's great to see you guys. The Mobius Triangle is a very dangerous island

Edd: Have you seen Mr. Krabs?

Cyrus: Oh, he's doing fine.

[Shows Mr. Krabs (who is now back to normal & can breathe in water & air) getting a massage by a Mobian Bull]

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs! You've gotta get up. We gotta get out of here.

Courtney: He's right, we have no time to lose.

Mr. Krabs: Ohh, Okay, I think I'm good.

Mobian Bull: Remember to drink plenty of fluids.

Mr. Krabs: (gets up from the massaging table) Look, Sonic & All Star Undergrounds, you see all this stuff, including you and me, are brought here when the mermaids sing their beautiful song, the mermaids' song triggers this here contraption, to suck this pile like a vacuum. Dumpin' all the contents here on this island, that is how we ended up surrounded. With all this valuable and resellable stuff!

Squidward: Please don't tell me your starting that again.

Mr. Krabs: What do you expect? I love money. [Mermaids begin singing, again] Oh, Yippee! Another shipment! Free stuff, here I- come? [The Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground and Mr. Krabs scream as they are chased by a pile of items] Pretty neat, aye, boy?

Kitty: Wait, where's....

[Mr. Krabs pulls out Patrick]

SpongeBob: Patrick!

Kitty: (not impressed) Nevermind.

Patrick: Have you found my cuff links?

SpongeBob: No.

Sonia: And no Medallions.

Mr. Krabs: You mean these? (pulls out the 3 Medallions out of his pocket) I thought those we're shaped diamonds that I found during the last pile of items shows up.

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (grabs their Medallions) Wow!

Sonic: We've got our Medallions back.

Reidak: That's great. Now, how do we get back?

Harold: Uh guys? Didn't that sailor said that once the items is taken to the Triangle, never to return?

Xplode: Yeah?

Harold: Since we're on an Island, we can't go back!

All: (gasps)

Rarity: (faints)


Gwen: What do you mean we can't go back!? We need to build a raft & float out to saftey.

Duncan: Well since we're strandard, then we need to stay put.

Gwen & Duncan: (argues with each other with Gwen saying that they need to build a raft & Duncan saying that they need to stay put)

Twilight Sparkle: Guys, there's no time to argue. We gotta find a way out of this island.

Vezok: Anybody got any ideas?

Heather: How should I know, why don't you ask the leeches?

(Heather lifts up her arm to reveal it is covered in leeches, screams and shakes them off)

Avak: You know, this is so ridiculous, it's almost funny.

Owen: (curling up to a ball, rocking back & forth) Okay. Going to my happy place. I'm in a doughnut shop. There's an all-you-can-eat-for-a-dollar sale on. Unlimited chocolate milk.

Eddy: Yep, Owen lost it.

Thok: Should we go find some coconuts & fruit or something before we get out of this island?

Reidak: Ok.

Manic: At least that we're gonna find something to eat.

Twilight Sparkle: [stomach grumbles] [laughs nervously] Eh, I guess we better get some food.

Spongebob: Ok then.

Owen: (notices a Coconut Tree) Coconuts! (gets up & goes up to the Coconut Tree)

Duncan: I'll go find somewhere peace & quiet, cause I'd rather find a place to sleep. And another thing, Duncan's do not sing. (goes off)

Sonia: Hey, wait a minute! Where are you doing?

Duncan: I'll come back when you found a way out, cause I'm finding my own food. And I told you, Duncan's do not sing.

Sonic: (sighs) Guys? Are you thinkin, what I'm thinking?

Spongebob: Yes I am. Let's change Duncan's Mind.

(The Song begins as Duncan makes a run for it)

Sonic Underground & All Star Underground (Except Duncan): No one, no one is an island

No one, no one stands alone

(Duncan hides behind a tree, only to find the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground are right behind him)

No one, no one is an island

No one, no one’s on their own

(Duncan runs off again)

Sooner or later you will understand

When you help others you are helping yourself

You've got to learn to lend a helping hand

(Duncan looks around to see that no one is in sight, making Duncan sigh in relief, until he felt something under his feet & he looks down to see that the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground are emerging from the ground on top of each other's shoulders, making Duncan jumps off of everyone & runs off)

Learn to take help when it comes from someone else

Whoa... ‘cause

(Duncan founds a log to sit on & sits down, then he hears the song again coming from inside the log, making Duncan looks through the log, only to find everyone inside the log)

No one, no one is an island

No one

No one, no one stands alone

Nobody stands alone

(Duncan tries to get away, but the Sonic & All Star Undergrounds surrounds him, continuing their Song)

No one, no one is an island

No one is an island

No one, no one’s on their own

Nobody’s on their own

No one, no one is an island

No one, no one stands alone

(As the Song Ends, Duncan finally gives up)

Duncan: Alright alright, I give up! As long as you guys stop!

Sonic: I knew you couldn't resist a song.

Ezekiel: Even the Mermaids, eh?

SpongeBob: That's it! Ezekiel just gave me an idea.

Noah: Wait, what?

Spongebob: We'll just find the mysterious singing mermaids and ask them how to get out of here!

Justin: That might be crazy enough to work

[The Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground are climbing a large hill]

Patrick: Ah, riding by piggy-back is exhausting.

SpongeBob: You're telling me. [falls]

Patrick: Whoa.

Vezok: What is it?

Patrick: Look (points to the 7 Mermaids)

(The Camera shows 7 Teenage Mermaids which are a Purple Hedgehog Mermaid, a Teenage Green Fox Mermaid, a Teenage Yellow Echidna Mermaid, a Teenage Blue Bat Mermaid, a Teenage Red Cat Mermaid, a Teenage Light Blue Rabbit Mermaid & a Teenage White Hawk Mermaid & they all have symbol of a Chaos Emerald on their Mermaid Tails)

Justin: They're the most beautiful mermaids I've ever seen.

Hakann: Your telling me.

Blue Bat Mermaid: I love this mirror girls, but it is soo ten minutes ago.

Yellow Echidna Mermaid: Like, I couldn't agree with you more...

Green Fox Mermaid: Yeah like all this stuff is old news.

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: Shall we ladies?

All Mermaids: [clear throats. begin singing, but stops when Patrick interupts]

Patrick: Ah, excuse me, hi.

Red Cat Mermaid: Umm, can I help you?

Patrick: [laughs and waves]

SpongeBob: Yes mermaid ladies, you actually can help us.

Patrick: [laughs as he shakes his heads left to right] Yeah...

SpongeBob: (stops Patrick's Head) Yeah, we'd like to know how to get out of here, please.

Harold: It would be very nice if you do.

Light Blue Rabbit Mermaid: Like, this is the Mobius Triangle, nothin ever leaves. Duh.

Reidak: Aw what?!

SpongeBob: Uhh, are you sure?

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: Look, little freakazoids, we only know one thing, and that's how to surround ourself with cool new stuff whenever we feel like it, anything beyond that is T.N.O.P.

SpongeBob: T.N.O.P?

White Hawk Mermaid: Uh, yeah. You know, Totally Not Our Problem.

SpongeBob: Oh, T.N.O.P!

Rotor: I guess that T.N.O.P. is for short.

Spongebob: Okay, well thanks anyway, come on guys, let's go. Patrick? Ezekiel? Vezok?

Tails: Where'd they go?

Patrick: (with Ezekiel & Vezok) [laughs] You go ahead Guys. I think I'm gonna hang with the ladies a bit. (laughs)

Ezekiel: Me too (chuckles)

Vezok: So am I (laughs)

Amy: Seriously?

Sonia: Oh brother. (Notices the Chaos Emerald symbols, one each on the Mermaid's Tail Fins) Huh? Hmm...

[Cuts to Mr. Krabs using a metal detector]

Mr. Krabs: Come on... [finds a quarter] Ah ha, playing hard to get, weren't you little one?

Quarter: Little one? How dare you, sir!

Cyrus: (sighs) (notices everyone coming back, except Patrick, Vezok & Ezekiel) Ahh, your back. Where are Patrick, Vezok & Ezekiel?

SpongeBob: I'm back, Unfortunately, I was unable to get the information from the...ahhh [passes out]

Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob? (runs up to Spongebob, but comes back to put his quarter he found in his pocket & then goes up to Spongebob) SpongeBob, boy-o! SpongeBob can you hear me?

Manic: Should we help?

Squidward: He looks fine to me.

Manic: I don't think so. He might be very tired.

Mr. Krabs: What's the matter, boy-o? [gasps as he notices the Krabby Patty Meter on his back is empty] You're Krabby Patty meter is on empty!

Tyler: He has a Krabby Patty Meter?

Mr. Krabs: We've got to get a Krabby Patty into you quick or-

Heather: Or nothing!

Edd: But Heather, we betta give Spongebob some rest, A.S.A.P.!

Eddy: Get a grip, we need to find this Krabby Patty.

Sonia: But how?

[the mermaids sing again]

Mr. Krabs: (notices the Giant Vaccum Cleaner) Please great vacuum cleaner, please just give us just one little- [the Giant Vaccum Cleaner releases another large batch of items, including Rolf & Mindy]

Zaktan: Rolf & Mindy? What are you two doing here?

Rolf: Freedom Fighter Fancy Pants Mindy & Rolf have come to rescue you from the terrors of the Mobius Triangle from you are in now.

Corroder: That's nice of you to do that.

Thunder: But where's the Krabby Patty?

Sonia: [notices a Krabby Patty at the top of the pile. gasps] ...there's a krabby patty. I'll get it (climbs up to the top of the pile, grabs the Krabby Patty & comes back down with Rolf & Mindy) Here you go, Spongebob. [puts the patty into SpongeBob's mouth]

Amy: I hope this works.

SpongeBob: (eats it & then jumps up high in the air as Yellow Streaks of light & then lands on both feet) Oh, yeah!! Wow, guys, that was the single best Krabby Patty I've ever eaten.

Sonia: Why, thank you, Spongebob. I'm glad you-

Mr. Krabs: (suddendly interrupts) Wait a minute, I didn't make that Krabby Patty, and Sonia & Spongebob didn't make that Krabby Patty, and those guys couldn't have made it, so it must have been that rotten pipsqueak Plankton!

Sonia: So that would mean that Robotnik notices that we're absent from our Mobile Base & the Van.

Mr. Krabs: I've gotta stop that poor excuse for a life form from- So, how do we get out of here?

SpongeBob: Well, sir, based on what the mermaids told me, there urr... there is no way out.

Sonic: Yeah what he said.

Mr. Krabs: Oh really? Well, I think you don't know who to talk to the ladies.

SpongeBob: Well, sir, I-

Mr. Krabs: Look, boy, I've got a way with the ladies.

Edd: Yeah, but...

Mr. Krabs: And I guarantee the old Krabs charm, will have them telling us exactly how to get out of here.

LeShawna: Oh give me a break.

Courtney: This is never gonna work

(Camera cuts to the Mermaids)

Courtney: Told you.

Mr. Krabs: So there's really no way out of this place? I really need to get back to the All Star HQ to stop my arch-nemesis from ruining my business.

Sonic: And taking over Mobius

Spongebob: Robotnik & Darkrahk might be doing the same thing.

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: (To Mr. Krabs) T.N.O.P, Grandpa.

Mr. Krabs: T.N.O.P?

SpongeBob: Totally Not Our Problem.

White Hawk Mermaid: Oh, and P.S, here's you creepy friends back.

[They throw Patrick, Vezok & Ezekiel and he lands on Mr. Krabs]

Mr. Krabs: Oooh! My back!

Vezok: Hi guys.

Ezekiel: Heyo.

Lindsay: (sighs) Guys, when can we go to the mall? I love the mall

Squidward: Don't you get it Lindsay, there's no shopping malls on this island. Not even a single one.

Beth: Sorry Lindsay.

Lindsay: (looks shocked & screams) Noooo!

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: Like, what's a mall?

Lindsay: Wait what? You seriously don't know what a mall is?

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: I am seriously, serious.

Lindsay: Well, the mall is only like the most awesome place to get the best, super-coolish, glittershly fabulous new stuff you want!

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: Really?

Red Cat Mermaid & Blue Bat Mermaid: No way!

Green Fox Hedgehog Mermaid, Yellow Echidna Mermaid, Light Blue Rabbit Mermaid & White Hawk Mermaid: We want to go to the mall!

Mr. Krabs: Oh do you?

All Mermaids: Ah, huh!

Heather: Alright, you can go.

Sonia: But first, I need to ask a question first.

All: Huh?

Sonia: Why are those Chaos Emerald Symbols on your tail-fins?

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: Oh these. Those symbols meaning that we're guardians of the 7 Prime Chaos Emeralds, duh.

All (except Sonia & the Mermaids): (gasps)

Sonia: I knew it.

Duncan: Of course you do, seriously what's that all about?

Sonia: Before we left, I noticed the symbols on the mermaids' tail fins. And I remember "Symbol Translation" in School.

Alejandro: Fantastico.

Vezok: So?

Sonia: So those Symbols are shaped of Chaos Emeralds, that means that those Mermaids are the guardians of the Prime Chaos Emeralds.

All (except Sonia, the Mermaids & Ed): (gasps)

Ed: (thinking, but then surprized) Hey!

Eddy: (hears Ed said "Hey!" very loudly, making himself jump up in surprize & fell on his head, like he was upside down) I'm hurt now.

Light Blue Rabbit Mermaid: Like, our fathers have guarding these Prime Chaos Emeralds for centuries.

White Hawk Mermaid: That is, until he came & killed our fathers

Sonic: (gasps) Who came?

Red Cat Mermaid: Duh, it's Lord Fuse, that's who. He's the guy that killed our fathers!

All: LORD FUSE?!?!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (looks shocked as they remembered Lord Fuse in their dreams) (gulps)

Spongebob: How did you know Lord Fuse?

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: We'll tell you the whole story. It all started when....

(As the 7 Teenage Mermaids tell their story about their encounter with Lord Fuse, the 3 Eds takes a few steps back for privacy & the 3 Eds huddled up)

Eddy: How do they even know about Lord Fuse?

Edd: Eddy, do you think it's time that we should tell them about our dream that we had this morning?

Eddy: Maybe later. Right now we gotta keep this a secret.

Edd: But Eddy, they may find this infomation useful.

Eddy: Not if everyone else finds out.

Ed: Lord Fuse bad for Ed!

Edd: Please Eddy?

(Short silence)

Eddy: Fine, we'll tell them...once we all get back, got it?

Edd: I knew you can't resist some guiltiness within yourself Eddy

Eddy: Don't get sappy with me, sockhead & let's go. And break!

(The 3 Eds taps each others shoulder sounding like a clap & then comes closer to the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground right after the story is done)

Spongebob: (to the 7 Mermaids) I see now, Lord Fuse actually killed your fathers in order to get to the Prime Chaos Emeralds, but suddendly you've scattered all of the 7 Prime Chaos Emeralds except one in order to stop Lord Fuse from using all 7 Chaos Emeralds.

Tails: Then that means that this Lord Fuse needed all of the Prime Chaos Emeralds....

Amy: For World Domination & that means....

Tails & Amy: We need to collect all 7 Prime Chaos Emeralds!

Sonic: And there's the Prime Version of me?! He's the Original Sonic?! How did all of this happen?

Spongebob: I believe it has something to do with these Cops called the "Zone Cops"

Alejandro: Guess that makes sence.

Sierra: So how do we suppose that we get off this Island? Wait, I got it. Maybe we can huddle each other for warmth.

Noah: (suddendly imitates Sierra) And all we have to do is to we just hit the magic reverse button on the giant vacuum cleaner, so that we all can get out of this island. That'll impress Cody.

Owen: (suddendly squirts milk out of his nose from laughter)

Reidak: (covered in milk) Dude, Gross!

Owen: Did I get some of my nose milkshake on you? Sorry. It's the only thing that really cools off a snoot full of Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers. (eats peppers) Mmm. (gulp) Hot... Hot... Hot... Milk! (guzzles down milk carton)

SpongeBob: That's it Noah! It's the mermaids!

Noah: It sure is...wait what?

SpongeBob: Noah just gave me an Idea. The reverse switch is the mermaids, they just need to sing their song, backwards.

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: Yeah! Backwards! But first... (pulls out a Purple Prime Chaos Emerald) We've managed to save mine after we've scattered the Prime Chaos Emeralds into the Underground Zone, thinking that Lord Fuse might've lost. Here you go. You may need it (gives the Purple Prime Chaos Emerald to Spongebob)

Spongebob: Thanks Mrs. Mermaid

Purple Hedgehog Mermaid: Your welcome Spongebob, that's what Guardians are for. (to the other Mermaids) Shall we, Ladies?

[All Mermaids clear throats and sing backwards]

Noah: Look, I was only kidding. I just wanna mess with Sierra's head. How can my sudden theory can possibly...?

Everybody: WOOOOAAAHH! [ground shaking. The vacuum cleaner sucks in everything on the island and transports them back in front of All Star HQ]

Rolf: (emerges from the pile of items) The Mobius Triangle had freed us because of it's kindness like the godfather of the son of the sherperd!

Lindsay: Yay! We're back! (puts the Mermaids inside a Giant Mobile Swimming Tank) You ready for the mall, girls?

All Mermaids: Yeah! The mall! The mall! The mall! The mall!

Lindsay: (pushes the Giant Mobile Swimming Tank)

Squidward: Hello, miserable life, I'm back.

[Some Mobians come to the pile]

Old White Mobian: My dentures!

Green Mobian: (notices the Mobian Bull from before) T-Bone! You're alive!

LeShawna: His name is T-Bone?

Cody: Heh, who knew?

Jonny 2x4: (back to normal with Plank who is also back to normal) Guys your back! (listens to Plank) What's that, Plank? Plank says "Welcome back, Freedom Fighters. It's been a long time."

Owen: Thanks

SpongeBob: Isn't that great, Freedom Fighters? Everyone is reclaiming their stuff & we're back home in All Star HQ. All thanks to Noah's Theory.

Noah: I said this was only a joke.

All Star Underground & Sonic Underground: (chanting "Noah")

Noah: Uhhh, this is getting a little arkward.

Mindy: We're back, but still I hope my father is ok

Sonia: I hope so too Mindy.

[Mr. Krabs walks away]

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs?

Mr. Krabs: (goes inside of All Star HQ) Speaking of re-claiming... alright Plankton, I know what you're up to but, the jigs up you little conniving pipsqueak!

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (follows Mr. Krabs)

Manic: Alright Ro'butt'nik, it's time that your reign ends here.

Sonia: You may have roboticized the people of mobius, but no one roboticizes our foster family.

Sonic: It's over Ro'butt'nik. Your going down, man. BIG TIME!

Sonic, Sonia, Manic & Mr. Krabs: (enters the bridge of the Mobile Base & notices that it's not Robotnik or Plankton) Huh?

[The sailor from the beginning is cooking at the grill]

Sailor: Actually the name's Charles. Figured I'd hold down the fort, for ya' while you were gone.

Mr. Krabs: So, you've been the one making me Krabby Patties?

Sailor: Yep. All me. Oh, and by the way, you've got a little vermin problem. (shows everyone, the villains who we're all trapped inside a Giant Glass Jar)

Plankton: [in glass jar with all of the other villains] Vermin? You take that back!

Dr. Robotnik: (in glass jar also) And get us outta here, right now!

Sailor: They're feisty ones, aren't they?

Spongebob: They sure are.

Patrick: Hey! I found my cuff links! [puts them in & we see that Patrick is wearing his Tuxedo] That's better. Good day, gentlemen.

[Patrick goes up to the Piraka]

Patrick: My room, please?

Zaktan: Ok Patrick.

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (carries Patrick to his Room)

SpongeBob: Patrick! You forgot your cummerbun!

Duncan: (facepalms)

Rolf: (looks around) Where are the Ed boys?

(With Ed, Edd & Eddy)

Edd: What are we waiting for Eddy? Should we go ask them

Eddy: I said later, ok?

Edd: That's not what I haven't mind. You said that once we're off the Mobius Triangle. Your gonna ask them about our dream.

Eddy: And I said "later" before, did I?

Ed: Hey guys. I found something. It's a piece of paper with scribbles on them.

Edd: That is commonly known as a note.

Eddy: Let me see (snatches the note) And it's from Lightrahk.

Edd: (reads the note from Lightrahk & is in shock) Oh my. Lightrahk is gone to find his brother.

Eddy: What?!

Ed: Oh no. Where could Lightrahk gone to guys?

Edd: I don't know Ed, but I have a feeling that we're responsible for our dreams.

(With Lightrahk)

Lightrahk: (on top of the tip of the mountain) Lord Fuse, you will be defeated, once & for all. (dissapears into thin air)

The End