This is the 27th Episode of the Sonic Underground: Crossover.

Character Debuts: Timon, Pumbaa, Discord, Darkrahk & Pythor

(Special Guest Star: Mark Oliver as Darkrahk)


Queen Aleena: The battle of the Devil's Orb continues, but they noticed that once too much greed, it would cost them a chance & cause a Ressurection to a new villain that is familliar to the Ponies.

(Back at Ponyville)

(A Dark Purple Portal appears out of nowhere & coming out of it is a Rahkshi that has a Dark Purple Body & Black Limbs & has a Rahkshi Staff that has Dark Lightning shaped Blades & his name is Darkrahk)

Darkrahk: Finally, I am free from the Underworld. (looks around) What is this wretched place? (notices a sign) Ponyville? So the Multiverse does exist. I need some help to stop my brother, but who? (notices the Statue of Discord) What is this? (looks around & notices the Statue's Handwriting that says...) "Discord is the mischievious spirit of disharmony." (gets an idea) That's it. Lightrahk, today it's time that I met your match!

(Darkrahk uses his Dark Lightning Rahkshi Staff on the Statue to free Discord from his stony prison, while the other Pony citizens watched in horror)

Darkrahk: (notices the Pony citizens) What are you all looking at?! Can't you see I'm releasing a dangerous beast so I can get revenge.

(The Pony Citizens runs off, screaming as a crack appears on the Statue)

Darkrahk: Rise, Discord. Rise up & destroy anyone that gets in my way!

(The Statue of Discord cracks even more & we can hear evil laughter coming from the statue, echoing throughout the land)

Darkrahk: (smirks evily)

(On Planet Mobius)

(At the Beaver Dam on the River)

Timon & Pumbaa: (comes out of the portal & then starts walking together)

Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata. We sure take it easy, right Timon?

Timon: That's right, no worries, no responsibility & not a cloud in the sky.

Dr. Robotnik: (falls in the Beaver Dam head first & got stuck head first in beaver dam) Noooo! No! That was the Devil's Orb, you stupid beavers! (The beavers start beating on Robotnik's head)

Timon: Say, we're not gonna let some bad guy spoil our day, are we?

Pumbaa: Nope

(Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie appears & witnessed Robotnik's Misfortune)

Spongebob: Oooh, that's gotta hurt.

Applejack: Do you think we should help Robotnik? He is the one that is the bad guy on Mobius (a brief pause and all except Fluttershy laugh)

Rainbow Dash: (as they run off) That's a good one, Applejack

Fluttershy: He could seriously get hurt though.

Rarity: You know that Robotnik is a villain

Twilight Sparkle: Look! (points to the Devil's Orb floating down stream) It's the orb! We've found it.

Pinkie Pie: And it's floating down stream, do you think it's a boat?

Spongebob: Let's go after it !

Timon: Who are those guys?

Pumbaa: I'm not sure.

Timon: Let's go find out.

(With Sonic, Sonia & Manic)

Sonic: It's not on the Velocitree

Sonia: Someone must've grabbed it.

Manic: We don't know who got it

The Piraka: (appears)

Zaktan: Devil's Orb, where are you?

Sonic: Someone must've got the Devil's Orb

Sonia: But who?

Reidak: Whoever it is, I'm thristy.

Sonic: Please don't drink the Sonic Tonic.

Avak: Why not?

Sonia: You don't wanna know

Vezok: (notices the smell) Smell's like someone had tooken a dip in the Sonic Tonic. And it smells like..."Red Jumpsuit" and...

Dudley: (suddendly appears with Kitty) Red Headbands!

Kitty: I believe I know. It had to be...

Sonic: Tyler!

(With Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler)

Owen: (comes out of the outhouse) (sighs) Much better now.

Tyler: Alright then, let's go! (runs in super sonic speed leaving Red Streaks of Light behind him, due to Tyler fell into the Sonic Tonic) Hey! How do I stop?!

DJ: Whao, how did Tyler do that?

Cody: I don't know.

Owen: Maybe he ate something healthy or something

Cody: Then we have to go get him

Owen: Right.

Owen, DJ & Cody: (goes after Tyler)

(With Katie, Sadie & Justin)

Justin: (walking)

Katie & Sadie: (following Justin)

Katie: (to Sadie) You don't think Justin goes number two, do you?

Sadie: Of course not! He's always number one.

Katie: Oh my gosh, me too.

Sadie: Oh boy, we really like Justin.

Katie: Yeah, I really like his face, his body & even his knees

Sadie: I really adore his knees

Katie: He does have great knees.

(Then Justin begins to be mad after all that talking from Katie & Sadie)

Sadie: Like oh my gosh, I think so too.

Justin: OK, YOU KNOW WHAT?! (calms down) Maybe if you two wait here & wait for someone to come & when you've found the Devil's Orb, come & get me. Ok?

Katie & Sadie: (nods) Ok!

Justin: Ok then. (runs off)

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio: (notices Justin)

Xplode: Justin? What are you doing here?

Justin: I... Am going... To lose it! Seriously, If I have to hang around these two girls for much longer, I'll throw myself off a cliff! Speaking of which, would you help me?

Thunder: Okay then

Corroder: But what about Katie & Sadie?

Justin: Don't worry, I told them to wait here for someone to come, but if they found the Devil's Orb, they'll come & get me. Simple

Drilldozer: That makes sence

Rotor: Yeah, let's go find that Orb

Justin: (notices Gwen, LeShawna & Trent) Hey there

Gwen & LeShawna: (swooned by Justin's Good looks) Hey

Justin: Can you please give us a clue on how to find the Devil's Orb

Gwen: We've covered the North of the Temple

LeShawna: Yeah & you can use Fangz to sniff out the scent of the Devil's Orb

Justin: Thanks (runs off with Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio)

Trent: Did you just give away all of our secret information to Justin?

Leshawna and Gwen: Uh-huh...

Trent: Just checking.

Jetbug: Sniff the orb out, Fangz

Fangz: Ok Jetbug, whatever you say (sniffs the Devil's Orb's Scent) Found it, follow me.

(With Lindsay, Beth & Ezekiel)

Oracle: (from the background) Attention everyone, here's another riddle for you where the Devil's Orb is at now. "The Orb is somewhere floating on liquid that you've met, that the Orb is now wet."

Lindsay: The orb is wet? Quick! Everyone in the water! (As she, Ezekiel and Beth run into the lake) We're totally going to find it first!

Ezekiel: (Giving Lindsay a thumbs-up) Wicked strategizing, Lindsay!

Beth: So if we win, what would you guys do with the Devil's Orb?

Lindsay: I'm not so sure, but I bet it'll be great on us

Beth: Yeah, I guess your right Lindsay

Ezekiel: (Pointing at the devil's orb, which is floating up to them) Hey! Isn't that the orb?!

Lindsay: That's it!

Beth: We found it!

Lindsay: (Picking up the orb from the water) Oh my gosh! I'm so going to be the queen of France! Eee, hee-hee-hee-hee! (A fishing line flies up, snags the orb by the handle, and yanks it out of Lindsay's hands and off-screen. Beth and Ezekiel are shocked, but Lindsay smiles.) Oh! It's a flying orb!

Tails & Amy: (notices the Orb is gone)

Tails: Where's the Orb?

Amy: Look! (points to the Devil's Orb being reeled in by Duncan)

Duncan: (reeling in the Orb)

Courtney: Come Duncan, we can do this! We can't let the others get that Orb

Duncan: I know, I know! You don't have to remind me!

Vezok: (emerges from the water & snatches the orb away) Bingo!

Courtney: What?! That alligator just stole our briefcase!

Vezok: Don't call me an Alligator! I'm a Piraka!

Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Avak & Thok: (appears behind Duncan & Courtney) Us too!

Duncan: Your gonna get it ! (tackles Vezok) I've had tougher girlfriends than him...and uglier.

Vezon: (appears, stealing the Orb away from both Duncan & Vezok) Ha! Thanks for the distraction! I need that! (runs off)

Zaktan: Hey! Come back here!

Vezon: Come on, opportunities like this don't just fall out of trees.

(However, at that moment, Izzy falls out of a tree and lands on top of Vezon as he is running off, causing the case to fly out of Vezon's hands and into Izzy's.)

Vezon: Ouch

Izzy: Wow, what a head rush. That was cool. Can we do this again? (notices the Orb in her hands) Wow, it's the Orb! Noah, Eva! I got the Orb! Let's go!

Noah: So... Vezon turned on you, huh? Hate to see that happen. Bet you feel like a loser about now, huh? Less of a man.

Avak: My Jaw is busted!

Duncan: (grabs Noah's pants) Enough of a man to take your head off, geek!

Reidak: Or betta yet, take your pants!

Duncan: (tears Noah's pants off, causing him to run away screaming)

Courtney: Oh, which way did they go?

Duncan: (sarcastically) Oh, I'm not sure, honey. Let me think about it.

Eva: (shouting) Noah! Hurry up!!

Courtney: Hey! Get back here! No one is stealing the money that I stole! (follows after Noah, Eva & Izzy)

Duncan: (throws Noah's pants aside) I love that woman.

Hakann: (catches Noah's Pants) And I love those pants.

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: (arrives)

Spongebob: Which way did the orb go?

Squidward: How should I know? I'm going solo & find the orb myself

Twilight Sparkle: But Squidward...

Squidward: (leaves already)

Rainbow Dash: What's wrong with Squidward?

Patrick: Who's Squidward?

Applejack: He could get corrupted by the orb's power or something

Fluttershy: Um, could that of happen to everyone? Cause I think it's powers are taking over (points to everyone who is corrupted due to the power of the devil gene)

Pinkie Pie: Holy moley, that's a lot of auries!

Rarity: What kind of power is that?

Spongebob: Queen Aleena gave Owen a scroll about the Devil's Orb. And don't worry I have it right here (shows them the Scroll of the Evil Staff) It says that the Devil's Orb is the main power to this staff, cause the orb holds the most corrupted power in all of the Multiverse, the "Devil Gene".

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps) That power seems very dangerous. And it seems that everyone is been corrupted with it's power

Applejack: Just like Nightmare Moon?

Twilight Sparkle: Exactly

Spongebob & Patrick: Who's Nightmare Moon?

Rainbow Dash: We'll explain later. Right now, we gotta stop that Orb before it corrupts everyone completly!

(With Squidward)

Squidward: Oh great, now how can I find the Orb now?

Eva: (To Noah) You run... like a girl.

Noah: Forgot my 'roids back at the gym.

Izzy: I'm thinking of changing my name, yeah, to "Kaleidoscope." Isn't that pretty? You can call me "E-Scope" for short. (Izzy, Eva, and Noah run into Justin, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio)

Eva: (regarding Justin) Watch it; it's a trap!

Noah: Justin, the anti-me! So we meet again.

Izzy: Whatever you guys do, don't look Justin in his eyes. He has powers...

Justin: Give us the case.

Xplode: And nobody gets hurt

Izzy: Back off, really hot guy!

Justin: I didn't want to have to do this... but you give me no choice.

Scorpio: Care to do the honours?

Justin: With pleasure (takes off shirt)

Noah: (shield his eyes) Izzy, don't fall for it! Look away!

Izzy: (struggles to shield her eyes) I can't! He's too... beautiful! (gives the orb to Justin; Noah tries to grab it, but is tripped by Eva)

Eva: He's so pretty... He deserves it...

Justin: Thank you! (flashes a grin)

Drilldozer: Now if you excuse us, we have some other scores to settle.

Corroder: Goodbye now!

Justin: (puts his shirt back on) Pleasure doing business (runs off with Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (runs by, noticing them)

Eddy: They're getting away! Come on!

Alejandro: (runs by with Sierra) 3, 2, 1 & we're back. (snaps his fingers & runs off with Sierra)

Izzy: (snaps out of her trance along with Eva) What happened? Where's the Devil's Orb?

Noah: You just handed it to a male model & the former villains of Hero Factory. (to Eva) And a lot of good you were!

Eva: I'm so ashamed...

Noah: You should be, Iron Woman, that was seriously pathetic.

Izzy: E-Scope is not going to let him get away with this, no matter how hot he is! Come on!

Eva: Yeah! We'll crush their skulls!!

Noah: A little too far.

Eva: Sorry...

Squidward: Maybe I can help

Izzy: Sure, the more help, the better.

Squidward: Perfect.

(With Dr. Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: Can somebody get me outta this Beaver Dam?!

Sleet & Dingo: (helps Robotnik get out of the Beaver Dam)

Sleet: Better, ssssir?

Dr. Robotnik: It's about time, Sleet & Dingo. We must...(turns to Sleet & Dingo who we're still Serpentized) GREAT SNAKES IN A CAN!!! What happened to you two?

Dingo: It's the ssssnakess!

Sleet: They've turned usss into sssnakes

Dr. Robotnik: How did they...?! (gasps) The bite of the Fangpyre! It must've been they're main powers. We need to get that staff & turn you back to normal so that you two nitwits get the Devil's Orb for me.

Dingo: But, what are you going to do?

Dr. Robotnik: (notices a Hot Air Balloon nearby) I have an idea. (goes up to the Hot Air Balloon pulls down the hot air balloon with a Robot Rahkshi in it)

Mecha-Rahkshi: (into walkie-talkie) Uh...Turahk? W-we have a situation here!

(With the Rahkshi)

Turahk: (into walkie-talkie) BAIL! BAIL!

(But it was too late, cause Robotnik attacks the Mecha Rahkshi)

Guurahk: We've lost a Mecha Rahkshi

Lerahk: Infact, we're ALL out of Mecha Rahkshi.

Panrahk: Yeah, I guess there's only 6 of us left.

Guurahk: Shall we go get our orb, Turahk?

Turahk: And yet, we must! Let's go RahkshI!

Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: Yeah!

Turahk: He'll pay for this!

(With Spongebob, Patrick, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie)

Spongebob: I can't find the Devil's orb. Have you guys find it?

Patrick: What's the Devil's Orb?

Twilight Sparkle: What he mean to say this that we've checked everywhere. Now which way do we go?

Applejack: Guess we're just gonna have to start going down a path to find the orb one by one.

Oracle: (appears as a Hologram) Ah, hello again Spongebob. I see that you & your new friends are still on the search for the Devil's Orb.

Spongebob: We've checked the water, but still no Orb.

Oracle: Well, here's another clue that might help. "The Orb is now with someone beautiful with no harm. Someone has the magic charm"

Spongebob: Someone Beautiful & has the Magic Charm. (gets the idea) It's JUSTIN! The Orb is with Justin, let's go!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (suddendly appears ambushing them)

Nidhiki: Thanks for the info you idiots. Now we can get the Orb from Justin!

Krekka: Bye bye!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (runs off)

Rainbow Dash: Why those little...!

Spongebob: Never mind them, we have to get the Devil Orb

Patrick: Well how about we have the Orb sliced, diced & disposed of completly. So that no one can use the Evil Staff ever again once is destroyed

Twilight Sparkle: Patrick you can't..(has an idea) that's it! Patrick, your brain smarts are showing!

Patrick: (tries to cover himself) Where?

Twilight Sparkle: (facehooves)

(With Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler)

Tyler: (skids to a stop) Yeah! I can't believe I've won!

Cody: (goes up to Tyler) I gotta admit, that was awesome now you have Super Sonic Speed

Tyler: I feel like a new man.

DJ: We're in our Mobian Forms, remember?

Tyler: Oh yeah. Where's Owen.

Owen: (crawling up to the others, feeling tired) (panting) Tyler'

Owen: There they are! (points to Justin, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio)

Tyler: Now give us that orb or we'll mess you up!

Justin: No. (long pause)

Tyler: What do we do now?

Cody: Look, the paparazzi! (Justin turns away and poses as the guys ambush him and take back the Devil's Orb)

DJ: Let's get outta here!

Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler: (runs off with the Devil's Orb)

Xplode: Get them!

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio: (chases after Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler)

Krekka: (trips Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler) (grabs the Orb from them) Got it Nidhiki!

Tyler: HEY!

Nidhiki: Let's get outta here!

(Krekka & Nidhiki escapes with the Orb)

(Suddendly Rainbow Dash swoops down & steals the Orb from Krekka & Nidhiki & goes behind a large boulder where she meets Spongebob, Patrick, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie)

Nidhiki: I'll go around the boulder by the Left while you go around by the right.

Krekka: Yes Nidhiki

(Krekka & Nidhiki goes around the boulder with Nidhiki going around in a clockwise direction & Krekka going around in an anti-clockwise direction)

Rainbow Dash: I got it !

Twilight Sparkle: Good job Rainbow. (to Spongebob & Patrick) Ready you two?

Spongebob & Patrick: Ready!

Twilight Sparkle: Here goes nothing. Stand back everypony. (uses her Unicorn Magic, shapeshifting Spongebob into Nidhiki & Patrick into Krekka except their colours) Your all set.

Spongebob & Patrick: All set!

Spongebob: (goes up to Krekka)

Krekka: Nidhiki?! Where did the Blue Pony go?

Spongebob: (Nidhiki's Voice) You must've sliped past her. Circle the other way back!

Krekka: Got it (goes around the boulder in a clockwise direction, not knowing that Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie are escaping with the Devil's Orb)

Spongebob: (normal voice) Ok Patrick, it's your turn (runs off with the Ponies)

Patrick: Gotcha (goes up to Nidhiki)

Nidhiki: What the?! How did they escape?

Patrick: (Krekka's Voice) Maybe they sneak pass. Maybe we can circle the other way.

Nidhiki: (groans) Fine, at least you had a brain for once (goes around the boulder in an anti-clockwise direction)

Patrick: (runs off with Spongebob & the Ponies)

Krekka: (notices Spongebob as Nidhiki running away to the right & then notices the real Nidhiki exiting to the left) (looks at both Nidhiki's back & forth, not knowing who's the real Nidhiki) Uhh... (charges at Nidhiki, not knowing that's the REAL Nidhiki)

Nidhiki: AHHH!! (got tackled by Krekka) GAH! LET GO! LET GO!

Krekka: (lets go of Nidhiki)

Nidhiki: I thought I told you to go that way!

Krekka: But you told me to go the other way!

(Suddendly they hear Spongebob's Trademark Laugh, noticing that Spongebob, Patrick, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie are running off with the Devil's Orb)

Twilight: It's called the Shapeshifting Spell. I've read about that spell before coming here. (uses her Unicorn Magic to turn Spongebob & Patrick back to normal, not knowing also turning them back to their ORIGINAL Forms & Stats, except for breathing in Air)

Spongebob: (notices his Spongey Self back to normal) Hey, my Body is back! And there goes my Speed

Applejack: Now what?

Spongebob: Guess I have to run in normal speed.

Lightrahk: (appears) Maybe I can be assistance

Spongebob: It's you, the one that saved me & Sonia from a crash by the Rahkshi & Slithraa

Lightrahk: You've known me well, for I am Lightrahk, the Youngest of the 2 Sons of YinYangrahk

Spongebob: Anyways, thanks for rescuing me & Sonia.

Lightrahk: Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. I fear that my evil brother is inside the Devil's Orb

Spongebob: Then we betta get that Orb & destroy it completly before it uses the Devil Gene to asorb anyone if it has too much pressure.

Rainbow Dash: There's no time to lose. Let's go

Von Nebula: I'll be taken that, thank you! (suddendly appears & then snatches the Devil's Orb away from Spongebob)

Rarity: Hey!

Von Nebula: Pleasure doing business with you. (runs off)

Fluttershy: Should we go after him?

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (appears)

Spongebob: Hi Sonic, Sonia & Manic, this is Lightrahk. He is the Younger Son of the First Sacred Circle Master, YinYangrahk.

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (gasps)

Sonic: I can't believe it's true.

Lightrahk: I heard that you are looking for the orb too.

Manic: That's right

Lightrahk: But the others are corrupted by the Devil's Orb & sadly, so are you three.

Sonia: What?

Sonic: We can't be that corrupted, right?

Manic: Come on, that Devil's Orb is worth loads of money.

Sonia: Why do I get the feeling he's started to act like Eddy.

Lightrahk: Sonic, Sonia & Manic, I need your medallions.

Sonic: Does a Swatbot belong to Robotnik? (he Sonia & Manic gives their medallions)

Lightrahk: (turns Sonic's, Sonia's & Manic's Medallions into Sonic's Electric Guitar, Sonia's Keyboard & Manic's Drumset) Now Spongebob, I want you to understand the Sonic Underground's Instruments' Potental. Let your heart guide you. Imagine that your taking flight.

Spongebob: Ok then. Here goes.

Sonia: Don't forget, as the manners go, Ladies go first.

Sonic: Oh brother.

Spongebob: Ok Sonia. (starts playing Sonia's keyboard very well, causing pink electricity to flow through Spongebob & attaches onto him. And then with a Bright Pink light, Sonia's Keyboard transform into a Left Arm of the Exonaut-Suit, which is Yellow with a White Shoulder Guards section) Wow! Did I just do that?

Sonic & Manic: Whao!

Sonia: Wow!

Twilight Sparkle: How did Spongebob do that?

Spongebob: (starts playing Sonic's electric guitar very well, causing blue electricity to flow through Spongebob & attaches onto him. And then with a Bright Blue light, Sonic's Electric Guitar transform into a Right Arm of the Exonaut-Suit, which is Yellow with a White Shoulder Guards section, just like the Left Arm of the Exonaut-Suit)

Sonic: I don't believe it.

Applejack: Well wallop my whiskers, I can't believe it what I'm seeing

Rainbow Dash: So awesome!

Spongebob: That's not all, I still have one instrument left. (Starts playing Manic's Drum Set very well, causing green electricity to flow through Spongebob & attaches onto him. And then with a Bright Green light, Manic's Drum set transform into a body & legs, which the Upper Body is Yellow & has Spongebob's face on it , the Lower Body is White with a Red Tie & the Legs are Brown with Black Feet)

(With a bright light, Spongebob's Exonaut is complete)

Lightrahk: You now have the Exonaut Suit. This is a special ExoSkeleton that is super powerful that can smash through strong robot opponents.

Exonaut Spongebob: With the power of these Medallions, I have the new Exonaut Exo-Skeleton Suit. In this suit I am now Exonaut Spongebob! Exonaut...AWAY! (flies up to the skies with the Exonaut's Rocket Boots)

(The Song Begins)

Patrick: Is there something you should tell me, big buddy?

Are you aware of the glare from the sun shining off of your hair?

Exonaut Spongebob: I don't know what you mean, it's just a healthy sheen.

I must admit I feel a little strange.

But I never felt better, I'm stronger than ever.

Can't you see nothing's changed?

Patrick: I don't know how to tell you, metal buddy.

But you look just like a solar-powered, turbo charged washing machine.

Exonaut Spongebob: I'm not light on my feet, now I clank and I squeak.

But my voice is the same when I speak.

My hand looks like aluminum foil

Does this mean that I need a tune-up and a change of oil?

I'm a metal head, a metal head, a metal head, a metal head.

I'm a metal head, a metal head, a metal head, a METAL HEAD!

(The Song ends as Exonaut Spongebob flies away)

Pinkie Pie: Wow! That was amazing!

Rarity: I just love his Armor Acessories.

Fluttershy: Um guys, I just don't like to bother anyone, but um...

Lightrahk: Von Nebula is getting away with the Orb

Rainbow Dash: (looks shocked) Oh horse apples... See ya!

(Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie goes after Von Nebula)

Sonic: Let's do this!

Patrick: Yeah! How do I catch up to Spongebob?

Sonia: And how do we fight the bad guys without our Medallions?

Manic: That's a tough question, sis.

Sonic: Say, maybe Patrick can be useful for something.

Patrick: Me?

(With Darkrahk)

Darkrahk: (with Discord, now that he's free) Here we are, Discord. The Anacondrai's Tomb

(They both arrived at the Desert & the tomb of the Anacondrai)

Discord: Finally, after all these years as a stone statue, now I'm free for the 2nd time. Now I'm about to stop those 6 poines & their elements of harmony for good (opens the tomb with his dark magic)

Darkrahk: We're here

(As Darkrahk & Discord checks inside, someone fades in, being visible from behind & behind the two, was Pythor)

Darkrahk: (notices Pythor) Gah! (accidently drops the staff)

Discord: (notices Pythor) Oh dear.

Pythor: My sincerest apologies, gentleman (his stomach growls) Due to my unusual appearance, I seem to have a rather effect on people. I believe you dropped this (gives Darkrahk's Staff back to him) There we go.

Darkrahk: Thank you.

Discord: What happen to the army of the forbidden Anacondrai? I thought there's gonna be thousands of those snakes in your kind.

Pythor: Oh poor unfortunant selves. All those years, locked away with nothing to eat. Nothing but Scales & bones. (his stomach growls again) And who may you be my friends.

Darkrahk: I am Darkrahk, older brother of Lightrahk & an older son of YinYangrahk.

Discord: And I'm Discord, the mischievious spirit of disharmony & chaos.

Pythor: Charmed. I am Pythor P. Chumsworth & I'm the last of my kind.

Darkrahk: How about all 3 of us can work together to steal the Evil Staff & rule side by side

Discord: You know what? I think this is gonna work out just fine.

Pythor: I have a feeling that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

(With Heather & Harold)

Heather: Where could that Devil's Orb be?

Harold: I'm not sure, but I'm also not sure where did Robotnik gone to?

Heather: (notices the Devil's Orb in Von Nebula's Hands) Hey! That's mine! (tackles Von Nebula & grabs the Orb) Let's move

Skales: (snatches the Orb back & escapes with Fangtom) I'll be taking it back, thank you very much

Patrick: CHARGE! (rams through Skales & Fangtom)


Fangtom: That had to hurt, and it did.

Patrick: (grabs the Devil's Orb) I got it !

Kanker Sisters: (steals the Orb from Patrick)

Patrick: Huh? Where'd it go?

Lee Kanker: Bingo!

Sonia: (snatches the Orb back from the Kankers) I don't think so.

Tails & Amy: (arrives)

Tails: There you are guys

Amy: How did you go?

Sonia: We got it. (gives the Orb to Amy)

Amy: Thanks

Fangtom: (steals the orb back) Sorry, but the Orb belongs to the Serpentine, you spoiled pink brat!

Tails: (gasps at what Fangtom said to Amy)

Skales: You'll never catch us, especially that pink big-butted, loud mouthed, mall shopping, home girl ! (slithers off with Fangtom)

Skales & Fangtom: (laughing while making a slither for it)

Sonic & Manic: (gasps at what Skales said to Sonia)

Sonic: Uh oh.

Sonia & Amy: (starts to get mad)

Sonia: (her spines we're puffing up & her cheeks are dangerously red)

Amy: (her eyes glows red & her flame like aura appears flowing over her body)

Sonia & Amy: (lets out their growls)

Sonic: Uh Sonia?

Tails: Amy?

Sonia: Guys, get my bike.

Amy: (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) Cause those Snakes are mine

Sonic: (passes Sonia her Motorbike) Here

Sonia: (hops on her Motorbike) Hop on Amy

Amy: Right (hops on Sonia's Motorbike behind & then wraps her arms around Sonia's waist)

Sonia: Let's go (revs her motorbike & then rides off on her Motorbike with Amy holding onto Sonia)

Sonic: Oh boy, those Snakes are gonna get it.

Patrick: Get what?

(With Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: (inside the Hot Air Balloon) (steals the Fangpyre Staff from Fangtom) Hold still (spreads the Anti Venom on Sleet & Dingo, turning them back to normal) Finally. Now go get the orb

Sleet: Yes sir (shapeshifts Dingo into a Large Moose) Now retrieve the orb

Dingo: Right. (runs off with Sleet)

Courtney: (hanging on under the Hot Air Balloon) Not on my watch

(With Geoff & Bridgette)

Geoff: Say Bridgette, aren't we forgetting something?

Bridgette: No, why?

Geoff: I have the strangest feeling that we've been...

Sleet: (suddendly appears with Dingo) Watched?

Dingo: (charges at Geoff & Bridgette)

Bridgette: Run for it !

Geoff & Bridgette: (runs away from Dingo while Dingo chases after them) (screaming)

(With Katie & Sadie)

Katie: Where's Justin?

Sadie: I don't know, we betta find him

Katie: Oh my gosh, I think so too.

Geoff & Bridgette: (runs by, screaming)

Sadie: I wonder what they're running away from?

Katie: That (points to Dingo who is running towards them)

Katie & Sadie: (screams & then runs away from Dingo)

Sleet & Dingo: (Chasing Geoff, Bridgette, Katie & Sadie)

Sleet: I told that we can scare them easily.

(Back with Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler)

Tyler: (skids to a stop over a cliff) Whao, that was close

Cody: I guess we've reached a dead end

Owen: Now what do we do?

DJ: (notices Robotnik in a Hot Air Balloon) Is that Robotnik on a Hot Air Balloon?

Cody: Isn't that Courtney? (points to Courtney hanging onto the Hot Air Balloon)

Tyler: We have to go get her. Let's go! (starts shaking up and down, meaning he's vibrating, because of the Tonic)

Owen: Tyler, are you ok?

Dr. Robotnik: (notices Tyler vibrating) I can't believe this, one of those fools have used the Sonic Tonic. (evil laughter)

Courtney: (now behind Robotnik) You've gone off long enough! (roars & then tackles Dr. Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: Get off of me you stubborned pussy cat!

Courtney: I'm a C.I.T.! (punches Robotnik in the face)

Tyler: (his feet begins to grow bigger) Yikes! What happen to my feet?

Cody: I guess it must be a side effect to the green water?

Owen: Anyways, let's help Courtney!

Tyler: Right, let's do this (tries to run, but due to having big feet, he trips instead) Ow! Darn it! A little help here?

Owen: (carries Tyler) Right. (chuckles)

DJ: How do we get there?


(They turned to see...)

Cody: Krekka!

Nidhiki: (with Krekka) And Nidhiki.

Owen: Oh, I bet it's Izzy in there. (opens Krekka's mouth) Izzy, can you hear me?

Krekka: (roars)

Owen: It's not Izzy!

Cody: Jump!

Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler: (jumps inside the Hot Air Balloon)

Nidhiki: Don't let them get away!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (jumps in the Hot Air Balloon)

Zaktan: (he & the Piraka notices the Hot Air Balloon) What the? What's going on?

Reidak: We need to get a better view of this, but how?

Vezok: Look! (points to a swimming pool with a High Diving Platform) Let's try there

Avak: Good idea

(The Piraka climbs up the High Diving Platform which is 10 Metres high)

Hakann: (notices how high it is) Oh my....

Thok: It's very high, but I sence that this is high enough.

Zaktan: Is that Robotnik, Owen, DJ, Cody, Tyler, Courtney, Krekka & Nidhiki? In a hot air balloon?

Reidak: Looks like it, but where's the Devil's Orb?

Vezok: There (points to Skales & Fangtom with the Devil's Orb) Should we get it?

Thok: I think not. Look (points to Sonia & Amy riding on Sonia's MotorBike)


Amy: This is for calling me a Spoiled Pink Brat! (whacks Skales & Fangtom, causing them to be blown away onto the docks & drops the devil's orb far away & lands in Exonaut Spongebob's Hands)

Skales: The Devil's Orb!

Exonaut Spongebob: I got it? I GOT IT !

Sonia: (reving her motor bike) And this is for calling me a Pink big-butted, loud mouthed, mall shopping, home girl ! (rides her Motorbike towards Skales & Fangtom with Amy Rose holding onto Sonia behind her)

Fangtom: (notices Robotnik with his Staff) THE STAFF!

Skales: Oh dear (he & Fangtom slithers away to the end of the docks) Jump!

Skales & Fangtom: (Jumps into the water)


Sonia: (stops the Motorbike)

Amy: That's what you get you meanies (blows a raspberry at Skales & Fangtom)

Sonia: Yeah & my butt's not big, you got that? (also blows a raspberry at Skales & Fangtom)

Skales: How childish.

Amy: Now hand over the orb please?

Fangtom: Look, I would give it to you, but we've accidently dropped into somewhere up, up & away.

Sonia & Amy: (notices Exonaut Spongebob with the Devil's Orb)

Sonia: It's Spongebob in his Exonaut Suit

Amy: Wow, I never knew that those 3 Medallions can turn into parts of the Exonaut Suit.

Patrick, Sonic, Manic, Tails, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: (Arrives)

Spongebob: Hey Guys, I got the Orb! (suddendly the medallions are drained, causing his Exonaut Suit to turn back into the Hedgehog Medallions) Uh oh (falls down, causing the Devil's Orb to fall off of his hand & lands on) (screams)

Twilight Sparkle: Oh no!

Sonia: The Medallions are drained!

Applejack: We gotta go catch him!

(They tried to catch Spongebob)

Sonic: I got him! I got him!

Rainbow Dash: No I got him!

Patrick: He's mine!

(They accidently crashed into each other)


Rarity: Ouch! Gently please?

Spongebob: (still falling) AAAHHHHHH!!!

(Suddendly the two female Alicorns named Princess Celestia & Princess Luna, flys out from the portal that has been opened & saves Spongebob with their magic & gently puts him down)

Spongebob: Phew thanks for saving me

Princess Celestia: That's quite alright.

Twilight Sparkle: Princess Celestia & Princess Luna, what are you doing here?

Princess Celestia: Twilight Sparkle, I have some important bad news. A Dark Creature has freed Discord.

Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: (gasps)

Twilight Sparkle: Discord's back?!

Princess Luna: I'm afriad so

Spongebob: But who could've done this? (notices a Hot Air Balloon) What the...?! Is that a Hot Air Balloon?

(With Xplode)

Xplode: (sitting on a log) (sighs) What am I going to do, once I have the Devil's Orb?

(Then Xplode saw a vision of himself got turned into his Devil Form called "Devil Xplode")

Xplode: (gasps) Oh no.

Darkrahk: (from the background) Oh yes.

Xplode: (notices Darkrahk, Discord & Pythor right in front of him)

Darkrahk: What took you so long? (evil laughter)

Xplode: (thought: That can't be good)

To Be Continued...

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