This is the 26th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie & Fangtom


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) The 4 pieces of the Evil Staff have been found by each of the of everyone. The first piece is found by my children & the crossovers. The second piece is found by Plankton. The third piece is found by the Rahkshi. And finally the fourth piece is found by Robotnik. Now only the 5th & final piece is left, the "Devil's Orb". I just hope my children & their new friends can recover the final piece before it's too late.

(In Ponyville)

Twilight Sparkle: (hears a knock on her door) Someone's at the door (walks up to the door & opens to see a Purple Hedgehog in her royal coat with a red cape & it's Queen Aleena) Can I help you?

Queen Aleena: (takes off her hood, revealing her face) The Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground need your help. (gives Twilight Sparkle, 6 scrolls to her) You must tell your friends about this & must go help my children.

Twilight Sparkle: (uses her unicorn magic to carry all 6 scrolls) Ok, I will.

Queen Aleena: And by the way, I told Princess Celestia & Princess Luna about the war on planet mobius & they accept the offer for you & your friends to help the All Star Underground by helping my children to stop Dr. Robotnik & the new villains. Farewell...(leaves)

Twilight Sparkle: (thinks about the new adventure) Hmm


Twilight Sparkle: (invites AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie into her home) Hello girls. I'm glad that you've arrived just in time. We have a really big mission here.

AppleJack: Hoo wee, it's gonna be a might big mission here Twilight, what is it?

Twilight Sparkle: We must help the All Star Underground & the Sonic Underground to defeat a creepy guy name Dr. Robotnik. The 3 children of Queen Aleena will rejoin with their mother in becoming the Council of 4, destined to defeat Robotnik if they are true to themselves & their powers.

Rarity: Just like the Elements of Harmony?

Twilight Sparkle: I think so, but I'm not sure. Also Queen Aleena told me about part 2 in the profercy that by the Council of 4 & the medallions of the Sonic Underground, one crossover will rise above the others & became the All Star Warrior, the Warrior destined to defeat Dr. Robotnik.

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness. The All Star Warrior. I wonder who's it gonna be?

Pinkie Pie: It could be either one of us

Twilight Sparkle: Girls, remember we're here to help the Freedom Fighters.

AppleJack: So where is this Portal to Nexus you we're talking about.

Twilight Sparkle: It's in the Ancient Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters in the Everfree Forest.

Rainbow Dash: Alrighty, let's go girls. We got a portal to catch.

Twilight Sparkle: Not so fast, since Spike is away in Canterlot doing some royal errands to run. So I guess it's best if we stick together as a team

Rarity: Ok Darling, especially when the Everfree Forest is ain't natural after all

Twilight Sparkle: Come on girls, let's go find that portal & remember we gotta stick together

Fluttershy: Um...ok Twilight.

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie.

(The Mane 6 packs their supplies & then goes off into the Everfree Forest, carefully)

(1 Hour Later)

(The Mane 6 arrives at the Ancient Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters)

Mane 6: (notices a Portal to the Nexus) (gasps)

Twilight Sparkle: We're here. Let's go in

(The Mane 6 goes inside the portal & comes out of the Pink Portal called the "Portal to Equestria", revealing that the Mane 6 are now in the Nexus)

AppleJack: Land sakes!

Rainbow Dash: Look at all of those Portals

Pinkie Pie: Holey Moley, that's a lot of Portals.

Rarity: Which one is the right portal to Planet Mobius?

Fluttershy: I'm not sure. Twilight, do you know which one it is?

Twilight Sparkle: (spots the Giant Portal to Mobius) There it is. Let's go, our destiny awaits

Pinkie Pie: Especially there's candy apples in there.

(Everyone looks at Pinkie Pie arkwardly)

Pinkie Pie: What? Those things are good.

(The Mane 6 goes inside the portal, transporting themselves to Planet Mobius)

(On Planet Mobius in a Graveyard in a Dark Forest in Night Time)

Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo: (looking for another Serpentine Tomb)

Dr. Robotnik: We're here (spots the Fangpyre's Tomb)

Sleet: So, what is the plan again?

Dingo: (notices a Mutated tree) AHHHH!!! (jumps onto Sleet's Arms)

Sleet: Whao! (falls)


Dingo: (falls on Sleet) Sorry about that.

Dr. Robotnik: Good question Sleet, our plan is to fight fire with fire. As in fight snake with snake. And I have chosen the Fangpyres. They might outmatch Plankton & the Hypnobrai. Now then, open this tomb.

Dingo: (gets up & goes to the Tomb Door to open it)

Sleet: (gets up) (feels dizzy) Ok sir. Whatever you say (follows Dingo)

Dr. Robotnik: Soon Plankton & the Serpentine will know who they're master is. It'll be I...Dr. Robotnik!

(Lightning strikes & thunder roars, meaning like there's a storm coming)

Dingo: AHHH!! Not again. When I'm alone I get scared in the dark!

Sleet: (sighs) Shut up & open the tomb

Dingo: Ok (opens the tomb, causing the Fangpyres to be release from their tomb very quickly)

Sleet & Dingo: (got scared easily when the Fangpyres jumps right out of the tomb)

Dr. Robotnik: (notices all of the Fangpyres & then turns around to see Fangtom is right behind him) GAH!

Fangtom: And who, may I say, Released us from our captivity.

Dr. Robotnik: I am Dr. Robotnik & I need your help to stop the Hypnobrai, including Plankton & his empire down to size!

Fangtom: The Hypnobrai? Those Hypnotizing Deceivers! It'll be our pleasure.

Dr. Robotnik: Perfect. Now then, after they're defeated. I have some newbies & some hedgehogs that need to be stopped.

Fangtom: Sounds like you know what you want, but the Hypnobrai are strong & we're few in numbers, we need reinforcements.

Dr. Robotnik: (grins) Good, now let's go meet with these Hedgehogs. We will find that Final Piece of the Evil Staff, the Devil's Orb. It's the final piece of the evil staff. Once we have all 5 pieces, we'll be taking over the entire planet. (evil laughter)

Fangtom: (hisses)


(In the Morning)

(Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie arrives on Planet Mobius)

Twilight: (notices the Mobile Base, in Base Mode) This must be the place. We're going in.

(The Mane 6 Ponies goes inside the Base)

Sonic & Spongebob: (appears)

Sonic: Hey there. What's up?

Twilight: (gasps) Who are you guys?

Sonic: I'm Sonic the Hedgehog.

Spongebob: And I'm Spongebob Squarepants.

Twilight: My name is Twilight Sparkle & this is AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie.

AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: (greets Sonic & Spongebob)

Spongebob: Ok guys, you can all come out now. We have guests.

(Sonia, Manic, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, the 24 Contestants from Total Drama, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor (Hero Factory), Drilldozer Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell appears)

Spongebob: This is the rest of the gang. Sonic, Sonia & Manic are the Sonic Underground & the rest of us are the All Star Underground.

AppleJack: Well I'll be. It sounds like that you guys have your own rock band.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, that is so awesome!

Spongebob: Anyways, we're looking for the last piece of the Evil Staff, called the Devil's Orb.

Fluttershy: (shivers in fear) D,d,d,d,d,devil's orb?! (faints) (goat bleats)

Rarity: That sounds very terrifying

AppleJack: Mysterious...

Rainbow Dash: Sinister...

Pinkie Pie: And spoooooooky!

Twilight Sparkle: Okay? So what is the Evil Staff?

Spongebob: We'll tell you what the Evil Staff is.


Spongebob: And that's the whole story of the evil staff

Twilight Sparkle: Oh my gosh, you mean the evil staff holds unlimited evil powers & was created by Darkrahk.

Sonic: Yeah, you could say that.

Rainbow Dash: Say, maybe we can help you find the Devil's Orb.

AppleJack: So what do you say?

Zaktan: Sure, the more help, the better.

Spongebob: In the mean time, maybe you can sing one of the Underground's songs?

Sonia: And I got just the Song for you girls.

(The 6 Ponies agrees on this idea)

Twilight Sparkle: Ok then, let's do it.

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (activates their Medallions)

(The Music starts)

Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: Society girl, society girl

Pinkie Pie: Livin’ it up in her high-fashioned world

Rarity: She’s got a full dance card and a debutant dress

Rainbow Dash: The boys all wanna know her ‘cause she’s the best

Applejack: There’s nothin’ but fun in her world

Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: Society girl

Fluttershy: Do you want to dance with her?

Rarity: Well, wait your turn

Pinkie Pie: There’s so many others waiting

Twilight Sparkle: You should have asked her sooner

Rainbow Dash: Well, live and learn

Applejack: She has her choice of who she’ll be dating

Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: Oh yeah

Society girl, society girl

Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy: Livin’ it up in her high-fashioned world

Rarity: She’s got a full dance card and a debutant dress

Rainbow Dash: The boys all wanna know her ‘cause she’s the best

Twilight Sparkle & Applejack: There’s nothin’ but fun in her world

Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: Society girl

Society girl

Society girl

(As the Song ends...)

(Alarm blares)

Patrick: What's that?

Sonia: Looks like Robotnik & Plankton's Empires are trying to find the Devil's Orb themselves.

Spongebob: Alright, let's go inside the van!

(Everyone goes inside the Van with Thok carefully carrying a fainted Fluttershy to the van)

Sonic: Hold on everyone, let's juice & jam!

(Our Heroes drives the Van out of the Mobile Base & drives outside to find the Devil's Orb of the Evil Staff)

Spongebob: Let's go get back the other 3 pieces of the Evil Staff.

Sonic: Already did.

Sonia: Oh right (!) And I suppose you zipped over there faster than the speed of light and... [her jaw drops as she noticed that Sonic DID have the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Pieces of the Evil Staff]

Twilight Sparkle: Amazing. How did you...?

Sonic: (puts the 4 pieces of the Evil Staff together) I'll explain everything later.

Spongebob: Alright, let's go get that Orb! (To Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie) And by the way girls...that was beautiful

Twilight Sparkle: (blushes a bit) Thank you Spongebob, glad you liked it.

(With Robotnik & the Fangpyre)

Fangtom: Dr. Robotnik, if we plan to attack the Hypnobrai, we need to grow our army.

Dr. Robotnik: Interesting.

Sleet: Grow an Army?

Dingo: How do we do that? All we have is our Swatbots.

Fangtom: Let's just say, we Fangpyre can bite more than we can chew

Sleet & Dingo: Huh?

Fangtom: HAVE AT IT, BOYS!

(Suddendly an army of Fangpyres, some are Warriors, some are Soldiers & some are Scouts, appears from the shadows & starts biting the Swatbots, Machines & Vehicles, turning them into Snake versions of them)

Dr. Robotnik: What are you doing? Are you turning them into...?

Fangtom: An army? You are correct, but we can also turn people too. It's a little thing we called "Serpentization". Meaning that the losers get Serpentized! (hisses)

Sleet & Dingo: Say what?!

(The Fangpyre surrounds Sleet & Dingo & goes closer to them without Robotnik knowing)

Sleet: What? Oh no!

Dingo: Help!

Dr. Robotnik: (grins) This'll be perfect. This'll fix the Hypnobrai for good & the Hedgehogs & the Newbies with it. (evil Laughter)

Fangtom: (thinking) Hmm...

(With Plankton & the Hypnobrai)

Plankton: So Skales, shall we go find the Devil's Orb?

Skales: Let's shall, after all, the Hypnobrai is now in the Plankton Empire, as one of the 5 tribes of the Serpentine.

Plankton: Attention Plankton Empire Officers, we have but one goal & that is to gain world domination in the Multiverse & soon, the Multiverse will be ours!

Krekka, Nidhiki, Kanker Sisters, Von Nebula, Vezon, D.O.O.M., The Chameleon & Bird Brain: (cheers)

(With the Rahkshi)

Turahk: Ok Rahkshi, it's about time we get the Devil's Orb. It's our new primary target that we had to get.

Guurahk: Right. That Orb must be worth something,

Lerahk: So how do we do that?

Turahk: Never mind, let's go.

Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: Yes, Turahk.


(Our Heroes stopped the van)

Owen: Alright, gang. I say "Game On, baby!" WHOO HOO! (runs out of the van)

Sonia: OWEN!

Spongebob: We gotta go after him on foot.

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie!

All (Except Owen): OWEN, WAIT FOR US!

(Our Heroes follows Owen on foot, only to crash into Robotnik, the serpentized Sleet & Dingo, Fangtom & the Fangpyres, Plankton, Skales & the Hypnobrai, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kanker Sisters; Lee, Marie & May Kanker, Von Nebula, Vezon, Verminious Snaptrap, Ollie, Francisco, Larry, The Chameleon & Bird Brain)


(Everyone [except Owen] ended up in a giant pile)

All (Except Owen & Ed): (groans in pain)

Ed: (chuckles) Ouch

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: Ro'butt'nik!

Dr. Robotnik: Hedgehogs!

Fangtom: Hypnobrai!

Skales: Fangpyre!

Kanker Sisters: Eds!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Kankers!

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: Vezon! Krekka! Nidhiki!

Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki: Piraka!

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, HF Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio: Von Nebula!

Von Nebula: Traitors!

Dudley & Kitty: DOOM!

D.O.O.M, the Chameleon & Bird Brain: TUFF!

Spongebob: SPONGEBOB!

Owen: (suddendly comes back) OWEN!

(Suddendly every Hero looks at Spongebob & Owen arkwardly & every villain looks mad at the both of them)

Owen: What?

Patrick: Don't tell me, is it the time to start fighting each other in a big battle?

Spongebob: One second (pulls out a camera & then takes a picture of everybody in a giant pile, like they're playing "Dog-Pile") Ok now

(Everyone goes into a fight & when they do, a fight cloud appears when everyone had started a brawl against each other)

Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: (sneaks out of the Fight Cloud first)

Applejack: Woo wee, they're more stubborn than a bull with a turkey on it's head

Spongebob: Ok then, let's go get the Devil's Orb

Twilight Sparkle: Right, to freedom!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, to freedom!

(Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie teams up together to find the Devil's Orb)

Courtney: (helps Duncan escape the Fight Cloud) (yells) Let's go get that Devil's Orb!! (kisses Duncan)

Duncan: Looks like someone got their mojo back!

Courtney: Shut up and follow me. We've got an orb to find!

Duncan: Sir! Yes, sir!

Harold: (escapes the fight cloud as well) (to Courtney and Duncan) Can I come too?

Courtney: (turns to Harold; angrily) No! You'll slow us down! (walks away with Duncan)

Harold: Aw what?!

Tyler: (comes out of the fight cloud, looking like he's been beaten up) Aw Come on, I thought I was gonna find the Devil's Orb by myself

Eva: (Referring to Tyler) Get over yourself. (Eva pushes Tyler over) (walks off with Noah)

Izzy: (laughs) That was funny! You stupid guy! (laughs again as she runs off after Eva & Noah)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (runs away from the fight cloud) Run away!

Eddy: Come on, let's get outta here & find the Devil's Orb!

Xplode: (pops up from the fight cloud) We must find the orb (runs off with Meltdown, Thunder, Corroder & HF Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio)

Meltdown: Devil's Orb, here we come.

Patrick: The Orb?! Oh boy! (runs off with Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie) Wait for me, Spongebob!

Squidward: Finally some peace & quiet from those 2 barnicle heads (growls at Spongebob & Patrick & then walks away)

Ezekiel: Hey Beth & Lindsay, can I join you in your hunt for the Orb?

Beth: Okay? But promise to never comment about women, got it?

Ezekiel: I promise, swearsies

Heather: (referring to Lindsay and Beth teaming up with Ezekiel) You're bringing homeschool with you but not me?!

Lindsay: Uh huh!

Beth: He's better to team up with than you Heather. Sorry (walks off with Lindsay & Ezekiel)

Heather: Hmm (nicely to Gwen, Trent and Leshawna) Hey guys, I realize that we've had our minor differences in the past, but what do you say we team up? We're the four strongest players. Together we'd be unstoppable.

Leshawna: (snorts) You frontin' me? I'd rather stick a tire iron up my butt than team up with you.

Gwen: And besides you & Alejandro make a great couple (giggles & then walks off with Trent & LeShawna)

Heather: I'm not with Alejandro! (groans)

Owen: Hey Tyler, would you like to join with me, DJ & Cody in our treasure hunting team to find the Devil's Orb?

Tyler: Yeah, finally! It's gonna be awesome!

DJ: Let's do it, to it.

Cody: Yeah, let's go get that orb!

Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler: Yeah! (hi fives each other & then runs off together)

Kitty: Come on Dudley, the hunt is on!

Dudley: Oh yeah, baby! (runs off with Kitty)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan & Thok: (runs off)

Avak: (his jaw still wired shut) Wait for me. (chases after Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan & Thok)

Heather: But...(notices Katie & Sadie teaming up with Justin) Great. (notices Alejandro & Sierra teams up) (groans)

Harold: Heather? Though that I'm running out of people to partner with, your the only one left I had to choose with, until then...

Heather: Fine, you'll team up with me. There are none other reasons but to zip your lips

Harold: Wise choice. (walks off with Heather)

Sonic: The others must've split up to find the Devil's Orb. That's a great idea to cover more ground that way.

Sonia: But what about clues to find the orb?

Manic: I don't have a clue

Sonic: Anyways, it's juice & jam time! (runs off with Sonia on her MotorBike & Manic on his Hoverboard following Sonic)

(The Fight cloud dissapears, revealing that the villains are fighting each other. They all noticed each other fighting & stops)

Dr. Robotnik: Wait a minute, why are we doing this?

Plankton: Wait a minute, what the heck are we doing?

Krekka: I don't know

Nidhiki: This is Ridiculous. We betta do something about this.

Skales & Fangtom: (notices each other)

Dr. Robotnik: Fangtom will fix that Traitorous Hypnobrai. (chuckles evily)

(Long Pause)

Fangtom: Skales! My old chum!

Dr. Robotnik: What?!

Fangtom: I never thought I could run into you once again. Looks like we have reunited again like the profercy to become the council of 4

Dr. Robotnik: What?!?!

Skales: If it isn't the Fangpyre, what cold blooded creeps on us. I'm glad that we're friends.

Dr. Robotnik: I thought you we're enemies, not friends?

Fangtom: We we're at war, but now that Skales is back in charge. There's no need to have a conflict with each other once again

Skales: Have you rereleased the Constrictai, the Venomari & heavenly forbidden Anacondrai, then we would've had a tussel.

Dr. Robotnik: A tussel? A tussel?! But I'm your master Dr. Robotnik!

Plankton: Not anymore, the Serpentine now belongs to me.

Fangtom: It is a pleasure to serve with you, Plankton.

Skales: Now, what do we do with Robotnik?

Fangtom: How about we turn him into one of us?

Skales: Nah, you already did that to Sleet & Dingo

Sleet: Tell me about it, Sssskalesss

Dingo: Yeah, thisss issss no fun at all, Ssssleet

Fangtom: How about we hypnotise Robotnik, thinking that he is a pig?

Dr. Robotnik: (looks shocked) Gah!

Skales: That would be pretty funny.

Plankton, Skales, Fangtom, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kanker Sisters; Lee, Marie & May Kanker, Von Nebula, Vezon, Verminious Snaptrap, Ollie, Francisco, Larry, The Chameleon & Bird Brain: (laughing hysterically)

Plankton: Oh yes, that would be funny indeed

The Chameleon: It's very clever indeed

Dr. Robotnik: Sleet, Dingo, let's get outta here

Sleet: I think your right.

Dingo: We gotta get outta here.

Dr. Robotnik: (notices the Jack-4 Bots, the Hypnobrai & the Fangpyre surounding him, Sleet & Dingo) Now what?

Sleet: Run for it?

Dr. Robotnik: Good idea. Retreat!

(Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo makes a get-away inside their Red Scorpion-shaped ship)

Plankton: Alright, let's go find the Devil's Orb for the Evil Staff

(Everyone has split up to look for the Devil's Orb)


(2 Hours Later)

(After 2 Hours, no one seems to find the Devil's Orb)

Oracle: (in background) Hedgehogs & All Stars.

(In different places)

All Star Underground, Sonic Underground, Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie: (Hears the Oracle) What was that?

Oracle: It's your last chance on stopping the villains from completing the Evil Staff. Here's the clue on finding the Devil's Orb. "You can find the orb from a living thing, that has many arms, grows very fast & green." Good luck.

(With Lindsay, Beth & Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: Do you have any ideas what the Oracle is talking about, eh?

Lindsay: I don't know. Beth, do you know?

Beth: He said that we can find the orb somewhere that has many arms, grows very fast & it's green.

Lindsay: Like a tree?

Beth: That's it, we'll find the Devil's Orb in a tree.

Ezekiel: But why would a tree grow fast?

Lindsay: A tree that grows fast? That would be nice to see a tree grows that fast

(With the Piraka)

Zaktan: It had to be a tree. Cause it's green & has many brances as the tree's arms.

Reidak: Right, but what kind of tree grows that fast?

Avak: Maybe my jaw can heal fast, because it still hurts so bad !

Vezok: Let's go find a tree that grows fast?

Hakann & Thok: (shrugs)

(With the Sonic Underground)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (thinking, until...) That's it! It's the Velocitree!

Sonia: The Velocitree is the fastest growing thing on Mobius.

Sonic: Yeah, let's do it !

(With Ed, Edd & Eddy)

Edd: It's definetly a tree

Eddy: That's it's, let's go find a tree that has that Orb.

Ed: Where Eddy?

Eddy: Let's just go Ed

Ed: Okie dokie, Eddy.

Edd: But Eddy, we don't what kind of tree.

(With Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie)

Spongebob: A tree that grows fast? What kind is that?

Twilight Sparkle: I don't know, but I think it's close by.

AppleJack: But where could that kind of tree be?

(Everyone, including the villains begins to search for every tree on Mobius)

(With Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler)

Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler: (notices the Hanging Gardens of Mobius with lots of Velocitrees Trees & other green plants)

Owen: Wow.

Cody: Whao. So this is the Hanging Gardens of Mobius that Sonic, Sonia & Manic we're talking about.

DJ: Yeah, this is beautiful.

Tyler: Yeah, but where's the Orb?

DJ: (notices the Devil's Orb on top of a Velocitree) Hey guys, there it is!

Cody: We've found it !

Owen: But how do we get it down?

Tyler: I'll get the orb down for us! (climbs up the Velocitree, trying to get the Orb down, but falls off) Ow! Don't worry, I got it this time! (tries to climb up for the 2nd time, but falls off as well) Ok, I'm gonna do this. One more time (tries again for the 3rd time & then grabs the orb) I got it ! (loses his balance) Whao, whao! (falls off the tree) AHHH!! (lands in the water, not knowing that the water is the Sonic Tonic, that Robotnik created out of the juice of the Velocitree)


Owen: You ok, Tyler?

Tyler: (emerges from the Sonic Tonic water) I'm ok. But I got the Orb!

Owen, DJ & Cody: (cheers)

Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler: (in singsong voices) We've found the Devil's Orb, We've found the Devil's Orb!

Owen: (kisses the Orb) (normal voice) All Star HQ, here we come!

DJ, Cody & Tyler: (normal voices) Yeah!

DJ: Hold on, what if there's someone trying to steal it?

Cody: We won't know for sure. Right now, I have an idea. (ties a piece of rope around Owen, DJ, Tyler & himself) There, now we'll be able to stick together so none of us would betray us.

DJ: I guess your right Cody

Owen: Yeah. Besides, what can possibly go wrong?

(Suddendly Sleet & Dingo appears still Serpentized)

Sleet: Thissss isssss

Cody: Note to self, never said that or else it's get even worse every time.

Owen: Sorry.

Sleet: (aims his shapeshift remote at Dingo)

Dingo: Oh no, not again

Sleet: (shapeshifts Dingo into a Lion) Get him Dingo

Dingo: (tackles Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler)

Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler: AAAHH!

Dingo: (grabs the Devil's Orb) I got it, Ssssleet, I got it !

Sleet: (turns Dingo back to normal) Let'ssss get outta here! We're getting even more sssserpent by the minute.

Sleet & Dingo: (runs off with the Orb)

Owen, DJ, Cody & Tyler: (got attacked)

Owen: That had to hurt.

DJ: Why?!

LeShawna: (runs by with Gwen & Trent) It's like your CUURRRSED, that's why! Now let's get that Orb back!

Cody: She's right, let's get that Orb back from Sleet & Dingo.

Owen & DJ: Yeah!

Cody: Tyler, how about you?

Tyler: (still dazed after the attack from Dingo as a lion) Why is the purple meatball playing the piano?

Cody: I'll take that as a yes.

Owen: But first I gotta go to the bathroom (goes inside the Outhouse) Uh, could you three look the other way please?

(With Lindsay, Beth & Ezekiel)

(Lindsay, Beth and Ezekiel walks by)

Lindsay: Oh, I just saw this pretty dress online.

Beth: Can I get one?

Lindsay: Oh gosh, no. (Ezekiel sees Sleet & Dingo the orb)

Ezekiel: But isn't that...?

Beth: Give us a little girl time here.

(They walk away. Next, Bridgette and Geoff arrive, making out in the bushes)

Eddy: (From close by with Ed & Edd) Okay, this is ridiculous!

Ed: (spots Sleet & Dingo with...) DEVIL'S ORB! (crashes into Sleet & Dingo)

Sleet & Dingo: Ouch!

Sleet: Get off me you Crocodile Idiot !

Ed: (grabs the orb with his crocodile mouth) Got it, Eddy.

Edd: Careful Ed, don't swallow it.

Eddy: (grabs the orb from Ed) We got it !

Edd: Let's go

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (makes a run for it)

Eddy: Let's get outta here before...

Kanker Sisters: (tackles the Eds)

Lee Kanker: Your girlfriends have finally arrived

Ed, Edd & Eddy: KANKERS!

Edd: Oh stop, please no!

Lee: How's about you give us the Devil's Orb right now as a present?

Eddy: No way!

Lee: Then let's skip with the presents & move on with the smoochin (the Kankers sister are about to kiss the 3 eds, until...)

Harold: (swipes the Orb away) Or better yet, snatch the orb back! (runs off up to a cliff & then stops) I got it Heather

May: Hey!

Marie: Give that back!

Heather: Good, now let's make a Hang Glider before...

Dr. Robotnik: (appears) I'm afraid not, you newbies!

Harold: We have names you know (makes a Hang Glider)

Heather: Not you again!

Dr. Robotnik: Hand over the Orb & the Hang-Glider before I throw you off the cliff !

Heather: (thinks & then grins mischievously) Ok, here (hands the Devil's Orb & a Hang Glider)

Harold: Heather, what are you...?

Heather: (winks at Harold, thinking that she has a plan)

Harold: Oh, I get it now

Dr. Robotnik: Well, well, it looks like your both defeated & given up. And It's time that I will rise! (flies away on a Hang Glider, but the Hang Glider breaks) Oh no (falls off a cliff) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! (his screams echos as he falls down)

Heather: See?

Harold: Dang, I guess it's not my best work either.

To Be Continued...