This is the 25th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) Some people have been orphans all along in their lives. The 6 Piraka learns that it takes a friend to show you the way

(We see our Heroes training back in the Sonic Underground's Hideout with the All Star Underground practicing their moves, Sonic practicing his super speed abilities, Sonia practicing her Sonia Spins & her acrobatics, Sonic, Sonia & Manic practicing their Instrument Weapon Attacks, Tails practicing his Tail Swipes at the Targets & Amy using her Piko Piko Hammer to smash the Targets into Pieces)

Spongebob: (spindashes at the Target)

Sonic: (strums his guitar, firing a Blue laser at the Targets)

Sonia: (transforms her Keyboard into a Laser Rifle & then fires Pink Lasers at the Targets)

Manic: (starts playing the drums)

Thok: (meditating) (hears the loud sound of a Cymbal that Manic played, causing his eyes to open up fast) (jumps up & starts attacking the Targets very fast with his Spindashes) (grabs Manic's Drumsticks)

Manic: Hey!

Thok: (drumming on the Targets, causing the Targets to broke to pieces) (tosses the Drumsticks back to Manic)

Manic: (catches his drumsticks)

Thok: (grabs Sonia's Keyboard)

Sonia: THOK!

Thok: (open fires at the Targets with Sonia's Keyboard & gives Sonia's Keyboard back to Sonia) (grabs Sonic's Guitar)

Sonic: What the?

Thok: (open fires at the targets with Sonic's Guitar & gives Sonic's Guitar back to Sonic) Here I go! (does a spin tornado, spreading the ice all over the floor, causing everyone to slip on the ice)

All (Except Thok): WHAO! (slips & falls on their backs)

Spongebob: Wow! Thok is super determined

Gwen: I don't know Spongebob, Thok is weird.

Heather: And it's not just him either

Eddy: The other Piraka are also wierd either

Patrick: They're creeping me out

Spongebob: Why'd you think that?

Edd: Remember the last time, one of the Piraka takes a shower?

(Flashback #1)

Eddy: (in the bathroom)

Vezok: (in the shower) (Singing) "Put your hands up! Put your, put your hands up!"

Eddy: (gets angry) DO YOU MIND?!

(End of Flashback #1)

(Flashback #2)

Squidward: And remember when we're watching a Love Movie last night?

Sonia, LeShawna, Courtney & Amy: (crying tears of joy while the love movie gets too emotional for the girls)

Hakann & Avak: (laughing hysterically)

Sonia, LeShawna, Courtney & Amy: (gets confused of Hakann & Avak)

(End of Flashback #2)

(Flashback #3)

Dudley: And don't forget about the last time that we've had lunch

Owen: (goes to the Fridge & opens up to reveal Reidak, Zaktan & Thok are inside the Fridge eating food) AHHH! HOLY BOLONY!!

Reidak: We're sorry, Zaktan, Thok & I ate the last of the daily meat

Zaktan: Yeah, sorry about that

Thok: (holds up a piece of Cheese) Cheese?

Owen: (Sighs)

(End of Flashback #3)

Spongebob: Don't worry, we're one big happy family. The Piraka are like brothers to us & we'll be treated together as a family. Even if we don't understand ourselves.

Sonic: Yeah. I guess your right


Edd: The mail's here! Oh boy! Mail ! (opens the door)

Mail Man: Alrighty then. We have a letter from Patrick's parents...

Patrick: (grabs their letters) Thanks

Mail Man: Spongebob & Sonic both each has 1 fan letter...

Spongebob & Sonic: (grabs their fan letters) Thanks

Mail Man: A Package for Manic & Ed

Manic: (grabs his & Ed's Package) Thank you

Mail Man: And another package for Edd (Gives Edd his Package)

Edd: Thank you

Mail Man: Have a nice day (closes the door)

Harold: Uh Piraka, how come we never heard of your parents?

Zaktan: We haven't.

Reidak: The Piraka & I have been orphans for all of our lives

LeShawna: Did the Piraka said that they're orphans?

Noah: I guess they did

Eva: Don't know...

Squidward: Don't care.

Edd: Anyways, it's time for Dinner

Ed: Yummy Dinner in my tummy

Spongebob: Ok then.

Avak: Can the Piraka & I make dinner this time?

Kitty: Oh alright

Manic: (opens up the package to reveal big meat) Here you go. Bon appiette

Ed: Oh boy, oh boy! (starts eating his big meat)

Manic: Mmm mmm, that's good eating bro.

(Meanwhile with the Hypnobrai)

(They are in the Forest to see that they're building a super sized Tree House Fortress except for Skales who is looking through Manic's Vision)

Hypnobrai Scout: I can't believe you hypnotised one of the members of the Sonic Underground, does the general know?

Skales: Of course he doesn't. He's been put under the control of Sleet & Dingo. That's why I am using Manic for my best intrests.

Slithraa: (appears in front of Slithraa) Everyone works while you two slack. As my second-in-command I suspect more from you Skales

Skales: Yes General. Uh General, I am confused about Sleet's & Dingo's Childish agenda. First, these 2 had released us, then Sonia won the Derby to win our Staff & your instructed your army to build this....playhouse for Sleet & Dingo?

Slithraa: (silent)

Skales: Snakes don't belong in trees, you know

Slithraa: You should know better than to judge my commands. I'll pretend that you didn't hear that from me, in the mean time we must follow Sleet's & Dingo's orders...

Sleet: Hmm, Dingo? Do you think this fortress needs more booby traps

Dingo: Ok Sleet

Sleet: General, we need more Booby that we can catch those Hedgehogs!

Slithraa: As you wish, Young Sleet & Dingo. (looks at Skales)

Skales: As you wish....General.

(Back with the Heroes)


Dudley: Oh boy, I can't wait for dinner.

Patrick: Me neither

Eddy: I wonder what kind of dinner is the Piraka making?

Owen: I'm not sure, but I'm starving

Spongebob: Me too

(The Piraka appears wearing pink aprons, gives them all delicious foods)

Thok: Dinner is served

(They all noticed the Piraka wearing pink aprons & tries their best not to laugh, but failed)

Zaktan: What's so funny?

Sonia: Are you wearing pink aprons? Even I can't wear that.

Heather: Me neither

Reidak: You laugh cause the Piraka & I are clean after cooking?

Duncan: No dude, we laugh because of those ridiculous outfits you wear.

Noah: Even I crack myself up because of you guys. Excellent

Courtney: Like this? (throws a bowl of mash potatos at Noah)

Noah: Hey!

All (Except the Piraka): (laughing)

Ed: Mmm Mash potatos

Avak: Uh, we don't get it

Corroder: Oh come on, how can you not find that funny, Piraka?

Sonic: (dumps a bowl of chilli on Corroder's Head)

Corroder: GAH !!

Sonic: Gotcha dude

Spongebob: Noah & Corroder, now your both even. And brothers.

Patrick: I like throwing food! (throws a Krabby Patty at Geoff)

Geoff: FOOD FIGHT !!

(Everyone begins to have a food fight with each other, with everyone laughing & having fun, while the Piraka watched on)


(Everyone are now sleeping with their full tummies after their dinner)

(The Piraka goes outside the van & then takes out the trash)

The Piraka: (takes off their aprons & puts them in the dumpster)

Hakann: Guys? I'm guessing that we've been acting wierd

Thok: Yeah I guess your right.

Zaktan: (notices Queen Aleena in her robes) Hey guys, look!

Reidak: Is that...Queen Aleena?

Queen Aleena: Follow me.

(Queen Aleena takes the Piraka into a Forest)

Zaktan: Where are you taking us, Queen Aleena?

Queen Aleena: It's Sleet & Dingo. Look (points to Sleet's & Dingo's Tree House Fortress)

Reidak: Oh my...!

(The Camera zooms out to see Sleet's & Dingo's Treehouse Fortress, still under construction)

(We see the Hypnobrai are still building Sleet's & Dingo's Treehouse Fortress)

Vezok: It's the Hypnobrai

Avak: And Sleet & Dingo.

Thok: Thank you Queen Aleena

Queen Aleena: (smiles) Your welcome.


(We see the Piraka [running on foot] taking the Sonic Underground, the All Star Underground, Tails & Amy Rose [who they are in the van] back to Sleet's & Dingo's Treehouse Fortress)

Tails: I wonder what they're taking us to?

Amy: I like to know also

Spongebob: Me too

Sonic: Not sure, but we'll have to find out ourselves

Zaktan: Stop!

(Everyone stops & then climbs out of the van)

Thok: We're here

Piraka: (points to the Treehouse Fortress)

Manic: Whao! It looks like an Awesome Treehouse

Avak: Don't forget who's side your on, cause that Fortress is made by Sleet, Dingo & the Hypnobrai

Manic: Oops, sorry.

Sonia: Who would follow you guys here in a place like this from Sleet, Dingo & the Hypnobrai? Ugh!

Reidak: It was Queen Aleena herself.

All: (gasps)

Vezok: She was here. (points to Queen Aleena's Initial on a tree)

Squidward: Oh ok. Are you sure it's not a Coo-Coo bird? (Many of the boys chuckles)

Hakann: Of course not.

Thok: We all know that Coo-Coo birds are not indiginous to these forests.

Eddy: Sheesh & I thought Double D is the smart one

Spongebob: Speaking of Smart, Double D what's the plan?

Edd: Well according to the looks on that Fortress, this place is supported by those 4 Trees (points to the trees that have ropes strapped to the tree & the treehouse fortress, keeping the treehouse fortress steady) If we take those ropes down...

Noah: The fortress will fall down like a house of cards.

Edd: Exactly

Ezekiel: But why would they make a house of cards, eh?

Owen: Exsqueeze me?

Alejandro: Forget about it guys, let's just stick to the plan

Spongebob: Let's use Stealth.

Sonic: Boring, I'll go very fast and...(prepares to go fast, but Zaktan stops him)

Zaktan: Spongebob is right. We must be very cautious for this mission.

Sonic: (sighs) Alright we'll use stealth this time, but I'm waiting.

Sierra: Okie dokie

Cody: (sighs) Come on

(Ours Heroes are using stealth to sneak into the TreeHouse with the Piraka, Hero Factory Villains & the T.U.F.F. Agents, Dudley & Kitty climbing up the trees. Ed, Edd & Eddy hides under the Elevator as it goes up & the others just used their stealth to climb the Treehouse Frotress)

Sleet: It's nearly finished. Now to test the traps. Dingo.

Dingo: No Sleet, I don't wanna...

Sleet: (uses the Shapeshift Remote to turn Dingo into a Wooden Mokujin Training Dummy) Sorry, but someone's gonna do it (stands Dingo straight up & activates the trap door, cause Dingo to fall down)


Sleet: The Trap Worked!

Dingo: (got hit by numerous of Floors) Aah! Ooh! Eeh! Ow! (crashes to the ground)


Sleet: All of the Traps are spring loaded & they're complete. (turns Dingo back to his normal self)

Dingo: (gets up from the ground & gets dizzy) Aww, I hate when it does that to me.

(Our Heroes makes it to the 4 High Platforms attached to the trees that are strapped with the Treehouse Fortress)

Edd: It's time

Eddy: Go for it, Ed !

Ed: Lunch Time! (chomps on the Rope, breaking it)

(The Treehouse Fortress begins to crumble slowly due to one of the Ropes being cut out. Some of the Hypnobrai Snakes started to fall off the Fortress & crashes to the ground)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Zaktan!

Zaktan: On it (cuts the 2nd rope with his Tri-Scissor)

(The Fortress begins to crumble even more)

Sonic: (activates the Medallion, turning it into his Electric Guitar) Time for this Fortress to crumble down town! (fires a blue laser at the 3rd Rope)

(The Fortress begins to crumble even faster)

Sleet: Whao! (notices the All Star Underground & the Sonic Underground) It's those Hedgehogs & the Newbies! GET THEM!!

Skales: Everyone, retreat !

(The Hypnobrai begins to retreat, ignoring Sleet's Orders while the Heroes gets on top of the Fortress)

Spongebob: Great job guys. Alright Manic, wait till we're off of this Fortress.

Manic: Got it Sponge Dude (prepares to cut the 4th & Final Rope)

Skales: (looks at Manic & points at him) You!

Manic: Huh?

Skales: You will obey my every command

Manic: (his eyes glowed red cause he's still has Skales' hypnotic mind control waves, due to being hypnotised by Skales earlier in the previous episode) I will obey your every command. (goes up to the Heroes)

Sonia: Manic! What are you doing?!

Manic: No one's going anywhere till you deal with ME!

Patrick: What's wrong with Manic? He's creepy

Thok: He's under their control

Sonic: Just like what happened to Robotnik?

Xplode: Yes

Spongebob: Guess that makes sence.

Edd: We betta hurry & get Manic out of his trance before his whole fortress will collapse in under 5 Minutes.

Dudley: Ok then. Let's go, Hi Gee Gee! (charges at Manic)

Manic: Must obey Skales (rams into Dudley)

Dudley: Ack! (got blown off the edge & grabs on the edge) Whao!

Kitty: Dudley! Hold on ! Spongebob, try to spindash Manic out of his trance

Spongebob: Got it Kitty. I'm sorry Manic, but it's gonna hurt me more than it's gonna hurt you. (spindashes at Manic)

Manic: (got hit) Ow !

Tyler: Did that work?

Manic: (gets up)

(The Camera zooms in Manic's Eyes to see that he's still Hypnotised & the camera cuts back to the heroes)

Noah: Wow, look at that. He's still hypnotised

Avak: I'll get him! This is for FREEDOM! (charges at the Hypnotised Manic)

Manic: Must stop Freedom Fighters for Skales! (grabs a Cinder Block & he hurls the cinder block at Avak nailing him in the mouth)

Avak: (falls to the ground) Ouchie! That'll hurt come morning.

All: AVAK!!!

Avak: (screaming in pain)

Tyler: Hey! You'll pay for hurting Avak like that! (charges at Manic) YAAAAAHH!!

Manic: (grabs Tyler & throws him off the Roof)


All: Tyler!

Lindsay: No!

Tyler: (grabs the Vine & swings it) WHAO!!! (lands on a lower level of the Fortress, but crashes) Man, that's a real safety hazard !

Geoff: Don't worry Tyler, we'll save you.

Tyler: Ok, but who's saving us? (points to Manic on the Platform)

Manic: (running on the vine & gets ready to cut the last Vine strap with his knife)

Sonic: Manic! Snap out of it bro!

Sonia: No Manic! Please don't!

Thunder: No Manic No!

(Manic was about to cut the vine, but suddendly we hear music coming from a flute & it was Lightrahk who was playing a sacred flute, while on top of the tallest tree)

(The Music from the Sacred Flute causes Manic to snap out of his trance, but unexpectly snaped out Robotnik's Trance as well)

Manic: Huh?

Dr. Robotnik: Wha?

Lightrahk: (leaves without another word)

Manic: What just happened? (hops back on the roof)

Spongebob: You we're hypnotised by Skales

Duncan: And you broke Avak's Jaw, just like what happen to Owen's Jaw back in Season 2 of Total Drama Action.

Manic: I did What?!?! (goes to Avak) Aw man, I'm so sorry Avak.

Avak: (still screaming in pain)

Ezekiel: Uh, aren't we forgetting something, eh?

Noah: Like what?

Dr. Robotnik: (escapes the Fortress & cuts the vine) (laughing)

Dudley: Like that?

Squidward: Uh....oh

(The Treehouse Fortress falls down along with the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground, knocking them all out cold)

Dr. Robotnik: Perfect !

Sleet: Oh uh welcome back sir

Dingo: Yeah welcome back

Dr. Robotnik: Get these Hedgehogs to their new cell.

Sleet: Yes sir

Dr. Robotnik: (sighs) Feels good to be back


(Our Heroes wake up inside a Submarine)

Spongebob: Where are we?

Patrick: Huh?

Sonic: I have no idea where we are

Sonia: Looks like we're in a submarine

Zaktan: But why?

(Suddendly the Alarm blares while the Red Alarm Light flashes on & off)

Justin: What's going on?

Beth: I don't know, but I feel comfortable in your arms.

Amy: (hugs Sonic) I don't know either, but at least we have each other, Sonic.

Sonic: (groans)

(With Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: (watching the Heroes in the Submarine) Bye bye, Hedgehogs & Newbies (pulls the level, releasing the Water into the sinking submarine, filling the Sub up with water)

Skales: (smirks at Robotnik, thinking that he has another trick up his sleeve)

(Back with the Heroes)

(The Heroes all noticed the Water filling up the sub)

Tails: Uh oh, that can't be good

Amy: It looks like Water.

Sonic: Aw come on! I hate water! (hops onto DJ's Shoulders)

DJ: Whao. Don't worry, I got you. But I can't swim either

Heather: The water is freezing

Patrick: I don't know, but it feels nice

Spongebob: You said it Patrick

Squidward: We used to live underwater.

Noah: I can see that

Izzy: Great, now let's get out of this death trap!

Gwen: Don't you know I hate small spaces? Cause I don't !

Reidak: Look, there's 2 Hatches. One on the top & the one on the bottom.

LeShawna: The bottom one is closer, so let's start there.

Kitty: AHH! WATER!! (jumps onto DJ's Arms)

Sonic: Don't tell me that your afraid of water too?

Kitty: I'm a Cat & cats hate water.

Sonic: Figures

Eva: Now what?

Geoff: Let's open the bottom hatch

Meltdown: Ok, but there's one problem. It's a Combination Lock!

HF Rotor: Aw man! Manic, we need your lock picking skills over here

Manic: (feels guilty about Avak's Broken Jaw) I can't. Because of me, Avak's Jaw is busted. I just wanna be left alone.

Vezok: Guys, we betta hurry. Good thing this might come in handy (holds up a paper filled with numbers for the Combination-Lock)

Harold: I'll try to open it.

Duncan: Yeah, uh, the waters' rising so get to it.

Harold: But I...

Duncan: Zip it, Harold Hood Weenie

Harold: Fine (tries to figure out the Combination Lock by using a Stethoscope)

Lindsay: (referring to the almost-underwater lock) How are we ever going to open it?

Beth: Guys, we'd better get to it quick before the water gets too high!

Justin: (takes combination from Izzy) I'll do it.

Lindsay: (takes combination from Justin) But I wanna do it!

(Both begin fighting for the paper, followed by Squidward, Eddy, Ed & Patrick)

Justin: Lindsay, just give me the paper, Lindsay! Lindsay!

Lindsay: I wanna do it, but I wanna do it, c'mon!

Squidward: Give it here, hey, give me that!

Eddy: Hey, hey, hey, give it back!

Ed: My turn, my turn. I got it, I got it !

Patrick: Whao, hold it, it's mine!

(Paper falls into the water)

Amy: Uh oh! Quick, somebody get it !

(Izzy picks up the paper, looks at the smudged ink, then growls and crumples it up)

Justin: So, come on, what are the numbers? Read them out.

Izzy: Ugh! I'm surrounded by loons!!

Squidward: Hey!

Patrick: Loons?

Justin: Where?

Lindsay: Oh, I love ducks!

Ed: Are they chickens?

(Izzy runs off in annoyance while Patrick, Ed, Lindsay and Justin continue to look for the "loons")

Sonia: (growls) Now what do we do? We're gonna drown in the Water !

Harold: (gasps for air as the water reaches the top of the lock) I need more time! What good would be if I have gills. Life can be so unfair

Avak: (gibberish)

Thok: I sence that this cannot be good. But let's try the Top one

Jetbug: How do we get there?

Tails: Hold on, I can fly up there & open the hatch & the ones that are good with flight, can carry the others out.

Drilldozer: Good idea

Raw Jaw: Yeah, let's do it !

Waspix: (flies up to the hatch along with Tails)

Tails: (notices 2 Hatches on the ceiling of the Sub) There's 2 hatches?

Waspix: I'll open the right one & you'll open the left.

Tails: Got it !

Izzy: (to the other Heroes) Soooo, uh... hmm. Anybody got any ideas?

Beth: (to Justin) My boyfriend used to do underwater photo shoots, and taught me how to hold my breath a really long time.

Justin: My agent totally wants me to learn that.

Beth: (gasps) Brady could teach you! (laughs hysterically) AHA HA, HA, HA! Then, I'd have you both to myself...

(Beth begins to daydream)

Zaktan: I've never heard of Beth having a boyfriend

Eddy: Me neither.

Sonia: Okay?

(Izzy finds Tails & Waspix finding two escape routes on the ceiling)

Izzy: Guys, they found something here. It might be a way out! (to Tails & Waspix) Pull you guys, c'mon!

Tails: Got it !

(Tails open the left hatch above him and a shark hovers over Tails & Tails immediately close the hatch)

Tails: (freaked out) No good, any other ideas? (flies back down)

Waspix: I got it! (opens the right hatch and flames hover over her head; she immediately closes the hatch) No, no good, any other ideas? (flies back down)

Fangz: Aw great! Now what?

Spongebob: We're trapped....again!

(With Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo)

Dr. Robotnik: Finally! I've finally got them trapped & those Hedgehogs & the Newbies will be out of the way forever! (evil laughter)

Skales: Just the Newbies & the Hedgehogs?! It's about time we did this!

Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo: Did what?

Skales: (pulls the level & Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo fell down through the trap door)

Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo: (screams as they fell through the trap door & slides down through the large tube that sends them down to the Sinking Sub that the heroes are in)

Skales: Now to get the Staff ! (leaves to get the Staff back)

(Back with the Heroes)

(The water now fills the sub up to 75% as Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo fell inside the sinking sub)

Dr. Robotnik: Oooooh! I hate that Snake! We gotta get ourselves outta there or else we'll get drowned too!!

Dingo: (Referring to a card game) Uh, Texas Hold' Em?

Dr. Robotnik: Dingo!! You're not hearing me!!!

Dingo: What? Gin Rummy?

Dr. Robotnik: GAH !!!

Sleet: Uh, sir?

Dr. Robotnik: WHAT!?!?

Sleet: (points to the heroes who we're angry at Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo)

Sonic: What's the big idea Robotnik?

Dr. Robotnik: It's Skales, he betrayed me!

Sonia: But where is Slithraa?

Sleet: We don't know where he is.

Dingo: But we're all gonna drown!

Sonic: And I can't swim underwater to get to the bottom lock & Manic won't even help because he still feels sorry for Avak

Sonia: (crying) And we'll never find mother when we'll all gonna drown in the water.

Spongebob: (suddendly remembers something) Underwater?! Mother?! I just remember something. Thanks to Queen Aleena's Magic, Patrick, Squidward & I can breathe in water & air.

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (gasps) Our mother helped you?

Spongebob: Yeah


Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: (sleeping)

Queen Aleena: (appears & then sprinkles her magic on Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward, causing them to breathe in underwater & air) Don't worry, you can breathe in Underwater & Air forever. That means you can visit on land anytime. (leaves with a smile on her face)

(End of Flashback)

Vezok: Wow. And I'm also a Piraka of Water, so maybe I can help too.

Spongebob: Come on guys, we gotta an underwater hatch to open.

Harold: Hold on, you'll need this (gives Spongebob a Stethoscope)

Spongebob: Thanks Harold. (dives in the water with Patrick & Vezok)

Squidward: Alright, I'll do it, but I won't like it. (dives in as well)

Eddy: Amazing! Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward & Vezok are gonna save the day!

Edd: Once the hatch is open, it'll drain the water out of the room...

Ed: And we're gonna live! (hugs everyone, much to Robotnik's & Sleet's Annoyence)

(The Song begins as Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward & Vezok breathes in Underwater & begins unlocking the underwater lock)

Sonic, Spongebob, Sonia & Manic: Don't be a backstabber

Patrick & Squidward: Cause words can come back to bite ya

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Don't be a bad rapper

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: Cause nobody's gonna like ya

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, HF Rotor: Buddy-buddy one day then they get the major dis

Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast: Don't you be two-faced, tell it like it is

Dudley & Kitty: Don't be a backstabber

Owen, Duncan, Harold & LeShawna: Don't be a backstabber

Gwen, Heather, Courtney, Katie & Sadie: Don't gossip 'bout somebody, try to tell the truth

Geoff, DJ, Lindsay, Beth & Bridgette: Cause they'll find out about it, come a-looking for you

Izzy, Trent, Cody & Tyler You wouldn't want somebody spreadin' rumors 'bout you

Justin, Noah & Ezekiel: Makin' up stories without any clues

Alejandro & Tails: Don't you be the bearer of bad news

Sierra & Amy: When it comes to your friends, mind your business

Sonic & Spongebob: I'll tell you what to do

(Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward & Vezok finally opens the hatch & signals everyone to follow them & swims through the Bottom Hatch along with everyone, escaping the Sinking Submarine)

Eva: Don't be a backstabber

Spongebob, Sonic, Sonia & Manic: Cause words can come back to bite ya

Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: Don't be a bad rapper

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok:Cause nobody's gonna like ya

Owen, Duncan & Harold: Don't, don't, don't ya

Spongebob, Sonic, Sonia & Manic: Don't ya be a backstabber

(The Song ends as everyone emerges from the sea & rests on the shore with Sonia carrying Avak with her incredible strength & then she puts Avak down gently)

Spongebob: Phew, made it.

Sonic: And just in time. Come on, let's go back & fix Avak's Jaw.

Zaktan: Right, let's go

Ed: Hello? Where did every-villain go?

Eddy: Huh? (notices that Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo) They're gone!

Edd: Are you sure this is wise to let Robotnik go?

Manic: I guess so

Sonia: Don't worry, he'll be back

Avak: (still feeling the pain from his broken jaw) Ow!

Zaktan: We betta get going. The Piraka & I got something to show you. I think you'll all be pleased

(The Piraka takes the heroes to the van, which is now in front of a super large base. And it's just like the Resistance Mobile Base from "Bakugan: New Vestrora")

All Star HQ (Base Mode)

Zaktan: Everyone. Our new home

All: Wow! (they're all amazed of what the Piraka had found)

Reidak: This New Base can change into Base Mode & Vehicle Mode, either Land Mode, Sea Mode or Air Mode.

Vezok: But we can still use the van for shorter & narrower transportation.

Sonic: Great idea guys. Let's go

(Our heroes except Spongebob & the Piraka enters inside the van & then they drive the van inside their new base)

Spongebob: Piraka, I am super proud of you. Someday, we will find your family

Thok: But we already found one

Avak: Yeah, Ow!

Spongebob: I guess there's more to you than meets the eye

Zaktan: Thanks Spongebob. By the way, could one of us Piraka become the All Star Warrior?

Spongebob: I don't know, it's too early to tell. But it's in your path, you'll know. Come on, let's quickly fix Avak's Jaw. Cause it would be ashame for them to eat those delicious krabby patties.

Hakann: Alright then. I'm starving

(Spongebob & the Piraka returns to the van which is now inside of their new base)

(Back in the Hypnobrai Tomb)

Slithraa: ENOUGH! I am the General, you return my staff at once!

Skales: (holding the Hypnobrai Staff) No.

Slithraa: You dare challenge my command?!

Hypnobrai Tribe: (chanting) Slither Pit! Slither Pit! Slither Pit! Slither Pit!

Skales: I guess we have to fight for it. In...THE SLITHER PIT!

Hypnobrai Tribe: (cheers)

Slithraa & Skales: (steps in the arena of the Hypnobrai Slither Pit)

Skales: (hands the Slowness Staff to a Hypnobrai Soldier)

Hypnobrai Soldier: (on the balcony) Winner takes the staff, and leads the tribe! You know the rules, there are none. But in the Slither Pit, whatever I say goes.

Slithraa & Skales: (nods)

Hypnobrai Soldier: Alright, FIGHT!

Slithraa & Skales: (engaged in a battle against each other)

(Skales tries to punch Slithraa, but Slithraa grabs Skales' Wrist. Then Slithraa tries to punch Skales, but Skales counter attacks Slithraa back)

(The Hypnobrai didn't noticed Sleet & Dingo sneaking inside the tomb)

Sleet: (whispers) Now then, keep quiet Dingo or else it's on your head

Dingo: (whispers) Oh ok then. What's on my head?

Sleet: (whispers) Never mind (tip toes to a hole where the Hypnobrai keeps the Map hidden)

Hypnobrai Soldier: Two Weapons!

(The Weapons appears & both Slithraa & Skales picks their 2nd weapon with Slithraa picking the Pick-Axe & the Shield & Skales picking 2 Swords)

Skales: (stomps his feet making an Earthquake, just like what Manic did with his Drums, causing Icicles to fall off the Ceiling)

Slithraa: (shields himself from the Icicles)

Hypnobrai Soldier: Side Wonder! (pulls the lever & it makes the Stage of the Slither Pit tilt a little bit)

Slithraa & Skales: (wobbles a bit, but still stands)

Sleet: (steals the map from the Hypnobrai) (whispers) Let's out of here. Hey, isn't that Manic's Drum Earthquake attack? Oh well. (notices the 4th Piece of the Staff: The Thick Piece with the claw that'll holds the final piece: the devil's orb)

(Sleet & Dingo escapes, not knowing the battle between Slithraa & Skales)

Slithraa: (tries to hypnotise Skales)

Skales: (notices this & then counter attacks Slithraa with Sonic's Spindash at his face)

Slithraa: (shakes his head)

Skales: (keeps on attacking Slithraa with his Staff & his Sword)

Slithraa: (keeps on blocking the attacks of Skales)

Sleet: Robotnik, we got the map & for some weird reason, Skales & Slithraa are in a battle with each other

Dingo: And why did Skales copy Sonic's Spindash?

Dr. Robotnik: What? I wanna watch this. Slithraa will stop that Traitor

Skales: (shakes his whole body side to side like a snake)

Slithraa: Huh?

Skales: Time to twirl & swirl (does Sonia's Sonia spin on Slithraa, causing Slithraa to get sucked in the Sonia Spin) YAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! (high kicks Slithraa at his chin)

Slithraa: EUGH! (been blown away by the Sonia Spin & the High Kick coming from Skales)

Dr. Robotnik: Is that...Sonia's Super Spin?!

Dingo: (sighs happily) Sonia & her Sonia Spin.

Sleet: Dingo, snap out of it already!

Dr. Robotnik: No! It can't be! Slithraa, get up!

Slithraa: (tries to get up, but fails)

Hypnobrai Soldier: We have our winner! (raises Skales Arm)

Hypnobrai Tribe: (cheers)

Hypnobrai Soldier: (hands the Hypnobrai Staff to Skales)

(Suddendly Skales begins to change into his new General Snake form, while Slithraa begins to change into his new Warrior Snake form.)

(Skales loses his legs & grew his tail, meaning the Skales appears in his General Form)

(Slithraa loses his tail & grew his legs, meaning that Slithraa appears in his Warrior Form)

Hypnobrai Tribe: (cheers for Skales) (chanting "Skales")

Dr. Robotnik: (gasps in horror as Skales is now the new general of the Hypnobrai)

Skales: You will be loyal to me now!

Slithraa: I will do as you command.

Dr. Robotnik: No!

Plankton: (appears again) Hello there Robotnik, enjoying my new client, Skales? Good

Dr. Robotnik: Why you one eyed rascal I'll...!

Skales: Sleet! Dingo! And Robotnik! Leave & never return!

Dr. Robotnik: Gah!

Plankton: You heard what Skales said. Get out of here!

(Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo begins to leave the tomb, having the Map & the 4th Piece)

Skales: Plankton, looks like this is gonna be the start of a new friendship

Sleet: At least we've escaped with the 4th piece of the evil staff, right?

Dr. Robotnik: (sighs as he, Sleet & Dingo leaves with Sleet & Dingo very confused about Robotnik's unusual behavior)

(Back with the Heroes)

(The Heroes are fixing Avak's Jaws)

Spongebob: Guys, do you think that we will find the 4th piece of the Evil Staff?

Edd: I'm not sure

Patrick: What now?

Spongebob: Maybe someday that there are other universes out there.

Sonic: What do you mean?

Zaktan: Yeah what do you mean?

Spongebob: Are there other people from different universes out there? And what's their purpose on life? I'm not sure if they are. But I have you guys as my new family

Dudley: Aw thanks Spongebob

Spongebob: Your welcome, anything for a friend

Xplode: Yeah, I guess we'll find out soon enough

Manic: Yeah, your right & I'm sorry about earlier

Gwen: I think Avak can manage the pain

Avak: (his broken jaw is wired shut) (mixes soda and chips in a blender) Hey! You dropped your chips in my pop! Hey! You spilled your pop in my chips. (laughing insanely & then drinks the Soda / Chips from a blender cup, through a straw)

Sonia: Ew!

Kitty: Seriously?!

Owen: What? It's the best option we have left.

Spongebob: It's proberbly the pain meds

The End

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