This is the 24th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk, Kurahk, Mindy Latour, Slittera, Skales & Lightrahk

(Special Guest Stars: John Novak as Slithraa, Ian James Corlett as Skales & Paul Dobson as Lightrahk)


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) The Rahkshi: they are the Sons of the Makuta. With them joining in Plankton's Empire, my children will never give up & always find a way to stop them

(We see the Rahkshi back at the Makuta's Old Lair where they are created & the Rahkshi repairing their armor)


Gurahk: (sighs) At least we have each other

Lerahk: Yeah, 6 Rahkshi. 5 Males & 1 Female which is Guurahk, cause she's the only Female here

Panrahk: What should we do now boss?

Turahk: I....don't know

Vorahk: But your the man with the plan, Turahk

Kurahk: Yeah

Turahk: Not anymore, the Toa got us. We're trapped on a Deserted Island. And now everyone is on Bara Magna & we're the only ones stuck on a Small Deserted Island on Aqua Magna!

Guurahk: I see your point, would you like a Coconut, sir?

Turahk: And I HATE COCONUTS! I CAN'T STAND COCONUTS!! I CAN'T EVEN EAT COCONUTS!!! (banging his head on the wall repeatedly)

Lerahk: Uhhh, I'll take that as a no

Panrahk: Hey guys, I think I saw something shiny (points to the Portal)

Vorahk: I still don't get it, are you sure it's safe?

Turahk: Let's find out

Kurahk: Ok

(The Rahkshi goes through the Portal & find themselves in the Nexus)

Guurahk: Where are we boss?

Turahk: Don't know, but let's keep looking

(The Rahkshi looks around to find about Thousands of Portals to different locations in different universes & 1 Giant one that leads to Mobius which is the Giant Portal to Mobius & they chose to go through the Giant Portal)

Turahk: Where the heck are we?

(They landed in Robotropolis)

Guurahk: Ew, that is one creepy place......I like it

Lerahk: Just like the Rahkshi order

Panrahk: So what should we do now boss?

Turahk: Looks like we're going like Gangsters & rob some money.

Rahkshi: YEAH !

(They head out to steal the money from the people of Robotropolis)

Turahk: Ok, nobody move. We're the Rahkshi & we don't play nice around here, so give me all your money or I'm gonna blow your heads off !

(The Citizens gulped in fear & gives all of their Money to the Rahkshi)

Turahk: Now that's more like it !

Vorahk: Now that's what I call a Robbery

Kurahk: And shiny coins

Guurahk: (holding up a shiny gem) Mmm & jewels that are a Girls' prized posession

Turahk: Come on, let's go clean up the rest of the town

(So the Rahkshi starts stealing gold from the Mobians)


(15 Minutes later)

Turahk: Phew, let's see how many we have

(The Rahkshi checked & they stole about 655 Gold Coins)

Lerahk: Yep, yep. Everything's in order

Panrahk: But it's still not enough

Vorahk: He's right, there should be about 2000 Gold Coins. What gives?

Kurahk: (points to a TV Screen with Robotnik on it) Maybe he knows what happen to all the gold

Turahk: Huh? Who's that?

Dr. Robotnik: (On TV Screen) Hear ye, citizens of Robotropolis. Be informed that tomorrow I, the great Robotnik will be collecting the Gold Coins from the Bank so I can build more Swatbots to destr...I mean protect you from the resistance. And remember, I collect all the gold from the bank once a month

(The TV Screen turns off itself)

Turahk: So that's it ! He's stealing our job. And he said that there's a bank in this town (puts his hand on the wall & leans on it) We gotta find a Bank so that we can steal the gold away from this Robotnik Guy, preventing him from stealing our job

(The Rahkshi didn't listen to Turahk because he spotted something behind him)

Turahk: Guys? What are you looking at? (turns to see that the wall he's leaning on is a Wall to the Robotropolis Bank) Oh I see. Come on boys, we got gold to rob!

(The Rahkshi burst through the Entrance wielding their Staffs)

Turahk: Everybody freeze! (blasts the Citizens with his Staff of Fear, shooting a Red Beam at the Citizens, making them 100% Scared) Now, give us all your money, NOW!

(The Citizens gives the Rahkshi all of their Money from the Bank)

Guurahk: Wow, 3845 Coins. Now that's more like it

Lerahk: Let's see, 655 + 3845 = 4400 Coins.

Panrahk: Wow, look at all this fat stack of cash. Maybe I'll pay off Big Louie, or maybe Little Louie too

Vorahk: Can you please focus, Panrahk?

Panrahk: Sorry

Kurahk: Where would we rob next?

Turahk: That mansion over there ! (points to Bartlby's Mansion)

Guurahk: But first, let's find our own ride

Turahk: (notices 6 Harley Motorcycles) And I believe I've found some

(Later we see the Rahkshi rides off to Bartlby's Mansion with Turahk riding the Red one with Golden parts & Engine, Guurahk riding the Blue one with Pink Parts, Lerahk riding the Green One with Light Green Parts, Panrahk riding the Brown one with Orange Parts, Vorahk riding the Black one with Dark Grey & Kurahk riding the White One with Silver Parts)

Lerahk: WHOO HOO!

Panrahk: YEE-HAW!

Vorahk: WHEEEE!

Kurahk: This is fun

Turahk: (grins) Of course it is fun...being the robbers that is.

(With Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: What do you mean "The Money is stolen"?

Sleet: (chuckles nerously) We got a footage that those 6 new creatures that have robbed the bank

Dr. Robotnik: Whoever they are I must destroy them!

Dingo: What about the Hedgehogs?

Dr. Robotnik: Never mind them for now. They stole the Money so that they can stop us from building more Swatbots.

Sleet: Hmm, Aha! (points to the Footage with the 6 Rahkshi robbing the Bank & leaves on their Harley Motorcycles) They're not Hedgehogs or Machines. (checks the info of the 6 Rahkshi & found their Info) They're...(gasps) the Rahkshi !

Dr. Robotnik: Wait, you mean THE Rahkshi? The Makuta's Sons that Plankton mentioned before?

Sleet: Yes.

Dr. Robotnik: (sighs) Swatbots find those Rahkshi at once!

(But there's no respond because all of the Swabots are destroyed)

Sleet: I'm afraid the Swatbots are destroyed by the Rahkshi

Dr. Robotnik: Now tell me, I want you & Dingo to find them & (yells) DESTROY THEM!

Sleet: Us, by ourselves?

Dingo: But why? And what about Roboticizing them?

Dr. Robotnik: Your the only ones left & the Rahkshi are already Robots you dunderhead, now you two stop those Monsters or so help me I roboticize the both of you!

Sleet & Dingo: (Salutes) Yes sir ! (runs off)

Dr. Robotnik: The Hedgehogs & those Newbies will have to wait.


(At the Van)

Sonic: So can you tell us what's going on here?

Spongebob: Plankton got the 2nd Piece of the Evil Staff, the Thin Piece. We have the First Piece of the Evil Staff, the Tip Piece.

Sonia: If we wanna stop Plankton's Plan on taking all 5 Pieces then we could've taken all 5 of them.

Zaktan: Yeah, but they'll gone beserk trying to get the piece back from us.

Patrick: What piece?

Squidward: (sighs) I'm surrounded by Morons.

Edd: We need to get the 3rd Piece before Plankton or Robotnik will

Eddy: Your lucky that you didn't get hurt.

Ed: We're cool like Cabbages guys.

Reidak: Looks like there's a Robbery coming from there (points to the Robotropolis Bank)

Manic: Whao, we betta check it out

Vezok: And have Swatbots catches us like Flys, no way.

Avak: Hmm, we betta steer clear until all of the Swatbots are gone.

Thok: That's definetly a good idea.

Owen: (notices the Swatbots are gone) All Clear.

Duncan: Now then, don't make a sound.

Harold: Gotcha.

(The Sonic Underground, the All Star Underground, Tails & Amy goes over to the Bank & finds that the Bank is been robbed)

Tails: It appears that the Robbers are here.

Amy: But who are those Robbers?

(We see a Bank Manager inside a Bank, looking scared)

Xplode: Hello?

Sonic: Are you ok, Mister? What happen?

Bank Manager: 6 Scary Bank Robbers that has Spikes on their Backs & they robbed the Robotropolis Bank & rode off on the Motorcycles they stole.

Zaktan: Wait a minute, do they have Double-Bladed Staffs?

Bank Manager: Yes they do.

Zaktan: Rahkshi

Sonia: You know them? How?

Reidak: It's very hard to explain, but all we know is we know them a long time ago.

Sonic: Anyways, let's follow their MotorCycle trail & find out where'd they've gone.

Dudley: (sniffs) Motorcycles, tires & Rich Clothing (Points like a dog, pointing at Bartlby's Mansion)

Manic: Is that...?

Sonic: Yep, Bartlby's Mansion

Sonia: Those Rahkshi are after Bartlby's Fortune.

Manic: They are like Bank Robbers, dude.

Kitty: And you we're a theif from before?

Manic: What? Not anymore, sort of.

Spongebob: Anyways, let's move !


(They arrived at Bartlby's Mansion & it was a big mess all over again)

Edd: Oh my goodness!

Eddy: Wow, now that's a total deja vu

Bartlby: (wakes up) (groans) Those 6 Beasts have tooken all my cash. Ooh, those Monstrous Machines (notices the All Star Underground & Sonic Underground) Oh!

Owen: Hi there.

Ed: Hullo.

Sonia: Bartlby.

Bartlby: Oh, it's you guys again. The last time I saw you, I've been trapped by that Giant Monster named....uhhhh?

Avak: Edzilla?

Bartlby: Yes & the beast is no longer than that Green Crocodile name Ed.

Ed: I like being a Crocodile guys.

Duncan: Anyways, let's cut the chitter chatter & tell us what happen here?

Bartlby: Those 6 Monsters bursts through my door & then trashes my whole house & stolen all my gold.

Spongebob: Sure sounds like the Rahkshi to me

Harold: Yeah & what a horrible thing to do.

Owen: We gotta go stop them & fast.

Spongebob: Quick, which way did the Rahkshi have gone?

Bartlby: They went that way (points to the direction to where the Rahkshi are going)

Zaktan: Thanks !

(Our Heroes goes back in the van & drives off to find the Rahkshi, leaving Bartlby behind)

Bartlby: Wait, is someone gonna clean up this mess? (but they already left) Never mind, I'll clean it myself.

(He didn't noticed that a Grey Robotic Rahkshi called a "Mecha Rahkshi" is watching him & the heroes)

(Back with the Rahkshi)

(They're inside they're new lair inside the Cave with the Red Smoke)

Turahk: (watching through the moniter) Hmmm

Guurahk: Looks like those heroes are on the move.

Lerahk: Yeah & they need to be taught a lesson, right boss?

Turahk: Right. Anyways, we've tricked them into thinking that we've gone that way by using our new Robotic Creations

Panrahk: Yeah, the Mecha Rahkshi plan worked

Vorahk: A Mission well done boss.

Kurahk: Where would our Mecha Rahkshi go?

Turahk: (grins) La-Tour's Secret Base, which is now not a secret anymore, thanks to us & our robot creations


(Back with the Heroes)

Spongebob: Do you have any idea what the Rahkshi are up too?

Sonic: Not sure, but we betta keep looking.

Owen: I think they've gone that way, or was it this way?

(We see that there are Rahkshi Footprints everywhere in random directions)

Eddy: AAAHH! I just don't know !

Edd: Oh this can't be good

Ed: Gravy

(The Mechanical Rahkshi Army appear & starts attack the Van)

All: Whao!

Justin: Not in the face, not in the face !

Dudley: The Rahkshi are back, but why are they grey?

Gwen: Uh, I think they're Mechanical Rahkshi Prototypes

Sonic: Let's fight back !

All: YEAH !

Spongebob: Let's go !

Amy: Right (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer)

Sonic: (activates his Medallion, turning it into a Electric Guitar) (open fires at the Mechancal Rahkshi destroying them)

Spongebob: (spindashes at the Mechanical Rahkshi)

Ed, Edd, Eddy: (attacks the Mechanical Rahkshi with Ed attacking with his Crocodile Jaw & Eddy with his Bee Stinger & Edd just fighting hand-to-hand combot)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (open fires their Zamor Sphere Launchers at the Mechanical Rahkshi)

Owen: (smashes the Mechanical Rahkshi) Wow, this is easier than I thought

Duncan: Too easy, look (points to a Second Squad of Mechanical Rahkshi)

Heather: Oh great, now what?

Tyler: I don't know

Mecha Rahkshi: (grabs Tyler)

Tyler: Hey ! Put me down !

Sonia: (activates her Medallion turning it into a Keyboard) Look out ! (open fires at the Mecha Rahkshi, freeing Tyler)

Tyler: Thanks

Sonia: No problem

Manic: (activates his Medallion, turning it into a Drum Set & starts druming, firing Green Lasers at destroying the Mecha Rahkshi)

(500 More Robotic Mecha Rahkshi appears out of nowhere)

Zaktan: Whao, there's too many of them

Dudley: We betta do something or we're toast, litterally !

Ed: Eye Spy with my little eye, something that glows green. (points to the Green Light in the distance)

Eddy: What's that?

(Then they noticed that Green Glow coming towards them is one of the Rhotuka Spinners coming straight for them, but it hit all of the Mecha Rahkshi instead)

Reidak: Where did that come from?

Lindsay: What?

Beth: Maybe it was her (points to a Female Fox Warrior in a Black Suit, a black Helmet & a black mask, wielding a Rhotuka Spinner Launcher)

Female Fox Warrior: (Deep Male Voice) Halt ! Stop right there.

Owen: AHH! Get behind me !

(Everyone gets behind Owen, except Sonia)

Sonia: (notices a Familliar Fox Tail on the Female Fox Warrior) Wait a minute.

Owen: Stay back, I'm warning you. I'm a bear !

Female Fox Warrior: (pulls out her Large Sword)

Dudley: Whao! That sword looks big!

Female Fox Warrior: (Deep Male Voice) Now then, who are you? Are you a spy for Robotnik?

Spongebob: No, no, no, no. We're not

Xplode: Who me?

Drilldozer: We're not...!

Sonia: WAIT !

All: Huh?

Sonia: I know her from anywhere. Leave this to me (goes up to the Female Fox Warrior)

Female Fox Warrior: (Deep Male Voice) Sonia? Is that you?

Patrick: Ahh! He knows Sonia!

Waspix: Wait, what?

Spongebob: Wait a minute. What's Sonia doing?

Scorpio: Not sure

Sonia: (to Female Fox Warrior) Are you alright?

LeShawna: Why is Sonia asking that warrior?

Squidward: I have no idea

(The Female Fox Warrior tooks off her Helmet & Mask to reveal that she is Mindy LaTour)

Ezekiel: Uh who is she, eh?

Sonia: Mindy !

Mindy: Sonia !

Sonia & Mindy: Group Hug! (hugs each other)

Duncan: (to Mindy) Hello, beautiful

Courtney: GRRR! (tackles Duncan)

Duncan: (chuckles) Gnarly

Courtney: UGH!

Mindy: What's up with her?

Gwen: You mean Courtney? She's in love with Duncan.

Courtney: Hey !

Mindy: So like, who are you guys?

Spongebob: I want you to introduce you to the gang later, right now we're here to stop the Rahkshi

Sonic: We're not the only ones that are stopping the Rahkshi. Look (points to the Swatbots marching far away) Looks like Robotnik is trying to find them

Owen: But why?

Harold: That even I don't know

Sonia: Mindy do you know anything about the Rahkshi?

Mindy: Yes, they begun their attack & my daddy & I we're lucky to get out of there alive.

Vezok: But how did you able to use a Rhotuka Spinner Launcher like that?

Mindy: It's a long story.

(We can hear MotorCycles Engines)

Alejandro: Look ! (points to the Rahkshi stopping their motocycles & hopping them off with grins on their faces)

(The Rahkshi are coming towards our heroes in a fast pace)

Turahk: Alright, get the lead out! Move it, would ya? Move it !

Spongebob: (screams) It's the Rahkshi !

Sonic: Let's juice !

Mindy: Quick, hide !

Sonic: Huh? Why?

Mindy: You'll find out later. Now quick, hide !

(Everyone goes back inside the Van)

Sonic: Shouldn't we fight back

Thok: Remember when Kurahk used his staff of Anger on Toa Tahu? We don't wanna be in the same problem now do we?

Manic: Whao, mondo uncool

Eddy: You can say that again


(The Knock comes from the Van's Door & it's the Rahkshi coming from the outside of the van)

Turahk: Open up in the name of the Rahkshi !

Gwen: Now that we're inside the van, what are we going to do?

Dudley: I have no idea what to do

Spongebob: There must be a way, but what?

Turahk: Don't make us play rough, Latour. We just want the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground.

Spongebob: What are we gonna do, Guys? What are we gonna do, Guys? What are we gonna do?

Vezok: What's all this "we" stuff? They just want us, not Latour

Mindy: Wait, I think I had an idea, but first I'll get back to my Freedom Fighter Clothing

Sonic: Oh brother

(We can see the Rahkshi able to burst through the door)

Vorahk: (notices the Van had suddendly become empty) Uh there no where in sight, sir

Lerahk: Looks like they gave us the slip, huh boss?

Turahk: Nah. Mindy Latour's got them stashed somewhere.

Guurahk: Hmm, they must be hiding somewhere inside this van

Panrahk: But where?

Turahk: (notices Mindy washing the Dishes) Hold it right there

(Turahk spots Mindy washing the dishes in her Normal Freedom Fighter Uniform

Mindy: (washing the Dishes) Oh hello there, I didn't here you come in

Turahk: (goes up to Mindy) Okay, wise-guy. Where's the Sonic Underground & All Star Underground?

Mindy: Haven't seen them.

Turahk; [sniffs suspiciously at the sink which is filled with water] What's in there?

Mindy: [holds up a dirty plate out of the water] My dirty dishes.

Turahk: [yelps, winces, and covers his nose]

Mindy: I have to do my chores you know

Turahk: I see Latour (goes back to the Rahkshi)

(Suddendly Spongebob pops out of the water)

Spongebob: Is he gone?

Turahk: (quickly turns around) Huh?

Mindy: No, get down please! (pushes Spongebob back in the Sink filled with water) (turns her head to Turahk with a nervous smile on her face) (giggles nervously)

Turahk: Hmm...Search the place boys & leave no stone unturn

Kurahk: Yes boss.

(Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk starts searching in the Throne Room)

(They didn't know that the Piraka & Ponies are hiding from them in different places like in the pillows, under the seats, under the cusions of the seat, in the closet & even Owen is hanging onto the ceiling)

Turahk: (goes up to Mindy) Look Latour, We got a reliable tipoff that those Freedom Fighters are here & they're conrengated by serveral others. So cut that crazy countout, woman.

Mindy: If you keep talking like that, like I'm gonna wash your mouth off ! (puts a bars of Soap into Turahk's Mouth, making them lose their balance & fall down the stairs back to the main room of the van)

Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: (notices Turahk with the bar of soap in his mouth, spewing out bubbles, causing them to laugh at Turahk nonstop cruelly & madly)

Guurahk: (giggles at bit)

Turahk: Stop that laughing! (Spits the bar of soap at Vorahk, knocking him off his feet & crashes onto the Shades)

Vorahk: Ow, sir.

Lerahk, Panrahk & Kurahk: (laughs even harder)

Turahk: STOP THAT LAUGHING! You know what happens if you can't...(slams Kurahk in the head with his staff, making him stop as well)...stop...(slams Lerahk in the head with his staff, making him stop also)...laughing?!

Panrahk: (still laughing)

Turahk: (pulls out a Plunger & throws it at Panrahk, making his Mouth got covered in the Suction part of the Plunger making him stop laughing) One of these days, your Kraata's gonna die laugh (goes up to Mindy) As for you Mindy Latour, step out of line & we'll hang you & your laundry out to dry (splashes the water a little bit) (chuckles & then goes back to the Rahkshi) Come on boys let's amscray

(The Rahkshi leaves the van & hops on back on their motocycles & rides off)

Mindy: Ok, they're gone. You can come out now

(Everyone comes out from hiding & Owen let go of the ceiling, causing him to fall to the ground)

Owen: OW, that smarts!

Spongebob: Thanks Mindy for saving us, how can we ever repay you? (kisses Mindy)

Mindy: (chuckles) Well for starters, please don't ever kiss me again

Spongebob: Sorry.

(With Sleet & Dingo)

(We see Sleet & Dingo in the middle of the snow)

Sleet: I can't believe that we're lost. We're out here ordered to find the rahkshi & the next thing we know, we're here?

Dingo: Brrrrr! Do you have a Snow Coat I can wear, because it's freezing out here!

Sleet: (sighs) Am I gonna give you one or am I gonna turn you into a Polar Bear so that you can resist the cold

Dingo: Uh....

Sleet: (holds up his shapeshift remote) Times up (aims the remote at Dingo & turns him into a Polar Bear)

Dingo: Ahh, much better (trips) Whao ! (falls on his belly) I think I tripped on something hard.

Sleet: Well what is it? Snow is not hard...if you count the ice that is.

Dingo: (notices something made of stone underneath it) There's something underneath the snow

Sleet: Then dig you idiot !

Dingo: Right (digs the snow out)

Sleet: (Turns Dingo back to normal) What's there?

Dingo: A Door made of stone

Sleet: Wait a minute, that's an Ancient Tomb you knuckle head

Dingo: Wait, what's a tomb again?

Sleet: (notices a tomb stone of the Hypnobrai) Hmm, is it me or is that Mark look familliar?

Dingo: What? Do they have to color in later?

Sleet: Oh great. Maybe Robotnik knows about this tomb. Dingo, whatever you do, don't open the...

Dingo: (tries to open the tomb & he did sucessfully) What'd you say, Sleet?

Sleet: Never mind.

(Suddendly Sleet & Dingo spots Dr. Robotnik inside his Red Scorpion shaped Tank)

Dingo: It's our boss

Dr. Robotnik: (comes out of the Tank) Well? Do you find anything to stop those Rahkshi?

Sleet: We found a tomb sir.

Dr. Robotnik: A Tomb? That's it?!

Sleet: Yes sir

Dingo: And there's a mark on it.

Dr. Robotnik: (notices an opened tomb door shape) Wait a minute, that's a Snake Symbol, you idiots! I'm gonna...(slips on ice & accidently slides inside the Hypnobrai Tomb) Whao! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (Stops sliding) (gets up) Ow. (looks around) Where am I?

(The inside of the tomb is entirely made of ice)

????: (from the background) You shouldn't have come here to our Serpentine Tomb, otherwise you'll be a slave... (appears in front of Robotnik, appearing to be Slithraa) to the Hypnobrai.

Dr. Robotnik: (gulps)

Slithraa: Look into my eyes (using hypnosis on Robotnik) Give up your mind

Dr. Robotnik: (got hypnotised by Slithraa) Uhhhhhhhhh

Sleet: Ahh!

Dingo: Maybe I've shouldn't open the tomb

Slithraa: Your turn. (tries to use hypnosis on Sleet & Dingo) I will control you

Sleet & Dingo: (both backed away)

Dingo: (trips) WHAO! (falls onto Sleet) Oof!

(With Dingo falls on Sleet, the Hypnotic beams bounce back from the Ice, reflecting the beam back on Slithraa causing him to be hypnotised himself)

Slithraa: Huh?

Sleet: Dingo, get off of me!

Dingo: (gets off of Sleet) Sorry.

Sleet: Dingo, why must you be very clumsy. I'm gonna...

Slithraa Your wish is my command, your worships

Sleet & Dingo: Worship?

Dingo: You mean, as in king?

Slithraa: No, as in masters.

Dr. Robotnik: (hypnotised) Yes, what will have me, Masters Sleet & Dingo

Sleet: (to Dingo) Did you see that?

Dingo: Yeah, how?

Sleet: Robotnik doesn't need us anymore and who know what happens to people he doesn't need.

Dingo: AH? No, what?

Sleet: He robotize them, where have you been? Its time for us to act. It's time for us to take Robotnik's Place as ruler

Dingo: Ok, but I won't wear a girly costume.

Sleet: Come on you fleet paradise.

Slithraa: What you'll have us do masters?

Dingo: Us?

(Suddendly, about 500 Hypnobrai snakes slowly appears out of nowhere, some are Scouts, some are Soldiers & some are Warriors)

Sleet: Dingo, looks like we are gonna rule an empire after all

Sleet & Dingo: (evil laughter)


(Meanwhile on the Floating Island)

Knuckles: (meditating)

(Suddendly Knuckles saw a Vision of the Hypnobrai escaping from their Tomb)

Knuckles: Oh no!

(At the Oracle's Lair)

Oracle: (meditating)

(Suddendly the Oracle saw the same Vision that Knuckles saw)

Oracle: (opens his eyes) They returned.

Knuckles: (arrives in the Oracle's Cave) Oracle, I had some bad news

Oracle: The Serpentine has returned

Knuckles: But? How did you know?

Oracle: Cause I know the Legend of the Sacred Circle from Lightrahk.

Knuckles: Who's LightRahk?

Oracle: The First Sacred Circle Master's Son. And Darkrahk's Younger Brother

Knuckles: Lightrahk & Darkrahk. Are those the names of the Rahkshi?

Oracle: The Two different Rahkshi of Gaia.

Knuckles: Gaia?!

Oracle: Light & Dark. The Two Sons of the Sacred Circle Master, YinYangrahk.

Knuckles: We betta warn the others.

Oracle: There are coming this way to the tomb right now.

(Meanwhile with the Heroes)

(We see the Sonic Underground, the All Star Underground & Mindy arriving at an open tomb in the van)

Manic: Yo, are we there yet, or are we lost?

Sonic: Relax, I know these mountains like the back of my hand!

Spongebob: Are you sure that I can drive? Please?

[They hit something]

Patrick: Hello?

Ed: Who's there?

Manic: Like the back of your hand, huh?

Sonia: What did you hit?

[We see that the van has hit a Large Hypnobrai Soldier, getting it really angry!]

Eddy: ACK!

Thok: Like that?

Sonic: Oh boy...

Edd: Oh my goodness is that a Snake?

Reidak: That's the Hypnobrai.

Avak: And man that one is Large

Sonia: Sonic Hedgehog you are SO in trouble!

Sonic: Now what?

Zaktan: The Serpentine are back & they are here to cause mass chaos!

Dudley: Whao, those dudes are scary

Sleet & Dingo: (appears)

Sleet: Creepy, isn't it?

Slithraa: (appears) Your out of your mind, traveling alone in the snow, little ones

Sonic: Whao! Hello Ugly!

Slithraa: Slithraa, leader of the Hynpobrai Tribe of the Serpentine

Harold: Hypnobrai Tribe?

Ezekiel: What's that?

Skales: (appears besides Slithraa, holding a Hypnotised Robotnik) It's one of the Ancient Snake Tribe which the good people of Ninjago locked up in these Incidious Tombs!

Patrick: Robotnik!

Squidward: Wait, why is he looking wierd?

Kitty: Not sure, but I had a bad feeling about this.

Slithraa: And it's time that the Serpentine Tribes return the favor (hypnotises the Citizens in a nearby town in the snow)

Sonia: And I thought the Rahkshi we're bad, look at the way their ride on those MotorCycles. They like they're in a Biker Gang. Yuck!

(Suddenly the 6 Original Rahkshi appeared on their MotorCycles)

Turahk: We heard that!

LeShawna: It's them!

Sonia: Ahh!

Slithraa: The Original Rahkshi? Looks like we finally meet at last.

Turahk: I told you, we don't wanna be in your Tribe. The Original Rahkshi are going by ourselves.

Guurahk: That's right & we do whatever we want. Besides, we have this (holds up the 3rd Piece of the Evil Staff: The Medium Piece)

Spongebob: (gasps) The 3rd Piece of the Evil Staff !

Lerahk: If you really want it, then you have to go through us!

Sonia: SLITHRAA !! (goes up to the Rahkshi & Slithraa) I've got a proposition for you.

Slithraa: Oh yeah, what?

Sonia: A Motorcycle Race! (Sonic, Manic & the All Star Freedom Fighters doubt Sonia) If we win, you Slithraa will bring me your Staff & Turahk you'll bring me the 3rd Piece of the Evil Staff.

Turahk: Ha ha! Are you kidding me? You don't stand a chance.

Eddy: You're the one that doesn't have a chance, you giant wormsack!

Hypnobrai Tribe: (chants) Demolition Derby! Demolition Derby! Demolition Derby! Demolition Derby!

Slithraa: Fine, but this is no ordinary race, we'll race in...the Demolition Derby!

Hypnobrai: (cheers)

Dingo: Demolition Derby?

Sleet: Quiet Dingo!

Spongebob: Is there any rules?

Slithraa: They're we'ren't any. But in the Demolition Derby & the Slither Pit, whatever someone in the Serpentine Tribe, goes. The rules, there's only one in the Demolition Derby. Winner's get the Loser's Ride.

Sonia: Accepted !

Slithraa: Since the 6 Rahkshi & I are racing & there could be a max of 8, so which one of you is it gonna be then?

Sonia: I'm in !

Sonic: Say what?!

Skales: I don't understand, we've been released by those 2 Bounty Hunters to kill the Hedgehogs? And not the others?

Slithraa: You will do as my command ! Cause I hold the Staff ! (holds up his Serpentine Staff)

Manic: Sonia, are you serious? You'll lose your bike to those Hypnobrai!

Sonia: Don't worry, I got this

Edd: And why do I get the feeling Sonia's acting like Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah, I wonder what she looks like when she's older if my sister acts like me?

Eddy: That you looked like an idiot and how could she've let a hunk like me get away. [Avak snickers]

Slithraa: Sonia, your ride will soon be mine !

Sonia: Not if I win this race. (brings out her Pink Motorbike) Bring it on

Gwen: This could be bad

Thok: How bad?

Alejandro: (sighs) 3, 2, 1...and it's here.

Slithraa: Good thing the Serpentine one of these each thanks to the Rahkshi (brings out his Harley Motorcycle Hot Rod, which is Blue with Golden Flame Decals & it has Golden MotorCycle Parts)

(Slithraa's Hot Rod has an Upgraded Motorcycle Engine, it has Golden Hot Rod Exhaust Pipes are much more bigger, stronger than the original Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes, Brand new Carbon fiber handle, Titanium Motorcycle Body that is painted blue with Golden Flame Decals and it has a Yellow Form-fitting Silicone Grips & Seat. Snailrahk's MotorCycle Hot Rod is upgraded to an Ultimate Racing Machine.)

(The Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground are shocked to see Slithraa's MotorCycle has a massive advantage over Sonia's Motorbike)

Noah: Two words, "We're dead"

(Camera cuts to Sonia, Slithraa, Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk on their MotorCycles behind the starting line, getting ready to race)

Spongebob: Good luck Sonia.

Sonia: Thanks. By the way, would you like to ride with me, just in case?

Spongebob: Uh, Mr. Slithraa sir, um do you think it's best that Sonia wants me to race with her on her Bike?

Slithraa: As you wish, Young Sonia. Skales, bring Spongebob to Sonia's Vehicle

Skales: But sir...

Slithraa: THAT'S AN ORDER!

Skales: (sighs) As you wish....General (picks up Spongebob & puts him on the bike behind Sonia)

Sonic: I wonder why they been called the Hypnobrai?

Skales: You'll find out soon enough.

(A Hypnobrai Soldier appears)

Hypnobrai Soldier: Winner gets the loser's ride! You know the rules, there are none. But in the Demolition Derby & in the Slither Pit, whatever I say goes. Start your engines!

Sonia: (revs up her Motorbike)

Slithraa: (revs up his Motorcycle)

Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: (revs up their Motorcycles)

Sonia: Hold on Tight Spongebob, cause we're going for a bumpy ride

Spongebob: (holding onto Sonia around her waist) (gulps) Ok Sonia

Hypnobrai Soldier: Alright then...RACE & FIGHT !

(Sonia, Slithraa, Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk had begun racing when the Green Light is on, while Spongebob is holding onto Sonia)

Spongebob: (holding onto Sonia really tight) Whao!

(We see that Sonia, Slithraa & the Original 6 Rahkshi are neck-in-neck, but Sonia & Slithraa manages to be ahead of the racers)

Reidak: Uh question? What does he mean by Race & Fight?

Hypnobrai Soldier: 2 Gunners!

(Suddendly 2 Guns appears on each Motorbike, except for Sonia's Bike)

Owen: I think that's why

Sonic: Sis, look out !

Sonia: Huh? (notices the Rahkshi getting ready to fire) Not good. Hold on!

(The Rahkshi tries to open fire at Sonia' Bike, but Sonia was too fast for them)

Spongebob: Wheeeeee! (laughs)

Sonia: This is intense.

Slithraa: (catches up to Sonia) Soon your ride will be mine!

Sonia: I don't think so (turns her Medallion into a Keyboard) Spongebob you fire the Rahkshi out of their Vehicles.

Spongebob: Okie dokie then. By the way, how do you fire this thing? (accidently shoots a large number of lasers at the Rahkshi, damaging their vehicles except for Slithraa's Vehicle) Wow. (notices the Keyboard is fusing with Sonia's Bike) Oh my

Sonia: What's going on back there?

Spongebob: Uh, your keyboard must've fused with the Bike

Sonia: Fused? What do you mean? (notices the Engine inside her Bike roars even louder) What the?

Spongebob: What's that?

(Suddendly Sonia's Bike begins to upgrade itself just like Slithraa's Bike only with the Same Body as Sonia's Bike.)

Slithraa: (gasps) Sonia's Royal Hedgehog Medallion...She had unlocked her Instrument's True Potential

Sonia: Wow!

Spongebob: What just happened?

Sonia: I don't know, but I'm taking this Upgrade for a Test Drive !

(The Song Begins as Sonia & Spongebob continues racing on Sonia's Bike against Slithraa, Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk)

Spongebob: Come on, run away

You don't have to stay

We're nearly out of time

But you're doin' fine

(Kurahk got hit by Sonia's Blast from her Keyboard)

Owen: So stay on track

And don't look back

Tails: Just feel the pace

Amy: Come on now race

(Kurahk hops on Turahk's Motorcycle)

Sonic Underground & All Star Underground: Everybody's Super Sonic Racing

Sonic: Try to keep your feet right on the ground

Spongebob: When you're Super Sonic Racing

Eddy: There's no time to look around

Spongebob: We're just Super Sonic Racing

Zaktan: Runnin' to the point of no return

Spongebob:Everybody's Super Sonic Racing

Hakkan: Come on, let the fires burn

(Vorahk got hit by Sonia's Blast from her Keyboard)

Gwen, Xplode & Reidak: Everybody, everybody, everybody...

Heather, Meltdown & Edd: Everybody, everybody, everybody...

LeShawna, Thunder & Ed: Everybody, everybody, everybody...

Geoff & Bridgette: Everybody... Everybody!

(Vorahk hops on Turahk's Motorcycle as well)

Spongebob: Everybody's Super Sonic Racing

Vezok: Try to keep your feet right on the ground

Spongebob: When you're Super Sonic Racing

Ezekiel: There's no time to look around

Spongebob: We're just Super Sonic Racing, Super Sonic Racing

Duncan: Runnin' to the point of no return

Spongebob: Everybody's Super Sonic Racing

Harold: Come on, let the fires burn (Spongebob: Let's go!)

(Slithraa, Turahk & Guurahk catches up to Sonia & Spongebob)

Sonia: Don't you know

We really have to go

To a place

Where you can feel my heart just race

(Sonia plays her Keyboard, making a Pink Fog, blinding Lerahk & Panrahk)

(Patrick: Oh... yeah...)

(Spongebob: Let's go!) Spongebob: Everybody's Super Sonic Racing

Manic, Trent, Cody & Justin: Try to keep your feet right on the ground

Spongebob: When you're Super Sonic Racing

Katie & Sadie: There's no time to look around

(Spongebob: Let's go!) Spongebob: We're just Super Sonic Racing (Squidward: Super Sonic Racing)

Thok & Noah: Runnin' to the point of no return

Spongebob: Everybody's Super Sonic Racing

Hakann & Avak: Come on, let the fires burn (Let's go!)

(Lerahk & Panrahk hops on Turahk's Motorcycle)

Tyler, Izzy & Beth: Everybody, everybody, everybody...

Lindsay, DJ & Corroder: Everybody, everybody, everybody... (Eva: Let's go!)

Spongebob: Super Sonic Racing

HF Rotor, Courtney & Alejandro: Everybody, everybody, everybody...

Sierra: Oh, yeah... (Spongebob: Let's go!)

Spongebob: Oh... yeah...

Patrick: Oh... yea-eah...

All: Super Sonic Racing (Spongebob: Let's go!)

(Skales notices the actions from Sonia & Spongebob & then Skales looks unimpressed as he gets closer to the All Star Underground & the Sonic Underground)

Waspix: Come on, yeah...

Come on, yeah...

Raw Jaw: Come on, come on (Amy: Let's go!)

Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast: Everybody, everybody, everybody...

Fangz: Yeah, everybody... (Spongebob: Let's go!)

(Sonia & Spongebob notices that Slithraa is behind them & Turahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk, who they're on Turahk's Motorcycle is about to ram into Sonia's Bike)

Dudley & Kitty: Super Sonic Racing

Oh, yeah...

Spongebob: Super Sonic Racing (Spongebob: Let's go!)

All: Oh, yeah...

Everybody, everybody...

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Spongebob & Tails: Let's go!

[The Song Fades out]

(The Song ends as Sonia & Spongebob notices Slithraa & the Rahkshi got them cornered)

Sonia & Spongebob: AHHHHH!!

(Sonia's Keyboard defuses with Sonia's Bike, turning her bike back to normal)

Sonia: The Upgrade! It's gone

Rahkshi: (laughing)

Slithraa: Looks like your ride will be mine!

Turahk: Not if I won it

Guurahk: (notices something in the sky) Uh guys?

????: Hold onto my Staff

Spongebob: Who's there?

Sonia: Alright then.

Lerahk: [In reference to Back To The Future] I'm gonna ram 'em

Sonia & Spongebob: (holds on to Sonia's Bike with one hand & holds onto ????'s Light Staff with their other hands)

(???? carries Sonia, Spongebob & Sonia's Bike on his Light Nimbus Cloud & carries them away)

Spongebob: I'm getting too scared for this!

Slithraa & the Rahkshi: (notices each other & screams as they try to slam the breaks, but they're too late as they crash into each other)


Guurahk: (groans) That hurt !

Turahk: Tell me about it

Slithraa: (notices Sonia & Spongebob had crossed the Finish Line) (gasps)

Sleet: Sonia & Spongebob both won the race!

Hypnobrai Soldier: We have our 2 winners!

Sonic, Manic, Tails, Amy & the All Star Underground: (cheers for Sonia & Spongebob)

Tails:: Yeah! Way to go guys!

Amy: You did it !

Sonic: Way past cool !

(They all notice Skales behind them)

Manic: Hey! What are you...?

Skales: Look...into my eyes (hypnotises Manic) I control you

Manic: (his eyes glow red, meaning that he's hypnotised) You...control...

Sonia: MANIC!

Manic: (snaps out of Skales' Trance) Sonia?

Sonia: Let's get outta here!

Owen: Right, let's get outta here !

Zaktan & Reidak: Ok!

Spongebob: (spreading the Anti-Venom on the citizens, turning them back to normal) There, now that we have the Staff. Let's get our butts outta here

Patrick: But Spongebob, our butts still attached to our bodies

Edd: What he means is that we need to get outta here

Patrick: I don't get it

(Our heroes escape in the Van, away from the Hypnobrai)

Turahk: (still holding his 3rd Piece of the Evil Staff) I never listen to rules anyway. Let's get outta here.

(The Original 6 Rahkshi escapes with the 3rd Piece)

Slithraa: Everyone, return to the tomb

(The Hypnobrai plus Sleet, Dingo & the Hypnotised Robotnik retreats back inside their Tomb)

(We see ??? is watching the Van escape & the Hypnobrai goes back inside their tomb)

(??? appears to be Lightrahk. He has a White Body with Golden Limbs)

Lightrahk: It appears that they are on the verge on discovering their true potential.

Knuckles & the Oracle: (appears)

Oracle: It appears that a great evil has been released once again

Knuckles: So what do we do now?

Lightrahk: We must protect the All Star Underground, they are the Chosen Ones (walks away)

Knuckles: (sighs) I guess so

Oracle: When the time is right, they'll know

Lightrahk: (spots Queen Aleena in her robe) (nods)

Queen Aleena: (nods)

Oracle: (gives the scroll to Lightrahk) This is for only the Crossovers to see

Lightrahk: I will give them the Scroll they want to hear. (leaves)

Queen Aleena: Lightrahk, someday we will bring peace to Mobius

(Back with the Heroes)

Sonic: (notices a Scroll from Queen Aleena) Hey guys, it's a Scroll from Queen Aleena & it's for the All Star Underground only.

Spongebob: Do you mind?

Sonic: We don't mind (sits on the front seat with Sonia & Manic)

Owen: I wonder what's it says?

Spongebob: It's says "Part 2 of the Profercy to become the Council of 4"

Eddy: Wait a minute, is there a Part 2?

Gwen: I guess so.

Harold: Look (points to a painted picture of a Golden Warrior) Who is that?

Spongebob: Not sure, but let's read it.

Patrick: Okay

Squidward: Fine

Thok: It says "Once Queen Aleena & her children are reunited again when the time is right, they became the Council of 4, as the key into unlocking the true chosen one's powers"

All: Whao

Thok: "With the power of the Hedgehog Medallions, Queen Aleena's magic & the Council of 4 themselves, One Crossover will rise above the others & become the All Star Warrior, the warrior destined to defeat Robotnik' "

All: (all talking in amazement)

Spongebob: Hold on, do this profercy mean "Us"? One of us? As the All Star Warrior?

Edd: I'm afraid so

Ed: Oh boy oh boy!

Zaktan: Did Sonic, Sonia & Manic heard that?

Meltdown: I guess they didn't

Mindy: Oh wow. I never knew one of you guys could be the All Star Warrior

Drilldozer: Yeah, I guess so.

Spongebob: Ok we're done

Sonic: Alright then.

Nitroblast: Uh, Sonia? What are you gonna do with the Original Rahkshi's Motorcycles?

Sonia: Don't worry, I'll leave them alone for now. Even these Rahkshi are a bunch of challenged spineheads, we still came out on top. (winks)

Eddy: Ok, now that's cleared out of the way, do you even know whatever happen to the 3RD PIECE & SLEET & DINGO?!

(Back in the Hynpobrai Tomb)

Sleet: (angry) I don't care how long it takes & it doesn't matter if we tear down the whole village! I WANT THOSE HEDGEHOGS!!!!!

Slithraa: The Cunning one seems to be in a rage, but he & his partner has saved

Skales: Don't you see? Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo are not one of us

Slithraa: I may not have the Staff ! But I'm still your General, STAND DOWN!

Skales: (sighs) (walks away from Slithraa)

Plankton: (appears) Greetings. I see that you've began to be a more coward than I thought. We all know that Slithraa & Robotnik are both in under Sleet's & Dingo's Control & you still do nothing? What gives?

(The Camera zooms into Skales Eye very slowly as Skales speaks)

Skales: Now's not the time my friend. I still hold the key to destroying the Sonic Underground & the All Star Underground. And once I do that, they we'll see that it'll be I who shall be in their control (evil Laughter)

(Skales's Evil Laughter continues as the Camera changes to Manic's View to see that the heroes & Mindy are chilling out in the Van & then the camera zooms out from Manic to see he is still under Skales' Hypnosis)

Manic: (his eyes glows red & then his eyes went back to normal)

To Be Continued...

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