This is the 23rd Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) We all have weaknesses inside ourselves sometimes, but using the enemies weakness against them, could be a very strong advantage

(We see the Sonic Underground, the All Star Underground, Tails & Amy Rose discussing about the Evil Staff)

Spongebob: We need to find out what's this Evil Staff is for & how do we destroy it? Owen you have the map, what do you think we should do? (notices that Owen is lying down on the ground) Owen?

Owen: (still stuffed from the Swatbots he ate) (groans)

Sonia: He's still suffering from all the Swatbots he ate

Owen: How long do you think I would have my hunger back?

Manic: I'd say about 12 Hours

Sonic: Yep

Owen: 12 Hours?! (screams and falls on the ground)

Edd: Ohh, poor Owen

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatever

Ed: (his stomach growls) I'm hungry

Zaktan: Come on, let's get some chow, I'm starving

Reidak: How about Pizza?

Sonic: I could go myself for a chilly dog, but a Pizza will have to do

Waspix: Let's order the Pizza!

Fangz: Mmmmm Pizza

(30 Minutes Later)

(They open the door to see a Pizza Man)

Pizza Man: Pizza Delivery for the Sonic Underground

Spongebob: (carries the Boxes of Pizza inside) Thanks (closes the door)

Sonic: (opens the Pizza Boxes revealing delicious Pizza) Mmmm Mondo delicious

Dudley: Mmm, Pizza! (starts eating the Pizza) Hey Owen, would you like some Pizza?

Owen: (groans) No Pizza for me Dudley, I think I'll just have this nice bowl of prunes. (everyone gasps) What?

LeShawna: I love pizza, but me and dairy do not agree, and, brother, you do not wanna be around for that.

Sonia: Sorry, but I'm too healthy to eat the pizza, girlfriend. I'm trying to be fit to be way better looking, girlfriend

Hakann: Ok, no pizza for Owen, LeShawna & Sonia, more pizza for the rest of us

Raw Jaw: Yummy!

(Everyone except Owen, Sonia & LeShawna eats the pizza)

Izzy & Fangz: (eating the Pizza likes Dogs)

(With Sleet)

(We can only see his Shadow)

Sleet: (notices the Pizza Man) Did you bring them the Pizza with a "Special" Flavour?

(We can see both Sleet's & the Pizza Man's Shadow)

Pizza Man: (Dingo's Voice) Yeah I did, Sleet !

Sleet: Perfect (turns the Pizza Man back to Dingo with his Shapeshift Remote)

Sleet & Dingo: (laughing evily)


(In the Morning)

Spongebob: Morning guys, it's mission time

Sonic: Yeah, Cyrus is sending us on a mission today

Patrick: Oh boy! Can we have a Krabby Patty?

Eddy: (groans) (gives Patrick a Krabby Patty)

Patrick: (eats it) Mmm yummy

Sonic: (turns on the TV Communicator)

Cyrus: (appears in the Screen) Hello there. Robotnik is up to no good. He's preparing an Ambush back at Robotropolis. If we can plan an Ambush like they do, it's like fighting fire with fire

Sonic: When the Swatbots get bored, they come to us & then we ambush those Swatbots

Spongebob: That's Genius!

Vezok: Yeah

Dudley: Let's go!

Cyrus: Good luck guys (turns off communicator)

(With the Heroes)

(Our heroes goes to Robotropolis to plan an Ambush inside Robotnik's Base)

Ed: It reminds of the time where we made the Giant Pancake

Eddy: We never made a Giant Pancake

Ed: (yells happily at Eddy) RIGHT!

Eddy: Ow

Edd: Oh my

Manic: Let's activate our Medallions & then we'll blast the Swatbots with our Medallions

Sonic: Good Idea bro

Sonia: Nice

LeShawna: I'm still subspeices about the Pizza

Duncan: Don't worry LeShawna, it's just fine

(The Swatbots appears preparing an ambush for the Heroes, but they're one step ahead of them)

Sonic: Ready Medallions

Sonia & Manic: Ready!

Kitty: I hope this works

Sonic: Activate!

(Sonic, Sonia & Manic activates their Medallions, firing Laser Beams, destroying the Swatbots)

Sonic: We did it ! We've stopped the Swatbots' Trap!

Izzy: Ah! It's so exciting I can't take it!

(Izzy bites Owen on the arm)

Owen: Oww! (Smiles and laughs) Hubba hubba!

Patrick: Ow, can I try?

Izzy: (spots Patrick's Big Red Spot on his arm) Ewww! What's this icky sore?....

Patrick: Where? I can't see it

Izzy: (feels Patrick's forehead) and you're burning up! Just like my passionate soul!

Kitty: Is Patrick ok?

Patrick: (burps a lemony burp, making Kitty faint)

Dudley: Wait, Sores, Fever, Lemony Burps? Now what does that seem familliar?

Beth: It's Mortatistical Crumples Disease & it's fatal.

Heather: (scared) Not only it's fatal, it's highly contagious!

Sonic: I don't get it. How did this happened?

(With Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: (grins) All acording to plan


(Everyone is in Robotnik's Quarintine Room in the Throne Room)

Duncan: Somehow Patrick has caught a fatal disease, but how?

Patrick: HELP ME!

Spongebob: Quick into a Quarintine Bubble!


(Beth has already blows up the quarantine bubble for Patrick)

Beth: Quick, get inside!

(Reidak, LeShawna, Dudley & Manic lifts Patrick up & pushes him inside the Quarintine Bubble)

Patrick: Oof! Ouch!

Sonia: (horrified as she saw DJ's & Reidak's Sore on their Right Arms) I saw another Sore on DJ & Reidak!

DJ: There's gotta be a Mistake!

Reidak: What do we do?

(DJ & Reidak got inside their Quarintine Bubbles by Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok)

Patrick: I gotta go to the bathroom, where's the Exit?

Kitty: There isn't one!

Patrick: Uh oh! I'm getting claustrophobic

Lindsay: Is that another symptom?

(Patrick the beings to roll around in the bubble, claiming he wants to get out.)

Patrick: Whao! Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!

Harold: We betta check to make sure none of us are infected by the Mortatistical Crumples Disease. The symptoms of "Mortatistical Crumples Disease" which are explosive diarrhea...

(which, once he says it, sends Lindsay, Ezekiel, Noah, Dudley, Jetbug, HF Rotor, Thok, Fangz, Ed & Cody running into the port-o-potty inside the room)

Lindsay: Oh no

Harold: Itchy lips (after which Justin, Squidward, Reidak, Eddy, Manic, Xplode, Drilldozer, Tyler, Alejandro, Geoff & Bridgette begins to feel like their lips are on fire, and they become inflamed as he itches them)

Justin: My lips, they're on fire!

Eddy: AHH! My lips are burning!


Harold: Sudden hot flashes (which Beth, Sonic, Amy, Hakann, Trent, Eva, Meltdown, Katie, Sadie, Thunder, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Nitroblast, Sierra & Kitty is shown currently experiencing)

Sonic: Phew, is it mondo hot here or is it me?

Beth: Can someone get a glass of water?

Harold: Seasickness

(which then has Heather, Vezok, Courtney, Gwen & Scorpio throwing up offscreen)

Vezok: I think I'm gonna be sick

Harold: Speaking in tongues

(which, after he says such Izzy, Avak & Tails is shown speaking in gibberish)

Harold: And temporary blindness. (Looks at everyone & notices no one gets temporary blindness) No one? Oh thank goodness (crashes in to Izzy by accident, causing him to believe that he is suddenly blind) I'M BLINDED! I CAN'T SEE!

(Spongebob, Sonia, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna notices everyone is sick)

Spongebob: What do we do now?

Zaktan: Ok, what the heck is going on? This is messed up! We gotta do something

Duncan: Have you noticed we're the only ones that didn't get infected with the disease?

Sonia: Strange.

Owen: I'm still stuffed

Spongebob: We have to find a cure or else everyone's a goner!

Zaktan: We need to find the source of this disease and it must be from outside.

Duncan: The only problem is that Robotnik sealed off the only exit.

Sonia: Not the only one- (points to the Ladder & a door on the ceiling

(Spongebob Sonia, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna turned around and saw a ladder and a door on the ceiling.)

Zaktan: Eh, I'm not a huge fan of heights.

Duncan: Me neither

LeShawna: Well I'm not a huge fan of dying

Sonia: Me neither

Zaktan: You got a point there

Sonic: (panting) Good luck Sonia

Sonia: Thanks Sonic

(Spongebob, Sonia, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna climbed out of the door on the ceiling of the Quarintine Room and jumped off the ceiling which is a long way down & landed on the floor & they are still inside the Throne Room)

Sonia: I'll check the plans that Robotnik made, you check the lab

Spongebob: Right !.

(Spongebob, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna checks into the Lab while Sonia looks through Robotnik's Plans)

Sonia: (gasps) Oh my gosh! Robotnik is trying to make our friends sick, I gotta warn the others!

(The Song Starts)

Sonia: When there’s trouble you don’t wanna face

You disappear without a trace

You run and hide your head in the sand

Spongebob: But if you wanna be a winner someday

Gotta learn to chase the wolf away

Gonna have to get involved, don’t cha understand

Sonia, Spongebob, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna: You’re part of the problem

If you’re not helpin’ solve them

LeShawna: Stand up and show ‘em what you’ve got

Owen: Be part of the solution

No reason for losin’

Just be sure you’re not

Duncan: Part of the problem

Part of the problem

Sonia & Spongebob: You’re part of the problem

If you’re not helpin’ solve them

Zaktan: Stand up and show ‘em what you’ve got

Sonia & Spongebob:

Be part of the solution

No reason for losin’

Just be sure you’re not

Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna: Part of the problem

Part of the problem

Sonia & Spongebob: Be sure you’re not

Sonia, Spongebob, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna: Part of the problem!

(The Song ends as Sonia, Spongebob, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna all meet)

Sonia: I think I know the Problem

Spongebob: We know too

(With Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: (sighs) It sure is nice to see those Hedgehogs looking sick

Dingo: (holding 3 Boxes with Pizzas inside) Hey guys, I found some Pizza

Sleet: Hmmm, it is lunch time

Dr. Robotnik: Very well, what kind of pizzas are those? (takes a piece of pizza & eats it) Mmm, say this pizza is delicious

(Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo eat the pizza)

Sleet: What does it taste like?

Dingo: I don't know. But it makes me r,r,rattled (felt the vibration & speaking in gibberish while his eyes are spinning around)

Sleet: Huh? Wait a minute (checks the Pizza & it says "Plankton's Super Pizza") "Plankton's Super Pizza"?

Dr. Robotnik: What?!

Plankton & his generals of the Plankton Empire from different universes appears in the throne room)

Plankton: How do you like my Pizza? To much sickness?

Dr. Robotnik: I thought we had a deal?

Plankton: I'm just like you Robotnik when I came along to Robotropolis

Dr. Robotnik: (his stomach grumbles) Oh no! AHHHHH! (runs to the bathroom) Mother of Mercy!

Sleet: My Lips are burning! (his lips are inflamed & his lips itches) AHHHH!

Dr. Robotnik: (comes out of the Bathroom & has sudden hot flashes & sea sickness) (throws up in the bathroom offscreen) I'll crush you Plankton!

Plankton: (opens up a Pizza box to reveal the 2nd piece of the Evil Staff: The Thin Part) Spongebob & his new friends may have the Tip Piece of the Evil Staff, but me & my Empire have the Thin Piece. Come on boys, let's amscray (he leaves with the Plankton Empire)

Dr. Robotnik: (sweating) The Evil Staff? What's that?

Sleet: It says that the Evil Staff holds the Devil Gene inside it

Dr. Robotnik: If I had that, I could be more powerful than ever (evil laughter, but stops when his stomach grumbles) Not again (goes into the bathroom again)

Sleet: (got temperory blindness & bumps into Dingo) Ahhh! Help! I can't see!

Spongebob, Sonia, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna: (appears)

Spongebob: Whao, what happened here? Do they need a Doctor or something?

Sonia: (sighs) Looks like Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo must've accidently eat their own pizza

Zaktan: (checks the Pizza Box) Or Plankton made the Pizza & gives them to Robotnik & betrays him as well.

Duncan: (notices the Plankton Empire retreating with the Thin Piece of the Evil Staff) And another big problem: Plankton got away with the 2nd Piece of the Evil Staff ! (facepalms as he groans)

LeShawna: They're long gone, they got away with the 2nd Piece, now what?

Owen: I think we better find the Plans

Sonia: (notices a Canister with a Cheese Seal) What's this Canister of Cheese doing here in Robotnik's Throne Room?

LeShawna: That's it ! Quick, Grab the Canister! Let's get back to the others & tell them the truth

Duncan: And let's get going !

Spongebob: Ok

Zaktan: Right !

Sonia: (grabs the Canister) Come to Mama!

(Back with the Other Heroes)

Patrick: (still trapped inside the Quarantine bubble, rolling everywhere) Whao, whao, whao, whao! (crashes) Oof! Ouch!

DJ & Reidak: (still trapped inside the Bubble)

DJ: (desperately needs to go to the bathroom to take a whiz) Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go

Justin: Ahhhh! My Lips! My Lips!

Vezok: And can someone bring me a bucket?

(Spongebob, Sonia, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna goes through the Door, see the others are moaning in pain)

Sonic: Sis? Are you alright?

Manic: Yeah, are you?

Sonia: I'm fine. We've finally figured it out what caused this disease.

Zaktan: Yeah & as you know that the Books we've found about Diseases are just ripped off with Cereal Boxes as the Book Covers (his & Duncan's stomach grumbles) Uh Oh !

Duncan: Double Uh Oh !

Zaktan & Duncan: AHHHH! (runs into the Bathroom)

Zaktan: Help Me !

Duncan: Mother of Mercy!

Spongebob: (now blinded) Help ! I can't see a thing. Sonia, are you there?

Edd: Wait a minute. No one's faking being sick

Sonia: No, but I found this Cheese (holds up the Canister with a Cheese Seal)

DJ: (smiled nervously) (nervously sarcastically) Gee, what is in that cannister I have never seen before? Parmesian?

LeShawna: No (rips the Cheese Seal off revealing an Itching Powder & Laxatives) Itching Powder & Laxatives!

Sonic: So it was Robotnik's Plan all along

Owen: Acculty, it was Plankton's Plan from the Beggining

Squidward: What?! How could he?

Eva: What till I get my hands on that little squirt !

Duncan & Zaktan: (comes out of the Bathroom)

Duncan: The Itching Powder & Laxatives explains the Diarrhea & Itchy Lips

Sonia: And LeShawna, Owen & I are the only ones who didn't eat the Pizza.

Katie & Sadie: Really?

LeShawna: Totally

Eddy: Ok, can I get a teeny tiny time out here?

Edd: What about the sores on Patrick, Reidak & DJ?

Ed: Yeah, are they sick or something?

Sonia: (pops DJ's & Reidak's Bubble with a Needle, freeing them) No Ed, It's just a slice of Pepperoni

All (Except Sonia & LeShawna): Pepperoni?

Waspix: So that explains it perfectly

LeShawna: (peels the Pepperoni off of DJ & Reidak) Brother needs to shower

DJ: But first, this brother needs to go! (goes to the Bathroom as fast as he can)

Patrick: (peels the Pepperoni off of him & eats it) Mmmmm, Pepperoni. Now let me out of this bubble. I'm getting scared!

Eddy: (groans) (uses his Bee Stinger to pop Patrick's Bubble because he's been turned into a Mobian Bee) There, happy?

Patrick: Thanks

Beth: But what about the other symptoms?

Izzy: (laughs) "First year medical school condition syndrome". Too much studying and lack of sleep had made us believe we had every disease in the book.

(As soon as Izzy said that, everyone is cured already)

Harold: I can see! I can see!

Spongebob: Me too!

Sonic: I'm not over heated anymore. Thanks Spongebob, Zaktan, Owen, Duncan & LeShawna. You too Sonia, you saved us even more

Sonia: Aww thanks Sonic (hugs Sonic)

Spongebob: Come on, let's get outta here!

(Our Heroes made their escape back to the Van & drives away in it)

Sonia: With Plankton having the 2nd Piece of the Evil Staff & us having the 1st Piece. We're tied with them

Sonic: Looks like we have to keep on looking for the other pieces before they do

Spongebob: Let's go

(Our Heroes drive away, while somewhere not to far away, we see Queen Aleena watching them)

Queen Aleena: (silently watches them with a smile on her face & then leaves)

The End