This is the 20th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover


Queen Aleena: I've helped my children when they are babies & they need baby care, now it's Spongebob & his friends' turn to take care of my children

(We see our Heroes with the Baby Hedgehogs: Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic)

Spongebob: Guys, breakfast is ready

[SpongeBob is cooking something over at the grill as the other heroes walks in, noticing the bunch of food that is on the table]

Patrick: Alright! All this parenting stuff makes me hungry.

Owen: Me too

Patrick & Owen: [lifts the table up as all the food slides down into mouth. They burps]

Edd: [then pats the baby hedgehogs] Greetings Sonic, Sonia & Manic, how are you 3 doing today? [smells an odor from Manic] P.U.!

Zaktan: SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: Yes, Zaktan?

Zaktan: Manic’s got a stinky.

SpongeBob: [doing many chores at the same time] Can you take care of him? My hands are kind of full.

Zaktan: Sheesh

Reidak: (Guzzles down the Milk) Wish we could, but we gotta find the antidote

Xplode: Oh right, we almost forgot

Avak: Come on, let's go find the Antidote

Sandy: Mr. Krabs, Jonny with Plank, Kevin, Rolf & I are going to find some ingredients to make the Antidote

Duncan: You mean we have to do all this Baby Stuff ourselves?

Mr. Krabs: Sorry, but your gonna have to do it

Rolf: Now all of you stop being adorable like a Pumpkin in an Egg Sack (chuckles)

(Then all 6 leave the others behind to watch the babies)

Hakann: Ok, see ya (Chuckles weakly)

Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic: (cries)

Harold: Gosh!

(With the Others)

Sandy: Come on, let's go find that antidote

Kevin: Right

Jonny 2x4: I can't wait to find the antidote either

Plank: Chao!

Jonny 2x4: What's that Plank?

Plank: Chao, Chao, Chao!

Jonny 2x4: Plank says "We gotta be on the lookout for the Swatbots & don't forget the new Jack-4 Bots that Plankton made"

Mr. Krabs: Right!

(The Swatbots surrounds them)

Rolf: Hello?


(Camera cuts to Robotnik who is still old thanks to Plankton's Goo Goo Gas Spray)

Dr. Robotnik (still old): (walks very slowly to the Antidote Machine) Turn it up Sleet or I'm really gonna hurt you!

Sleet: Yes sir (turns on the Antidote Machine, injecting Antidote into Dr. Robotnik, turning him back to normal)

Dr. Robotnik: (turns back to normal) Finally, about time

Dingo: (has a fish in his mouth & spits it out) Bleah! Fish!

Sleet: (still wet) I can't believe we've let the Newbies & the Hedgehogs escape

Dr. Robotnik: But thanks to our new friend Plankton, he turn the Hedgehog into tiny infants

Swatbot: Sir

Dr. Robotnik: What now?

Swatbot: We got 6 of the Captured Newbies (Shows Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Rolf, Kevin & Jonny 2x4 with Plank)

Dr. Robotnik: Excellent

Sleet: Shall we Roboticize them now?

Dr. Robotnik: Negative

Sleet: What? What do you mean?

Dr. Robotnik: Because I've prepared a trap for the Newbies

Dingo: But what about Plankton, do you think he can trap you?

Dr. Robotnik: (growls at that name "Plankton") When I get my hands on him, I'll squish him like a Bug! No matter, put the captured ones in the Prison Cell

Swatbot: Yes sir (puts Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Rolf, Kevin & Jonny 2x4 with Plank inside a Prison Cell)

Rolf: Rolf does not like this Cyborganic Robotnik which is called a Nincapoop!

(Camera cuts to Heroes)

Spongebob is talking over the TV like phone. He had been discussing the problem with Cyrus.

Spongebob: And that's the whole story.

Cyrus: It seems that Robotnik's Nightmare has come true, apart from we gain our freedom, Plankton has arrived on mobius with the Sacred Circle & now the Sacred Circle is powerless. In the meantime we'll have to find a Cure for Sonic, Sonia & Manic

Spongebob: Ok, but it's not easy babysitting them

Cyrus: There just babies, how hard can it be?


Baby Sonic: (running around in the Room)

Eddy: (chasing Baby Sonic) SONIC! GET BACK HERE!

Meltdown: (follows Eddy, chasing Baby Sonic) Come back here & take a bath!

Cyrus: I hate to ask

Thunder: (felt his Quills being pulled by Baby Manic) HELP!

Edd: Spongebob, come here quick before Eddy attacks Sonic


Zaktan: HELP ME!

Reidak: HELP!

Spongebob: (to Cyrus) Uh, excuse me for a second please? Thank you (turns off the Communicator)

Spongebob & Eddy: (bumps into each other) OOF!

Spongebob: Ouch! Oh hi Eddy!

Eddy: That kid has been driving me up the wall and I can't take it anymore! I'm just about ready to throttle him!

Spongebob: Please don't

Meltdown: I got him!

Thunder: I got him!

(Meltdown & Thunder tries to catch Baby Sonic but they end up bumping into each other)

Meltdown: hey, watch where you going?

Thunder: Sorry

Owen: Um we have a problem here

Harold: (got squeezed tightly by Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic) You think? GOSH!

Gwen: Oh come on, how are we suppose to take care of the Baby Hedgehogs?

Geoff: Gwen's right, it's time to put our head in the game, BOOYA!

Bridgette: Yeah, let's celebrate

Geoff: Ok Bridgette

(Geoff & Bridgette both make out on the Couch)

Kitty: Xplode, could you please put them in the bedroom?

Xplode: Sure (puts Bridgette & Geoff in the Bedroom) There, got anymore bright ideas?

Patrick: (lying down on his back) I got nothing

Dudley: Me neither

Baby Manic: (jumping on Patrick's Belly like a Trampoline)

Patrick: (laughing) That tickles

Noah: (catches Baby Manic) Ok, looks like we need to talk, we can't babysit them like this

Spongebob: Don't worry, I'm sure we'll figure out soon

Squidward: Now where did Manic go?

Corroder: And where's Ed?

Ed: (from outside, Offscreen) YIP, YIP, YIP YAHOO!

Owen: That's Ed

(Everyone looks outside to see Ed riding Manic's Hoverboard, the Top-down, and tied to his back was...)

Spongebob: MANIC!

Edd: Ed! Please come down here this instant !

Trent: And be careful with Manic!

Harold: How we suppose to get Ed from up here? (got his hand stuck on a Wall) I'm stuck

Gwen: Wait, if Harold's a Chameleon, he could climb up & control Manic's Hoverboard back down to the Ground

Lindsay: Wow, genius. Good plan, Gretta

Gwen: That's Gwen, Lindsay

Lindsay: Ohhh

Beth: Wow, I think it's a great to when Harold is a Chameleon now

Eddy: That goes for Double D

Katie & Sadie: Wow, cool

Justin: Nice, now Double D & Harold, climb up the Wall

Edd: What?!

Harold: Why us?

Xplode: Don't ask questions & climb up the wall, please

Harold: Alright, GOSH!

Edd & Harold: (climbs up the wall & they done it well until they fall out)


Harold: But first we need some practice

(Ed comes back down to the ground with Manic in his Hands)

Ed: Can we do something else Double D?

Edd: I'm sorry, but please don't

(Everyone went back inside)

Duncan: What's taking Sandy, Mr. Krabs & the others so long. I'm going to miss my program

Eddy: Wow, that's a start (laughs) (noticed baby Sonia had crawled up to him)

Baby Sonia: Papa (kissed him on the nose)


Eddy: I'm liking this! Can we leave 'em like this?

Spongebob: I'm sorry, but we gotta find the antidote soon

Cyrus: (appears again in the TV like Phone Screen) Hate to burst your bubbles, but I have serious bad news.

Patrick: Are those news gonna hurt?

Cyrus: No Patrick, Dr. Robotnik has Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Rolf, Kevin & Jonny 2x4 with Plank in captivity

Eva: WHAT?! NO WAY!!

(Eva's Yell made the Baby Hedgehogs' lips quivering)

Squidward: Uh Oh

Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic: (erupted into cries)

(It was so bad & so loud that almost everyone covered their ears and screwed their faces in pain except for Izzy thinking that it's a call of the Wild)

Eddy: Okay, I take it back!

Hakann: Now look what you've done, Eva! Your yell made them Cry

Eva: So your funny now huh?

Vezok: My Ears are aching with Baby cries

Eva: Your enjoying this aren't you?

Ezekiel: No we're not, eh?

Cyrus: Ok? I'll just get back to you later, in the mean time. I've sent 2 people to help & they are Tails & Amy, since everyone else are too busy on stopping Robotnik, Amy's also happy to help too. Bye (turns off the Transmission)

Izzy: Bye Bye, Mr. Lion (chuckles)

Owen: What do we do? What do we do?

HF Rotor: (screams in pain)

Ed: AHHHHHHH!!! Make it stop!

Harold: We have to calm them down with one of the Underground's Songs

LeShawna: What kind of Songs is right for the Babies

Cody: I got it, how about "Being a Kid is Cool"?

Harold: Perfect ! We need to get all of our Instruments & play that song to calm them down

Heather: I hope this works, they're hurting my ear drums

Spongebob: Quick we need all the Instruments we can find

Dudley: You got it! (takes out the Instruments)

Courtney: (takes out her Violin) Good thing I got a Spare Violin when Bridgette smashed my other one back at Season 1

Geoff & Bridgette: (comes out of the Bedroom)

Geoff: What's going on dudes?

Bridgette: Why did we hear crying?

Gwen: Thanks to Eva, the Babies have started crying

DJ: And we needed a Song to calm him down

Courtney: We also need your help.

Ed: (spots Courtney's Violin) Ooh! I can play the violin (takes the Violin from Courtney)

Courtney: Hey!

Ed: [everytime he gets ready to play his violin] Position and pose starts by fanning your toes and placing your left foot right

Edd & Eddy: (notices Ed is about to play the Violin & they are in shock) NO ED!

But it was too late

Ed: (had begun playing & he was doing terribly)

Everyone, even the babies, covered their ears and screwed their faces.

Avak: NOT...HELP...PING!

Courtney: (grabs her Violin back from Ed) ENOUGH ALREADY ED! That's not how you play the Violin!

Ed: It isn't?

Courtney: No, this is (plays the Violin & does it perfectly) Now you try

Ed: Ok (grabs the Violin & gets ready all over again) Position and pose starts by fanning your toes and placing your left foot right.

Noah: We get it already Ed, you don't have to say it again for us

Ed: (plays the Violin again, but somehow does in reverse at once & still does it terrible)

Courtney: Oh, Nothing's Working

Nitroblast: We gotta try something else

Jetbug: But what?

Drilldozer: I don't know

Ed: Can I try again, guys?

All: NO!

Ed: Ok!

Duncan: Deja Vu, all over again

Ed: Position and pose starts by fanning your toes and placing your left foot... [Duncan deliberately trips Ed with his leg]

Duncan: Whoops a daisy

Eddy: Happy now?

Ed: (laughing) Do it again

Courtney: (grabs her Violin back from Ed) Never touch my violin again, got it?

Ed: Got it Courtney

Edd: Um gentleman, hate to interupt but we have 3 babies who are still crying in their Craddle

Spongebob: Oh right, we almost forgot about that, now let's juice!

(The Crossovers activates Sonic's, Sonia's & Manic's Medallions)

(The Song Starts)

All: Being a kid is cool

Spongebob: There’s so many fun things for kids to do

Patrick: Making funny faces and acting like fools

Squidward, Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast: Playing chase, singing songs, hopscotch too

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Games and toys and ice cream really rule

All: Being a kid is cool

Zaktan & Xplode: Running through the house

Reidak & Meltdown: Chasing each other

Vezok & Thunder: Jumping on the bed

Avak & Corroder: Hiding from your mother

Thok: A bubbly bubble bath

Hakann & HF Rotor: Washes off the day’s dirt

Owen, Dudley & Kitty: Put a band-aid on the boo-boo where you fell and got hurt

All: Being a kid is cool

Justin, Katie, Sadie, Cody, Duncan, Harold, LeShawna & DJ: There’s so many fun things we used to do

Noah: Making funny faces and acting like fools

Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Ezekiel: Baseball, bicycles, ballet, too

Beth, Lindsay, Tyler, Courtney & Trent: Dogs and dolls and ice cream really rule

Geoff & Bridgette: Being a kid is cool

All: Being a kid is cool

Being a kid is cool

Spongebob: Being a kid is

So very cool

(The Song Ends & the Baby hedgehogs are fast asleep)

Eddy: Finally! (fells on the floor)

Edd: (sighs)

Tails & Amy: (arrives)

Tails: Hi guys, I guess you've taking care of everything

Drilldozer: Well we run into some difficulties, but we've tooken care of that

Amy: (looks at Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic) Awww, they're sooo cute.

Tails: I know Amy, but they are the Underground that we're looking for

Amy: Oh

Spongebob: Anyways, what brings you here?

Tails: Tommorrow Amy & I are gonna help you train to get the Antidote in Nightfall

Ezekiel: Did you say...(gulps) Training?

Tails: Yes, we'll train you at dawn

Amy: I hope you be there (giggles)

Eddy: (facepalms) (groans)

(With Plankton)

Plankton: (looking at the Newly Built Jack-4 Bots as they are completly built) My Robot Factory is complete

Krekka: Yes Boss, we have the new Jack-4 Bots ready for ya

Nidhiki: They are ready for battle

Snaptrap: Wow, neato. I can't believe that DOOM is now part of Plankton's New Empire

Ollie: Dare to dream sir, dare to dream

Francisco: Looks like our Empire is growing stronger

Lee: Yeah, but there's one problem

Plankton: And what would that be?

Marie: The Newbies are going to get the antidote soon

May: They are with our Boyfriends, the Eds

Plankton: Grrr, no matter Robotnik's & the Underground's Road must end here anyway

Larry: Then Snaptrap shot me

Snaptrap: I said I was sorry Larry! Maybe you'd be happier with the Shark Tank! [dunks Larry into the shark tank]

Larry: [attacked by the sharks] OH, THE TEETH!

The Chameleon: Don't worry sir, we'll stop those Newbies from getting the antidote to the Hedgehogs. Ooh! Silver fish! (seizes it with tounge)

Bird Brain: We will have our revenge on them for putting us in prison

Plankton: (gives Von Nebula his Black Hole Orb Staff back) Here you go, I've fixed it for you, but it only go for Mininum Power

Von Nebula: Fine, have it you way

Plankton: Anywho, we have our own Empire to conquer the Entire Planet. Everyone, welcome to...the Plankton Empire! (Evil Laughter)

To be Continued...

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