This is the Second Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

(This is Part 2 of 3 in this Episode)

Character Debuts: Sonic, Sonia, Manic, Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) By the time those new heroes like SpongeBob, the Eds & the Piraka, made it to Mobius, they had been split up into 2 Groups, we'll start with SpongeBob's Group when they first meet my Children

(We see SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward & the Eds in an Inflatable Boat)

Spongebob: (Wakes up & Yawns) (Groans) What happen? I think I need some air in here, I...(Notices he can Breathe in Air, along with Patrick & Squidward also breathes in air as well) Hey, I can breathe in Air, this isn't so bad. The Last time I breathe in Air along with my Friends, it's a dare to prove that Sea Creatures are better than Land Creatures, but in the end. We apologized & felt sorry for ourselves and...(Notices that he's on an Inflatible Boat) Huh? I'm on a Boat? I wonder what happen? I'm all alone, by myself...with no one else around. Where are my Old & New Friends

(Suddendly, Spongebob notices a Pink Echidna, a Blue Fox, a Green Crocodile, an Orange Chameleon & a Yellow Bumble Bee & they are wearing Patrick's, Squidward's, Ed's, Edd's & Eddy's Clothing)

Spongebob: What happen to them? Could they been eaten my Friends? (Hears Ed's Unforgetable Snoring coming from a Green Crocodile) Ed? Could those Animals could be my Friends...Patrick & Squidward, along with my new Friends...Ed, Double D & Eddy? (Looks into the water to see a Yellow Hedgehog wearing Spongebob's Clothing & it's SpongeBob as a Mobian Hedgehog wearing his Clothes) (Screams) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Patrick; (Wakes up) Huh? Who's there? (Gives SpongeBob a Bone Crushing Hug) SpongeBob, I have found you!

Spongebob: (Gasping for Air) Help me

Patrick: (Notices SpongeBob as a Hedgehog) Who are you & what have you done to my best friend, SpongeBob Squarepants? Answer me or I'm gonna defeat you right now

Spongebob: Wait, wait, wait, Patrick! It's me, SpongeBob.

Patrick: Nice try, Hedgehog, but SpongeBob is my best friend, and he would never steal from me.

SpongeBob: No, really, Patrick, look! (Shows Patrick his Friendship Ring)

Patrick: (Gasps)

SpongeBob and Patrick Friend Ship Ring: It's the Best Friends Forever, Best Friends Forever Ring!

Patrick: Our friendship ring! It is you!

SpongeBob: Yes Patrick, it's me

Patrick: I'm Sorry SpongeBob, I didn't know

SpongeBob: That's ok Patrick. Now then, can you help me wake Squidward up?

Patrick: Ok

Spongebob: But first, take a look into the Water please?

Patrick: Okey Dokey Spongebob (Takes a look into the Water & notices he becomes a Pink Echidna) (Screams) WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

Spongebob: Patrick, it's you.

Patrick: Ohhh, What happen to me? Is it a Costume Party already?

Spongebob: No Patrick, it's not

Patrick: Tarter Sauce!

Spongebob: Patrick, You've become a Pink Echidna, now come on let's wake Squidward up

SpongeBob & Patrick: (shoves Squidward to wake him up)

Squidward: Alright, I'm up, I'm up, I'm....(Notices Spongebob as a Hedgehog & Patrick as an Echidna) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't eat me whoever you are

Spongebob: We're not monsters, Squidward. Hehehehehehehehehehe!

Patrick: Yeah, we're not Monsters. Wait are we?

Squidward: Spongebob, Patrick?

Spongebob: I've became a Hedgehog, Patrick became an Echidna & you became a Two-Tailed Fox

Squidward: What'd you say?

Patrick: Take a look

Squidward: (Takes a look at the Water) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I did became a Two-Tailed Fox

Spongebob: It would appear so, Squidward

Squidward: This is all your fault Squarepants!

Spongebob: Hey, it's not my fault Squidward, our hands are clean

(Spongebob & Patrick shows Squidward their hands & they ARE clean)

Patrick: Clean

Squidward: Fine, whatever this is. Wake me up when we get to shore

Edd: (Wakes up & takes a look at Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward) Oh my word, excuse me (Covers his mouth) (Muffled Screaming)

Spongebob: Double D?

Edd: Spongebob? Squidward? Patrick?

Patrick: Your a Chameleon or are you?

Edd: (Takes a look into the Water & muffled screaming again)

Squidward: (Sighs) How do we got ourselves into this mess?

Ed: (Yawns) Gravy!

Edd: Um…Ed?

Ed: DOUBLE D! (Ed gave him a death grip that only Ed could do)

Edd: ED! Please, let me down!

Ed: (Dropped Double D & started Laughing, until he mistakens Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward & Edd to be Monster) AAAAAAAHHHHH! MONSTERS! MONSTERS FROM ANOTHER WORLD!

Edd: Ed calm down! It's me Double D!

Spongebob: Ed please it's us, Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward

Ed: (notice it was Edd as a Chameleon) You have become Chameleon Man.

Edd: Ed, I have not become a super hero and I'm not the only one who has changed.

Spongebob: Just look in the water, Ed

Ed: (Stares into the Water) Cool

Squidward: Guys, Spongebob is a Hedgehog, Patrick is an Echidna, Edd is a Chameleon, Ed is a Crocodile & I've become a Fox

Spongebob: But how did this happen?

Patrick: Oh! There's always a catch (Speaks gibberish, and walks to the other side of the Boat) I need brain fuel! Ah! SpongeBob, how am I gonna feed my brain when all you have is your fancy bubbly water?

Spongebob: How did that get there?

Patrick: Well, it'll have to do. (Takes a bottle, and chugs it down, takes two other bottles)

SpongeBob: Patrick, is this really neces...

Patrick: ...SARY?! Yes, it is!

Edd: Guys, help me wake Eddy please?

Ed: Okey dokey

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed & Edd: (walked over to Eddy who is now a Bee and started shaking him)

Eddy: Uh…a few more minutes Mom.

Ed: This is, Eddy!

Edd: I know that Ed

Squidward: Don't know, don't care

Patrick: Hello...(Yells) WAKE UP GOLDILOCKS! Wait, who's Goldilocks?

Eddy: Alright, alright, I'm up. (slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the others in the boat and screamed) WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT? Don't eat me!

Edd: Eddy it's us!

Eddy: Huh? Double D? Ed? Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward too?

Ed: EDDY! (gave Eddy a bone crushing hug)

Eddy: (Gasping for air) Yep, this is Ed.

Edd: And I am Double D.

Eddy: How do I know that?

Ed: (puts him down by letting Eddy go)

Eddy: Ow

Edd: Ahem, if I do recall, before we ended up here, we were rein acting one of your brother's old scams, The Barber Shop if I am correct, Before we started the Scam, a lady name Queen Aleena, if I'm correct, has summonded us here. We've somehow gone through the Teleporter that Teleports us here & use the Van to escape from those Bots, but someone had teleported us with the Teleportation reaction that transported us to here & we've somehow ended up being seperated into 2 Groups

Eddy: Okay, I believe you. But why the heck are you a hog, a Big fisted Spikey hog, a Two-Tailed Mammal, a salamander and a gator?

Squidward: One: We're not the only ones who changed and two: we're a hedgehog, Echidna, Fox, Chameleon and Crocidile.

Eddy: What do you mean, not the only ones who have changed?

Spongebob: Just look into the Water & find out yourself

Eddy: Uh, No thanks, I'm Good

Edd: I had my reasons Eddy (Snap his Finger)

Patrick & Ed: (Grabs Eddy & takes him to a Pond)

Eddy: Let me go you miserable Lumps (Looks into a Water) What the? I'm a Bee?!

Edd: It would appear so, Eddy

Eddy: Okay, just answer me this: Since when did we start wearing gloves?

Edd: We never did.

Patrick: We didn't?

Eddy: And what happened to our feet & shoes?

Spongebob: They're Big

(They are now like Sonic's Shoe size)

Squidward: I don't know & I have 2 Legs insted of 4

Spongebob: That's arkward

Patrick: This is really arkward

Eddy: Any idea on what may have happened to us, Double D?

Edd: Quite frankly Eddy, I'm not sure. All I can figure is that it had something to do with that White glow that hit us.

Eddy: Well whatever it did you better figure out how to get us back to normal.

Edd: Don't worry Eddy, I'll do what I can to get us back to normal.

Eddy: You better be right about this, Sock head. (walking over to the side of the boat.)

Patrick: (Relaxing on an Inflatable Boat) We can always relax on the Calm Waters

Spongebob: Patrick has a point, it is a beautiful day with a Beautiful Sky, Calm Waters, No Winds, just floating around

Edd: But Unfortunely, we don't have any food

Ed, Spongebob & Patrick: (looks alarmed & starts Running around in circles while Screaming)

Ed: We need Food guys

Eddy: (Getting annoyed by Spongebob, Patrick & Ed screaming & running around in Circles at the same time) Guys, GUYS (Grabs Spongebob, Patrick & Ed & knock their Heads together) We're not gonna starve to death, understand?

Spongebob, Patrick & Ed: (Nods their heads yes)

Eddy: Good

Squidward: How are we gonna find food around here? We're starving

Edd: I'm not so sure, Squidward

Eddy: Don't worry, if we can find food by following my lead & Keeping our Mouths shut, we'll be finding food in no time

Spongebob: I guess so


Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Edd and Eddy: (looked at him, confused looks on their faces)

Eddy: What are you talking about, Ed? (walking over to his friend's side)

Ed: LAND! (Points to a city over in the distance)

Over in the distance, a city by the sea could be seen.

Patrick: LAND HOE !

Squidward: It's about time

SpongeBob: We're saved! We're saved! We're saved!

Squidward: Will you cut that out?!

SpongeBob: (to a conga beat) Saved, saved, saved, saved! Saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved! (SpongeBob starts doing a conga dance)

Ed: (Joins the Conga Dance with Spongebob)

Spongebob & Ed: Saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved! Saved, we are saved!

Squidward: Will you two nincapoops cut that out?!

Spongebob: Sorry Squidward

Ed: Sorry about that, Squidward

Eddy: What city is that? I don't think I've seen that city before.

Edd: I have not seen that city before either.

Eddy: Well I say we head there and see if there's anyone there who can help us out..

Edd: Do you think it's wise, Eddy?

Eddy: Well it's better then sitting in a boat out at sea and doing nothing. So I say we go for it!

Edd: (Double D just sighed and placed his hand on his head)

Squidward: Fine

Patrick: Let's go, but how are we gonna get there? There's no Oars

Eddy: Not a Problem, Patrick. Ed, get in the water and get us to that city!

Ed: Ay aye Eddy! (placing his hand to his forehead) (walked over to the side of the boat, placed his tail in the water, and started spinning it in a big circle. Using his tail like a motor Ed was pushing them closer and closer to the city.)

Squidward: Very Clever

They got closer and closer to the city. As they got closer to the city they could see more detail to it and it wasn't what they first thought it was. The city was dark, bleak, and had a very dirty look to it.

Spongebob & Patrick: (Gulps)

Eddy: (Notices Spongebob, Patrick & Edd feeling scared) What's with you?

Edd: Oh dear, I have a sense of impending doom awaits us for us in that city.

Eddy: Put a sock in it, Sock head. Lets' get closer!

Spongebob: I hope we're not in danger

Patrick: Danger?!

Spongebob: Don't worry, we'll help citizens & we'll become heroes just like Mr Krabs

Patrick: Agreed

(The Camera cuts to the Shore)

(About a minute later, they were at the Shore, pulling their Boat to a Safe place in the Beach & they were close enough to the sign of the city)

Eddy: (Spots a Sign) There's a sign over there. I bet it'll tell us where we are

Spongebob: Let's go check it out

Edd: Hold on (Ties the Inflatable Boat to the Dock) Ok, I'm done

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward & The Eds walked up & looked at the sign, their eyes cocked at the name.

Squidward: What the?

Eddy: I can't make it out, what does it say?

Edd: It states: Welcome to Robotropolis.

Eddy: Robotrpolis? Never heard of this place.

Edd: Neither have I and quite personally, I don't like the name. There's something about it that I just don't like.

Spongebob: Me neither

Eddy: Well, lets' see if we can find anyone here who can help us out.

Spongebob: Ok, but I have a bad feeling about this

Patrick: Me too

Squidward: Don't be like Scaredy Cats & let's get on with it & find the others

(The six friends slowly made their way through the dark city to find the Piraka & the Hero Factory Villains, something about that place just didn't seem right, even Squidward, Ed and Eddy could see that.)

Eddy: Man, this place is dead. (He's taking notice that there was hardly anyone around)

Squidward: Your telling me, this place is like a Graveyard. More like a Ghost town in here

Edd: I have to agree with you on that one, Squidward & Eddy. I have yet to see anyone around here.

Spongebob & Patrick: The Horrible! (Shaking in Fear)

Squidward: We betta find someone who can help us

(Our 6 Friends searches everywhere in Robotropolis, but there's no one around here)


(The Camera cuts back to our 6 Friends)

Eddy: We've checked everywhere & there's no one around here in this Ghost Town

Spongebob: (Spots a Message) Look guys, it's a Message

Patrick: Oh, what's it say? What's it say?

Spongebob: (Reads it) "Your First Mission is to destroy Dr. Robotnik's Robot Factory, signed Q.A" Queen Aleena, come on we have our first mission from Queen Aleena

Edd: Queen Aleena, are you sure this is wise?

Patrick: I think so, but I have 1 Question

Edd: And what would that be Patrick?

Patrick: What's a Robot Factory?

Eddy: Come on, let's go blow this Lemonade Stand

(The Camera cuts to Robotnik's Lair)

Dr. Robotnik: I've betta figure out a way to get rid of these Hedgehogs. Sleet, Dingo! Front in center!

Sleet & Dingo arrives

Sleet: Yes sir

Dr. Robotnik: Those Hedgehogs are about to target the Robot Factory I need you two to order the swatbots to gurard the base, but something felt odd about this mission about...What am I saying?

Sleet: Yes sir. Swatbots, Guard this factory & activate a Stronger Sheild this time.

Swatbot: Ay, ay, sir

(Swatbots have been ordered to guard the Robot Factory & the shields are stronger than the one in "Beginnings")

Dr. Robotnik: Now if the Hedgehogs tries to break in with Sonic's Speed they'll be in for a BIG surprise! HAHAHAHA!

(The Camera cuts back to our 6 Heroes hiding)

Spongebob: There it is guys, The Robot Factory

Patrick: By the way, who is Robotnik anyway?

Spongebob: I don't know Pat, but I'm not waiting to find out (Runs to the Left side of the Factory in super sonic speed with Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy holding on to him) (Gasped in Surprized that he can run super fast)

Eddy: Did you see that?

Edd: I did Eddy & from the looks of it, Spongebob has gained Super Speed from his form

Spongebob: Wow, Super Speed. By the way, how do I stop?

Ed: I forget

(With Robotnik)

Robot Yellow: Sir, motion sensors detect fast approaching object.

Robotnik: Radar?

Robot Yellow: Too low Sir.

Robotnik: Ah, can't wait.

(Back with Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy)

Squidward: Oh my...

Patrick: Wow, he's fast.

Eddy: Never mind that, Come on, let's go

Edd: If you insist

Spongebob: (puts Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy down) There's a force field. I wonder what happens if I do this? (runs even faster trying to penetrate the force field)Arg.. Just... a little... faster!

Squidward: (gasps) Look!

Spongebob: No way I'm stopping! Just... a little more... Yeeahhh! I'M READY!!!

[Spongebob penetrates the force field and it disappears]

Patrick: Whoo! GO SPONGEBOB!!!

(The Others Follow Spongebob without the Swatbots seeing them)

(With Robotnik)

Robotnik: It's those Hedgehogs! They destroyed my force field! Nothing can be that fast! What is it?

(With Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy)

Eddy: It's time to dig underground. You know what to do Ed

Ed: You got it, Eddy (Digging a Hole under the Factory) Dig a hole, Dig a hole, Dig a hole

Patrick: I wanna try too (Digs with Ed)

Spongebob: You can do it guys

Edd: Acording to my caculations we're underneath the Robot Factory that Queen Aleena was talking about

Eddy: Your heard them Ed. Go Baby Go!

Ed & Patrick: Dig a hole, Dig a hole, Dig a hole

Spongebob: We're in

Squidward: Finally, let me outta this tunnel

(Our 6 Friends have pop out of the Hole, they we're inside the Closet)

Ed: Wow, this room is kinda small

Squidward: That's because we're in the Closet you Imbecile!

Ed: Oops

Eddy: Wait, check it out

(They looked through the Window in the Door to see the inside of the Robot Factory)

Edd: What a Discovery

Patrick: Wow, it's big & Scary

Spongebob: Ok, now how are we gonna blow up the Factory?

Edd: Well, when our First Mission has started, I've built some Explosive to destroy the Factory (Shows them Explosives)

All: Cool !

Spongebob: Let's do it, to it (Covers his Mouth) Where did that come from?

Eddy: Never mind, ok boys... (Grabs the Explosives) Let's Rock & Rule

(They grab 1 Explosive each)

Spongebob: On the count of 3, we throw the Explosive into 6 different Spots in the Factory. Ready? 1...2...3!

Ed: Knock Knock!

(Our 6 Heroes throws the Explosives into 6 Different places in the Factory)

(Meanwhile at Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: (Notices Explosives through the Screen) Explosives! The Factory is gonna blow! Take off, Military Speed!

(Back with our Heroes)

Spongebob: (Carries Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy) Hold on Gang, we're outta here (Runs out of the Factory in Super Sonic Speed)


Spongebob: (Puts them down) We made it

(Back with Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: Those Hedgehogs did it again. I can't believe they destroyed my Force Field !

Robot: Sir, we have reports that they are not the Sonic Underground that you've not speak of.

Dr. Robotnik: What?! Then who are they? I don't get it ! If it's not Sonic than who penetrated my Stronger Force Field. No one can be faster than Sonic, can they?

Robot: We can't Identify the Subspects, but I have a Description that the Fast one is Yellow & Spongey

Dr. Robotnik: Yellow? And Spongey? Was that it?!

Robot: Yes sir

Dr. Robotnik: (Swats the Robot away) GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

(The Camera cuts back to our 6 Heroes)

Spongebob: (panting) Wow, that was pretty intense. I wonder where's the Van?

Patrick: I don't know, but we betta keep looking

Squidward: But how, how are we gonna find Help with you 2 Nincanpoops?

Eddy: I got some records kept in my Pocket

Ed: (Reaching in Eddy's Pocket & found a Record) Uh Eddy, is the group, Underground any good?

Eddy: Underground? I've never heard of these guys!

Squidward: Me neither & I never heard of these guys before

Spongebob: May I see it?

Eddy: Sure, why not? (handing Spongebob the CD)

Spongebob: (looked at the cover, surprised by what he saw. On the cover there was a strange cobalt blue half human half hedgehog like creature, it seemed to wearing white gloves, and red sneakers with white stripes. The second thing that caught his eye was a similar pink hedgehog, but it to seemed to have a tuff of pink hair on the top of its head, this one seemed to be a girl and she seemed to be wearing a red shirt, a dark blue almost black skirt, long black gloves went up her arms and red boots. The third was a green hedgehog, but this one was a little different, it seemed to be a boy, he wore red vest, a fanny pack, red and white sneakers, but what really caught his eye was that he had strange quills on the top of his head that seemed to hang handover a little. The next thing was a strange guitar, for a body, it seemed to have the head of the first hedgehog, and three necks were sticking out, the word Underground was placed above the hedgehog and guitar) This is very Strange.

Eddy: Well, let's play the CD and see if these guys are any good.

Edd: Hold it (Creates a CD Player) I call it the "Radio Stereo"

Eddy: Then let's hear it (swiping the CD from Spongebob's hands) (He opened the CD player, put in the CD, and closed it. A guitar started to play and the first song began) Hey, they good

Ed: Their too good Eddy


(After 3 hours of listen to the Underground Music, Spongebob, Patrick, The Eds & even Squidward started to like these guys & Eddy turned off the CD Player & puts the CD Disk back in the Cover)

Eddy: Wow, Those Guys are making me so Alive

Edd: Their Songs are very Catchy, I might add & it only take about 50 Songs to listen to

Spongebob: That was fun, but how are we gonna find someone to help?

Squidward: Hmmm? Now let me think

Ed: Music!

Spongebob, Patrick, Edd & Eddy: Huh?

Squidward: What'd you say?

Ed: Music.

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Double D and Eddy listened carefully. There was the slight sound of music in the air.

Eddy: Hey, that sounds like those Underground guys song 'Have you got the 4-1-1'.

Edd: It does indeed.

Eddy: I say we find out who's playing the music and see if they can help us!

Edd: If they're not scared away by the way we look.

Eddy: Well, there's that.

Spongebob: Come on, let's follow the Music

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward & The Eds quickly walked through the city, with the music as their only lead.

All three: "Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah! I'm looking for someone. Have you got the 4-1-1? I'm searching everywhere for this special lady! Looking for someone do you have the 4-1-1? Please help me if you can stop my lonely waiting! Have you got the 4-1-1?"

First male singer: "I will do anything to see her again!"

All three: "I will fight the battles and I know I can win!"

First male singer: "Moutains are not tall enough to keep me away!"

All three: "I will never give any bright shining day! WHOA! Looking for someone have you got the 4-1-1? I'm searching everywhere for this special lady! Looking for someone do you have the 4-1-1? Please help me if you can stop my lonely waiting! Have you got the 4-1-1? Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!"

(The song ended but it was much closer now.)

Spongebob: I think I heard it from this way

Edd: I think it's just around that corner.

The six quickened their pace and peeked around the corner. To their shock, there were many more half animal half human creatures and they all seemed to be gathered around a stage.

Edd: My word.

Spongebob: Their all half-Animals

Edd: Could they all have been out in that storm?

Eddy: I don't know. Let's see what they're all looking at.

Squidward: I can't see what their looking at, let's get a closer look.

Patrick: Ok, can I get a front row seat?

Squidward: (facepalms) Let's go

They slowly made their way into the large crowd trying not to get anyone to look at them.

Spongebob: Pardon me, Excuse me, Coming through, Excuse me

They made their way to the front row and saw something that, once again, shocked them. On the stage where three hedgehogs but what really shocked them was that they were the same ones on the Underground CD case. On the guitar was the blue hedgehog, the pink one was on the keyboard, and the green one was on the drums.

Spongebob: It's them

Eddy: Whoa, they're good!

Edd: Indeed they are.

Ed: Cool!

Patrick: Yeah. cool

Squidward: That's catchy stuff. Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm, Mmmm

The crowd slowly departed from the stage leaving only Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward the Eds and the hedgehogs on the stage.

Spongebob: Why are they leaving?

Squidward: Maybe they left because the show's already over

Spongebob: Ohhhh

Sonic: Great show today guys

Manic: Yeah, at this rate we'll find Mom in no time.

Sonia: I hope so.

Manic: Hey guys, I think some fans wants to hear some more

Sonic & Sonia: Huh?

Manic pointed to Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward & the Eds behind the other two.

Eddy: We gotta figure out a way to get outta here

Spongebob: Maybe we ask those Hedgehog to know where are we

Sonia: Sorry boys, but you missed the show

Eddy: We didn't miss it!

Edd: We were wondering if you could tell where we are.

Spongebob: You see we were traveling, got separated from our new friends into 2 Groups by that White Flash of Light and ended up in your city.

Manic: Well you sure picked a bad place to end up (jumping off the stage) You're in Robotropolis, and if you can make it here and live you're super lucky.

Edd: Why is that?

Squidward: What do you mean "Super Lucky"?

Sonic: HA! That's a laugh! Anyone with a brain knows that Robotnik rules here.

Edd: Robotnik?

Eddy: Who's that?

Sonia: You're kidding. You don't know who Robotnik is?

Eddy: No.

Spongebob: Nope

Squidward: Sorry, I don't know him

Patrick: Nada

Sonic: Where have you been living all your life? Under a rock?

Patrick: Yes

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (His eyes widen) You do?!

Patrick: Yeah, I even have a video of me sleeping see? (Puts the Video into the Video Player & it Shows Patrick sleeping under a Rock & the video ends)

Sonic: Oh I can see that. What about you guys?

Eddy: (Yells) No! In Peach Creek!

Spongebob: In Bikini Bottom

Manic: Never heard of that place.

Edd: Peach Creek? U.S.A.? North America? Earth?

Spongebob: Bikini Bottom? Bikini Atoll? Pacific Ocean? Earth?

Sonia: Never heard of those places

Eddy: Earth is name of this planet!

Spongebob: Is it Planet Earth?

Sonic No, it's Mobius. Planet Mobius to be exact. You guys sure are some weird Mobians.

Edd & Eddy: Mobians?

Patrick: What are Mobians?

Spongebob: So that's why we got our new bodies

Manic: Dudes, I think you're more lost then you first thought you were.

Squidward: (squints his eyes) What are you saying?

Manic: I'm saying you're on another planet.

Edd: What?

Sonia: You sure about that, Manic?

Manic: Of course I'm sure, sis. I once heard that there are a countless number of worlds and that many of them have life on them.

Edd: Interesting. It almost sounds like something Ed would read from one his comic books.

Squidward: Really?

Edd: Yes

Manic: By the way, I'm Manic and these are my sibs, Sonic and Sonia.

Edd: It is very nice to meet you. My name is Edward but everyone just calls me Double D and these are my friends, Eddy, Ed, Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward.

Eddy: So, who's this Robotnik guy anyway?

Spongebob: (begging) Tell me the Story!

Sonia: It all started just after we were born. The evil Dr. Robotnik used his machines to turn our world into a place of pure terror. While the source of Dr. Robotnik's money, the aristocrats were left to play, while our people were robotisized and became slaves.

Spongebob: (Gulps) Sounds Painful

Sonic: Our family was outlawed, a price placed on our heads. Then the Oracle of Delphius revealed a prophecy to our mother.

Squidward: Go on ahead, please?

Sonic: He told her that we would one day reunite to become the Council of Four and on that day Robotnik's regain of terror would end but there was a price.

All three looked to the ground.

Edd: What happened next?

Sonic: For the prophecy to come true our mother had to give us up, separate us.

Edd: (gasp) No wonder they look so sad.

Sonic: But it was also the Oracle that brought us back together. It was almost a year ago when he appeared before me. At the time I was too tired to care because I had just gotten back from taking out one of Robotnik's factories. The Oracle used a spell to wake me up and then he told me I was a prince which, caught me off guard but what really scared me was when he told me I had a brother and a sister.

Patrick: You have a Brother & a sister? It reminds me of my Sister Sam

Sonia: Who's Sister Sam?

Squidward: She's Patrick Sister only Larger & Dummer & Bufoonier

Eddy: Wait! You're a prince?

Sonic: Yeah.

Manic: Didn't we mention it?

Eddy: No.

Sonia: Well it's true. Our mother is Queen Aleena and we have to find her if we want to stop Robotnik.

Spongebob: I think this is far too Risky for us

Sonic: Don't worry, it'll be a sinch

Manic: Anyway while Sonic had a middle class family, and Sonia got raised in an aristocrat family I was raised by a group of thieves. After the Oracle told Sonic about us he told him that the way to find us was by singing the song that was in his heart and we somehow heard it. We think it may have been through our medallions.

Edd: Medallions?

Sonic: Yeah.

(He held out a small silver plate that was in he shape of his guitar only it had only two guitar necks. Sonia held out her medallion and it was in the shape of the keys on her keyboard. Manic held out his medallion and this one looked like the main drum from his set.)

Eddy: Cool.

Sonic: Way past cool. In fact if it weren't for these babies we'd be dead so many times over.

Eddy: (simply whistled)

Edd: Astounding. How can such small items save you?

Sonia: We'd show you but the medallions are drained at the moment.

Ed: I could try energizing them with my plasma ray gun.

Patrick: Can I try one?

Sonic: You're not touching our medallions!

Patrick: Wha?

Eddy: And why not?

Manic: They're the only things we have that connects us to our mother, Queen Aleena.

Ed: Queen Aleena is your mom? Then that makes you The Sonic Underground!

Sonia: How do you know the name of our band if we never mentioned it?

Ed reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a comic book and everyone gasped at the sight of the cover. On it was Sonic, Sonia, and Manic and each of them had a smile and seemed to be looking at a female, purple hedgehog that seemed somewhat older and quite beautiful.

Eddy: Ed, you have a comic book for everything.

Ed: Why thank you

Manic: Whoa, it's us!

Sonia: But how did your world know about us to begin with?

Eddy: I'm sure we wouldn't know even if even if we paid him in pudding skins.

Sonia: EW! That's disgusting!

Edd: I have to agree with you, Sonia. Oh, excuse me, Princess Sonia.

Sonia: Just Sonia will do.

Edd: Oh, um. Very well then. (Blushes)

Sonic: Oh, and don't worry we'll help you find your friends.

Spongebob & Edd: Oh, you will?

Sonic: Hedgehog's honor.

Spongebob: Thank you

Eddy:Okay then, so here do we start looking?

Sonic: First, I say we go around the hideouts and see if anyone's seen or heard anything.

Edd: We're coming with you. Some of those children can be quite hostile, to say the least. You may need someone to reassure them.

Sonic: Okay, but you'll have to fight if we run into any SWATbutts.

Patrick: SWATbutts? (laughs)

Sonic: That's a nickname we came up for the SWATbots, they're mostly kind of like the police. But instead of keeping the peace, they do whatever Ro'butt'nik tells them to.

Eddy: I'm good with that. So, we're going to this hideout place?

Sonic: Alright.

Sonia walked over to a bush

Squidward: Where is she going?

And to Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward & the Eds' surprise, it was a tarp that hid a pink motorbike. Manic reached behind it and pulled a red and yellow hover board.

Sonia: Oh that's just the Dust cover of my Motorbike

Spongebob: Motorbike?

Sonia: Yeah (Takes the Tarp off of her Pink Motorbike)

Patrick: Hey, it's Pink like me

Sonia: We can see that

Sonic: You guys ever travel at super sonic speed?

Patrick, Squidward & the Eds: (In Unison) No.

Spongebob: I have

Sonic: You do? How?

Spongebob: Watch (Runs to the Lampost & back in Super Sonic Speed in Yellow Streaks of Light)

Much to Sonic, Sonia & Manic's Surprize that Spongebob can run fast too, because he's now a Mobian Hedgehog

Sonic: Nice Speed, Spongebob & as for the rest you, Well, now you will. (grabbed Double D by the wrist and smirked.)

Edd: Oh my

Sonia: (got onto her Pink Motorbike) Eddy, get on.

Eddy: (quickly climbed on behind her and held on around her waist.) I'm ready

Manic: (Threw his Board into the air & jumped on) Yo, big guy, you might wanna get on.

Ed: (just let out his trademark laugh and grabbed onto the back and climbed on) Alley Oop

Spongebob: (Grabbed Patrick & Squidward by the Wrist)

Sonic: Double D, hold onto your hat.

Spongebob: Hang on Tight

Squidward: Spongebob, what are you...?!

Edd: (quickly grabbed his hat just in time to be hit by a very powerful gale of wind. He let out a cry of surprise and he could hear Patrick, Squidward & the other two eds screaming too. Double D knew that this adventure was going to be a very long one.)

Spongebob: New Adventure, here we come!

(Meanwhile on the Floating Island)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder & Rotor: (falling from the sky & then crashes down on the Floating Island) Ow! (Knocked out)

Zaktan: (slurry) Who turned out the lights? (knocked out)

To be Continued

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