This is the 19th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Vezon


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) Now that Plankton is now on Mobius, it'll be even harder for my Children to stop those villains for freedom

(We started out inside the Factory behind the Steel Dam, where Plankton & his Henchmen: Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kanker Sisters, Von Nebula, Snaptrap, D.O.O.M., the Chameleon & Bird Brain got Sonic, Sonia, Manic, Metal Sonic, Metal Sonia, Metal Manic & Dr. Robotnik in captivity by a Giant Jack-4 Robot)

Spongebob: Ok gang, let's give Robotnik & Plankton a dose of our Freedom!

Eddy: Good Call ! Let's do it, to it !

Patrick: Do what?

Ed: Like Mustard?

Edd: It means we have to free the Triplets, they could be in danger to say the least

Reidak: It'll be a since

Zaktan: Come on boys, we got the Triplets to save

????: I don't think so

(Everyone turned to see the 7th Piraka himself, Vezon)

Zaktan: Vezon?! What are you doing here?

Vezon: Destroy you, what else? I serve with Plankton now. A part of the new Plankton Empire

All: The Plankton Empire?!

Plankton; That's right & here are my Soilders of the Plankton Empire!

(Jack-4 Robots [From the Tekken 5 Opening] appears out of nowhere)

Snaptrap: Wow, cool robots. How come I didn't get them?

Plankton: You did, because you work for me now

Snaptrap: Oh that's right, I've completly forgotten about that

Larry: Does that mean I can order the Jack-4 Bots anything we want?

Snaptrap: Jack-4 Bots, wrestle him!

(Jack-4 Bots starts attacking Larry)

Larry: (screams)

Chameleon: Anyways, it's robot time! Ooooh SilverFish! (eats it with his tounge)

Nidhiki: That's what we like to hear

Krekka: Me too

Plankton: Jack-4 Bots, ATTACK!

(Jack-4 Bots starts attacking the Heroes, while the Heroes starts attacking back at them)

Owen: (smashes a Jack-4 Bot) Wow! This is Awesome!

Spongebob: Let go of my Hedgehog Friends! (suddenly turned into a spiny spinning ball & And then charges at the Giant Jack-4's Hand that has the Sonic Underground, cutting through the Hand, freeing the Sonic Underground) Whao how did I learn to do that?

Sonic: Well since your in this Hedgehog Body, you also got the same abilities as I do

Spongebob: Wow, Sonic's abilities

Sonic: Ok, your starting to creep me out

Spongebob: Sorry

Lee: Let's kiss'em (starts Chasing after the 3 Ed's)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: RUN AWAY!

Eddy: (flies higher) Ha!

Edd: (turns invisible) Phew!

Ed: Oh no! (his nose felt itchy) AH-AH-AH-AH-

Eddy: (remembers that Ed had sneezed last time) LOOK OUT! HE'S GONNA SNEEZE!

May: (didn't hear the warning and was approaching Ed from the front) I'll take the big doppy one...

(So when Ed sneezed…)

Ed: ACHOOOO! (A fireball flew so fast May didn't even get the chance to get out of the way. Everyone looked away, afraid of what they'd see)

May: (had only been burned so it was now grey and it only hit the upper half of her body) Lee?

Spongebob: Wow

Kankers: RUN AWAY GIRLS! (runs off screaming)

Eddy: We just found a Secret Weapon to get rid of the Kankers!

Plankton: Hey, get back here! No matter, I still have the Other Generals by my side

Zaktan: Oh yeah?

Piraka: (starts attacking Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki)

Sonic Underground & Metal Sonic Underground: (fighting each other)

Kitty: Let's get'em

Dudley: Right! (starts attacking D.O.O.M.)

Hero Factory Villains (except Von Nebula): (attacks Von Nebula) WE QUIT!

Von Nebula: (his Staff got broken) NOO! My Staff !

Plankton: Grrr, Chameleon & Bird Brain. Attack!

Bird Brain: Certainly! Good thing I still have my Thunder Bird Cannon! (fires his Thunder Bird Cannon at the Heroes)

(But everyone dodges out of the way, except for Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: AHHH ! My ears!

Chameleon: You got it buster (turns into Sonic) Now you'll see the power of the CHAMELEON! (starts running in the same speed as Sonic)

Sonic: I thought Dingo is the only one who can shapeshift into something dangerous.

Chameleon: You'll never stop the Chameleon!

Sonic: Oh Yeah?

(Sonic & the Chameleon starts fighting eachother, but Sonic was faster, so he makes the Chameleon dizzy & ties up the Chameleon causing him to transform back to normal)

Chameleon: Aw man, there goes my Ninja Lessons. Ooooh Mealworm! (seizes it with tounge)

Reidak: (Slashes the Thunder Bird Cannon, destroying it & kicks Bird Brain off the Giant Jack-4 Bot)

Bird Brain: CURSE YOU HEDGEHOGS! (crashes to the ground)

Spongebob: And then they we're 7

Metal Sonic Underground: Grrr (corners the Sonic Underground)

Dudley: (notices his Chew Toy with Metal Manic) Noooo! My Chew Toy!

Dr. Robotnik: 3...

Dudley: (runs like a Dog up to the Metal Sonic Underground)

Dr. Robotnik: 2...

Dudley: Chew toy! Chew toy! Chew toy!

All: (Gasps)

Dr. Robotnik: 1...

Dudley: (jumps up getting ready to pounce)

Dr. Robotnik: NOW!

(The Metal Sonic Underground are about to fire at the Sonic Underground with their Palms until...)

Dudley: CHEW TOY! (pounces on the Metal Sonic Underground, destroying them with one big Pounce)


Dr. Robotnik: (notices Metal Sonic, Metal Sonia & Metal Manic are destroyed) NOOOOOOOO!!!!! (catches the Chew Toy)

Dudley: (menacingly at Robotnik) Hey, Creepy Dude. You have something that doesn't belong to you

Dr. Robotnik: What?! How did you manage to destroy my Metal Sonic Underground?

Dudley: What do you mean? I just want my Chew Toy back. Chew Toy! (grabs the Chew Toy & starts licking it) Oooh, that's what I'm talking about

Sonic: Thanks Dudley, you saved us from being destroyed

Dudley: Wait, there's a Trap?

Dr. Robotnik: If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself (grabs his Ray Gun & fires at Dudley)

Dudley: (dodges, making the Beam go into the Bathroom, the Tiles reflects the Beams & it destroys the Toilet)

Dr. Robotnik: AHHHHHH!

Plankton: Why is there a Bathroom in this place?

Snaptrap: What? I gotta use the bathroom

Spongebob: That's it! (grabs all of the Bathroom Tiles) Quick! Grab One!

(Everyone grabs their Bathroom Tile)

Dr. Robotnik: (fires the Ray Gun again)

(But the Tiles deflects the Beams back at Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: (got hit) NOOOOO!!! (turns into a Senior Citizen)

Plankton: What the?!

Dr. Robotnik: Huh? What was that sonny? Why am I turned old? It suppose to turn the Sonic Underground into Babies

Snaptrap: It's because I switched the Ray Gun to reverse, dah!

Dr. Robotnik: SNAPTRAP!

Plankton: No Matter, Jack-4's Attack! (holding a Pack of baby gas from the episode called "Goo Goo Gas") This time I got them right where I wanted them! Let's try this again (starts spraying the Baby Gas everywhere)

Spongebob: (gasps) BABY GAS!

(Everyone dodges the Baby Gas, apart from the Underground who are really confused)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: Baby Gas?

Sonic: What just happened?

Sonia: I'm not sure

Manic: Wait, why's everything bigger?

Spongebob: Uh guys, everything is not getting bigger

Edd: Your getting SMALLER?!

Sonic: What?!

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (got covered in Baby Gas)

Dudley: (coughing) Man that was strong baby gas (turns to Sonic Underground) SWEET MOTHER OF DINOSAUR BONES!

(Sonic, Sonia & Manic have been turned into Babies)

Spongebob: (carries Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic) We have to get these 3 outta here as quickly as possible

Eddy; Yeah, no foolin'

Reidak: But how?

Ed: Aw it's kicking, the little whatyoumaycallit

Dr. Robotnik: (still an Old Man because of his own Ray Gun) Ow! My Back! I hate those...(suddenly falls asleep)

Swatbots: (Carries Dr. Robotnik in a Wheel Chair back to Base)

Plankton: My Goo Goo Gas works!

Sandy: Your gonna get it this time Plankton

Jonny 2x4: I haven't gone away when I was a Woodpecker buddy

Xplode: Wait, where's Rolf?


They looked to see Rolf running towards the Jack-4 Bots, ramming through the Jack-4 Bots with his horns like super crazy in Rage.

Duncan: Whao! Awesome!

Courtney: How did Rolf ever do that, anyway?

Eddy: You'd be surprised what he can do.

Ed: Rolf is good for a Picnic Ant

Harold: Please, stay with us Ed

Rolf: ROLF SHALL UNLEASH HIS RAGE NOW! (He was trying to bring down the dam)

Vezok: Rolf ! NOOO!!

Rolf: (rams the Dam trying to bring it down) There, Rolf is better now

(They all notice the Dam is covered with leaks, spewing out Water)

Plankton: What the?!

Owen: Uh…I'm going to guest here but it's a bad idea to try and take this place down with us still inside, isn't it?

Noah: Bingo.

Spongebob: Oh that's bad

Plankton: RETREAT!!!

(Plankton & the Other Villains retreated)

Snaptrap: I will now PLOT MY REVENGE!

Trent: Whao!

Geoff: Dude!

Rolf: Duck!

Geoff: You mean "Dude"?

Rolf: NO! Rolf means...!

(Before Rolf can finish his sentence, the Entire Dam bursts, with a rush of water washes everyone out of the Place & onto the River, including Robotnik)

Spongebob: HANG ON!

Gwen: AHHH!!!

Trent: WHAO! Hold on Gwen!

Gwen: I'm holding on!

LeShawna: I hope we get out of this Water Rush, cause my Booty is Breakable!

Spongebob: (holding onto Sonic, Sonia & Manic who we're laughing at the excitment) It's ok, I gotcha!

Owen: So um, any other ideas?

Spongebob: I know (jumps on a Log & activates Sonic's Medallion, turning it into an Electric Guiar) As Sonic would say "Let's Juice & Jam Time!"

(Everyone got on their Logs & activates the rest of the Medallions turning them into Instruments)

Spongebob: Take a penny and some magic,

Patrick: Even though your life is tragic,

(Squidward: Hey!)

Spongebob: You can throw all your dreams down the well.

Edd & Eddy: Although every day the pain grows,

Ed: You'll ride unicorns on rainbows

Spongebob: If you throw all your dreams down the well.

Zaktan & Reidak: When your life's come apart at the seams,

Hakaan, Vezok, Avak & Thok: And you've given up all your dreams,

Spongebob: Here is just the means to make those dreams come true.

Gwen: No more suffering, no more sighing,

LeShawna: No more pain and no more crying

(Squidward: I'm not crying!)

Spongebob, Katie & Sadie: If you throw all your dreams down the well.

(Electric Guitar Solo)

Spongebob: Oh, the magic has gone missing,

Owen: And everyone's still wishing,

Duncan: But their dreams have fallen flat upon the ground.

Spongebob: You'll find magic under rubble,

Rolf: So, Everyone, grab a shovel, ja?

Spongebob: And here is where the magic can be found.

All: We're at the bottom of a well,

But man won't it be swell,

Spongebob: When we make everyone's wishes all come true?

(The Song has Ended)

(With Sleet & Dingo)

Sleet: What was that?

Dingo: I don't know

Sleet: It's the Hedgehogs & the Newbies, let's go!

Sleet & Dingo: (Drives the Red Scorpion like Tank in front of the Water Rush)

Sleet: We got you this time (notices the Water Rush) What?

Dingo: (winding up the Windows)

(Sleet & Dingo got washed up as well)

(We see that their in Underwater Now)

Kevin: Sleet & Dingo?

Dudley: Chew Toy!

Zaktan: Run awaaay!

(The Heroes are on a raft out of Logs that they made moments ago, while they're going down stream in a Water Rush)

Meltdown: Is everyone ok?

Dudley: We're all ok!

Kevin: I just saw Sleet & Dingo underwater in their Tank

Vezok: We're all gonna die & you know it !

(Sleet & Dingo's Red Tank comes out of the Surface & it appears to be floating like a boat)

Eddy: AHH! Not those two again!

Sleet: There's no one around here to save you this time (slams on the Pedal)

(The Chase is on)

Mr. Krabs: Paddle me maties, paddle!

Patrick: I think I'm gonna be sick!

Ed: AHHH!! Help me

Avak: Grab a boulder!

Hakann: Left, left! Right!

Thok: Whao! Cool!

Sleet & Dingo: (Notices the Boulder Ramps)

Dingo: Uh oh!

(Sleet & Dingo ride on the Boulder Ramps)

Izzy: Whoo Hoo Hoo! Alright! (laughing with excitment)

Kitty: AHHH!

Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic: (Baby giggling because of the Fun on the Water Rush)

Justin: Whao! Where are Sleet & Dingo?

Dudley: They're gone/ (Notices Sleet & Dingo appearing & disappearing behind the rocks) No wait there they are. No wait, there they are! There they are!

Katie & Sadie: I'm scared! Me too

Sleet: Why you little rascles...!

Dudley: There they are!

Reidak: Quiet, I'm trying to drive!

(Swatbots stands on top of Sleet's & Dingo's Tank & starts firing at the Heroes' Raft, but misses everytime)

Ezekiel: AHH! They're well armed, eh?

Owen: Go Faster!

Sleet: It's like Fishing & Hunting at the Same time

(Sleet & Dingo aims the Swatbot's SwatGun at the heroes)

Sleet: We have you now!

(But the Heroes dissapeared)

Sleet: Where'd they go?

Dingo: Uh Sleet?

Sleet: What? (notices the Waterfall) Oh no!

(The Reason that the Heroes Dissapeared because they fell off the Waterfall. Then Sleet & Dingo with their Tank & Swatbots falls off also)

(The Heroes starts climbing up the Fallen Logs, avoiding from getting crushed)

HF Rotor: Let's fly!

Corroder: Hurry!

(Squidward, Eddy, Rotor, Jetbug, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Trent & Justin using their flying abilities to carry the Heroes & the 3 Babies away from the Water)

Sleet & Dingo: (activates the Ejector Button & lands on the Ground)

Sleet: We made it ! (notices the Water has crashed down, but it's keeps on going, heading right for Sleet & Dingo) Oh No! TURN AROUND!

(Sleet & Dingo tries to run away from the Water, but fails & gets washed away instead)

(The Heroes have landed)

Spongebob: Man that was a close call

Jetbug: Guess what I got? (shows the Heroes the Baby Sonic Underground)

LeShawna: It's Sonic, Sonia & babies?

Thok: 100% Baby?

Duncan: Yep, totally Baby

Courtney: No! That's not possible!

Spongebob: I'm afraid it is possible Courtney. At least for Plankton's Baby Gas Spray it is

Edd: We must get back to the Van

Eddy: But how? It's super duper far away from us, we've forgot it back at Robotnik's Destroyed Steel Dam

Ed: Ahh! Oh on! I have to return to the Van & get back to the Hideout or Sarah will tell mom and she will tell dad and he will say "Not now, I just go home from work." !

Bridgette: Uh, your parents are still back at your world

Ed: Oops

Spongebob: Don't worry, it's a good thing that Manic & Double D made the Auto-Pilot (turns on the Auto-Pilot)

(The Van drives itself right next to the Heroes automatically)

Patrick: Wow!

Owen: That's Awesome!

Dudley: Yeah, Wow & Awesome!

Eva: Let's go inside, NOW!

Kitty: With Sonic, Sonia & Manic turned into babies, what should we do now?

Spongebob: We'll keep on going forward

(As they went back to the Sonic Underground's Hideout in the Van, Queen Aleena watched them from the Forest)

Queen Aleena: Freedom is a long road, full of unexpected twists and turns, but we must keep going. Don't lose hope my children, someday we'll be reunited. And also don't lose hope either my New Friends someday Robotnik's and Plankton's Reign of Terror would be over soon


(Camera cuts to Sonic Underground's Hideout)

Harold: (Running around) I failed them!

Beth: (does the same thing) We're all gonna die!

Lindsay: Ew! Ew!

Harold & Beth:AHHHH! (bumps into each other)

Reidak: We'll you guys relax already

Kitty: Yeah, there's nothing to worry about, right Dudley? Dudley?

Dudley: (does the same thing like Harold & Beth did) Ahhhhhh! This can't be happening! This can't be happening! This can't be happening!

Kitty: (slaps Dudley) Get a grip of yourselves. It's not over yet

Dudley: It's not that, it's just that...I'VE LOST THE CHEW TOY!

Lindsay: This reminds me of the time we were on the bus on the way to cheering camp. The head cheerleader, Carmelita Santos, passed right out! I always hated Carmelita, because Carmelita thought she was so great, but we had to do something; she was drooling! So me and Bitsy Stephanopoulos ran to the front of the bus - Bitsy's real name is Elizabeth but everybody calls her Bitsy- (Courtney rolls her eyes)

Beth: I've gotta admit. I was kind of curious to see where Lindsay was going with this.

Spongebob: Me too

Patrick: Me three

Ed: Me four

Vezok: Me six, I mean five

(30 Minutes later)

(Lindsay keeps on talking while Spongebob puts Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Mainc to sleep)

Lindsay: ... so Mrs. Whitlock came running back from the rest stop with some full sugar fruit punch. Not the aspartame/saccharin stuff, that doesn't work for these types of situations. And she gave it to Carmelita, and... we have to get some fruit punch for Carma-C-Chris!

Courtney: Yeeeaaaah... okay, anybody else have any great ideas?

Spongebob: It looks like Sonic, Sonia & Manic needs some baby care, they told me about how Queen Aleena takes care of the 3 Children

Patrick: What's the matter, are they stupid?

SpongeBob: No, Patrick, they just turn into babies by Plankton. It's like they're all alone with no one to take care of them.

Edd: We can’t just leave him out here, we gotta take care of them

SpongeBob: You’re right. Come on, let’s take care of the Sonic Underground. [all run into the Bedroom and set Sonic, Sonia & Manic on the ground] Hmmm, let’s see, we need a box for them to sleep in. [SpongeBob removes his pants and sets it in front of the 3 Baby Hedgehogs] There you go. It’s the best seat in the house. [scene cuts to Zaktan does a rimshot]

Zaktan: What?

Spongebob: (puts on another pair of his same SquarePants) There

Meltdown: Let me see! [sticks his whole head inside SpongeBob’s pants] Hey, they're kinda cute. Uh-oh! [takes his head out, which is now eaten on the side] I think somebody’s hungry.

SpongeBob: [speaks like a baby to them] Is it true? Are you hungry?

Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic: (baby giggles)

Gwen: I'll take that as a yes

Heather: Whatever

Meltdown: (shakes his head, turning his head back to normal) I think so too

SpongeBob: I’ve got just the thing. [puts the 3 Baby Hedgehogs in their Baby High Chairs and takes out a krabby patty] How would you like a Krabby Patty? [Baby Sonia yelps]

Courtney: SpongeBob SquarePants, are you crazy? That’s not the right food for a little fella like her.

SpongeBob: Of course not. I don’t know what I was thinking. What they need is a tiny Krabby Patty.

Courtney: (facepalms)

Baby Sonia: [sniffs the patty] Blech!

SpongeBob: Huh? No one’s ever turned down one of these before. [gobbles it and gulps it down while he eats]

Patrick: [holds up a donut] Let’s try a donut. [Baby Sonic yelps]

Eddy: French fries? [Baby Sonia shakes her head no]

Dudley: A donut? [Baby Manic sticks out his tongue] DARN IT !

Zaktan: [holds up an apple] All we have left is this apple...

Lindsay: Does that count?

Tyler: I don't think so

Trent: Hold on, I know what they need, watch this (walked up to the baby hedgehogs, pulled out some bottles filled with milk, and placed one in each mouth)

(The Baby Hedgehogs began feeding)

Trent: Simple, all they need is milk

Edd: Very nice Trent

Trent: (Chuckles) Thanks

Xplode: Anyways, they'll be good now. I wonder what else the Babies want?

Owen: (notices the Baby Hedgehogs have started crying) They're crying

Eva: AHHH! Make it stop!

Xplode: Forget I asked that

Noah: What else does the Babies want, we fed them

Owen: Fed them? Did you burp them?

All: No!

Owen: (chuckles) After you feed a baby, you gotta burp him by patting them on the back, watch (holds up the Baby Hedgehogs & starts patting them on the back, making them burp)


Owen: Excuse you (puts the Babies back in their craddle) There you go.

Kitty: Now what should we do? We can't let them be babies forever

Dudley: I don't know, but I got a Captain's Hat !

Tyler: (smells something odd) P.U.! What now?

[Baby Sonic cries]

Eddy: What now?

Xplode: I don’t know.

Duncan: Make it stop!

Lindsay: Aww, don’t cry.


Corroder: Do something, SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Uhh...uhh...uhh... Blah-blah-blah, look at the funny face! Doo, doo-doo, doo-doo, look at the funny face! [SpongeBob has a puppet that looks like him on his hand] Look at the funny face!

Zaktan: It's not working!

Dudley: How do you stop someone from ringing any more cries! By the way, what's that horrible Smell?

Patrick: Wait! I think I might know the problem. [picks up Baby Sonic and looks at him] Yep, that’s it alright. [hides him behind his back] Hold on just one second, next time your doing it. (changes Baby Sonic's Diaper with a new one, but he's too fast for the others to see) There he is, good as new. [Baby Sonic has a new diaper on]

Harold: How did you know?

Patrick: How do you think? [drops his pants showing that he is wearing a diaper & then pulls his pants back up] And I’ve been doing it all by myself for almost a year. (puts the Dirty Old Diaper in the Trash Can)

SpongeBob: Wow, I’m sure glad you’re here, Patrick.

Meltdown: Yeah, your a natural

Patrick: I know, good thing there’s all of us to take care of the Baby Hedgehogs

Thok: You know guys, since the Underground are turned into babies, we should raise it ourselves.

Vezok: Yeah! At least until we find the antidote for the 3 Hedgehogs.

Patrick: Oh, I wanna be the mom...

SpongeBob: I don’t think you can be the mom, Patrick, because you never wear a shirt.

Katie & Sadie: (nods yes) He's right

Bridgette: And besides, us Girls are gonna be the Mothers & you boys are the Fathers

Patrick: You’re right. If I was a mom... [scene zooms out to show Patrick fat and hairy and a timpani noise sound] ...this would be kind of shocking. (short pause) Just call me daddy!

[scene cuts to the Crossovers, leaving the Hideout with Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic in a stroller. They walk by a couple who stop and think how they could make a baby Hedgehog between the Crossovers]

[Scene cuts to them running with the Baby Hedgehogs, then sliding down a slide with it, and watches the Baby Hedgehogs playing in a birdbath with Spongebob & Patrick]

[Scene cuts to them getting ice cream. Ice cream man scoops up an ice cream cone for the parents, then gives them 3 Baby Bottles for the baby Hedgehogs]

[Scene cuts to them riding a bicycle but then the Crossovers chase after Ed with the Baby Hedgehogs, with Ed on the seat & the Baby Hedgehogs in the Bike Basket.]


[Scene cuts to nighttime at the Sonic Underground's Hideout]

HF Rotor: They sure are cute when they fall asleep...

SpongeBob: Yeah. [SpongeBob & Patrick watch Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic sleeping] Shh! [both tiptoe out of the room]

Thunder: Hey, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: Yes, Thunder?

Thunder: I never thought being a parent could be this much fun.

Squidward: Me neither.

[everyone is tucked in their Beds]

Edd: Don't worry, we'll find the antidote in the morning ok?

Eddy: Alright, alright

Zaktan: Well we're 1 bed short, so we have to improvise

[Patrick is sleeping next to SpongeBob]

Xplode: Well, good night Everyone...

SpongeBob: Good night Xplode.

(Everyone goes to sleep)

Spongebob: (thought: Don't worry, we'll get the Antidote & we'll turn the Sonic Underground back to normal)

(Scene cuts to Queen Aleena watching the Crossovers going to sleep with the Baby Hedgehogs)

(We see her tear dripping out of her eye)

Queen Aleena: We still have time

To Be Continued...

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