This is the 18th Episode in Sonic Underground: Crossover

(This is Part 1 of "The Rise Of Plankton" Trilogy)

Character Debuts: Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katzwall, Verminious Snaptrap, Larry, Ollie, Francisco, The Chameleon & Bird Brain


Queen Aleena: The 2 look-alikes makes the people very confused & they of can't telling them apart, my children will know that everyone is different & they soon know later that Robotnik's Nightmare about the Same Person in his vision, will also become the Underground's Nightmare as well

(Night Time)

(12:00, Midnight)

(we see 3 Figures going inside the Bank & starts robbing the Bank)

(now we see the Police chasing after the 3 Figures through the City, but lost them)

3 Shadow Figures: (Snickers & then sneaks away with the Loot)

Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswall: (appears in front of them)

Dudley: Stop right there Theives!

Kitty: Your under arrest in the name of the "Turbo Undercover Fighting Force"!

???? #1: (reveals to be Metal Sonic) Think again, Coppers!

(Metal Sonic & the other 2 Dark Figures flys away with their Robotic Rocket Feet)

Kitty: They're getting away!

Dudley: Not for long! To the T.U.F.F. Mobile!

(Dudley & Kitty hops in the T.U.F.F. Mobile & drives after Metal Sonic & the other 2 Dark Figures)

Metal Sonic & 2 Dark Figures: (goes through the Portal)

Dudley: They went in there

Kitty: Dudley, are you sure this is safe?

Dudley: Don't worry, I got this! (drives the T.U.F.F. Mobile at the Portal)

(Both Dudley & Kitty drives the T.U.F.F. Mobile through the Portal & they're both in the Nexus)

(Metal Sonic & the 2 Dark Figures goes through the Giant Portal to Mobius)

Kitty: Dudley? Where are we?

Dudley: I don't know, but it's just freaking me out (spots the Giant Portal to Mobius) Oooh! Shiny Portal !

Kitty: Dudley! NO!

(It's too late, Dudley drove the T.U.F.F. Mobile with Kitty inside, through the Giant Portal to Mobius)


(In the Morning in 7am)

(Our Heroes are traveling in the Van with Mr. Krabs driving the Van)

Cody & Harold: (watching TV)

Cody: Is that the Sports Channel?

Harold: Yes Cody, it is the Sports Channel. Awesome!

Spongebob: It's Baseball !

Duncan: This is gonna be Awesome, it's the Chicago Panthers against the Mexican Rams!

Owen: Really? Awesome!

Eddy: Yeah! I don't wanna miss this!

Sonic: Anyways, a good watch at the Baseball Game can't hurt

Patrick: Yeah, let's watch! Uh, what are we watching about?

Zaktan: Let's just relax, it's our day off

Thok: Or is it?

All: Huh?

Sandy: What are you saying?

Thok: I sence this won't be an easy Mission for us

Reidak: Why?

(The TV changes into News Channel)

News Man: We interrupt this program for a speical news blast. This just in we have reports that 3 Robbers robbed the Petropolis Bank in the Petropolis Universe

Duncan: What is Petropolis anyway?

Sonic: Whao, we'll take them down easy as pie

News Man: Here are the Robbers' Picture (shows them Fake Sonic, Fake Sonia & Fake Manic) If you see them, contact the Police at once

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (gasps)

Sonic: What just happen?

Manic; We didn't do anything bad

Sonia: He's right, they might be imposters

Owen: Guys, Look! (points to the T.U.F.F. Mobile with Dudley & Kitty lying on the Floor)

Gwen: Mr. Krabs!

Mr. Krabs: On it, boyo! (stops the Van)

Gwen: I'm a girl, Mr. Krabs

(Everyone got out of the Van to check on Dudley & Kitty)

(We See Dudley & Kitty still the same when they turned into their mobian forms & Dudley's got Gloves & Shoes now)

Sonic: (picks up Dudley) Hey, are you ok?

Dudley: (talking in his sleep) I can't eat another bite Ma

Xplode: (picks up Kitty) Wake up!

Duncan: Pull yourselves together!

Dudley: (wakes up) Huh? (notices the Heroes) AHHH!!! (hides behind the T.U.F.F. Mobile) Don't eat me, I taste bad ! And I got Gloves & Shoes!

Kitty: (wakes up) Dudley, what's the matter with you? (notices the Heroes) AHHHH!!! (grabs her Ray Gun) Stay back! I'm warning you!

Spongebob: Are you ok? Nothing broken or anything?

Dudley: Oh, we're just fine (comes up in front of the Heroes) Thanks for asking Mr. Cheese Man!

Spongebob: Mr. ...Chesse Man? Oh, I'm not a piece of Cheese, you see I'm a Sponge

Dudley: (smells Spongebob) And you don't smell like cheese either

Kitty: Sorry about my partner, he gets confused easily with similarities. My name is Kitty Katswall & this is Dudley Puppy

Dudley: Hi there, I'm Dudley (suddendly chews his own butt)

Patrick: Hey, I can do that to! (tries to chew his own butt like Dudley did, but ends turning himself around, over & over again)

Sonic: Oh brother

Kitty: (notices Sonic, Sonia & Manic) Stop right there Thieves!

Sonic: Oh come on!

Sonia; We're not Thieves!

Manic: Yeah, your chasing after the Imposters, not us!

Kitty: Oh don't play dumb with me, I knew your there at Petropolis

Sonic: What is Petropolis?

Kitty: You don't know what Petropolis is?

Sonia: Nope

Reidak: Sorry

Hakann: Nada

Eva: What is going on here!?!?

Noah: I don't know!

Justin: Oh boy

Courtney: How is this even possible?

Ed: Where are the Imposters now Eddy?

Eddy: I don't know, but... [peering into the water]: "Is that a frog or a boot?"

Ed: A boot?

Eddy: There, see it? What is it?

Ed: Kind of looks like Abraham Lincoln, Eddy.

Eddy: What are you talking about?

Zaktan: We gotta stop those Imposters from ruining the Underground's Lives

Corroder: We have no other choice, let's go!

Dudley: Right!

(Dudley pushes the T.U.F.F. Mobile inside the Van with lots of problems of pushing it inside the van, but it's a perfect fit)

Dudley: Phew, that was a heavy Car!

Harold: Then let's go gang!

Sonic: Yeah! But first, Music Pratice!

(The Song has started)

All: Whoa . . .

Sonic: You never know

Spongebob: Where you might make some brand new friends

All: Whoa . . .

Edd: Don’t shut ‘em out

Ed & Eddy: With a closed mind, let them come in

All: Whoa . . .

Reidak & Zaktan: Cause there’s nothin’ like a true, true blue friend

Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Nothin’ like a true blue friend

Owen: When your world is crashing down

Duncan: And there’s trouble all around

Harold: Nothin’ like a true blue friend

Total Drama: Nothin’ like a true, true blue friend

Nothin’ like a true blue friend

Xplode: In the quicksand of doubt

Drilldozer: It’s a friend that pulls you out

Hero Factory Villains: Nothin’ like a true blue friend

Dudley & Kitty: There’s nothin’, nothin’, nothin’ like a true blue friend

(The Song has ended & the others are amazed at Dudley & Kitty)

Kitty: How did we do that?

Dudley: I don't know, but's it's totally Awesome!

Sonic: That's what I like to hear, now come on, let's go!

(The Heroes go inside the Van along with Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katzwell & drove off)

(Camera cuts to Snaptrap playing a Scrabble-like game in his lair with the rest of his posse, along with the Chameleon & Bird Brain)

Snaptrap: (placing tile) That's schmoodled, for 370 points!

Larry: That's not a word! Use it in a sentence. (Snaptrap blasts larry)

Snaptrap: There. I schmoodled Larry. (hears a Song called "True Blue Friend" by the Sonic Underground) Hold the phone, what is that?

Ollie: It sounded like a Song boss

Francisco: And it's coming from in there! (points to the Portal)

(They all notice the Big Portal from before only Red instead of Blue)

Snaptrap: Wait, what's that thing?

Chameleon: I don't know, but let's find out anyway. Oooh, ladybug! (eats ladybug)

Bird Brain: Maybe it can lead us to another Diemention

Snaptrap: Then let's find out (grabs Larry & throws him in the Portal) Larry? Are you dead?

Larry: (from the Portal) No

Snaptrap: Darn it ! Anywho...(goes through the Portal with D.O.O.M., The Chameleon & Bird Brain) (Looks around to find that they're in the Nexus) Wow, those Portals really freaked me out

Chameleon: Oooh, Silver Fish! (shoots tongue and eats it, but also pushes the Button) Whoops!

(he activates the Giant Portal to Mobius)

Ollie: Wow, it's beautiful boss

Snaptrap: Well done Chameleon!

Chameleon: Oh thank you Snaptrap

Bird Brain: It's so powerful

Francisco: What do you think it lead us to Boss?

Snaptrap: I'm not sure but let's go inside & find out. Larry's First! (grabs Larry)

Larry: Not again

Snaptrap: (throws him in the Giant Portal to Mobius)

Larry: (screams)

Snaptrap: Larry? Are you dead this time?

Larry: (from inside the Portal) No

Snaptrap: Darn it, he's alive again. Anywho, let's go in!

(So Snaptrap, D.O.O.M., the Chameleon & Bird Brain goes inside the Giant Portal to Mobius)

Snaptrap: And off we go! (evil Laughter) Man this portal is wierd

(Camera cuts back to Heroes)

Dudley: So where are we going exactly?

Duncan: How should I know?

Harold: Which way are we going?

Edd: This might be a good time to choose the path wisely

Justin: Okay, brain, now's the time to bring it... eeny, meeny, miney, moe... Oooh! Or is it eeny, miney, meeny, moe... brain, don't be messin' with me now!

Spongebob: Maybe it's this way

Kitty: Anyways, it's nice for me & Dudley to work with you guys, but do you think you guys are ready for that time of predicament?

Sonic: We're the Sonic Underground we can handle anything

(We see Robotnik's Security Cam spying on them)

(Quick cut to Dr. Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: At first you don't suceed on breaking up the Underground, try try again [Presses a button, oil spills out onto the road ahead of the van, causing it to skid]

(But what he didn't know that Dark Figures are watching him & they are Snaptrap, D.O.O.M., the Chameleon & Bird Brian)

(quick cut back to the Heroes)

All: (Slipping on the Oil Slick)

(Everyone apart from Sonic, Sonia & Manic falls off the cliff & lands on a Tree Branch)

Spongebob & Patrick: Wow! (Laughing)

Xplode; What just happened?

Meltdown: What is an Oil Slick doing here on the middle of the road?

Tyler: I don't know

Lindsay: That was fun, can we do it again?

Kitty: No time, let's get off of this Tree

Zaktan: But how?

Reidak: Going down! (chopping through the Tree Branchs with his Buzzsaw)

(They fall off, but landed safely thanks to a big pile of Leaves)

Ed: Wow, let's do it again Eddy!

Heather: Oh great, now we have to climb all the way up there

Dudley: Let's go up! Ah gee gee! (zooms upwards)

Edd: [almost losing his temper but biting his tongue instead] Oooohhhh… DARN IT! [follows Dudley]

Ed: Double D almost said a bad word, Eddy! [follows Dudley & Edd]

(Everyone else but Eddy follows)

Eddy: HOLD ON A SECOND! What about the candy store?! (follows the Crossovers) I got 75 cents here, where ya going?!

(They climbed up the Cliff & as they got there, the Underground are missing)

Owen: Where is everybody?

Squidward: I don't know

Rolf: Rolf must find Music Band Hedgehogs in order to stop Evil Bionic Robotnik!

Spongebob: Where can they gone too?

Geoff: I don't know dudes. But since I'm a Kangaroo, I'll just hop up in the air & see which way they went

Bridgette: Good luck Geoff

Geoff: Thank you Bridge (tries to jump high up, but he trips) Ow! Forgot the warm up though

Avak: Ok try again

Geoff: Thank you again (tries to jump up high again, but he trips again) Ow! I think I'm not ready for Kangaroo Jumps yet

Corroder: What?!

Geoff: I can't do it

Owen: Aw come on Geoff, you could be the Best Hopper we ever seen

Geoff: The Best Hopper right?

Owen: Yep

Geoff: What was I thinking dudes

Spongebob: Uh, let's try again

Geoff: Ok (clears throat & tries it again, but fails) Ow! Aw man, I can't jump high like Kangaroo's do

Edd: Look gentleman, tracks! (points to Sonic's, Sonia's & Manic's Tracks)

Eddy: So?

Edd: So, that means they must be heading that way

LeShawna: Well done Double D, now come on, let's go!


Duncan: No way, I'm sitting at the back!

(Everyone goes inside the Van & goes after Sonic, Sonia & Manic by following their tracks)

(But what they didn't know that the Sonic Underground already split up)

(Quick cut to Robotnik)

Snaptrap: (sneaking up behind Robotnik, holding up a Full Moon Frying Pan)

Dr. Robotnik: HehehehahahahahHAHAHAHAHA!

Snaptrap: (turns Robotnik's Chair so he could see him) Peek-a-Boo!

Dr. Robotnik: (notices Snaptrap) (gasps) Your...!

Snaptrap: That's right! I'm Verminious Snaptrap! (hits Robotnik super hard with a Frying Pan, knocking him out) The leader of the "Diabolical Order Of Mayhem"!

Dr. Robotnik: (knocked out)

Chameleon: Whao! That's Awesome!

Ollie: Oh I say, knocking out Dr. Robotnik is genius! Your a genius boss!

Bird Brain: Very Evil I might add!

Snaptrap: Wait, I thought knocking out people is so much fun, but it'll have to do. And Thank you, your all to kind because now you two are now working with D.O.O.M.!

Chameleon & Bird Brain: (bowing for Snaptrap) Thank you Snaptrap! Thank you!

Snaptrap: Now that I schmoodled this so called "Dr. Robotnik". It's time that I plot my revenge on T.U.F.F. ! (evil Laughter) Wait, have I got the evil laugh right?

Francisco: Yes you did boss.

Snaptrap: Ok just asking.


Manic: Whao, things have changed in this town, I betta get outta here, maybe spliting up without Sonic & Sonia wasn't such a good idea after all (spots Fake Manic) What the?! You... you look... oh... oh... you... you...

Fake Manic: (Robotic Voice) That's right, I am you, but Meaner! (knocks out Manic)

Manic: (knocked out)

Bird Brain: (comes from on top of a House & examines Fake Manic) Interesting

(Camera cuts to Sonia)

Sonia: (sighs) I guess spliting up was a bad idea without the New Friends

Fake Sonia: (appears) Hello other me!

Sonia: AHH! Who are you?

Fake Sonia: I am you!

Sonia #2 (The Chameleon): (Appears) And I am You!

Sonia: (looks at Fake Sonia & Sonia #2 & then faints)

Chameleon: (as Sonia #2, turning back to normal) Hmm, very interesting indeed. Oooh, mealworm! (seizes it with tongue)

Fake Sonia: How do you end up next to me?

Chameleon: Um...(points up to the Sky) Look! Hedgehog in the Sky!

Fake Sonia: (looks up) Where?

Chameleon: (escapes)

Fake Sonia: (growls)

(Camera cuts to Sonic)

Sonic: (goes into a Garage Place) Anyone here? I need a tow-truck! Hmm... maybe they have a wrench could borrow.

Fake Sonic: An excellent idea!

Sonic: (turns to see Fake Sonic) Another me? Cool

Fake Sonic: You'll know me in a Different Form (takes costume off reveal to be...)

Sonic: Metal Sonic?!

Metal Sonic: That's right, I am Metal Sonic, prepare to meet your Doom, my Copy! (evil Robotic Laughter)

Sonic: Catch me if you can't !

(Sonic & Metal Sonic starts chasing each other until...)

Snaptrap: (opens the Door, smashing Sonic right at the Face, knocking him out in the process) Snaptrap has arrived! Hello? (notices Metal Sonic) Wow! Your look very futuristic, now if you excuse me! (writing down Metal Sonic's Abilities like Bird Brain did with Metal Manic & the Chameleon did with Metal Sonia) I'm outta here! Bye! (leaves while Laughing Maniacally)

Metal Sonic: Robotnik, that Rat is taking notes of my Abilities, shall I give chase (no response)

(Quick cut to Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo: (still knocked out)

Metal Sonic: (on monitor) Master, do you read me? Master? (turns off Monitor)

Dr. Robotnik: (wakes up) Ow, what just happened? (gasps) Ooooh that Rat knocked me out, but never mind him. I have a few plans with the Newbies when they come to resuce the Hedgehogs (chuckles) But that Bump gives me a Headace. Sleet, give me the Ice Pack now!

Sleet: Yes sir

(Camera cuts to Crossovers driving in the van)

Oracle: (appears) Young ones!

Everyone in the fan nearly jumped out of, their skin

Dudley: AHH! A GHOST!

Spongebob: Relax Dudley, it's the Oracle

Dudley: Phew

Eddy: What does he want?

Nitroblast: It must be important.

Oracle: Now listen to me very carefully. You must not go to that confront in Robotroplis.

Dudley: What's Robotropolis?

Kitty: We never heard of that city before

Oracle: They are not the people they say they are. You will face them eventually and soon. You are going to get a new mission in only a few minutes, you will meet them right away afterwards. Now, you must not take them for fools. They are dangerous, especially to the hedgehog siblings.

Jetbug: Why are they so dangerous?

Patrick: And who are they?

Oracle: You will see. But for now a bigger warning, I must tell you: All 3 Pieces of the Sacred Circle are been captured by Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kanker Sisters & Von Nebula

All: (Gasps)

Spongebob: Which means the Mastermind has arrived already?

Oracle: Yes

Drilldozer: What should we do now?

Oracle: You must save the Hedgehog Sibilings & they are here (points to a Dam made of Steel)

Ed: Wait a minute. Robotnik is planning on building a dam in the river where we gather our water. We'll lose a lot of our water supplies if it's finished. He's already begun construction.

Oracle: (chuckles) Ed is right

All: (Gasps)

Eddy: Where's the real Ed?

Ed: Right here Eddy, I think

Oracle: Good luck, but bewarned, the Mastermind is even more evil & more cruel than Robotnik & he recruited some more from one of your Diementions. Like your World, Dudley & Kitty. Farewell (fades away)

Spongebob: Then what are we waiting for guys, let's go!

Ezekiel: HANG ON, EH?! (slams on the gas pedal)

As their went to the Steel Dam, everyone was being thrown around or holding onto something, screaming for every bump nearly sent them from one to three feet into the air!


Squidward: AHH! SLOW DOWN!



Spongebob & Patrick: WHEEEE!

Owen: Like the candy?

Courtney: Now it's not the time to think of Candy

Kevin: Someone put the breaks on!


Plank: (excited) CHAO!

Rolf: Rolf would rather wash the hair on Mama's back then, how you say, do this?

Eddy: How the heck did this guy get through Driver's Ed

Trent: What's Driver's Ed?

Ezekiel: We're here, eh?

Squidward: SWEET GROUND! (jumping from the van and kissing the earth beneath him)

Ezekiel: Oh c'mon, I'm not that bad, am I ,eh?

That was when he saw almost everyone else was doing the same

Ezekiel: Ok, maybe my driving skills is a little rusty

(They arrived at a Base with a Steel Dam behind it conecting to it)

Spongebob: We're here, now how do we find the Underground

Xplode; (points to a Jail Window in the 7th Floor) Over there! The Prison Cells are in the 7th Level, I'll blow the Wall down (fires his Spike Missiles at the Jail Window on the left Wall)

Geoff: I'll try again, just one more time! (tries to do a Super Jump & he sucessfully did it & he made it on the 7th Floor) I did it Dudes! WHAA HOO!

(The Others flies up & through the Hole in the Wall)

Sonic: Great timing guys, Manic had already unshackled our Shackles

Manic: I'm a Wiz of breaking into Buildings

Kitty: Never mind about, let's get outta here

Harold: But first, let's destroy the Dam!

(The Heroes goes into the Engine Room, with a Big Steel Dam behind it)

Spongebob: We've found it

Manic: Okay, now we just have to-


Nearly everyone screamed at the gunshot. Everyone ducked for cover

Sonic: Am I the only one who could have dodged that?

Edd: What was that?

Owen: We got neighbours (points to the Platform)

Three figures stood there in the shadows & they are Fake Sonic (Metal Sonic), Fake Sonia & Fake Manic

Dudley: There are two Sonic Undergrounds?

Sonic: It's the Fakes!

Kitty: They really are the Bad Guys we're suppose to catch

Patrick: Wait? Which one was it again?

Ezekiel: Could it be more Aliens eh?

???: Not quite.

Everyone turned on, their heals to see-

All (except Dudley & Kitty): ROBOTNIK!

The overlord was standing there with a sickening smile.

Dudley: That's Robotnik? (laughing hysterically) Wow, he really needs to get back on the Diet, because he's Humongus! (Laughing)

Dr. Robotnik: (his sick smiles changes to Anger as he notice Dudley laughing at him) What?! I'm not fat! It's this Suit, it's poofy

Kitty: (to Dudley) Dudley, I'm not even sure if he's alive or not.

Dudley: What do you mean by that Kitty?

Kitty: Look at his arms.

Dudley: (saw that they completely robotic, making him cringe, wondering what the story behind them were) Whao, those Arms are wierd, almost like the Chameleon's Eyes we're just freaking me out

Sonic Ro'butt'nik.

Dr. Robotnik:Nice of you to remember, Hedgehog

Duncan: What are those Fakes, Robotnik?

Dr. Robotnik: Why, I thought you would never ask. I give to you the Metal Sonic Underground!

A spotlight fell upon those in the shadows, making everyone gasp except Dudley who is still confused. When Fake Sonic Fake Sonia & Fake Manic took off their disguises, It was Metal Sonic with the robot versions of Sonia & Manic

Metal Sonia, like Metal Sonic, had black eyes with red irises, her metal were the same shades of pink and as for the hair on her head, if you looked close enough, you'd see hundreds, maybe thousands of sharp needles, and in her claw like fingers was a black and red keyboard.

Metal Manic had the same features as the other two, had black and red eyes and yellow palms with claw-like fingers. Poles came from his head, making him look more like Manic, the metal that was painted red to look like his vest shined brightly, and like the other two, had a black and red drum set.

Dudley: Hi, I'm Dudley

Dr. Robotnik: (facepalms) It's a figure of speech you Dodo!

Dudley: Acculty I'm a Dog (suddenly chews his own butt)

Justin: Ew

Dr. Robotnik: Impressive aren't they? They're more powerful, faster, stronger, smarter, and better.

Spongebob: And don't forget, we also have Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katzwell joining in the party to take you down

Sonia: They may look like us but they're just a bunch of robots that can be beaten!

Dr. Robotnik: Very well then, let's see just who is more powerful

Duncan: This should be fun

Dudley: Let's do this!

Dr. Robotnik: Metal Sonic Underground! ATTACK!

Sonic Underground: LET'S DO IT TO IT!

(As they about to fight until...)



Jack-4 Bot

(A Giant Jack-4 Robot comes in crashing through the Wall & starts throwing Dr. Robotnik, Metal Sonic Underground & Sonic Underground to the Floor many times)

???: It's's better. (The Giant Jack-4 Robot grabs Robotnik, Sonic, Sonia, Manic, Metal Sonic, Metal Sonia & Metal Manic & starts squeezing them tightly) Ladies & Gentleman, it's too much for the Heroes & Villains! (appears on the Giant Jack-4's Shoulder & the dark figure appears to be Snaptrap)

Snaptrap: Well, well, well. What do we have here. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, & the 6 Hedgehogs, it's nice to meet you, after all I thought I stop by to join in the Party. Honestly do I have any good guilt to fight you? No! Because it's never good enough! And I'm not the only one here.

(D.O.O.M. , the Chameleon & Bird Brain appears with Snaptrap)

Dudley: It's Verminious Snaptrap & his men from D.O.O.M. along with the Chameleon & Bird Brain!

Kitty: Hey Snaptrap! Looks like we have another battle here

Snaptrap: Oh, Agents Puppy & Katzwell. (climbs down the Giant Jack-4 Robot along with D.O.O.M., the Chameleon & Bird Brain) Fancy meeting you here.

Chameleon: How do you like our new Giant Jack-4 Robot that our Master built & one more thing, we're not alone!

(Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers & Von Nebula shows up)

Piraka: Krekka & Nidhiki?!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: The Kanker Sisters?!

Hero Factory Villains (except Von Nebula): And Von Nebula?!

Bird Brain: Impressed huh?

Dr. Robotnik; (gasps) You, why did you interupt the battle to find out either those Hedgehogs or my Robotic Hedgehogs are the most powerful?

Snaptrap: Because our master said so

(Evil Laughter can be heard)

Snaptrap: And here he comes now. Ladies & Gentleman: Plankton!

Dr. Robotnik: (looks at the Mastermind & it's Plankton: the true mastermind that appear as the 1 Eyed Creature) (gasps) No!

Spongebob: Plankton's the True Mastermind?!

Krekka: That's right

Nidhiki: He's the one that has the Sacred Circle with him

Lee: He's the one that hired us to do the dirty work

Marie: So that we can rule by his side

May: In his Own Empire

Von Nebula: Plankton is our True Master of his New Empire

All: (Gasps)

Plankton: And Welcome everyone to your worst nightmare & his name is: Plankton! (Evil Laughter)

To be Continued...