This is the 15th Episode of the Sonic Underground

Character Debuts: Plankton, Krekka & Nidhiki


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) There are new enemies out there who tried to be the most powerful villain in all of the universe, but there's one villain who made it out on top from the rest of the villains including Robotnik himself & his name is Plankton

The episode begins in front of the Bikini Bottom Jail. The weather is thunder storming badly, and then we come inside to find 2 police officers.

Police Officer #1: ...and this is the maximum security level. Since this is your first day, I'll let you peek at our number one inmate. (He begins to whisper... you see them walk into a huge room that the floor is just a thin line and a huge jail cell in the middle of it.) He's too dangerous to let him around the other inmates.

Police Officer #2: Why? What he'd do? Rob a bank?

Police Officer #1: Worse! He'd tried to steal the Krabby Patty formula.

Police Officer #2: Oh-kay.

Police Officer #1: So that's why we keep him behind these impenatratable 6-inch steel doors. (While he says that, he knocks on the door and the door opens.) Of course, it helps to lock it. (They both run into the cell.) He's gone! He's so small, he could be anywhere!

Police Officer #2: He could be right under our noses! (Camera goes to Police Officer #1's moustache; the moustache then jumps off of the guy's face, running away) Umm... Frank, where's your moustache?

(Camera changes to the siren outside of the jail and we see spotlights everywhere to find him. We see the moustache run through the halls and then under the door. We then notice that it's Plankton under it.)

Plankton: (pushes the moustache away) Ha-ha! Those fools will never find me now! (escapes from Jail & back on the Streets of Bikini Bottom) You just wait, Krabs! Next time I'll.... ah, who am I kidding? (walks back to the Chum Bucket) At least I can go home to a wife who understands. [scene cuts to inside the Chum Bucket] (sighs)

Karen: So? Tell me what happened.

Plankton: I don't want to talk about it. (sits down on a Chair)

Karen: Talking will make you feel better.

Plankton: Leave me alone.

Karen: That's your problem. You never let anyone in. Plankton the rock, Plankton the loner....

Plankton: And she's off, ladies and gentlemen.

Karen: ....and that's why everything you try ends up like this.... [Karen's screen shows Plankton laughing, about to pull a lever; Mr. Krabs' leg squashes him] and like this.... [Karen's screen shows Plankton laughing, holding a rubber duck over his head; Mr. Krabs' leg squashes him] and more recently, like this. [Karen's screen shows a toilet with a flushing noise]

[On the video plankton screams in the toilet]

Plankton: (growls) (sighs) Oh, can it, computer wife. Can't you see I'm exhausted? I've been in jail for over a month. Why don't you go make yourself useful and synthesize me up some grub?

Karen: Yes, your majesty. [Holographic meatloaf appears on the table that Plankton's sitting at.]

Plankton: What do we got here? (sarcastic) Oh, goody. Holographic meatloaf again! (normal) What am I saying?! I need to get that formula from that stingy crab!

Karen: Uh, the only problem with that is...

Plankton: Shh! Can't you see I'm concentrating? (He starts going to the Krusty Krab) Yes! You see what happens when you let me make my own decisions? Now, maybe we'll get somewh... huh? (he notices the Krusty Krab is closed) Closed? Perfect (goes under the Doors) I just need to sneak past Krabs, and I'm home-free. [Plankton walks inside. Next he hides behind a table. Then Plankton hides in the boat behind the cash register] Where could that stingy crab be? Hmmm [Plankton laughs as he is hiding behind the grill. Then Plankton goes into Mr. Krabs office] Still don't see him. [Plankton gasps as he found the safe] The safe! I'm in the clear, baby! [squeezes inside the safe then has a lantern and sees nothing inside] What the? It's gone?! But how? (goes back into the Chum Bucket) Where is that Formula?!

Karen: Well, right before you started making your own decisions, I was about to say that Mr. Krabs has taken the Formula with him onto Planet Mobius

Plankton: Planet Mobius?! But how?

Karen: He went into the Nexus

Plankton: Score!

Karen: But the Portal to Bikini Bottom is closed for a month

Plankton: Barnicles! How can I get that formula?

Karen: Maybe you can require some help, maybe some henchmen from different worlds

Plankton: Henchmen?

Karen: Yes, what you need to do is surround yourself with muscular tough guys from different universes who'll do whatever you say, it's like starting your own empire

Plankton: I like the sound of that. I'll canvas all the seediest lowbrow dives in different universes to find my minions from different universes to make my own Empire. And I know just how to speak their language! (scene changes to his "Universe Phone") I call it, the "Universe Phone", it's a type of communication system to comunicate any villain in different universe. Now let's see who I can find (pulls down the lever & the picture shows a sign called "Bionicle") This shall do it very nicely. (chuckles evily)

(Camera cuts to Planet Mobius)

(We see the Building where they hold the Robot Initionation from "To Catch a Queen" & the camera cuts to behind the stage)

Spongebob: (notices everyone dressed up as robots) Why did you dress up as robots?

Sonic: (puts a Robot Costume on Spongebob) So we can sneak in & stop the Initionation again

Sonia: Right, so we stop Robotnik again from controlling more SwatBots

LeShawna: Excuse me?

Owen: (Chuckles) I got the biggest Robot Costume of all !

Reidak: Yeah, we know

Ed: It's like we're in the planet bacon man where we have our brains being a BBQ

Squidward: Ew

Zaktan: Anyways let's set up the instruments

Eddy: Hm, those instruments that Robotnik have are like going into the future or something

Sonia: A little more to the left

Duncan & Sonic: (pushes the Machine to the left)

Duncan: How about here?

Sonia: Maybe more to the right

Duncan & Sonic: (pushes the machine to the right)

Sonia: On second thought maybe it's better right where it started

Sonic: (Sighs)

Duncan: That's it! (goes up to Sonia, picks her up & puts her down next to the Machine) It would be easier if Owen does it for himself

Owen: Ok Duncan! (picks the Machine up with no problem at all)

Zaktan: How did he...?

Harold: Trust me, you'll never know

Reidak: Ok?

Zaktan: Huh?

(just then the 2 Black Figures sneak inside the Back Entrance & climbs up the Walls)

???? #1: (Tough Voice) Looks like we're in

???? #2: (Raspy Voice) You know what to do (climbs up to the highest platform)

???? #1: Got it (climbs & hangs onto the Ceiling) (chuckles)

Zaktan: (notices Manic stealing some gears out of the Console) Manic!

Manic: Huh?

Avak: Duh, he stole them let me help (puts the Gears back inside the Console) There

Heather: Manic, stop stealing those

Manic: I can't help myself, I always get carried away

Geoff: Like, how much dude?

Manic: (Whispers in Geoff's Ear)

Geoff: Ohhh, I guess I was wrong dudes

Spongebob: Okay then

Ed: Listen (shakes a Baby Rattle)

Eddy: Where'd you get that?

Ed: I don't know

Edd: You kept that in your pocket did you, Ed?

Hakann: I guess he did

Vezok: Guys, we're on!

???? #1: Is it time?

???? #2: Not yet, wait for the signal

(Our heroes starts acting like robots & play on the consoles)

Dr. Robotnik: Is everyone having a real good time? [silence] Good, because that would be against the law! Now, let's welcome Lizard-bot, formerly of the guards of the Freedom Fighters, captured by Special Agent Sleet!

(we see a Roboticized Lizard from Episode 13)

Sleet: (notices Dingo who is a Fly, landing on Sleet's Nose) Dingo, have I forgotten about you? Then be quiet & get off of me you idiot ! (turns Dingo back to normal with his Shapeshift remote)

Dingo: Sorry (crushes on Sleet)

Drilldozer: That's the same Lizard that Robotnik roboticized when Chris & Chef got here

Jetbug: That's strange

Xplode: What's strange?

Nitroblast: Never mind about that

Meltdown: Ok then

Dr. Robotnik: Welcome, Lizard-bot! Your orders are:...

???? #2: 3...

Dr. Robotnik: Stamp out freedom!

???? #2: 2...

Dr. Robotnik: Squash fun!

???? #2: 1...

Dr. Robotnik: And Arrest enemies of the state!

???? #2: NOW!

???? #1: (blasts Dr. Robotnik away with his Kanoka Laucher)

Dr. Robotnik: (Been blown away) AHHHH!! (crashes) Oof!

Sleet: What?

???? #2: (fires his Green Kanoka Disk from out of his mouth & it hits Sleet & Dingo, paralysing them & then fires it again at the Heroes, paralysing them too, except Zaktan & Reidak)

Zaktan: Whao!

Squidward: Can't....move

Thok: Can't....stop

(The Heroes falls on each other, except Zaktan & Reidak)

Sleet & Dingo: Ah! (falls on Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: Get off of me you idiots! (gets up from Sleet & Dingo) Who dares? (gasps at what he saw) It can't be!

???? #1 & ???? #2: (hops onto the Stage)

???? #1: Where is it? (Appears to be Krekka)

???? #2: Where's the Map to the Sacred Circle? (Appears to be Nidhiki)
Krekka & Nidhiki

Krekka & Nidhiki

Zaktan & Reidak: Krekka & Nidhiki?!

Patrick: Who?

Sonic: Who are they?

Sonia: And what are they doing here?

Krekka: (using his Eye Scan to find the Map & he found it under the stage) There it is! (punches a hole through the Stage & grabs the Map)

Krekka & Nidhiki: The Map!

Krekka: I got it !

Nidhiki: Let's go! We've stop them long enough, let's find the 3 pieces of the Sacerd Circle before Robotnik & the Underground do

Krekka: Yes Nidhiki

(Krekka & Nidhiki escapes on their Motorcycles with the Map)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: The Sacerd Circle?!

(Camera cuts to the Van)

Zaktan & Reidak: (sitting on their seats)

Zaktan: (driving the Van)

(Everyone can move now)

Sonic: Oh man, this plans a bust because of those two Mysterious Characters

Zaktan: They're names are Krekka & Nidhiki

Reidak: But how did they escape from the Makuta, I though they we're gone because Makuta Asorbed them back at Metru Nui

Avak: Somehow they manage to escape the Makuta's Body when that giant Meteor crushed the back of his Skull, killing him back at Bara Maga

Hakann: And what is the Sacerd Circle anyway?

Spongebob: This is strange, we betta find out more info about it

Patrick: Where?

Owen: How about the Library?

Sonia: Or better yet we can find out from the Professer

Gwen: Ok

Heather: Whatever

Duncan: Professer? Oh great, now we have to go find the Professer, but where could he be exactly?

Courtney: He's clearly in his Labratory from the University, dah!

Sonia: She's right. He is the Labratory from the University

Spongebob: Then let's go!

Courtney: Man, I am good!

(camera cuts to the Mobian University)

(our heroes have entered the Lab to find out it's empty...or is it?)

Reidak: It's empty

Hakann: Is he here?

Avak: Uh hello?

Professor (from "Artifact"): (appears) Can I help you with something?

Sonia: Yes. Do you know anything about the Sacred Circle, Professor?

Professor: The Sacred Circle eh? This is very curious, very curious indeed. That's why your a great Student Sonia, asking the most difficult questions. I'll just find them the Documents about the Sacred Circle in my Data Base (searchs through his Computer)

Geoff: Wow, he's really good dudes

Sonic: Sonia & I met him before when we have one of the Artifact that Robotnik is about to sell to buy more parts for his Swatbots.

Gwen: And what did he say about the Stone Artifact?

Sonia: He says that these Artifacts that Robotnik is about to sell, are not from Mobopinchu, they aren't worth a single dime. One of the Artifacts is a Bomb

Noah: Mobupinchu? Don't you mean "Machu Pinchu"?

Manic: Machu Pinchu?

Justin: Hold on. Mobupinchu? Machu Pinchu? I think Mobu Pinchu is a close realitive to Machu Pinchu

Heather: It's like Mobius is a close realitive to Planet Earth except with Humans on Earth & Aliens like Mobians on Earth

Katie & Sadie: Really? Wow

Owen: Now that something you don't see everyday (chuckles)

Spongebob: Wow! I never would've guessed

Patrick: Me neither

Professor: I found the Documents about the Sacred Circle

Eddy: Really? What's it say?

Edd: Eddy, be patient

Eddy: Alright, alright

Ed: It's like I read in my Legendary Comic Book: I was a Teenage Thorax!

Zaktan: I wonder what's it says

Professor: It says in these Documents that the Sacred Circle is over 10,000 Years Old, it's a kind of Teleporter Ring that teleports you to different Universe

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Gasps) It can?

Professor: Yes it can.

(the Flashback begins as the Professor tells the Legend of the Sacred Circle)

Professor: Long time ago before time had a name, the Sacred Circle is been created by the Good Gods of the Multiverse, the Sacred Circle is Pure White with Blue Anicent Markings on them & it looks like a Ring. And it is located in the Nexus

(We see the Good Gods of the Multiverse creates the Sacred Circle)

Professor: The Good Gods of the Multiverse creates the First Sacred Circle Master to guard it from Evil.

(The Good Gods creates the First Sacred Circle Master)

Good God #1: We need you to guard the Sacred Circle from Certain Evil, are you up for the challenge?

First Sacred Circle Master (YinYangrahk): Yes your worship. I will guard the Sacred Circle for you

Good God #2: Good, go on out there & guard that Circle

First Sacred Circle Master: I will guard this Sacred Circle for Good, as long as I may live

Good God #3: Good Luck, your gonna need it

Professor: When he passed away, he gives his job to 2 of his sons, but the Oldest is cossumed with Darkness in his heart & he wants it for himself for his own evil deeds.

(we see 2 Sons of the First Sacred Circle Master guarding the Sacred Circle)

Older Brother (Darkrahk): Are you gonna guard it?

Younger Brother (Lightrahk): I've guard the Sacred Circle all day, why would you say that?

Older Brother: It's my turn & you can't have it ! (grabs the Sacred Circle & the Sacred Circle turned from White & Blue to Black & Red) (Evil Laughter)

(Now we see Storm Clouds forming up & we also see Lighting Struck down)

Younger Brother: I'm sorry, but this is for display only

Older Brother: Tell me, brother, what good is a weapon if all its used for is collecting dust?

Younger Brother: Do not be a fool, brother

Older Brother: Your father was the fool around here, Brother!

Younger Brother: How dare you call our father a fool

Older Brother: Now that I have the Sacred Circle, no one can stop me now (Evil Laughter as another Lighting Strucks down)

Youger Brother: Oh no! I won't let you get away with this

Older Brother: Make me!

(The 2 Brothers broke into a Fight as Black Clouds forms up a Storm)

Professor: The 2 Sons battle it out for the Sacred Circle & the Older Brother has been struck down by the Youger Brother & Older Brother is been banished into the Underworld.

Younger Brother: (kicks the Older Brother off a cliff)

Older Brother: (losing his balance) No! No! No! (falls off a Cliff into the Underworld) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Youger Brother: Sorry, but it's for your own good

(now we see the Clouds started to seperate & it's a Sunny Day once again)

Professor: Peace is restored & the Younger Brother is filled with Pure Goodness inside his heart

Younger Brother: (doing some Yoga)

Professor: He doesn't want the Evil Doers to get their hands on the Sacred Circle, so he cuts the Sacred Circle into 3 Pieces & hid them in a Universe where they can't find them into 3 different places in that Universe

(Now we see the Younger Brother cutting the Sacred Circle into 3 Pieces & goes into the Giant Portal to Mobius & hids the Pieces of the Sacred Circle into each Place he hid them)

Professor: He also made a map of that Universe & gives it to an Honest Mobian to hide.

(we also see that the Younger Brother made a map & went to the Polar Icecaps & goes inside a familliar cave & gives the map to a Familliar Anteater to hide it from the Villains)

Younger Brother: (gives the map to the Honest Anteater) Here you betta hide this Map from those Evil Doers

Honest Anteater: Don't worry, Young one. I'll hide the Map to the Sacred Circle so that no villain can find it

(The Flashback ends)

Professor: That honest Mobian was the Oracle

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Gasps) The Oracle?

Professor: Yes & it was a long time ago even before the Great Mobian War, before Robotnik came along

Spongebob: Wow, the Sacred Circle

Patrick: That's a lot of Power from that White Ring

Eddy: Your telling me

Edd: It's amazing how 1 ring can only teleport into Different Universes in a matter of seconds

Ed: Oh Wow! I hope I have that ring

Professor: I must warn you, this Ring can only be used once, understand?

All: (nods yes)

Professor: Good

Reidak: Now to find those Pieces of the Sacred Circle

Zaktan: Let's go!

Professor: The First Piece is hidden somewhere in an Abandoned Castle that is still standing for over 1000 Years

Vezok: Then let's get going!


Avak: (notices it was the SwatBots blasted through the Wall with their blasters) SwatBots!

Sleet & Dingo: (appears)

Sleet: Swatbots, get them!

Squidward: (Gulps) Oh great, more Swatbots

Sonic & Spongebob: Let's do this!

(The Song Begins as our Heroes battle against the Swatbots)

Sonic & Spongebob: Let’s do it to it

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Let’s show them who’s the boss of the place

Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Let’s do it to it

Zaktan & Reidak: And put the ‘bots flat on their face

Sonic & Spongebob: Let’s jam and juice ‘em

Owen: Using every trick that we have

Duncan, Harold, Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin & Tyler: Come on, let’s lose ‘em

Cody, Geoff, DJ, Patrick, Squidward, Meltdown, Thunder, Corroder & HF Rotor: Show them that the hedgehogs are back

Geoff: BOOYAH!

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: They seem to have us trapped in the castle

Ezekiel: At least that’s what those swatbots thought

Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Jonny 2x4, Rolf, Kevin, Sonia & Manic: It’s time we teach them a little lesson

Sonic & Spongebob: The hedgehogs could never be caught

All: Let’s do it to it

LeShawna, Gwen, Heather, Izzy & Courtney: Let’s show them who’s the boss of the place

All: Let’s do it to it

Katie, Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, Beth & Owen: And put the ‘bots flat on their face

Sonic & Spongebob: Let’s jam and juice ‘em

Owen: Using every trick that we have

Sonic & Spongebob: Come on, let’s lose ‘em

Show them that the hedgehogs are back

All: Let’s do it to it

(The Song ends as they got to the Old Abandon Castle)

Spongebob: We've made it !

Sonic: Now let's grab that Piece & get outta here

Sleet: (On Dingo) After them

(The SwatBots goes after them)

Eddy: Let's juice!

(Everyone got into the Castle & finds that the 1st Piece of the Sacred Circle is already stolen)

Edd: It's gone

Ed: Hello, where did it go?

Patrick: I don't get it

Sonia: Someone else had already taken it

Manic: But who?

Sonic: Let's find out when we get outta here

(Everyone goes inside the Van & drives away)

Sleet: After them you idiots!

Dingo: (trips, letting go of Sleet) Whoops!

Sleet: (falls down to the ground, leaving a hole of himself) (comes out) Imbiscile! Cretin! Muffin-brain! (Slaps Dingo's Head)

Dingo: Sorry

(Back with the Heroes)

Kevin: Aw great, someone beat us to it

Rolf: This is cofusing for Rolf ja?

Jonny 2x4: I'm getting confused already & so is Plank

Heather: If Sleet & Dingo didn't steal the 1st Piece...

Sonic: Then who did?

Zaktan: I have a feeling I know

(Camera cuts to Krekka & Nidhiki)

Krekka & Nidhiki: (goes into the Dark Cave)

(The Dark Cave reveals itself to be a Secret Lair created by Krekka & Nidhiki & the floor is covered by Green Fog & it's similar to the Makuta's Lair: Mangaia)

Nidhiki: (holding the 1st piece of the Sacred Circle) Now we have the First Piece instead of the Underground & Robotnik (places the 1st Piece on the Stone Stand & it fits 1/3 of the Sacred Circle Shaped Hole) That's 1 down & 2 more Pieces to go

Krekka: Yeah, wait till our new boss is in charge

Krekka & Nidhiki: (Evil Laughter)

To Be Continued...