This is the 12th Episode of the Sonic Underground

Character Debuts: Tails


Queen Aleena: My Children will reliease that taking care of the Children of the Sanctuary is harder than it looks, until they found a Two-Tailed Fox name Tails

(We see Our Heroes driving in the Van through the Forest)

SpongeBob: Guys, where are we going?

Sonic: To find one of the Children & bring them back to Sanctuary

Sonia: Acculty, there's only one

All: Huh?

Manic: Only one?

Squidward: And who might that could be?

Sonia: Look at this, a Child is a Fox

Patrick: Like Mobian Squidward

Squidward: Very funny, didn't you know I had 2 Tails like these? (shows the Underground his 2 Tails)

Sonic: Whao, that's mondo, Impossible for a Fox to have Two Tails

Ed: Wow, he must be special

Eddy: I don't wanna talk about it

Edd: Well let's keep on moving

Ed: (Notices a Two Tailed Fox on the Road) LOOK OUT EDDY THERE'S SOMEONE ON THE ROAD!

All: AHH! (stops the van)

(It was Tails)

Tails: Huh? Hello?

(Our Heroes came out of the Van)

Reidak: What do you suppose that is?

Hakann: I don't know, maybe he's lost

Vezok: Lost?

Sonic: Who are you?

Tails: My name is Miles Prowler

Zaktan: Miles? No that's not right, maybe you should need a Nickname

Sonic: He's right, how about...(notices Squidward's 2 Tails)

Squidward: Do you mind?

Owen: Hmmmm?

Sonic: That's it, Tails!

Sonia: Why do you want to call him that Sonic?

Manic: I think Sonic notices the same 2 Tails like Squidward's Mobian Form

Squidward: Huh?

Lindsay: Aww, it's so cute

Tails: (Blushes) Hello

Lindsay: I'm Lindsay

Beth: My Friend Lindsay has been turned into a Fox

Duncan: So that explains that why Lindsay is the Foxiest Contestant on Total Drama. I guess with Lindsay as a Fox, her Mobian Form suits her well

Owen: Oh wow.

Sandy: Looks like we have found one of them

Manic: I think we betta take him back to the Sanctuary

Sonia: Uh Manic, remember what happen last time when your trying to take a Child back at the Sancutary?

Manic: Oh right, sorry

Sonic: Robotnik might track us down here again

Eva: But we've defeat his Barracks already remember with Duncan's Stradegy

Noah: And it worked too

Justin: So what should we do now?

Tails: That's ok

Sonic: How about you like to join us

LeShawna: Say what now?

Tails: Sure

Spongebob: We'll tell you our names when we get there

Tails: Ok

(The Scene cuts back to Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: Something's not right (felt a vision about a 1 Eyed Creature) (Gasps) Not you again

Sleet: Sure is something wrong?

Dr. Robotnik: I think I felt a vision about a 1 Eyed Creature coming back to Haunt me

Sleet: Do you know, who he is sir?

Dr. Robotnik: No, my head is really stoped when that Creature thinks he's better than me

Sleet: We have sightings on those Hedgehogs & they are at a big hill

Dr. Robotnik: Excellent, you & Dingo betta find those Hedgehogs & put a stop to them

Sleet: Yes sir, come on Dingo, we've got Hedgehogs to round up

Dingo: But what about the Others?

Sleet: Not right now, it's a figure of Speech to catch those Hedgehogs & those Newbies as well

Dingo: Oh ok

(the Scene cuts back to the Van)

Tails: This Big Hill is a percfect Place to build my Workshop

DJ: Workshop? Your gonna build an entire Workshop?

Tails Yes, a Workshop/House

Trent: That's really impossible when your a kid

Tails: Oh you'll see. I need some help though

Sonic: The Sonic Underground is ready to help

Spongebob: And us too

Harold: Let's get to work

(The Song starts as our Heroes are building Tails' Workshop)

All: We’re all in this together

Spongebob: Birds of a feather, baby

All: We’re all in this together

Owen: Makin’ it better, yeah

Reidak & Zaktan: From now on it’s all for one and one for all

Ed, Edd & Eddy: When any one of us needs the others all they have to do is call

Duncan, Courtney, DJ, Geoff & Bridgette: Brothers and sisters to the very end

Ezekiel, Tyler, Cody & Noah: And through it all we’re the best of friends

All: We’re all in this together

Jonny 2x4: Birds of a feather, baby

All: We’re all in this together

Rolf: Makin’ it better, yeah

All: We’re all in this together, whoa

We’re all in this together


(As the Song ended, the Workshop is 100% Builted)

Mr. Krabs: Finished

Rolf: This Workshop is swanky, ja?

Izzy: Wow, that is so awesome

Trent: That's amazing

Tails: Thanks

Avak: (Notices Swatbots coming this way) Uh, don't wanna bother on anything, but Swatbots dead ahead

Thok: It's a big number, but we'll take them down together

Gwen: Quick Tails, get inside!

Tails: Ok (goes inside the Garage & closes it) It's time to put my greatest creation into action (starts building his new creation)

Sonic: Let's juice & jam time

(Sonic, Sonia & Manic activates their Medallions & starts shooting the Swatbots down)

Spongebob: Let's go!

(Our Crossover Heroes helps the Sibilings destroy the Swatbots)

Eddy: WHAAA HOO HOO HOO! (stings a Swatbot & the robot exploded) I float like a Butterfly & Sting like a bee! (Zooms at the Swatbots) GERANIMO! (stings another Swatbot & the robot exploded)

Thok: Come & get it (freezes a Swatbot)

Zaktan: (Slices a Swatbot)

Reidak: There's too many of them (slices another Swatbot)

Owen: What now?

(Everyone notices the Garage is being opened & comes out of it is a Red Bi-Plane)

Duncan: Whao, what kind of Plane is that?

Tails: (in the Cockpit) I called it the "Tornado-1" I only have room for 1 more, let's get going

Spongebob: Ok, let's get outta here & stop those Swatbots

(Tails takes off in the "Tornado-1")

Tails: I need some more help, Squidward, Lindsay & Rotor, use your Tails as Propellers & carry everyone out of here

Squidward, Lindsay & Rotor: (Uses their 2 Tails as a Propellers & flys up to our heroes carrying them)

Rotor: (using his 2 Tails & his Rotors to fly) I'm a Helicopter

Manic & Ed: (hops on Manic's Hoverboard)

Ed: (notices the Aerial Swatbots) INCOMING FLYING SWATBOTS!!!

Kevin: Then let's shoot those Bots down

Jonny 2x4: I got this (flys up to the Swatbots & pokes them on the Head) Poke! Poke! Poke!

Edd: Jonny is peacking the Swatbots on the head like a Real Woodpeacker

Reidak: More like a Metalpeacker

Hakann: How do we get outta here?

Sonic: Quick, back to the Van

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Goes back inside the Van)

Owen: I'm getting way to heavy

Rotor: Sorry (puts Owen down)

Owen: Thanks (Notices the Swatbots) Never mind, I'm getting outta here (goes back in the Van)

Sleet & Dingo: (Notices a Biplane)

Sleet: What's that?

Dingo: I don't know

Sleet: It's time for you to take to the skies (turns Dingo into a World War 2 Airplane with his Shape-Shift Remote) Now go get them

Dingo: Ok (flies up to the skies)

Sleet: I never turn Dingo into a Machine before, oh well. Why didn't I think of that before?

(Meanwhile up in the Sky)

Justin: Let's keep on moving, guys, Lindsay let's move your Foxy Tails faster

Lindsay: Do you know how much you, Beth, Patrick & the Piraka weigh? I'm trying my best

Rotor: I'm carrying Mr. Krabs, the Eds, & the other Total Drama Characters, apart from Beth, Justin & you Lindsay

Squidward: And I have to carry the Monsters

Meltdown: We heard that, where's Spongebob?

Spongebob: (Standing on top of the Tornado-1's Wings) Let's get take down those Swatbots (jumps & spindashes through the Aerial Swatbots, destroying the Swatbots & lands on the Tornado-1) Wow. I've never done this before

Tails: Let's land I think we got them all (notices Sonic, Sonia, Manic & Owen on Manic's Big Hoverboard) Sonic!

Sonic: Hey, what's going on?

Owen: (notices Dingo as a World War 2 Airplane) Uh Oh, WW2 Airplane, coming up fast !

Sonia: Uh Oh, this can't be good (Fires Dingo with her Pink Laser on the Keyboard)

Dingo: Whao! (dodges) Phew, Eat Missile you freaks (fires missiles at our Heroes)

Squidward: EVASE OF ACTION !

(Our Heroes dodges out of the way of the Missile, but their Homing Missiles)

Edd: Their Homing Missiles

Heather: That can't be good

Xplode: Do something

Tails: I got it, let's go together

(Our Heroes came very close together & the Homing Missiles follows them)

Dingo: (notices Our Heroes & the Missiles coming after them)

Sleet: Dingo, what's going on?

Dingo: Not Good, they're heading right for me. AHHHHH!

(Our Heroes misses Dingo & the Missiles hits Dingo)

Dingo: Ouch! (falls out of the Sky & heading right for Robotnik's Base)

Sleet: Oh No!


(Dingo crashed into Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: WHAT HAPPEN?!

Sleet: They got away sir (changes Dingo back) all of because of a Two-Tailed Fox named Tails

Dr. Robotnik: WHAT?!?! How could you let those Hedgehogs & those Newbies get away

Sleet: Tails helped them sir

Dr. Robotnik: GRRRRR, I can't believe this. GAHHHHH!!!

Dingo: Man, what a bump, what did I miss?

Sleet: (Facepalms)

(The Camera cuts back to Tails' Workshop)

(Our heroes have landed)

Tails: (Puts his "Tornado-1" back in the Garage) There, I'll join the Resistance to defeat Robotnik, Once & for all

Tyler: All right Dude!

Tails: Thanks for your help, including Squidward, Rotor & Lindsay, you've helped really big

Lindsay: Aww thank you

Tails: (blushes) Awww Lindsay

Cody: Whao, I've never seen Tails like that anyway

Sonic: Me neither, I think Tails is smitten with Lindsay. Like he's in love with Lindsay

Tails: Na, I'm too young. I'm only 8

Lindsay: And I'm only 16, but your soo cute

Tails: Thanks

Sonia: Let's go back home

Manic: Let's go gang

Sonic: See ya later, big guy

Tails: Bye Sonic

(Our Heroes went inside the Van & droves away while Tails waves them Good-Bye)

Tails: Goodbye guys!

Squidward: I guess Rotor, Lindsay & I discovered we can fly

Rotor: That was fun (Laughing)

Thunder: Let's just go back

Corroder: Alright, this time I'm driving (drives the Van)

Beth: Lindsay, are you ok?

Tyler: Yeah, what's up?

Lindsay: Huh? What? Oh hi Talyor

Tyler: Tyler

Lindsay: Are you Tyler?

All: (Laughing)

Tyler: (Facepalm) Oh man

The End