This is the 10th Episode of the Sonic Underground

Character Debuts: Grandpa Redbeard Krabs


Queen Aleena: (narrating) Mr. Krabs have learned that pirates aren't so bad after all when my Children meet Grandpa Redbeard

(We see Mr. Krabs coming out of the Van)

Mr. Krabs: (Notices a Message in a bottle) What's this? Oh, a corrospondence in a bottle, eh? (reading) Ahoy, Eugene. I'm so proud you followed your ol' Grampa's peg leg and made your own Dynasty, I am more proud of you boyo, I've found the Portal to Mobius, like the Oracle said & you'll be needed on my Ship called "The Krusty Krab". Happy looting! Grandpa Redbeard! (not reading) (Gasp!) Grandpa Readbeard comin bla, bla, bla!

Sonic: I didn't know your grandpa was a pirate, Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs: Aye, I come from a whole family of pirates. Gramps used to say, "The Krabs Clan has been pirates for as long as we've had claws." And he wanted me to be a pirate, too.

Sonia: Why did your Grandfather came to Mobius

Mr. Krabs: I don't know, but we'll be at the Docks

(The Camera cuts to the Docks)

Spongebob: We're here

Patrick: Wow

Mr. Krabs: All right, me hearties! Get this one thing clear. If Grandpa Redbeard is ever gonna believe I'm a pirate, ye landlubbers are gonna have to pass as a pirate crew. Which means, I want you to look like a pirate. (puts a bandana on Squidward) I want you to talk like a pirate.

SpongeBob: Swarthy! I mean...shiver me timbers!

Mr. Krabs: But most importantly, I want you to smell like a pirate. (smells Patrick) Very convincing, Patrick. And as me crew, you'll be makin' the Krusty Krab into an imitation pirate ship! Now, let's get this resturant ready to sail!

Ed: Got it.

Edd: (Spots the Pirate Ship called "The Krusty Krab") There it is

DJ: That's the Krusty Krab Pirate Ship alright

Eddy: Then let's hop on

(Everyone hoped on the "The Krusty Krab")

Owen: We're on board, WHOO HOO!

Duncan: Does it look familliar Beth?

Beth: Oh Right, the Final 2 of Season 2

Manic: Where's the Captain?

Grandpa Redbeard: (swings to the ship) Hee-ar!

Mr. Krabs: He's comin'!

Grandpa Redbeard: Har, har, har!

Mr. Krabs: Hide me, boy.

Grandpa Redbeard: (Lands on his Ship) Eugene, me boy! Aye, it's good to see you and yer ship after so many years! Just beginin' to think you was lyin' to yer old granddad!

Mr. Krabs: Oh, I...Heh, heh. So, have ya met me hearties?

Grandpa Redbeard: Hm...this might be a pirate crew. But more miserable jellyfishers than swarvy brime-skimmers.

SpongeBob: Um...

Grandpa Redbeard: Har, har, har! I'm just yankin' yer chain, boy! You look like a fine pirate crew.

Sonic: I'm Sonic & this is Sonia & Manic

Manic: We're the...

Grandpa Redbeard: The Sonic Underground, I see? Please to meet you?

Sonic: How did you...

Grandpa Redbeard: The Oracle told me about you

Mr. Krabs: You still look the same, your not a Mobian

Grandpa Redbeard: Your darn tooting I am a Mobian now. But I'm still the same Barnicle Pirate inside. Har Har

Eddy: Wow, he's good

Sonia: I don't think I could be a Pirate, their Dirty, Smelly & Disgusting

Reidak: Don't worry, you'll be fine. If you just play along

Zaktan: Yeah, we're already ready to set sail

Sonia: I guess so

Grandpa Redbeard: Then let's set sail

(The Song has started)

Sonia: Our gums are black,
Our teeth are falling out.
We've got spots on our backs,
So give it up and shout.

Patrick: Like Connect the Dot

Sonia: We've got scurvy,
We need some vitamin C.
We've got scurvy,
We need a lemon tree.

Ed: (Bites on a Lemon & his mouth is tuckered up) Sour!

Sonia: We've got scurvy,
We just chillin' on the sea.
Let's get this scurvy started!

Spongebob & Patrick: Alright !

Sonia: A pirate ain't worthy,
Till he got some scurvy.
Since you got your scurvy on,
You unnerve me when you sing that song.
Piraka: Scurvy!
Sonia: We've got scurvy!
Piraka: Scurvy!
Sonia: We've got scurvy!
Piraka: Scurvy!
Sonia: We've got scurvy!
Piraka: Scurvy

(As the Song Ended, they sail the Pirate Ship out to sea)


(We See our Heroes Sleeping in their Hammocks)

Sonic: Nice Song sis & the Piraka as a Backup, really nice

Sonia: Thanks Sonic.

Hakann: Grandpa Krabs has a Krew, what else do we know?

Owen: This is Awesome.

Noah: Ok, but Pirates are not my forte, you know that

Justin: And my Butt needs some beauty sleep, da

Harold: We need to help Grandpa Redbeard

Edd: We can try our best

Sonic: Let's get some sleep

Mr. Krabs: I gotta see me Grandpappy for a moment

Geoff: Cool

Tyler: Fine by me

Cody: Sure, but something's fishy going on here

Squidward: Like what?

Cody: Never mind

Spongebob: Ok, Mr. Krabs you'll meet with Redbeard Krabs

Owen: Nighty Ni..(his hammock collaspes) Oh Come On!

(The Camera cuts to Grandpa Redbeard)

Grandpa Redbeard: (Turns on the Communicator)

Dr. Robotnik: (In Communicator) Hello Redbeard Krabs

Grandpa Redbeard: Everything is acording to plan (Nervous Chuckling)

Dr. Robotnik: Good, now I've send a couple of Swatbots to your Ship

Grandpa Redbeard: You don't mean...

Dr. Robotnik: Yes, now get going (Turns off the Comunitcator) (Sighs)

Mr. Krabs: (goes into Redbeard's Quarters) Hi Grandpappy

Grandpa Redbeard: Hello Boyo

Mr. Krabs: Is anything wrong?

Grandpa Redbeard: Ah nothing me son, I think it's time for your Nap

Mr. Krabs: Ok Grandad (Goes back to his Hammock)

Grandpa Redbeard: (Sighs sadly)

(A small Red scorpion shaped ship flying only a few miles in the air & a Black Pirate Ship, following the Krusty Krab Pirate ship)


Harold: (Yawns)

Duncan: (Tries to open the Door, but it's locked) It's locked

LeShawna: How can it be locked?

(The Camera cuts to Grandpa Redbeard)

Dr. Robotnik: (In the Comunicator) Did you lock the Hedgehogs in your Pirate Ship?

Grandpa Redbeard: (Sighs) Yes I did

Dr. Robotnik: Good, I'll send Sleet & Dingo to sink your Ship & roboticize you

Grandpa Redbeard: What?! This Pirate Ship is my Home when I got into Mobius you Landlubber

Dr. Robotnik: Such sour talk for a Pirate. (Turns off the Cumunicator) Everything is definently acording to plan (Chuckles)


Spongebob: How can it be locked?

Eddy: How de we get outta here

Owen: Stand aside

Harold: Uh Oh

Eddy: What do you mean "Uh Oh"?

Harold: Rule Number One: Do not wake Owen's beast within first thing in the morning!

Sonia: Uh Oh

Noah: This is not good

Owen: (Tries to open the Door)

Harold: Owen! We had cowboy beans last night. You're seriously risking a toxic gas leak!

Squidward: You'll stink the whole Cabin

Owen: Is that all I am to you? Some kind of human fart machine?

Duncan: Uh, we just value our lives, is all. Alright, big guy?

Patrick: We'll be fine

Owen: Aw! I love you guys! (Owen hugs the guys) And I promise I'll never ever throw another morning - (farts) Starting now. (farts again) I mean, now.

Sonia: (Blocks his Nose) P.U.!

Izzy: Wow, it's like we're in Prison already

Duncan: It was only juvenile detention, don't get too excited.

Spongebob: (Notices a Way out on Deck) Look, if we can climb up, we'll be free

(Every Boy starts fighting each other except for Girls)

Harold: Owen! You'll never fit!

Owen: I can try my best!

Edd: It's not about trying, it's just a scientific fact!

Justin: Ahh! A hangnail !

Eddy: Stop Goofing around & get climbing

Manic: There's gotta be a faster way, but what?

Rotor: Oh Brother (Flys up to the Way while carrying Everybody & puts them down on Deck) There

Gwen: Why didn't you do that hours ago?!

Rotor: What? And miss out on all the Action?!

(The Ship starts to rumble)

All: Whao!

Grandpa Redbeard: (Notices a small Red scorpion shaped ship lands on the Black Pirate Ship, following the Krusty Krab Pirate ship & coming out of the Red Scorpion shaped ship was Sleet & Dingo)

Sleet: Your not going anywhere

LeShawna: Sleet & Dingo? We should've known

Sleet: (Turns Dingo into a Vine with his Shapeshift Remote) Get them Dingo

Dingo: (Wraps around our Heroes, including Grandpa Redbeard)

Grandpa Redbeard: Hey, we had a deal

Sleet: Sorry, but Robotnik doesn't need you anyways

Mr. Krabs: You mean he...(Cries)

Grandpa Redbeard: I'm sorry me boy, but there's nothing we can do

Mr. Krabs: Maybe there is (Grabs Dingo)

Sleet: What?!

Manic: What's he doing?

Mr. Krabs: (Spins Dingo around like he was in the Hammer Throw Contest & throws him at Sleet)

Sleet & Dingo: (Crashed into each other)

Sleet: (Changes Dingo back)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Activate their Medallions)

Swatbots: (boards the Krusty Krab Pirate Ship)

Sonic: Let's juice & jam time

Sonic: (Fires a Blue Laser at a Swatbot)

Sonia: (Makes a Pink Fog)

Swatbots: (Can't see where they going)

Ed, Edd n Eddy: (Trips 3 Swatbots)

Manic: (Makes an Earthquake with his Drums)

Spongebob: You'll shatter the Entire Ship

Manic: That's the point

Sleet & Dingo: (Goes back onto the Black Pirate Ship)

(The Black Pirate Ship falls apart & explodes)

Sleet & Dingo: (Lands & emerges from the Water)

Dingo: What now?

Sleet: (Turns Dingo into a Fish) Like I said before, make like a Fish & SWIM ! (Hops on Dingo)

Dingo: (Swims away)

Courtney: Bye Bye, Losers

Heather: Later Brah!

Grandpa Redbeard: I'm sorry, I ever doubted ye, but I'll fight against Robotnik & never give up. Ha, ha, ha! Why, I couldn't be more proud. You showed me how your in action against Robotnik & I'm not working with Robotnik anymore. Now I know how to save Mobius & that's fighting against Robotnik. Ya done good, boy-o!

Mr. Krabs: Really? Thanks, Granddad!

Grandpa Redbeard: Why, thank yourself, lad! You know how to save Mobius by defeating Robotnik! Now, I'll be takin' me lead, boy! It's a good thing you came to my resuce when ye did

Mr. Krabs: Goodbye, Granddad! What an honest man!

Grandpa Redbeard: (steals Mr. Krabs's money & hops on the Lifeboat back to shore) I hope ya don't mind, boy-o, but I helped myself to a little bit of yer booty! (laughs)

Mr. Krabs: I knew I got me talent from someone! (laughs)

Sonic: Wait a minute. I don't get it

Eva: Don't get what?

Manic: But he send us a Message didn't he?

Patrick: Huh? Wha?

Sonic: If he didn't, then who did?

Mr. Krabs: (Notices a Shadow on Shore & it looked like Queen Aleena & she left into the Woods) Hmmm.

The End