This is the ninth Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode focuses on the Crossovers


The Crossovers built their own shack, but they were having trouble & deciding to get help from Sticks, Knuckles, Amy & Tails.

Construction JunctionEdit

(We can see the Crossovers at near the sewer pot hole

Eddy: [fishing for something in a sewer grate] I got it I got it I got it!

Crossovers: Awww.

Spongebob: Close but no banana.

Edd: Be patient, Eddy.

Zaktan: And lower it down slowly.

Eddy: Okay.

[We now see that Eddy has a piece of bubble gum on the end of some string. He is fishing for a quarter at the bottom of the hole.]

Eddy: [catching the quarter with the gum] Bingo!

Patrick: Commence lift off!

Gobba: Don't let it slip!

Thok: Careful.

Eddy: Okay, okay!

Ed: [worried] "Aw, it's falling off, Eddy!

Eddy: "I got it I got it!" [he pulls it out of the sewer]

Edd: "Slowly...

Zaktan: Almost there.

Eddy: [pulling it off the string] Hey!

Pinkie Pie: You got it!

Zaktan: Who's the brains of the bunch?

Crossovers: Zaktan!

Eddy: [He flips it in the air and catches it.] Who's the man with the plan?

Crossovers: Eddy!

Eddy: You got that right. [He holds up the quarter in triumph, and a bird grabs his quarter out of his hand.] Hey! My money!

Vulk: That bird just stole my gum! Hey! [He runs off to look for it.]

Eddy: When does this torment stop? It was in the palm of my hand! Who invented birds anyway? [Edd pulls out a telescope and looks through it.] What good are they?

Discord: (laughing) The look on your face! So hilarious! Ahahahahahaha!

Vulk: I lost the bird.

Boggy B: (spots something in the distance) Say, what's that?

Edd: [he turns to look, and the telescope hits Ed & Boggy B on the back of their heads] Where?

Ed: Who's there?

Boggy B: (rubbing the back of his head in pain)

Eddy: [walking up to them] It's towing a sign.

Spongebob: What does it say?

Edd: It states, 'It's hip!! it's now!! Come to Plankton's New Evil Lair!'

The 6 Piraka: Huh?

Thok: He actually thinks his lair is his home?

Rainbow Dash: Is he for real?

Spongebob: [with an idea] Guys! What if we had our own place to live? Our own shack, big enough for all of us?

Edd: With clean sheets!

Ed: And a roof!

Flain: Yeah man!

(In the Jungle)

[The Crossovers are in the jungle.]

Zorch: This is a perfect spot, huh guys?

Sticks: [from a window of her burrow] Hey! Get out of my burrow! I don't want you guys to do more damage that you already done!


(We can see the Crossovers are testing out their new vehicle, but accidentally crashes into the burrow)

Patrick: Hi.

Sticks: AAH! Get out of my burrow! Get Out, get out, get out, get out, get out! (Kicks the Crossovers out of the burrow)

(End of Flashback)

Spongebob: Oh, sorry about that.

Ed: Weird. Sticks already has a clubhouse here.

Eddy: Shut up, Ed.

(At a Junkyard)

(The Crossovers are on top of the trash heap.)

Eddy: Check it out! This is a killer location!

Reidak: Yeah! Knuckles won't mind if we build it here.

Spongebob: Ok gang, this is the place.

Twilight Sparkle: Are you kidding me? It's much too unsanitary, guys! How can anyone be stupid enough to... [She stops whe she looks at Ed.] What's happening to Ed?

[Seagulls are attacking Ed. He's doing his best to fight them off.]

Ed: Hey guys-ow-help-ow-they're trying to-ow-get my creampuff-ow-here- Eddy- catch! [He flings the pastry at Eddy. It hits him in the face and cream splatters on him and the rest of the crossovers.]

Rainbow Dash: Hey!

Eddy: [sarcastic] Good shot, Ed.

Gobba: (licks the cream from his face) Mm, delicious.

Pinkie Pie: (catches the cream puff) Are you gonna eat that? (Chomps on the cream puff, eating it)

[Ed runs towards them.]

Flurr: Huh? [The gang sees the seagulls following Ed.]

Edd & Zaktan: Uh oh.

Crossover Gang: [running away from the seagulls] Ow ow ow! Ow! Ow ow!

(However Fluttershy stayed behind, feeding the seagulls with bird seeds, taking care of them)

Fluttershy: You must be very hungry. Aren't you? Yes you are, yes you are.

(The bird coos in approval.)

(At a Mailbox)

[We see a mailbox.]

Magnifo: What do you think?

Kraw: It seems rather small. [Kraw opens the mail slot and takes a deep breath of the outside air.] And the lack of oxygen is rather disturbing.

Lunk: (pops his head out of the mail box with Kraw) Guess that's not it.

Chomly: [inside the mail box, receiving a phone call] Hey guys, I may have already won ten thousand dollars!

(At the Large Grassy Fields)

(The Crossover Gang are loping down the dirt path.)

Rainbow Dash: [distressed] I tell you guys, we gotta find a location. Without one, it's hopeless! [Edd stops walking.]

Shuff: Now what can we do? Guys. Guys? [He & Rainbow Dash looks back to see the rest of the gang staring at something, transfixed.]

Edd: [pointing] There. [He grins widely.]

Ed: Oh.

Spongebob & Patrick: Wow.

Rainbow Dash: Huh?

Reidak: What?

[Edd is staring at a beautiful vast grassy field that has the view of every single corner of the island & beautiful trees in the background of the forest & the jungle.]

Crossover Gang: Cool.

Discord: Everyman for himself!

[The Crossover Gang run for it, but Vezok pulls them back.]

Vezok: Wait. We have to inspect it first. Zaktan, Twilight, Sunset, Teslo, & Double D, come with me. [He walks over them on the way to the grassy field.]

[The Crossover Gang begins their inspection. This involves walking around the field, and looking at the views from different angles. Patrick's Ed's part is more straightforward; the 2 just goes up to the tree and slams their heads against it or rather kick it.]

Patrick: It's a funny tree. [A bird's nest falls onto his head. A bird, with a quarter in its mouth, rises out of it.]

Twilight Sparkle: (checking with her check list) Let's see. View are breathe taking. Grass are a perfect shade of green & well moist.

Sunset Shimmer: Perfect temperature. That's good.

Edd: [inspecting the tree] Hmm. [examining the leaves] Leaf foliage seems healthy. [He sniffs the tree.] These trees is perfect!

Spongebob: So what are the final results?

Teslo: This place is perfect! This is our new home!

Ed: [hugging the tree with Patrick & Gobba] Our own clubhouse! This will be so cool.

Gobba: Yeah! And once we're done, it's home sweet home for all of us!

Patrick: Say. Where's our home, Guys? It's invisible.

Eddy: Hey birdbrain, it's not invisible. That's the grassy fields? We still need to build the clubhouse. [noticing Patrick's bird] That's the bird that took my quarter! [the bird flies away] I hate birds.

Ed: It's okay, Eddy. We got a tree!

Volectro: And a field!

Thok: Next, we need tools. Where are we gonna get some?


[The Crossover Gang now has a variety of power tools that are laid out at the base in the centre of the field.]

Discord: The townsfolk will never know they're missing.

Spongebob: Anybody know how to use these?

[Ed picks up a jackhammer and turns it on. Edd & Sunset laughs until he sees Vezok hitting the tree with a hammer.]

Edd: Vezok, stop! Trees have feelings!

Sunset Shimmer: What are you doing?

Vezok: [nonchalant] Building a clubhouse.

[He tosses the hammer in the air. It comes down and hits him on the helmet.]

Sunset Shimmer: We need lumber, Vezok, before we can–

Vezok: [a bit dazed] Hey guys, we need to find wood. Start looking.

Twilight Sparkle: Exactly. [They look for wood.]

Ed: [riding the jackhammer, with Patrick & Pinkie] Yip Yip Ya-Doo!

Patrick: Fighter pilot! Dive bomb!

Pinke Pie: Wheee! (giggles)

Eddy: Where does wood grow?

[Sticks appear behind him.]

Sticks: Hello, guys. I came here to apologize about the incident.

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, that's great. But not now, Sticks, I'm thinking.

Sticks: [tapping Eddy with her boomerang] "About the fields or the tree?

Eddy: Cut it out, Sticks. [He tosses Sticks' boomerang away. As Sticks screams] Sticks! Boomerang! Wood!

[The boomerang comes down on Ed's head. The boomerang knocks Patrick & Ed off of the jackhammer.]

Patrick: Knock knock.

Ed: Who's there? [Sticks and Eddy race to get to Plank. Hakann & Discord reaches the boomerang first, but also grabs Sticks.]

Discord: [holding up Sticks] If your name says it all, you & your boomerang would make a great clubhouse.

Sticks: Wait, what?!

Spongebob: Ok, that is a bit too far.

Zaktan: Discord, Hakann, we would require much more lumber–

Hakann: Details details. [turning to Sticks] What do you think, Sticksy Girl?

Sticks: [stressed even more] No! Put me down! I'm not made of wood!

Fluttershy: Discord & Hakann, please put her down. We might need her help.

Discord: (admits defeat) I suppose thats correct. (Puts down Sticks)

Sticks: (very confused) You needed my help?

Tentro: Yes.

Boggy B: Know where we could find more wood in this island?

Sticks: I know! When it comes to being Primal, I see things.

(In Town)

[Sticks leads them to a trash can. He points at it.]

Sticks: There! [Eddy plucks out a popsicle stick.]

Eddy: A dirty popsicle stick?

Ed: [grabbing it] Got it, Eddy!

Twilight Sparkle: Um, Sticks? Are you sure about this?

Sticks: Yes, is this enough?

Boggy B: [marching up to Sticks] No Sticks. We need large pieces of wood. Tell yourself to quit fooling around.

Sticks: Okay okay! (Starts thinking & remembers) I know! My brain says, follow me!

(Back at the Junkyard)

(The gang follows Sticks & spots loads of wood.)

Sticks: See?

Knuckles: (notices the gang) Hey, what's up?

Spongebob: Hi Knuckles. Your just in time, we might need your help with something.

Knuckles: Ok then, if it helps me be better than Sonic, then yes.

[Patrick, Ed, Reidak, Knuckles & Slumbo fishes large pieces of wood out of some mud.]

Rainbow Dash: That's perfect! Hold it there, guys.

[The next scene shows a huge tower of wood on top of the 5's original pieces. Patrick's, Reidak's, Knuckles' & Ed's arms are quaking from the strain, however Slumbo & Discord is still holding on, with no problem.]

Eddy: Okay Gang, to the field!

Knuckles: [grunting] We can't move.

Edd: Not a problem.

Twilight Sparkle: One step ahead of you.

[She & Edd both grabs a winch and uses it to raise Patrick, Reidak, Knuckles & Ed off the ground. Eddy then knocks the winch out of the way and places a skateboard beneath them. He pushes the 4, and they go down the street, as Slumbo & Discord follows.]

Eddy: Giddyup!

Patrick, Ed, Reidak & Knuckles: AAAAAHHH!

[The 4 ends up at the base of the tree.]

Flurr: Let's go see.

[Patrick, Ed, Reidak & Knuckles who were struggling to keep his balance, falls. The towers lands on top of them. The 4 then crawls out from under the pile.]

Applejack: Are y'all right?

Knuckles: (as he, Patrick, Ed & Reidak climb out) (dizzy) Ow!

Reidak: We're ok.

Ed: The maple has landed!

Eddy: [after sharing a laugh with Edd, Spongebob & Avak] I don't get it.

Avak: Me neither.

SpongeBob: Alright, Patrick, lets get to work!

[The montage begins with a zoom in on the Crossovers as construction workers. Knuckles & Sticks looks at each other, but Knuckles is ecstatic to help.]

[Patrick tries to hit a nail into a board, but hits his hand instead]

Patrick: Ow!, Ow!, Oww!

[SpongeBob takes two buckets of paint, one red and one green. He pours the red paint on his back side and pours the green paint on his front side. He puts one side on a fence so that the paint gets on it, and then he does the other side the same way. He does this twice.]

[Twilight uses her magic to a line the boards straight & Knuckles helps hammer the boards down, only getting his hands hit by his own hammer as he tries to help.]

Knuckles: Ow! Ow! Oww!

Vezok: (grabs a wrench) Hold it tight.

[As he tightens a loose bolt while Sticks holds it tight, the screen turns every time Vezok tightens the bolt sending Patrick, Ed, Knuckles & Boggy B sliding, falling upside down towards the sky, then back onto the ground right side up with a crash.]

Vezok: Pipes are done.

Discord: (laughing hysterically, but then uses his magic to arrange the pipes, into a shape of Discord giving a thumbs up, while it's winking) (notices the glares from Vezok & Sticks as Discord shrugs & turns to the viewers) Oopsie.

[Rainbow Dash nails pieces of wooden boards together in midair, and a piece falls off and lands on Patrick's hand. Patrick moves his board under the next board, which falls down on his hand. This happens several times.]

[Next, the montage ends as it shown that the crossovers' finished house and Patrick gives a big thumbs up with bandages wrapped around his thumb]

Patrick: We're done!

Knuckles: (his hands are covered in bandages) Finally were finished.

SpongeBob: Yeah! So what do you think?

Patrick: I wish I lived there.

SpongeBob: Really?

(However the camera zooms out to see that the shack is actually a small scale model)

Patrick: No. [SpongeBob puts the small shack on his head]

Fluttershy: (looks inside) Um, SpongeBob... Try over there. No. I think your tooth is in a... (Felt a tiny thump from Spongebob's tooth in the scale model) Shoe closet?

SpongeBob: One bedroom. [nose sticks out through the door and the small shack scale model breaks into pieces]

Patrick: Tartar sauce.

Eddy: Great, now what?

Rarity: If you ask me, we could've done something wrong, did we?

Flair: Your right, we did do something wrong.

Teslo: Wait, we've forgotten something important... We need to prepare the actual blueprints.

Edd: Your right. We need blueprints.

Sticks: Prehaps we can go get more help.

Reidak: Who are you referring to?

Patrick: And do they have donuts there?

(At Tails' Workshop)

(We can see Tails & Amy preparing the blueprints for the Crossovers' Shack.)

"More Coming Soon"

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