This is the 86th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on Shantae

Plot Edit

The Crossover Heroes have found a Half Genie named "Shantae" washed up on the shore of the beach, while they brought her inside, they didn't know that a pirate lady named "Risky Boots" has found Shantae in the Bygone Island, the Seaside Island. Now the Crossover Heroes have completely had it with these mother hugging pirates, on this mother hugging island, but Risky Boots is unlike the rest of the pirates, she actually plans ahead & traps the heroes, even Plankton & Eggman in unique wacky traps. Now Shantae awaken from her unconscious state, notices the heroes have been captured once again & she must fight her way on her own to get to her new friends' rescue & stop Risky Boots.

I Dreamed of Half Genie Edit

(The Episode Start with the Crossover Heroes walking down on the beach.)

SpongeBob: You know, this has be a perfect day. Beautiful skies, beautiful waters & beautiful wildlife & plants.

Eddy: Ok we get it, SpongeBob. Everything is beautiful around here without Plankton or Eggman to bother us.

Reidak: You might be right about that, what else can be beautiful? (Suddenly trips) Whoa! (Falls flat on the sand) Oof!

Boggy B: Falling flat on your face? No way, been there, done that.

Twilight Sparkle: (helps Reidak up) Reidak, are you ok?

Reidak: (wiping the sand off of his face) I'm ok, I think I tripped on something.

(The Crossovers were surprised to see that it wasn't a something Reidak tripped over.)

Edd: Um, Reidak? I don't think it's something.

(They all noticed that Reidak accidently tripped over an unconscious body on the beach, which looks like a young girl with pointy ears, long purple hair in a pony tail, wearing red clothing & gold pony tail hair band, head gear with a blue gem & golden arm bands.)

Pinkie Pie: (is surprised along with the rest) Eek! It's a body!

Sash Lilac: Quick! Get her inside!

(The Crossover Team begins carrying the young girl inside to the Crossover Shack.)

Magnifo: Whoever you are, we can nurse you back to health!

Surgeo: (with Skrubs & Tuth) No problem! The Medix are on the job! She will be bright & healthy in no time!

(The Crossovers didn't realise that they were being watched by something out on the sea, which it sounded like a steam engine, coming towards the Seaside Island. In an unknown point of view, the figure is looking through the Spy glass, giggling evilly, sounding like a woman, as she spots the young girl being carried by the Crossovers.)

???: (woman voice) There you are...

(In the Crossover Shack)

(The Crossovers gently places the young girl on the bed gently.)

Ed: Nighty night.

Tuth: (holding a complex Doctor/Dentist tool) Alright, everybody stand back!

Applejack: (looks alarmed & pushes Tuth back gently) Whoa there partners, she needed some time to rest & recover.

Skrubs: Should I jump her back to life? (Starts his defibriliator arms) Clear!

Reidak: No stop you idiots! (Stops Skrubs, getting jump shocked instead) GAH! (Coughing & falls down) I'm ok.

Surgeo: Your seriously not making this any easier, are you?

SpongeBob: We don't even know who she is more than what she is. She could be another Crossover from another world.

Carol Tea: You might be right, but I think we need to make sure. (Turns to the Medix with Medical Tools) What part of "Stop", don't you understand?

Black Spy: Ok, ok, geez. But seriously we got to figure where did she come from.

White Spy: (Noticing Team Sonic approaching inside) And we have guests.

Sonic: What's going on? We heard about your call.

Amy Rose: (noticing the young girl) Oh my, the poor girl. Can I tend you to some wounds?

Medix: (in unison) Can we help?

Crossover Team: (to the Medix) No! (Noticing Team Sonic looking at them, being skeptical, while acting casual)

Tails: Okay? Anyway, we noticed the same young girl washed up on the beach. So we came by to check on what happened.

Sticks: That girl must've be a Siren that has called upon us! (Shaking Seismo) We must do the belly bop as it is the only way to apease the Siren!

Twilight Sparkle: (using her magic to sense the young girl) If your talking about the Dazzlings, then she is no Siren. (Is surprised) Whoa!

Knuckles: What's wrong? I usually don't understand "Nerd" & "Eggheads".

Twilight Sparkle: First of all, don't toy with me. And Second, she is no ordinary girl. She is...

Edd: (hearing the alarm) Oh my...!

Rainbow Dash: What's wrong now?

Edd: It's the Villain Motion Alert! (Turns on the Monitor to see both Eggman & Plankton competing with their best robots on their respective islands) Were receiving a Transmission.

SpongeBob: What do you think they're doing?

Sonic: I'm not so sure, but whatever it is, we need to check it out just to make sure things dont get messy right off the bat.

Glowbert: Ok, even I resent that remark. But let's get moving.

SpongeBob: And don't worry about the girl, She'll be safe in our home.

Amy Rose: (as the heroes head out, leaving the girl to rest) I can't imagine what both villains are confessing right now.

(As the heroes left, the girl begins glowing with a strange pink & purple magic aura.)

(At Eggman & Plankton's Island Fortresses)

Eggman: (with his Robot army of Badniks, arguing with Plankton) For the last time, its pronounced Quinoa

Plankton: (with his ow robot army as well) Your saying it wrong cause that's pronounced Quinoa.

Eggman: No, you're saying it the wrong way. It's pronounced Quinoa!

Plankton: (as the heroes arrive to notice what's going on) It is pronounced quinoa!

Eggman: Quinoa!

Plankton: Quinoa!

Hugo: What's with the intestive arguing, even thou your still bitter enemies with one another?

Plankton: We don't have time for you. We would rather settle our villain debate!

GreenBot: Shouldn't we go stop them like we always do instead? I'm bored with the debate already.

Cubot: Me too. I'm bored out of my main frame brain.

Eggman: No way, I'm not unleashing my anger against these, muskrats with this pipsqueak who abandoned me!

Plankton: It's because of your short sighting that has weighed us down you bad egg! Away before I make scrambled eggs out of you!

Fluttershy: Um, maybe it's best we should go & leave you be.

Boggy B: Yeah, This is turning into a false alarm anyway.

Eggman: Hold it right there! Your helping me beat Plankton before I force you to do so!

Plankton: Not if I force them to do my bidding first!

(Both Eggman & Plankton's Robots begins attacking each other while also charging forward & attacking at the heroes as well, who have increased their self defence by attacking at both Robot armies, even with the Mixels all fought together & have mixed to their Max Forms to begin their stronger attacks as well.)

Sonic: This is becoming a Triple Threat! Maybe we should go!

SpongeBob: (noticing Eggman's & Plankton's large robots approaching) And fast, they're bringing in the big guns!

Twilight Sparkle: Quick! Run! We can't be here!

(The Heroes begin running to find a hiding spot while Eggman & Plankton & many of the Robots chase after them to try & force them to do their bidding against each other.)

Bluebot: (running with Orbot, Cubot, Redbot, Yellowbot & Greenbot) I'd liked it better when we're best friends again)

Orbot: I missed the good old days as well.

Yellowbot: Just keep running! We're still on their tail!

Redbot: They're trying to hide in there.

(Both robot forces chased the heroes into a garage of Plankton's Base)

Plankton: Aha!

Sash Lilac: (as the heroes continues fighting the Badniks & Plankton's Robots the best they can) Keep fighting everyone! We can't give up now!

Carol Tea: We'll keep fighting together.

Milla Basset: Yes! Teamwork does work!

Vezok: Easy for you to say! We're surrounded!

Sticks: You'll never take me alive you terminator Robots!

Plankton: Hah, Eggman! I finally got them trapped, these idiots can't escape from my garage!

Eggman: What?! (Growling in frustration) I didn't even know you even had a garage to begin with!

Plankton: Yeah, that's...! (Suddenly realised something as everyone is inside the garage) Wait a minute... I don't have a garage.

(While everyone stares in Confusion, Suddenly the "Garage" suddenly sprang to life with a multitude of many unique booby traps activating, like electrical nets, spider webs, steel traps, snares, cages & many many other Traps, capturing everyone inside including Eggman, Plankton, Orbot, Cubot, Redbot, Yellowbot, GreenBot & Bluebot, while everyone screams upon getting trapped together in one gigantic booby trap.)

Eggman: (is trapped in a spider web) I'm gonna say that's entirely your fault.

Plankton: (not amused as he is trapped in a jar) Of course you are.

Knuckles: What in the actual name of Mobius happened?!

Thok: Gah! It's a trap!

Edd: From the sound of Eggman & Plankton, they didn't set up ingenious, gigantic & complicated booby trap.

SpongeBob: If Eggman & Plankton didn't create this booby trap, then who did?

(However, the group got there answers in the form of a Pirate Lady in Purple Pirate Clothing, appearing to be known as "Risky Boots", as she laughs evilly upon her big catch)

Twilight Sparkle: Who is she?

Boggy B: And why is she dressed up like a... (suddenly realised that she's another Pirate enemy like all the others before her) OH DON'T TELL ME...!

Risky Boots: (giggles) Well well, isnt this a sight?

Sticks: Gah! Who do you think you are, we'll not be bait to the Sharks infested in the waters 20,000 leagues under the sea!

Sonic: (is strained within this electrical Net) Yeah, we don't even know anything about you! Not even your name.

Risky Boots: (aim sword at Sonic's nose) You may call me, Risky Boots, Queen of the Seven Seas! And believe me, brains are more important than brawn when it comes to planning ahead.

Black Spy: Your a tricky woman after me own heart...

White Spy: Hey! I saw her first, you dummy!

Sonic: (to Risky Boots) See, now we get to know each other. (Trying to Spindash his way out) Now if you excuse me, I'll be outta here faster than you can say...

Risky Boots: (suddenly press the button, electrocuting Sonic with the electric Net)

Sonic: (screams in pain upon being electrocuted)

Amy: SONIC! Are you ok?

Risky Boots: Thanks for the little reminder on being the guinea pig for my booby Traps. Your giving me goosebumps.

Amy: You leave Sonic out of this!

Eggman: (laughs a bit evilly) At least this pirate lady shares a neutral enemy against you, Sonic. (Got the spicer web ropes pulled tighter by Tinkerbats, feeling strained) GAH! Not so tight!

Eddy: (from inside his cage trap) LET US OUT!

Magnifo: (can't reach his magic wand while he's trapped) What are you gonna do to us?!

Risky Boots: I was spying on you that you rescued that girl not too long ago. And you & the rest are gonna help me on getting my arch enemy to come to me.

Tails: What...?

Plankton: And if we don't?

(Scene changes to the trapped heroes & villains, dangling above the shark infested waters, now a bit helpless, seeing how they were all disarmed from their weapons by Tinkerbats & powerless from the brand new Inhibitor Collars around their necks, invented by Tinkerbats.)

Plankton: Ok, ok! You win this time! And I'm liking your style!

Risky Boots: (help the Tinkerbats place the heroes & villains in the brig) Good, I'm not even gonna feed you to the sharks anyway, now behave like children while me & my Tinkerbats will plunder the loot from that island of yours until we get back...! (Hop off & land on the dock as she & her Tinkerbats head out)

Teslo: (as everyone turn to Plankton) For shame, Plankton! Now our weapons have been confiscated!

SpongeBob: That's not all, look at Sonic.

(The group noticing Sonic trying to run, but due to the Inhibitor Collar around his neck, he can't run in super sonic speed as he is getting claustrophobic.)

Sonic: (running in circles) No sonic speed! I have to go fast! We gotta break out!! Gotta go fast gotta go fast gotta go fast!!!

Ed: Sonic's funny.

Tails: It must've been these new Inhibitor Collars, they're designed to restrain & strip ourselves from our powers once their placed around our necks.

Sash Lilac: We can't just sit around doing nothing, we've got to do something! There must be a way out of this pirate ship. Whoever is that girl we found, she must be our only hope while we figure out a plan.

Edd: Yes & without super speed while being confined in the brig, Sonic will go crazy.

Patrick: (as Sonic is going stir crazy) What do we do?

Amy: I might be able to try & help out since Im doing my best not to lose myself, even without my hammer.

Orbot: Im afraid we have no other choice. For everyone's safety & additional Sonic's sanity, we'll have to use our natural abilities & brains to try & break out.

Carol Tea: Right, let's find what we can & let's do this!

Fang Gang: (even have their jaws chained up, while reduce to only biting & chewing normally) (muffled in agreement, while nodding)

SpongeBob & Sticks: (seeing the Tinkerbats eyes a more Black with red iris) ?!

Hakann: What? Are you scared of the Tinkerbats now?

Sticks: Hunterbats.

Patrick: Bless you.

SpongeBob: No, we encounter the Hunterbats since the 2nd Dark Hunters!

Eddy: (not buying it with the others) Oh really? Since when?

Amy: Ok, I think your interaction with Krika has gotten into your head.

Zaktan: Either that or it's obvious that your colour blind. (Sticks growl at the response)

Pinkie Pie: Oh, can I do this one?

Vezok: (trying to find anything that can help break out) Do what?

(Pinkie Pie, simply spins the screen around into a scene transition to the next scene)

(Back at the Crossover Shack)

(We see the young purple haired girl in red belly dancing clothing, her name is now known as Shantae, also known as the Half Genie Hero.)

Shantae: Where am I? And how did I get here? (Looks around, while noticing a familiar Tinker Tub Pirate Ship) Wait... I remember now...! Risky Boots!

(Shantae remembers a flashback to her previous fight with Risky Boots on the Tinker Tub that she was surprisingly knocked overboard & into the water & washed up on the Seaside Island Shore.)

Shantae: It seems she's up to her sneaky pirate tricks again! I've gotta stop her at once! (Rushes out of the shack to notice the raid on the Hedgehog Village by the Tinkerbats) Of course there's gonna be tinkerbats! (Notices Perci, Staci & Zooey & other women & citizens in danger by the Tinkerbats) Hey!

(The Tinkerbats turned to see Shantae & rushes at her to begin the fight, while Shantae simply whips her incredibly long ponytail hair like a bull whip at the Tinkerbats to send them flying as she continues whipping the Tinkerbats real good to knock them back.)

Shantae: (hairwhipping at the Tinkerbats) Is everyone ok?

Perci: (whacking the Tinkerbats with a wrench, protecting Zooey & Staci) Were fine, I can take care of myself while helping others too.

Zooey: Have you seen Tails & the others? We haven't seen them since they went to Eggman & Plankton's lairs.

Staci: Can you like, check on them to see if their ok?

Shantae: Ok, I will. In the meantime, you will get the villagers to safety. Before that I'm going to check on that pirate ship after that. Ok?

Perci: We will. Good luck, miss...?

Shantae: Shantae, half genie hero.

Perci: That's a first. Come on. (Head out with Zooey & Staci to help get the villagers out of the village to safety)

Zooey: Good luck & please tell Tails I said hi.

Shantae: Good luck to you girls. (Head out to Eggman & Plankton's Lairs)

(At Eggman's & Plankton's Lair)

Shantae: (looking around in both lairs) Where can be? (Looks in Eggman's lair, seeing Burnbot & Obliterator Bot) Tails? (Checks Plankton's lair, seeing Torch Tusk) Anyone? (Looks around outside) Hello?

"More Coming Soon"

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