This is the 84th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on Sonic, SpongeBob, the Piraka & Krekka

Plot: Edit

When Sonic tries on a Mech suit, he starts to act so mean, in fact, his friends hate him for it, but little did they know that it's the Mech Suit is corrupting the blue hedgehog into doing it'a bidding. Now the rest of the team had to bring Sonic back to his senses quickly, but it would be harder when Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki are in the mix.

Soundtrack: Edit

Sam Smith & Normani - Dancing With A Stranger

Marshmello - Alone (Slushii Remix)

Mech Suits Me: Edit

[Scene: Seaside Island, jungle, evening.]

[Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks & Team Crossovers are running from an unseen threat with pugil sticks in their hands.]

Sticks: It's gaining on us!

Ed: The belly button eater's upon us! Run!

Knuckles: Uh, this is getting too real, man!

(Team Crossovers try to rush forward & hide, but we're slowly getting grabbed & pulled into the woods one by one, screaming.

[The four members of Team Sonic stop and stare around the area. The group is briefly shown in thermal vision. Tails spots some trees russling.]

Tails: [Nervous] What the heck was that?

[Suddenly, Tails falls on the ground and gets dragged into the bushes]

Amy: [Nervous] It got Tails! None of us are...

[Amy screams and gets dragged into the bush next to her.]

Sticks: We gotta get out of here!

[Sticks and Knuckles runs across a tree branch. The duo is briefly shown in thermal vision. Suddenly, they spot the Piraka holding a pugil stick and screech to a halt.]

Vezok: (having caught Sonic in his tracks) Did you really think escape would be that easy? (Roars like a wild animal)

[Sticks jumps and charges at Vezok with her pugil stick but she misses. Sticks and Knuckles surround the Piraka. Knuckles grunts and walk slowly towards the 6. They fight each other on the branch. Reidak almost falls off, but then uses the end of his pugil stick as a pole and swings his way round. He then kicks Knuckles. Knuckles slides down to the end of the branch and falls into the trees. Sticks and Sonic remain. Sticks charges into the Piraka, but they counters by sliding their legs under Sticks' body. Zaktan then kicks Sticks off the tree branch, while seeing Ed's the last one alone, having bucked Avak off of him like a bronco.]

Ed: I'm a bucking buckaroo! Alley Oop! (knocks Avak off the tree branch) Toot toot, I win!

[The Piraka suddenly ambushed Ed & managing to tie him up to capture him last.]

Zaktan: Annnd we're done!

[Amy, Knuckles and Tails & Team Crossovers climb up the branch]

Edd: 5 minutes & 59 seconds, a new record & with minimal damage.

Boggy B: (clapping) Bravo, Piraka. You manage to beat Sonic's record time of 6 minutes exactly by a split second.

Sonic: So who's gonna be the next Jungle Predator?

Tails: It's Sticks' turn. Hey. Where is Sticks?

Sash Lilac: Now that you mention it, I don't see her.

Sticks: Down here! And you guys are gonna wanna check this out!

Amy: We're not falling for that. It's the oldest trick in the Jungle Predator book.

Sonic: I've been meaning to read that book. How is it?

Amy: Not as bad as the movie. Studios should stop recycling the same tired old properties and make something original for once.

[Knuckles, Sonic and Tails look at Amy in silence. Sonic scratches his head and Tails coughs.]

Eddy: Are you saying the classics are better, then I agree.

Sticks: Uh... guys!

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, HQ room, day.]

[Eggman is watching surveillance of Team Sonic in thermal vision on his floating TV.]

Dr. Eggman: 250 channels and finally something interesting to watch. Well, aside from that guy who goes to failing restaurants and yells at everybody. Love that guy.

[Scene Change: Jungle cave, day.]

(The Heroes head inside the caves, while the Piraka had their red eyes glow in the dark for night vision)

Amy: It's dark in here.

Hakann: Ever heard of nightvision? (Hears a punch from Clover, but it ended up hitting someone else, which is Flynn)

Flynn: Ow! What'd did I do?

Clover: Oops, sorry. I was aiming for Hakann.

SpongeBob: If only we had a light stone.

Tails: Who needs light stones? I have just the thing to fix that.

[Tails presses a button on his Communicator that turns Team Sonic's Luminous Suits on. They all gasp in amazement at the cave walls, which have glowing purple markings.]

SpongeBob: Oh my Neptune, what is all this?

Eddy: Looks like the Mucky Boys' Cave.

Avak: More like the insides of the Onu-Koro Caves.

Tails: Where do you suppose it all came from?

Sticks: Illuminati. Laser people. The league of ventriloquists. Who said that?

Sonic: You did, Sticks.

Sticks: That what they want you to think?!

Amy: I'd say it's more likely that these are markings from the time of the Ancients.

Vezok: Ancients? Like our world in the time before time or something?

Sam: You could say that.

Knuckles: But what do they mean?

Amy: I think they want us to go that way.

Tails: Did you deduce that using your vast knowledge of archaeology?

Amy: Nah. There's a huge arrow pointing that way.

[Team Sonic follow the arrow]

Twilight Sparkle: (as the Infernites & Electroids mix themselves into max forms to get better light in the darker parts of the caves) We should probably keep going. Stick together.

Alex: Point taken. (Sighs) Tunnels.

[Knuckles discovers a metal hand.]

Knuckles: Whoa. Looks like this guy could use a hand.

[Knuckles gives a high-five to the hand. Tails and Sticks look unconvinced. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles & Team Crossovers lift rocks out of the way to reveal the whole figure.]

Sticks: [Scared] Gah! An evil robot! [Softly] Sorry, that was redundant. [Scared] Gah! A robot!

Zaktan: Do they look like their from our Skakdi family... or not.

Amy: That's no robot. That's an old mech suit.

Sonic: It looks like me. Gotta hand it to those Ancients. They had swag. [Walks towards the mech]

Eddy: Oh get over yourself. I'm trying out the mech!

Tails: Maybe I should run some tests first.

[Tails presses a button on his Communicator. Sonic, sitting in the mech suit, activates it and it glows red. It almost walks into Tails, who dives out of the way in time, with Team Crossovers dodging out of the way as well. The rest of Team Sonic chase the mech suit out of the cave. The mech suit is blocked by a force-field.]

Sonic: What the what?

Dr. Eggman: You meddlesome muskrats were so wrapped up in your little spelunking adventure, you didn't even notice my camouflaged Spy Bot was watching you the whole time! [Points to his right]

Knuckles: That's some great camouflage!

Dr. Eggman: No wait. It's over here.

[Eggman points to his left where the Spy Bot, who is using a twig to conceal itself, actually is.]

Black Spy: (to Eggman) Why can't you get a real job like everyone else?

Tails: I'd hack the force field, but I can't get a signal underground.

Dr. Eggman: Hope you guys don't like oxygen, cuz it's in short supply down there. Heheh.

[Sonic tries punching through the force field with his mech suit. After the third attempt the force-field breaks open. Team Sonic & Team Crossover escape the cave.]

Dr. Eggman: Oookay. Not expecting that. Luckily, I've got a plan B, a plan "Mega B" that is! The B stands for "Bot" if that wasn't clear. I mean, it was pretty clear.

[Mega Bot pummels through some trees over and shoots a missile at Sonic's mech suit. The mech suit uses a shield to block the attack. The mech suit then sprouts some wheels on the feet.]

Sonic: I'm starting to like this suit.

[Sonic spins around Mega Bot but it pushes Sonic away. Sonic charges towards it and kicks and punches it in the eye, toppling it over. While Team Crossovers attacks at the arms of Mega Bot to disarm him, with the Piraka's help. With Sonic's eyes glowing red, he fires a laser from his mech suit that destroys Mega Bot. Mega Bot's eye lands next to Eggman.]

Dr. Eggman: [Quietly] Even I gotta admit that was kind of cool.

[Eggman screams as Sonic grabs him in his mech suit. He slams Eggman into a rock wall, and prepares for one final punch.]

SpongeBob: (winches) Ouch... that's a bit harsh.

Hakann: Whoa... I'm beginning to like where this is going.

Dr. Eggman: [Nervously] Heh. I-I wasn't really gonna leave you in that cave. I was just about to call for help. It would've sounded something like this. Help!

[Sonic gets ready to fire lasers from his mech suit but gets stopped by Amy.]

Amy: Sonic! What are you doing?! Stop!

[Sonic lets go of Eggman, leaving a mark on the wall. Eggman runs off. Sonic jumps out of his mech suit, with the rest of Team Crossovers pulling him away from the suit.]

Sonic: (shaking his head) Sorry, I don't know what came over me.

Dr. Eggman: You know how often I use laundry as an excuse to bail on a battle? This time, I really gotta do my laundry. (The Piraka scares Eggman, who he Jumps on the Eggmobile and leaves.]

Twilight Sparkle: (wondering what just happened) Hmm...

White Spy: What... the heck... just happened? Why is Sonic acting so brutal?

SpongeBob: I don't know guys, I don't know.

Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki: (peeking from deep within the jungles) (smiling from this Mech Suit's power & control, after witnessing it's brutality)

Vezon: (smiles evilly) How interesting...

[Scene Change: Outside Sonic's Shack, day.]

Knuckles: And it turns out it was in my mouth the whole time.

Twilight Sparkle: Everypony, don't you think it's strange that Sonic's been acting very vicious lately.

Zaktan: (nodding with the Piraka) Yeah, it reminds us of ourselves back then. We tend to become traitor to one antoher into destroying each other, I was the most dangerous out of the 6.

Hakann: Or the time when I accidently fire the Spear of Fusion to defusing Vezok from his other half that created Vezon?

Avak: Or when we were prone to constantly attacking each other due to our violent nature that got us defeated by the Toa before being fused into the Golden Skinned Being?

The Piraka: (sighing happily) Good time... (notices the surprised looks on the heroes' face that the Piraka were indeed that dangerous & we're lucky to not get them on their bad side)

Thok: What? That insane brutality remind us of our island of Zakaz when we've changed into who we were today.

SpongeBob: (gulps) Riiiiight... anyway...

Sonic: Hey guys!

[Sonic greets the rest of Team Sonic in his mech suit.]

Sticks: Why are you still wearing that tin can?

Edd: Why on earth would you wear that mech suit if we don't know what caused you to become this aggressive?

Sonic: It's better than anything Tails can invent. Am I right?

Tails: Hey!

Carol Tea: No, it's not.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[The Eds begin to notice Sonic in his mech suit waits in a long queue. He pushes the customers out of the way.]

(Dancing With A Stranger playing as background music)

Old Monkey: Kids today are so inconsiderate. They walk around with those loose-fitting mech suits. Put on a belt!

Sonic: Ssh. Whatever. (Eddy groans in anger)

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[The Piraka & the Glowkies spot Sonic who is walking through the Village Center with Amy. Sonic looks at Perci and Staci. They both blink back at him.]

Glowbert: (confused with the Glowkies) Wait, which one's Perci again?

Sonic: Check it out. Twins. Hey, Perci, Staci.

[They both wave at Sonic. He laughs. Amy gives an annoyed look.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island beach, day].

[Sonic is walking around on the beach. Suddenly, a ball hits him. Sonic looks up and sees SpongeBob & Patrick, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Tails and Sticks playing volleyball with Wolfie and Wild Cat.]

Wolfie: Sorry about that!

Pinkie Pie: (with SpongeBob, Patrick & Fluttershy) Say Sonic, think you can pass the ball to us please?

[Disgruntled, Sonic stamps the ball into the ground.]

Pinkie Pie: Or not...

SpongeBob: (bringing the rest of Team Sonic & Team Crossovers to the jungles with Patrick, Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy) Meeting time... Jungle...

Vezon: (approaching to Sonic, seeing the red eyes glowing from him, due to the mech suit) Sonic the Hedgehog?

[Scene Change: Jungle cave, day.]

(Team Crossovers & the rest of Team Sonic had a meeting in the jungle caves.)

Thok: I'm beginning to suspect that Sonic is definitely not himself with that mech suit on. Maybe something dark & sinister within that suit had caused it.

SpongeBob: Your right, he's much more aggressive than before.

Patrick: And he's mean.

Amy: Maybe we can excavate some artifacts that'll clue us into what's going on with Sonic. Of course, I'm the expert here, so don't be too embarrassed if you can't find anything.

Knuckles: (finding Doubloons with SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds & Boggy B) Found old doubloons!

Sticks: (finding dinosaur bones with the Piraka, Team Lilac, Flynn, Cali, Hugo & the Mixels) Found dinosaur bone!

Milla: (holding a small dinosaur bone with her mouth & strong teeth) And they're heavy...

Tails: (finding the blueprints with the Mane 6, the Totally Spies & Noir Spies) Found the schematic for Sonic's Mech Suit!

Eddy: (his eyes turn to dollar signs) Cha-ching! That was fast, like cash!

[Amy grunts]

Avak: Oh right right right. Back to the subject at hand. (Checking the blueprints of the ancient mech suit with the group) Let's see...

[Scene Change: Outside Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks & Team Crossovers are confronting Sonic, who is still wearing his mech suit.]

Pinkie Pie: There you are, I think we've found the problem.

Tails: It seems the suit houses a type of symbiont technology that slowly takes over its host. That's why you've been acting so aggressively lately.

Edd: Which means if you don't take off the suit, you will be so aggressive that you couldn't control inner anger & rage.

Sonic: Wow. I can't believe it.

SpongeBob: We know, it feels like we've been

Amy: The Ancients were highly advanced. You know, for being so... ancient.

Hakann: Yeah, about as ancient as us Piraka we're.

Sonic: No. I can't believe you guys call yourselves my friends.

Boggy B: Excuse me?

Sonic: You're just a bunch of goodie goodies who want to take away my suit!

Avak: We never said that & it's the suit!

Eddy: So take it off & be done with it. Who told you that in the first place?!

Vezon: I think you know. (Appear behind Sonic with Krekka & Nidhiki)

Krekka: (smiles happily) Hi.

Zaktan: Vezon! What did you, Krekka & Nidhiki say to him?!

Applejack: He's too aggressive & stubborn to listen because of that suit!

Sonic: You see, I've already found someone time's three who gets me. Later twerps!

[Sonic leaps into the sky in his mech suit and flies away, while Vezon hops on his Fenrakk to follow him, while Krekka & Nidhiki to flight mode.]

Krekka: (amazed by Sonic's mech being incredibly powerful as he was) Now don't go messing with Sonic & his J.J. Suit (the group gave him confused looks) Jumbo Junior. (Follows the group, while Nidhiki gives a sigh in annoyance)

Eddy: So now what are we gonna do?!

SpongeBob: Looks like we need to think strategically if we want to outmatch that mech.

Reidak: That shouldn't be a problem. Check this out. (lifts a large rock) We got the power.

Edd: Hmm... prehaps... but seeing that it has powerful shields, it would be difficult to breakthrough...

Sash Lilac: That chip is infecting Sonic's Mind like the venom & it needs to be removed immediately!

Carol Tea: Ever notice that Krekka's emotionally attached to that thing likes it's a friend?

Edd: Hmm... (checking the blueprints & manages to come up with a plan that requires timing) Eureka!

(With Sonic, Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki)

Vezon: So Sonic, what shall be done once we reach to wherever it is your taking us?

Krekka: Yeah, where we're going J.J.?

Sonic: You'll see... but first, do you accept our partnership?

Vezon: (thinking & dreaming about he & Sonic taking over the whole village, wanting it to leave it in ruins & rebuilt to "Vezonopolis") Oh yes...

Nidhiki: (thinking & dreaming about he & Sonic to make Krekka bow to them while he paralysing the townsfolk into fearful submission, while Krekka screaming that he's not worthy) Definately...

Sonic: Krekka?

Krekka: Uh...?

(In Krekka's Daydream)

(However Krekka'a daydream thought is much different has he break into song singing "Me & My JJ", while he & Sonic done fun & yet dangerous criminal activities.)

(The Daydreams of Krekka. Krekka is seen with Sonic and two coconuts with two straws, Krekka putting a menacing mask on Sonic, having their picture taken during their break into the bank vault, and having a contest to test their feat of strength, Krekka lifts up a boulder & suplexing it to the ground, while Sonic uses the mech's power to lift the Mayor's building. Krekka then plays a guitar, looks at Sonic & his mech suit, and dances on the words to the song he is singing as the mech bounces by. Finally, they bounce together making earth tremors to shake the village to the ground and Krekka & Sonic did the set doe together out of town. The song ends with Krekka sitting next to Sonic on a hill watching the sun set, while the townsfolk screaming in terror of the burning village.)

Krekka: (Singing) Me and my J.J, with me he will stay-ay, and then we can play-ay, all night and all day-ay. From this lemur egg my prince will rise, his little lemur legs growing to king size! He'll be regally, he'll be legally mine! Oh look at how cute he is. Me and my J.J, with me he will stay-ay, and then we can play-ay, from June until May-ay. He'll be regally, abso-legally, MIIIIIINNEEEEE! Yeah!

Villager 1: (screaming & panicking while running, on fire, trying to stop, drop & roll) I am on fire!

Villager 2: (also burning & on fire while diving into the lake to put out the fire) MY FLESH! IT BURNS!

(End of Krekka's Daydream)

(We cut back to reality, while Krekka had his eyes close, smiling happily while talking to himself)

Krekka: Why yes J.J., of course you can kick Knuckles.

Nidhiki: Uh, Krekka?

Vezon: I'm gonna take that a big yes.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Sonic knocks on the lair's door with his mech suit. When no one answers, he punches a hole in the door. Eggman appears through the hole.]

Dr. Eggman: What's going on here?! Oh, Sonic. You look different. Did you get contacts?

Vezon: Of course he didn't, you egomaniacal egghead. He had finally come to his senses.

Sonic: [Fiercely] I'm here to propose a partnership.

Dr. Eggman: Yeah, I'm gonna have to think this over.

[A montage plays. Eggman snatches an ice cream off the Ice Cream Vendor. While the vendor gets distracted, Sonic takes the stall away. In another scene, Stratford and Beth the Shrew stack cards. Sonic deliberately breaks the tower, giving Eggman a high-five. In another scene, Knuckles tries adding salt to his burger. When the lid comes off and drenches his burger in salt, he angrily stares at Sonic and Eggman, who give each other another high-five, while also having an enraged Plankton in a jar for betraying Eggman in the Season 1 Finale. The last scene shows Sonic and Eggman sitting on the bench wearing white moustaches feeding the pigeons.]

Nidhiki: He never take things literally, even in his own dreams.

Dr. Eggman: A partnership sounds great! Anything to upstage that so called teammate, Plankton.

Krekka: Yeah, you, me, JJ & the rest are gonna be best of teams.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

Dr. Eggman: So, you see. Unless you pay me a ransom mother of, uh, oh let's say, a ludicrous amount, I'm gonna blow this whole town to smithereens.

Mayor Fink: Your thuggery doesn't scare me. As soon as Sonic shows up, he'll put a stop to this!

Nidhiki: Your right, he would... however... (claps his claws to give the signal)

[Suddenly, Sonic & Krekka lands beside the Mayor in his mech suit.]

Sonic: (as Krekka growls at the Mayor) Cough up the dough, Mayor, or the whole town will feel my wrath!

Dr. Eggman: [Clears throatOur wrath. He means our wrath.

[Sonic pushes Eggman away with his mech suit and shoots a laser with it, blowing a hole into some steps.]

Vezon: (seeing Sonic becoming a bit more aggressive, even to his new allies) Hmm...

Mayor Fink: [Nervously] And to think you were the guest of honor at my pancake breakfast fundraiser.

Sonic: You have 24 hours or else I...

Dr. Eggman: He means we.

Sonic: ...destroy everything.

[Sonic laughs maniacally. Eggman laughs nervously, and then flails his arms]

Dr. Eggman: Wait up, Sonic!

Vezon: And I thought the Piraka was that traitorous in the past.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, HQ room, day.]

Dr. Eggman: Wow, Sonic. The way you stood up to the mayor was epic. And the power of your mech suit is unparalleled. Now if you'll excuse me, I accidentally left my excuse generator on. Orbot! Cubot!

[Eggman, Orbot and Cubot walk away. Sonic stares at Eggman.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, living room, day.]

Krekka: (as he closes & lock the door) Is J.J. supreme or what?

Nidhiki: That suit of his is becoming more of the controller than the controlled.

Vezon: Yes you might be right. I should've known that the suspicions of that suit of the ancients are correct. Classic Man vs Machine Uprising.

Dr. Eggman: Uprising? You should have seen how Sonic outstaged me. If I could somehow steal that mech suit, then I'd have all the power.

Cubot: I don't think that's the greatest idea, boss.

Dr. Eggman: And why not?

(They all begin to notice Sonic had already found another way inside the living room of the lair.)

Cubot: Because Sonic's been standing here listening to everything you said.

Nidhiki: How'd you get in here... we've locked the door & everything.

Sonic: First of all, there was a back door...

Krekka: (notices a secret back door) It was very hidden that time that I couldn't see it.

Sonic: And second, You're just like all the others. A twerp out for my precious suit!

Krekka: Hey, that's not what we're saying. It's Eggman's words, not mine.

Dr. Eggman: What? No no, I was just testing my dopey assistants' loyalty. I wanted to see if they thought I was foolish enough to turn on my best friend. Bad robots!

[Eggman picks up a stick from the sofa and smacks Orbot and Cubot's heads with it. Eggman steps back from an approaching Sonic, but activates an escape chute that takes him to the lair's roof.]

Vezon: Plankton's right about Eggman being the idiot, is he?

Sonic: Yes... now then... (Rams through Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki)

[Eggman drops his stick, straightens his moustache and takes off in the Eggmobile. Sonic finds a way out of the lair and chases him in his mech suit.]

Krekka: J.J.! Come back! (Turns into flight mode & flies out of the lair) J.J., no! I thought the friendship we had was SPECIAL!

Vezon: Krekka! Get back here right this minute-! (Groans as he get up) Barraki's monkeys! (Jumps into Fenrakk & rides off with Nidhiki following them in flight mode)

Nidhiki: Krekka! You brainless bafoon!

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[The chase scene reaches the Unnamed Village. Sonic fires his mech suit's laser at the Eggmobile, but it misses. Sonic then charges into the Eggmobile and sends Eggman spinning. With Eggman flying around uncontrolled, Sonic finished off the Eggmobile with one more laser. A burned Eggman lands head first onto the ground. Sonic turns to Mayor Fink.]

Sonic: So. About that ransom.

Mayor Fink: Hey, I thought we had 24 hours.

Sonic: And I thought your administration was gonna repeal the chili dog tax. I guess we're all disappointed. [Harshly] Now hand it over!

Krekka: (offscreen) MY J.J.!

(Sonic turn around only to be greeted by an ambush tackle by Krekka, who jumps at him to try to pry Sonic away from the mech)

Krekka: (punching at Sonic) Don't you ever run away from me again!

Sonic: (trying to punch at Krekka, who he hangs on) Hands off you dim witted droid!

Vezon & Nidhiki: (arrives in time)

Vezon: There you are! Now pry him out of the suit, for Krekka's sake!

Amy: [Off-screen] Not so fast, Sonic!

[The rest of Team Sonic and Team Crossovers arrive and confront Sonic.]

SpongeBob: Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki too.

Zaktan: What is this a Triple Threat again? Things just keeps getting better...

Sonic: Lookie what we got here.

Vezok: (smirking) Oh how I've waited a long time for this!

Knuckles: We can't fight Sonic. He's our best bud.

[Sonic & Krekka punches Knuckles with his mech suit and sends him flying into a shack.]

Krekka: Stay out of this!

Knuckles: After careful consideration, I am now okay with it.

Eddy: Get'em!

(Alone (Slushii Remix) playing as battle music)

[As the Team Crossovers & Tails tangle on their attack against Vezon & Nidhiki, dodging their blast attacks, Sticks charges into Sonic & Krekka with her bo, but the mech suit's shield blocks the attack. He picks up the bo she's holding with his mech suit and throws her away, while Krekka picks up the mech & tosses it backwards, while Sonic Rams at Krekka. Thou Amy attacks Sonic with her hammer, but the shield activates and she is immediately forced back by a laser. Knuckles tries punching the shield, but gets grabbed by the mech suit's hand. The Crossovers, including Krekka trying to penetrate the mech's shields, but it only weakens them for a slow recharge.]

The Piraka: (blasting their Zamor Spheres at the shields of the mech) (growling, while trying to push the mech back)

Black Spy & White Spy: 1, 2, 3...! (Tosses the bombs at the mech, with the bombs explode on the mech, but the two were surprised to see the mech still remains intact, due to the shields near breaking) ?!

White Spy: (seeing the shields slowly recharge) Well that kinda worked.

Black Spy: You think?!

Tails: According to these blueprints, the shield is shielded on all sides...

Nidhiki: (trying to blast at the mech with kanoka disks) (growls) It's no wonder we can't even get a dent on him!

Sticks: Well, I guess that's that. If you need me, I'll be in my Doomsday Bunker.

Thok: (stops Sticks) Oh no you don't! We still need to keep striking the shields while the iron's hot. But it's still recharging.

Tails: ...But while the suit's charging its blaster to maximum, it draws reserve power from its shields, momentarily disarming them.

Edd: Of course, disable the shields to power the laser. Its strength's are not without it's weakness.

Amy: If we can get you into the cockpit when the shields are down you can extract the symbiont chip and free Sonic.

Sticks: I'm never gonna get to use that bunker. Hey Sonic, over here!

[Sonic's mech suit lets go of Knuckles.]

Knuckles: [Dizzy] Ugh... Now I got you right where I want you.

[Sticks dodges lasers and punches from Sonic's mech suit.]

Krekka: (growling, while trying to reach for Sonic, but was tossed into Vezon & Nidhiki with a crash) Guah!

Sonic: Enough of this. Prepare for a full blast!

[Sonic powers up a full blast at Sticks.]

Sticks: Now!

[Amy, with Tails sitting on her hammer, with Lilac standing on the hammer, swings around before releasing her hammer, throwing Tails & Sash Lilac head first into the mech suit's cockpit.]

Sonic: Get off of me you little twerp! (Getting hit by the paralysis disks by Nidhiki & the Zamors spheres by the Piraka & Vezon)

Sash Lilac: No way! It's time to get the old you back! (Begins dragon boosting at the paralysed mech, to ram at the mech's limbs, while the rest of Team Crossovers continue to openfire to keep the suit paralysed & immobilised enough for Tails & Lilac to dig deep into the mech's control systems)

[Tails gets up and he & Sash Lilac pulls the symbiont chip out of the Mech suit.]

Sash Lilac: Got it!

[Tails & Sash Lilac jumps out of the mech suit and the mech suit deactivates, only for Krekka to ram at the deactivated suit to knock it down & pulling Sonic out of the mech.]

SpongeBob: Sonic? Say something, Sonic!

Sonic: (groaning in pain, while in the grasps of Krekka) What happened? I couldn't think straight. Nothing made sense.

Knuckles: Yeah, get used to it.

Tails: [Shows the symbiont chip to Sonic] The mech suit was controlling you. But you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Vezon: But seriously, I think we should analysis that symbiont chip for-

[Tails chucks the chip over his shoulder. Amy whacks it with her hammer. Sonic jumps out of Krekka's grasp.]

Vezon: -Evidence... great...

Nidhiki: That's it, we're getting off the looney express. (Leaves with Vezon & Krekka)

Zaktan: I don't what is in that chip, but if there's another one like this, we're getting to the bottom of this.

Avak: And for a second there, we thought we would resort to mech forms ourselves. But thank goodness for that.

Sonic: (confused) What was that?

Avak: (turns away) Nothing.

Sonic: Just the same. I like it better with my feet on the ground. But I bet the suit will come in handy once in a while. (Hearing Krekka singing "Me & My JJ" again, also seeing Krekka leaving while carrying the Mech Suit with him) As soon as I can pry it off of Krekka'a hands first, of course.

SpongeBob: Yeah, but not today, not tomorrow, but soon. If we could ask Krekka nicely for it first. He did find his friend, even thou it's only a mech.

Patrick: Thats what best friends do.

Amy: So, you really don't remember anything? Not even those twins?

Sonic: Oh I remember the twins, alright.

[Amy gives Sonic an angry stare.]

Sonic: [Nervously] I-I mean I remember how much I disliked them.

[Amy smiles]

Hakann: We should probably clean the place first.

(While Team Sonic & Team Crossover weren't looking, Makuta Krika secretly takes the broken pieces of the symbiont chip, thinking they might be useful.)

[The screen fades to black.]

The End!

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