This is the 81st Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This is the 3rd Super Sonic Stories Special

This Normal Episode Focuses on Orbot, Cubot & Eggman

This Super Sonic Special Focuses on the Crossovers & Sticks

Plot Edit


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Super Sonic Stories IIIEdit

Meanwhile, In the Next Super Sonic Story Special, the Crossovers will explain to the newcoming crossover heroes of Season 1 & 2 (Series 4 - 9 Mixels, Hugo, Flynn, Callie, Starlight, Clover, Sam, Alex, Lilac, Carol, Milla, Black Spy & White Spy) on how they & Sticks the Badger first meet, taking place between "Sidekicks & Crossovers" & "Can an Evil Genius Crash on your Couch for a Few Days?" with their first impressions are a bit wild.


"More Coming Soon"

Super Sonic Stories III: Call of the BadgerEdit

Opening Edit

(The Episode starts with the Crossovers having a nice time on their picnic on a grassy hill with Sticks, who has brought along large ammounts of Fresh Fruits.)

Rarity: (breathes in & out) (smiles) It is gorgeous out, just gorgeous.

Sticks: (sets down the large amounts of Fresh Fruits) Here you go, fresh from the wild jungles, tropical trees & everywhere else on the Island!

SpongeBob: (as the Crossover Heroes are eating & enjoying the fresh fruits) Ooh wow! Thanks for the fruit here Sticks!

Sticks: It was no trouble. I had to use any jungle instincts to keep a watchful eye out for any predators, prey & even the cute, fuzzy & adorable animals that would eat us alive in a blink of an eye!

Ed: (using Bananas as fake Vampire fangs) I must drink your blood & eat your brain!

Patrick: (bringing in a large watermelon) And even I got a Big Watermelon! (Accidentally sets it down in Avak's big mouth by accident) And it's Fresh from the manure fields!

(Avak now has a entire Watermelon stuck in his mouth & spits out the juice & the seeds)

Avak: Patrick! Next time bake a cherry pie! (Patrick brings out a Cherry Pie) Where'd you even get that?

Patrick: I found it!

Avak: (throws it away on Eddy's face) I'll take that & go find it again!

Eddy: (got splattered while Rainbow Dash & Sticks laughs for a bit) (sarcastic) Nice shot Avak.

Flamzer: But, jokes aside. The fruits here are delectiably delicious. (Eats an Apple) Mmmm...

Rainbow Dash: You could say that Sticks & the rest of us has a connection with one another & friends must be loyal to one another.

Starlight Glimmer: Its very nice that you all are such great friends, but it makes me wonder how did you first met.

Sash Lilac: Oh yes, we would love to know how you first met.

Black Spy & White Spy: (got into a slap fight wanting the last piece of apple pie) Yes, tell us!

Carol Tea: I would take a cat nap, but I might be fascinated about the story too, as long it doesn't get turned into a bed time story.

Milla: And I hope it has surprises. I like surprises.

Flynn: Oh yeah, tell us please! I bet it's gonna be a good one!

Boggy B: Settle down everyone! And gather round! Believe us, First impressions isn't all that's cracked up to be. Right Sticks?

Sticks: (a bit of a panic on talking about the past) I'm not legally acquired to answer that question.

Teslo: Sticks? You ok?

Sticks: I'm a little embarrassed about this. Should we really tell them?

SpongeBob: It's ok to feel embarrassed, now don't be shy so we can get started.

Zaktan: (comforts Sticks) If everyone is comfy, I shall start off the story. It all began after the sunset of our first day on the Seaside Island.

(The Camera pans up where it shifts into a flashback, somewhere in night time.)

Act 1: Jungle Exploration (Zaktan's Story) Edit

(The Flashback begins in a starry night, taking place between Episode 1 & Episode 2 of "Sonic Boom: Crossover", where the Season 1 Starting Crossovers, who are SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the Piraka, the Mane 6, Sunset Shimmer, Discord, the Series 1 - 3 Mixels & Boggy B, had set up a big tent since they don't have anywhere else to sleep that has so much room for the Crossovers to sleep without being too crowded, but in Zaktan's version of the flashback, it was actually a very large jungle tent, fit for Jungle Explorers.)

Eddy: (from inside the tent) Ed! Quit hoggin' 'em, Ed!

Ed: Say pretty please, Eddy!

Eddy: In your dreams.

Ed: Say 'pretty please with two eggs and a slice of bacon.'

(Cut to the Inside of the Tent, where most of the Crossovers are in their Pyjamas, except for the Piraka & Boggy B, Zaktan has a Jungle Hat on his head while Boggy B has a sleeping hat, while the rest begin setting up their sleeping bags.)

Eddy: (fighting over the chips with Ed) Gimme the chips!

Zaktan: Do you mind? We're trying to read!

Eddy: Wait for the movie Zaktan. C'mon, Ed, I'm starving! [The bag rips, and chips fall all over the place.]

Edd: [as the chips fall] Oh, look at this now! Dried potatoes, that may contain dextrose salt and saturated fats all over my sleeping bag!

Eddy: [snickering] Double D made a mess in his sleeping bag, Ed!

Hakann: (snickering) Yeah, a mess with a side of salt.

Ed: [He laughs, then stops.] Hey, let's bake a pie and hit me with it! [Eddy shines the flashlight at him.]

SpongeBob: Sorry that we don't have somewhere to sleep as long we're in the Great Outdoors. While everyone else is comfortable at bed reading books, we're out here pitting ourselves against the forces of nature.

Zaktan: Exactly. Once we find a suitable place to sleep for the night unless we get our own pad, either the tent or Tails' workshop is our only option.

Avak: Wait, Tails has a workshop?

Sunset Shimmer: Well camping could be fun. Don't you agree?

Fluttershy: (smiling happily while getting snuggled in bed) I love camping, there's the fresh air, the cool breeze, the birds that land on your finger.

Rainbow Dash: I think that only happens to you.

Hakann: (noticing Ed's shadow from Eddy shining a flashlight at him & gets an idea) Hey guys, watch this. And hold still, Ed. [His fingers pinch Ed's shadow.] Boink! Boink!

Ed: I feel it, guys! Like voodoo.

Hakann: Boink! [He, SpongeBob, Patrick, Pinkie, Rainbow, Eddy and Edd laugh.]

Boggy B: Hee hee hee, good one. (Makes a shadow puppet of a birdie)

Discord: (makes a shadow puppet of himself & make it spring to life with his chaotic magic to tap dance to an old cartoon style) I do like the classics, you know.

Edd: May I try?

Eddy: Sure, why not.

Edd: [making a shadow puppet] Did you know shadow puppetry is one of the oldest forms of entertainment? [He has made a dinosaur skeleton.]

Ed: Like walnuts? [manipulating his fingers] Can you guess what it is? [He holds up his hand.]

Patrick: Um? (Concerntrates on what the difference between Ed's hand & the shadow puppet is, but it's actually Ed's hand, the others were about to ask, but Patrick speaks cuts them off) No, no, no wait. Don't tell me. [concentrates more] D-don't tell me. Don't tell me! Don't tell me! I can do this! I can do this! Don't tell me! Don't tell me! Don't tell me! Okay, tell me.

Eddy: Hmm. Gee, Ed. Is it a–hand?

Ed: Oh! Oh oh, wait wait. Um... [His hand is the shadow on the tent.] I think it's broken, guys.

Thok: (sighs while facepalming) What a pair of lumps on a log!

Edd: Well, at least they're both consistent. [He, Thok and Eddy share a laugh.]

(However, they hear a loud Tribal shrill sound coming from the jungle nearby.)

Boggy B: Hey, is someone out there? Some of us are trying to sleep!

Twilight Sparkle: Ok, ok, fun times over. We need to get our sleep for tomorrow.

Zaktan: Lights out everybody. (Turns off the light while the Crossovers begin sleeping in the tent) Pleasent dreams.

(As the Crossovers sleep in their tents, they were unaware that they're being watched by a certain feral badger, with her blue eyes seen in the shadows, keeping a watchful eye on them & quickly flees.)

Hakann: (waking up from the noises & the shrills & peeks out of the tent) Boggy B said "Keep it down"! And here I thought not a Creature was stirring in December time. (Suddenly got snagged out of the tent & gagged by the badger) YIPE!

Zaktan: (waking up from Hakann's yelps) Hm? (Wakes up, hearing the noises while he head out) Psst, Piraka get up.

Reidak, Avak & Thok: (waking up slowly, groaning)

Reidak: (rubbing his eyes) Who turned off the sun?

Zaktan: (whispers) Where's Hakann?

Vezok: (sleeping, snoring) What did you say "Sugar Plum"?

Zaktan: Don't call me Sugar Plum, I'm not Pinkie Pie! (Slaps Vezok)

Vezok: (got slapped silly, standing up) BAH, NO I DONT THINK SHE'S CUTE! (Got his mouth covered by Avak)

Pinkie Pie: (sleeping peacefully with the team)

Avak: (as Thok sent a gentle cool breeze from his ice gun, so they don't wake up from the sound & let the cold breeze put them back to sleep) And here I thought I have the biggest mouth, comparing to Hakann's ego.

Reidak: (whispers) Why didn't you want to wake the others up? (Yawns)

Zaktan: (as the 5 of 6 Piraka head out to search for Hakann) Because they don't want to be involved in the kidnapping as well. Now find any clues on what happen.

Thok: (spots the footprints) You mean, these footprints over here?

Zaktan: Huh, That'll do. Come on.

(The 5 of 6 Piraka head out following the footprints into the jungle, unaware of Pinkie Pie's pinkie sense beginning to act up, sensing the Piraka's journey.)

Pinkie Pie: (opens her eyes, feeling the Pinkie Sense) Oh Boy! They're gone!

(The Crossovers wake up in shock to see that Pinkie Pie was right, the Piraka have gone missing, only for the Piraka to find their own, Hakann.)

SpongeBob: (is surprised) Gone?!

(With the Piraka)

Zaktan: (as the Piraka begin searching through the jungles) Now where can Hakann be? Make sure we find anymore of these tracks & clues. Keep your eyes & ears open.

Vezok: Do we really have to save him?

Zaktan: Get use to it, blue beast!

Thok: Oh great... Maybe the fish fairies got him! Or the little mermaid evil sister! Or the giant clam of Moran named "Bobo"!

The Piraka: Thok!

Thok: What?

Reidak: You and your silly Imaginary sea creatures!!!

Thok: Hey! That's Cartoon creations, I'll have you know! There's a difference...

Reidak: Whatever... let's keep moving.

(The piraka continue to find there member when suddenly they heard something)

Zaktan: (whispers) Shh, you hear that?

Avak: (aim their weapons with the Piraka) Shh, it might be the culprit. On 3... 1, 2, 3!

(They quickly turn to see who was there & dogpiles at them until they saw the Crossovers)

Eddy: Hey! Hey! Hey! What's the deal, Tarzan?!

Vezok: You guys?

Boggy b: What in the world are you doing all the way out here? You scared us to death!

Avak: Well we're about to ask the same thing! We thought that it was the culprit.

Pinkie Pie: (wearing Daring Do costume with Rainbow Dash) We were worried sick about you! We thought that the gorillas got you!

Zaktan: No, it's because Hakann's been kidnapped!

Sunset Shimmer: Excuse me?!

Rainbow Dash: Who could've do that?

Edd: (holding a magnifying glass while wearing jungle gear as well to find footprints) That's we're about to find out ladies & gentlemen. What I do know is that something's under foot here.

Twilight Sparkle: Footprints, maybe they'll lead us to...!

Hakann: (screaming from afar) Let go of me, you beast!

Thok: It's Hakann! He's in trouble! (Sighs) That egomaniac!

SpongeBob: We have to save him, don't we? Everybody roll out!

Zaktan: Look at you, trying to be the leader here. Follow me! (quickly leads the team through the jungle)

Discord: (wearing Indiana Jones costume as well) Oh I do love a jungle Safari, don't you?

Ed: Home on the range, huh guys? (Chuckles)

Interlude #1 Edit

Act 2: ??? (???'s Story) Edit

Interlude #2 Edit

Act 3: ??? (???'s Story) Edit

Epilogue Edit

"More Coming Soon"

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