This is the 69th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover & the first episode of Season 2.

This Episode Focuses on the Crossovers & Sonic

Plot Edit

After defeating Onaga the Dragon King & Shadow the Hedgehog, the alliance between Eggman & Plankton are broken & the Crossovers returned to their respective worlds at the moment, the Crossovers are back together at the Sonic Boom Universe to kick more tail, but we're unaware that they have brought along new friends & it's been a whole year since they last met Team Sonic. As the Crossovers return to Bygone Island's village, Sonic lets martial arts action movie star Tommy Thunder follow him around and observe his "hero process" for Tommy's upcoming role. However, things erupt when Tommy's over-the-top ego clashes with Sonic's and he starts to claim credit for the Team Sonic gang's victories, while the Crossovers were caught in the middle of it, even more so with a new Saurian enemy from Zatarra lurking about from the shadows.

Soundtrack Edit

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Theme (Sonic against the Badniks in Night)

Reptile Theme - Mortal Kombat Movie (Reptile vs Sonic & Heroes vs Reptile)

Tommy Thunder: Method Actor, the Crossovers Return Edit

(In Bikini Bottom, in Sandy's Treedome, where SpongeBob & Patrick were arrived back there with their water helmets on & are near the Portal Machine, where the entire crossover adventure had started.)

Patrick: (is pacing back & forth, waiting for SpongeBob to fully set up the machine & packing up their suitcases) (eager to press the button) Can I press it now?

SpongeBob: I'm almost done, Patrick.

Patrick: But I wanna go now, it's been a long time that I lost count, since we've been to the other world with lots of new friends & I missed them so much, I could hug them & pet them & squeeze them & name one of them George.

SpongeBob: Alright, alright. I get it. Hope Sandy doesn't mind breaking into her tree dome. Now let's see... (finishing packing the suitcases) Pants, toothbrush, spatula, jellyfish net & let's not forget Mermaid Man & Barnicle Boy Action Figures. (Brings the suitcases to Patrick) We're all packed up now! I'm ready!

Patrick: (excited) WHOO HOO! (Activates the portal machine, starting it with a press of a button)

(The Portal Machine activates & SpongeBob & Patrick enters through it, traveling back to the Sonic Boom World, while opening a few portals to familiar worlds of their fellow Crossover Friends to join back here where they all meet up for the first time.)

(In the Cul-Da-Sac)

[Eddy is inside his bedroom of his house, curled up in bed, snoring away. His alarm ticks and goes off. Eddy reaches out a fist and smashes it. He then throws it into a pile of other smashed clocks near his turntable. He nuzzles back into the covers and tries to sleep. Ed and Edd open his door stealthily, however, with the express intent of making mischief. They tiptoe to the middle of the room, and Edd makes some hand gestures.]

Ed: 2, 3, I am going! Aah! [Eddy screams, suddenly awakened. It is apparent that Ed and Edd have jumped on his bed.]

Eddy: [clinging to his disco ball] Are you nuts?

Edd: [lifting the blinds] It's a beautiful day! [The sun shines directly on his disco ball, blinding him and causing him to fall off.]

Eddy: WAAA! WOOAH! [He falls onto his bed and pulls the blankets over his head.]

Ed: [laughing] C'mon Eddy, let's do something! [He jumps on Eddy.]

Eddy: [groaning] Hey, what day is it?

Ed: Tuesday?

Edd: [working it out] Tuesday.

Eddy: Details, details. Let me check my 'Who To Scam and When' book. [muttering to himself] Tuesday, Tuesday, Saturday Rolf, Sunday Kevin, Monday... [he trails off, going into his closet]  Ha! Jonny 2x4! [while putting on his clothes] He gets his allowance today! [He finishes putting his shirt on. Speaking in an evil tone] Let's pay Jonny a visit.

(The Eds head outside the house, heading towards the lane.)

[We see the lane. Eddy peeks out from behind a fence. Ed then rolls past to the other side. Edd peeks out above Eddy. Ed then peeks out from the other side.]

Ed: Jonny?

Edd: I don't see him, Eddy.

Eddy: Start searching.

[He sneaks down the lane. Ed and Edd follow after him.]

Ed: Tally-ho!

(The Eds continue to sneak down the lane, hiding from each tree & bush of the lane, unaware of the portal being opened for them nearby.)

Ed: [sneaking through the trees] Wait up, Eddy!

(The Eds peek through the bushes, while Ed peeks upside down from a tree before falling off into the bushes to join Edd & Eddy)

Eddy: See him? (Edd shakes his head no) This stinks.

Ed: (spots a glowing portal) Hey, is that an interdimensional portal that we're spewed into an alternate universe? (The rest of the Eds notice it as well) Simple.

Eddy: You're simple. But is that what I think it is?

Edd: I've already left us a note to know that we're still ok from our last travel. We'll keep our parents in touch.

Eddy: Yeah yeah. But does it lead where I think it's gonna lead to? (The Eds race off into the portal together) Last one in's a rotten egg!

Ed: Beep beep! (Laughing while going through the portal with Edd & Eddy)

(In Voya Nui)

"More Coming Soon"

(In Equestria)

"More Coming Soon"

(In Canterlot High, in the Equestria Girls Universe)

"More Coming Soon"

(In Mixel Land)

"More Coming Soon"

(In Boggy B's Worms' World)

"More Coming Soon"

(In Skylands)

"More Coming Soon"

(In the Desert of Bygone Island, in the exact spot of the first episode.)

(SpongeBob, Patrick, the Eds, the 6 Piraka, the Mane 6, plus Discord, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, the Mixels, Boggy B, Hugo, Flynn & Cali soon arrives at the exact same spot, only this time they arrive on the ground instead of the sky.)

Patrick: It worked!

Boggy B: What are you talking about? What worked?

(They all turn to notice each other in surprise, seeing each other again after a long time. After a short time of silence, they all broke out into an all out dogpile with happiness & overjoy of their reunion.)

Crossovers: DOG PILE! (laughing while enjoying the dogpile)

Vezok: I can't believe it! It's you guys! Your back!

Sunset Shimmer: Oh my gosh, it's been a long time. Can we please get off of each other now?

Ed: Oops.

Eddy: Hey, who are the new faces?

Starlight Glimmer: Oh! Was I suppose to? Sorry, I'm still new to this whole friendship is magic concept, but... I'm Starlight Glimmer, former mayor of Our Town, try to timeline back to fix everything, but ended up in a multiple messes in time. (Notice a bit of surprised looks on their faces) Ok, so my backstory is not exactly complete from that time. But what are you gonna do?

Flain: This is the rest of the Mixels, known as the MCPD, Medievals, Mixies, MCFD, Pyrratz, Medix, Trashos, Nindjas & Newsers.)

Camilot: It's a pleasure to meet your all. You should Mixopolis soon, it's a wonderful place in our dimension.

Flurr: Yeah, that would be amazing.

Eddy: Now that were done with the introductions. Where are we? (The Crossovers getting up slowly as they look around to see the exact same place of their first time arriving the place)

Patrick: I'm getting bad thoughts again.

Zaktan: It's definitely the same place that when we've first arrived, luckily we didn't drop out of the sky.

Boggy B: (as Ed chase around a butterfly) Yeah, no place crashes. We're good.

SpongeBob: But where is that one team of guys & girls we've met last time?

(The Crossovers begin to remember their past times with Team Sonic, namely Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles & Sticks.)

Pinkie Pie: (smiles) Oh yeah...! That team of guys & girls... (a bit confused) Who?

Discord: (looking through the binoculars) They must be very busy with their hero stuff I believe. (Changes to a Superman suit) We all know the fact that evil never sleeps. Hard time to get their beauty sleep. (change back to normal) Ask Princess Luna.

SpongeBob: I wonder where they could be?

(In the Skies, we can see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Sticks flying about in Talis' airplane, with Amy in the passenger seat & Sonic, Knuckles & Stick hanging onto the wings of the bi-plane, as Tails flies the plane for the team. The 5 are on a daily sky patrol around the island. However, they caught a glimpse of the Crossovers all together appearing from the disappearing portal.)

Tails: Whoa! (Quickly lands the plane)

Sonic: What is it, Tails? (Notices this with the group) Wait, is that-?!

SpongeBob: (turns to the landing plane) Everyone, look!

(They all turned to Team Sonic landing Tails' airplane, near the group to a full complete stop.)

Patrick: (as the engines of the plane were turned off) (Boops the nose of the plane) Boop.

SpongeBob: (chuckles with Patrick & the Mixels, while joining on booping the nose of the plane with Ed & Pinkie Pie)

(Team Sonic exits the plane & were surprised to see Team Crossovers returned to their world, while Team Crossover slowly take a notice to Team Sonic, especially SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Pinkie & the Mixels.)

SpongeBob: Uh....

Patrick: (Boops the nose of the plane one last time before everyone else stops) Boop...

Sonic: Team Crossovers, is that you?

Team Crossovers: DOGPILE!

Sonic: Oh wait wait wait-! (Screams as he, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Sticks got into a dogpile with Team Crossovers)

Knuckles: I love this game!

Amy Rose: I don't believe it! It's been a very long time since we last saw you!

Sticks: SpongeBob, what are you & your dimensional friends doing here? We thought you left us to head back home.

SpongeBob: Well, it has been a whole month, we thought we might visit you all again.

Tails: A month? Its more like an ENTIRE Year, as in 12 months, since you left us.

Patrick: 12 Months?! I know I was bad at counting, but I didn't know I was THAT bad.

Zaktan: Riiight. Anyway, we should probably head on out back to the village for a little catching up to do or whatever. We have also been... (a mask from a Toa of Plasma fell off of his back) Busy. (Shuff gulps before Zaktan quickly picks up the mask, whistling while tucking it away)

Sonic: Yeah, we still haven't come up with the name, so...

Flynn: Yeah, I'd believe that would be the best idea. Getting to know each other more since our last adventure. It'd be epic, BOOM!

Flain: I'd guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Boggy B: Question, how do we all fit in the plane?

Starlight Glimmer: Oh, Twilight. Think you can help me out?

Twilight Sparkle: Well, I couldn't see why not. You might wanna hold onto each other.

(Team Crossover & Team Sonic huddle together before Twilight & Starlight use their combined magic to teleport the entire group & Tails' plane back to the open area of the village near Tails' workshop)

(Back at Tails' Workshop)

(The heroes appear with the plane by teleportation, thou we're surprised, but a bit charred.)

Avak: Warn us next time you we're gonna do that. We know how that feels like.

Edd: (sighs happily) It is good to be back, it's like clothes straight from the dryer.

SpongeBob: Can't wait to get back to our Crossover Shack home away from home.

Sonic: (chuckles nervously) Uh... yeah... about that.

(At the Crossover Shack)

(Team Crossovers we're surprised that their shack has been turned into a resort hotel, with lots of villagers & tourist visitors arriving in.)

Boggy B: You turned our shack into a hotel?!

Amy: (giggles nervously) Sorry, we can't let this shack go to waste for over a year. So we asked the Mayor if we can convert the shack into your hotel. I had a few review classes. Sorry...

Twilight Sparkle: (breathing in & out, trying to calm down, while knowing that they need another place to sleep) Ooookay... not a problem. We just had to keep, it, together.

Eddy: Now where are we gonna sleep or eat?

Tails: If you like, we can help with constructing another motel near the village, so it would take some time for you all to get back into your home, like in a few months.

Vezok: (annoyed) Great.

Sonic: Ok, ok, maybe you guys can crash at our places if you like, like last time.

SpongeBob: That be nice. We'll try not to be a burden. Patrick, Boggy B & I will be with Sonic, the Eds & Cali, Flynn & Hugo will stay at Tails' place, the Piraka will be in the extra guest rooms in the workshop, the Mane 6 will be in Amy's house & the Mixels will be in Sticks' burrow. Sounds good?

Snoof: That sounds about right. Can't wait to be roommates until our Crossover shack is back with us!

Sticks: Ok, ok, don't get too excited. We've just been reunited. Don't want the cubits making big piles in my burrow.

Sonic: (looking at a communicator) Oh look at that. It's lunch time. Care to join us at Meh Burger?

Edd: Um... thank you for the generous offer, but we really don't think-

Rainbow Dash: Eck! Are you kidding me? Sorry, but we rather not risk our health on Meh Burger.

Knuckles: Why not? It's the only food restaurant here and- (seeing Applejack raising her eyebrow, knowing the truth about Meh Burger as well as everybody else & why it is called Meh Burger to begin with) Oh yeah...

Sonic: Ok fine. Once we get back, we've got a lot of catching up to do. Just go ahead, make yourselves some lunch. Ok?

Boggy B: Good enough for me. We'll catch up with you later.

Amy: It's good to have you back here with us regardless. We'll be right back. (Head out with Team Sonic)

(Team Crossover smiles at each other, while getting themselves ready to make some lunch, right after washing their hands of course, sorting all the fresh fruits & Boggy B cracking the eggs into the pan. However, their simple breakfast montage soon descended into chaos, when Patrick accidentally left the smoothie blender on without the lid on, Hakann accidentally burning the omelettes. As the rest of the Crossovers try to contain their own accidental chaos, the Frosticons try to use their Ice powers & fire extinguishers to put out the flames of the pan, but lost control of the fire extinguishers before getting pushed back into the cupboard, dropping the plastic cups.)

Discord: (laughing while wearing a gentleman's outfit) Good show, jolly good show.

Hakann: (embarrassed about the accidental chaos they unintentially made) Shut up...!

(However they were being watched secretly by a cloaking reptilian like figure with reptilian features, teeth, claws & green scaly skin, wearing a green & black ninja outfit. His name is Reptile.)

Reptile: (hisses quietly while he leaps away & begins to explore around the village)

Discord: Hm? (Felt an unknown presence) Hm? Well now... (teleports away)

Fluttershy: Discord? (Looks around) Discord? (Felt the chickens escaping through the front door) ?!

Eddy: Ed!

Ed: (chasing after them) Chickens are fast...!

[Scene: Meh Burger, day]

[As Reptile continues on jumping from roof to roof camoflauged, he spies on Team Sonic talking about Tommy Thunder.]

Knuckles: I can't believe we're about to meet Tommy Thunder! He's my favorite movie star! He's got it all: Strength, muscles, ability to LIFT stuff!

Amy: Not to mention eyes you could get lost in for days!

Tails: Hey, remember when Tommy was being chased by ninja pirates while skiing down Haunted Mountain?

Knuckles: What movie was that again?

Tails: Ninja Ski Pirates on Haunted Mountain?

Knuckles: I don't think that was it.

Sonic: Tommy's movies are great, but his heroics can sometimes seem unrealistic.

Sticks: Oh come ON! It doesn't get any MORE realistic than the underwater bear fight in "Mutant Commando 3"!

Dave: Ladies and gentlemen, here to promote his new movie with some cheaply made Meh Meal toys... which by the way are guaranteed to have 12% fewer jagged edges!...

[Dave touches the toy, hurting his finger.]

Dave: Ow...

[The toy falls to the ground.]

Dave: Anyway, here he is, the star of Tommy Thunder presents: Tommy Thunder in "Rise of the Thunder King"... Tommy... uh... [Gets a piece of paper from the table] Thunder.

[Dave leaves as soon as Tommy Thunder zips to the chair. The crowd cheers.]

Tommy: Tommy is happy to be here. [Whispering] Ugh, this place is a dump.

Stratford: Tommy, you're our hero.

Tommy: That's great. Maybe you can be a hero someday too!

[Tommy hands an awkward photo of him with his signature to Stratford. The crowd walks away, allowing Team Sonic to go the front.]

Sonic: Hi Mr. Thunder, we're all big fans of your work-

Tommy: [Interrupts Sonic's sentence] That's great, maybe you can be a hero someday too!

Tails: Did you hear that, Sonic? He said I could be a hero someday!

Sonic: You ARE a hero, Tails.

Tails: Thanks. Though it means a lot less coming from you.

[Soar, along with the Walrus Camera Man, come in to interview Tommy Thunder, interrupting the conversation with Team Sonic.]

Soar: : Excuse me, coming through... stand aside...We're here with Tommy Thunder. Movie star, humanitarian, patron saint of kick-buttery!

Knuckles: Mmm... buttery.

Soar: : Yes, sir, Tommy Thunder's a hero!

Sonic: : He's not a hero, he's an actor! He doesn't actually save lives.

Mrs. Vandersnout: : You've saved my life, Tommy Thunder! When I was ill, your movies were the one bright spot in my otherwise bleak existence. You're a true hero.

[The crowd awws her.]

Sonic: : (whispering) Oh fine he helped some old lady...

Reptile: (growls a bit while staying hidden) Cage...

Discord: (appears behind Reptile with Johnny Cage gear) Isn't he thought?

Reptile: ! (Turns to Discord) Spirit of Chaos & Disharmony, what do you want?

Discord: (return to his normal state) You must be snooping around here lately... (now dressed as Snake from Metal Gear Solid) and in incognito, no less. You definitely come in a better time.

Reptile: What are you saying? (Hears a whistle sound) !

[Cut to Beaver Policeman blowing his whistle.]

Beaver Policeman: : I'm not to alarm everyone, but... EGGMAN'S ATTACKING! EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD FOR HIM, HER AND/OR ITSELF! But me first.

[Everyone screams.]

Discord: (chuckles, while dressed as Loki) Oh Eggman, he never changes. That's our cue, anyway. Now if you excuse me, Team Crossover got some heroic chaos to make. (Snap his fingers & teleports away to Team Crossover's location)

Reptile: (leaps off to Eggman's location)

[Cut to a bakery, where Eggman is shooting lasers at a baker.]

Eggman: : (as Reptile looks on from a rooftop) I ordered a BAKER's dozen! That's supposed to be 13 rugalas, not 12.

[Sonic moves the baker out of the way, while the rest of Team Sonic comes in and goes into action, while Team Crossover arrives by Discord's teleportation.]

Starlight: Guess our breakfast will have to wait. (Notices Eggman) Who's that?

Eggman: : This doesn't concern you, hedgehog.

Discord: (dressed as Deadpool) Oh it is definitely our concern, moustache monkey. So none of that, shame on you.

Eggman: ?! Team Crossover! I thought you & that traitorous plankton were gone, but you soon will be!

[Eggman presses a button on his wristwatch 3 times, calling some Bee Bots that shoot lasers at him, however Team Crossover quickly gets into action, with SpongeBob & Patrick smashes a few Bee Bots with their karate chops & cartwheels, the Eds use the batter ed to smash the bee bots with a full charge, the Piraka blasts Zamors at the bee bots, the Mane 6 uses their teamwork to surround the bee bots before they all bronco buck at them to destroy the bots, the Mixels mixed into their Max forms to blast more elemental attacks, while Boggy B, Hugo, Flynn & Cali slashes with their blades & blasts their bazookas at bee bots, while Discord, still dressed as Deadpool, is doing his thing, slashing katana blades at the bee bots to slice & dice them into robotic sushi, while mimicking "slashing & clanging" sound effects.]

Sonic: : Knuckles, toss me one of those day-old baguettes.

[Knuckles tosses him a day-old baguette, which Sonic tests. The baguette is as hard as a rock, so Sonic uses it.]

Sonic: : Batter up!

[Sonic hits two Bee Bots, with one of them missing a laser. He spins around and hits the third one, making like a home run.]

(However before the last set of bee bots move in, they were ambushed by a cloaked Reptile, smashing them to bits with his claws & spraying acid at the bee bots to melt them down, before grabbing a final bee bot, which buzzes in fright.)

Vezok: (as surprised by this newcomer along with the group) What the...?

Reptile: (growls) Don't even think about it. (Quickly tosses the last bee bot at Eggman before dropkicking the eggmobile with such strong force)

[The last Bee Bot hits the Egg Mobile, sending Eggman flying.]


[As Team Sonic & Team Crossover celebrates as well as the villagers, Vezok looks on, seeing Reptile slightly cloaked.]

Vezok: Who, or what are you?

Reptile: Consider this returning the favour. (Cloaks & runs off, leaving his footprints as he runs away with each step before hopping from roof to roof)

SpongeBob: Huh? What'd he say?

Tommy: Tommy's gotta admit, Tommy's impressed!

SpongeBob: Oh uh, what? (Clears his throat) Oh yeah, thanks.

Rainbow Dash: We're always happy to help. It ain't easy being a hero.

Sonic: Maybe even YOU can be a hero someday!

Tommy: Touche. But you're right you know, Tommy Thunder's not a hero. Just a devilishly good looking actor. [Straightens his jacket] Number one box office draw and rich beyond your wildest dreams. Buuut, not a hero like you guys.

Sonic: Well, We're glad to hear-

Tommy:[Interrupts Sonic's sentence] Speaking of segways, could Tommy follow you around for a few days? As a method actor it'll really help in getting into his next action role.

[Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks are excited]

Tails: Really?

Boggy B: Wow...

Knuckles: Awesome!


Eddy: That sounds cool!

Sticks: People always follow me.

Pinkie Pie: (wearing clothes similar to Marty McFly from Back into the Future) Sounds like a golden opportunity. Do you think I make the perfect role for time travel?

Boggy B: Absolutely not. But go ahead, knock yourself out.

Sonic: [unsure] Uhh... I dunno. You're kind of-

Tommy: An egomaniac?

Sonic: Right. And there's no room for ego on Team Sonic!

[The rest of the gang is not amused]


Sonic:...and friends! [Turns to them] I was gonna include you guys! [whispers] albeit not individually...

Hakann: You sound like your ego's been bruised.

Sonic: Anyway, [Turns to Tommy] I just don't think it'll be a good fit, okay?

Hugo: But thank you for asking. But we've got alot of time to catch up on with the team, it has been a whole year.

Boggy B: Right after we clean up the Crossover shack. Long story, breakfast mess up.

SpongeBob: (as the group ready their cleaning equipment) Bet we can clean up more than you!

Patrick: Well, we'll see about that Squarepants. (Team Crossover heads out to the Crossover Shack to clean up)

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, day]

[Tommy Thunder walks up to Sonic's Shack.]

Tommy: Knock Knock! [Imitates knocking] I have to say that because you don't have a door. It's...[Looks around] kinda pathetic actually.

[Sonic is resting on his hammock.]

Sonic: [annoyed] What do you want, Tommy?

Tommy: You're right. Being a hero isn't about ego. It's about, [Goes out and comes back in with a tray with a basket of a carved watermelon of Sonic's head.] elaborate gifts!

[Sonic comes forward]

Tommy: It's your visage in melon form. So, now can I follow you on your action packed adventures?

Sonic: [Unamused] Slam. I have to say that because I don't actually have a door.

(With Team Crossovers, who are entering the village at sunset.)

Twilight Sparkle: Ok, so answer me this. Who or what is that reptilian creature we've come across?

Vezok: One things for certain, he can cloak & ambush & can fight like a bruiser.

Edd: Do you think he is part chameleon? We best study his skills & attributes if we come across him again.

Teslo: The question is, how do we do that? He could be anywhere if he is cloaked everywhere.

SpongeBob: (noticing the footprints) Except for the footprints he left behind?

Kraw: Huh, good guess. Let's see where they lead.

(Team Crossover begins to follow Reptile's footprints, thou the trail is widely separated.)

Kraw: (surprised) Or not...

Rainbow Dash: He must've have great acrobatics.

Eddy: How can you tell? Can he really jump that far?

Rainbow Dash: (points to the clawmarks on the walls & the footprints on the roof) That & he can also jump high & climb up walls like a wild animal.

Fluttershy: (gulps) He must've been scary. Why would we try to find him?

Thok: To get answers of course. Where have you been? (Hears a splash sound followed by a sizzling noise coming from SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Did anybody smell burning rubber? (Notices that he accidently steps on Reptile's acid & screams as he immediately jumps off, thou his left shoe melts off of his foot) Ow! Ow ow! What is this stuff?!

Patrick: SpongeBob! (quickly rushes over to SpongeBob, helping him stay away from the small puddle of acid)

Twilight Sparkle: (quickly treats SpongeBob's foot with Fluttershy's help on wrapping bandages & soothing ointment to treat the burns) SpongeBob, are you ok? Don't move...!

Edd: Don't move is right. I think we also found acid that can be super dangerous...!

Boggy B: Acid?!

Vezok: Burns like Energised Protodermis, so yeah.

Jamzy: That's nasty, man...

Edd: (Quickly places traffic cones, wrap police tape around it & place a Caution sign near the acid until it wears off) There, An ounce of prevention...

Zaktan: Hold on everyone, I've got a better idea. (Pulls out a Kraata of Healing, which spooks the group a bit)

Gurggle: Holy mixels! What is this slithering snake thing?

Ed: Cool! Like in the movies "The Snake Pit of Suffering".

Fluttershy: Oh my... who was that creature of yours?

Zaktan: (using the Kraata of Healing to help heal SpongeBob's foot from any burns) It's a Kraata, there's all 42 different kinds in the world, one of it's species like this one has a healing effect. Luckily the Piraka & I stumbled upon it moments before we return here.

SpongeBob: (amazed by the Kraata of Healing's power, seeing that his foot is feeling better) Wow... Whatever that was... that's amazing.

Applejack: (seeing that SpongeBob can still stand with both legs again) (sighs) What a relief, but stay off that left leg until tomorrow, ok?

SpongeBob: Got it.

Fluttershy: (gently petting the Kraata of Healing, making sure she is gentle with it) Good girl...

Splasho: (washing away the acid, which it disintergrates & fades away anyway beforehand) Do you think this reptilian creature spits out acid? Cause we don't have anyone getting burnt. Yes I'm looking at you, 6 Infernites.

Mysto: It is best to make sure that instead of coming to him, he comes to us when the time comes.

SpongeBob: Your not wrong, but we still need to know why. Right now, I'm gonna need to buy a new pair of shoes.

Avak: (sighs) Fine.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, night]

[Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Tommy, and Sticks watch as Salty walks over and opens the belt to Mhe Burger's VIP section.]

Tails: I didn't know Meh Burger had a VIP section!

Tommy: It doesn't. [winks]

[Tommy walks forward and opens the gate while the others follow him. They walk in a corner until they see the VIP section. Dave, wearing a formal suit, motions them inside.]

Dave: Right this way Mr. Thunder!

Amy: Wow! He didn't sigh and roll his eyes at us!

Tommy: When you ride with Tommy Thunder, you get the star treatment.

[Soon, everyone is seated and food is already served on the table]

Tails: Wow, these plates are so clean, you could almost eat off them! [Takes a pizza slice]

Amy: Thanks for bringing us here Tommy. It was really nice of you.

Tommy: Yes it was! [zips closer to Amy] So anyway, about your buddy Sonic...

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, day]

[Amy is already inside]

Amy: I was just thinking, completely on my own, that you should give him another chance! Let him follow you for a few days.

Sonic: [On his hammock, irritated] But he's such a phony! Only a slackjawed rube would be charmed by that guy.

Amy: [giggles] Right. But weren't you just saying how unrealistic his movies are? This is your chance to fix that! He can finally make a film that expresses what it's really like to be a hero!

Sonic: Alright, I'll give him another shot. [Stands up] Now if you'll excuse me, I have to dispose of a rotten half eaten fruit sculpture of my head.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day]

(Team Crossovers look around for Sonic in the village, while SpongeBob wears his new spare set of shoes.)

Rarity: (looking around) Did you see Sonic around, everypony?

Sharx: (nod with Skulzy & Lewt) He should be right... here. (Points to Sonic & Tommy)

[Sonic and Tommy are walking in the Village Center. Tommy is wearing most of Sonic's attire.]

Rarity: Are they wearing matching uniforms? Inconceivable.

Tommy: You will not regret this! Tommy's so excited to learn about the "hero process".

Sonic: Yeah, just try to stay out of my way, okay?

Tommy: You won't even know I'm here. [Sonic stops walking but Tommy zips around him.] So, what's your workout routine? What time do you go to bed? Eh, what time do you wake up? Have you ever tried gespatcho? What IS gespactcho? [Sonic has a shocked expression on his face]

Eddy: (coming over to Sonic) Hey Spikes, get over here, will ya? (Runs with Sonic while Tommy follows suite)

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day]

(Team Crossovers are discussing with Team Sonic, including Tommy, about Reptile.)

Edd: Ladies & Gentlemen... (turn to the Piraka, Ed & Eddy) I use that term lightly for others... (turn to the group) we may have a lot of clues on what this Reptilian creature can preform, but not his entire Backstory & reasoning why he's here.

Twilight Sparkle: He said something about returning the favour, but why does he repay the favour to us, we haven't even heard of him.

Zaktan: Thou it has cloaking abilities, animal like instincts, acrobatics...

SpongeBob: And Acid, don't forget acid, it melted my shoes off.

Boggy B: And something tells me that theres more to this mysterious friend than we know. He knows who we are, but we didn't. Why is that?

Tails: It could be something else that stumbled upon here in our world without us knowing. So it's a veteran off worlder.

Hugo: Yes & he could be very dangerous if we don't know his motives & plans are.

[Sonic is sitting on a table irritated, while Tails is working on something.]

Sonic: [annoyed] Agh, it's frusterating...

Flain: We know, this Reptile could be a tough guy to catch, he moves & fights like a ninja too, like the Nindjas.

Sonic: No not that, it's frusterating to be followed around by someone so annoying. [slams fists on the table.]

Tails: [looks up] Well sorrrrrrrrrrrry!

Sonic: Not you, him! [points to Tommy.]

Hakann: What? The Tiger superstar?

Tommy: You know some people don't get that us hero types need time to brood.

[Sonic grunts in annoyance while Tommy mimics them, also copying his poses.]

Flynn: I know that feeling.

Cali: Oh, Give me a break.

[Suddenly, an alarm is heard on Tails' computer.]

Tails: [Checks the computer] There's a robbery in the Village!

Vezok: Race you there!

[Team Crossover begins running outside, while Sonic stands and runs off to follow the Crossovers, Tommy imitates the stance, but walks instead.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day]

[The Butcher Gang & Three Weasel Bandits walk out of a shop, each holding a television as a police cop alarm goes off.]

Barley: All the TVs have been stolen, boss.

Charley: Great work boys, it'll make sure that there are no free pictures. Now let's get out of here.

Weasel Bandit: Can you believe the price we got on these? Hah! What a steal!

Charley: (as the Butcher Gang & the Weasel Bandits try to make a getaway) Come on Edgar, you got 6 legs, so use them!

Edgar: I'm trying my best Charley, it's not always easy carrying TVs that are this heavy you know.

Charley: Well, you better try harder, cause what your doing- (suddenly stops with the group upon seeing Team Crossover & Sonic arriving)

[Knuckles, Sticks, and Amy are already there. Sonic arrives on the scene.]

Charley, Barley & Edgar: (surprised to see Team Crossover return) You?!

SpongeBob: Hey, Butcher Gang! The only thing we'll be stealing is your opportunity of escape!

Sonic: Oh crud, Weasel Bandits. And they're extra punny today. [Tails arrives] Gang, let's get to work! [Tommy arrives] Tommy, stay out of the way.

Charley: Oh yeah? (as he sets down the TV & pulls out his large monkey wrench) Get'em boys!

(Barley & Edgar charges forward, while Team Crossover quickly begins dodging their fishing hooks & web slinging attacks, the best they can to avoid getting caught by either fishing lines or webs.)

[Sticks lands on one side of a wooden seesaw. Amy hits the other side with her hammer, launching Sticks towards two bandits and taking them down. This sends two TVs flying, but Knuckles catches them.]

(Boggy B quickly ducks down from Charley, only to get smacked into Ed who says "Who's There?". Boggy B shakes his head, while Edgar stretches his arm to try & punch the team, only for Boggy B to recover & hit Edgar's arm with a baseball bat, causing Edgar to scream in pain.)

Boggy B: No, bad Edgar! Bad! No touchy...! (Suddenly got hooked by Barley) Yeow!

Barley: (got Boggy B tangled in his fishing line, having caught him) Hehe, your finished Toothless Worm!

Discord: (suddenly appears, wearing the outfit of Walter Sobchak, while grabbing a hold of Barley's fishing pole) Am I the only one around here thinking that you have ever been more wrong? (Quickly untangles & free Boggy B, while quickly wraps around Barley's fishing line around Barley, tying him & the fishing pole together, before he & Boggy B jump on & off his head)

Avak: (as Sunset Shimmer is dodging Charley's oncoming monkey wrench attacks) Sunset, catch! (Tosses his Seismic Pickaxe at Sunset)

Sunset: (quickly catches the Seismic Pickaxe & quickly clashes with Charley's monkey wrench, got into a clashing battle, before knocking the monkey wrench off his head, before pushing Charley in front of the Mane 6, who they begin stampeding at a screaming Butcher Gang & 2 Weasel Bandits)

[The third Weasel Bandit is seen running away. Screen cuts to Sonic.]

Sonic: Tails, give me a boost!

[Tails holds out his hands as he flies. Sonic grabs hold and both chase after the bandit. One swing, and Tails lets go, and Sonic spin attacks the Weasel Bandit and sends the last TV flying. Knuckles catches it and balances them carefully.]

Applejack: (readies her lasso) Time to wrap this up.

[Sonic gives a thumbs up and brings the Weasel Bandits together, gets a rope, and helps Applejack ties them up.]

Eddy: (to the angry Butcher Gang, who were yelling at the heroes, not wanting to go back to jail) Hehehe, suckers...!

Sonic: And that's how we-

[Record scratching is heard]

Tommy: [Interrupting Sonic's sentence] Cut!

Rainbow Dash: (as everyone is confused) Excuse me?

SpongeBob & Patrick: Wha...?

Edgar: (as he, Charley & Barley were confused as well) Yeah, wha...?

Tommy: That was great. Hey, you mind if I step in for take 2, I have some ideas that I think would really improve the scene.

Eddy: Retake?! After what we just did? No way!

Zaktan: Are you really that stupid 3000?

Sonic: [Irritated] You can't do a retake in a battle!

Edd: Releasing the captured villains means that all of our efforts are for nothing, we're back to Square 1 of the entire...

Weasel Bandit: It's okay! We can do a retake! Anything for Tommy Thunder! [The other Bandits agree.]

Hakann: (as Rainbow Dash has her jaw drop in shock, the same way with Zephr Breeze) You can't be serious?!

Tommy: [Comes forward and unties the ropes, the Weasel Bandits hold the rope, while the Butcher tries to sneak away, only for Tommy to grab & pull the Butcher Gang back into position.] Okay, so, you guys just stand in this clip here, like you've just been defeated and humiliated. And Tommy will just wrap you up with this rope! [Tommy quickly ties them up].

Charley: Hey! Are you really that stupid?!

[Soon, Soar is at the scene.]

Soar: And there you have it folks! Movie star Tommy Thunder single handedly captured this pack of vicious Bandits.

[The Weasel Bandits applaud him]

Boggy B: (in disbelief) Excuse me... what?!

Tommy: I didn't do it all myself, I had a lot of help! My manager, my agent, my stylist, that uh, little goober with the two tails.

[Cut to Tails and Knuckles, who are stacking the Tv's together.]

Knuckles: [excitedly] I think he's talking about me!

[Cut to Tommy.]

Tommy: And of course Sonic. He's the one who taught me how to be the realistic hero that I am today.

[Cut to Sonic.]

SpongeBob: (as Team Crossover were completely confused, thou understandably upset) Uh... what just happened here?

Sonic: [mumbling in annoyance] Now he'll make everyone think he's so cool.

Ed: "Not to mention a duck."

SpongeBob, Sonic, Edd and Eddy: "Huh?"

Ed: "What?"

SpongeBob: "Um..."

Ed: "Who?"

Eddy: "Huh?"

Ed: "Um."

Sonic & Edd: "Ed."

Ed: "Why?"

[SpongeBob, Edd and Eddy look at him oddly and then turn to Sonic.]

Sonic: Ok, you know what. Forget that I said anything.

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Tommy Thunder arrives at the shack.]

Tommy: Knock knock! Still no door huh?

[Sonic walks forward]

Sonic: [Uninterested] What do you want Tommy?

Tommy: I just wanted to thank you for teaching Tommy how to think, feel and behave like a real hero. Now Tommy's got the whole thing done cold!

Sonic: Wait a sec, Tommy dosen't-[Stops and changes his sentence] (to himself) Great now he's got me doing it. (To Tommy) I mean, you don't think you actually captured those Weasel Bandits do you?

Tommy: Eh Tommy sees what's going on here, you're jealous! Tommy be jealous of Tommy too.

Sonic: What?! I'm not jealous!

Tommy: Tommy dosen't have time to argue, he's late for his appearance on the Comedy Chimp Show. Tommy Thunder, out! [Poses and walks out while Sonic growls in anger.]

(Later at Night Time under a full moon.)

(We can see Reptile jumping from rooftop to rooftop, observing the villagers, while staying in the shadows)

Reptile: (observing the night time, seeing that everyone went to bed, as he jumps down) Now, it's time I get down to business on resurrecting the Zaterra. I will no longer be extinct for long. (Suddenly stops on seeing a working TV in the store that was robbed earlier) Hm?

[The Comedy Chimp show begins to play on the TV, as Reptile proceeds to examine the TV. On TV, Tommy is seated on a green lounge chair, while Comedy Chimp is seated on his desk. The room is decorated with lights.]

Comedy Chimp: So Tommy, tell me about your harrowing battle with those n'er do well reprobates.

[Tommy gives a confused expression.]

Comedy Chimp: The uh criminals.

Tommy: Oh, uh yeah, Tommy looked at those thugs, there must've been about 50 of them, all with heat vision and wielding machetes. But Tommy said to them, "Not today." (Reptile growls at the cage like response)

[Cut to Eggman's Lair, night, while the the Comedy Chimp Show is still playing.]

Comedy Chimp: You don't monkey around! [Sitcom laughter]

[Inside the lair, Eggman in his pajamas, baking muffins. He walks towards the oven.]

Tommy:...Happen to have the nuclear launch codes...

Eggman: [singing] Making some muffins on a Tuesday night! [Closes the oven]. [Eggman sets the time and watches the show]

Comedy Chimp: [Continues] Wow, sounds like you're ready for anything, even that evil Doctor Eggman.

[Eggman turns to the screen in amusement]

Tommy: I can take on a thousand Eggmen. [Audience gasps. Tommy turns to the camera.] You hear that doc? Tommy Thunder's calling you out! [Applause is heard.]

Eggman: [angrily] WHAT THE SNAP?! I suppose I'll have to retaliate. Well there goes my evening,[Changes the settings of the oven] and now I've gotta put on pants...

(Back with Reptile)

Tommy: (on TV) [Tommy turns to the camera.] You hear that doc? Tommy Thunder's calling you out! [Applause is heard.]

(In response, Reptile suddenly smashes the TV, with a single blow in fury.)

Reptile: (roars in anger as he set his sights on Tommy Thunder) My plans will have to wait, for he had test me for the last time! (Quickly jumps out & begins hunting, unaware of a certain blue hedgehog observing him.)

[Scene Change: Village Center, night.]

[Tommy is walking, while being in a call.]

Tommy: Hey, be honest with me, How'd Tommy look on camera? [squeaky responses] Hehe yeah, those shoelifts really help.

(The call is interrupted by Obliterator Bot stomping the ground, followed by the appearance of Motobugs, Crab Bots and Bee Bots. They all surround Tommy. Eggman arrives in his Eggmobile.)

Eggman: [taunting] Well, well. If it isn't Tommy "Blunder". International superstar! And hurter of feelings.

Tommy: Uh Malcolm, gotta call you back. [closes mobile phone] Hey, biggie! Don't take any of that stuff Tommy said too seriously it's all part of the show! [laughs nervously but suddenly got punched in the face by something invisible] Aah! What?

Reptile: (voice in the background) Tommy Thunder...!

(Suddenly Tommy gets beatened by many invisible attacks, which it turns out that Reptile had cloaked himself to ambush Tommy.)

Eggman: (confused & then gets angry) What the snap?! Whoever you are, this doesn't concern you!

Reptile: (dropkicks Tommy to send him backwards on the ground, before he decloaks himself) It does now!

Eggman: You?! You got a lot of nerve coming back here!

Reptile: My name is Reptile & you should know better than to gather a bunch of fools, even all that, you still couldnt beat Sonic!

Eggman: And what would you know about my previous plan! That was a year ago! Last season even!

Reptile: (as Tommy tried to sneak away) Oh, you don't remember me... (suddenly grabs a yelping Tommy by the jacket) Do you doctor?

Eggman: Should I?

Reptile: Shadow was right about you! And it's about time you make up for your mistakes! But then again, I would be more than happy to get the opportunity to taste Tiger Meat, for this Tommy Thunder is nothing more than a 2nd rate Johnny Cage!

Eggman: Well you make an interesting point, but on the other hand, Obliterator Bot, [Points to Obliterator Bot] OBLITERATE!

[Obliterator Bot charges up and fires several lasers. Tommy barely dodges them, while Reptile quickly dodges & launches acid from his mouth at the Badniks to melt them down to scrap metal, while slashing his claws & kicks at the oncoming Badniks. Reptile quickly turns to Tommy Thunder & does a front flip dropkick at Tommy to send him flying near Sonic.]

Tommy: (lands hard) Ahh! Mommy! [Kneels to Sonic, who is watching him. He turns to Sonic and begs.] I'm not really a hero I'm just an actor! [whispers] an "A-list actor but still! [suddenly got grabbed by the foot by Reptile, who is pulling him back, while Tommy Grabs Sonic's foot] My name's not really Tommy Thunder either. It's Irwin Fertelmeister! (Getting pulled away into Reptile's clutches)

Sonic: Well Irwin, in that case... (suddenly spindashes at Reptile's skull to send him backwards)

[Music simular to the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog theme plays. Sonic zooms forward and knocks a Motobug away. He Spin Dashes the other badniks destroying them, and kicks Reptile & a Bee Bot, while Sonic & Reptile got into a brawl with fists & feet flying & many attacks being thrown.]

[Obliterator Bot activates his chainsaw and walks forward. Tommy walks back in fear, but Sonic zooms forward & Reptile quickly jumps onto the chainsaw arm, dodging the chainsaw two times, and then jumping to it's claw.]

[Screen zooms to Sonic, who cockily waves at Obliterator Bot. Eyes red, the scene is in slow motion as Obliterator Bot chops it's other arm off, with Sonic jumping out of the way in time, thou getting tackled by Reptile who jumps at Sonic on time from the chainsaw arm, while Sonic manages to kick Reptile off of him.]

Eggman: Hey! What did Obliterator Bot ever do to you? Other than try to obliterate you...

[As Reptile spits acid around Sonic & at Eggman's EggMobile, to weaken the vehicle, while Reptile charges at full speed, grabbing the weakened EggMobile before snapping it in two clean halves with his own bare hands in a rage. Sonic jumps away from the acid before he pulls out a blue Enerbeam and then ties it around Obliterator Bot's legs. The robot loses it's balance and falls on a Crab Bot, destroying it. A cat noise is heard.]

Eggman: (got slammed down by Reptile before he cloaks away) Grrr! [Wrist Communicator starts beeping] Ah, you're lucky my muffins are ready. [Drives away]

Sonic: (smirks) You see Reptile, that's how we-

(Sonic smirks but "Reptile's Theme from the "Mortal Kombat Movie" suddenly begins playing as Sonic is suddenly flipped over by a cloaked Reptile, who is not finished yet.)

Sonic: What the–! Uh… Reptile? [Sonic is confused about what to do. He then suddenly receives two punches to the face and one in the stomach. Reptile then apparently holds Sonic over his head and spins him before tossing him to the ground, while SpongeBob, Patrick & the Eds of Team Crossover quickly arrives on the scene.]

SpongeBob: Sonic! What's going on? I was showing Ed my bubble blowing techniques.

Sonic: (getting spun around by Reptile) A little help here?! (Suddenly got slammed on his head) Gah!

Edd: [to Ed, still has his head in the bubble] Team Crossover, we best do something! With Reptile's camoflauging cloaking abilities, Sonic hasn't a chance! [He pops the bubble and Ed's head disappears, much to Edd's horror. Ed then pulls his head up out of his jacket.]

Ed: [unconcerned] Aw, Sonic's just playing.

[Reptile continues to pummel Sonic by slamming on his back & belly back & forth. Meanwhile, more of Team Crossover arrive to see Sonic getting lifted up by Reptile, who slams his knee on Sonic's back.]

Vezok: [seeing Sonic acting strange] Ok, what's with Sonic?

Ed: (as Reptile run around in circles, while dragging Sonic on the ground) Sonic's playing with Reptile.

Applejack: We've gotta catch him! (The team proceeds on chasing Reptile the best they can, trying to catch him while he's invisible)

Sonic: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! UNCLE! UNCLE! [Reptile rolls Sonic into the form of a basketball and throws him.]

Zorch: Whoa, He's so athletic.

[Sonic goes through an open window, screaming with a crash as a buzzer sounds.]

Eddy: (winches at the sight of the fight with Team Crossover, while Reptile turn to the group) Ooh, yep. That's exactly how Jib beat me. I still hate Jib!

(The battle rages on as Team Crossover & Reptile begins to battle each other, while Reptile is keeping his distance, even while kicking at the side of Zaktan's skull, while spitting acid at the Mixels who quickly dodges in a panic, while Twilight, Rarity & Starlight blasts some alicorn magic at Reptile. But Reptile quickly dodges the best he can while Team Crossover charges at him from all sides. In response, Reptile cloaks & then jumps high, leaving Team Crossover to quickly stop on their tracks.)

SpongeBob: Where'd he go? (Begin hearing footprints with Cali)

Flynn: I can't see him! Vanished like a ghost...! (Unaware of Reptile about to ambush at Flynn)

Cali: On your left! (Kicks at Reptile, while Flynn hears Cali & quickly uppercuts at Reptile, who he disappeared again)

Flynn: I didn't know you cared.

SpongeBob: Shh, shh, did you hear that?

(The group begins hearing rustling in the bushes & the trees before it stops, while Reptile quickly decloaks from above & tries to ambush them, but the Piraka quickly did a flipkick at Reptile to send him flying, thou Reptile quickly cloaks himself after the hit)

Zaktan: That's it... keep quiet...!

(Team Crossover begins to keep quiet, hearing a lot of low voices nearby & around them, seeing barrels getting tipped over before Reptile decloaks himself to ambush Patrick.)

Discord: (dressed up as a TF2 Spy) Right behind you. (Reptile quickly turns to meet with a floating boxing glove to the face by Discord's magic, sending the reptilian ninja to the ground, but cloaks himself again.)

Patrick: Thanks. (Seeing Sonic getting up) And look he's waking up...!

Sonic: (shaking his head) What happened?

Boggy B: Please tell us if your ok. (Unaware of Reptile sneaks up with a leap off the roof & tries to ambush Boggy B with a tongue whip attack)

Sonic: ?! (Quickly speeds his way to Boggy B, but noticed Boggy B quickly catching Reptile by the tongue) Whoa...

Boggy B: Nice try... (punching at Reptile two times, before preforming an fire uppercut) Shoyuken!

Reptile: (getting sent back before he quickly spits acid at the team, but is really aiming for the big trees nearby, while Team Crossover & Sonic quickly dodges the attack, while throwing their punches & kicks at Reptile, even tackling at the ninja together) Guah!

Eddy: Thought you could outsmart us, huh Reptile?

SpongeBob: Now why do you know about us?

Zorch: And how could you fight back if you don't even aim right?

Reptile: Wasn't planning to. (Cloaks again out of their grip)

Zaktan: (hearing the wood creaking coming from the falling big trees) Oh no...

(Team Crossovers & Sonic quickly try to dodge the falling trees, but Sonic quickly pushes Tommy out of the way, but Sonic ends up getting crushed by one falling tree)

SpongeBob: Sonic!

(Suddenly before they can react, Team Crossover quickly got crushed by the falling trees one by one, while Tommy looks on winching in pain from the sight.)

Eddy: (getting up feeling dizzy with Team Crossover & Sonic) One Bottle off Ed's finger...! (SpongeBob & Sonic Got grabbed by Reptile)

Reptile: Not so heroic now, are you?!

SpongeBob: Reptile... why?

Reptile: It's time to refresh your memory.

Tommy: (looking on in distraught) What has Tommy done? (Suddenly gets determined & quickly tackles at Reptile in anger)

(Reptile got pushed back while Tommy Thunder who now has determined, begins to fight back against Reptile, who is taken by surprise of his newfound determination, while keeping his guard up, but this give Team Crossover & Sonic the opportunity to ambush him back, with kicks to the skull, punches to the gut & dropkicks at the back, causing Reptile to get up in a dizzying state, trying to regain himself from the combined Assault. However Tommy quickly charges & unleashes bicycle kicks at Reptile in mid air, before the last kick sends Reptile spinning backwards before SpongeBob & Sonic quickly finish the job by doing a tag team double spindash, mostly by Sonic's speed & SpongeBob's absorbency, at Reptile who crashes into one last tree, before he loses consciousness.)

Zaktan: (as Tommy couldn't believe on what he just did, while Team Crossover smiles at each other) It's good to be back.

Edd: (feeling the pain of the falling tree) Oh pains, bruise, aches & ouches galore. So much great weight from a fallen tree! Oh the insanity!

Boggy B: Yeah, Reptile packs a serious punch. But why is he here? How did he know all of this.

Sunset Shimmer: I'm as concerned about this as you are.

Pinkie Pie: (wearing a doctor's outfit, similar to Dr. Mario) So does that mean we should bring the med kits or the pills?

[Several villagers, and Soar arrive at the scene,]

Soar: We've just arrived on the scene of what appears to have been an epic battle between Tommy Thunder, and Eggman. Let's ask this bystander about Tommy's heroics in this latest bruhaha!

[Soar hands the microphone over to Sonic, with the latter looking at Tommy, who flinches. Sonic glances at the crowd, who is cheering for Tommy.]

Sonic: [slumps forward and sighs] Uh, Tommy was great. A true hero!

Tommy: Yep, that's right! [walks towards Soar.] Tommy did it all! [snatches microphone.] And now that his hero research is finished, Tommy's ready to deliver a complicated nuance performance in his most realistic film to date, "Attack of the Giant Hand People!!...In space.

SpongeBob: Did Sonic do what I think he did?

Flain: Yep. He must have matured.

Twilight Sparkle: (writing a letter to Princess Celestia) I know people can be a bit ignorant at times, but there are times like these that we should look beyond those things & remember that actions have future consequences & if they are braver enough, they might accomplish tasks that has never done before. Meaning, it's best to be better for it by accepting them for who they are, while letting them grow mature naturally, like the trees in a beautiful forest.

Avak: So what your saying is that Ignorance must be bliss & we learn from experience?

Twilight Sparkle: (frowns a bit at Avak) Yes, sometimes it is. Way to sum it up.

Eddy: And as for you... (turns to Reptile with the group, but screams as Reptile disappeared again) Aah! Reptile!

Zaktan: Now where'd he go?!

Reptile: (voice in the background) I help you stop Eggman & now this is how you repay me by protecting this Tommy Thunder who's ego knows no bounds? Fine, but let this be known that the dangers are far from over! Thou for now, surprised me you did. I'll let you live for the win. Still, your not strong enough to survive against future villains, especially the ones when you least expect it. For now, my Kind will flourish once again & the Glory to Zaterra will return or I am not the Vessel of the Dragon King! (Echoing as he begins to leave) And it will be all your FAULT!

(Team Crossover looks on in surprised that Reptile is actually the vessel of Onaga the Dragon King, meaning that Reptile's connections all come together & beginning to heed a lot more warnings of the oncoming future.)

Discord: (first to understand his backstory maturely) Ok... I guess that makes sense.

Flain: (was mind blown along with the Mixels) What? What? W-what?! WHAT?!

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Team Sonic & Team Crossover are walking towards Meh Burger's VIP room.]

SpongeBob: I can't believe it that Reptile was the vessel of the Dragon King this entire time...

Edd: He must've been trapped in that vessel for years. We can't help but feel sad for him.

Eddy: We're more scared on what he would do to us if we come across that guy again! What's with that?

Reidak: I'm not liking the situation now more than ever.

Applejack: Nevermind that now, Reptile is long gone for now.

Fluttershy: And our friendship remains. Hopefully the rest of the villagers will help us clean up the poor trees.

Boggy B: They seriously pack a punch. But I don't think this would be the last time we see of Reptile.

Hugo: You might be right, but it's the best time to clean up.

Discord: (wearing a maid's outfit) Fine, but I don't do Windows.

Amy: Sonic, you showed a great deal of maturity in sharing credit with Tommy. Get ready for your reward!

Tails:You're gonna love the Oysters Rockafeller!

Rarity: Meh Burger? With a V.I.P. Room? We find that hard to believe.

Vezok: Yeah, we already told you that we're not risking our health on Meh-Burger.

[They stop at Meh Burger, with Dave in front.]

Knuckles: We're here for the VIP room?

Patrick: And can I get a Double 1 Extra Size?

Dave: There is no VIP room. [Record scratching is heard] And there never was...

[Cut to Team Sonic, looking disappointed, while Team Crossover are confused.]

Sticks: I knew it. [The gang, including the Crossovers looks at her in confusion.]

SpongeBob: Whoa, hold on a second. How exactly do you know if there's no V.I.P. room? Tails, Amy, Knuckles & Sticks were already there before.

Dave: Look, I didn't know there was a V.I.P. ok? There never was... (Got grabbed by Thok) Eep!

Thok: Give us one good reason why we should believe you! You were right there, in a suit... with a 5-Star attitude of a gentleman.

Dave: (scared) But I wasn't! (Team Crossover gave a confused "Huh"?) I was closing up shop for the night! How was it still opened is beyond me!

Eddy: Applejack... do your thing. (Applejack walks up to Dave & checks on him) Well?

Applejack: (checking Dave very closely with a determined look) (sighs) He speaks the truth.

Tails, Knuckles & Amy: What?!

Applejack: I know honesty & lying when I see or even hear one. And Dave is actually honest with that answer.

Dave: That's what I was trying to tell you. I didn't even know what was going on?! Now please let me go...!

Thok: (groans & let Dave go) Fine. Apologises for the inconvience.

SpongeBob: (still wondering with Team Crossover & Team Sonic on what Sticks is talking about) But, if there is no V.I.P. & that is not the real Dave at night, then... who is?

(Camera pans into the so called "V.I.P. Room", which is packed away while the set up is glitching back to it's true form a holographic projection by a holographic device, which was picked up by the V.I.P. "Dave", while the Bodyguards, who are actually the 4 HenchCombats in disguise, come to V.I.P. "Dave", who is actually a more disguised mech, built by the one & only, Plankton, who had opened the mech's face.)

Greenbot: (whispers with the other 4) Took them long enough to figure that out.

Plankton: (controlling the disguise mech) Is the data we had collected all set?

Yellowbot: (hold up the database within the tablets to download it in the mainframe) As requested. Only Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Sticks' data were all scanned & collected right under their noses.

Plankton: (sneaks away with the 4 HenchCombats to a more hidden location) Good, now let's get out of here. We're done here.

Bluebot: (snickering) This plan of yours works like a charm. We knew we find better use for disguised mechs. You had done this before with Imitation Krabs & you can do it again with this one.

Redbot: Please remind me again why we're collecting so much valuable data from the heroes little by little while also keeping our identities in the dark all this time?

Plankton: It's about time I prove myself to the world that I can step out of Eggman's shadow & become a much more dasterly villain than ever before. Let's just say that Eggman is too much of an idiot to ignore the challenge, a challenge that will finally reveal who will be the better villain that will stood the test of time! But for now, nothing stands between me & absolute victory now! (Laughing evilly while he makes a clean getaway with the 4 HenchCombats, back to Plankton's Lair.)

The End

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