This is the 68th episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This is also the Season 1 Finale of the Series

This Episode Focuses on SpongeBob SquarePants & Patrick Star


In their most diabolical plan yet, Dr. Eggman & Plankton decides to band together with all of Sonic's & the Crossover Gang's enemies. Shadow the Hedgehog & shockingly Onaga, the Dragon King, joins the fight, only to use the power of all of the Kamidogu in order to set their sights on not only fusing all of the universes into one, but also finding & destroy the Chosen Ones that open the portal of a thousand worlds, which is surprisingly SpongeBob & Patrick Star, who are the main focus from the very start of the series. How will this final showdown progress? And what will the outcome be in this final battle? Find out in the Season 1 Finale.

Soundtrack Edit

Team Fortress 2: End of the Line (Seven Nation Army Remix) (Heroes vs Villains)

It Takes a Village to Defeat A Dragon King & A HedgehogEdit

(The scene starts at Eggman and Plankton's Island Fortresses, where the Previous Episode had left off.)

Vezon: (with all of the gathered villains) Plankton & Dr. Eggman?! You were the ones who invited us?!

Plankton: (with Dr. Eggman, Orbot, Cubot & Plankton's 4 HenchCombots) That's right.

T.W. Barker: Why did you called us here?

Major Nixel: Are we having perfect cupcakes made by yours truly?

Plankton: No, Major.

Dr. Eggman: All will be revealed in due time my friends, we're still waiting on one more arrival.

Krekka: I wonder what is it?

Vezon: I don't have time for this, I suffered long enough already only a few seconds after we left off.

Dave: But I have a new shift at Meh Burger, if I'm late I don't ever get that raise to minimum wage.

(A few villains agree, but Nidhiki stares at Dave angrily)

Nidhiki: Forget about the stupid wage & listen!

King Nixel: (stares down at Eggman) This better be good, otherwise your moustache will be cut off!

Plankton: (groans) Alright fine! Let's just get this over with! (Whispers to Eggman) They're getting reckless already.

Dr. Eggman: Fine fine, we'll get started.

Professor Worminkle: Good, I have a class session I'll have you know.

Lee Kanker: Cut to the chase were busy with our chores!

Plankton: In this room, Eggman & I have gathered villains, while I gather the most vile, the most sinister, the most destructive crossover villains ever to exist.

Lord Mesmer: (polishing the Stone Carrot) At least someone appreciates us.

Dr. Eggman: Anyway, while Plankton does so, I gathered my own rouge's gallery of the most vile, nefarious, repunvelent...

Charlie: Repunvelent? Is that a word?

Krekka: Yeah, is it?

Dr. Eggman: It didn't need to be if we haven't had so much evil all inside one room. Anyway, your here because we all have something in common.

Willy Walrus: A love of fine cheesers.

Vezon: No, they gunk up our circuits!

Captain BurgerBeard: Actually that would be the case. (Turns to Plankton) But I got my eye on you, not after what you pulled.

Plankton: Eggman? Did you really have to invite him too?

Dr. Eggman: Well yes, besides that, we all share a neutral enemy.

Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon, Kanker Sisters, King Nixel, Major Nixel, Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer: And that is?

Dr. Eggman: Sonic the Hedgehog & his rodent friends.

Plankton: And let's not forget SpongeBob SquarePants, his pink friend Patrick Star & his band of Crossover misfits.

Dr. Eggman: We must stop them before they destroy us all!

(In the Crossover Shack)

(The Crossover Gang are gathered up in the brand new "Assembly Room", with chairs being set up while Avak & the Electroids begin their construction on the Portal that they are building out of Vezon's machines.)

Avak: (straining upon placing a large piece of metal on the side) You know, you can always help out too, you know!

Reidak: (notices the portal, thinking Avak is building) Reidak Smash! (Rams at the portal, but didn't break it)

Avak: Not this again! (lost his footing & falls down, with the large piece of metal falling on top of him)


Avak: (seeing stars as he is dizzy)

Reidak: Sorry.

Volectro: Can we play too?

(The Entire Crossover Gang are in their seats talking to each other, but all they're saying is...)

All: (as Zaktan, Boggy B & Twilight Sparkle enter the stage) Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....

Zaktan: (nods)

Twilight Sparkle: (uses her alicorn horn to amplify her voice & Zaktan's voice) Attention everypony & everyone!

Zaktan: (his voice is amplified by Twilight's magic) People people, settle down!

(Everyone begins to go silent as they heard Zaktan & Twilight as both of their voices went back to normal volume.)

Zaktan: Thank you. Ok now, I believe you all know why we're here.

Ed: Is it time for a new comic book?

Boggy B: The reason why your here today is regarding our last encounter with Vezon.

Twilight Sparkle: And ever since that's previous fight occurred, we destroyed so much of Vezon's robots that it fell into hundreds of parts. And with more than enough parts, we can build the portal & head back to our homes!

(The Crossover Gang cheers in delight)

Zaktan: But don't think we're out of the woods yet, we don't know where that Kamidogu is coming from & why. (Holds up the Kamidogu in his hand) So let me ask you this, how many of you have faced world threatening crisis situations before?

Discord: Do instruments of chaos & torture count?

Zaktan: No.

Patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Zaktan: No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument. [Patrick raises his hand again] Horseradish is not an instrument, either. [Patrick lowers his hand]

Boggy B: That's fine. No one has any experience. Fortunately, I have enough talent for all of you. [laughs]

(However no one else laugh because it is not funny or clever, when it becomes awkward.)

Vaka-Waka: (Vaka's Side) When do we get the free food?

Zaktan: (as Twilight brings a punching bag to him) Ok, stand up, grab your punching bags & try to repeat after me. (Attacks at a punching bag starting with 3 punches & 2 kicks, the right first, then the left) Section A, go.

(The Boys of the Crossover Gang begin to follow Zaktan's moves, some having trouble more than others.)

Zaktan: That's good, now Section B.

(The Mixels tries to do the same thing, but were a bit more weaker than the others.)

Zaktan: And Section C.

(The Girls tries to do the same thing, but the Mane 6, minus Rarity, are having trouble punching, when the girls begin to go for 2 kick, Applejack accidently kicks her punching bag at Boggy B with a strong buck & with strong force to boot, due to her years of applebucking.)


(We can see that Boggy B is crushed between a wall & the punching bag)

Zaktan & Twilight Sparkle: ?! (Removes the punching bag off of Boggy B)

Applejack: Oops, sorry about that. Y'all ok?

Boggy B: (damaged a bit) Too bad that didn't kill me.

(With Team Sonic)

(They are in Amy's house, with a package.)

Amy: Thanks for helping me put together my Bjornvaalden bookcase. I got from a foreign built-it-own furniture store.

Tails: That's it?

Amy: Oh you'd be surprise how much they can fit in one little box

(Sonic opens the box, causing wooden pieces to spring out of the box & lands on Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in a pile of wooden pieces.)

Sonic, Tails & Knuckles: (emerges from the wooden pieces)

(Back wth the Villains)

Major Nixel: (had made freshly baked cupcakes) Do do do, perfect cupcakes.

Lee Kanker: About time. (Munches on one of the cupcakes) You call these perfect? You said a mouthful!

Major Nixel: What could be missing from my perfect cupcakes?

Marie Kanker: (smashes the cupcakes onto Major Nixel's face) YOUR FACE!

Major Nixel: (as the Kankers begin laughing) Gah! You miserable Kankers!

Willy Walrus: Mm mm, these are some fine cheesers.

T.W. Barker: But where are the crackers?

Dr. Eggman: (holding a tray of cheese) I wanted everything to be perfect!

Lord Mesmer: (drinking tea) Oh really now? Well I don't think it is, it's bland like the Major's cupcakes.

Major Nixel: (offended) Hey!

Dr. Eggman: Keep calm everyone, I'll send Orbot out to the store.

Professor Worminkle: Well you better. We can't have cheese without crackers you know.

Dr. Eggman: Phew. Crisis averted.

Plankton: Ditto.

Onaga: (Offscreen) So this is why you called us here.


Plankotn and Eggman: (Gasps) Shadow the Hedgehog and Onaga the Dragon King.

Plankton: Hey, look everyone! Shadow and Onaga are here!

Dr. Eggman: We knew springing those imboston invitations would impress.

Captain Burger-Beard: Who are they?

Dr. Eggman: They're only the second most popular characters the whole canon.

Vezon: I think that was just Shadow.

Plankton: Same thing. Let us get you some chairs, guys. (Steals a chair off of Dave & Worminkle)

Professor Worminkle: Hey!

Shadow: Heh, we pefer to stand.

Plankton: Of course, you rogues, you. We like standing too, everyone on your feet.

Onaga: I have seen enough. (Walks off)

Shadow: Onaga.

Onaga: EMPEROR Onaga!

King Nixel: (groans) Rude much?

Dr. Eggman: Now where were we? I'll just start at the beginning.

(All of the villains groan in frustration.)

(Back with the Crossover Gang)

Boggy B: (is wrapped in bandages)

Zaktan: (have the step benches ready for everyone) Ok, I know we have a rough start here. So for our next exercise, let's just try stepping in rhythm.

Twilight Sparkle: Now then, we would like everypony & everyone to set up their step benches & stand in straight rows of 5.

SpongeBob: (having his hand raised up) Is this the part where we start kicking?

Teslo: No, SpongeBob, that's actually a chorus line.

Patrick: Kicking? I wanna do some kicking! [Patrick kicks Rarity in the leg]

Rarity: Ow! Why, you...! Why I oughta...! [they both got into a fight, cartoon style, across the room & takes the fight outside, while shouting outside]

Patrick: [yelling] [Long pause, then Patrick sticks his head back in] Whoever is the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on. [Patrick walks in with his body in a trombone. As he sits back down, he makes a sound of his trombone.]

(Back with Team Sonic)

Sonic, Tails & Knuckles: (looking at the blueprints)

Tails: There are no words, just pictures.

Knuckles: (checking the blueprints) Just like the novel I'm writing. Hmmm... The plot's there, but the character's are all over the place.

(Back with the Villains)

Dr. Eggman: And so, with Plankton's & my leadership & your blind loyalty, we'll finally be rid of those muskrats!

Nidhiki: (insulted) What do you mean "blind loyalty"? We're not blind as bats! If you must know, all you do is calling the shots one too many times!

Vezon: He's right, someone has to take charge around this deadly alliance & that someone is going to be me!

Willy Walrus: Hey, how come your calling the shots? I'm the best villain here, I've spent more time in the pen than all of you combined!

Major Nixel: What's that suppose to mean? If anything King Nixel should be the leader, he had the Mixels in each other's throats before!

Charlie: All that proves that your the best at being caught.

Lee Kanker: Enough already! The Kankers & I will become the co leaders & whip all of your sorry butts into shape!

T.W. Barker: What we need is an educated fellow, an organised leader who knows how to keep hot heads like you under control & contain parliamentary procedure.

Professor Worminkle: (had organised the blueprints & the plans) Right & that's me.

Kaptain K.Rool: What?! (Readies his hand cannon) Say your prayers, Worminkle! I should be the leader & if anyone disagrees, you'll be walking the plank!

Tree Spy: Objection! Anyone can learn parliamentary procedure.

T.W. Barker: Point of order! Objection is court room terminology, not parliamentary.

Vezon: Says the Pheonix Wright wannabe.

Lord Mesmer: Says the Piraka that is best buddies with a stupid demon elephant.

Tree Spy: Sustained!

Lord Mesmer: I learn much more in unlocking powers though lost to humanity with the Stone Carrot, I should be the leader around here, to keep you all under my personal supervision!

Dave: As anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the Sci-Fi fantasy classic Battleforce Galacxia knows, a leader should be a young, inexperienced teenager who's destined for glory! Less you want to repeat that for Admiral glorps mistakes!

Plankton: (growling in anger & frustration)

Emperor Zurg: You are all incompetent fools! Warp DarkMatter suggested that I will be supreme leader, we will prove you all wrong here & now.

Capn' GreenBeard: I should be the leader, while you getting beaten up by mixed up Mixels.

Nidhiki: Says the crab that gotten fooled by a yellow sponge.

Plankton: SILENCE! Your losing focus! Eggman & I are the ones who called this meeting!

Weasel Bandit: (sarcastic) And great job by the way, who picked up this demewear? It's barely worth stealing. (Secretly steals it & hides it in his cloak)

Krekka: Should I be the leader?

All: NO!

(The Villains got into an fight / argument on who should be the leader.)

Dr. Eggman: Come on Eggman, pull it together. Er, I know what this group needs.

Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon, Kanker Sisters, King Nixel, Major Nixel, Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer: (turns back to Eggman & Plankton) What!?

Plankton: (is a bit surprised) Uhh...

(Back with the Crossover Heroes)

(The Crossover Heroes were seen outside of their Crossover Shack & on the grassy field, trying their best on the fighting style with bo staffs in hand)

Eddy: Okay, that's perfect everybody. Final Battle here we come. Guys, really spin those things. Okay, turn. Flain, Krader, let's go. I wanna see some spinning. Flain, Krader, let's move! C'mon, move!

Flain & Krader: (hollers very loud) YAAAAAAH! [Flain & Krader spin so hard that they take off into the sky & accidently crashes into each other, creating a Murp] Murp!

Flain/Krader Murp: Murp! Murp! (Chuckles stupidly & is accidently set on fire as the Murp crashes into a nearby pond)

All: (winches at the splash) Oooooh...!

Flain & Krader: (defuse as they come out of the water, shivering)

Krader: Too much? (Smiles sheepishly) (Eddy & Hakann facepalms as they groan in annoyance)

(A few moments later, back at Eggman's Lair)

Dr. Eggman: (has all the villains in groups of two) Time for some team building exercises.

Nidhiki: (with Krekka) Any teamwork exercises we should do first?

Dr. Eggman: (with Shadow) Fall backwards into your buddy's arms & allow them to catch you. This is called a "Trust Fall".

Vezon: (is a bit dumbfolded, while with Burger-Beard) Is that really needed?

Plankton: (with Onaga) Yes, so let's begin.

(The Villains began to catch their partners when they fall into each other's arms, however Shadow & Onaga didn't bother trying to catch their partners, as both Dr. Eggman & Plankton crashes to the floor.)

Plankton: Ouch!

Dr. Eggman: My fault. Should have given you a heads up. That was on me!

(Back with the Crossover Heroes)

(The Crossover Heroes were now seen back inside the Assembly Hall, doing target practice, by hitting at the targets the best they can.)

Twilight Sparkle: (uses her Alicorn magic to open fire at the targets the best she can) How's your sharpshooter target practice solo coming Vezok?

Vezok: It's tremendous, you wanna see? [Vezok begins his target practice run by running to and from open windows to blast at the targets one by one with his Harpoon Gun & Zamor Launcher, but runs out of breath as he reaches the final target & fires unsuccessful shots at the targets, but got the final target down with his last ammo before he faints]

(Back at Eggman's Lair.)

Plankton: (to the villains) You never know what's going to happen on the battlefield. Which is why it's important to think on your feet.

King Nixel: And what kind of training exercise are we going to pull off this time?

Krekka: Are we gonna do target practice?

Plankton: Actually, it's something else we have in mind.

Lord Mesmer: What do you mean?

Dr. Eggman: This is a little game I used to play with my old improv troupe, The Gigglesnorts. It's called "Zip Zap Zop."

Kaptain K.Rool: (facepalms) You have got to be joking!

Dr. Eggman: We pass around an imaginary ball, saying "zip," "zap," or "zop" as we go.

Krekka: I wanna play! (Got smacked by Nidhiki) Ow!

Nidhiki: Who's side are you on?

Krekk: Ours?

Plankton: Alright alright, calm down. Let's get this game underway.

Dr. Eggman: I'll start. (passes the "ball" to T.W. Barker) Zip!

T.W. Barker: (catches the "ball," and passes it to Shadow) Zap!

[Shadow just stands there, doing nothing.]

Dr. Eggman: Ehh... that's to you, Shadow. You wanna zap that one over to Dave? Or maybe zap that bad boy back to me? Heh... no?

Shadow: Tch.

Eggman: He pfted it! We'll count that. Great job, Shadow!

Plankton: Onaga, your next!

Shadow & Onaga: (as Onaga snaps back in anger) Silence, fool!

[The other villains from Eggman's side gasp, while the Crossover Villains from Plankton's side stared in shock.]

Crossover Villains (minus Plankton & Onaga): Oooooooh...

Onaga: Can't you morons do anything right?! We're sick & tired of your stupidity & your track of spreading of evil is PATHETIC! And for now on, you will address me as Emperor Onaga!

Shadow: Onaga & I suffered your presence long enough. (turns to leave with Onaga)

Dr. Eggman: N-no! Don't go! We're not done bonding yet! We were gonna roast wieners and play flashlight tag. We're making history here! A collection of villains like this has never been assembled before!

Shadow: (turns around) I see no villains, just some fools whose only ability is wasting time! (The statement hits Plankton hard & is having second thoughts about his alliance with Eggman)

Dr. Eggman: That's something, isn't it?

Shadow: No, not really.

[Shadow disappears. Dr. Eggman sighs.]

Dr. Eggman: Onaga! Not you too!

Onaga: I have no time for your pathetic display of an alliance! For Shadow & I were only here for one thing & one thing only & that is to destroy the Chosen Ones that have opened a portal to a Thousand Worlds!

Dr. Eggman: Wait, that can't be possible, right?!

Onaga: As a matter of fact, it is! (Flies upwards to the roof)

Professor Worminkle: Wait! We really need to know more...! (Onaga Rams through the roof, creating a large hole in the roof as Onaga flies away in anger) Answers...

Krekka: (looking up the hole, breaking the silence) Uh, is this gonna be a problem?

(Back with the Crossover Heroes)

Twilight: (with the Crossover Heroes in 2 teams, one red & one blue) Well, we have only 1 hour left before the big battle. And I know that you haven't improved since we began... [Patrick, the Fang Gang & the Munchos chews on trumpets] ...but Boggy B has a theory.

Boggy B: People try hard if they wanna complete their goals of success, right?

Discord: (as a Cheerleader) [loudly on a cheerleader mega horn] CORRECT!

Zaktan: So, if we train hard, people might think we're good. The main goal of this exercise is Captaure the Flag. The team who captures the opponent flag wins. Ed & Pinkie Pie will start the game for us.

Twilight Sparkle: With that being said, Everybody & everypony ready? (They all ready themselves, while Ed & Pinkie Pie readies the big battle like horn)

Boggy B: Ed, Pinkie, you may blow the horn when ready!

Ed: Okey dokey smokey.

Zaktan: On your marks... Get Set... GO! [screen cuts to the outside of the crossover assembly hall and a blast of noise from Ed's & Pinkie Pie's big horn ensues, breaking the windows. Cuts back inside of the crossover assembly hall, where the Crossovers are all on a big dogpile, while Zaktan, Twilight & Boggy B got blasted to the wall in their cartoon shaped holes of themselves)

Ed: I am a whale guys, an endangered mammal, hug me.

Pinkie Pie: (as everyone rubbing their ears, feeling dizzy & trying to hear better) Do you think they heard me?

Boggy B: (falls out of his hole & gets up slowly & very dizzy, seeing stars) OK, new theory. Maybe we should start so quietly, no one can hear us.

Vezok: Well, maybe we wouldn't sound so bad if some people didn't try to fight with big, meaty claws!

Slumbo: (turns to Vezok, triggered by his remark) What did you say, punk?!

Vezok: [shouts loudy] Big... meaty... claws!

Slumbo: Well, these claws ain't for just attractin' mates!

Vezok: Bring it on, big guy! Bring it on!

SpongeBob: [tries intervening] No, people. Let's be smart and bring it off.

Cali: Oh, so now the talking cheese is gonna preach to us.

Boggy B: (as everyone begins to argue about the final battle/kamidogu crisis) Wait, wait.

Edd: People please! I know tensions are high... [everyone gets into a fight. Eddy, Ed & Boggy B are yelling at each other. Pinkie Pie slams a drum at him] 

Boggy B: Hey! There's a deposit on that equipment, people! [everyone, including the mixels uses their instruments as weapons. Vezok & Slumbo charge at each other with large woodwinds, but try to screech to a halt, and Hakann slams them both with cymbals] Settle down, please!

[Rarity & Flynn are fighting. Rarity breaks the xylophone keys from Flynn and Flynn runs away. Patrick kicks Rarity, who growls at him before producing a trumpet with an evil grin. Patrick realizes what's coming and runs away screaming as Rarity chases him with the trumpet. The scene cuts to the clock which shows it being 10 o'clock and everyone stops fighting.]

Eddy: Hey, class is over.

[Team Crossovers begins to walk to the door where Boggy B slams it open.]

Boggy B: Well, I hope your all happy, but you did it. You took our one chance in happiness... and crushed it! Crushed it into little, tiny, bite-size pieces. Even as a team we really had expected better of each other. I guess we're bunch of losers for that, too. Let's not bother showing up. We'll just tell Team Sonic that we're all done for & heading back home, in other words, died in a dimensional accident. So, thanks. [sobbing] Thanks for nothing! (Heading outside in sorrow)

Patrick: You're welcome.

[Scene Change, Amy's House]

Amy: How do we tell the difference between Side A and Side C?

Tails: Side A should have one more L-Bracket.

Amy: You mean T-Bracket, right?

Tails: Uhh...

Sonic: Tails, so help me, if you've been confusing L-Brackets and T-Brackets this whole time...!

Sticks: Who used all the D-Screws? All I have left are J-Knobs, which are worthless! And has anyone seen Back Panel G?

Knuckles: Uhh... [holds up his arm, which has a panel stuck to it] I think I found it. [tries to shake it off his arm, to no avail. He then grabs it, but it breaks in half]

Sonic: Great! Now we have to go back to the store and exchange the whole thing! Come on, let's pack it up.

[They try to fit the pieces of the bookcase back into the box, but there's no way to make them all fit.]

[Scene Change, Eggman's Lair]

Dr. Eggman: No fair! Sonic always beats me! With Shadow & Onaga on our squad, we had a real chance! Shadow's so cool and edgy! And Onaga is so big, strong & all powerful!

Dave: If standing in the corner while everybody else has fun makes you cool, then I must have been the coolest guy at my junior prom!

Willy: And we all know that's not true! So I say nuts to Shadow & Onaga! They're not team players like the rest of us.

Tree Spy: With Doctor Eggman's superior leadership skills and our blind loyalty, we can do whatever we set our evil minds to.

Dr. Eggman: D'aww, was that a callback to my earlier speech? You guys... All right, team! Gather round! Here's the plan...

(However the villains begin to notice that Plankton & the rest of the Crossover Villains had left.)

Dr. Eggman: Plankton? Plankton?

(With Plankton & the Crossover Villains, in Plankton's lair)

Plankton: (with Vezon, Fenrakk, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers, the Nixels, Greenbeard, Burgerbeard, Kaptain K.Rool, Worminkle, Mesmer, Zurg & Warp DarkMatter) (groans) Shadow's right. What have we been doing all this time?! We definately need to step up our game quickly!

Vezon: Sounds like you have great potential, but have you ever thought about the fact that Dr. Eggman can't take his evil schemes seriously & is acting like a posturing obnoxious bafoon that makes stupid schedules?

Lee Kanker: Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to conduct our own plans & what happened in response? Like a bunch of jokers.

King Nixel: And we all know that we cannot afford to squander every opprotunity, we seize it!

Professor Worminkle: Yes, so I say, we handle our own team of villains without this stupidity waste of space that is Eggman & taking Shadow's advice on taking things more seriously!

Plankton: Your absolutely right. Even teaming up with Eggman means getting stepped on, he's just like stairs! It's about time I step out of his shadow as well he steps out of mine! Consider this an ultimatum for Eggman, if he screws this up one last time, then I swear to Neptune... (begins calming down)

Lord Mesmer: We understand on what you've been going through on the first season. Allow us to coordinates our efforts properly to make sure that we prepare ourselves for one of the biggest fight in our lives.

Plankton: Thank you all. Now, if we all follow our instructions exactly, we can crush them together... here's the plan, once we arrive at the village around the back, we'd... (whispers to the Crossover Villains, mostly intriduged of the idea)

Nidhiki: (chuckling evily) Now that's a truly evil secret plan...!

Krekka: Yeah... let's do it!

[Scene Change, Village Center]

Sonic: We got a brand new Blork...splargin. Let's just build it right here.

Tails: Then when we mess up, we can get yet another one! Great idea, Sonic!

Sonic: That's why I'm the leader! Now let's dominate this cheap piece of furniture! ...To the best of our limited ability.

(Back with Team Crossovers in the Crossover Shack's Assembly Room)

SpongeBob: (comforting Boggy B & the rest of Team Crossovers who turned to him) What kind of monsters are we? That poor team of heroes came to us in their hour of need, and we failed them. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Sticks have always been there for us when it was convenient for them. Fluttershy, when your little bunny rabbits were trapped in a fire, who rescued them?

Fluttershy: A fireman.

SpongeBob: And Boggy B, when your heart gave out from all those battle scar damages & all those tanning pills, who revived you?

Boggy B: Some guy in an ambulance.

SpongeBob: Right. So, if we can all just pretend that Team Sonic were firemen, or some team in an ambulance, then I'm sure that we can all pull together and discover what it truly means to be in a Team of Crossovers.

Eddy: Yeah, for the fireman!

Team Crossover: Hooray!

SpongeBob: (as everyone gets ready) Now let's make Team Sonic proud. A 1, a 2, a skiddly diddly doo.

[Montage: Doctor Eggman walks Willy through how to fly one of his machines. SpongeBob helps the Team Crossovers on better target practice with their open fire, under supervision of Zaktan & the rest of the Piraka. Amy tries to drill something, but ends up going into a wild spin instead. Plankton put the Crossover Villains in a boot camp style training session with carrying cinder blocks, crawling under barb wires & hard rock climbing skills. Charlie blasts targets of Team Sonic on a firing range. The Mixels continues working out themselves without the use of the cubits this time, while the Eds & the Mane 6 run on the track of tires, with the rest of Team Crossovers doing push ups, long runs & punching down training dummies, while Boggy B makes a few phone calls. Tails is seen welding something, which is revealed to be marshmallows. With the Nixels learning their combining efforts of their own fusion creation of Nixels, Krekka Rams through the stone walls, laughing like a madman, while Fenrakk is trained by Vezon & the Kanker's to bite & chew the training dummies like a mad dog. The Crossover Villains were pleased by their own results. The stuntbears roll on two of Eggman's robots, to the applause of the other villains. Team Crossovers finally climb up the stairs before climbing up the mountainside together, thou which is difficult at first, but after so much training & teamwork they manage to make it to the top, before looking out to the horizon, very happy of their accomplishments & results, with SpongeBob & Patrick hi-fives each other in happiness, before collapsing to the ground on their backs, exhausted like the others.]

[Scene Change, Village Center]

(Team Crossovers were seen, walking down the village, panting a bit, while drinking water bottles.)

Edd: (panting heavily) It's almost time. But for heaven's sake. Sometimes I couldn't stand physical activity.

SpongeBob: Phew... I can't believe that we've all manage to work ourselves to the bone. I suppose I underestimated Sandy's training skills, except the arm cruncher part. I think this working out is definitely working out.

Zaktan: It did take a lot of careful training planning & tough pain with gain, of expreience. We're more than ready for our final clash before we head back home.

Twilight Sparkle: Right & I bet Team Sonic will be more than happy to join us. (Looking at Discord) Discord? You ok?

Discord: (is wearing a costume of Nick Fury) "We are Crossovers", do you think we're the only ones in the many dimensions? (Holding the Kamidogu from the previous episode) My friends, with this Kamidogu, we've become part of a bigger picture that we just don't know it yet.

Boggy B: You mean our alternate dimensions selves back then against Ogre? That was weird & yet very scary.

Eddy: Yeah yeah, that was all in the past. Lightning can't strike twice, you know that right? Besides, Team Sonic will be more than ready with us before we... (surprised to see Team Sonic, but was dumbfounded on what their actually doing) ?!

Sonic: Welp, we're out of parts and instructions. I think we're done.

[Team Sonic looks over at the results of their work... a terrible looking mishmash of pieces.]

Amy: [sarcastically] Great work, team.

(Team Sonic turn to see Team Crossovers were completely dumbfounded of their obliviousness on what's really going on)

Sonic: What? It's a tough bookcase to work on, even with the instructions... (notice Eddy coming up to him) ?

Eddy: (walks up to Team Sonic) Ok... weve been training all this time & all you ever did is- (suddenly yells at Team Sonic) WORK ON A BROKEN DOWN BOOKCASE?!

Vezok: (understandably cross at Team Sonic) For Mata Nui's sake, Do you even have the slightest idea on what's truly going on here?!

Knuckles: (begins thinking) Nope, not one clue.

Tails: All we know is that we're trying to piece together a bookcase, but we've ended making a bigger mess.

Sticks: Wait, your training all this time? That does explain why your sweating after eating the spicy chilli peppers.

Rainbow Dash: You didn't get the meeting invite?! (Team Sonic smile nervously while they were too busy to handle the bookcase to notice)

Twilight Sparkle: (snorting angrily like a bull while trying to calm down)

Amy: We're so terribly sorry about seeing the invite sooner. Now what is it all about?

Flain: What is it all about?!

[Doctor Eggman arrives with Giant Robot.]

Dr. Eggman: Did somebody call for a dramatic entrance?

Flain: That's what it's all about!

(Team Crossover get themselves ready with Team Sonic for their final clash against the villains.)

Sonic: Tails, get us an aerial survey! We'll take him out from down here.

[Team Sonic leaps back as Giant Robot smashes his fists down. Eggman begins firing lasers at them, but Sonic easily dodges. As Team Crossovers begin to battle Giant Robot, Tails flies by in his plane, distracting Giant Robot. Another laser blast misses Tails, who sees Willy flying his own machine.]

Tails: Bogey on my tail. Gonna try and shake him.

Boggy B: I'm on it! (Blasting bazooka at Willy)

[Tails flies off with Willy in pursuit. Team Sonic & Team Crossover runs off to avoid Giant Robot's laser, but they see Weasel Bandit running off with Lady Walrus's purse.]

Lady Walrus: He stole my purse! My baby! Pictures

Twilight Sparkle: Sticks! Amy!

[Sticks and Amy take off after Weasel Bandit, only to find themselves surrounded by Dave and the Stuntbears.]

Sticks: An ambush!

Pinkie Pie: Calvary's here! (Charges with the Mane 6 to fight against Dave & the Stuntbears)

[Tree Spy is watching Sonic and Knuckles fight Eggman and Giant Robot through binoculars, then uses flags to give a signal. T.W. Barker swoops in with Octopus Bot and attacks an ice cream stand, sending the patrons scattering.]

Sonic: Knuckles, that one's all you.

Zaktan: Mixels! Help Knuckles out! (The Mixels nod as they begins blasting their powered up elemental might & attacks against the Octopus Bot, remembering their training)

[Knuckles runs off, leaving Sonic alone against Eggman.]

Dr. Eggman: Looks like your team is stretched a bit thin, you periwinkle pipsqueak!

SpongeBob: You still have us to deal with Eggman!

Plankton: (above the group, in his Chum Bucket Pod) Think again, SquarePants! (Slamming the Metal fist & chain at the group, who quickly dodges away)

SpongeBob: Plankton! Patrick & I got this one! (He & Patrick rush to fight against Plankton)

Kankers: (charging forward) Hiya Eds!

Eds: (screaming) Kankers! (Got tackled, while trying to fight back against the Kankers)

Lee Kanker: I like a man that battles for dominance!

Avak: Eds! (suddenly got ambushed with the Piraka by Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki) What the?!

Krekka: (fighting against the Piraka with Vezon & Nidhiki's help) Hey! Remember me?!

Vezon: (as he Krekka & Nidhiki openfire at the Piraka, who proceed) Now we have unfinished business! We're gonna to crush you like a soda can!

Hakann: Bring it!

Kaptain K.Rool: (ambushes the Mane 6, Sunset & Discord with the aid of Zurg, Warp Darkmatter, Metal SpongeBob, Burger Beard & Greenbeard, while the Mane 6, Sunset & Discord are doing their best to fight back) Avast ve ponies & Discord!

Discord: (dressed up as the Jack Sparrow, while clashing with K.Rool, while Twilight & Rarity blast Twilight's alicorn & Rarity's unicorn magic at Zurg & Darkmatter, who proceed to fire lasers & blasts) Have at thee, K.Rool! We've been practicing!

King Nixel: Here comes the Nixels, hold the line... ATTACK!

(The Nixels quickly begins ambushing the Mixels, while in their combining state, with the Mixels having no choice but to mix into their maxed forms, due to the increasing numbers of Nixels in the battlefield.)

Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer: (ambushes Boggy B, Hugo, Cali & Flynn) Aha!

Boggy B: Hey! What the?! (Getting pummeled, while trying to fight back Worminkle & Mesmer & the Cyber Worms, while dodging the openfire with the group) Where did you come from?!

SpongeBob: (pushing the Metal SpongeBob back while blowing bubble bombs at Plankton) Is it me or are their attacks are more focused than ever?

Patrick: (lifts & tosses watermelons at the Giant Robot) I'm right here & I don't believe...

Plankton: It's about time I stepped out of Eggman's shadow & vice versa! Now we established ourselves a real army! It's time to fight fire with fire & take it more seriously without wasting time!

Dr. Eggman: Whoa, since when do you sounded so serious?

Sonic: I can take you one-on-one any day, Egghead! And SpongeBob & Patrick can still beat you Plankton, no matter what the odds!

Dr. Eggman: Who said anything about one-on-one?

Plankton: Care to test that theory? I'd like to see you try!

[Charlie charges with his mech, followed by Motobugs and Bee Bots, led by the Torch Tusk, trumpeting with a firey rage.]

SpongeBob & Patrick: Uh oh.

SonicOh you've got to be kidding me...

[Tails is still trying to evade Willy, without much success. Amy gets hit by a robot. Sticks kicks it away, but gets a burger to the face. Knuckles punches Octopus Bot, but gets splattered with ink and smacked away. Sonic, SpongeBob & Patrick gets caught by the explosion of one of Giant Robot's missiles & Torch Tusk's fiery cannonballs and are knocked away as well.]

Eggman: It's working! The plan's actually working!

Plankton: Of course it's working, because now we're taking Shadow's advice to heart!

Dr. Eggman: What are you talking about, Plankton?

Plankton: Shadow was right about us for being fools before, but now that we've taken a more serious turn! It has powerful effects that our dominance had shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!! (Blasting & smacking at the Heroes with the Chun Bucket Fist like a wrecking ball, while Torch Tusk continues blasting away at the Village.)

Dr. Eggman: Ok, now your starting to become more disturbing than ever. I knew you should've gotten the Turbo.

Plankton: Nonetheless. Now... any last words SpongeBob SquarePants...?

("TF2 End of the Line, Seven Nation Army" begins to play with the volume fading in as SpongeBob slowly getting back up to his feet, helping Patrick & Sonic, while he slowly smiles under his breathe.)

SpongeBob: Five actually... "There's always a Plan B"... (turns to the background) NOW!!!

(Much to Eggman & Plankton's Shock, Suddenly upon time with the chorus part of the music, the addition Crossover heroes, such as Ricochet, Bunea Girl, the Flea, The Worm Team of Worm Soldier, Worm Scout, Worm Scientist & Worm Heavy, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Buzz Lightyear, Mira Nova, Bendy Devil, Boris Wolf & Alice Angel & even FredFred Burger from Episode 23 & Miguel & Tulio from Episode 25 & 26 suddenly ambushed the villains that has turned the battlefield into an all out war between the heroes & villains. Now the Heroes & Villains are equally matched with one another, with each blow they dished out against one another is more stronger & powerful than the last, while neither side is gaining an advantage.)

(Buzz & Mira fire lasers at Zurg & Warp Darkmatter to proceed to fight back against their Arch Rivals, the Luchadors hurl themselves against Cap'n Greenbeard & his crabby pirate crew in a 3 on 3 match, while the Worm Team comes to the aid of Boggy B against the Cyber Worms, Princess Celestia & Luna quickly blasts a barrage of alicorn magic at the Torch Tusk, who proceeds to openfire back. Even Bendy, Boris & Alice help out on against the Nixels While Miguel & Tulio nod each other & proceeds to push the large wheelbarrow with FredFred Burger inside, who keeps yelling his own name in excitement, while the three plow against the Nixels.)

(Orbot & Cubot & the 4 HenchCombats look on, enjoying the spectacle of this final battle, while they are joined with the Butcher Gang on watching it like it was an action packed movie.)

Charley: (as Edgar is eating popcorn & Barley drinking a large soda drink) And I thought this was gonna be boring. (Chuckles) This is incredible...!

Edgar: Wanna join us?

Cubot: Are you kidding? (Excited with Orbot) We can't possibly miss the greatest show on the planet! (Sit next to the Butcher Gang with Orbot)

Barley: Now this is a final battle worth waiting for!

Orbot: Pardon me Edgar, but aren't you gonna share those?

(The Camera zooms in to see two familiar shadows looking on, which are Shadow & Onaga.)

Onaga: Typical, they are evenly matched! (slowly turn to SpongeBob & Patrick) But we finally found what were looking for.

(Back with Sonic, SpongeBob & Patrick, while the heroes vs. villains war rages on.)

[The Three sees the bookcase mishmash and gets an idea, running over to it.]

SpongeBob: (dodging the flames of the Torch Tusk with Patrick, while they pull the mishmash forward) Excuse us...!

Sonic: Hey! Over here, you oversized can opener!

[Giant Robot tries to smash Sonic, but Sonic cuts to the other side of one of the bookcase shelves and is catapaulted into Charlie's Mech. The resulting short-circuiting shuts down Giant Robot as well.]

Eggman: No!

Plankton: Focus, Eggman! The back up has gotten into our heads! BURN THEM ALL!

SpongeBob & Patrick: (quickly dodging more of Torch Tusk's cannonballs, flames & lasers, setting the village on fire) Fire!

Vezok: (trying to put out the flames with the group, while they continue battling against Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki) A little occupied right now!

[Sonic jumps up onto the Eggmobile, while SpongeBob & Patrick jump on Plankton's Chum Bucket Mobile.]

Sonic: Call off your goons, or we'll smash you into next week.

SpongeBob: We're evenly matched that it's a stalemate! (Dodges the cannonball that smashes through the village sign) Aah!

Patrick: Stop! Pretty please with a Triple Goober Berry Sunrise?

Plankton: No way! I'm this close to wiping you & your friends off the face of the earth or Mobius or whatever this dimension is called!

Dr. Eggman: I'm busy next week. I mean, I could probably reschedule, but I--

[Sonic, SpongeBob & Patrick is knocked away by someone, who is revealed to be Shadow & Onaga.]

Shadow: Pathetic. Even with all this help, you still couldn't defeat Sonic.

Onaga: Chosen Ones! We finally meet at last! I am Emperor Onaga, former ruler of Outworld, the Dragon King!

SpongeBob & Patrick: Dragon King?!

Discord: (stops upon seeing Onaga) You!

[Sonic leaps at Shadow, who does the same to him. They bounce off each other, while Onaga begins smashing at SpongeBob & Patrick who quickly dodges the best they can, while Discord pushes K.Rool away.]

Discord: Time out. (Teleports to SpongeBob & Patrick location)

Kaptain K.Rool: What?

Dr. Eggman: It's happening. Shadow & Onaga has finally joined Team Eggman! I'm geeking out here!

Plankton: No more geeking out! Were almost achieving victory! Best to stay focused and... (got smacked by Shadow) Ah! (Crashes into Onaga, who slams him down) Ouch...

[Shadow knocks away the Eggmobile & Chum Bucket Mobile, then goes after Sonic again. They begin bouncing off each other around the Village Center, with Doctor Eggman trying to keep up.]

Dr. Eggman: Need any help, Shadow? Onaga? Okay, you've got this one. Ooh, ha ha ha, just missed ya. Allow me to... uh... okay. Just tag me in when you're ready.

Shadow(stops) Out of the way, you buffoon.

[That slight distraction allows Sonic to nail Shadow, launching him through the wall of a house, while Discord manages to surprise suckerpunch Onaga through the walls of the building. Shadow leaps back out, grabs Sonic by the scarf & both SpongeBob & Patrick, and leaps upwards with him. They end up flying right between Tails and Willy, making Willy stop short. Doctor Eggman flies up after him.]

SpongeBob & Patrick: Discord?

Discord: Quick! This way! (Grabbing SpongeBob & Patrick to zip away with the two)

Dr. Eggman: Excuse me! I'm with Shadow.

[Shadow & Onaga attempts to slam the three down, but Sonic & SpongeBob & Patrick manages to break away and lands safely, while the two friends quickly dodging the slams, stomps & fire breathes, that burns the "bookshelf". Shadow lands on the "bookshelf," crushing it completely.]

Sonic: Hey! We worked all day on that! (Got grabbed by Onaga by the throat)

Onaga: Stay out of this Hedgehog, you can join the Draconnequs in the Netherealm! (Chokeslams Sonic to the ground, before smacking SpongeBob & Patrick away)

Shadow: Your shoddy craftsmanship brings shame on all hedgehogkind. And for that, you shall perish.

[Shadow suddenly disappears, shocking Sonic. Shadow appears right in front of Sonic and knocks him skyward with an uppercut, then disappears again. He then reappears above Sonic, slamming him down with a kick that leaves Sonic in a crater, while Onaga quickly power punches at the two, who scream but Discord teleports in the last second to take the hit that send him across the village, with Onaga grabbing the Kamidogu from him.]

SpongeBob, Patrick & Fluttershy: Discord! (Rushing over to him with the group)

Vezon: Hey! The battlefield's this way! (Follows them with the Crossover Villains to chase & dogpile on the Team Crossovers after them to slam them down)

Plankton: (rubbing his head) (groans in pain) What's happening? (Notice this that Onaga has both the Kamidogu & SpongeBob & Patrick in his clutches) Hot dog! (Rushing over to the crater) Finally! After all these years! Team Crossover is finally down!

Dr. Eggman: We did it! Sonic was defeated by Team Eggman! [holds up a camera] Victory selfie!

Plankton: (notices in deep horror & rushes over in slow motion) (Slow motion) Nooooo...!

[Time resumes of The resulting camera flash temporarily blinds Shadow & Onaga, allowing Sonic to race up and lay him out with an uppercut of his own, with Team Crossover Rams the Dragon King. Tails manages to outmaneuver Willy into crashing into a mountain. Amy and Sticks take out Dave and Weasel Bandit. Knuckles rips a pair of legs off of Octopus Bot, then uses one of them to wrap up Tree Spy.]

Shadow: You fool! I had him just where I wanted him!

Dr. Eggman: (as Plankton is in deep shock that Eggman squandered a victory this big) Sorry! That one's on me, Shadow. Forgot to turn off the flash. Pic looks great, though, if it's any consolation. (Hearing Plankton screams of frustration & rage that echoed throughout the village) ?!

Plankton: (enraged) EGGMAN!!!

Dr. Eggman: [backing away] Now Plankton, let's not point fingers about who's to blame for this little scuffle...


Dr. Eggman: (were completely taken by surprise along with all heroes & villains, minus Shadow & Onaga) ?! I... WHAT?!

Shadow: Enough! How's a guy supposed to destroy his foes with dolts like you wandering around?

Onaga: (holding the Kamidogu) Fine! I'll do it myself!

(Onaga Unleashes the power of the Kamidogu to increase his invulnerability while summoning many dimensional portals of many universes, while the ground begins shaking, while Onaga let's out a mighty roar.)

SpongeBob & Patrick: Whoa whoa whoa whoa! (Fall on their backs with the group) Aah!

Patrick: What's happening...?!

Twilight Sparkle: (seeing many other Crossovers coming out of the portals in confusion, panic & even fear) Everypony, stand back!

(Heroes & Villains are seeing more people from different dimensions like Niko, Roman, Mallorie & Kate Bellic & even Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto Dimension & so many many from different universes & dimensions.)

Niko: What the actual hell?! Where are we?

Kate: (holding onto Roman & Mallorie) Where are we? I'm scared.

Roman: It's ok, we're here for you.

Trevor Phillips: (getting up slowly) (to the Crossover Heroes, Villains, Team Sonic & Team Eggman) Somebody better explain what the actual hell is happening or I'll rip your arms & legs off! (Readies chainsaw in anger)

Vezok: I like him.

Patrick: (noticing the multiple Crossovers coming out of the portal of heroes, villains & neutral) WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

Hakann: Discord? What did Onaga just do?!

Discord: No, we're too late.

(Onaga begins to fly away to gather more of the Kamidogu from each worlds, including the original 6 from the Mortal Kombat Dimension.)

Eddy: Now what?!

Discord: Onaga is gathering the power from each of the Kamidogu to become the One Being by fusing all worlds into one!

Vezon: What a plan. Simple, YET INSANE! Now I wish I shouldn't had found that thing in the first place!

Boggy B: We gotta catch him!

(Team Sonic & Team Crossovers, plus Crossovers Villains rushes out to chase after Onaga, while dragging Team Eggman along for the ride.)

Krekka: (grabbing Eggman) You too Humpty Dumpty...!

Dr. Eggman: Hey!

SpongeBob: Shadow! Can you please help us for 5 minutes without teleport stabbing us in the back?

Shadow: And what would you know? How am I suppose to defeat Sonic without dolts like Eggman wandering around aimlessly. How exactly do I gain from granting a bold request?

SpongeBob: Because if you could help us, you can get another chance of battling Sonic.

Sonic: (overhearing SpongeBob) What?!

Shadow: (his ears perk up from hearing of another chance of defeating Sonic) Hm. (looking at the group while he teleports to Onaga's location)

SpongeBob: I'm gonna take that as a yes.

(During the chaos, Team Sonic, Team Crossover, the Crossover Villains & Team Eggman, even Shadow give chase to Onaga who was blasting flames at the group, while keeping the villagers evacuated & away from the burning village, safely. The group continues the chase, but dodging of the many other Crossovers in their path. Onaga continues pushing them back, despite getting hit many times by the groups, but because of the Kamidogu's power of Invunerability, they werent able to stop him on going through the many worlds, including Team Crossover's & Crossover Villains' own home worlds.)

"More Coming Soon"

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