This is the 59th episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover.

This episode focuses on Amy and King K.Rool

Plot Edit

When Amy realised that King K.Rool is a fan of a figurine game "Fuzzy Puppies", the two begin to bond one another, while the rest of Team Sonic & Team Crossover we're grown a bit concern for Amy's safety once they found out the truth.

Fuzzy Puppy Buddies Edit

(The scene starts at Amy's house)

Amy: Thought you were pretty slick, playing Warrior Beagle against Pugnacious Pug. (Amy pushes one of the Fuzzy Puppies forward) Didn't see that comin', did ya? (Amy runs to the other side of the table, revealing that she's playing a game against herself. She then rolls a die) Bam! Slobbering Sheepdog is marking his territory! (Amy knocks over the piece she just advanced with another one, then laughs. She then runs around to the other side and gasps, realizing she "lost." She then runs back to the other side and does a victory dance.) Oh yeah. Uh-huh. Whoop. Whoop. Whoop. (Amy suddenly stops dancing when she realizes that the rest of Team Sonic and Team Crossover is watching her)

Thok: Nice dance moves, Rosey.

Sonic: Uh... what are you doing?

Amy: Nothing embarrassing, I'll tell you that right now.

SpongeBob: (Picks up a Fuzzy Puppy figure from the floor) Aww. Cute doggie doll.

Fluttershy: So adorable...

Pinkie Pie: (coming over to SpongeBob with the Mane 6) Can I touch it?

Amy: They're not dolls, they're playing pieces. Part of a very sophisticated battle game that requires strategy, cunning, and merciless aggression!

Boggy B: Is it "Mighty Monsters"?

Amy: No, It's called Fuzzy Puppies!

(The rest of Team Sonic & Team Crossover start laughing)

Rainbow Dash: (laughing as well) Good one, Amy.

Eddy: (laughing) Are you serious?

Reidak: That sound kinda lame, Amy.

Amy: It's not lame! It's the coolest new game around!

Sticks: If it's so cool, why are playing it all by yourself?

Amy: I'm just honing my skills before the Fuzzy Puppy meet-up at Meh Burger. All the best, most popular players in town will be there.

(At Meh Burger)

(Amy is at a table where Zooey, Dave the Intern, and Fastidious Beaver are seated.)

Amy: Excuse me, can you tell me where the cool, popular Fuzzy Puppy fan group is?

Dave: Duh! It's right here at this table.

Fastidious: Noob!

King K.Rool: (Pushes Amy out of his way) Move it! (To the players) Hey guys! Sorry, I'm late. I was polishing my K.Rool Mobile and--

Amy: King K.Rool! Your into Fuzzy Puppies?

King K.Rool: Me? Oh... No, no, never! I'm the evil and powerful King K.Rool! I would never... (gives up) Aw, who am I kidding? Of course I collect Fuzzy Puppies. They're adorable!

Amy: I know, right?

King K.Rool: So, if you could do me a solid and not tell my minions or that fool Donkey Kong or your allies. OK? They'll just make fun of me.

Amy: Tell me about it. Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me. So, who's your favorite Fuzzy Puppy?

King K.Rool: O-M-G! How can you choose just one?

(Amy & K.Rool take a seat at the table)

Amy: You know, K.Rool, maybe you're not so bad after all.

(Somewhere on Seaside Island)

(King K.Rool is in his K.Rool Mobile, firing at the heroes)

King K.Rool: (Laughs evily) I'm gonna wipe you miserable rodents off the face of this planet!

(Congazuma stomps in, Sonic goes into a spin and slams against it. Two Gnawtys are slammed into the ground by Amy & Knuckles, respectively. King K.Rool suddenly flies over to Amy)

King K.Rool (whispering) Psst, Amy! After this is over, you wanna stop by my island fortress for a quick Fuzzy Puppy sesh?

Amy: [whispering] Are you serious? Why would I wanna hang out with you? You're literally in the middle of attacking us!

King K.Rool: (whispering) That's just business. Nine-to-five we're enemies, but outside office hours we're Fuzzy Puppy buddies.

Sonic: (Spins up and knocks Congazuma on its back) You need some help over there, Ames?

Amy: Nah, I got it! (Whispers to King K.Rool) Fine. I'll see you at 8:00. (Smacks the K.Rool Mobile away with her hammer)

King K.Rool: Curse you, Amy Rose, for smacking me over the horizon! And I definitely won't be seeing you any time soon!

Edd: (to Team Crossovers) A tad bit long on the cursing, don't you think? (Boggy B shrugs)

(At Amy's house)

(The rest of Team Sonic & Team Crossover meets Amy, who's coming out of her house with her Fuzzy Puppy case)

Twilight Sparkle: Hi Amy, we're all going to the beach. Would you like to come?

Amy: Uh, no, I gotta... water my cat. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that. See ya! (darts off)

Vezok: That is the third time she ditched us this week!

Knuckles: Yeah, I'm worried. I think she's over-watering that cat.

SpongeBob: She doesn't have a cat. Or DOES she?

(At King K.Rool's Island Fortress)

Amy: Impressive collection. Pitbull Paulie? Dirk Doberman? Some heavy hitters. Looks like someone's missing.

King K.Rool: Ah, yes. The legendary Fancy Poodle, the white whale of Fuzzy Puppies. And I've been doggedly pursuing it, like a Necky!

Amy: Well, I brought over my collection. Maybe you wanna do some trades?

King K.Rool: Trades? For those lame-o pups? I got the big dogs over here.

Amy: You've got enforcers, but you're missing decoy dogs, assist pups, and defense mutts.

King K.Rool: See, the thing is, I'm a collector. I don't really know how to, uh, play the game.

Amy: With a starter set like this and some basic training from me, you'll be a top-level Puppy pugilist in no time!


Amy: The goal is to eliminate all your opponent's puppies from the board. Each puppy has its own unique abilities. Goldie the Retriever can dig a hole, trapping one of your opponent's pieces for three turns. Charlene Shar Pei has a bark that can scare a smaller dog off the board.

King K.Rool: What's this one do?

Amy: Gertie the Bulldog. If you move her, she tracks mud in the house, which gets her kicked off immediately. I never move her. I think she's cute, so I keep her there for good luck.

King K.Rool: Ooh! This one's wearing a crown like me!

Amy: That's the Ice Tiara. Accessories like that power up your pup. Also, they're adorable!

King K.Rool: You don't have to tell me.

(K.Rool is wearing a Fuzzy Puppy sized fez, Both King K.Rool and Amy giggle)

Amy: (Picks up a die) Now, let me show you how it's done.

[Montage: At Meh Burger, King K.Rool is playing a game of Fuzzy Puppies against Dave the Intern, with Amy coaching him. At K.Rool's lair, Amy is explaining Fuzzy Puppy capabilities, with King K.Rool taking notes. Back at Meh Burger, King K.Rool is playing Zooey, again with Amy coaching him. At Amy's House, Amy wins a game against King K.Rool, causing him to flip the board angrily. Back to Meh Burger, where King K.Rool is now playing Fastidious Beaver. Once more to Amy's house, where a game of Fuzzy Puppies ends with King K.Rool winning.]

Amy: Good game. The student have become the master.

King K.Rool: I learned from the best. Well, second best now. You know, since I just crushed you. [flips the board] Victory flip!

"More Coming Soon"

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