This is then 52nd Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover.

This episode focuses on Tails and Boggy B.

Plot: Edit

When Tails finds the love of his life, he gets help from Amy, Sonic, Knuckles, Sticks, SpongeBob, Rarity, and the newcomers: Miguel and Tulio, to teach him how to impress Zoey. Although he may try to impress Zoey by dressing up as a woman or wearing a tuxedo, all he has to do is to just be himself. Will Tails figure out a way to be himself? Find out right now!

Soundtrack: Edit

F-777 - This Isn't Science Rocket - 2015 Edition

Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull - Move To Miami

Kevin Macleod - Sneaky Snitch

Kevin Macleod - Hitman

Kevin Macleod - Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

Kevin Macleod - Sneaky Adventure

Tails' Crush: Edit

[The title card depicts the scene where Zooey walks past Tails, who is leaning against a pole in the village. The screen fades to black, then to a view of the island as three birds fly by, screeching. In the desert, Sonic is holding Knuckles by his legs near a starting line near Tails, who is holding a stopwatch in his right hand.]

Avak: (with the Crossovers) The Starting Line is all set up

Eddy: Race track ready...!

Ed: Finish Line, a-ok!

Eddy: They'll push, they'll shove, they'll get to race in our "Wheelbarrow Race for a Whiplash"!

Boggy B: I helped with the obstacles & hazards.

SpongeBob: That sure sounds hairy guys? (Hearing the Piraka snicker) Hey, I'm a not sissy! You'd better be nice to me!

Rainbow Dash: This better be a good race, can't wait to see what you got!

Edd: (feeling tired after completing the race track) Oh tired, ever so tired, utterly & brutally tired.

Ed: (holds up a potato) This is my lucky potato, may it's serve you well. Here you go. (Gives Knuckles the potato, but he drops in on the ground, with Ed having a confused look)

Sonic: World record wheelbarrow race test run. Ready, Knux?

Knuckles: Oh, yeah! I don't forsee any problem trying to do with my hands what the world's fastest runner does with his feet.

Edd: Remember, it must be the fastest time under... 5 minutes & 59 seconds.

Vezok: (smiles with Reidak) Think you can beat it? Then go for it!

Tails: And... go!

[Tails presses the button on the stopwatch, and Sonic runs off, pushing Knuckles. Knuckles quickly loses his grip over the sand and dives into it headfirst, mumbling unintelligibly.]

Sonic: Faster? You got it!

[Sonic begins to run faster as Knuckles feels the heat of the sand.]

Knuckles: Hot sand! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Aaaah! Aaaah!

[Knuckles sees the field of cacti ahead of him and screams. Sonic pushes him through the field of cacti, causing thorns to go into him.]

Knuckles: Aaaah-ha-ha-ha! Ow! Ow ow ow ow ow!

[Sonic runs out of the field of cacti, pushing Knuckles.]

Sonic: We're in the home stretch. Just gotta get through the valley of broken glass!

Knuckles: Huh?

[Sonic runs into the valley of broken glass, pushing Knuckles. As soon as they're both offscreen, shards of broken glass fly onscreen.]

Knuckles [heard offscreen]: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

[Sonic and Knuckles approach the finish line, and after Knuckles breaks through the line, he falls over wearily.]

Knuckles: Ow. Paper cut.

Vezok: Whoa, that's fast!

Sonic: What's our time, Tails?

[Tails is distracted, and doesn't answer Sonic.]

Sonic: Tails?

Reidak: Earth to Tails?

[Tails turns to face Sonic and Knuckles.]

Tails: What? Oh, I forgot to hit stop.

[Tails presses the stop button.]

Tails: Can you do it again?

Knuckles: Oh!

Boggy B: (sighs) Minor mistake, let's try again.

[Sonic's communicator rings. He presses it with his left index finger.]

Amy [heard over the communicator]: Guys, It's Worminkle & Mesmer, they have finally lost it! You've gotta come see this!

[Sonic runs away. In the next scene, the villagers, Amy, and Sticks are gathered around the post office, where Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer are talking to Leroy the Turtle. Sonic stops behind Amy, Sticks, Knuckles, and Team Crossovers, who is no longer covered in thorns and broken glass, catches up to him.]

Professor Worminkle: I was in my university lab all day, waiting for that package. I had to take a two minute shower. Two minutes! And when I get out, there's a note on my front door saying I missed the delivery and I need to pick it up here! Why couldn't you just leave the thing instead of leaving the note?

Zorch: Does it say "Sorry, I missed you, Postman Zorch"?

Lord Mesmer: Yes, why is that?

Leroy: Because we require a signature.

Zorch: Sorry, we missed you. Maybe trying writing a signature next time, ok? Yah?

Shuff: (to Worminkle & Mesmer) Now you know my pain of not getting package.

Professor Worminkle: (sighs) Fair point.

[Professor Worminkle sets down a piece of paper with his left hand and writes Worminkle on it with a pen he is holding in his right. He then holds up the piece of paper.]

Lord Mesmer: There, So can he have it or not?

Zorch: It seems legit to me.

Leroy: Mmm-hmm. I just need the note left at your residence.

Professor Worminkle: But... I just signed for it! Are you that slow in the head?

Lord Mesmer: Yeah, he just signed it for you.

Leroy: You only have to sign for it at home. To pick it up here, you need the note that we left. Why are you complicating this, sir? It's a very simple policy.

Professor Worminkle: You know what? I have a simple policy, too. (Snap his fingers to summon a large Cyber Worm) Cyber Worms, Decimator Bot, engage!

[Large Cyber Worm with Decimator Bot appears and grabs Leroy in his right hand.]

Leroy: Thuggery will not get you your package any sooner, sir.

Zorch: You forgot to say the magic word?

Lord Mesmer: (grabs Leroy) How's about I use the Stone Carrot to claw my way down your throat & tear out your very soul?!

[Background music: This Isn't Science Rocket - 2015 Edition by: F-777]

[Tails flies towards Large Cyber Worm & Decimator Bot in his plane. Sonic presses his communicator with his right index finger.]

Boggy B: Zorch, you had a job as a mailman?

Zorch: Yeah, it's my past time job. These two customers are getting cranky.

Sonic: No worries. Tails, initiate Speeding Swing Surprise!

[Tails flies towards Sonic, who grunts and jumps on top of a building. He then jumps and holds out his arms in slow motion, only for Tails not to give him the Speeding Swing Surprise. Sonic grabs thin air instead, then as he opens his eyes, he realizes this, and falls.]

Sonic: Aaaah!

[Sonic lands headfirst in a crate of watermelons.]

Sonic: Oh!

Edd: Oh for Pete sake... fellows?

Boggy B: Were all over it! (Leading the charge for Team Crossovers, blasting his bazookas at the Large Cyber Worm, who tries slamming his fists down at the team)

[Amy runs towards Decimator Bot, carrying her hammer, and uses it to whack his right arm off.]

Amy: Huh! Ugh! Agh!

[Sticks catches Leroy in her arms.]

Sticks: Ugh!

[Pinkie Pie uses her pie cannon and fires it directly ad Decimator Bot.]

Pinkie Pie: Eat pie! YAY!

[Sticks sets Leroy down as Sonic gets out of the crate of watermelons.]

Sonic: Knux, time for a little teamwork!

[Knuckles runs behind Decimator Bot and ducks as Sonic runs towards him.]

Sonic: Ugh! Ugh!

[Sonic knocks Decimator Bot down and lands near Amy.]

Sonic: How bout' another wheelbarrow race?

Knuckles: Ugh! Ha ha!

[Knuckles grabs Decimator Bot by his legs and runs away, pushing him, while the Team Crossovers quickly use their teamwork to take the Large Cyber Worm down, with the last hit on the robotic brain. Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer is now in the Robo-Sheep vehicle.]

Boggy B:

Lord Mesmer: Grrr! You haven't seen the last of me and Worminkle! I'll be back... with that note! And maybe a face in Pinkie Pie's face! (Use the stone carrot's power to levitate a Pie to hit it in Pinkie's face) Like so!

Pinkie Pie: Hey!

Professor Worminkle: It's call making a point!

[Worminkle & Mesmer drive away as Sonic walks up to a distracted Tails, who is leaning against his plane.]

Boggy B: (cleaning Pinkie's face) (sighs) And people wonder why they turned evil in the first place.

Sonic: Dude, what happened out there? You never miss a cue!

[Tails doesn't listen and blinks. Sonic then waves his right hand over Tails' eyes. Zooey puts one of the watermelons back into the crate. She notices Tails and waves at him with her right arm.]

Zooey: Hey, Tails!

Tails: Huh? What? Oh, yeah. I was gonna say hi, but then...

[As Tails talks to Zooey, his tails propel him into the air.]

Tails: Uh, see you later!

SpongeBob: Oh, I get it now!

Sonic: Oh ho ho, I see what's going on here!

[Sonic grabs Tails by his right leg with his left hand and pulls him down.]

Sticks: Tails has been hypnotized by man-eating tomato people?

[Sonic runs up to Sticks.]

Sonic: Yeah... that, or our pal Tails has a crush on that girl.

Tails: What? Who? Zooey? No, Sticks was right. Definitely the tomato thing.

Rarity: Oh don't be silly darling, I know love when I see it!

Amy: Oh, my gosh! Tails is in love! That is so adorable!

Pinkie Pie: Yeah, Tails. In fact, you are so adorable!

Tails: I am not adorable! I-I'm serious and formidable!

Amy, Pinkie Pie and Sticks: Awww!

Pinkie Pie: Even cuter...!

Tails: I just... don't know how to talk to her is all.

[Zooey is now holding a basket in her right arm as she puts several melons in it with her left. Sonic then puts his left hand over Tails' back.]

Boggy B: It's ok, you'll get the courage to ask her out soon.

Sonic: Don't worry, pal! You're about to be enrolled in the Sonic school of impressin' the ladies!

Eddy: Yeah right, nobody outshines getting the ladies than me!

Sonic: Wanna bet?

Hakann: I'll take a piece of that action?

Knuckles: That's a good school. It's where I studied air conditioning and refrigerator repair.

Boggy B: As long as both diabiocal worms don't get into anymore trouble, I'm game.

[In the next scene, a view of the island is shown. At Sonic's house, Sonic teaches Tails how to talk to girls. Tails is sitting at the table, with a pencil in his right hand, and his Hello Doggie journal on the table.]

[Background Music: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by: Kevin Macleod]

Sonic: All right, first things first. When talking to women, you gotta play it cool. Don't let her know you're interested.

Tails [as he writes in his journal]: Play it cool. Got it!

Sonic: Now, if you do strike up a conversation, be sarcastic and always have a one-liner ready. Allow me to demonstrate. I've hired a local actor to play the part of a girl.

[Comedy Chimp, who is dressed like a girl, walks in.]

Comedy Chimp: I gotta fire my agent.

Eddy: (chuckles nervously) We technically have one on short notice. What? They all said no, so what? Nevermind, show him how it works.

[Comedy Chimp walks up to Sonic, who is leaning against the beam of his house.]

Comedy Chimp: Hi, Sonic!

Sonic: 'Sup?

Comedy Chimp: Would you like to accompany me to a movie and/or show?

Sonic [as he crosses his arms] Not sure I have the time.

Comedy Chimp: Is is something I said or... or did?

[Comedy Chimp puts both his hands over Sonic's right arm.]

Comedy Chimp: Because I can change!

Sonic: Nah, it's cool! I'm just... super swamped. Can't be tamed, born to run. You know how it is.

[Sonic unfolds his arms.]

Comedy Chimp: Well, maybe we can get a lime ricky at the local mall chap sometime!

Sonic: Yeah... maybe. Look, I gotta bounce, catch you on the flipside, babe!

Comedy Chimp [as he waves at Sonic with his left arm]: Call me! We could be happy together! Oh, I have no dignity!

[Comedy Chimp walks away. Tails writes down what he saw in his Hello Doggie journal.]

Sonic: Works every time!

[Tails nods his head, "Yes". In the next scene, the dirty Worminkle & Mesmer return to the post office and sets the note Leroy left him on the counter with his left hand.]

Lord Mesmer: Ok, we found the note. It was in the dumpster behind my cave lair. I hope you're happy!

[Lord Mesmer holds out his right hand.]

Professor Worminkle: Now give us my package!

[Leroy picks up the note with his right hand and walks into the back room. Tails runs up to Worminkle & Mesmer and looks around. He sees Zooey, then runs up to a pole. He leans up against it with his right hand as Zooey walks past him.]

Tails: Uh, hmm?

Boggy B: (notice this) Hm?

[Tails runs up to a tree and leans up against it with his right hand. Zooey walks past him again. Tails then runs up to a building and tries to leans up against it with his right hand, but falls over.]

Tails: Whoa! Ugh!

[Zooey walks up to Tails, who gets back up.]

Tails: Wha?

[Zooey waves at Tails with her right hand.]

Zooey: Oh, hi, Tails! Didn't see you.

Tails: Yeah, I'm all like... whatever. I don't care, I'm busy anyway.

[Tails turns away from Zooey and crosses his arms. He then holds out his left hand.]

Tails: Catch you on the flip-flop.

Zooey: Okay.

[Zooey waves her right hand at Tails and walks away. Tails turns around, only to find Zooey has left.]

Tails: Huh? Oh!

Boggy B: (scratching his head on what is he even doing) What in the name of...?

[Unknown to Tails, Worminkle & Mesmer have witnessed the entire event, and are not impressed. They growl in disdain. Leroy returns, carrying the note in both his hands, and sets it down on the table.]

Professor Worminkle: What is he even doing?

Lord Mesmer: No idea, but I don't like it.

Zorch: (zips back) We're back... did you get the package yet?

Leroy: It appears that package is back out for delivery.

[Lord Mesmer turns to face Leroy.]

Lord Mesmer: Out for delivery? What? Why?

Leroy: Nobody came to pick it up.

Professor Worminkle: We've came to pick it up!

Leroy: That's not what it says here.

[Leroy picks up the note with his left hand and shows it to the two worms.]

Lord Mesmer: Grrrr! You're despicable, you know that?

Zorch: Don't ask me, blame the turtle in the room.

[Back at Sonic's house, Tails is standing near Knuckles, who is at his bench, lifting weights with the Piraka.]

[Background Music: Sneaky Snitch by: Kevin Macleod]

Hakann: (running on a tredmill) Are you serious right now? Asking Eddy on advice?

Knuckles: Ugh! See, your first mistake was going to Sonic for advice on women. Or as I call them, "the lay-days"!

Reidak: (lifting arm weights) Its not that very hard, it's easy that even you would know it.

[Knuckles sets his weight down.]

Tails: The lay-days!

Knuckles: Yeah, now you're gettin' it!

Thok: (working out on a cycle contraption for bicycle training) That's not exactly what we had in mind. But you'll get it soon.

[Knuckles gets off his bench and picks up a weight in each hand.]

Knuckles: What women want is someone who's manly!

[Tails is now holding his Hello Doggie journal in his left hand and a pencil in his right.]

Tails: Let me right that in my Hello Doggie journal.

[Tails writes in his Hello Doggie journal, until Knuckles swats it out of this hands with his left hand.]

Knuckles: No, dude! Oh, Manly! You gotta lift weights! Eat red meat! Take up woodworking! Ha! That's what they want!

Tails [as he scratches his head with his right hand]: Uh, I don't know. It seems a little archaic. Do women really respond to that?

Knuckles [as he lifts his weights]: Ah! Ah!

[Lady Walrus and Lady Goat are standing near Knuckles in the distance. He looks over at them, and they giggle. Lady Goat waves at Knuckles with her right hand. Knuckles sees her and winks his right eye at her.]

Knuckles: Oh, yeah!

[Knuckles then turns to face Tails, who nods, "Yes" at him. In the next scene, Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer are at Meh Burger, talking into a cell phone he is holding in his right hand.]

Professor Worminkle: Rerouted? My package has been rerouted? To where? Guatamañana? Canada? London? Walla Walla Washinton?

[The camera moves over to Zooey, who is drinking from a cup she is holding in her right hand as Tails walks up to her.]

Patrick: (with Boggy B, chewing on his food, seeing Tails) Wow, the pressure's already setting in.

Boggy B: (notice this) Hm? What do you mean, Patrick?

Tails [in a faux masculine voice]: Hey, Zooey! I was just at the gym, throwing some weights.

Boggy B: (low voice to himself) Not again...

[Zooey drinks from her cup, and Tails put shis right hand on the table.]

Tails [in a faux masculine voice]: This table's got some excellent craftsmanship. What's that? Birch? Cedar?

[Zooey taps her left index finger on the table.]

Zooey: I think it's particle board.

Tails [in a faux masculine voice]: Oh, yeah. I had a particle board tree once. Chopped it down, built me a cabin out of it.

Boggy B: Excuse me... can we be seated here instead? (Sits down with Patrick next to Tails & Zooey respectively)

Tails: (to Boggy B) What are you doing here?

Boggy B: I believe you know why.

[Dave sets a steak down on the table.]

Dave [heard offscreen]: "One meh steak, extra rare."

[Tails looks up at Dave. A confused Zooey looks over at Tails, who is now holding a knife in his right hand and a fork in his left.]

Tails [in a faux masculine voice]: The redder, the better!"

[Tails winks his left eye at Zooey.]

Dave: (to Patrick) And your Meh meal sir with toy.

[Dave holds out his left hand, revealing a Hello Doggie pencil in it. Tails puts down his knife and fork and takes the pencil from Dave with his right hand.]

Tails: Oh! A Hello Doggie pencil to go with my notebook!

[Tails looks over at Zooey and grins nervously.]

Boggy B: Look, we need to talk. It's time to stop.

Patrick: (notices his Meh Meal) Say, can I get some ketchup & a toy to go with this? (Got smacked in the face by a ketchup packet & toy "Meh" sticker) Thanks.

Tails [in a faux masculine voice]: (seeing Boggy B is not buying it) Uh, I think I left my bandsaw running!

[Tails runs away. Unknown to him, Lord Mesmer & Professor Worminkle has once again, witnessed the entire event. He taps his left index finger on the table and growls in disdain.]

Boggy B: (seeing the two as well) You too huh?

Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer: (deadpan) Yes.

Patrick: (turns to Zooey, seeing the meal) Excuse me, but are you gonna eat that?

[In the next scene, Tails is at Amy's house as Amy is pouring tea from a teapot she is holding in her right hand.]

[Background Music: Sneaky Adventure by: Kevin Macleod]

Amy: (with the Mane 6) You're doing this all wrong. If you want to know what women want, talk to a woman!

Tails: That's brilliant! Where can I find one? (Got splashed by hot tea by Rarity, who is displeased with the Mane 6, minus Fluttershy, by his moment of stupidity) Yeow!

Fluttershy: (softly, while felt sad & bad for Tails) Ouch.

Rarity: Tails? I apologise for this, but we're also women here! What are we the Red Hares among horses of the Han Dynasty Age?! (Calmly again, after seeing Tails' reaction on how the Mane 6 read about the chinese Han Dynasty history) (sighs) Sorry, we read...

Rainbow Dash: Just don't go spreading it around that we're eggheads, ok?

Amy: [angrily] (to Tails) And I'm a woman! I'm refined and elegant like a delicate flower, you jerk! [calmly again] Now, as I was saying, girls like romance and chivalry. To Rainbow Dash, mostly. You know, like in the movies. Watch and learn.

[Amy picks up a remote control with her right hand and presses a button on it. She then sits next to Tails on the couch.]

TV Actor: [heard on the TV]: How thy voice is like a songbird, let my eyes feast upon your beauty and my soul be nourished by your love! A thousand roses would dare not smell as sweet as you!

[Tears of joy fill Amy's eyes, and the camera moves over to a confused Tails, who scratches his head with his left index finger. The camera then moves back to Amy as a tear rolls down her left cheek.]

Amy: Oh!

TV Actress heard on the TV: Oh, even if thy face is hidden beneath the mask, your heart is visible to me now and forever!

Amy: Oh!

[Amy gets off the couch.]

Amy: See?

[Tails gets off the couch.]

Tails: I'll do it!

Boggy B: (looking at the window, seeing the sad display that Tails hasn't figured it out yet)

Twilight Sparkle: Is something wrong Boggy?

Boggy B: He still hasn't found it yet.

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) From the look of your expression, you might be right.

Boggy B: (notices Tails has already gone) Hey! Where'd he go?

Applejack: He said he needed extra help for a more fancy theatre play.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, like a pair of travelers we met since the Ogre incident or something?

Boggy B: He said that?! (feels displeased & worried for Tails on who he is referring to) Oh no...

[Back at Sonic's shack, Miguel and Tulio teach Tails how to impress a lady. Miguel puts a CD in a radio.]

Miguel: Before we begin, I just have a quick, technical question: are you considered to be very... ugly on this dimension?

Tails: WHAT?!?!

Tulio: Because we can't tell.

Tails: No! I mean... I'm okay.

Miguel: Oh, good. Good

[Then Tulio turns on the radio. Romentic music plays.]

Miguel: Why do chicks dig us? Because we're handsome? Because we went to the Road to El Dorado? Yes and yes!

Tulio: But it's also because of our three steps to romance. Spot your prey. Make your move. Show no mercy.

Tails: Hm... Okay! I got that down, and now I'm ready!

Vezon: (to Miguel & Tulio, noticing an angry Vezon, who hasn't forgotten about these two on what they did to him) GET OUT OF HERE, YOU STILL OWE ME!!! (Seeing the two quickly hide away from Vezon) (turns to Tails) What? They crashed their carriage on me by accident a second time, last Tuesday! (gives a costume) Here, Just take it, it's not my style anyway.

Boggy B: (looks on in shock, knowing it's gonna end badly) !

[A view of the island is now shown. In the village, Tails is now dressed like the Phantom of the Opera as he walks up to Zooey's house. He adjusts his bow tie with both his hands, then puts his left hand over his heart..]

[Background music: Move To Miami by: Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull.]

Tails: Zooey, come forth from your chamber window!

[Zooey walks up to her window and sees Tails below.]

Zooey: Uh, hello?

[Zooey waves at Tails with her right hand.]

Tails: How now, brown cow. Your voice is like a songbird, singing... uh... songs! And you smell!

Zooey: What?

Tails: Um... like a flower of some kind! Not a stinkweed, uh, something better!

[Leroy drives by Tails in his mail wagon, with Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer following behind him.]

Professor Worminkle: I know you have my package in your wagon! Ugh! Just give it to me!

Leroy: Once it's in the wagon, I have to deliver it to your residence!

Lord Mesmer: Oh, for the love of Team 17, I'm gonna turn you into turtle soup in the next 5...

Zorch: (grabbing the package) Zorch delivery, coming right up! Whoo! (Races off with the package)

[Before Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer can finish, they look back at Tails.]

Lord Mesmer: Minutes?

Professor Worminkle: Not this train wreck again!

Tails: Looking into your eyes is like looking into a pair of... eyes! Nice ones, even!

[Zooey closes her window with her left hand.]

Tails: Oh!

[Once again, Lord Mesmer growls in disdain.]

Boggy B: (facepalms) This needs to end...!

Professor Worminkle: For once we agree with you...!

Boggy B: I'll be right back... (slithers to Stick's Burrow)

[In the next scene, Tails is at Sticks' burrow.]

Sticks: When a male wishes to woo a female, he must perform a traditional dating dance, or dress up as a woman.

[Sticks jumps onto the table and flaps her arms.]

Sticks: Where he displays his radiant, colorful plumage. This must be done in a public form to assert his dominance over the other males.

Tails: Well, it's worth a shot!

Boggy B: (opens the door) Now listen here...! (notices Tails ran off) Aah! (Turns to Sticks) What did you taught him this time?!

In the next scene, Tails is in the village, flapping peacock feathers he is holding in both his hands. The villagers are all gathered around him and laugh.]

Boggy B: (facepalms) I'm surrounded by idiots...!

Tails: Ca-caw! Ca-caw! Ca-caw!

Zooey: Tails, are you feeling okay?

Tails: Wha? I'm feeling great! Check out my majestic plumage!

[The peacock feathers tickle Zooey's nose, causing her to sneeze.]

Zooey: Huh? Achoo! Well, as long as you're all right!

[Zooey waves her right hand at Tails and runs away.]

Tails: Oh!

Boggy B: (follows Tails) Tails! Your not thinking clearly! Get back here!

[Tails walks away sadly. Once again, Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer have witnessed the entire event.]

Professor Worminkle: Boggy B is right! We can't watch this anymore! You got no game, kid! Let us help you!

Tails: You? But you two are our sworn enemies!

Boggy B: That doesn't mean their less threatening than the others.

Lord Mesmer: Nonetheless, in situations this dire, the bro code trumps the enemy thing. Take our advice, you'll never land a girl by acting like someone else. Just be confident in your own pelt. And for pete's sake, ditch the feathers! Someone might be allergic them!

Boggy B: Tails, what their saying is, just be yourself! Thats what I'm trying to say to you the whole time! I maybe a most wanted mercernary of my dimension of Worms, but that doesn't mean I have to stop being what I always needed to be & that's being myself. Remember when SpongeBob taught the same thing to Sticks at the awards to beat Plankton to restore order in the party. At least learn something from all this!

[Tails grins nervously. He looks down at the feathers and drops them.]

Tails: How do I know I can trust you?

Professor Worminkle: Believe me or don't, it's no hair off my mustache! You're the one doing the funky chicken in the middle of town square!

Lord Mesmer: Yes & even I know perfect ways of true love when I dont just see it, I know it come from not there... (point to Tails' brain) ...but here... (point to Tails' heart)

Boggy B: Even I couldn't said it better myself.

[Leroy is now holding Worminkle's package in both his hands as he sets it down on the table.]

Leroy: Your package.

Zorch: (bringing the package) Package for Worminkle & Mesmer!

Professor Worminkle: Finally! It's here after all this time! Now Zorch is the one delivery person who gets the job done in record time!

[Worminkle grabs the package with both his hands and opens it.]

Worminkle: He he he!

[Worminkle & Mesmer tosses the box aside, and he is now holding the background music generator in his left hand.]

Boggy B: Ok, I'll bite. What is that? A TV Remote?

Professor Worminkle: My new latest invention, you quack! The background music generator! This'll really make our attacks more exciting! Observe!

[Worminkle presses a button on the background music generator. Energetic music plays as Cyber Worms & Mesmer's HenchWorms slithers into the village with angry expressions as they openfire their Arsenal of weapons & firepower. The villagers scream and run away, as does Zooey. Two Cyber Worms then roll in front of Giant Cyber Robot and fire at the villagers.]

HenchWorm: (screaming a battle cry while openfires minigun)

Cyber Worm: (with pirate hat, raises a pirate sword) LAUNCH THE CANNONS! (Openfire cannonballs from many Cannons)

Lord Mesmer: Ho ho! Sweet! Listen to those drums! (Uses the Stone Carrot to levitate boulders to toss them at the village buildings)

Boggy B: Oh for the love of Boggy the Kid! (rushes in with his Arsenal of weapons)

[Tails picks up his monkey wrench and flies away. He destroys seven Motobugs with his monkey wrench, while Boggy B quickly blasts his bazookas & dynamite at the Cyber Worms & HenchWorms as Worminkle jams to the music from his background music generator, until the pieces from one of the Cyber Worms lands near him.]

[Background Music: Hitman by: Kevin MacLeod]

Lord Mesmer: Hey! Less talk, more bang bang!

Professor Worminkle: What? Fine. (Brings in the giant Cyber Worm) Come to me, my giant!

[Giant Cyber Worm slithers up to Zooey.]

Zooey: Aaah! Aaah-ha-ha-ha!

[Giant Cyber Worm picks up Zooey with his right hand & roars like the King Kong of the Jungle.]

Zooey: Aaaah!

Boggy B: Tails, he's got the girl!

[Tails hears Zooey and turns his head towards her. Giant Cyber Worm locks onto Zooey.]

Zooey: Aaaah!

[Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, and Team Crossovers all run up to Giant Cyber Worm, whom Sonic points at with his right index finger.]

Boggy B: About time! Ever heard of the expression just be yourselves!

SpongeBob: (as Sonic, Knuckles, Amy & Sticks were a bit embarrassed about making Tails something he's not) Thank you!

Sonic: Amy, you and Knuckles head...

[Before Sonic can finish, Tails flies his plane towards Giant Cyber Worm, while Boggy B hangs onto the wheel chassis of the plane. He holds his left hand out at Sonic.]

Tails: No need, Sonic! I got this!

Boggy B: Just get the rest of the worms out of here!

(Team Crossovers quickly rush over to attack at the remaining normal size Cyber Worms & HenchWorms & charging at Worminkle & Mesmer)

Professor Worminkle: Not the face! (Blasting his laser gun & laser Cannon at the team)

Lord Mesmer: The power of the Stone Carrot compels you! (Uses the Stone Carrot power to toss more wagons & boulders at the team)

[Tails flies around Giant Cyber Worm, who is trying to smack at Tails & Boggy B, causing him to spin out of control.]

Zooey: Tails! Help!

Tails: Hang on, Zooey!

Boggy B: And here's mud in your eye! (Blast at the eyes of Giant Cyber Worm)

Giant Cyber Worm: (roaring in pain, becoming blinded)

[Tails presses a button on his plane's control panel with his right hand. He locks onto Giant Robot's right arm, and fires a beam at it, breaking it to pieces and setting Zooey free, but also causing her to fall.]

Zooey: Oh!

[Zooey falls in slow motion. Tails presses the button on his tool belt with his right hand, unleashing the speeding swing surprise. He throws it down near Giant Cyber Worm.]

Boggy B: (quickly climbs up to take the wheel)

Tails: Huh! Ah!

Zooey: Aaaah!

[Zooey grabs the speeding swing surprise with her right hand, and Tails pulls it up, causing Zooey to land in the back seat of his plane.]

Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy: I taught him everything he knows.

Boggy B: Technically it was mine.

[Tails fires a blue beam at Giant Cyber Worm creating a gaping hole for Boggy B to toss the Holy Hand Grenade into the giant robot, who was surprised & had a shocked expression that.]

Giant Cyber Worm: Uh oh...

[And with a hallelujah, the grenade explodes within the surprised Giant Cyber Worm, destroying him, and creating a cloud of black smoke, which Tails & Boggy B flies through with Zooey. Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks all cheer.]

Amy: All right, Tails!

Zorch: Nice work out there too, Boggy B!

[Professor Worminkle & Lord Mesmer, who is now holding the background music generator in his right hand, walks up to the destroyed Giant Cyber Work.]

Lord Mesmer: (growls) Another failed attempt of victory. Defeated again... (punch the ground with his fist, while holding the Stone Carrot with the other hand)

Professor Worminkle: Yes. Well, that wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped.

[The two worms presses a button on the background music generator with his right hand, and Tails lands his plane.]

Boggy B: Whew, that was close.

Zooey: Tails, you were amazing!

[Zooey hugs Tails, and kisses his head.]

Boggy B: (smiles while he looks on) Now that's how it's done.

Lord Mesmer: Oh ho ho! Look who got the girl by being himself! I didn't see that coming!

Professor Worminkle: Of course they don't.

Boggy B: (slithers up to Worminkle & Mesmer) Thanks for setting him straight. Now I know how SpongeBob feels a long time ago.

[Tails holds out his left hand.]

Tails: Do you mind?

Professor Worminkle: You're welcome!

Boggy B: Mind if I do the honours?

Lord Mesmer: Ok, just once.

[Boggy B presses a button on the background music generator with his right hand, and romantic music plays. Tails and Zooey look at each other, and they put their right hands over each other. A heart-shaped iris-out appears over them, then stops halfway.]

Boggy B: Pinkie? How did you even manage that?

Pinkie Pie [heard offscreen]: I'm glad I sprang for the heart iris upgrade!

Boggy B: (sighs, thou still happily for Tails & Zooey) If you say so...

[The screen irises out on Tails and Zooey, ending the episode.]

The End

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