This is the 36th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This is the 1st ever Super Sonic Stories Special

This Episode Focuses on ???


We will see how our heroes do in the 3 stories that was told by each hero, only 3 acts for 3 heroes will tell one act of the story each to show their perspective of the story or stories.

Super Sonic Stories IEdit


(In Stick's burrow)

(We can see that Sticks is getting ready for bed time.)

Sticks: (yawns) Well, it's time to go to sleep. My bed time clothes will do nicely.

(Sticks goes inside her clothes closet, which is small & comes out wearing her pyjamas, which are actually the same clothes she wore everyday)

Sticks: Hmm... Maybe I should go see Amy about this fashion problem from fashion critics, but I don't trust them for a second. (Gets into bed & turns to her boomerang which is laid in bed next to her) Well, goodnight boomy. (Kisses her own boomerang & is about to go to sleep)

(However, unusual noises begin to echo around the burrow as Sticks is getting into battle position, holding her boomerang)

Sticks: Did you hear that, Boomy? We got thieves! (Squints her eyes in seriousness) Raccoon Thieves!

(However, Sticks notices numerous shadow figures emerging from the burrow back door, smelling like a bunch of skunks.)

Sticks: (screams as she readies herself) Raccoon Thieves! You won't steal my stuff for survival! (Charges forward & begins attacking them)

(However the numerous shadow figures are actually the Crossover Gang themselves, who are actually on top of each other, like they are when they did a dogpile.)

Ed: Who's there?

Reidak: Ow! My neck!

Boggy B: Move over!

SpongeBob: I think my bottom is hurting now.

Patrick: No, your other bottom.

Twilight Sparkle: Don't you have to be stupid somewhere else?

Patrick: Not until 4.

Krader: (burps) I think I got zap zaps in my rocks.

Ed: My turn.

Sticks: Wait... Your not raccoon thieves.

Eddy: It's us!

Sticks: Oh... (Sniffs) And why do you smell like a bunch of skunks?

Rainbow Dash: Don't ask. It's a long day.

Sticks: Is it a good time for your story to be a bed time story? I love a good bed time story! (Gets snuggled in her bed) I haven't had a bed time story when I was a young toddler.

Discord: (scrubbing himself with a scrubber) Alright & once were done, we can have a sponge bath. (Scrubbing through his ears, cleaning his ears like he's using a ear cleaner) Is it a deal?

Sticks: Deal.

Jawg: (drooling on Vezok's head)

Twilight Sparkle: Very well then, let's see now, the story begins...

Vezok: Aw come on! Jawg's drooling on my head!

Edd: There's an art to storytelling, Vezok.

Twilight Sparkle: Double D is right. One must use a pallet of words, to paint images, blend sentences, and project them in an interesting way.

Patrick & Ed: Boring!

Sticks: Yeah, boring!

Eddy: See? Sticks's got your number Double D & Twilight.

Boggy B: Let me tell you the story, Sticks.

(The story focuses outside of the burrow when the dream story begins in the day time.)

Act 1: Journey to the Mysterious Island (Boggy B's Story)Edit

(Boggy B, is seen with multiple weapons packed with him, slithering towards town.)

Boggy B: (narrating) I was slithering down the path, same old, nothing special. When the Worms Team come up & said...

(Worm Team, known as Worm Soldier, Worm Scout, Worm Scientist & Worm Heavy came up to Boggy B & begins explaining to them about the situation)

Worm Soldier: Mr. Boggy B, we have found something in the horizon!

Boggy B: (narrating) I was intrigued about the situation & decided to look for it myself. And there in the horizon, we see a mysterious island in the horizon of ocean.

(Boggy B looks at the horizon through a telescope & spots a mysterious island & was surprised.)

Boggy B: Great scot! A new undiscovered island! I must tell the others! (Begins slithering into town)

(We can see that in Boggy B's Dream, the townspeople actually are team 17 worms like Boggy B & the Worm Team)

Boggy B: (slithering as fast as he can through town)

Boggy B: (narrating) I'd figured I warn my Crossover Team Mates back at our shack, to talk about the mysterious island, of course.

(At the Crossover Shack)

(We can see that the Crossovers are completely weaponised, like Boggy B has.)

Avak: All weapons are all set.

Edd: Check.

SpongeBob: Locked & loaded.

Boggy B: (arrives inside) Greetings fellow Crossovers!

(They all noticed Boggy B's entrance & welcomes him back in the shack.)

Twilight Sparkle: Good day, Mr. Boggy B. What news have you brought back for us?

Boggy B: There's a whole new undiscovered island in the horizon!

Reidak: A whole new island?! I got dibs on the claim!

Vezok: Not so fast, I got dibs on the claim first!

Discord: (gets in between Reidak & Vezok, startling them)

Reidak & Vezok: AAH!

Discord: I wanna call dibs too.

Boggy B: Calm down everyone, first we need to get ready for battle first. Oh wait, we've already did.

(The Crossover gang begin to venture through town, while destroying Eggman's & Plankton's robots, stopping their ambushes, one by one, along the way with their weapons, like its their casual time.)

Rainbow Dash: So, do you know what kind of island is it gonna be? (Bucks at Plankton's robots away)

Flain: I don't know, but this is what we're gonna see. (Blasts at Eggman's bee bots with his fire)

Krader: Yeah yeah, this will be fun to see! (Punches an Eggman's Motor Bug away)

Eddy: Any idea on how we get there? (Launches an El mondo Stink Bomb, tossing it aside, behind him, causing to explode, destroying a group of Eggman & Plankton's robots)

Boggy B: Well lucky for you, we'll need a boat. (Blasts Plankton's bots away with his bazooka)

(In the Docks)

SpongeBob: (with the Crossover Team) You see, Boggy B. We needed to be careful.

Twilight Sparkle: (holds up the map with her magic) That's why we have a map to the Mysterious Island, which is up Ahead.

Boggy B: (swats the map away) No maps. It's just up ahead just like you said.

Twilight Sparkle: Your absoluetely right, what was I thinking?

Boggy B: Everybody on the boat & let's set sail!

Teslo: You got it, boss!

(Team Crossovers got aboard on a normal wooden ship & begins to set sail.)

Boggy B: (narrating) While we're ready to set sail to the island, it's a good time to check the weapon's armoury & the magazine.

[Edd & Twilight Sparkle works the tumblers on a lock until it opens. Patrick puts his head into a giant keyhole and turns. The door creaks open to reveal a giant stash of weapons from all over the world. Boggy B laughs like a maniac.]

Edd: Mr. Boggy, shall we begin the inventory?

Boggy B: Yeah yeah, good. Get on with it, slacker. Wiztastics, top floor, pronto.

Magnifo: Watch your step, Mr. Boggy B.

Wiztastics: (mixes to a max) Max!

Wiztastics Max: [flies upwards, elevating Boggy B.]

Eddy: (looking, feeling excited) C'mon, c'mon. That's the one. The Futuristic Weapons Made by Japan. Come to papa. [He eagerly plucks a Japanese weapon from the Japan section. Pinkie Pie is seen holding one of the weapons from China.]

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! What does this weapon do?

Boggy B: (swats it from Pinkie) Pinkie! Don't touch! It's not a toy!

Edd: Agony, agony! As many times as we've gone over these numbers, they don't add up!

Boggy B: You've obviously made a mistake in the correlation between the gross revenues and the sum of the square root, minus a piece of pie. It is brought to us by Worms W.M.D. "Worms Made for Destruction"

Twilight Sparkle: What were we thinking? It all makes sense!

Edd: You're a genius, Mr. Boggy B! [He kneels to kiss Boggy B's shoe, which he had placed for him.]

Interlude #1Edit

(The Dream Scene fades out & fades back into the Real World)

Twilight Sparkle: (interrupts, feeling completely unamused) "The Square Root of a Piece of Pie?"

Boggy B: What? I like Pie, Apple is my favourite flavour.

Twilight Sparkle: That's undeniably pure fiction.

Edd: She's right. Just like Eddy's fictional tale, Your exaggerated tale could only be described as cockamamie!

Eddy: Hey!

SpongeBob: Sorry Eddy, but that's the harsh truth.

Ed: (as Eddy groans from the truth) Tsk, tsk, tsk! I had never heard such language!

Sticks: (excitedly) Don't stop now! Its starting to get good! What happen next? What happen next?!

Teslo: Whoa whoa whoa, please control yourself. Who else can tell the next part of the story?

Twilight Sparkle: I will do it.

Hakann: Heh, you? For real? Please?

Twilight Sparkle: I read many books in my studies, even bed time stories. I'd be happy to tell the next part of the journey.

Thok: Oh this oughta be good, the sooner we get to our Sponge baths, the better.

SpongeBob: And I'd better not be a cleaning Sponge again. I could still feel the dirt & filth all over me from the dishes last time.

Sunset Shimmer/ But it did help you of curing you from the Suds.

SpongeBob: Ok, good point.

Twilight Sparkle: (Clears her throat) Continuing from where we left off. The discomfort began when we set sail to the mystery island in our correctly designed Ship.

Act 2: High Seas & Hijinks (Twilight Sparkle's Story)Edit

(Imagining from Twilight's Imagination, it feels like a normal day on the island, except the ocean is practically an ocean of books, with a correctly designed ship, perfect to set sail through the perfect temperatures of the weather.)

Interlude #2Edit

Act 3: ??? (Ed's Story)Edit


"More Coming Soon"

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