This is the 33th episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This episode focuses on SpongeBob & Plankton


After spotting Bygone Island, Captain Burger-Beard has decided to team up with Dr. Eggman to destroy the Crossover Gang.

The Return of Burger-BeardEdit

(Out at sea we see a big pirate ship with a pirate captain with his new personal pirate crew on deck, the crew's captain's name is: Captain Burger-Beard)

Captain Burger-Beard

Captain Burger-Beard

First Mate Pirate: (Spots Bygone Island from the crows nest through his spyglass, spotting the Heroes and the Crossover Gang) Land Ho!

Captain Burger-Beard: What?!

First Mate Pirate: I see the sponge with his friends and new allies on that island!

Captain Burger-Beard: Of course, the sponge who stop me from ruling Bikini Bottom. My revenge begins! (Laughs eviliy)

(At the Beach of Bygone Island.)

(We can see that the Frosticons have created snow cones for everyone to share.)

Flurr: Here you go guys, delicious snow cones on a hot sunny day.

SpongeBob: Thanks Frosticons. You make the best snow cones in the island.

Hakann: The cold gives me the shivers. (Sneezes) Achoo!

Sonic: There's nothing better than a delicious snow cone. (Tastes the blue snow cone & enjoys it)

Amy: (licking a pink snow cone) It tasted wonderful.

Lunk: Thanks, we made them especially ice cold for them to enjoy.

Boggy B: (spots something in the distance) Hey guys! Look!

Eddy: (as the gang notices it as well) What is it?

Ed: (looks through a spyglass the wrong way) I can't see, it's too far away.

Eddy: Your looking through the wrong end! Gimme that thing! (Ed drops it on Eddy's head by accidently) (rubbing his head, groans a bit & looks through the spyglass)

(Eddy then sees Captain Burger-Beard's ship)

Eddy: PIRATES!!!

Edd & Flutershy: (frightened) Pirates!

Vezok & Rainbow Dash: (intrigued) Pirates?

Sonic: (confused) Pirates?

SpongeBob: Let me see. (Looks through the spyglass and sees Captain Burger-Beard) Holy shrimp! It's Burger-Beard!

Patrick: Oh no!

Flain: Whoa whoa, back up. Who's Burger-Beard?

SpongeBob: He's the Pirate Captain that has stolen the Krabby Patty Formula with a Magic Book a long time ago! But thanks to the powers of the magic page & with help from Plankton, we've beaten him.

Tails: Plankton helped you?!

Knuckles: Ok, that was all kinds of wrong.

Boggy B: Think about it, Plankton has a grudge with Burger-Beard, so we need his help to stop him!

(Meanwhile in the village)

(The villagers are enjoying themselves when Captain Burger-Beard's ship came through the trees, as the ship stops the pirates jumped from the ship and started chopping down the trees with their spatula swords.)

Swashbuckler Pirate: (Thretening Zooey) Ye'll be perfect.. for the APPITEZER!

Oarsman Pirate: (Spanking the mayor with his oar, Laughing) Ye will nice and tenderized soon enough.

Captain Burger-Beard: Soon, all of the villagers will be on my menu!

(Captain Burger-Beard and his crew laugh victorioucly)

(Meanwhile at Eggman and Plankton's Island Fortresses)

Plankton: (hears the door knocking) Oh what now? (Goes up to the door & opens it) What?!

Team Sonic & the Crossover Gang: (are at the door)

SpongeBob: Plankton, thank goodness your here.

Plankton: That's one of the few times that you visit me.

Edd: Yes well, besides all that, SpongeBob said that Burger-Beard has returned & is terrorising the villagers as we speak!

Plankton: (is surprised) WHAT?! I thought I kicked him out on a far away small island. How did he escape?!

Sonic: Never mind all that now. We need your help.

Plankton: Why should I help?

SpongeBob: Because, were a team before.

"More Coming Soon"

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