This is the 25th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This is the first 2 Part Episode of the series

This Episode Focuses on SpongeBob SquarePants, Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose & Sticks) & the rest of the Crossovers

SpongeBob Prime = SpongeBob #2 (Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover)

Green Ogre = Ogre #1 (Original)

Red Ogre = Ogre #2


For the 1st Part of the 2 Part story, Spongebob has been having weird dreams of another world unlike he has ever seen before & friends & enemies, new & old, even a strange girl. While the Next Morning, Spongebob & the Gang aren't facing another Eggman or Plankton or any other villain. This time they are facing a Super Natural Villain from the Anciet Aztec World. And that's not even the weirdest part when it happens next. What is the most weirdest part of the 1st part of the episode?

Swtiched (A Sonic Boom/Archie Sonic Crossover: Part 1)Edit

(In Night Time, inside the Crossover's Home)

(In Spongebob's room, he is muttering himself to his sleep, having a little bit of trouble sleeping.)

(In Spongebob's Dream)

Spongebob: (looks around to see that he is in an empty black limbo) Hello? (The word "hello" echoes throughout the limbo) Is anyone there?

(Suddenly he hears unintelligent growling.)

SpongeBob: What was that?

(SpongeBob sees something emerging from the darkness, with glowing red eyes)

Spongebob: Uh oh! (Begins to run away as he sees visions of an unknown universe)

??? #1: (distorted voice) Now if you excuse me, I've got some chaos to make.

SpongeBob: Get away! Get away!

??? #2: (distorted voice) Because I'm an evil genius & your just a kid! A stupid kid!

SpongeBob: Please! Make it stop! (Skids to a stop upon seeing a 3rd vision)

??? #3: (distorted voice) Sleep spares him pain! Awake he suffers!

SpongeBob: (screams & runs the other way & stops upon seeing the 4th vision)

??? #4, ??? #5 & ??? #6: (distorted voice) Ed, Edd & Eddy, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

SpongeBob: (screams again) Again! (Runs in a different direction & stops & looks around & it is empty again) Phew.

(Suddenly Spongebob bumps into something big)

SpongeBob: Oh, pardon me, I...

(Spongebob is suddenly in shock upon seeing a giant black monster with a snake arm with snake heads for fingers, dragon wings, glowing red eyes & sharp teeth)

(The Monster Roars as he breathes fire at Spongebob, who dodged it, only to be grabbed & is thrown upwards)

SpongeBob: AAAHHH! (Spots a strange vision about an anthro girl squirrel/chipmunk with a blue vest & boots) Huh?

Girl: (calm voice) You will know, you will feel, when this has happened before.

SpongeBob: Huh? (Looks down at the monster & looks at the viewers, with a scared look, waving goodbye) Going down. (Suddenly drops down to the monster, who let its mouth wideopen, ready to eat the sponge alive)

(Spongebob continues to scream as he falls down near the monsters mouth, before coming back to reality, & is still screaming)

(Back in Reality)

SpongeBob: (continues screaming, until he is splashed by a bucket of cold water & suddenly stop screaming after that)

(We can see that it was Eddy along with the rest of the Crossovers who have heard Sponebob's screaming with the home. Meaning that Spongebob is back in his bed & apparently his nightmare is nothing but a dream.)

Eddy: I told you that would shut him up.

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob, are you alright?

Sunset Shimmer: It sounds like you had a nightmare.

Spongebob: (hugs the 2 girls in fear) It was Twilight & Sunset! I was in my happy place, until I was transported to an empty black void of distortion & despair & I have seen... >~<

Vezok: (interrupting) That sounds peachy & you know what else we have to do? (He waits a beat)

(Short Silence as everyone stares at Vezok blankly for a moment.)

Vezok: We gotta go. (Got smacked upside the head by Rarity) Ow!

Rarity: Vezok "The Beast" Piraka! That is very rude to say that to someone who is in a Nightmare situation!

Edd: Rarity is right. Nightmares can have everlasting aftereffects.

Twiligh Sparkle: There are also studies from these nightmares long ago.

Zaktan: And Spongebob might be suffering from them. Because there are also visions that might be assimilations between the dream & the real world itself, you know!

Vezok: Aw come on! We have a big day ahead of us! We have to be at Tails' Workshop to create defense systems for the town so they won't have to fear about Eggman's & Plankton or any other villains ever again. I'm outta here! (Leaves first)

Krader: Defense systems? We go see!

Seismo: Yeah.

Flain: Come on, maybe you should go see a professional about this who knows about dreams. Good luck, Spongebob.

(Most of the Gang begins to leave for the Workshop, only Spongebob & Boggy B remain in the room)

Spongebob: So, as I was saying... There are scary images & a giant black monster with snakes forming as an arm and...

Boggy B: (is surprised) I never knew the town is getting Defense systems. (Slithers towards the exit & turns to SpongeBob as he reach the exit) Coming Spongebob?

Spongebob: (smiles) You bet! (Jumps into a clothes closet & tries to put on his pants, but puts them in the wrong way) Uh oh. (Puts his pants on the right way) All right.

(Spongebob exits outside the Crossover's Shack, thinking)

Spongebob: Hmm... Who would help me with my nightmare problem? (Gets an idea) I know.

(In Amy's Shack)

(Spongebob is lying on a therapaist couch, with Amy Rose holding a clipboard & pen.)

Amy Rose: So, let me see if I remember this correctly. In your nightmare, your in an empty Black Void.

Spongebob: Yes.

Amy Rose: And you saw distorted images.

Spongebob: Uh-Huh.

Amy Rose: And now you've seen a giant black monster with glowing red eyes & horns.

SpongeBob: And don't forget the snakes forming an arm.

Amy Rose: Yes that too. And you saw a mysterious girl that said "You will know, you will feel, this has happened before"?

Spongebob: Exactly.

Amy Rose: And after you woke you, people think it was only a dream, yet you've seen that it is real?

SpongeBob: Yep, pretty much.

Amy Rose: I think I know what it is.

SpongeBob: Really doctor? Can you help me?

Amy Rose: The answer is that it's not only a dream, but a vision from the future.

SpongeBob: The future? What does it tell me?

Amy Rose: It is unknown to me, but for now no more Krabby patties before or during bed time.

SpongeBob: How did you know?

Amy Rose: Let me answer that question with a question. "Who wants a Krabby Patty in 3 in the morning?"

(Flashback to Patrick, waking up in 3:am)

Patrick: Oh boy, 3am! (Begins eating a Krabby Patty while lying on his bed)

(End of Flashback)

SpongeBob: Oh you may have a good point. I guess I do gotta stop eating Krabby Patties before bed. Thanks Amy. (Runs off)

Amy Rose: Thas the competitive spirit we know & love! (As Spongebob left) Hmm... it can't be. (Looks through an old yet large & reliable book about ancient monsters) This might take a while.

(Back with the Crossovers)

(The group are at Tails' Shack, with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Sticks.)

Tails, Edd, Zaktan, Twilight Sparkle, the Electroids & Boggy B: (building defence systems like turrets, machine gun Sentries & howitzers)

Tails: Now, if we add this machine gun part to the base of the sentry...

SpongeBob: (arrives) Am I late?

Vezok: It's about time you got here! Where have you been?

SpongeBob: Sorry, I had to go see Amy to figure out the dream really is.

Eddy: Are you kidding me?

SpongeBob: No.

Teslo: All finished.

(We can see the defence systems are all built around the town.)

Zaktan: That should do it. Now we can be safe without moving a muscle.

(They heard rumbling coming from in the jungle.)

Patrick: Huh?

Boggy B: Reidak, don't tell that's your stomach.

Reidak: Shh.

Spongebob: Look!

(They can see Eggman's Badniks like Buzz Bombers, Crabmeats & Moto Bugs begin appearing along side Plankton's Duplicatotron-3000 Robots like the Fodders, the Ham-mers & the Tar-Tars emerging from the jungles & the rumbling comes from Mega, Torch Tusk & Burnbot.)

Plankton: (in the Fist Pod) Prepare yourself! We are not holding back!

Dr. Eggman: (in the Egg Mobile) with Orbot & Cubot) Attack!

Tails: Perfect timing for a test drive! (Activates the defence systems)

(The Defence Systems begin to attack, launching lasers & rockets at the robots without any effort.)

(Only Mega, Torch Tusk & Burnbot are left standing.)

Gobba: There are still a few big ones left!

Tails: Hold on, I got it. (Presses the button & nothing happens) Huh? What happen?

Edd: (Notices the defence systems are out of batteries) We're out of batteries!

Teslo: Who charged up the batteries?

Ed: Nobody?

Teslo: (is a bit annoyed) Just checking.

Sonic: In that case, let's go!

(The heroes begin to attack at Mega, Torch Tusk & Burn-Bot, which it had little effect on the bots & easily blast them out of the way.)

Reidak: Whoa! They are super strong!

Plankton: We have taken the liberty of adding heavy armour, now they are super strong in defence!

Eddy: Oh now what?

Sticks: We don't know now! We're doomed to being dead meat that is having meat for dinner!

Ed: Like onions?

Discord: (sensed something he hasn't felt before) Hm? That can't be right.

(Suddenly they heard a monstrous roar coming from a far distance, when they all stop to hear that in fear.)

Avak: (breaking the short silence) I don't like the sound of that.

Patrick: (notices something glowing in the distance) Ooh, pretty lights.

Knuckles: (is amazed) So pretty.

(Suddenly the bright light is actually a large raging red fireball that has been launched at massive speed, blasting the heavy armour out of the 3 robots, charred them a bit)

Dr. Eggman: What the...?!

Plankton: (a bit deadpanned) I knew we should've made them fire proof too.

Flain: Fire huh? Time to take these bots out with a max!

(The Infernites grabs a cubit & begins mixing into their Max.)

Infernites: MAX!

Infernites Max: Quick! Set Hakann & Sunset up! (Tackles the bots to the ground, launching a breathe of fire at the robots, burning their robotic metal skins into a crisp, weakening them)

SpongeBob & Sonic: (grabs Pineapple Bombs & jumps up & throws the pineapple bombs up in the air)

Hakann & Sunset Shimmer: (jumps up & mix together with the cubit) Mix! (Fuse themselves together as they are harmless upon been consumed in a giant fireball)

Hakann/Sunset Shimmer: (emerges from the exploding fireball & is now a female with Hakann's body armour & magical firey pheonix wings & tail) (launches waves of Firey Pineapple Bombs at the robots, causing the robots to explode on contact)


(The robots fell into pieces, which worries Eggman & Plankton)

Plankton: (is furious) Here me heroes! We'll take over this island even if we have to pry it from your cold dead...!

(Suddenly Hakann/Sunset Shimmer grabs Eggman, Orbot, Cubot & Plankton as they are yelping & blasted them back at Eggman's Island fortress & Plankton's island fortress with a crash.)

Plankton: (offscreen) Ouch.

Infernites Max: And stay out! (Defuses)

Hakann/Sunset Shimmer: (descending to the ground & is defused)

Rainbow Dash: Whoa, I know that our fights are awesome, but isn't that a bit too intense for my taste?

Sonic: I don't know about that, whatever that bright light is, it saved our lives.

SpongeBob: And it's coming from inside the Jungle. We better go find that savour & tell him or her to thank you for saving us.

Discord: I wouldn't go in there if I were you. I sense something odd & very chaotic. Oh who am I kidding, this I gotta see. (Pushing SpongeBob inside the jungle)

Sonic: Everyone, spread out. Boggy B, go & find Amy. Sticks you go with SpongeBob & the rest will go on a search party. Good luck.

(The gang then goes to begin their search party, while Sunset Shimmer is getting a bad feeling about this & quickly follows Sticks, who is following SpongeBob.)

(With SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: (walking in the jungle with Discord & Sticks) No, it can't be. It can't be the monster.

Sticks: Sheesh, seriously who can be that paranoid. (Suddenly remembers) Oh wait, it's me.

SpongeBob: (hears a rustle from the bush) Hello?

Sticks: I got it. (Let's out a cry & tackles at the one inside the bush)

???: Ow! Sticks, it's me! (Emerges while carrying Sticks, revealing herself to be Sunset Shimmer)

SpongeBob: Sunset Shimmer? Why did you follow us?

Sticks: What are you, a spy that want to destroy us all & make it happen?

SpongeBob: (looks at Sticks, feeling confused)

Sticks: What? Just spitballing here.

Sunset Shimmer: No, I was here for your concern, SpongeBob. I want to come with you. I just don't think that your nightmare is all a dream.

Sticks: Huh?

SpongeBob: What does this dream or vision Amy mentioned, mean anyway?

Sunset Shimmer: This is a mystery.

Sticks: Mysteries, I don't want to take part of anything of mysteries of stopping scary monsters, ghosts & ghouls, like a bunch of meddling kids & a dog.

SpongeBob: Okay? (Spots a figure) There he is! Come on! (Hurries over to the centre of the jungle, which is a small clear grassy field in the centre)

Sunset Shimmer: SpongeBob, wait up!

Discord: (felt the same feeling from before) Wait a minute...

Sticks: What's wrong now? Is it something bad going to happen?

Discord: Well, you see... I felt the presence of an ancient bloodline coursing through the air like a knife through butter. (Cuts a butter with a knife, that both appear with his chaotic magic) Like so. (The knife & butter disappears)

Sunset Shimmer: (as she, Sticks & Discord arrived in the centre of the jungle) What's that got to do with this ancient bloodline whatever that meant?

(SpongeBob, Sunset Shimmer & Sticks are surprised to see a tall red figure with blue long hair making a pony tail & is wearing ancient Aztec clothing. However Discord is suspicious about him.)

???: (with his back turned from the 4) (loud deep voice) (in an ancient alien language that no one can understand)

Sticks: Okay, is he talking in something intelligent or he is speaking gibberish?

Discord: So we meet again, old friend.

SpongeBob: Wait, you know him?

Discord: But of course, from an ancient time, he & I are great of chaos & destruction. For I am the Master of Chaos & he is the God of Fighting. But then, something happened, it's the same betrayal that happened to me when Tirek betrayed me.

???: (turns slowly to the 4, with an angry look, with glowing red eyes)

SpongeBob: Anyway, thanks for saving us from... (is suddenly in shock & horror upon seeing it's face, as he looks up to ???)

(???'s face is shown & it's named Ogre, the red version of the original God of Fighting.)

Red Ogre: (looking at the sponge, smiling evilly, talking in an ancient language)

SpongeBob: (memories of his nightmare begin to kick in as he screams in horror) AAAAHH!!! (Begins to run away) PLEASE DON'T EAT ME! I TASTE BAD!

Discord, Sunset Shimmer & Sticks: (notices this)

Discord: What in the world?!

SpongeBob: DONT EAT ME ALIVE, DONT EAT ME ALIVE! (Hides in a tree)

Sunset Shimmer: SpongeBob, are you alright? We're beginning to worry you.

Discord: I would found this hilarious, but this could be serious from the get go.

Sticks: What's up with you?

SpongeBob: It's him! He's the monster!

(The three looks at the red Ogre)

Red Ogre: (is looking upwards at the sky, chanting an ancient ritual softly)

Sunset Shimmer: Are you sure about this? Please come down.

SpongeBob: Uh uh!

Sticks: Give me a rock, I'll get him down!

Discord: (felt something coming from the sky, which has become a stormy sky) Uh oh. Quick, you should get out of the way! Now!

Sticks: (ignoring Discord as she goes up to the tree) That's it. I'm getting him down. (Begins shaking the tree back & forth, while SpongeBob continues to hold on)

Sunset Shimmer: Um, Sticks? Sticks? Sticks!

Sticks: (stops) What?

Sunset Shimmer: (catches SpongeBob & sets him down) Sticks, you could've gotten SpongeBob hurt from that fall while is in a paranoid state because of his nightmare! And also, as a friend, you should be more...!

(Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes at SpongeBob, electrocuting him)

SpongeBob: (screaming as he is electrocuted)

Red Ogre: (smirks as he dissapears in the jungle)

Sunset Shimmer, Discord & Sticks: !!! SpongeBob!

Discord: (jumps into Sticks's arms) ZOINKS!

Sticks: (struggling to hold Discord up) Too... Heavy! (Falls down with Discord)

Spongebob: (falls down as he is charred by the light)

Sunset Shimmer: SpongeBob! (Goes up to SpongeBob) Oh no, oh no, oh no! Are you alright?

SpongeBob: (groans in pain) Ow! (Coughs) I guess I gotten myself in a very shocking development. (Chuckles weakly & sighs as he begins glowing golden)

Sticks: (drops Discord & goes up to Sunset Shimmer) Oh no! What happened? Why is he glowing?

Sunset Shimmer: I don't know! This is all new for me! Tell me did any of you seen that coming.

Discord: (is actually worried) I didn't. I truly didn't.

SpongeBob: (looks at himself) I felt something happening! Get back!

Sticks: No! Not without you! Come on!

SpongeBob: No! Get back! (Begins to scream as he is engulfed in a golden light)

Sunset Shimmer: Oh no!

(Suddenly the golden light stops, causing SpongeBob to drop down to the ground, flat on his back, unconscious.)

Sticks: What the? What just happened?

Sunset Shimmer: (sighs) Thank goodness your still ok, please open your eyes!

Sticks: (grabs SpongeBob & begins shaking him vigorously) Please! Say something! ANYTHING!

(SpongeBob groans as he wakes up & also Sunset Shimmer, Sticks & Discord notices the differences about this SpongeBob, he has Mobian like arms, hands, legs & feet, with black Sonic Sneakers instead of his normal ones. It was actually another version of SpongeBob SquarePants from the "Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover" Series.)

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): (wakes up, groaning in pain & sounded more mature, intelligent & sensitive) Huh. I'm alive. (Gets up) Well, that was a near death experience & it's a nice surprise to say the least.

Sticks, Sunset Shimmer & Discord: (is surprised to hear something mature coming from this SpongeBob) ?

Discord: (is more surprised out of the 3) (slowly) Oh dear.

(Back at Town)

(Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & the rest of the Crossovers have came back to Tails's Shack, for they have searched all over the island.)

Sonic: I can't find them, did you see them?

Reidak: No, we checked everywhere!

Knuckles: Not everywhere. (Checks under the flower pot) Nope, we've checked everywhere (tosses the flower pot aside, hitting Vezok in the head)

Vezok: Ow! Hey!

Flain: We still haven't got word of SpongeBob or Sticks or Discord.

Twilight Sparkle: If the jungle is the last place we look... (Looks around to see that someone is missing) Where is Sunset Shimmer? She's missing.

Amy Rose: (arrives with an old & reliable book of ancient monsters) Guys, I've finally figured out how Spongebob is getting visions. There is an ancient monster in this book.

Sonic: Alright then, we'll talk about it once we find SpongeBob & bring him back here. Let's go.

Patrick: Hold on SpongeBob! We're coming!

(The group begins to search the group in the jungle.)

(With Sunset, Sticks, Discord & the other SpongeBob)

Sunset Shimmer: SpongeBob? Is that you?

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): Uh, excuse me? I don't mean to interrupt, but who are you & how did you know my name?

Sunset Shimmer: Huh? What do you mean?

Sticks: Who are you & what have you done with the real SpongeBob! (Charges, letting out a war cry)

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): Whoa! (Suddenly grabs Sticks, spinning her around & places her on her feet)

Sticks: (feeling dizzy) Whoa whoa, where did that come from?

Sunset Shimmer: Sticks, calm down!

Discord: I would be very delighted to see that happen, but it seems that it's like a one pony theatre if you will. I was hoping for him to consider taking it on the road. (Pulls out a poster, revealing a robotic SpongeBob, with a robotic skull)

Robotic SpongeBob: (on poster, with deep voice) I'LL BE BACK!

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): You! (suddenly tackles Discord) Enough of this! You have to tell me what's going on around here & stop this Green Ogre from trying to kill me again!

Sunset Shimmer & Sticks: (tries to pull SpongeBob away)

Sunset Shimmer: SpongeBob! Stop!

Discord: (slithers his way out of Spongebob's grip) Why, I think your referring to another me from your world. Aren't you?

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): Please don't tell me if it's another one of your evil schemes.

Discord: Evil? Well I never! (A court jester hat appears on his head as he held magical cards out of nowhere, all with Joker Cards that are all look like Discord) I'm more suited as a trickster than a tyrant, thank you very much. And believe you me, it is no joke of mine... Yet. (Flicks the cards around SpongeBob)

Sunset Shimmer: Guys look, we need to know exactly what's going on & fast.

Sticks: Fine, but I'm keeping my eye on him, making sure that he is not a spy or he is not wearing a disguise. (Checking all over SpongeBob, but not knowing she is actually tickling him by accident)

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): (chuckles then bursts into laughter) Ahahahaha please Ahahaha stop that ahahahahahaha, your ticking my rib cage AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Pushes Sticks away a bit) Stop that! (Begins to calm down from all of the laughing)

Sticks: Oh, he is the real deal. Why didn't anyone tell me that?

Sunset Shimmer: (sighs) I just hope you feel better soon.

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): Thank you for your concern, your like Sally Acorn and... Wait. Sally.

Discord: What on earth do you mean by that?

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): (Begins to call out) Sally! Sally! Are you around here? Have you seen her or the All Star Freedom Fighters around have you? You know, Sally is a brown female mobian chipmunk/squirrel hybrid that has chestnut muzzle, belly, wears blue vest & blue boots.

Sticks: Sally?

Sunset Shimmer: All Star Freedom Fighters? What are you talking about?

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): One minute they are here & the next, gone. Where could they have... (Suddenly noticing something) Wait, wait. (Checking the scenery, examining it)

Discord: What are you doing now?

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): Now I seen everything, the island is an inch too short. That can't be good.

Sunset Shimmer: Oh my, we all know you, please stop being strange.

Sticks: Hey! I don't know what that means, if you stop your nonsense right now...!

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): This is not good, everything on this island is too short, you haven't heard of the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters, a green ogre must've transported me there by that beam of light & I can feel that danger is upon not only on Planet Möbius, but in this parallel world.

Sunset Shimmer & Sticks: (can't take it anymore)

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic!: We gotta do something about that 2 world crisis before it's too late to... (Got slapped hard by Sticks) OW! What was that for?

Sticks: (a bit emotional) We thought you were gonna kick the bucket!

Sunset Shimmer: (very emotional) We saw you, lying down like your pushing up daisies. But now, you act like we don't even know you!

Discord: Really? I thought he was dead.

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic), Sunset Shimmer & Sticks: (turns to Discord) Not now! (Turns to each other)

Sunset Shimmer: (having tears in her eyes) If you don't want us to be your friend, then you don't have to. We'll just go! (About to leave with Sticks, but Spongebob's words stopped the 2 girls in their tracks)

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): Wait! I'm not your SpongeBob!

Sticks: Wait, what? Then you are a spy?

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): No. I'm a SpongeBob, not the SpongeBob from your world. Those events that has happened in this world, happened to him. As for me, I wasn't here in the first place. That beam of light was an attempt by the Green Ogre to pull me out of the universe. And my job is to protect anyone in need, no matter how dangerous.

Discord: (showing him a map of 2 Bygone Islands, are almost identical with two Spongebobs switching places) So, what your saying is that your the wrong SpongeBob from the wrong place? And it's a big switch-a-roo?

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): Yes, I'm the wrong SpongeBob from the wrong place. And yes a big switch-a-roo. Way to sum it up.

Sunset Shimmer: Then what do we call you? Because we can't call you SpongeBob all the time, since your not him. So, what do we call you?

SpongeBob (Archie Sonic): Prime. SpongeBob Prime.

Sticks: Oh really? Because I was thinking of Yellow Square Man would be appropriate for you. But that works too.

SpongeBob Prime: Alright then. Now, shall we get back to the others. And also, cross our fingers.

Sticks: Whys that?

SpongeBob Prime: Because your SpongeBob is gonna be in for a wild ride after some other girl slapped him like that.

Sticks: Makes sense. And sorry about that from earlier.

SpongeBob Prime: (as the Red Ogre looks on from deep within the woods) No, I deserved that for rambling on & scaring you three. Now come on, let's go.

(Back outside at Tail's House)

(The group arrives back to the others.)

Sonic: Hey! You made it!

Edd: Thank goodness your back. We're so worried about you.

Knuckles: Yeah... Uh... (Noticing the difference of SpongeBob Prime) You look funny. Did you work out?

SpongeBob Prime: I would say the same to you. Aren't you suppose to be guarding the Master Emerald?

Knuckles: Uh... What's an emerald?

Jaws: Huh?

Sunset Shimmer: We have a problem. SpongeBob has been acting... weird lately.

Sticks: And he told us that it's not our SpongeBob. Maybe he's a double agent.

SpongeBob Prime: That is correct, besides the double agent part. In another universe where I came from... I was the All Star Warrior, a legendary warrior that protects the multiverse from any darkness & evil lurking in the multiverse.

(However, everyone, minus Sticks & Sunset Shimmer begins laughing upon this fact, thinking that it was only a joke.)

Amy Rose: (giggles with Sonic chuckling) All Star Warrior... Good one, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob Prime: What's so funny?

Patrick: That reminds me of your joke with the flying machine & it really reminds me of what my grandpa used to say when learning how to fly.

(Patrick thinks about his grandpa, but it was actually Spongebob's Grandpa, Grandpa SquarePants.)

Grandpa SquarePants: If we were meant to fly, we have propellers on our heads or jet engines on our backs. (Suddenly notices that Patrick was thinking about it instead of SpongeBob) Hey! I'm not your Grandpappy. (Pokes Patrick with his walking stick, before he & the thinking cloud disappears)

SpongeBob Prime: You think that it's a joke?

Discord: In a cosmic sort of way, yes.

SpongeBob Prime: Well, is facing me one on one count as one of your sick kicks?

Knuckles: (chuckles) It's too good. Your funny. (Goes up to SpongeBob Prime) I'll go easy on you.

Eddy: Oh this oughta be good. This is gonna be hilarious.

SpongeBob Prime: Ok. (Suddenly slams Knuckles multiple times & slams him to the wall)

(The gang went from hysterical laughter to shock, awe & surprise by SpongeBob Prime's impressive fighting skills, quickly dispatching Knuckles in a matter of seconds.)

Knuckles: Gah! (falls down, skidding from the wall) (feeling dizzy) Mommy, it followed me home, can I keep him? @_@

SpongeBob Prime: Is this enough proof?

Sonic: Okay? I did not see that coming.

Amy: Our Spongebob is never this much athletic.

Zaktan: It must be his own instincts.

Ed: I smelled it too.

Sticks: See? Is this enough proof that he's a spy?

Rainbow Dash: Um... I'm not so sure myself.

SpongeBob Prime: Alright, if you still don't believe me? Whoever is next will...

Fastidious Beaver: (suddenly appears) Actually...

SpongeBob Prime: (suddenly shuts him up by covering his lips) Actually, it's whomever. (Let's the beaver go)

Fastidious Beaver: (leaving feeling surprised) How did you know?

Eddy: How did he know?

Boggy B: Lucky guess, or in some other way, not sure.

Vezok: This other SpongeBob knows too much.

SpongeBob Prime: If anyone needs me, I'll be somewhere figuring out the situation on my own for a bit. (About to leave)

Ed: (follows SpongeBob Prime) Uh, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob Prime: (covers Ed lips, shutting him up) Cheap skin seat covers. (Let's Ed go & heads off to find a place for meditation)

Ed: (was amazed & surprised) Wow! He knew what I was gonna say.

Tails: Whoa! Your right. No one would've guess what Ed is going to say. That's not our SpongeBob alright.

Sunset Shimmer: You see? He is from another world.

Sticks: Wait, this SpongeBob reads minds?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm sure it's a lucky guess. (Giggles a bit, but gasps as she gets an idea with a lightbulb appearing over his head) Or was it?

Knuckles: Uh? Medic? I'm still in pain!

(With SpongeBob Prime)

SpongeBob Prime: (meditating)

"More Coming Soon"

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