This is the 2nd episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover.

This Episode focuses on Sonic & Tails, and Dr. Eggman & Plankton


While their evil lairs rebuilt, Dr. Eggman & Plankton crashes on Tails' couch & proves to be difficult roommates.

Can an Evil Genius Crash on your couch for a Few Days? Edit

(The scene starts at Tails's house)

(Sonic & Tails were sleeping on the couches when Sonic heard a knock on the door he tried to ignore it but he answered it and Dr. Eggman and Plankton were at the door)

Eggman: Hi!

Sonic: [annoyed] What do you want?

Plankton: First of all, thank you for answering the door at such a late hour. We realize what an inconvenience this must be--

Sonic: [interrupting] Get to it, Eggface.

Eggman: W-well, I... I uh... We need your help.

Sonic: You need my help?

Eggman: Yes. My sinister island lair... You know, the ultra-high-tech stronghold where I hatch my diabolical schemes to eliminate you... It was destroyed in the storm.

Plankton: And remember when Spongebob, Patrick & their new friends are constructing their own cabin? I was preparing my construction of my own sinster island lair of my own, but after I finished it, it was also destroyed in a storm.

Eggman: We we're hoping we could crash with you and Tails for a few days until our robots rebuild it? Please! Don't strand us in this wilderness!

Sonic: Well, you could certainly use a roof over your head. [sniffs] And a bath. [suspicious] But how do I know you won't just capture me and Tails while we're sleeping?

Eggman: I swear not to harm you or your fox friend during my stay.

Plankton: And not to worry, I already figured out that the Krabby Patty Formula is back at the Krusty Krab in my universe. And besides, you can trust me, I swear not to harm a hair on your new crossover friends.

Eggman: We didn't even bring any weapons. Here, check my pants.

Sonic: No no no. It's okay. I believe you. So it's only for a few days and it's just you?

Eggman: Just me!

Plankton: And me! [Sonic gestures him in. Eggman & Plankton enters, followed by Orbot and Cubot]

Dr. Eggman: And Orbot and Cubot. They're family!

[Then 4 new robots that appear to be Combots from "Tekken", their names are Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot, also known as the "HenchCombots")

Plankton: And so are my new HenchCombots, Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot. What? Karen is my computer wife, she needs kids.

[Sonic groans as he shuts the door.]

(The Next Morning)

(Sonic lets Amy, Knuckles, Sticks & the Crossovers inside with a yawn, with the group recoil that they spotted Eggman & Plankton in pink pyjamas)

Knuckles: Eggman!?

SpongeBob: Plankton!?

Plankton: Oh hey gang, didn't know you be visiting so early.

Dr. Eggman: We're still in our evil pajamas.

Plankton: And they have trap doors on them. (Camera pans down to the trapdoors; Eggman & Plankton sits down)

Knuckles: What are they doing here?

Sonic: We have a truce, Tails is letting them stay until their lairs are rebuilt.

Slumbo: (yawns) That explains a lot

Dr. Eggman: Ahem, still waiting on our salmon egg benidits.

Tails: Coming, coming.

(Tails comes by with 2 Salmon Egg Benedicts, one normal size for Eggman & one teeny tiny one for Plankton, due to his tiny size. Eggman & Plankton examines their dishes, a bit annoyed)

Plankton: We asked for egg WHITES.

Dr. Eggman: These are YELLOWS, see the yellow? We're trying to watch our colesterol.

Plankton: And this salmon is FARM raised! What is this prison? Ugh, it's like eating holographic meatloaf again!

Sticks: It's all some evil plot man! First they imploy terrible roomates and then BAM! A 50 foot robotic elephant named Torch Tusk comes and destroys us all! We gotta get outta here.

Amy: Guys, we have to help them.

Pinkie Pie: She's right, if we don't we'll be no better than they are.

Plankton: Yeah, you be no better than we are.

Amy: Think about what this all about for them. Do you feel sad without homes? Do you two feel alone? Are you two eating your feelings?

Dr. Eggman: Somebody get her away from us.

Tails: Guys, if Eggman and Plankton need to stay they can stay.

Twilight Sparkle: Who knows? They might not be so bad after all.

Plankton & Eggman: (smiles)


Tails: (screwing in a lightbulb into his plane)

Plankton: Pillow fight! (Smacks Tails with a pillow)

Tails: (got smacked, dropping the lightbulb breaking it & glares at Plankton)

[Eggman & Plankton are trying to whack Orbot and Cubot & Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot with a pillow, while Sonic is trying to clean up around them. However, due to the fun, Pinkie Pie joins in, hitting Applejack & Rarity, causing them to use pillows to fight each other & the Piraka by accident, causing them to join in.]

Twilight Sparkle: (confused at first, but gets the idea as the pillows we're flying across the room) Ohh, I get it. Pillow fight! Fun! (Got smacked by Eggman) (feels dizzy) Uh guys? Maybe you should keep it down a notch?

[Eggman & Plankton are sleeping in the couch, laughing between snores. Sonic and Tails are on the floor, straining to cover their ears.]

[Sticks & Gobba opens the fridge, and finds that everything is locked up in Eggman's & Plankton's containers except for a single vegetable.]

Gobba: (notices this) Aww...

[Sonic is asleep on the floor, when a feather appears on his face. He opens his eyes.]

Plankton & Eggman: Pillow fight!

[Eggman & Plankton are swinging on the lamp, and drops a pillow on Sonic's face together.]

(4 days later)

Spongebob: Let me guess, they kept you up all night?

Sonic: That's it, I've had enough of Eggman and Plankton. Lairs or no lairs they're outta here.

Amy: You can't just throw Eggman and Plankton out, sure they might be hard room mates but is quite obvious that you three have a communication problem.

Tails: Communication problem?! Plankton whacked me with a pillow HARD. I'm dizzy and I have serious short term memory loss.... And I have serious short term memory loss.

Hakann: For a tiny guy, he's all muscle. (Chuckles)

Pinkie Pie: What don't we settle things with a room mate meeting?

Amy: Great idea, Pinkie Pie.

Volectro & Shuff: Room mate meeting?


(Now we see Dr. Eggman, Plankton, Orbot, Cubot, Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot on the couch)

Pinkie Pie: Sonic, do you have something to say to Eggman and Plankton?

Sonic: Yes, how do I say this delicatly.. You're horrible room mates and nobody in this house likes you.

Amy: Let's frame our statements with "When you do this, it makes me feel this."

Sonic: Fine, When you and Plankton live here it makes me feel angry... cause you're horrible room mates and nobody in this house likes you.

Krader: (elbows Sonic's arm)

Sonic: What?

Eggman and Plankton: (Sobs)

Spongebob: Are you ok?

Plankton: You're right, we are the worst room mates.

Dr. Eggman: We've never lived with other people before.

Cubot: What about us?

Dr. Eggman: You don't count.

Orbot: What about Karen?

Plankton: Neither does she.

(The 2 villans then continue sobbing)

Amy: Sonic, some people in here could go for two spoonfuls of forgiveness, washed down with a tall glass of friendship. What do you think?

Pinkie Pie: Come on, do it for friendship. (Squee)

Sonic: Ugh, Eggman if we give you and Plankton a second chance will you two promise to shape up?

Plankton: You betcha.

Amy: Room mate meeting group hug.

(They hug each other and then Orbot and Cubot wanted to join)

Dr. Eggman: Not you.

Orbot & Cubot: (look depressed)

(In the Kitchen)

Eggman & Plankton: (we're seen scrubbing the dishes clean singing to a tune) Scrubbing all the dishes, with our sponge & soap, scrubbing all the dishes, it's cleaning up our hope.

Eggman: (Spoken) Cue the horns!

Spongebob: (was seen actually been used as a cleaning sponge to scrub the dishes) (sneezes) Excuse me.

(Over the next few days Plankton and Eggman were keeping Sonic and Tails awake)

(The 2 villains straightens up the leaves of the houseplant, while Tails is sitting on a couch, behind them, holding a device, with a pillow behind him. Plankton grabs the pillow & is about to whack Tails with it, but he spotted Plankton. Plankton then fluffs up his pillow for Tails & gives the pillow back to him.)

(The scene cuts to night time where they were playing a board game)

Plankton: 37, 38, 39, Bonus kazoo (Blows his kazoo) I win again!

Soinc: That's great, well it's getting late. Time to hit the hay.

Dr. Eggman: Oh come on, just one more game. That's what room mates do. We have fun!

Sonic: I'm all for fun but are you guys exaushted? Orbot? Cubot? Redbot? YellowBot? Greenbot? Bluebot?

Plankton They don't get tired, cause they don't have no souls.

Redbot: Hey!

Cubot: He's right.

Sonic: Whatever, goodnight guys.

Dr. Eggman: Wait! Don't leave, just hang a little longer. We're so lonely.

Plankton: Please? Roomie?

Sonic: (Sighs and walks back to the couch)

Eggman and Plankton: Yay!

Plankton: (Blows his kazoo)

(Later, in a very late night.)

TV Announcer: We now return to the Comedy Chimp Show, with your host, Comedy Chimp!

Comedy Chimp: I almost didn't make it to the show tonight. I had to go to the doctor. I had a backache!

(Eggman and Plankton are enjoying the show Sonic and Tails, however, look miserable, yawning heavily and with bags under their eyes)

Comedy Chimp: I didn't really like that doctor anyway. I think he used to be a mechanic! He tried to fix my problem with a monkey wrench.

Voice from TV: Oh ho! You, my friend, are one witty simian!

Sonic: (Yawns heavily)

(The next morning)

(The whole gang sees Sonic and Tails very tired)

Reidak: You're STILL hanging out with Eggman and Plankton? How much sleep did you get?

Sonic: Zero.

Eddy: No kidding, you look terrible.

Sticks: It's stage 2 of their evil plot man! We are minutes away from them summoning Torch Tusk! With his fire spewing trunk and it's fiery elephant feet!

Pinkie Pie: Sticks, Stop being so paranoid.

Amy: Yeah, Eggman and Plankton lived here for two days, and they haven't hatched a single evil scheme.

(Eggman and Plankton are heard laughing from outside, having slipped out the door while Amy was talking. Everyone goes outside, Sonic and Tails much more slowly than the others from sheer exhaustion)

Tails: What's so funny?

Dr. Eggman: Remember when we said our island fortress were destroyed by a storm?

Plankton: We.. uh, made it all up. You see, we of faked our destructions of our fortresses as an excuse to live with you and tire you out to the point of exhaust... (Slaps Sonic, keeping him awake) Tire you to the point of exhaustion. So you be too tired to stop TORCH TUSK! (Laughs)

Torch tusk 01

Torch Tusk

(Torch Tusk comes stomping through the trees and bellows with his robotic trunk to spew fire out of it)

Hakann: Holy cow!

Sticks: I knew it! They did have Torch Tusk! Why dosen't anyone believe me? It's not like I'm paranoid. (Sees her shadow) STOP FOLLOWING ME!

Plankton: Enough! Torch Tusk! Destroy the Crossovers plus Sonic & his four friends!

Torch Tusk: For...tress? Fortress. Destroy Fortress. Destroy Island Fortresses!

Dr. Eggman: What? No! That's not what Plankton said!

Orbot: (with Cubot, Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot) We're still working on a few kinks.

Plankton: (holding onto Torch Tusk's leg) Torch Tusk! Do not destroy island fortresses! Repeat, do NOT destroy island fortresses!

Torch Tusk: Affirmative. Playing up-tempo music while destroying fortresses. (Speakers pops up from his shoulders, blaring up-tempo rock music)

(Torch Tusk walks past Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks & The Crossovers.)

Dr. Eggman & Plankton: No!

Flain: Ok? That was unexpected.

Plankton: Sonic! Spongebob, you have to help us!

Spongebob: Why Plankton, because he's your Torch Tusk?

Dr. Eggman: If you don't, then we're truly stuck living with until we built new island fortresses.

Spongebob: (instantly holds up the cubits) Good point.

Sonic: (instantly) Let's roll.

(At the exterior of Eggman's lair & Plankton's lair)

(Tails' plane lands outside Eggman and Plankton's lairs with Eggman in his Eggmobile and Plankton in his Chum Bucket fist hover pod coming up from behind, Above, Torch Tusk is burning Eggman and Plankton's lairs)

Tails: Gotta stop him... But so tired. (Falls to the ground and falls asleep)

Eddy: He's gotta have a weakspot.

Sonic; Maybe there's a clue on the ground. (sinks to the ground) This soft.. soft.. bed-like.. ground.. (Patrick runs over and stomps on Sonic who quickly wakes up) What?! What's wrong?! Are we under attack?! Oh right.. (yawns)

Reidak: Plankton, you and Eggman built that thing. How do we take it down?

Plankton: By activating 2 killer switches at the same time. There inside the lairs. There, and there.

Sonic: Oh, come on... All right. Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, you're with the crossovers to distract that metal monstrosity. Tails and I are on the kill switches. Plankton & Eggman, you'll have to show us how to activate them.

Spongebob: We need some Pineapple Bombs to distract that thing. Patrick & I will get the Pineapple Bombs ready.

Amy & Pinkie Pie: Pre-mission group hug?

Sonic: No. [takes off]

[Sonic runs through a laser defense system. Lasers fire around him, but none hit. Tails flies down to a control panel and activates it. He pushes a power switch causing a laser wall in front of Sonic to deactivate. A near miss from two lasers causes Sonic to start sliding. His exhaustion catches up with him again and he falls asleep mid-slide. Tails deactivates the second laser wall just in time as Sonic slides through and comes to a stop, waking up again.]

Sonic: Unh...

(SpongeBob & Patrick finds a weapon storage & enters inside & they both found & picks up the pineapple bombs)

[Tails opens an access panel full of wires, but is too tired to figure them out. Sonic approaches a door, but drops to the ground and falls asleep right in front of it. Tails pushes a button next to the access panel, which opens the kill switch doors. Plankton suddenly shouts next to Sonic, waking him up again.]

Plankton: Wake Up!

Sonic: (wakes up)

Plankton: Jam the kinetic barrier processor. The kinetic barrier processor!

[Sonic looks confused, so he just pulls the lever, which seems to do the trick. Plankton runs off to check, then Eggman runs over to Tails.]

Eggman: Okay. Power down the central operating system.

[Eggman grabs Tails and puts his hand around the switch, making him pull it. Sonic, however, is too tired to stay standing and falls to the floor asleep again, releasing the switch.]

(Back outside, SpongeBob & Patrick comes back to the Crossover Gang & Knuckles, Amy & Sticks, who were confronting Torch Tusk.)

SpongeBob: We got'em! Now how do we get his attention?

Patrick: I got it. (About to throw the pineapple bomb at Torch Tusk)

SpongeBob: Pat, no!

(But it was too late, Patrick throws the pineapple bomb at Torch Tusk, hitting it with a only a small explosion & turns it's attention to the group, charging his trunk laser cannon.)

SpongeBob: Uh oh.

(The Crossover Gang & Knuckles, Amy & Sticks dodges the blast of the trunk laser while the Eds yelps in fright.)

(Torch Tusk leaps down from the top of Eggman's base & lands in front of the group, staring at them down.)

Sticks: I knew you were coming. But you will never obliterate Sticks, because Sticks is unoblite— unoble— unobitababl... You can't kill me.

Plankton: Jam the Kinetic Barrier Processor!

"More Coming Soon"

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