This is the 140th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on ???

Plot: Edit

The Golden Queen has returned for her revenge, and this time she's not alone. Onaga the Dragon King has joined her for world domination and all the gold in the world! Can the heroes defeat The Golden Queen and Onaga?

All Hail the Queen Edit

(The scene starts at Eggman and Plankton's separated Island Fortresses, because of their 2nd team break up because of what happened in the 2-parter "Eggman: The Video Game".)

(Plankton is seen drinking a soda when the door bursts open)

Plankton: (Spits out the soda) What the barnacles?!

(The figure reveals herself to be none other then The Golden Queen)

Golden Queen

Plankton: Ok, 2 questions, 1. Who are you? And 2. Doesn't anyone knock anymore?

Golden Queen: My minions call me "Her Majesty". But you may know me as the Golden Queen!

Plankton: Golden Queen? So what if you're the queen. (Got picked up by the Golden Queen by his antennas) Hey! Put me down.

Redbot: (comes over with Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot of Plankton's HenchCombats) Master Plankton? We've heard a crash! Is there... (they notice the Golden Queen & Onaga inside the base) something... wrong...?

"More Coming Soon"

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