This is the 133rd episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This is not only the 5th Super Sonic Stories, but it's also the Halloween Special.

This Episode Focuses on the Piraka, Team Sonic & the rest of Team Crossovers

Plot: Edit

It's time for Halloween & Team Sonic & Team Crossovers are all prepared to tell their ghost stories around the campfire. Follow 3 stories from 3 chosen characters that will tell ghost stories that will give you goosebumps. After the Piraka claim that they do the scaring on their favourite spooky holiday. The group decided to settle, who is the king or queen of Halloween. Even if it means a certain dummy would join in on the spooky fun.

Night of the Living Ed (Told by Ed, Edd n Eddy)Edit

During their Halloween Night, Ed, Edd & Eddy & the others stumble upon a haunted house in Hedgehog Village, the Eds find Slappy: a creepy ventriloquist dummy who comes from the Goosebumps dimension to Hedgehog Village. Slappy comes to Sticks's dimension because he doesn't want just a family. He wants a mother. And that is the reason why he tries to find and kidnap Amy Rose. Now, it's up to Team Sonic and Team Crossovers to get Amy back.

Castle of Vlad Masters/Plasimus (Told by Danny Phantom)Edit

As part of an invitation to a party in a new mansion, a man named Vlad Masters had invited all of Hedgehog Village, including Team Sonic & Team Crossovers to a party, even Eggman & Plankton tried to sneak in, only to find out that things aren't what they seem. From a fancy party to a horrorfying fight for survival against an army of ghosts & vampires. Now the heroes must find a way out of the castle before me it's too late.

The Skakdi of Zakaz Island (Told by the Piraka)Edit

Word spread like wildfire of a new & yet familiar island named Zakaz Island that risen on the map. The island was once a tropical paradise like the Skunk Islands, but unlike the Skunk Islands, the Zakaz island is reduced to a complete ruin. As the heroes conduct their own investigations, it is clear that they are not alone in the Island of Zakaz. Tensions run high as there are a number of scary Skakdi would send chills down the teams' spines.

Soundtrack: Edit

  • ???

Guest StarsEdit

  • Slappy the Dummy (Goosebumps)

Super Sonic Stories V: Haunted Halloween: Edit


(The Episode Begins on a starry night of a bright full moon in the sky, with wolf howls echo throughout the night, we can see the Piraka returning after a little scare fest.)

Zaktan: (picking up the candy bags) Oh ho ho, we just love Halloween...

Vezok: (heading back with the Piraka) Yeah, it's more our holiday. We're designed to be scary for crying out loud.

Hakann: Even I'm enjoying tricks as well as treats.

Thok: Yes, but at least now we had enough for one night. We can share the candy with the others

Reidak: I really wish we can do more than that.

Avak: After the many years we've been through. At least we can get to celebrate our favourite holiday for the years to come.

Zaktan: (seeing the door to the Crossover Shack being left open) Hold the phone, it's been left open. Everyone else is out for trick or treating this year.

Vezok: (enter the door in the dark with the group) Yeah, who left the door open at a time like this?

(Suddenly the lights were on & Team Sonic & the rest of Team Crossover in their Halloween costumes quickly jumpscares at the Piraka & even at each other, but the Piraka were actually smiling & not scared, since they have seen things over the years.)

Reidak: (waving hello) Hi guys.

SpongeBob: Did we scare you? Please tell us we did.

Vezok: Guys, that's a very nice try, but we've been through a lot more scarier things in our time. Try scaring someone else & maybe that'll work.

Sonic: (sighs) Great, sounds like you've been through a lot.

Mugman: (nodding with Cuphead) We feel your pain, Piraka.

Eddy: Come on, just admit it, aren't you a little bit scared?

Zaktan: Guys, this is our favourite holiday. Piraka don't get scared in Halloween. We do the scaring.

Vezok: That is why we're the kings of Halloween.

Rainbow Dash: That sounds like a challenge. We bet that we can find someway to scare the bolts out of you.

Thok: Really now? We like to see you try.

SpongeBob: Then you got yourselves a bet. We'll be telling ghost stories all night long. There's no way you ain't scared of that.

Sticks: You mean Stories to make your blood run cold?

SpongeBob: Eeyup.

Cuphead: (with Bendy Devil, Boris, Alice Angel & Mugman) Stories to terrify us?

SpongeBob: Eeyup.

Danny: As in Stories to send chills down your spine?

SpongeBob: You got it.

Danny: Sweet!

Sam (DP): (smirks) Hope your not scared.

Tucker: Me? Scared? Nah, of course not... (shaking in fear) Why would I be scared? We've seen many ghosts a long time ago.

Shantae: And whoever lasts the longest shall be named the King or Queen of Halloween!

The Piraka: We accept!

Carol Tea: We double accept! This title would be good as ours.

Black Spy & White Spy: Finally! (Smiling)

Knuckles: (as Crash, DK & Diddy were excited) Ooh ooh! We get to tell ghost stories around the campfire near our home!

SpongeBob: It all started on a Halloween night...

Vezok: Hold on, we didn't say we're gonna tell our story by this campfire.

(They all turned to the Piraka in confusion)

Amy: What are you saying?

Thok: You name the terms... (smiles evil with the Piraka) WE name the place.

Coco: Ok, that is a fair point.

Boggy B: Ok fine, so where are we gonna do this?

(Scene changes with a stormy lightning strike & a thunder crash as a scene transition to an ancient Aztec temple of the ancients belonging to Ogre in the past. It is definitely Ogre's Temple.)

All (Except the Piraka): (scared) Ogre's Temple?!

Volectro & Zaptor: (holding each other in fear with the Mixels, remembering their last encounter with Ogre/True Ogre) Were scared!

Eddy: (as the girls were visably shakened with the boys becoming a bit more scared, while the Piraka remain normal) Oh ha ha ha, very funny. It's almost as spooky as the most spectacular Halloween town of the land, it's called SPOOKYVILLE!

Amy: That temple is where Ogre used to reside & many other ancients before hand.

Aku Aku: (as Crash hide behind Aku Aku) Yes & this fighting ancient is no laughing matter.

Fluttershy: On second thought, maybe the Piraka do earn that title if we could take a step back.

Hakann: Look, it's halloween for Pete sake. The perfect time to step out of your comfort zone to tell ghosts stories here, so if you don't have what it takes, we'll just claim my winnings & be on our ways.

Avak: That is, if you don't have the chops, dude. (Sonic suddenly becomes determined being triggered)

Sonic: (speeds up to the Piraka) Oh yeah? We'll show you who's aren't afraid of ghost stories in an ancient temple!

Reidak: See? That's more like it.

(Inside Ogre's Temple, where Team Sonic & Team Crossovers set up their campfire in the centre of the room.)

Sash Lilac: (huddle together with Carol Tea & Milla Basset) I must admit Piraka, you sure know how to bring the scary vibe to the next level.

Zaktan: Thanks, the sooner we get these ghost stories done, the sooner we can get cozy in our beds. So who's first?

Edd: (after a brief huddle with Ed & Eddy) Shall we proceed on going first?

Ed: I love telling ghost stories or my name's not Lothar! Viking! Protector of Montezuma.

Vezok: Alright, three musketeers. Let's see what you got.

Eddy: This is gonna be too easy. (Steps forward with Ed & Edd) Let us tell you the story, Piraka Rangers.

Story #1: Night of the Living Ed (Told by Ed, Edd n Eddy)Edit

(Scene changes to a full moon with everyone in Hedgehog Village in Halloween costumes, getting ready for Halloween.)

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Interlude #1Edit

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Story #2: Castle of Vlad Masters / Plasimus (Told by Danny Phantom)Edit

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Interlude #2Edit

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Story #3: The Skakdi of Zakaz Island (Told by the Piraka)Edit

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