This is the 129th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on ???

Plot: Edit

After accidentally triggering a lair lockdown protocol that lasts for 48 hours, Team Sonic & Team Crossover, plus Bendy Devil, Boris & Alice & newcomers, Mordecai & Rigby are trapped & separated inside the lair with Eggman, Plankton, Orbot, Cubot & the HenchCombats. Now they must work together to shut down the lockdown & escape.

Soundtrack: Edit

Wubbox - Cold Island

Rare Wubbox - Earth Island

P.A.N.D.A - Be Lucky

Special Guest Appearances: Edit



Jerry the Wubbox

And a new character:

Jack the Rare Wubbox

Lair On Lockdown: Edit

[Scene: Inside Eggman's Lair, day.]

Dr. Eggman: For years we I plotted and toiled, working tirelessly day and night to find the truest essence of evil. And now I finally done it... with my new online ticket selling business!

Plankton: We even made sure that the prices are off the roof.

[Team Sonic and Team Crossovers, plus Bendy, Boris, Alice, Cuphead & Mugman angrily emerge into the HQ room.]

SpongeBob: Plankton, we need to talk!

Sonic: [Angrily] You've gone too far this time, Egghead. We just bought tickets to "Koala Palooza" and your fees are outrageous!

Dr. Eggman: Whateve do you mean? My service just has a few humble processing charges.

Mordecai: What about the convenience fee for printing tickets at home?

Dr. Eggman: You can always get them shipped or pick them up at the venue.

Cuphead: But then there is shipping or "we'll call" fees, and it's no longer convenient!

Mugman: (turn to Mordecai & Rigby) And who are you two again?

Plankton: I just added another fee... for having an annoying face. Robots, collect!

(Mine Island playing as battle background music)

[Eggman's robots & Plankton's robots emerge out of two separate doors. Team Crossovers quickly charge & attack at the robots. A laser gun from the ceiling turns over and fires lasers at Knuckles. Knuckles dodges and punches an oncoming Crab Bot. A pincer heads towards Amy but she hammers it away, hitting another Crab Bot heading towards Tails. Tails deploys an Enerbeam on the laser gun, and uses it as a rope to kick a Mantis Bot. Sonic spin attacks another Mantis Bot. A Mantis Bot claw flies towards Sticks, but she uses her bo to knock it back, almost hitting Eggman who jumps out of the way. It hits the control panel engaging the lair's occupant sorting process.]

Computer: Engaging occupant sorting.

Vezok: Now you've done it...!

[Four separate tubes emerge from the ceiling. They suck up four of the members of Team Sonic, Team Crossovers, Plankton, HenchCombots, Dr. Eggman and Orbot, but Sonic and Cubot hold on.]

Sonic: Just. Gotta. Shut. It. Off!

[With Cubot grabbing Sonic & Greenbot grabbing the Powerpuff Girls, Sunset, Starlight & Noir Spies, Sonic holds on to a chair and presses a button on the control panel disabling the process. The both fall to safety.]

Sonic: I did it!

Computer: Emergency lockdown in effect.

[All the doors on Eggman's Lair lock down, leaving all characters trapped in different rooms.]

Computer: (as Sunset & Starlight Glimmer looks up) Lockdown will release in 48 hours.

Black Spy & White Spy: (surprised with the Mixels) 48 Hours?! Are you kidding me?

White Spy: We can't even wait that long.

Teslo: Great, now we're all gonna starve to death!

Sonic: 48 hours? It's not so bad. I can wait it out. [Looks at his Communicator and snaps after 5 seconds] What's taking so long! I gotta get out of here!

Black Spy: It's litterally 5 seconds.

Sonic: It's a very long 5 seconds!

[Sonic tries to break the locked door down by Spin Dashing, albeit unsuccessfully.]

Slumbo: Relax, will ya? We're in control room, we can control the lair. I think.

Sunset Shimmer: Sonic! Stop! We can still try to fix this!

Buttercup: Let us try! (Trying to ram at the forcefield with the Powerpuff Girls, but got electrocuted, screaming with the three) Ok, not the best idea...

Sonic: This force-field. It's inpenetrable!

Cubot: Yeah, and you can't get through it either.

Blossom: Seems like we got no other option.

Starlight Glimmer: Come on, we still have a lot of work to do here.

[In desperation, Sonic pushes Eggman's chair and the Mantis Bot blade embedded in the control panel out of the way and presses a button on the keypad.]

Computer: Verbal password required.

Sonic: Quick! What's the password?!

Cubot: [Shrugs]

GreenBot: I don't know either.

Bubbles: We might be here for a while.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, basement.]

Yellowbot: (getting up with Tails, Amy, Totally Spies, Hugo, Flynn, Cali, Boggy B, Shantae & Team Lilac) Ow my head. (Rubbing his head) What just happened?

Tails: [On his Communicator] We're trapped in the lair basement. Can anyone read me? [To Amy] These force-fields must be blocking communication. Until the lockdown is disabled, there's nothing we can do.

Clover, Sam & Alex: (scanning the forcefields)

Clover: No way to get through them.

Sam: The only thing we can do is wait for someone to turn off the lockdown prototcal

Boggy B: (trying to pound at the forcefield door) Nothing... were definately trapped in there. We'll starve!

Amy: There's one thing we can do: tidy up! This basement's a pigsty.

Tails & Boggy B: [Groans]

[Scene Change: Eggman's living room.]

[Sticks tries punching the locked door open, but fails.]

Bendy Devil: (rubbing his head) Ow, that actually hurt.

Boris Wolf: Got anything to eat? I'm getting hungry.

Pinkie Pie: Not really much around here.

SpongeBob: Who's idea was this to launch a mantis claw into the controls?

Zaktan: (getting up with SpongeBob, Patrick, the Piraka, Pinkie Pie, Bendy Devil, Boris, Alice, Cuphead, Mugman, Redbot, Orbot & Mordecai & Rigby) Give it a rest, were trapped in this room for 48 hours.

Cuphead: Easy for you to say, Zaktan. The rest of us are gonna starve, except for Redbot, Orbot, you & the Piraka!

SpongeBob: Now what are we gonna do?

Mordecai: I guess we'll have time to introduce ourselves. I'm Mordecai.

Rigby: And I'm Rigby. The park workers & I were lost in the island ever since we tried taking a nap in a crate.

Redbot: What?!

Rigby: Dont worry we totally got out, but not before we meet the Zombie girl that is scary next to the wolfman.

Mordecai: So tired... but we're also got tickets of koala-palooza & Benson wants us to change the ticket prices back to normal. So...

Rigby: (looking around) No no no no no...!

SpongeBob: Rigby, relax will ya?

Rigby: I don't do well in small spaces man! Air! I need air! (Trying to bang at the forcefield, but to no avail) Doc! Doc doc doc!

Sticks: Just perfect. Trapped in an evil madman's lair and the only company I got is SpongeBob, Patrick, Pinkie, cartoon cups, a blue jay, a Raccoon, a wolf, an angel & a demon & some soulless robo scum.

Zaktan: That's our past life in the nutshell. Get used to it.

Orbot: Would a soulless scum bot be able to do this?

[Orbot impersonates a hand detaching and attaching a finger. Sticks screams.]

Sticks: Get away from me with that voodoo!

Redbot: Ok ok, sorry...!

Orbot: How about some small talk. Uh... How's your family?

Mordecai: Yeah... are they doing ok?

Sticks: Like I'm gonna give my personal information to your robot database.

SpongeBob: Is this about the Dark- (got his mouth covered by Sticks) Sorry...

Mordecai: What?

Vezok: And why would we do that?!

SpongeBob: (pushing Vezok back but to no avail) Hey hey hey guys?

Orbot: All right... Oh, what about some party games? I spy with my little eye...

Sticks: You spy? So the truth comes out... (Avak facepalms)

Avak: It's already in effect isn't it?

Orbot: How about I just sit in the corner and give you some space?

Jerry: Or we can try... THIS!!! (Plays the Wubbox - Cold Island sound).

Avak: (to Jerry, before stopping the music) When did you get here? (Jerry shrugs)

(Suddenly, some auto tuned singing is heard).

???: (Singing the Wubbox - Earth Island song) Lower the volume, lower the volume, lo-lo-l-l-l-l-lower the volume. Hyper glitch! (Inaudible), Glitch! Error, e-e-error, e-e-e-e-e-e-error. Hyper Glitch! (Inaudible), Glitched.

Avak: (suddenly smashes ??? to shut him up, surprising Jerry) NO! None of that! Shame on you!

Sticks: (as Avak is beating ??? down" who was screaming) Okay, who the heck was that?

Jerry: Wait a minute... I know that sound anywhere.

(The shadow that was pinned down by Avak then shows a red robot similar to Jerry the Wubbox, but somehow different, who was crushed underneath).

Avak: No more of your weirdo friends!

Jerry: Jack?

Mugman: Wait! You know this guy?

Jerry: Of course I do. He's a Rare Wubbox. He's also my brother.

Jack: Hey, Jerry. Get this guy off of me!

Jerry: (shoves Avak out of the way) Jack!!! (Then cheerfully hugs Jack) But... How did you get here?

Jack: Oh! Well, that's easy. You see...

Pinkie Pie: (covers Jack's mouth) You gone through the portal, lost in the Seaside island in another dimension in three days & since your a robot, you need a recharge station & you've must've gone stuck in the lair for a really really long time! (Squee)

(Jerry & Jack jaws drop in amazement that she was spot on)

Patrick: I don't get it.

Mordecai: Yeaaah, that's not exactly how it goes.

Jack: Technically, she was spot on. It has been three days since I last seen you. (Hugs Jerry) But how did you figure it out?

Pinkie Pie: (shrugs while smiling) Just a hunch.

Sticks: Uh, if I'm not interrupting, I would just like to say one thing: (Yells) HOW DO WE GET OUT OF HERE?!?!?!

Rigby: Can we focus on that instead?!

Jerry: Oh. Well, I don't know.

Jack: Wait, what?!?!?!

Jerry: You see, the lair's on lockdown.

Jack: Are you a WHACKO?!?!?!

Jerry: I'm sorry. Jeez.

Jack: (Sighs) It's okay. I'm sorry for yelling at you.

Jerry: Apology accepted. (suddenly got tapped up with Jack around their mouths by Avak)

Avak: (angrily, while tying them both up) If you two would shut up, that would be great! (Jerry & Jack nod quietly in fear, keeping their mouths shut)

Thok: He doesn't want anymore unexpected arrivals. Why are you two here to begin with? (Jerry & Jack shrug silently, wanting to be with the gang)

Hakann: (frowns) No duh, Sherlock.

[Scene Change: Storage room.]

Edd: (getting up with Plankton, Bluebot, Ed, Eddy, Eggman, Knuckles, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, the Bandicoots & the Kongs) Tell me it didn't happen!

Ed: (smiles) It didn't happen.

Dr. Eggman: I can't believe this! Help! Let me out!

[Eggman bangs the door in desperation while the Eds, the Kongs & the Bandicoots slowly get up too.]

Knuckles: We're screaming and hitting stuff now?!

Ed: I love this game!

[Knuckles bangs a box in desperation, while Ed smacks his head on the door, laughing. Eggman sits on the floor.]

Plankton: (shaking his head) We just don't believe! We'll never gonna get out of this lockdown less than 48 hours! Just forget it! I'm so ticked off about the fact that I'm stuck with Team Crossover as a result, that I'm hopping mad!

Bluebot: We're trapped until the lockdown is over.

Fluttershy: Oh dear... it feels like we won't be able to survive that long.

Eddy: Nothing like a little Eddy magic can't fix. (Grabbing Twilight by the Mane, while trying to blast the forcefield with Twilight's magic) Time to work!

Twilight Sparkle: Ow! Eddy! (tries blasting magic by Eddy's command at the forcefield, but no effect, as it rebounds back at Eddy)

Eddy: (got smacked backwards) Ow!

Twilight Sparkle: That's what you get. (To Plankton) Magic proof too?

Plankton: It was one of a kind! I have to teach Eggman something!

Coco: (looking around) There is no digital access point here. How do we get out of here is beyond me.

Dr. Eggman: [Miserably] So this is what it's come to. A prisoner in my own lair. And to make things worse, I'm stuck with that knuckleheaded knucklehead Noodles!

Applejack: Knuckles.

Dr. Eggman: Whatever And I feel like such a fool.

Knuckles: Ah, don't worry. I do foolish things all the time. Hey, we're twinsies!

Ed: Or Triple The trouble... (Crash, DK & Diddy smile)

Dr. Eggman: Ugh...

Rainbow Dash: Let's just focus on finding a way out of here before we're all starve.

Aku Aku: Very well then. Hopefully we will find the answers we seek.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, basement.]

Shantae: (trying to figure a way out with Flynn, Cali & Hugo, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea & Milla Basset) Hopefully we will find a way out of here soon.

Carol Tea: (sighs) It feels like prison that I wanna break out of.

Sash Lilac: (as Milla tries digging under the doorway, but to no avail) You & me both.

[Amy pushes some boxes out of the way, and discovers some dirty-looking Mootonium drums.]

Amy: I can't believe it! These drums of hazardous waste are filthy!

Hugo: (stops Amy) Wait, hazardous waste?!

Tails: [Holds Amy's brush] Look!

[Tails uses his Communicator to scan the substance]

Alex: What do we got here?

Tails: According to my readings, these barrels are full of radioactive Mootonium. We should be fine as long as they stay in a cool temperature.

Boggy B: At times like these we shouldve held onto Thok or the Frosticons instead.

Amy: But just to be safe, maybe we should move to the other side of the room?

[Both Amy and Tails step back and run to the other side of the room to regroup with Boggy B, Shantae, Team Lilac, Totally Spies, Flynn, Cali & Hugo.]

Boggy B: (frowns) Don't be shy...

[Scene Change: HQ room.]

Computer: Access denied.

Black Spy: Bubbles, how can "Octi" be a password? Let me try. (Trying to work in on the password, but same failed results)

Computer: Access denied.

Black Spy: What? (as White Spy chuckles) Oh shut up!

Sonic: [Grunts] We can figure out Eggman's passowrd. What haven't we tried? How about Eggman's favorite... I don't know, kind of music?

Cubot: Easy. Dubstep polka cord!

White Spy: Excuse me...?

Computer: [Buzzes] Access denied.

Blossom: How about Plankton's music?

Greenbot: Easy, evil music on the record player.

Computer: (buzzes) Access denied.

Sonic: Favorite color?

Greenbot: Stainless Steel Grey. (Everyone looks at him funny) He works at the Chum Bucket, what do we expect?

Computer: Access denied.

Sunset Shimmer: Eggman's colour?

Cubot: Clear.

Sonic: How is that even...

Computer: Access denied.

Sonic: Maybe we're going about this the wrong way. What kind of stuff does Plankton really care about?

Greenbot: Stealing the Krabby Patty Formula, his time with his sassy Computer Wife, Karen, Eggman's approval...

Starlight Glimmer: Stop. Ok, how about Eggman then?

Cubot: Moustache grooming, that sassy judge from TV who takes no guff, your approval...

Sonic: Pff. If Eggman & Plankton want my approval, they'd give themselves a cool password, like... "chili dog".

Computer: Access granted.

Blossom: Huh... lucky guess...

Sonic: Huh? Touche Pipsqueak & Egghead! Now let's turn off this lockdown.

Flain: (surprised on the many complicated buttons & switches) Wait, which button was it?

Sonic: Uh... nah... egh... Eeny, meeny, miny...

[Sonic presses random buttons. A setting on the control panel activates.]

Sonic: I think we just did something!

[Scene Change: Eggman's living room.]

[The lights in the living room go off.]

Rigby: (screams as the Piraka eyes & teeth glow in the dark) What happened to the lights?

SpongeBob: I don't know, where did everybody go?

Orbot: There appears to be a lighting malfunction. Allow me.

[Orbot turns on his eye lights. The light blinds Sticks.]

Cuphead: Ah, much better.

Sticks: Oof! Turn those off! I'm not gonna sit here in a blackout getting stared down by some beady eyed robot!

[Orbot turns his eye lights off.]

Reidak: My eyes are not Beady, My mask is just shaped that way!

Sticks: I get it. You're gonna sneak up on me in the cloak of darkness. Well, I'm not falling for it. Turn those lights back on!

[Orbot turns his eye lights back on again and notices an AC vent.]

Vezok: Ok, ok, no need to get picky!

Mordecai: (spots an AC vent) Dude look...!

Orbot: An AC vent. Might that be our ticket to freedom?

Rigby: Ticket to freedom!

Sticks: Yeah. And I ain't paying no convenience fee this time.

Alice Angel: Question, is it big enough for all of us? (The Piraka thinks a bit further)

[Scene Change: Storage room.]

Dr. Eggman: [Miserably] Look around Nickles. Every failed invention and science project of my life is in this room. [Pulls stuff out of the box] A can from my old tomato sauce. The decapitated head of my Shrew Bot. A dinosaur egg from when we went back in time.

Knuckles: Who could forget that classic adventure?

Eddy: You went back in time?

Edd: Wouldn't that be messing around the past? Thus changing the future?

Coco: I don't hear Crash complaining. (Crash shrugs, reminding himself of Baby T.)

Eddy: Hey, is that a volcano? [He rushes into the corner and hauls out the volcano.]

Plankton: Eddy, not that old thing!

Eddy: How's it work? Does something shoot out of here? Well, where do you plug it in? [Eddy steps on a button at the base. The volcano turns on and sucks Eddy's head into it. Eddy strains.] Double D! [Eddy's head gets sucked in. The group minus Eggman giggles.] A comedian, huh? [Eddy rears back with the volcano stuck to his head, shouting angry sumo gibberish.]

Crash & Coco: Uh oh...!

Edd: Oh dear! [He, Crash & Coco runs away to Knuckles, Mane 5, Kongs & Ed. Eddy slams his head down, and the volcano impacts where Edd was standing, smashing it.]

Knuckles: Hey, what's this?

[Knuckles, Ed ,Crash & DK picks up Zippie. Eggman drops and breaks the dinosaur egg to look at it.]

Dr. Eggman: Is that... is that Zippie? My first robot! [Picks up the robot with glee] Oh, this takes me back! I used to be so full of hope back then...

Bluebot: Your first robot?

Plankton: Karen is my first robot too, it does take me back.

Knuckles: You know what I do when I start to feel down?

Dr. Eggman: No. What?

Knuckles: I have no idea. I feel great all the time!

Bluebot: Oh help me... (facepalm)

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, living Room, night.]

[Orbot & Redbot tries to open up the AC vent with Sticks help, while the Piraka boost them up.]

Vezok: Steady... steady...!

Zaktan: Stop squirming...!

SpongeBob: (trying to reach for it) Come on come on...

Rigby: (trying to reach for it with Mordecai's help) Higher, higher!

Mordecai: We're trying dude, just hold still!

Orbot: Just... About... Got it!

[Orbot, SpongeBob, Rigby & Redbot grabs the vent and pulls it off. However, they lose their balance and fall off the ladder they stand on, landing on the floor. Orbot sits up and turns on his eye lights.]

Cuphead: I don't think we'll be able to go through the AC without being blown back in here.

Orbot: Agreed, If we want to crawl through, we'll need to turn down the force of the air conditioning.

Sticks: I'm all over it.

Redbot: Ok, now open the control panel near the doorway.

(Mordecai, Rigby, Bendy, Boris & Alice open the control panel)

Orbot: It's very simple. You switch off the red button, re-adjust the level of the green knob to sixteen. At the same time...

[Sticks, Rigby & Bendy pulls the AC wires out from a panel behind the wall. The AC turns off.]

Orbot: Primitive, but efficient.

SpongeBob: Thank goodness, now let's climb back up again.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, basement.]

Sash Lilac: Do you hear something?

Tails: Did the air conditioning just shut off?

Amy: I hope so. It was getting a little chilly in here.

Tails: While I do care about your comfort, I'm slightly more concerned about the half dozen barrels of radioactive Mootonium that need to stay cool so they won't explode.

Boggy B: ?! Well, we're boned. (Quickly banging on the door with Flynn, Carol & Totally Spies, screaming hysterically) Guys! Guys! Let me out!

[Amy and Tails rush over to the Mootonium barrels and blow air on them, trying to keep them cool, while Shantae turn to Harpy form to flap her wings to blow more wind on them as well.]

Boggy B: Tails! You can blow better wind than that! (Begins pulling Tails' belt)

Tails: Hey! Why did you- (suddenly feeling his twin tails begin spinning to blow a lot more air) ?!

Boggy B: Less talk, more wind!

Milla Basset: (making barrier shields with her green energy to keep the others protected, while Lilac cuddles her) (gulps) Please hurry...!

Clover: (surprised with Alex & Sam) Remind us to ask on how you did that, Boggy?

[Scene Change: Inside the AC vents.]

[Orbot and Sticks, Redbot SpongeBob, Patrick, the Piraka, Pinkie, Mordecai, Rigby, Cuphead, Mugman, Bendy Devil, Boris & Alice crawl their way through the vent. As Orbot stops, Sticks bangs her head on Orbot's bottom half.]

SpongeBob: (behind Sticks with Redbot & Rigby) What's the hold up?

Orbot: I'm not sure if we should take a left or a right here.

Rigby: Are you serious?

Sticks: I thought you said you know Eggman's lair like the back of your hand.

Orbot: Let's be honest. Does anyone really know the back of their hand as well as that phrase implies?

Mordecai: Wherever the vent goes, we go. (Play Rock Paper Scissors with Rigby, in which Rigby loses)

Rigby: (groans as he let Mordecai lead the way) Fine.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, basement.]

[Amy and Tails continue to blow air on the barrels. Tails runs out of breath.]

Amy: You OK? Better take a break. I don't want you getting hurt.

[Orbot and Sticks team fall out of the vents and land on Tails, hurting him.]

SpongeBob, Patrick, Piraka, Pinkie, Cuphead, Mugman, Mordecai, Rigby, Bendy Devil, Boris & Alice: (groan in pain)

Boggy B: Guys?

Reidak: Hi...

Bendy Devil: What's up?

[Scene Change: Storage room.]

[Dr. Eggman tests Zippie and it wheels around the room.]

Ed: (laughing, while Zippie wheels around him) Stay back, back... (laughs a bit, while looking upside down) Obey me...!

Knuckles: [Laughs with Crash] What a silly little robot. He can't even talk good like me do.

Dr. Eggman: No, you dolt. Zippie's circuitry is so simple, he can only communicate through Morse code.

Eddy: Ed's simple.

Dr. Eggman: Wait a minute... [Stands up] We got it!

Knuckles: While you do have a unique look, I wouldn't say you had it per say.

Dr. Eggman: Not that. Morse code!

Plankton: Of course! By using Morse code, We can use it to send messages to the other rooms.

Dr. Eggman: And come on, Plankton & I have it. [Points with his finger] Now hand me that wrench.

Coco: Let me try.

[Knuckles hands Eggman the wrench, who begins tapping on the wall in Morse code using the wrench with Coco's help.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, basement.]

[Amy, Tails, Orbot and Sticks & the others hear tapping noises]

Amy: Does anybody else hear that?

Bendy Devil: Great, now were hearing things.

Tails: It's Morse code!

[Orbot runs to the wall that is being tapped and listens.]

Orbot: It's Dr. Eggman. He says he's trapped in the storage room.

Shantae: Thank goodness we're close together, but we've got a bigger problem.

Tails: We better tell him about the unstable Mootonium.

[Orbot taps the wall back to Eggman in Morse code.]

[Scene Change: Storage room.]

[Eggman & Bluebot listens.]

Bluebot: Hm?!

Applejack: What in tarnation are they saying?

Dr. Eggman: Oh no. I knew I forgot something during spring cleaning: my 330 gallons of volatile radioactive ooze. We're gonna put the kibosh on this lockdown before the whole place blows sky-high!

Plankton: I told you to clean this stuff up! Honestly, no one ever listens to me anymore.

Coco: That doesn't sound good. But we may have an idea... (whispers the plan to the group)

[Eggman & Bluebot taps the wall again with Edd & Coco's help.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, basement.]

[Orbot, Redbot & Yellowbot listens.]

Flynn: Ok, what are they saying now cause I seriously don't get any of this.

Orbot: Dr. Eggman is sending directions on how to override the security system.

Yellowbot: We need to relay it to the HQ room on the other side of the lair.

[Tails, Mordecai & Rigby runs to the opposite corner of the room with Tails' wrench.]

Shantae: Ok, we're ready.

Orbot: "Listen closely you shrill little..." Oh let's leave that little part out. (Mordecai & Rigby look at each other & shrugs) "To turn off the lockdown. First you..." (Mordecai & Rigby, Team Lilac, Shantae, Totally Spies & the Piraka help Tails with Morse Code)

[Scene Change: HQ room.]

[Tails taps on the wall. Sonic and Cubot hear it with Sunset, Starlight, Noir Spies, Powerpuff Girls & Mixels.]

Blossom: Hm? Is that what I think it is?

Sonic: What's that?

Black Spy & White Spy: Morse Code! (Point to each other) Jinx!

Cubot: Sounds like Morse code.

Blossom: Of course! Why didn't we think of that? (Listens with Cubot & Greenbot)

Teslo: It's so simple! What are they saying?

Cubot: A catastrophe in the lair basement? Huh. Honestly, Greenbot & I are a little rusty. I haven't spoken more since I dated that telegraph machine.

Sonic: Details Cubot?

Kraw: Please?

Cubot: We drifted apart... lot of different things. (Notices Buttercup, Sunset & Starlight's stern look) Ohoho! You mean in the lair?

Starlight Glimmer: Yes, what are they trying to warn us about?

Cubot: Oh, something about a dangerous substance about to explowsh. Explowsh? What's "explowsh"?

Blossom: You mean explode?!

Sunset, Starlight, Noir Spies & Mixels: Explode?!

Greenbot: Ah, that makes more sense. The lair's about to explode!

White Spy: Details please, now.

Cubot: To shut off the lockdown, find a gray slider on the console and slide it down...

[Sonic presses the slider down to the bottom]

Cubot: About halfway.

Black Spy & White Spy: ?! Oops...

Sonic: Oh...

[Scene Change: Storage room.]

[A claw noose grabs Knuckles feet, sending him flying around the room, knocking the Eds down.]

Ed: Who's there?

Dr. Eggman: No, No, No! I said halfway down. Honestly, why do they hurt me so?

Plankton: (begins helping with the Morse Code) This better work...!

(Be Lucky playing as Montage music)

[A Montage plays. Sunset, Starlight, Blossom & Noir Spies help Sonic with the translation & the controls while Sonic presses another button that triggers another trap, sending Knuckles flying, with the Eds & the Mane 6 ducking down with the Bandicoots & the Kongs. The next setting appears to increase the temperature of the room, forcing Sticks and Amy to keep the Mootonium cool with the group's help, especially Thok's help with his ice element power.]

[Scene Change: HQ room.]

Cubot: And the final command is "c161g", and then the doors open.

[Dramatic music plays as the doors do not open. Sonic bangs on the doors in desperation.]

Sonic: No, no, no, no, no no no! I did everything you said! Why is it not working?!

Greenbot: Maybe you left the caps lock on?

Sonic: Of course I didn't leave the caps lock on! [Rushes back to the keypad] Well, found the problem, completely "uncaps locks related". [Chuckles nervously]

Sunset Shimmer: (sighs) Allow me. (Typing the final command) "c161g". Ok done it.

[The doors in all rooms finally open]

SpongeBob: RUN!

[Scene Change: Outside Eggman's lair, day.]

[Everyone runs outside as the Mootonium destroys the whole lair. Everyone celebrates except for Eggman.]

Mordecai & Rigby: Whooooooaaaa... (chuckling before hi-fiving each other) Yeah!

Boggy B: Oh thank Neptune, we're still alive!

Cuphead: Thank goodness for all that. We would've been goners.

Bendy Devil: No kidding, it would literally blow up on our faces if we didn't make it out.

SpongeBob: Thanks Mordecai & Rigby, sorry that you have to go through all this.

Mordecai: Eh, we handle moments like this even weird or dangerous ones all the time. So don't worry about it, you'll get use to it.

Rigby: Yeah, it's cool.

Sticks: [To Orbot] You really helped save our butts in there Orbie. Of all the robotic abominations against nature, you're the one I hate the least.

[Orbot & Redbot smiles.]

Amy: Hey, Jerry... (Points at Jack) Who's this?

Jerry: That's Jack. He's my brother.

Amy: Your brother?

Jack: It's complicated.

Plankton: Finally, were out of there alive.

Dr. Eggman: It's gone. Everything I ever built... destroyed.

Knuckles: Not everything. [Shows Zippie to Eggman. Eggman grabs Zippie and hugs it.]

Dr. Eggman: [Happily] Zippie! Oh thanks Snuffles! I really owe you one. Anything you want, you got it.

Knuckles: Well you could refund our service fees on those Koala Palooza tickets.

Mordecai: Now that you mentioned it. You do owe us the refund.

Dr. Eggman: Tell you what. How about 4% off your next purchase, not to be combined with any other offer.

Knuckles: Done and done!

[Knuckles shakes hands with Eggman. Zippie displays a disappointed eye and shakes its head from Knuckles stupidity]

Bluebot: I know, us too.

Mordecai: (to the group) Wanna go to Koala Palooza?

[The screen fades to black.]

The End!

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