This is the 126th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on Vector the Crocodile

Plot: Edit

When Amy loses her hammer, she becomes useless without it. Now it's up to Vector the Detector to find it.

Soundtrack: Edit

Perfume - Polyrhythm (From Cars 2)

Pitbull - Celebrate (From Penguins of Madagascar)

Vector Detector: Edit

[Scene: Amy's House, morning.]

(Polyrhythm playing in the background).

Amy: [laughs] Good morning, world. Good morning, chair. Good morning, plant. Good morning, hammer. (Record scratch) [gasps] Hammer? Hammer! HAMMER!

[Scene change: Village Center]

SpongeBob: You've lost you hammer?

Amy: I can't believe my hammer's gone. It's... it's who I am! It's like Sonic without his speed.

Knuckles: Or me without my fists. Aah! Where are they?

Sticks: They're on your hands.

Knuckles: [Sighs] Oh, thank goodness. For a moment there, I was as useless as Amy without her hammer.

SpongeBob: That's weird. Where could've disappeared to?

Sonic: Who would want to steal you hammer anyway?

Eddy: Who would be the serial toucher on the loose?

Vezon: [Whistling] Morning!

Amy: Vezon, you stole my hammer again!

Vezon: First of all, it was the heat of the battle last time & secondly If I wanted a hammer now, I'd make one myself. I was having such a lovely morning, and now I got all worked up for nothing because of you!

Sonic: So, what are you gonna do about it, attack us?

Tails: Nice calling, Sonic.

Vezon: No... they will. (Brings out Krekka & Nidhiki)

Krekka: Guess who's back, heroes!

SpongeBob: Krekka & Nidhiki! (Dodging the blasts with the group) Get down!

Amy: HI-YA! Whoa!

[Knuckles grunts as he punches Krekka, who growls & fights back with a tackle.]

Amy: Ah! What am I supposed to do with my hands?

Vezok: Ever heard of Boxercising?

Nidhiki: (blasting at Sonic & Spongebob & the others in high speeds while chasing them) Where do you think your going?!

Sticks & Vezon: (clashing their bo & spear of fusion at each other, spinning each other around with their weapons)

[Sonic, Knuckles and Sticks & Team Crossovers continue to attack Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki & their robotic minions.]

Amy: Knuckles was right, I am useless! [runs away, crying]

Knuckles: What? I can't help that I'm insightful. (Got punched by Vezok) Ow!

Vezok: You just had to open your mouth didn't you!

Sonic: Well, I guess I need to deal with this. Sorry, need to make this a quick one.

Nidhiki: [Grunts] Fine, were about to leave anyway.

Krekka: Don't worry, I completely understand! (Charges) Yoloooo...!

Ed: (uses the batter Ed with the Eds & the Piraka help)

[Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki is knocked into the distance, screaming,]

Krekka: I want my money back for those karate lessons! (Crashes with a thud) Ow.

Nidhiki: Krekka, your a special kind of idiot...!

Krekka: Yay, I'm special!

[Scene change: Amy's house, day.]

Sonic: Amy, your worries are over.

Knuckles: We didn't find your hammer. But we did find this crate of hand-to-hand combat weapons.

Black Spy: Take your pick. We got swords, blasters, boomerangs, spears, staffs, heavy weapons & maces.

Sticks: And the best part is, they're all unregistered with a serial number scratched off.

White Spy: Come on, choose your weapon until we find your hammer.

Amy: I appreciate your help everyone. But I called it professional.

Thok: (hears someone at the door & comes to it) Let me guess, the pizza man?

[Vector slams the door open on Thok.]

Vector: In this matter, some would call tragically a small hobble, I, Vector the Detector will begin my investigation of 'The Case of the Missing Hammer'.

Sonic: Vector? What are you doing here?

Vezok: Thok, are you ok? And you know this guy?

Dixon: Cut! No no no, you're excited that Vector's here.

Eddy: What's the deal here?

Amy: Sonic, have you seen his show? He'll find my hammer for sure.

Sonic: When did you get a reality show?

Vector: When they paid me big time TV do-re-mi.

[Vector's pupils turned into dollar signs.]

Tails: You should probably see an optometrist about that.

Thok: (getting pulled out of the door by Ed's help) Guys? A little help would really be appreciated!

Black Spy: Well, we'd be interested to see what intel we discover.

[Scene change: Amy's house, day.]

Vector: I'm here outside the Vic's domicile, looking for clues.

[Sonic & Team Crossover appeared.]

Eddy: (with a cone as a megahorn) Attention, Hide your stuff, serial touched on the loose!

Edd: If we wanted to find these clues we need to...

Sonic: I'm looking for clues, too! And I can do it 50 times faster than Vector!

[Sonic speeded around Amy's house, and finds nothing.]

Sonic: Nope, nothing, that criminal mastermind left no trace.

Vector: Yeah, no trace. Except these footprints.

[Grassy footprints appeared, and it ended near a bush. Vector looks through the bush and finds a card.]

White Spy: Good eye... but what's that? (Point to a VIP card)

Sonic: A Meh Burger VIP card? I've never seen one of those before.

Ed: Maybe they're becoming fancy like glass slippers guys?

Vector: They're reserved for the cultural elite. We have our first clue.

[Scene change: Meh Burger, day.]

Vector: We're gonna need this palooka to name names. And unlike these soft drink cups, he ain't gonna spill easy. Time for the old good cop bad cop routine.

SpongeBob: I don't want to be a bad cop, so good cop please?

Sonic: I'll play bad cop.

Vector: This is my clambake, and I always play bad cop.

Zaktan: You know as well as I know, that being the bad cop is the Piraka's specialiality. We tear the robots to pieces in more brutal ways than one!

White Spy: Ok, that actually scares us...

Dave: Could I take your order?

Vector: What's the skinny on this VIP card?

Black Spy: That card you hold like this... (holding a VIP Card)

Dave: I don't know what you're talking about.

[Vector slaps Dave with VIP card and Sonic grabs his shirt as he screams.]

Vezok: Listen up, beaver boy! Either you help us or it's live bait for you!

Sonic: My partners wants to go easy on you. He believes your little fairy tale, but something smells rotten to me.

Dave: It's Meh Burger. That's just how it smells.

(The Piraka helped Vector knocks over the dishes to shatter them to pieces.)

Eddy: (got up on Dave's face) You don't wanna do this pal. Care for an up to date bills on broken dishes?!

SpongeBob: Please tell us...

"More Coming Soon..."

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