This is the 125th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on SpongeBob, Patrick, Nocturn & Sticks


During their normal routine of a battle between good & evil, both Team Sonic, Team Crossover & Eggman & Plankton & the other villains were all taken by surprise when SpongeBob & Patrick & Nocturn, the biolumious lummox, ordered a package which is a giant flat screen TV, just so they can play in the box instead. Curiosity gets the better of the group, especially Sticks when they discover that SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocfurn are using their imaginations that has gotten the entire island's attention. How would the others react to this & how did SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocturn turned a simple box into a world of imagination?

Soundtrack: Edit

Dillon Francis ft. T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay - Catchy Song (from The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part)

Kevin MacLeod - Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch

P.A.N.D.A (a.k.a my own Animusic) - Flashlight

Boxed In:Edit

(Scene: Sonic's Shack, day)

(Backgroud Music: Sneaky Snitch by: Kevin MacLeod)

(SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocturn were seen nearby Sonic's shack, waiting for something.)

SpongeBob: (as Nocturn looks around) See anything yet, Patrick?

Patrick: I need my glasses. [puts two glasses of water on his eyes like binoculars, which are real human eyes.] Hmmm... [a mail truck approaches]'s the mail truck!

Nocturn: And that means...

SpongeBob and Patrick & Nocturn: Our package! [Patrick throws the glasses and the three start dancing and hopping to Catchy Song by: Dillon Francis ft. T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay.]

(Team Crossovers come out of their Crossover Shack & Sticks comes out of her burrow to see that SpongeBob and Patrick & Nocturn are dancing.)

Sticks: Why are they dancing... with Nocturn? Are they corrupted by the government?

Eddy: Either that or it's "Happy Hopping Moron Day".

Mail Man: SpongeBob SquarePants?

SpongeBob: That's me! [Mail Man throws a big box next to him and Patrick]

Sticks: That's a big box!

Reidak: No kidding.

Nocturn: Thank you! [still dancing and hopping]

Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob, when do we stop hopping?

SpongeBob: Thirty more seconds, Patrick. [rubs hands together]

Pinkie Pie: Ooh I wonder what's inside the package? Cooking equipment?

Sticks: (Screams) It must be giant alien!

Boggy B: Or maybe a life time supply of bubble soap. (Chuckling)

[SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocturn lift up a big-screen TV out of the box]

Sticks: Huh? A brand-new television?

SpongeBob: Easy... easy... [both him, Patrick and Nocturn throw the TV onto a trash-can]

SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocturn: Yeah! [jump into the box and close the flaps]

Sticks: Looks like they became more than stupid. They became... ABDUCTED!!! (Screams)

Twilight Sparkle: (cover Sticks' mouth) And I'm about as flabbergasted as you are, even Nocturn of all people.

Vezok: Dare I need to say more, he's also an idiot that loves to smash.

Sticks: [walks up with Team Crossovers to the box with SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocturn inside] Why did you order a giant screen television only to play in the big box?

SpongeBob: [as he emerges from the box] Pretty smart, huh?

Patrick: [emerges from the box] I thought it wouldn't work.

Nocturn: (emerges from the box) I don't know what a TV is. I thought it was scrap metal.

Carol Tea: Yeah, that's really quite a plan you got there.

Sticks: SpongeBob, Patrick, Nocturn, you three even didn't keep the TV. You three became mind controlled!

White Spy: What Sticks is trying to say is... DONT YOU THREE HAVE ANY BRAINS?!

Nocturn: (screams back) OF COURSE WE DO HAVE BRAINS!!!

SpongeBob: (as Nocturn calms down) Sticks, Team Crossover, we don't need television. Not as long as we have our... [makes a rainbow over his head with his hands]...imagination!

Sticks: (is completely confused on what imagination is) What?

Pinkie Pie: Ooh, pretty. We never thought about it that way.

Vezok: (sarcastic) Yeah, that's really something. (Normal) Can we have the TV?

SpongeBob: With... [SpongeBob jumps on the flap of the box, makes another rainbow with his hands] ...imagination, I can be anything I want! A pirate! [curls his finger in a hook shape] Arrrrr! A football player! [stands in a football player stance] Hup!

Patrick: A starfish!

Nocturn: A Sea Monster!

Sticks: Patrick, you're already a starfish.

Zaktan: Nocturn, your already a Sea Monster.

Patrick: See, Sticks? It works!

Nocturn: Yeah, no harm no fowl! You try!

Black Spy: (thinking) Ok lets see, we're imagining ourselves watching TV... and there it is!

Sticks: Okay, but can I please have the TV? For uh... mind control investigation purposes?

SpongeBob: Sure, Sticks.

Sticks: Yes! (Sticks runs to the TV and pushes it to her burrow, which apparently fits inside).

Avak: (chasing after Sticks with the rest of the Team) Hey you don't even have reception!

Nocturn: Okay, Sticks, but if you change your mind, we'll be in this box!

Eddy: Yeah yeah, whatever. Talk to you soon, gotta jet. Come on frankenstein. (Pull Ed away from the box)

(Background Music: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by: Kevin MacLeod)

Patrick: Let's play Mountain Climbing Adventure!

SpongeBob: Let's go for it! [pulls the flaps of the box over on them] Gloves!

Patrick: Check.

SpongeBob: Hats!

Nocturn: Check.

SpongeBob: Underwear!

Patrick: Uh... check!

SpongeBob: Okay, Patrick & Nocturn, climb up there and secure this rope.

Nocturn: Okie dokie!

Patrick: You got it! [climbing noises come from the box]

SpongeBob: Patrick! Nocturn! Guys, you're going too high!

(Team Crossover look back at the box with Sticks before they continue)

Sticks: (looks back before she continues) I think the box needs a lot of air holes.

Milla Basset: But it looks like fun.

Sash Lilac: Maybe someday, Milla.

SpongeBob: Take it easy, you two, you've got to acclimate!

Nocturn: I'll take it easy when I'm dead!

Patrick: I'm shaking hands with Neptune! Whoo!

Nocturn: Excelsior!

Sticks: (checking outside) Where's that Remote thingy?

Patrick: I am the lizard king! Whoo!

Edd: (found the remote near the box) Oh there it is. Silly me, we've left it behind. (About to leave but stops after hearing the two in the box, with Sticks & the rest of Team Crossovers)

Nocturn: Whoo hoo! Whoo! I'm the King of the World!

SpongeBob: Patrick? Nocturn? Patrick! Nocturn! I think we should keep our voices down! We might start an avalanche!

Patrick & Nocturn: What?

SpongeBob: I said, I think we should keep our voices down in case of avalanches!

Nocturn: Can you speak up?! I can't hear you!

Patrick: What should we keep down?

Sticks: (growls a bit, being more annoyed from the noises)

Boggy B: (covering his ears) Morons...

SpongeBob: Our voices!

Sticks: Aaaah, shut up!! [kicks the box, causing the sound of an avalanche, making SpongeBob and Patrick & Nocturn scream and fall, SpongeBob & Patrick start to cry, while Nocturn groans in pain. Sticks is shocked as much as the rest are]

Applejack: What... in tarnation... is that?

Sticks: Sponge... Bob? [she softly touches the box, causing another avalanche that startled the group again]

Nocturn: So... cold...

Patrick: Hold me.

SpongeBob: Hang in there buddy, the chopper's on the way! (Team Crossover look on in shock)

Patrick: SpongeBob! My legs are frozen solid! You're going to have to cut them off with a saw! [Sticks begins to sweat]

Nocturn: Reach my blades, do it to save us all!

SpongeBob: No, Patrick & Nocturn, I can't do that!

Patrick: Why not?

SpongeBob: Because I already cut off my own arms! [Sticks kneels down]

Patrick: Nooooo-!


[Sticks & Team Crossovers quickly opens the box and looks in. SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocturn sit inside the box]

Sticks: [confused] What the?

Nocturn: Too much?

Twilight Sparkle: (flabbergasted as the rest of the group) Wait, we thought you... but you had... were covered in... HUH?!

Sticks & Zaktan: How were you three making that noise?

SpongeBob: [laughs] What noise, Sticks & Zaktan?

Patrick: I could only hear the sound of our laughter.

Sticks: Yes! But those sound effects: the rockclimbing, the avalanche, the, the, the...

Nocturn: Don't forget the second avalanche.

Sticks: (Closes the box) Never mind!

Nocturn: (from inside) Hey...!

Edd: How is it that they can preform such a feat? This is impossible...!

Eddy: I don't even know why we're wasting our time out here, why we should be watching our brand new television. (Suddenly hears something) ?!

Sticks: [helicopter sounds are heard from the box, Sticks looks around at the sky and ducks] What was that? Is Eggman attacking us?!

Pilot Inside Box: (Sticks & Team Crossovers look over to see the Box again) Attention climbers, please hold on! The saws are on the way!

SpongeBob and Patrick: Yay!

Nocturn: We're saved! It's a sign from above!

Sticks: Grrrr... Aha! [she opens the box again and sees SpongeBob and Patrick & Nocturn sitting inside the box again, however Ed, Pinkie Pie, DK, Diddy, Crash & Milla are inside with them] 

Nocturn: (turn to Sticks) What?

Sticks: Ed, Pinkie Pie, DK, Diddy, Crash & Milla?

Hugo: How are you all doing this?

SpongeBob: (as Crash smiles) First we establish a base camp at 15,000 feet...

Sticks: The noises! How are you two making those noises?

Pinkie Pie: (as DK & Diddy smile as well, wanting to join in too) Sorry, we couldnt resist a little fun in the box.

Milla Basset: Even I'm surprised on how magical the box really is. It surprised me in a good way.

Ed: Snow cone please?

Edd: We should've Known better, but how?

Patrick: That's easy. All you need is a box.

SpongeBob: And... [makes another rainbow with his hands]...imagination.

Sticks: [as SpongeBob and Patrick duck down into the box with Ed, Pinkie & Milla] Are you trying to say that we have no imagination?

Avak: Nope.

Sticks: I have more imagination... [tries to make a rainbow with her hands, like SpongeBob, but is unsuccessful] one hand than you two have in your whole bodies.

Patrick: That's good. Now all you need is a box.

Nocturn: There's always room for one more. See you inside. [closes the box]

Reidak: A box huh?

Eddy: Hey, Mind if I cut in? (crawl into the box, pulling Edd inside) Sweet...!

Edd: Eddy...!

Boggy B: Hmm... wait right there... (Team Crossovers head inside to find any large boxes they can find)

Sticks: [walks back to her burrow] I'll show them!

(Scene Change to the inside of Sticks' Burrow, still day time)

Sticks: [looks in her closet] There's got to be one in here! [finds a small, round green box] Ah! This wig box should do nicely. [pulls out a Blonde bob-style wig] Why haven't I worn this yet? Meh. [throws it off-screen, gets in the box but she is too big for it and then just sits there. She then frowns, looks at her watch and then gets mad and kicks the box. Police sirens are heard]

Policeman Inside SpongeBob and Patrick's box: Attention! We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up!

Sticks: What do they want with me? What did I do? [she gasps] Obviously, I've violated some new box kicking law! [walks out of her burrow showing the green box] Look officers, everything's okay. I won't do it again! Please don't change me into fancy lady again! Please!

Nocturn (as Criminal Inside Box): You'll never take me alive, coppers!

Man Inside Box: No, Johnny! Don't do it! [Police sirens are heard, it is implied that the Eds, Coco, Totallty Spies, Noir Spies, Hugo, Flynn & Cali had joined in.]

Eddy: (from inside the box) Requesting back up, we're in hot pursuit!

Ed: Hey it's my turn to drive! Beep! Transfer please?

Boggy B: (confused with the Piraka, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow, Fluttershy, Rarity, Team Lilac, Shantae as well) You too huh?

[Sticks gets angry and kicks her green box toward SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocturn's box, which Boggy B catches it]

Patrick: [opens box and sirens stop] Whoopee! Another box! [Patrick & the Noir Spies takes Boggy B & the wig box and closes the box they're sitting in and police sirens are heard again]

Boggy B: Back up' in hot pursuit!

White Spy: Were bringing you in!

Black Spy: You'll have to catch me first!

Sticks: (growling while trying to head back inside, closing the door behind her)

Thok: Hey, where is she going?

Vezok: It's not like we asked them for a complipatery imagination expansion or noting.

Sticks: It's all starting to get into my head! I got to try to relax. Perhaps I can drown out their childish games with a little TV. (Turn on the TV to see a show with boxes on a conveyor belt in a factory]

Male TV narrator: It is here that the boxes reach their final stage of assembly. [changes channel to an old professor talking about a box equation on a chalkboard]

Professor: The equation is illustrated here by this box. [changes channel to a soap opera with a man and woman]

Man: I couldn't afford a present this year, so I got you this box. [he holds up a box]

Woman: That's what I got you! [she also holds up a box]

Sticks: Isn't there anything on that isn't about stupid boxes?! (Changes the channel to a boxing match)

Announcer: And welcome back to Championship Boxing.

Sticks: [chuckles in hope] Heh-heh, I guess this is okay. I mean, it's not really about boxes. [two boxes go at each other in the ring] I give up.

Astronaut Inside SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocturn's Box: 3... 2... 1... blast off! [a loud rocket takes off noises are heard from the box]

Sticks: [fascinated, while surprised that the rest of the Mane 6, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea & Shantae had also joined in] How are they even doing that?! (Closes the door) That was the most realistic space launch I ever heard! There must be an explanation. Think, Sticks, think! [she imagines SpongeBob and Patrick & Nocturn playing a tape recorder with real rocket sound effects]

Nocturn: (covering his mouth) Sticks is just too easy!

SpongeBob: Sticks is such a jerk. [the three laugh]

Sticks: Laugh at me, will they?

(Scene Change: Outside Sonic's Shack)

Sticks: [opens box once again with the Piraka] All right, where is it?

Shantae: (surprised with the Mane 6 & Team Lilac & Shantae) Hi Sticks...

Patrick: [comes out of Sticks's green hat box that Nocturn is holding] Here I am!

SpongeBob: Where's what, Sticks?

Sticks: (trying to shake off on how Patrick does that) Don't "Where's what, Sticks?" me! Where's the tape recorder?

Zaktan: Excuse me?

SpongeBob: We don't have a tape recorder, Sticks!

Sticks: Don't "We don't have a tape recorder, Sticks!" me!

Vezok: Is it a tape recorder or not?

Nocturn: But we don't! I don't even know what a tape recorder is.

Patrick: [holds up a small, white, rectangular box in his hand] We have a tape recorder box.

Milla Basset: Please make this work...

Reidak: Ok you know what, we give up! It's better than Eggman's social network fiasco in the previous episode. (The Piraka crawl inside the box)

Nocturn: Ehhhh?

Sticks: [takes the small, white box from Patrick and throws it offscreen] All right, make way you three, I'm coming in. [gets into box as well]

Nocturn: Yay! We're all in this together!

SpongeBob: Welcome aboard, Sticks & the Piraka! You've just set sail on the S.S... [makes a rainbow with his hands once more]...Imagination... where our only destination is fantastic adventure! Where do you want to go first?

Sash Lilac: There's so many options for you to try out. The imagination is endless, even we're surprised on how SpongeBob & Patrick taught us.

Sticks: No, no. Don't mind me, I'm just here to observe.

Zaktan: Yeah, we're slightly confused on how it all works so...

SpongeBob: Sticks, don't you see? Waiting and watching? That's not what the box is all about! It's about... [makes one last rainbow with his hands] ...imagination.

Avak: Ok ok, fine! Any ideas?

Sticks: (trying to swat the rainbow to make it fade away) Alright, I get it! How about Robot Pirate Island, okay?!

Vezok: (was suddenly interested with the Piraka) Wait, did you say "Robot Pirate Island"? We used to do that way back in the past in our spare time with arm wrestling Cowboys on the moon!

Sticks: Please do it so I can get back to do more of the mind control tv investigations!

Nocturn: Perfect! Even I wanna try that!

Shantae: That's the spirit, Piraka!

SpongeBob: Okay, Sticks! Robot Pirate Island it is! [SpongeBob, Patrick & Nocturn close their eyes with Team Crossovers and make pirate and robot sounds]

Patrick: [imitates robot] Beep-beep-beep.

SpongeBob: [imitates pirate] Arr.

Nocturn: (imitates robot) Grrrrrr...

Patrick: Beep-boop-bee-boop.

SpongeBob: Ahoy matey!

Nocturn: Aaa- Aaa- Aah!

Sticks: (completely dumbfounded) This is so humiliating.

Patrick: Beep-beep.

SpongeBob: For that you'll walk the plank! [SpongeBob giggles softly, and Patrick starts chuckling goofily, while Nocturn guffaws goofly & yet robotically]

Nocturn: Ga-ha ha ha ha! Ga-ha ha ha ha!

Sticks: [she gets angry. she growls] Why won't this thing turn on?! [she slams the bottom of the box with his fists]

Nocturn: Hey! What's with you?

Boggy B: Sticks, we're just getting warmed up. Where are you going?

Sticks: All right, fine. If you don't want to show me, [gets out of the box] I don't care! I've got better things to do than pace the floor wondering how you two work this thing.

Nocturn: Suit yourself. Your missing out on the fun anyway.

(Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day)

Sticks: [Sticks paces back and forth in her burrow] How do those two work that thing? There's got to be a secret button or a switch or something! I mean, listen to that! [she hears real robot/pirate, battle noises from box] Now, that sounds like Robot Pirate Island! Even the Piraka of all people are getting involved! (Begins thinking) Think, Sticks, think! I got it: when Team Crossovers go to bed, I'll sneak in there and find that button! I'll wait all night if I have to! [she sits in his chair until nighttime]

(At Night time)

[firework and cheering sounds are heard coming from the box. Nocturn, Patrick and SpongeBob & the rest of Team Crossovers come out of the box and Patrick yawns]

Nocturn: (glowing with blue light) Wow... what a night... the fireworks are spectacular...!

Eddy: Whoo hoo hoo, that was actually the most fun we had all day!

Milla Basset: If only Sticks & the rest of Team Sonic would like to try out this magical box! Thanks for showing us the neat box.

Patrick: I need sleep to refuel my imagination tanks!

SpongeBob: [Sticks looks out of her boulder door] I still can't believe those pirates beat all those robots.

Vezok: Ok, you may have won this round, but we will return when we have the chance of course!

Twilight Sparkle: Of course you do Piraka, but the endless imagination is uncanny. I've got so many questions for this magic box.

Shantae: Let's save these questions for another time. Let's get to bed. Too bad that Sticks is missing out.

Nocturn: Can't wait to play some more...

Boggy B: SpongeBob & Patrick, are you sure you want to have sleepovers?

Patrick: Yeah, see you in the morning.

SpongeBob: Good night, Patrick. Goodnight everybody. [they both go into Sonic's shack and Amy's house respectively, with Nocturn head into the ocean floor to sleep underwater, while glowing blue in the night, while the rest of Team Crossovers head back into their Crossover Shack]

[Sticks sneaks out of her burrow. She tiptoes over to the box and gets inside]

Sticks: [She chuckles mischievously and then sees a piece of paper on the side of the box] Hello, what's this? [reads] "This plaque is to commemorate the brave pirates who gave their lives to keep this box safe from the Robot Menace. Lest we forget... Ohh! [tears paper into pieces with anger] I've got to find that button quick! [looks around the box] It's got to be around here somewhere. I don't see anything! It's just an empty box! Maybe it really was their imagination. Oh... get it together, Sticks! What are you saying? I mean, do I really believe that if I sit here and pretend to drive a race car that I'm suddenly going to start hearing noises? [pushes her foot down and the sound of an engine revving is heard] What the...? [Sticks turns the imaginary key] It actually works! I can't believe it! Ha-ha! Oh boy! This beats TV by a long shot! [laughs] Whooo-hoo-hoo! This is the most fun I've ever had! [the noises actually come from a garbage truck, which lifts the box into the other garbage]

(Background Music: Flashlight by: P.A.N.D.A (a.k.a my own Animusic)

SpongeBob: [Sticks cheering in the distance] (reading a story book) Listen to that, Sonic. Sticks finally made the box work after all. That's so great.

Sonic: Yeah, thou I'm not sure Sticks having fun is such a good idea.

Sticks: [the garbage truck begins to drive away with the box that Sticks is in] Vroom! Vroom! Only two more laps to the finish line! [the garbage truck dumps out the trash, including the box] I'm in the lead! Out of my way! I'm almost there! [laughs as the box slides down a trash pile] Whoo-hoo-hoo! Victory is mine! [the box hits something, sending Sticks tumbling down, face first onto a cherry pie. She groans and the box falls on him.]

[The next morning, SpongeBob and Patrick come out of their houses, while Nocturn emerges underwater]

Nocturn: (yawns) Morning... can't wait for some more fun with... (notices the box is gone) Huh? Where'd it go? (Checking the area)

SpongeBob: Hey, our box is gone!

Patrick: Oh, well.

Nocturn: It was fun while it lasted. What now?

SpongeBob: I know! Let's go see Sticks!

Nocturn: Good idea!

Patrick: I hope she's not too down in the dumps today. [he, Nocturn and SpongeBob walk to Sticks' burrow and a timpani noise is heard in the background as the screen fades to black]

The End!

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