This Episode Focuses on Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & the Eds

Plot: Edit

During their days of goofing around, Tails, Knuckles, Sonic & the 3 Eds accidently injure Lady Walrus & must take care of Chumley for her.

Soundtrack: Edit

Wubbox - Earth Island

Kevin MacLeod - Shiny Tech

Hyper Potions & Mega Flare (Feat. Slyleaf) - Where We Wanna Be

Special Guest Appearance: Edit

Jerry the Wubbox (From Sonic Boom: Og Man Out and from My Singing Monsters).

Bendy the Ink Demon

Three Men (Eds) And My Baby: Edit

(Scene: The Woods nearby the Canyon, Day)

[Eddy runs by, stepping in a puddle. Ed follows and falls straight through. Edd stops short and steps over it.]

Edd: "Puddles can be so messy." [He puts up a Caution sign.] "An ounce of prevention!"

Eddy: "Hey, snailboy, move it, willya? I'm not getting any younger." [He walks off a cliff.]

Edd: "Eddy, stop!"

Ed: [running off the cliff into Eddy] "I got a soaker, guys!"

Eddy: "Ed, if you bump into me one more–"

Edd: "Um, guys?"

Eddy: "What?"

Edd: "Improbable alert!"

[Eddy realizes he's standing on thin air and rushes to safe ground. Ed stays where he is.]

Edd and Eddy: "Come back, Ed!"

Ed: "I can jump it, guys!"

Edd and Eddy: "No, Ed!" [They pull him back.]

Edd: "Now what?"

Eddy: "I'm thinking, I'm thinking."

Ed: "Can I think?"

Edd and Eddy: "NO!"

[Scene Change: Canyon, day.] [Sonic and Tails are on hoverboards and taking a ride with Enerbeams around Knuckles' monster truck. It drives through a cactus unharmed.]

Knuckles: Woohoo! Oh, where's no endangerment like reckless endangerment!

Sonic: You can say that again!

Knuckles: Hold on tight, boys. We're going into maximum overdrive! [Looks at the pizza oven built into the monster truck] Oh, pizza's ready!

[Knuckles picks the pizza out of the oven and burns his hand. Knuckles releases the steering wheel and tosses the pizza around. The monster truck loses control and flips over once before continuing onward, now out of control. Sonic and Tails are holding onto the monster truck with their Enerbeams all the way.]

(Scene Change: Woods Nearby the Canyon)

[Edd is using a makeshift anemometer to judge the wind's speed and direction.]

Eddy: "What's the word, Double D?"

Edd: "Well frankly Eddy, I'm concerned. The wind conditions aren't suitable for our trajectory. The lean is much too steep for the span."

Eddy: "What else is new? Let 'er rip, Ed!"

[Ed lets go of the tree root he's biting.]

Ed: "Gravy."

[The tree the Eds are standing on snaps to its full height, rocketing them away heading straight for the Village Center.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Knuckles' monster truck drives into the Village Center. Lady Walrus, carrying a pram, gasps upon seeing them & the Eds that are about to crash.]

Sonic: Knuckles, look out!

[Knuckles puts his hands on the steering wheel, but drops the hot pizza on his lap.]

Knuckles: Whoooah! It's days like these I wish I wore pants!

[Sonic and Tails de-activate their Enerbeams and let go of the monster truck, while the 3 Eds crash into Sonic & Tails. Lady Walrus screams as the monster truck steers away from her and crashes into a palm tree, with the Eds crashing headfirst into the village centre. An airbag covers Knuckles' face after the monster truck has crashed.]

Ed: I think I hit a pipe.

Tails: Woah, that was lucky. Somebody could've gotten hurt!

[Lady Walrus screams again as the palm tree Knuckles drove into falls on her. Sonic and Tails flinches. Lady Walrus is shown lying under the tree while her pram rolls away slowly.]

[Scene Change: Lady Walrus' house, day.]

Edd: Ed! Eddy! What in heavens name are we thinking?!

Ed: Absolutely nothing, Double D.

Sonic: Again, our sincerest apologies. These pizza-related incidents are becoming all too common.

Tails: Maybe it's about time we as a culture, banned restaurant-grade pizza ovens from cars altogether.

Lady Walrus: Will I ever be able to walk into Meh Burger again?

Doc: Oh absolutely.

Lady Walrus: That's a shame.

Doc: But you're going to need some rest. No getting out of this bed for the next few days.

Stratford: I'll take care of you, mama.

Lady Walrus: Thank you, Stratford, but what about little Chumley? Who'll care for my baby!

Ed: Aw look...

Sonic: Suddenly you're worried about your baby's safety? [Tails taps Sonic] Uh, I mean, I guess we could watch your kid for a little while. After all we saved the village on a weekly basis. How hard could it be to watch one baby?

[Scene Change: Tails' house, day.]

[Chumley cries as diapers are thrown across the room.]

Eddy: You just had to drag us into this mess, don't ya?!

Knuckles: Why would she trust us with a baby? We've dropped a tree on her!

Tails: There's gotta be something we can do to make it stop! Maybe he's hungry.

Sonic: Yeah, let's, uh, feed it a chili dog. Everyone loves chili dogs.

Edd: No Sonic, what he needs is more softer food.

Tails: I don't think he can eat solid food.

Sonic: Well then, put it in the blender.

Knuckles: Well, if you say so.

Ed: If we're thirsty, take a drink.

[Knuckles, carrying the baby, tries to put him in the blender, but Sonic & the Eds stops him.]

Edd: Have you gone mad?!

Sonic: The chili dog, not the baby!

Knuckles: Oh, yeah that makes more sense.

[Chumley watches the blender blending the chili dog. Sonic opens up the blender and Knuckles takes a spoonful out of the blender and makes airplane noises. He gives the spoonful to Chumley.]

Knuckles: Here comes the airplane.

[Knuckles stops and gets distracted.]

Knuckles: What, wh, wh, sorry folks. Looks like there's a backup on the tarmac. Just sit tight and enjoy this encore airing of our safety video. [Rich voice] Hello. Willkommen. Aloha. [Chumley starts crying again.]

Ed: Quick guys do something!

Sonic: Can you just feed the kid already?

Eddy: hurry up, will ya? Like this!

[Knuckles, thanks to Eddy, gives the spoonful to Chumley. He laughs and claps in response. Team Sonic breathe a sigh of relief.]

Eddy: There, like this?

Tails: Thank you... Mama

Eddy: Mama?!

Ed: Mama Eddy. (Chuckling)

Sonic: Taking care of a baby isn't so hard. We totally got this.

[Chumley poops his diaper.]

Ed: Low tide.

Eddy: (smacks Sonic at the back of his head for jinxing us)

[Scene Change: Amy's house, day.]

Amy: I don't think so.

Eddy: What do you mean "I don't think so"?

Sonic: But Amy somebody needs to take responsibility for our actions. Why does is have to be us?

Amy: Sorry guys. Not my monkey, not my circus!

Knuckles: You own a circus?

Ed: Are you the sad clown?

Amy: (Shouting) IT'S A FIGURE OF SPEECH!!!

[Amy slams the door on Ed, Chumley poops his diaper again. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, Edd & Eddy flinch. Chumley drops his pacifier and cries again.]

Edd & Eddy: Let's get Ed to change.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Sonic, Knuckles and Tails & the Eds, minus Ed are wearing spacesuits trying to change the diaper.]

Edd: Hopefully these newly aquired spacesuits from our previous meteorite space adventure will be make well adjusted hazmat suits.

Tails: We are go for removal of diaper 1.

[Sonic & Ed picks up a bag with tongs & hockey sticks respectively.]

Sonic: [Sighs] Diaper 1 successfully detached. Prepare hazardous waste disposal.

Tails: Ready Waste bin.

[Tails brings in a waste bin for Sonic to place the bag in. Sonic drops the bag into the waste bin]

Knuckles: Applying diaper 2.

[Knuckles puts diaper 2 on Chumley and wraps tape around it.]

Sonic: We've changed a diaper.

[Chumley poops his diaper again and starts crying again.]

Eddy: (smacks Sonic upside the head again) Really?!

Edd: (pulling out lots of baby diapers) If only SpongeBob & Patrick can take care of the baby as well, they took care of a baby scallop before, why not we ask them?

Knuckles: Ready diaper 3.

[Scene Change: Tails' House, day.]

[Chumley is still crying inside his pram.]

SpongeBob: Eds, we're sorry that you, Sonic, Tails & Knuckles are going through. But I'm not going through of changing diapers again.

Patrick: And I've been a bad father for not making it up to SpongeBob. Sometimes I gotta move the antenna, sometimes I lose the remote & sometimes my butt itches real bad.

Eddy: Oh you poor poor thing, by the way you forgot your BRIEFCASE... (shows a briefcase of donuts & ice cream)

Sonic: We fed you and changed you. What more do you want? Just go to sleep.

[Chumley drops his pacifier again and cries louder.]

Tails: Maybe we should try singing to him, like a lullaby or something?

Eddy: Do I look like the guy who knows a lullaby?

Sonic: [Singing] Rock-a-bye baby in the treetop.

[Chumley keeps crying.]

Sonic [While singing] Whatever we do, this kid just won't stop!

Knuckles: That's because you're not putting on enough of a show.

[Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, while wearing their Dude-itude outfits, dance and sing to Chumley with some music playing in the background.]

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: [Singing] Rock-a-bye! Baby, rock-a-bye! Baby, rock-a-bye! Baby, yeah. Rock-a-bye! Baby, rock-a-bye! Baby, rock-a-bye! Baby, yeah. Yeah!

[Chumley has a confused look on his face, and then starts crying again.]

Knuckles: Maybe we should do two acts.

Knuckles: Oh! Really? And just how on earth are we going to find any talented people?

Ed: Oh, I got an idea!

(Scene Change: Tails' House, day)

(Bendy the Ink Demon, who had called by the Eds, is doing tap-dancing. He taps his toes and stops at a pose where he tips his hat and stands with one leg bending and the other stretched out. Chumley starts crying again).

Bendy: (Sighs) This is why I never do tap-dancing in front of a baby.

Eddy: New plan!

(Scene Change: Tails' House, day)

(Jerry the Wubbox is playing the Earth Island Wubbox sound effect, then Chumley starts crying again, even louder).

Jerry: (Groans) Why did my dubstep beats make this baby cry? Huh? I mean, come on. Nobody ever rejects me like that.

Tails: Jerry, he's just a baby. He doesn't know what dubstep is.

Eddy: Your ideas are not getting through. Someone! Anyone! Please put him to sleep!

Knuckles: Oh, I told you we shouldn't have skipped on the pyrotechnics! Better pack this gear back into the Dude-Mobile.

Tails: [Excitedly] That's it!

Knuckles: What? Running away from our problems?

Tails: No. A mobile!

Jerry: Well, if you guys need me, give me a call. Bye. (Then leaves Tails' House).

[Scene Change: Tails' House, day.]

[Calming music plays as a mobile hangs in front of Chumley, making him fall asleep. Sonic and Tails breathe a sigh of relief.]

Sonic: [Whispering] Finally. How did you know this would work?

Tails: [Whispering] Studies show that the motion and sound of mobiles appeals to an infant's simple, underdeveloped mind.

Edd: (whispers) Even I couldn't said it better myself.

[Knuckles snores alongside Chumley.]

Sonic: [Whispering] He's kinda cute when he's not screaming his head off.

[Suddenly, an explosion is heard, waking everyone up. Chumley starts crying again.]

Eddy: ?! Now what?!

[Scene Change: Outside Tails' House, day.]

[Team Sonic & the Eds head out the door and prepare to fight some Badniks, with Sonic holding Chumley.]

Edd: Why Eggman? Why now?!

Sonic: Knux. You watch Chumley while I smash this [Softly] very nice man [Harshly] into oblivion! Heads up!

[The Eds charge with the Batter Ed to smack the Badniks away. Knuckles holds Chumley while Sonic and Tails take care of the Badniks. Sonic spin attacks a Crab Bot and a Bee Bot. Tails attacks another Bee Bot with his Enerbeam. Knuckles feeds Chumley some milk. Sonic kicks another Crab Bot and another Bee Bot. Tails smacks another Crab Bot with his Enerbeam. Sonic & Eddy bounces off another Crab Bot and hangs on the Eggmobile, staring at Eggman.]

Sonic: [Angrily] It took us hours to put that baby down, Eggman! Now we're gonna put you down!

Knuckles: Yeah! And not for nap-naps either.

Dr. Eggman: I'm sorry. I didn't realize this boring action sequence was getting in the way of your enthralling babysitting escapades.

Eddy: Well it did!

[Eggman spins his Eggmobile backwards, throwing Eddy towards Ed, Sonic back towards Knuckles and Chumley. Knuckles throws Chumley up in the air as soon as Sonic collides with him.]

Ed: Who's there?

Tails: I got it!

(Shiny Tech playing as battle background music).

[Tails throws his wrench at a Bee Bot and flies quickly towards Chumley and manages to catch him before he hits the ground. They both laugh together. Sonic and Knuckles & the Eds prepare for combat. Knuckles unleashes a ground pound, taking out all the ground Badniks. A Bee Bot approaches Tails and Chumley, forcing Tails to drop the baby while it fires lasers. Tha baby falls down in Eggman's hands.]

Dr. Eggman: (as Ed begins climbing on the Egg Mobile) Ew, gross. It's all sticky! And it smells like pea soup and talcum powder. (Gags) I think I'm gonna be sick!

[While Eggman looks away, covering his mouth, Chumley & Ed presses buttons on the Eggmobile.]

Dr. Eggman: (Stops puking and turns back around) Hey, hey, hey! Keep your goofy baby mitts off my console. This ain't a toy, you know?

[The Eggmobile shuts down and falls down on a Crab Bot. Three Bee Bots fall to the ground as well. Chumley laughs.]

Dr. Eggman: Oh come on. I was winning that one!

Ed: Pardon me miss?

[Sonic & Ed snatches Chumley from Eggman. Knuckles kicks Eggman and the Eggmobile into the distance. Chumley claps and laughs.]

Sonic: You're pretty good in a fight, little dude.

Tails: It turns out all he really wanted was a little gratuitous violence.

Edd: Crude, yet he doesn't know any better. Thou it's best that we take care of this little baby.

Knuckles: A baby after my own heart.

Ed: Coochie coochie coo.

Sonic: I think we're finally getting the hang of this.

Eddy: You know what, maybe SpongeBob & Patrick are right. We got this babysitting stuff in the bag.

Edd: That's the spirit Eddy.

Eddy: That's Mama Eddy to you, Double D. (Whispers) Don't tell anyone I said that.

[A montage plays, with "Where We Wanna Be" playing as montage music. The Eds, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles slowly walk across the Village Center feeding Chumley. Perci, Staci and Zooey glance in awe. Tails & Edd buys a toy giraffe from the Male Fennec's store and Chumley hugs it. Afterwards, Ed gives Chumley a piggy back ride, while Sonic gives him a high-speed piggyback ride. Next, they return home and impersonate a family dynamic, with Eddy & Sonic playing with Chumley, Edd & Tails cooking and Ed & Knuckles returning from work. Knuckles snores on the couch, while Ed & Patrick are laughing on watching guys getting hit with coconuts on TV, but Tails wakes Knuckles up and has him put the trash bag away. Knuckles grunts in anger, but Chumley starts crying again, while Edd give Knuckles & Tails a stern look, while comforting Chumley. Afterwards they head outside, with Knuckles pushing Chumley on a swing, while Ed pushing Eddy off the swing. They pushes so hard that Chumley & Eddy falls off the swing. Fortunately, Sonic catches Chumley, while Eddy lands far on his feet. Chumley also catches his toy giraffe. The next scene shows Chumley on Tails' Plane with Ed. Tails tilts the plane, much to Chumley's excitement.]

Edd: Ed no! Your too young to drive! (Chasing after Tails & Ed, as Eddy is laughing)

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, evening.]

SpongeBob: Wow Eds, you guys done a lot more babysitting very well.

Edd: We may have a rough start, but we manage to smooth out the bumps into a road of living out the parenthood dream.

Ed: (laughing) He got in the head with 3 coconuts.

Patrick: I told you it's a great show.

SpongeBob: Anyway, the rest of us are gonna get some shut eye & hopefully we'll be ready for tomorrow morning.

Eddy: Even I'm surprised on how much fun it is. Watch. (Zips by with Ed)

SpongeBob: Eddy? Ed? I know it's all fun & games, but it does have resposibilities as a parent. Hopefully I won't have to call an antorny.

Eddy: (dressed up as a mother while Ed is wearing big glasses as SpongeBob & Edd look in surprise) SquarePants! Edward! Must your father & I remind you to finish your homework?

Ed: (as Eddy snickers) That is right son, a mind is a terrible organ to shovel.

SpongeBob: Okie dokie, time to go to bed. Goodnight (leaves with Patrick)

[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, the Eds and Chumley all arrive in Sonic's Shack, very tired and exhausted. They all fall asleep, with Sonic sleeping in his hammock, while Edd sleeps in a sleeping bag.]

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, morning.]

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (slowly waking up, while Eddy is tossing & turning around)

Knuckles: [Yawns] Hey, guys. A quick question about that baby we were watching? [Yawns again]

Sonic: Oh...

Knuckles: Anyone know where he is?

Eddy: Huh? (Looks around)

[Dramatic music plays as Chumley is shown to be missing from his pram. Sonic and Tails scream in horror.]

Eddy: Guys! Wake up! We've lost the baby!

Edd: (wakes up in a panic) Lost the Baby?! Oh dear, how could we lose him? We have blemish our resume.

Sonic: Alright guys, don't panic. I'm sure he's around here somewhere. Chumley? Oh, Chumley?

Eddy: Ed wake up! Where's the baby?!

Ed: (wakes up, but is in shock) Oh no! Baby's lost! (Running out of the house) Say it aint so, Eddy!

Eddy: Ed! This way! Hurry up sockhead!

[Team Sonic & the Eds look for Chumley around the shack, but to no avail. Sonic spots the toy giraffe on the ground.]

Sonic: Oh no. Chumley's escaped! He's out there in the real world!

Tails: What if he's in trouble? What if he's hurt?

Knuckles: Or what if he's pursuing a degree in liberal arts?

Sonic: We gotta find him! Better check all the most dangerous places in town. (Suddenly got carried with Tails, Knuckles & Edd by Ed) Aah!

Ed: Here Spot! Come on Boy! (Whistling)

[Scene Change: Volcano, day.]

[Team Sonic & the Eds check the volcano first. Sonic runs all the way down to the core and returns with burns all over his body.]

Sonic: He's not here.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

Knuckles: Maybe he's in this tree? [Kicks the tree] Nope. Nothing in the tree. [Coconuts fall and land on Knuckles' head, knocking him out.]

Ed: (chuckling) Coconut!

[Scene Change: Canyon, day.]

[Sonic, Tails and Knuckles & the Eds are standing on a small mountain. Tails flies around the canyon, but can't find Chumley.]

Tails: He's not down on the ground.

Knuckles: He's not up in the sky either.

Ed: Spot's by the ground & sky, Eddy! (Rolling down the canyon hill)

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

Eddy: (running with Ed & Edd & Team Sonic, knocking over Boggy B, running past the rest of Team Crossovers) Tell me something I don't know Ed!

Boggy B: Hey!

Pinkie Pie: (with Fluttershy) Hi Eddy! Hi Double D!

Ed: (running by, while SpongeBob & Patrick wondering what's the big rush) Hello Ed.

Sonic: I know we've been putting it off, but it's time we checked the most dangerous place of all.

[Team Sonic go to Meh Burger and ask Dave the Intern.]

Edd: Have you seen any babies around here?

Dave: No babies has come by here all day.

[Relieved, Team Sonic hug each other. Sonic drags Dave into the group hug, thou Ed gives the biggest hugs for the group. They let go.]

Sonic: Wait, why are we celebrating? I mean, it's great that he's not ingesting D-grade beef...

Dave: I wouldn't call it beef, per say.

Sonic: But we gotta face the facts: We lost baby Chumley.

Ed: Were so doomed! Help me guys! Sarah will tell mom & mom will tell dad & dad will say "Not now I just got home from work!"

Tails: [Upset] Poor little guy. [Sniffs] He was such a trooper.

Knuckles: [Upset] The way he'd crawl around and nuzzle into my [Sniffs] impressively sculpted triceps.

Sonic: [Upset] Or how he's pumped his little fists whenever we listen to speed metal.

Ed: (upset) Or how he butters my toast like it's a masterpiece.

Edd: (upset) If only we haven't slept in, we would've kept the baby safe when we had the chance.

Knuckles: Let's agree that we won't bicker over whose fault it is, be it Sonic for not installing the door on his shack, or Sonic for not securing Chumley in a safety hammock. Or even Sonic...

Sonic: Oh, hey! What about you, Knuckles?

Knuckles: [Angrily] Now's not the time to point fingers!

Eddy: Guys, guys! We're all responsible, ok? By the way, we have found your briefcase! (Tips the donuts & ice cream out of the briefcase & on Knuckles in response)

Knuckles: Oh, is this the thanks I get for working overtime?

Eddy: (enraged) OVERTIME?! (Gets into an argument with Sonic, Knuckles, Ed & Edd)

Tails: (stopping the group from fighting) Everyone! Stop! It's like Eddy said, I guess we're all responsible. And that means we all have to go tell Lady Walrus the truth together.

[Scene Change: Lady Walrus' house, day]

[Sonic knocks on the door. Lady Walrus opens it.]

Lady Walrus: Oh. Hello boys.

Sonic: Hi Lady Walrus. Y-You know that feeling when you misplace your keys and you look everywhere but you just can't find them?

[Lady Walrus gives Sonic a bored look.]

Knuckles: Now imagine those keys are a baby.

Sonic: [Sighs] Look. There's no easy way to say this. Chumley, he's...

Edd: (notices a big shadow) Look! It's the eclipse of the sun!

[Tails & Ed spots Chumley up on the roof.]

Ed: That's Chumley's Head, Double D.

Tails: Right there?

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles & Eds: Chumley!

Eddy: What's he doing up there?

[Chumley falls off the roof, but Tails catches him, and gives him to Lady Walrus.]

Lady Walrus: My baby! You're home! [Chumley laughs] You boys really outdid yourselves.

Sonic: Oh it was nothing.

Knuckles: Bye, Chummers. We'll miss you, and don't forget, [Starts crying] start with free weights, then move to benchpress with a cool-down between reps. You got this buddy. You're gonna be so swol come summer.

[Chumley laughs and waves to Team Sonic. Lady Walrus closes the door. Knuckles breaks down and cries louder, with Sonic and Tails gently patting him.]

Ed: There there, Knuckles. We did the brotherly thing.

Knuckles: You really think so, Ed?

Ed: Think what, Knuckles?

[Scene Change: Canyon, day.]

Amy: Well guys. I hope you learned something from this whole ordeal.

Sonic: Oh absolutely. We got a crash course in responsibility.

Tails: That's why I installed a throttle on the pizza oven in Knuckles' monster truck. Now it only works if he's in park.

Edd: We'll try to be more careful with improbable alerts & our tree catapults next time when no one is around.

Eddy: Yeah yeah, we all would've fallen off the cliff if you haven't warned us! But you know what they say, any act of trauma builds character.

Ed: Yep, it's me alright.

[Amy sighs in disgrace.]

Knuckles: Remember kids, don't cook and drive!

[Knuckles drives the monster truck around the canyon with Sonic and Tails riding behind on hoverboards and Enerbeams. Amy grunts furiously after getting sand in her & the Eds eye, as the Eds quickly running down the dirt path, chasing after Team Sonic in response.]

[The camera then points to Chumley's toy giraffe, which is seen hanging from the rear-view mirror in Knuckles' monster truck, as the screen fades to black.]

The End.

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