This is the 119th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on Cubot, Knuckles, Ed, Reidak, the Cragsters & Milla Basset

Plot: Edit

When Eggman & Plankton creates a Anit Gravity Ray, they start to turn normal gravity into zero gravity. Well, there seems to be a bit of a problem because Cubot now holds the newfound zero gravity power, transcends with zero-g tranquility. Now how will the problem be resolved before everyone floats up, up & away? Find out right now!

Soundtrack: Edit

Lil' Yatchy - Oh Yeah (From Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie)

Owl City - When Can I See You Again (From Wreck it Ralph)

Special Guests: Edit

Alice The Angel (From Bendy and the Ink Machine)


Eggman's Anti Gravity Ray: Edit

[Scene: Eggman's Lair, morning.]

[Eggman is walking through the corridor in his dressing gown with a mug of tea.]

Dr. Eggman: Nothing like a lazy Sunday morning. Got a cup of tea, a stack of Yacht rock albums on vinyl, and a brand new loofah just waiting to be made unreturnable. Now all I need is my morning paper.

[Eggman exits his lair. He bends down and tries to pick up the newspaper, but it gets blown away by a gust of wind. With some of the pages blowing into the corridor, Eggman runs around and catches the pages.]

Dr. Eggman: Every Sunday, that lousy draught ruins my morning routine. Mother nature's gotten real smug ever since my factories gave her the power to rain acid. It's time I take her down a peg.

[Scene: Eggman's Lair, morning.]

[Eggman is writing calculations on a chalkboard.]

Plankton: (yawns) What is it that your up to now?

Dr. Eggman: Once I rotate my layer sixteen degrees, I will have beaten Mother Nature at her own game.

[Orbot and Cubot enter the lair with a breakfast tray.]

Orbot: Breakfast is served. We worked all morning on this bountiful feast, but it was a labor of love.

[Eggman acccidentally knocks the tray out of Cubot's hands. The robots gasp in horror.]

Dr. Eggman: Oh, look what you did! Clean that mess up while I go get my Gravity Boots, and don't touch anything!

[Eggman stomps out of the room.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, beach, day.]

(When Can I See You Again playing as background music)

[Team Sonic and Team Crossovers are playing soccer on an open pitch. Sonic dribbles past Tails and Amy. With the ball on the ground, he runs to take a shot.]

Rainbow Dash: Pass it here!

Sonic: All right. Whoa!

[Sonic falls through the ground. Knuckles & the Cragsters digs out of the ground and heads the ball. He then looks at Sonic.]

Knuckles: Er... Whoops.

Krader: Sorry, we get rock ball!

Sonic: Knuckles. Cragsters. [Jumps out of the hole rubbing the sand off his chest] How many times do we have to tell you & the others not to dig tunnels everywhere?

Milla Basset: Sorry, but it feels like a natural instinct for dogs.

Knuckles: [Groans] But digging's what I dig. You dig?

Sonic: Well, not anymore it's not.

Seismo: What? No dig dig? We feel bad now.

Reidak: Sorry, even they won't allow me to do it.

Ed: Aw, I love digging a hole too.

Carol Tea: Sorry, but it's for the best.

Shuff: Aww... ok.

[Knuckles grumpily stands up and kicks the ball, hitting Tails on the head and landing the ball in the opposing goal.]

Knuckles: [Low voice] Touchdown.

SpongeBob: Whoa! Tails, are you ok?

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Cubot and Orbot & HenchCombats return with a mop and bucket respectively to clear up the mess.]

Cubot: You know. Sometimes I think Eggman doesn't appreciate us.

Orbot: What makes you say that?

Cubot: The way he kicks us when we're down, calls us names, and always says, "I don't appreciate you".

[Cubot knocks over the pillar with the Anti Gravity Ray on top with his mop. The ray activates and floats upward, picking up the mess with its anti gravity field.]

Redbot: Oh dear, that's not a good sign.

Orbot: Now I see why Dr. Eggman wanted his Gravity Boots.

Cubot: Because Fashion Week's just around the corner?

Orbot: No! To counteract the effects of this Anti Gravity Ray!

Greenbot: Really? Like what?

[Orbot grabs the Anti Gravity Ray by the handle and moves the mess it has collected towards the bin. Orbot then deactivates the Anti Gravity Ray, dropping the items in the bin.]

Orbot: This new invention could revolutionize the world as we know it!

Bluebot: Yeah! We can fly easy like there's no tomorrow!

Cubot: [Puts the Anti Gravity Ray on his head] And it makes a sweet hat too.

Yellowbot: Hey! What're you doing with that?!

Orbot: [Aggressively] Give me that!

[Orbot & HenchCombats tries to snatch the ray. Cubot refuses. Orbot pulls the control knob off, with the Anti Gravity Ray now stuck on Cubot's head. Cubot collides into the chalkboard which activates the ray, pulling himself and the Anti Gravity Ray's pillar upwards.]

Redbot: Oh now you've done it!

Cubot: I think I'm finally getting my growth spurt! [Malfunctions]

Orbot: Hang on, Cubot! We'll get you down.

[Orbot & the HenchCombats tries to rescue Cubot but gets caught in the anti gravity field. Eggman & Plankton arrives.]

Greenbot: Cubot, get down I wanna put on the shiny hat too!

Dr. Eggman: Just wait till they see me sporting these babies during Fashion Week.

[Without looking, Eggman walks into the anti gravity field, surprising Plankton.]

Plankton: What the?!

Greenbot: It's not what it looks like, I swear!

Dr. Eggman: [Angrily] I told you half-wits not to touch anything!

[Cubot malfunctions]

Orbot: The extra gravitational force is scrambling his processors!

Plankton: (growling) HenchCombats get this numbskull back to ground level!

[Eggman presses his wrist controller.]

Dr. Eggman: Minions, get me that gravity ray!

[Eggman's robots come over to help but they all get caught in the anti gravity field, while the HenchCombats quickly try to reach for Cubot, but couldn't quite reach to him.]

Dr. Eggman: Argh, for pete's sake.

[A Mantis Bot that floats around uncontrollably hits a switch and activates the lair's pneumatic tube system.]

Dr. Eggman: Not the pneumatic tube system!

[A tube emerges out from the ceiling, sucking in Eggman, Orbot, Cubot and a few other Badniks before being blocked by a giant Ball Bot…]

Plankton: Oh barnacles. (Rushing with an Anti-Gravity Space Suit) Fortunately, I always carry a spare for such an emergency. (Rushes out in his Chum Bucket Mobile)

[Scene Change: Outside Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Floating outside the lair, Eggman grunts angrily. He spots both of his Gravity Boots, catches them and puts them on his feet. He presses his wrist controller again and falls, landing with both feet on his lair.]

Dr. Eggman: And he sticks the landing!

[Afterwards, an umbrella and two sunbeds get caught in the anti gravity field. Cubot is then blown away by the wind, taking everything caught in the anti gravity field with him.]

Dr. Eggman: Oho no. That wind's not gonna get the best of me again.

[Eggman jumps into his Eggmobile and leaves.]

Plankton: (notice this) ?! Eggman! This way! (Groans in anger) Fine, leave me to fix the mess on my own!

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, beach, day.]

[Team Sonic and Team Crossovers are still out playing soccer, with Amy holding the ball.]

Vezok: (gets ready to defend the goal) Ready...!

Amy: It all comes down to this one penalty kick. [Drops the ball and places her foot on it.] Can a young woman break the glass ceiling and prove one and for all that a female can be just as good an athlete as a male?!

Knuckles: You know Amy. Anytime someone calls attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept of gender equality by implying that this is an exception and not the status quo.

[The rest of Team Sonic and Team Crossovers have their eyes wide open in shock, staring at Knuckles, who shrugs.]

Krader: Oh. You serious?

Shuff: Harsh.

Knuckles: What? Just because I'm a meathead doesn't mean I'm not a feminist.

SpongeBob: Knuckles, you don't need to see a doctor, you need a exorcist! You're a feminist, Knuckles. You're the same Echidna we do photo ops with. And pretty soon, you might be a feminist to children.

Knuckles: (unaware of Team Crossovers & Sticks looking up in surprise) Okay, 1: I told you I am not a feminist. And B... I don't do photo ops, I don't even know how to use a camera right.

Sticks: While I loathe to call a halt to this very important dialogue, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out [Points up to the sky shrieking] the aliens are abducting our towels!

[Towels are being swallowed by the anti gravity field eminating from Cubot, who floats over the beach.]

Milla Basset: HenchCombats are flying?

Redbot, Yellowbot, GreenBot & Bluebot: (trying to reach to Cubot while on zero gravity) HELP!

Gobba: I think their house broken.

Edd: (seeing Cubot) Don't look now but there's Cubot just floating overhead.

Magifo: Is it another magic trick? How'd they do that? And what's that on his head?

Discord: That's weird, I don't remember causing any anti gravity turbulence today.

Sonic: I don't think it's aliens we gotta worry about.

[Eggman & Plankton flies over the beach in his Eggmobile & Chum Bucket Mobile, chasing Cubot. Team Sonic & Crossovers all set off and follow the two masterminds.]
Boggy B: (follows first, follow by the rest) I feel uncomfortable. Pardon me.
Sunset Shimmer: We'll talk about the important lesson another time.
All: (seeing Ed & Reidak looking on) Ed! Reidak!
Reidak: Huh? (He & Ed follows the gang) Am I it?

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, day.]

[Cubot floats over Hedgehog Village, sucking up Fastidious Beaver, Wolf Sidekick and Leroy the Turtle.]
Cubot: [Malfunctioning] Anyone else smell burnt toast?
Plankton: Cubot! Get down from there...! (Turns to Alice Angel, who is hanging onto a street lamp post) Don't ask.
Dr. Eggman: Orbot. You've got the knob. Do something or I'll dock you a year's pay!
Fastidious: Actaully, he can't dock your wages because he doesn't pay you!
Wolf Sidekick: He could probably dock them for room and board.
Leroy: Not if he's claimimg them as dependents on his taxes.
Orbot: Could we perhaps discuss my financial matters at another juncture?

Plankton: Don't let the excitement, spoil your grammar.

Dr. Eggman: I guess if I want to fix this, I gotta pull myself up on my gravity bootstraps and do it myself.
[Eggman makes his way to Cubot.]
Cubot: Hello, sir. Would you care for a car wash while you dine?
[Orbot tries to pass the control switch over to Eggman, but fails to do so, as the Eggmobile gets caught in the anti gravity field.]
Dr. Eggman: Argh! Abandon ship!
[Eggman falls off the Eggmobile and lands on the ground on his boots.]
Dr. Eggman: You can handle this, Eggman. Just got to uh... inventor thingy. Yeah, I'll do that!
[Eggman runs off. In the meantime, the anti gravity field sucks up Comedy Chimp, Wolfie and a bicycle.]
Wolfie: I'm flying!
(The heroes quickly rushes forward arriving on the scene.)
Milla Basset: Oh my goodness! What's going on?
Amy: Looks like we've got to rescue more than just our beach towels.
Carol Tea: (notices something also affected by the anti gravity device) DUCK! (Quickly ducks down with Team Sonic)
Pinkie Pie: (seeing a Cannon) Carol, that doesn't even look like a duck!
Black Spy & White Spy: (helping Pinkie duck down) She said duck down!
[A cannon gets caught in the anti gravity field. Team Sonic avoid the cannon, but the Noir Spies got smacked across the face with a few broken teeth.]
Black Spy: (dizzying, speaking French) I feel tren bon.
White Spy: (dizzying) No James Bond, I don't think it's the Headless Spectre.
Vezok: Spies!
Milla Basset: (checking on them) They're still ok, their alright.
Sonic: Oh great. Now he's affecting cannon. This has gone too far! [Looking at Tails] Tails, you got anything that could launch me into the air?
[Tails sets up a catapult with Sonic sitting on it. Eggman comes walking back.]
Dr. Eggman: Just got to connect this hyper tube to that oscillator. [Notices Team Sonic, Team Crossovers and the catapult] Oh, Sonic's here. He'll save the day or something. [Chucks the items away and whistles as he leaves.]
Plankton: Are you serious?! Get back here, you sawbones!
Applejack: (giving Sonic lots of strong lasso ropes) And fire!

Niksput: (helping lassos at the affected citizens) Alley oop!

[Tails activates the catapult, launching Sonic up in the air, who he lands on the Chum Bucket Mobile. Sonic, holding a rope, ties the trapped villagers together with it.]
Plankton: Hey! What the...?
Sonic: Sorry, need to save these civilians...!
Plankton: You do that... (trying to reach for Cubot)
Comedy Chimp: And I told myself, I'd never get tied down again! Hah!
Wolf Sidekick: Hoho! You still got it, C.C.!
[Sonic lands and tugs the rope down. The rest of Team Sonic & Team Crossovers help him with the Mixels mix to their Max to help as well. The villagers are being pulled down.]

Mixels: Max! (Grabbing onto the lassos)

Applejack: Pull everypony, pull!
Amy: It's working!
[Cubot has a system shock and screams. His eyes begin to glow yellow and he fires gravity blasts in random directions.]
Avak: Uh oh...
Sticks: That can't be good.
Cubot: [Church voice] It's all so clear now, as if I'm seeing the world from a new perspective...
Twilight Sparkle: (surprised by Cubot's intellilectular Mind caused by the anti gravity device) Is he saying what I think he's saying.
Shantae: (surprised as well) Yep.
Amy: Gee. Imagine that.
SpongeBob: This should be interesting.
Cubot: We should all float freely.
Vezok: Wait? All?!
[Cubot fires gravity blasts at the roped villagers, releasing the ropes binding them and pulling them back upward.]
Patrick: (trying to hang on, while spinning) ?! Somebody get me down or up or something! (Falls down flat on his face)

Cubot: Join me. I'll free you from gravity's tyranny and we'll all ascend into the stars!

Plankton: To the stars?! But there's no air in space!

Reidak: Now what can we do?! (turn to Alice Angel, while helping her get down) Phew, be careful next time.

Cragster Max: (while pulling as hard as he can) (Krader voice) EGGMAN!

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

Dr. Eggman: One order of french fries, please.
Dave the Intern: Do you want fries with that?
Dr. Eggman: Hmm... good question.
[Eggman reads the leaflet, while Dave is hit by an gravity blast from Cubot and floats into the air.]
Dr. Eggman: You know what? I do want fries with my fries.
[Eggman puts the leaflet down and notices Dave is not behind the counter, but is instead being carried up in the sky.]
Dr. Eggman: That anti grav thing is really turning into a pain in the butt. Guess it falls on Eggman to take care of business... And make my own fries!
[Eggman jumps over the counter.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

Cragster Max: No good, he stubborn! (Dodges barely) Ah!

[The Walrus Male, Fennec Male and Sheep Villager get hit by Cubot's gravity blasts. Amy, Sonic and Sticks & Team Crossovers try to pull each one back down.]

Cragster Max: (trying to pull 3 citizens) We catch villager! (Accidently got pulled up) Ah! Uh oh! (Getting pulled down by other Maxed Mixels)

Ed: (panicking) Ahhhh! Too high, too high!
Cubot: The path to true enlightenment is by breaking free of the invisible forces that hold you down.
Eddy: (trying to pull Ed down with Edd's help) Don't lay an egg, birdbrain!
[Cubot fires another blast at Amy, she dodges, letting go of the Walrus Male. Sticks also dodges, releasing the Fennec Male in the process.]
Knuckles: That Cubot guy is starting to make a lot of sense.
Tails: [Angrily] Yeah, until everybody floats so high they run out of oxygen and can't breathe. If we run out of oxygen, we'll all gonna die!
Knuckles: Good point. Wish you said that before I went all in.
[Knuckles is revealed to have been shot by Cubot's gravity blast. Knuckles slowly floats into the sky. Tails tries to catch him and Knuckles tries to swim down, but they both fail, leaving Knuckles in the air.]
Reidak: Oh no you don't! (Grabbing Knuckles with Alice's help, to try & pull him down)
Alice: Oh dear...! This very well could be dangerous with no wings!
Plankton: (trying to reach to Cubot, grabbing onto him with the HenchCombats) Cubot! Stop that floating immediately!
Greenbot: Eggman! Do something!

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Eggman tries a fry]
Dr. Eggman: Bleugh. These fries are either burnt or frozen. For somehow, both.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

Bluebot: (notices Eggman's too focused on other things to notice) This is not negotiable!

[Cubot fires more gravity blasts. Sticks pushes T.W. Barker, Beth the Shrew and the Rabbit Girl out of the way. However, as soon as she pushes the Reindeer Girl, she gets hit by one of Cubot's gravity blasts, causing her to float into the air. Amy gasps and tries to help Sticks but she gets hit by Cubot's gravity blast as well.]
Cubot: You're free now, free to express yourself.
Sonic: [Panicking in a low voice] Oh no, the last thing we want is Amy expressing herself. [Shrieking and grabbing Tails] We gotta do something!
Plankton: (to Sonic. Tails, SpongeBob & Patrick) I think I have an idea...!

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Inside Tails' Workshop, Sonic, Tails, SpongeBob & Patrick dress up in their spacesuits and set off on Tails' Plane to help Team Crossovers, the rest of Team Sonic & the villagers.]

[Scene Change: Above Hedgehog Village, day.] Milla Basset: (trying to fly up with Lilac, Carol & Shantae in Harpy Form) (spots something in the distance) Look! (Oh Yeah playing as background music)

[With Tails' Plane arriving over Hedgehog Village, Tails tilts the plane around to dodge more of Cubot's gravity blasts.]

Ed: Yay, the King Kong plane has arrived!

SpongeBob: Cubot! Stop the movement! Stop it right now!
Cubot: Join my movement, Sonic. And together, we'll hand out annoying pamphlets to people at the airport.
[Cubot fires another gravity blast at Tails' Plane, but misses. Thou it gives enough time for the HenchCombats to quickly hold Cubot down on the Chum Bucket Mobile, while Plankton is still in his spacesuit]
Plankton: Quick!
Bluebot: (seeing everyone trying to hold their breathes) Not everyone is doing too good!
Tails: We better do something. Oxygen's in short supply up here.
Orbot: Sonic, catch!
[Orbot throws the Anti Gravity Ray's control knob. Tails redirects his plane towards the knob and Sonic catches it.]
SpongeBob: Much oboliged.
Sonic: Got it! Cubot, prepare to be grounded!
SpongeBob: (Laughs) "Grounded." I get it now. It's a joke and a pun.
[Tails dodges more gravity blasts from Cubot. Sonic deploys an Enerbeam and uses it to hold onto the underside of Tails' Plane while avoiding more gravity blasts. As Tails' Plane flies over Cubot, Sonic jumps on top of the Anti Gravity ray, reattaches the knob and turns it.]
Sonic: And boom goes the dynamite!
[Sonic attaches his Enerbeam to Tails' Plane, allowing to him hitch a ride on it. The Anti-Gravity Ray pulls Cubot down. Cubot's eyes return to normal.]
Cubot: No! I can feel gravity's sticky hands all over me!
[All the trapped villagers celebrate while they slowly fall back down to the ground in the Village Center, with the Maxed Mixels defuse back to normal.]

Seismo: (smiling) Sweet, sweet ground.

Reidak: That was a little too close for comfort...
Fluttershy: (sighs) Oh thank goodness. We thought we'd lost you. Space is completely high...
Knuckles: Phuh. Glad that's over. I'll never be swayed by charismatic charlatans offering vague promises of a better future again.
Barker: Can I interest you in an exclusive timeshare opportunity?
Knuckles: Sign me up!
[Tails' Plane lands on the ground. Sonic and Tails jump off, taking their helmets off.]
Sonic: Great job up there, Tails.
Tails: I learned from the best: TV!
[Cubot floats down. Sonic and Tails throw their helmets into the plane and catch Cubot.]

Yellowbt: Cubot?

Cubot: Oh, cruel fate. Sending me back to my mundane low-altitude existence. [Sobs]
[Knuckles, with help from Sonic, pulls the Anti Gravity Ray off Cubot's head. The Anti Gravity Ray is tossed and lands somewhere on the ground.]
Greenbot: You ok?
Orbot: Cubot. Have your diagnostics returned to operational capacity?
Cubot: Uh, no. But I'm working just fine.
Orbot: He's back to normal!
[Everyone looks at Orbot except Sonic, who notices his feet are stuck to the ground. The rest of Team Sonic and Team Crossovers hear him grunting and look at him.]
Sash Lilac: Uh, Sonic? What are you doing?

Shuff: You ok?

Sonic: Something isn't right. Anyone else feel a little heavy?
Knuckles: Well, I did eat an entire extra-large pizza-lovers' pizza this afternoon. [To Sticks] That's the pizza with the little pizzas on top.
Sticks: I'm with Sonic. Something ain't kosher here.
[Everyone notices their feet are stuck to the ground.]

Eddy: For crying out loud...!

Discord: Now I know it wasn't me with the "stuck feet firmly on ground" scenario.
Tails: [To Sonic] I don't think you've switched off the Anti Gravity Ray. I think you put it in reverse!
Sonic: Huh?
SpongeBob: Exactly! I think what Tails meant to say is that you put the Gravity and now we're getting pulled into the ground by the increasing G-Force. (Pointing to the machine that is set in reverse) ?!
Sonic: (Gasps, then screams) WHAT THE...?!?!?!
[Everyone falls over with their bodies stuck to the ground.]
SpongeBob: Bad timing...?
All: YES!
SpongeBob: (sadly) Sorry.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

Dr. Eggman: Teeheehee! I've finally done it: the perfect batch of fries. Now, to taste.
[Eggman tries to eat the French fry, but with the Anti Gravity Ray in reverse, he falls to the ground on his back. He reaches out for the French fry in frustration.]
Dr. Eggman: Nooo!

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Everyone struggles to get up because they're down flat.]
Plankton: (growls) Why did I have that reverse feature in the first place?!
Reidak: (trying to reach) I think we're stuck to the ground like refrigerator magnets!

Krader: What we do now?! Can't move!

Sonic: [Struggling] Cragsters, Knuckles. You, Ed, Milla & Reidak are closest. You'll have to take out the gravity ray!
Knuckles: No problemo!
[Knuckles tries to get up onto his feet but fails.]
Knuckles: Actually, yes problemo!
Ed: Uh, we're stuck guys.
Reidak: Any ideas?
Sonic: Remember what I said before about not digging tunnels?!
Milla Basset: The very specific one on no digging tunnels even to dogs?
Sonic: Forget it!
Knuckles: Forget what?!
Amy: He wants you to dig!
Milla Basset: Really?
SpongeBob: Yes! Now dig!
Knuckles: I dig!
Ed: Oh oh! I can help!
Milla Basset: Oh! Me too!
Reidak: Digging time!

Krader: CONTEST!

[Knuckles, Reidak, Ed & Milla Basset & the Cragsters digs a tunnel underneath the Anti Gravity Ray, which falls into the tunnel next to Knuckles, while Ed keeps saying "Dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole" over & over. Knuckles punches the Anti Gravity Ray, completely destroying it. With everyone able to stand up, they cheer. Sonic pats Knuckles on the back.]

Seismo & Shuff: Winner! (Look around)

Eddy: Now that's the perfect time to dig, mono brow!
Sash Lilac: (smiling while petting Milla) Well done Milla. We knew we can count on you.
Milla Basset: (barks cutely) Thank you so much everyone.
Vezok: Reidak... your a digging expert.
Reidak: Thank you.

Shuff: Where Krader?

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

Krader: (emerges from the ground) Winner! (Looks around) W-Where me? (Seeing Eggman's lair)

Plankton: (returning with the HenchCombats)

[A group of Eggman robots, including Orbot and Cubot, try to push the lair while Eggman watches them and eats fries.]
Orbot: By my calculations, we've managed to rotate the lair an entire eighth of a degree.
Dr. Eggman: Great. Only 127 eighths more to go then you can come back inside!
[Orbot and Cubot groan and continue pushing the lair]

Krader: Whoops, wrong way. (Dig back to the village)

(Back at the Village)
(While everyone, including Team Sonic & Team Crossover's doing their break, Makuta Krika is secretly gathers all pieces of the anti gravity ray)
Makuta Krika: Anti gravity... another piece of the puzzle. (taking the Anti Gravity pieces to the hidden base by going to the purple portal that "Vanisher" opened for him. When he entered the it,the portal closed, as the screen fades to black.)

The End!

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