This is the 113rd episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on Amy, Sticks & the Female Crossovers

Plot: Edit

While Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and the male crossovers go to the Dude-itude concert, Amy, Sticks, Mane 6, and the female crossovers have a excellent stay-cation. But will they have a stay-cation with Belinda, Eggman, and Plankton & other female villains attacking? FInd out right now!

Soundtrack: Edit

Dillon Francis ft. T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay - Catchy Song (from The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part)

Tokyo Machine - Play

Kevin MacLeod - Investigations

Cody Simpson ft. Flo RIda - iYiYi

Jaroslav Beck - $100 Bills

Lil Yatchy - Oh Yeah

Don Omar - Danza Kuduro

Sticks, Amy, and Female Crossovers' Excellent Staycation: Edit

[Scene: Tails Workshop, exterior, day.]

(Background Music: Investigations by: Kevin MacLeod)

Amy: With the guys out of town on their Dude-itude concert, we can finally have some quality girl time. See a movie, go to the club, get full body makeovers--

Sticks: Sharpen our bayonets, oil our bayonets, polish our bayonets..

Amy: Sticks, we don't have bayonets.

Sticks: Oh yeah. Buy bayonets!

Amy: Why do we need bayonets?

Sticks: Our team is going to be weakened by three, and Eggman and Plankton are still out there. We have to be prepared!

[Knuckles closes the back door of the Dude-Mobile, and climbs in. Tails closes the door.]

Black Spy: I just can't believe it only took us 37 hours to pack.

Edd: Oh my goodness! 37 hours?! Oh dear! We're late! We better get a move on!

Amy: Have fun on your trip, guys! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Sonic: I thought you said to "have fun."

SpongeBob: Yeah, I want to tell you I ate your peanut butter chocolate pie last night.

Amy: What?!?!?! You ate my buckeye pie?!?!?!

SpongeBob: I'm sorry. There wasn't anything good to eat last night, and we were so hungry, I could just eat a horse!

Patrick: (burps) Excuse me.

Ed: (feeling his stomach growling sounding like bongos) I'm hungry. Belly needs food.

[Amy growls. Tails starts up the Dude-Mobile and the boys drive off.]

Applejack: Just stay out of trouble. Ya hear?

Sticks: So, who's got first guard duty shift?

Amy: We don't need guard duty, Sticks. What we need is a plan to keep Eggman and Plankton at bay.

Shantae: Both of them kept themselves occupied with each other's throats. But Got any ideas to be safe?

Carol Tea: (gets an idea) Idea!

(Secretly watching from afar from the beach is Risky Boots & her Tinkerbats, seeing the boys leaving.)

Risky Boots: (smiles, while she giggles evily) Well now...

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, field, day.]

[Amy & Carol finishes hammering a Sonic doll to a post.]

Carol: There we go. All set.

Amy: Lucky for us, I just happen to own this homemade Sonic doll. Which I keep around for totally legitimate, definitely non-creepy reasons.

Cali: (whispers) Shh, incoming...

[Amy chuckles nervously, then pulls the ladder away.]

[In the background, Eggman and Plankton are seen walking by from opposite directions, whistling. Sticks and Amy notice him, and dive behind a bush, causing a cat to yowl. Eggman and Plankton stop whistling when he sees the Sonic doll.]

Eggman: Oh? Well, if it isn't not only Plankton, but Sonic! [The doll, of course, says nothing] What's with the smug grin? You got beef, hedgehog? Then why don't you bring it to my grill? [More silence from the doll] Yeah, that's what I thought. You don't want none of this, nuh-uh. [More silence] Yeah, giving me the cold shoulder, huh? You just started a war, you blue pincushion!

Plankton: (sighs while he facepalm) Eggman, is it just me or is that just a Sonic ventriloquist dummy?

Amy: That should keep them occupied for a while.

Sash Lilac: Yeah, but for how long?

Twilight Sparkle: Not sure, but we maybe long enough to enjoy the rest of the day.

Amy: So, how do you want to kick off our girl's weekend?

(Also watching from behind the trees, having heard Eggman & Plankton confronting the Sonic Dummy, is the Kanker Sisters, Lee, Marie & May Kanker.)

Lee Kanker: Did you hear that girls? (Both Marie & May nod) Good...

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, forest, day.]

[Three metal cans are sitting on a stump. A clump of mud hits one of them and knocks it off.]

Sticks: Mud clump hurling! [hits another can with a clump of mud]

Buttercup: Mud clump hurling? My kind of challenge!

Amy: Can't we do something a little less... how do I put this gently... repugnant, uncouth, and boorish?

Sticks: At least give it a try.

Buttercup: Yeah! Go ahead!

[Amy sighs and scoops up a clump of mud. As she lifts her arm to throw it, some of the mud splatters on her dress. She shrieks and drops the mud.

Amy: Sorry, Sticks, but dirt throwing isn't my cup of tea. Thankfully, I know something that is my cup of tea...

Rainbow Dash: What would that be?

[Scene Change: Amy's House, interior, day]

[Amy and Sticks are holding cups of tea on saucers.]

Amy: A cup of tea!

Rainbow Dash: Walked right into that one, didn't I?

Shantae: Yes.

Sticks: Why did you just say that?

Amy: Remember before when I said, "I know something that is my cup of tea"? I was just finishing the thought.

Sticks: But you said that like an hour ago.

Amy: Yeah, but imagine if you were an outside observer just watching pieces of the conversation.

Sticks: You see them too?!

[Sticks glares at the "camera" as a musical sting plays.]

Pinkie Pie: (petting Sticks) All in good time, Sticks. All in good time.

Bubbles: I do love tea party, but what can we do next?

Milla Basset: Hmm...

Amy: Let's just get back to knitting.

[Amy has a long, neat pink scarf knitted. Stick's knitting is a tangled, clumpy mess.]

Amy: Definitely seeing some improvement, but remember you always want to knit the first row, then change to a ribbing pattern.

Starlight Glimmer: (helping Sticks knit into a long scarf with her magic) Yeah, best if you build yourself up on learning little by little. Thou hard to knit with only hooves because of one thing. No opposable thumbs.

Sticks: Sorry, but this nursing home activity stuff just ain't my bag.

Amy: I think I have an idea that will satisfy both of us.

(The group were secretly watched from the window by Guurahk)

Guurahk: (knowing the boys are missing) Hmm...

[Scene Change: Village Center, day]

(Background Music: Catchy Song by: Dillon Francis ft. T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay).

[The camera pans down to reveal a day spa. Inside, Rabbit Girl is using a compress to apply makeup to her cheeks. Behind her, Amy is sitting, soaking her feet in a tub of hot water.]

Rarity: The usual please. (Is enjoying her time in the spa with the Female Crossovers) It is so very Devine to enjoy a lovely day in the spa.

Fluttershy: Oh yes, it does feel very nice & wonderful.

Amy: [lets out a relaxed sigh] How ya doin' over there, Sticks?

[Sticks in soaking in a tub of mud.]

Sticks: So lemme get this straight. If I roll around in mud in the jungle, I'm a savage, but if I pay forty bucks to soak in it here, I'm civilized?

Amy: Exactly!

Sticks: Works for me.

Carol Tea: I don't get it.

[Amy's Communicator beeps.]

Sonic: [over the communicator] Amy, please tell me you're having as miserable a time as I am.

Amy: Actually, Sticks and I are having a relaxing spa weekend. But come on. I'm sure your trip isn't that bad.

Old Timer: [over the communicator] Now over here is the official letter from the Book of Records, asking me to stop contacting them.

Eddy: (over the communicator) (easily bored) Snoresville.

Amy: I stand corrected. Well, have fun on your vacation. Take lots of pictures.

Old Monkey: [over the communicator] No pictures!

Boggy B: (over the communicator) But I'm at shock & awe!

[Amy goes back to relaxing. In the background, Belinda looks up from her magazine.]

Belinda: Sonic is out of town?

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, field, day]

Guurahk: (comes over to the Rahkshi) Rahkshi! It is finally our chance to... (Read the note) What's this? "Hey Guurahk, sorry that we'll be out on a Kraata run in the dark woods, beware of maniac on the loose. Talk to you soon. Turahk". Of course, letting me do the dirty work for them. Savages. (Notices Eggman & Plankton)

[Eggman and Plankton are behind different bushes, watching the Sonic doll through binoculars.]

Eggman: [mimicking a bird call] Ca-caw! Ca-caw! [Nothing happens. Eggman clears his throat] I said, [mimicking again] Ca-caw! Ca-caw!

[Cubot pops out from behind a bush, wearing a mask with Tails' face crudely drawn on it.]

Cubot: Hey Sonic! It's me, your best friend with the two tails? [to himself] Oh, what's his name? [Out loud] Check out these fly dance moves!

[Cubot starts dancing to Oh Yeah by: Lil Yachty. Eggman and Plankton look annoyed.]

Eggman: He had two hours to think of a distraction and that's what he came up with?

Plankton: Really? Seriously? If you want something done right...

[Eggman and Plankton sneak closer while Cubot keeps dancing and hides behind a tree.]

Eggman: Okay, Orbot, your turn.

[Eggman makes another call. Orbot comes out from behind a rock, wearing a mask like Cubot's.]

Orbot: Sonic! It is I, Tails! Watch me gambol!

[Orbot starts doing a body-slapping dance while listening to Danza Kuduro by: Don Omar.]

Eggman: Oh, for the love of...!

[Eggman growls, but gets down and crawls closer to the Sonic doll while Orbot and Cubot continue their dancing. Eggman and Plankton peek out from behind the bush, chuckling evilly. A gust of wind suddenly causes the Sonic doll to turn around and face Eggman and Plankton. Eggman and Plankton screams and run away.]

Marie Kanker: (as the Kankers look on) What idiots!

May Kanker: (seeing Guurahk approaching) Isn't that Guurahk?

Lee Kanker: What are you doing here?

Guurahk: Have you heard the news that the boys are out to the concert?

Lee Kanker: Even our boyfriends the Eds? This stinks! What are we gonna do now?

Guurahk: I'm going to take out my anger on that village since their defences have weakened & the Rahkshi left me on a Kraata Run.

Risky Boots: (bringing in something large with the Tinkerbats help as she heads off) Good luck with that, because I'm planning on bringing that Half-Genie Hero & their friends to my clutches for good!

Lee Kanker: (seeing Guurahk leaving) Well fine. We're gonna do a little girl's night out on our own, Kanker Style! (Leaving with Marie & May, while she laughs evilly)

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, digsite, day]

[Charlie is busy unearthing an ancient relic. Belinda runs in.]

Belinda: Charlie! I just overheard that Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are out of town. The village is ours for the taking!

Charlie: As much as I'd love to unleash a reign of terror upon the village that will be remembered for a thousand generations, I really need to get back to my excavation.

Belinda: My mother was right about you. You don't have the fortitude to stand up to anybody.

Charlie: We'll see if she gets a holiday card this year.

Belinda: She will.

Charlie[meekly] Yes, dear.

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, field, day]

[Ride of the Valkyries plays as a bunch of Eggman's Robots are lined up across from the Sonic doll.]

Eggman: Time for the final showdown! Charge!

[Eggman's robots go on the attack. Eggman and Plankton laugh evilly. The Mantis Bots fire their claws at the doll, but they bounce harmlessly back. Decimator Bot fires a barrage of missiles which zero in on the doll and explode. When the smoke clears, the post is empty.]

Redbot: I think we got him.

Eggman: (as Plankton looks on with a deadpan expression) This is the greatest day of my life! Oh, wait. I prepared something for this. [pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket, blows dust off of it, and clears his throat] "When Sonic and I first locked eyes so many years ago, it was hate at first sight. And now I stand here, my head full of hair..." Whoa. How long ago did I write this?

Cubot: [pulls on Eggman's jacket] Boss?

[Cubot points at the remains of the Sonic doll]

Plankton: It's not him...

Bluebot: A fake! No wonder his eyes look beady with buttons.

Eggman: That's not Sonic. [gasps] It's all been a brilliant, elaborate ruse!

Orbot: "Brilliant" might be a little generous, don't you think?

Eggman: That sneaky trickster is gonna pay for his labyrinthine web of lies.

Greenbot: And we've been cheated & lied to! Did we?

[Scene Change: VIllage Center, day]

[Inside the spa, Amy is getting a back massage. She lets out a relaxed sigh. Sticks is still soaking in the mud, with cucumber over her eyes. She pulls the cucumber rings off her eyes and eats them. There's suddenly an explosion from outside.]

Coco: What was that?

Eggman: Sonic! Come on out, you conniving charlatan!

Plankton: You better have a good reason to trick us like this in a rivalry like this!

Sunset Shimmer: I think time is up! We gotta go!

[Amy and Sticks rise from their activities. Amy rebuttons her dress. Sticks shakes off some mud, getting it on Amy.]

Amy: Oh, come on! I just got my fur done.

Sticks: It's alright. Everything's gonna be okay. But for right now, let's just take care of this.

[Amy and Sticks run outside with the Female Crossovers. They see Eggman and Plankton angrily flip a table, then kick over some pots.]

Sticks: Looks like your little decoy plan may have backfired.

EggmanYour decoy plan?

Plankton: What are you ladies babbling about?

Twilight Sparkle: Ok, fine. Let us explain...

Amy: Sticks and I & the rest of the girls set up a fake Sonic to distract you while the guys are out of town. We wanted a weekend to ourselves. I'm sure you understand.

Plankton: The guys are out of town you say?

Cali: Shoulve kept our big mouth shut, huh?

Clover: (nods with Sam & Alex) Now please leave us be so we can enjoy our time together.

Eggman: Oh we understand. We understand how pulverized you're gonna be! Robots, attack!

Plankton: Not if I take them out first!

[A group of Motobugs roll up, joined by some Mantis Bots & Plankton's robots. Amy runs forward and smashes a charging Motobug with her hammer. Sticks runs forward. While the Mane 6, Sunset & Starlight charges & kick their hind legs & blasting magic at the robots, One of the Mantis Bots jumps up, and Sticks jumps up as well. Clover, Sam & Alex quickly punches & kicks more bots down. Sticks evades an attack from the Mantis Bot, lands on its back, punches it in the back of its head a few times, then kicks its head off. Sticks is then rammed by a Motobug and sent flying back into the spa.]

Bunny Girl: [talking to Lady Walrus] How about we try some press-on nails? You'll find they really draw attention away from your... ehm... everything else?

(Background Music: Play by: Tokyo Machine)

(Sash Lilac performs more Dragon Boosts & Cyclones at the robots, Carol Tea quickly uses Bike-Fu & her cat claws to smash & slash at the robots, while Milla blasting more green cubes at the robots to crush them in a constructive green pyramid)

Shantae: (blasting fireballs at Plankton & Eggman) Fireball!

[Sticks grabs a handful of the nails and flings them at Eggman and Plankton. Plankton & Eggman lets out a yell, then does a Matrix-style slow motion dodge to avoid both attacks. They hit the Mantis Bots behind him instead, which explode. Eggman, who is still bent over backwards, is forced to stand up again as his back cracks.]

Plankton: Nailed it! (Suddenly dodging back) Hey! Watch it!

Amy: Toss me one of those fur extensions!

[Sticks grabs one and tosses it to Amy. Amy uses it like a whip, wrapping it around one of the Motobugs and swings it into the others, causing them to explode. Sticks grabs a bottle of shampoo and throws it. Amy catches it in her whip, then flings some of the shampoo at Eggman and Plankton. It hits Eggman's mustache and Plankton's antenna.]

Plankton: Ow! My antenna!

Eggman: Is this one of those all-in-one shampoo/conditioners? That's gonna dry out my stache!

Plankton: (laughing at Eggman's misfortune) You shouldnt have taken that victory selfie while the battle rages on. (Yelps in pain of his hurt attenna) Ouch! Your lucky I preform the onion ring routine with a broken attenna.

[Eggman's stache suddenly fluffs out. Eggman and Plankton look annoyed, but run away. The villagers cheer. Sticks and Amy give each other a high-five. Metallic foodprints are suddenly heard approaching, and a shadow falls over Amy.]

Amy: Back for more, Egghead?

Guurahk: (offscreen) On the contrary, girlfriend... it is I who is back for you!

[Amy turns around, but is shocked to find that it's not Eggman, but Guurahk with an angry expression, but also Belinda in Charlie's mech suit.]

Guurahk: The Rahkshi of Disintergration!

Belinda: It is I, Belinda!

Guurahk: (smacks at Belinda, who yelps) Hey! You stole my thunder! I was going to say it is I who has you!

Belinda: Oh stay back you bucket of bolts!

Sash Lilac: Guurahk?!

Lee Kanker: (arrives with lots of destructive armour) Cough it up ladies! You wouldn't like us Kanker when we're angry!

Cali: Kankers!

(Suddenly a loud crash is heard, meaning a large mechincal Pirate Ship bursts through City Hall, appearing to be Risky Boots)

Risky Boots: (laughing evily while her Tinker Bats are at the ready)

Shantae: And Risky Boots! We thought so!

Risky Boots: Stand aside, allow us to show you our own girl power! Fire! (Blasting pirate cannons at the girls)

Coco: Hit the deck! (Quickly dodges with the Female Crossocers, but barely)

[Belinda uses the mech suit arm to smack Sticks and Amy away. They land on their feet, but have to jump to the side to avoid fireballs, while the rest of the female Villains openfire with Guurahk's disintegration staff & Kanker's Hissy Fit that cracks the ground as well.]

Carol Tea: (dodging the attacks with the group) Hey! What's the deal?

Belinda: Stay back! I've stood on the sidelines too long, watching that puddinghead Eggman and my inept husband fail time and time again. Now Mama B wants a piece of the action!

Guurahk: Not if I disintergrate them first! Since the Rahkshi are out of town, I'm gonna show them that I'm more than capable as a woman on beating you to Space dust!

Marie Kanker: Were throwing a hissy fit over here! The Eds may not be here, but we can still have a catfight on you!

Risky Boots: If anyone is going to catch & intercept these ladies! It will be I! We may have teamed up in the past, but that was then & this is NOW!

[Belinda fires another set of fireballs, while more disgintergrating beams & hissy fit cracks on the ground, while more Cannons being blasted at the team by the Tinkerbats, knocking Amy back into a wall and Sticks into a building & even more blasting the female Crossovers & the girls near them, to blow them back from the force. Belinda then turns around to face the other villagers.]

Shantae: (hairwhips the Tinkerbats, while Coco tornado spins & stomps at the Tinker Bats) Quick! We need to stop these ladies quick!

Rainbow Dash: They're definately don't mess around!

Belinda: And don't think I forgot about you. Must you always be so snarky?

Male Fennec: I should be more like you: A maniac in a mech-suit firing lasers at everyone.

[Belinda blasts Male Fennec with a laser, freezing him in place.]

Sticks: What's the big idea?! He didn't do nothing!

Fastidious: Actually, it's "he didn't do anything."

[Belinda zaps Fastidious, freezing him as well.]

Belinda: I know I can't be the only one who's sick of him. [turns her attention to Lady Goat] And you. I just don't like the look of you!

[Belinda zaps Lady Goat, freezing her as well. She then starts firing fireballs at random, sending the villagers running. Amy and Sticks manage to avoid another blast. Amy's communicator suddenly beeps, as the Female Crossovers continue to try & take out more of the army of Tinkerbats while avoiding more of the Kankers', Guurahk's & Risky Boots' sudden attacks.)

Sunset Shimmer: (blasting more fire magic at the fireballs, while also pushing them back at the Female villains) Were a little busy right now! Can you come back later?

[Scene Change: Prison, interior, day]

Sonic: [on a phone, as the Crossovers try to convince the Policemen about the incident on their side of the roadtrip] Amy, no time to explain. Tails, Knuckles, and I are in jail. We need you to bail us out!

Ed: (On the phone) Oh And don't forget to take me to Taco Bell for a beefy nacho loaded griller!

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Amy and Sticks dodge more of Belinda's fireballs.]

Amy: Sonic, Ed, I am really not in the mood for your practical jokes right now! [ducks under another fireball] Sticks and I have got our hands full! We'll talk later.

Ed: But I'm hungry again...

Vezok: Ed!

[Amy turns off the communicator. Sticks jumps onto Belinda's mechsuit, throwing her off balance for a bit. She manages to grab Sticks and fling her away. Amy pulls out her hammer and swings at the mechsuit's leg, only for it to clang harmlessly, leaving Amy vibrating in the air. Belinda kicks her away.]

Coco: (smacking at the Tinkerbats, while Guurahk, Risky Boots & the Kanker's charge) Look out!

(The Female Villains scream as they tackle & continue attacking at the Female Crossovers & Amy & Sticks, who are also aggressively attacking at them back)

May Kanker: (using Stick's boomerang as a back scratcher, after snatching it from Sticks) These ladies sure know how to make good back scratchers...

(Background Music: $100 Bills by: Jaroslav Beck)

Amy: This isn't working. We need to try something different!

[Amy notices some mud next to her, and scoops up a handdful]

Amy: Mud clump hurling!

[Amy throws the mud clump at Belinda, catching her right in the face.]

Belinda: There's mud all over me! That I didn't pay forty bucks for! What am I, a savage?

[Another mud clump & ink clump hits her by Bubbles.]

Bubbles: Ink clump hurling!

Bendy Devil: (with Boris, Alice & a barrel of fresh ink) Don't forget to clean up the ink, when your done, ok? Ok.

[Amy then throw another. While Guurahk is suddenly blinded by the ink]

Guurahk: Gah! My eyes! (Blasting at random objects, stands & buildings, but keeps on missing the group & citizens miraculously) Hey! Whoops! Sorry! Didn't mean that! For goodness sake, I'll see you in the afterlife ladies!

Applejack: (looking at the disintergrated hat) To be honest, you were a little close. (Charges forward) Enjoy your mud bath! (Kicks Guurahk into the mud bath with the Mane 6's help)

Guurahk: Whoa! (Got splashed into the mud bath) Gah! I just had that armour waxed!

Risky Boots: So, it's come to this! This is gonna be- (got kicked by Shantae, while seeing her & Team Lilac climbing aboard the Pirate Ship) Augh, wha-?!

Coco: (quickly splashes lots of tea at Risky Boots & the Tinkerbats) Girls, let's wrap this up!

(Clover, Sam & Alex quickly wraps the Kankers' eyes & body in a seaweed wrap, while Shantae, Sash Lilac, Carol, Milla & Coco quickly aboard the ship to distract Risky Boots, while attacking to send the Tinkerbats overboard with high kicks, while holding their teacups & saucers, much to Risky's confusion & surprise, until the 5 ladies quickly begins high kicking at her, while she is trying to defend herself with her Pirate gear.)

Lee Kanker: (trying to get out of the seaweed wrap with Marie & May, but it won't budge, due to it's thick layers & strong grip like an actual lasso rope) What the heck are they doing?!

[Sticks runs over to the frozen Male Fennec.]

Sticks: I got an idea. But I need to borrow a few things from your store. If you've got a problem with that, gimme a sign. [Male Fennec, obviously, does nothing.] Great! Thanks. [runs into the store, then comes out with a knitting kit] Finish the first row, then switch to a ribbing pattern.

[Sticks knits a long band of fabric, which she sets up as a tripwire. Amy drives Belinda towards it with another mud clump. The mechsuit's leg hits the fabric, throwing Belinda off balance, knocking the Pirate ship off balance for the girls to jump off & land safely, while Risky Boots land near Guurahk & the Kankers.]

Risky Boots: (getting up slowly with Guurahk & the Kankers) Hey! What's going on?

[Amy pulls her hammer out and smacks the mechsuit, sending it flying to crash through a table and start sparking. The disabling of the mech suit frees the villagers from the freeze ray, and they cheer.]

May Kanker: (as Sticks takes her boomerang back from May) Gimme back my back scratcher!

Coco: (nod to the ladies) Scratch this!

[Sticks and Amy nod at each other & to the Female Crossovers, then the females jump on the other side of the table Belinda crashed through, with the combined force, catapaulting her away in a far distance.]

Pinkie Pie: Goodbye now! Don't forget to write!

Risky Boots: Time to go...! (Pulling Guurahk & the Kankers away from the wrecked pirate ship that crumbled into pieces, while also being catapulted away by Shantae's elephant tranformation by belly dance, while she & the rest of the Female Crossovers quickly launched Risky, Guurahk & the Kankers high & away) (screams)

(Risky Boots quickly uses her hat as a parachute, while Guurahk & the Kankers hang on tightly.)

Risky Boots: You know, this proves that girl power is far more formidable than we anticipated.

Guurahk: Let's just get out of here. Now's a pretty good time. (Turn to flight mode to fly away with Risky & the Kankers holding onto her while the TinkerBats quickly retreats.)

Amy and Sticks: Best Girl's Weekend ever! [They high-five, giggle with the rest, and pose.]

Mane 6, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer & Shantae & Sash Lilac: You know it!

(Then suddenly Miguel and Tulio pop up, drinking Coca-cola and Mountain Dew).

Miguel: Yo, ladies? Did we miss anything or what? (He & Tulio Notices the massive destruction debris of the village in shock & awe caused by the female Villains, while the pirate ship mast falls on another building) ?!

Tulio: Uhhh... maybe we'll just come back later... (he & Miguel faints) Goodnight...

Fluttershy: (check on a fainted Miguel & Tulio) Too loud?

[Scene Change: Charlie and Belinda's house, night]

Belinda: What did I do wrong? I was ruthless, cunning, merciless... I'm just glad I can go home and take it out on my husband.

[Belinda opens the door to her house.]

Charlie: Surprise! I know you're angry with me about not fighting those heroes for you, but I had a good reason. I was excavating... your anniversary gift!

[Charlie directs Belinda's attention to a present on the floor. She opens it, then gasps with delight, pulling out a ancient mechanical wingsuit.]

Charlie: If I know anything about women, it's that every gal loves to get a new outfit. That gives her the ability to fly and shoot deadly blasts from mid-air.

Belinda: [hugs Charlie] It's perfect!

[Scene Change: Village Center, night]

Coco: Do you think the boys would be really surprised on what's really going on?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, thats something we expect from the Piraka.

Sash Lilac: We're happy to know that it's all over for now.

Sticks: This whole time, I thought Eggman and Plankton were gonna be our number one problem. But it turned out to be Risky Boots, Guurahk, Belinda & even the Kankers.

Shantae: You might be right, even more with other villains around here. So it's not just them.

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, the likes of Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki, the Doom Raiders, pirates, zombies & emperors from outer space. It's never a dull moment for all of us.

Amy: You never know what to expect around here.

[They spot Eggman and Plankton walking by with the Sonic doll from before, now fixed up.]

Sash Lilac: What are you doing with that?

Eggman: Uh? Don't mind me! Just taking this back to my lair for, uh, research!

Plankton: Uh yeah, we're not fighting over for the dummy or anything.

[Eggman and Plankton chuckle nervously, then walk off, Sticks and Amy watching him in confusion.]

Sash Lilac: Uh, shouldn't we go tell them?

Carol Tea: (thinking for a moment & smiles with the girls) Nah, it's funnier this way.

[Scene Change: Charlie and Belinda's house, night]

[Charlie is standing in his mech suit. Belinda is testing the new wingsuit. She fires a blast, then lands on the ground.]

Belinda: Looks like Hedgehog Village just got its new power couple.

Charlie: Happy Anniversary, honeybunny.

The End!

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