This is the 110th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on Plankton, the Piraka & the Mixels

Plot: Edit

Instead of going big, Plankton decides to teach Eggman that size doesn't matter in the form of Nano Fleabots & have them infest the heroes enough to be quarantined, but now, due to them being only robotic & cannot be bitten or itchy, the Piraka & the Mixels must cure the rest of the team from these fleas quickly.

Soundtrack: Edit

Bossfight - Glitch Gremlin

Sebass 87 - Stratos Island (Based on the game My Singing Monsters)

Felipe Adorno Vassao - Beat the Sax

Flea-ing From Trouble: Edit

[Scene: Village Center, day.]

Dr. Eggman: This is an outrage! How can you jack up the price of Choco Num-num Bars? They're the only kind I like!

Male Fennec: They're very popular, sir. It's basic supply and demand?

Dr. Eggman: Well, I "demand"' you hand them over, or I'll "'supply"' you with a laser blast! Not my best wordplay, but you didn't give me much to work with.

[Dr. Eggman flies down and snatches one of the candy bars and starts to fly off, laughing. Before he gets far, however, Team Sonic and Team Crossovers show up.]

SpongeBob: Hey... resort to stealing candy bars, now?

Sonic: Drop the num-num, Eggman!

Dr. Eggman: Oh, great. It's the Fun Police. Let's see how you do against my largest creation yet! The tremendously terrifying... and cleverly named... HugeBot!

(Stratos Island playing as battle background music).

[The massive HugeBot lands behind Team Sonic, who flinch in terror as it raises a foot to stomp them. After a few seconds, however, nothing happens, and they look to see that HugeBot is far too unweildy, its attempted stomp coming down very slowly, with Team Crossovers looking on impatient. Team Sonic turns impatient, Sonic looking at his watch, but then they turn to Pinkie holding a boombox that is playing Stratos Island.]

Eddy: Will you shut this down, Pinkie?

Pinkie Pie: (turns off the background music) Sorry.

Zaktan: (looking at his watch) Come on we don't have all day.

Boggy B: (looking at the many hats that cost two refined) Hmm... (gives the salesman with the pan, the metal, buying a soldier helmet) Shut up & take my money.

[Finally, with Boggy B wearing an army helmet, the heroes has had enough.]

Sonic: Knuckles, give us a boost.

[Knuckles & the Piraka grabs Sonic, SpongeBob & the Eds and throws him at HugeBot. Sonic goes into a spin and hits HugeBot's head, bouncing off, then spinning back to hit it again with SpongeBob, Edd & Eddy using Ed as a battering ram, knocking the robot's head off. The disabled robot crashes to the ground, and Team Sonic and Team Crossovers high-five each other.]

Team Sonic and Team Crossovers: Yeah!

Dr. Eggman: Meh.

[Eggman throws down the candy bar and flies off.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, interior, day.] Dr. Eggman: I keep building larger and larger robots to combat Sonic and his dopey friends.

[Eggman looks at a series of images of him standing next to the "larger and larger robots," including Scorpion Bot, Octopus Bot, Obliterator Bot, and Mega Bot.]

Dr. Eggman: But all that got me are larger and larger scrap piles!

[Eggman watches another series of images, showing Eggman crying next to the wrecked remains of the previously mentioned robots.]

Dr. Eggman: And HugeBot was the most worthless of all!

Orbot: Oh, that's not true, sir!

Dr. Eggman: I guess you're right. You two are the most worthless! I need a new game plan. If going big isn't working--

Plankton: (approaching to Eggman) It's because increasing size & power is limiting speed & mobility.

Dr. Eggman: Oh great, what do you want? Hear to gloat on my failures?!

Plankton: Listen, I know the expression of "Go Big or Go Home", but your taking this that is going big & going home. You know what you should instead?

Cubot: You should go even bigger!

Plankton: No, you idiotic dimwit! You need to go small! But you tried. That's what matters. This is why I'll show you how to go microscopic with your plans next time!

Dr. Eggman: Oh, now I get. Thank you, or should I say no thank you! Because in Opposite World that really means thank you! (Slams the door on Plankton) (growls) Stupid former partner telling me what to do like I'm an idiot!

[Scene Change: Plankton's Lair, interior.]

[Plankton is looking through a magnifer at a FleaBot]

Plankton: Thanks to my small size, Using micro-nano technology, these FleaBots can turn the most hygienic foe into a bumbling itchy mess.

[Plankton moves to put the Fleabot into a glass bowl with a bunch of others, but Cubot pushes him out of the way.]

Greenbot: Ooh! Lemme see!

[Bluebot tries to move in to see as well, but ends up knocking over the glass bowl, breaking it and setting all the FleaBots loose.]

Bluebot: Whoops...

Plankton: AAH! My FleaBots!

[Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebots chase the FleaBots, attempting to catch them, but fail miserably. Eggman pushes a button on a remote, causing the FleaBots to fall into formation and return to another glass bowl.]

Dr. Eggman: (laughing) How's your microscopic plan? Enough that it can be crushed?

Plankton: Shut up...! You'll see how size doesn't matter. Now, I need you two blank tapes to place these on Sonic, SpongeBob and those cheesefaced chinchillas & the chaotic Crossovers.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Sonic, SpongeBob & Patrick are seated at a table, eating a burger. The HenchCombats walk by]

Yellowbot: Well, here we are at Meh Burger! Even though we don't eat food.

RedBot: Just four robots enjoying the elegant atmosphere of a half-star eatery.

[Scene Change: Plankton's Lair.]

[Plankton is watching this on his monitor.]

Plankton: Get on with the plan already! Now watch & learn, Eggman.

[Greenbot pulls out a blowgun and fires one of the FleaBots at Sonic. Sonic starts scratching his head, same with SpongeBob & Patrick. On the monitor, the icon representing Sonic turns green, indicating he's been infested.]

Dr. Eggman: (notice this) Huh, well I'll be darned.

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

(Glitch Gremlin playing as Montage music)

[Amy is sitting in front of a mirror, applying makeup, while enjoying her time with the Mane 6. As Amy reaches to put her compress away, Yellowbot reaches in through the window, switching out Amy's perfume bottle for one containing the FleaBots. Amy applies the perfume to herself, then starts scratching, even with the Perfume spreading on the Mane 6 as well. The HenchCombats congratulate one another outside.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island beach, day.]

[HenchCombats hide behind some bushes, in front of which Knuckles is with Staci, while the Eds & Boggy B.]

Redbot: (to HenchCombats) Shh...

Eddy: And then I said, "25 cents or 25 days in the pokey".

Boggy B: (chuckles with Ed) Ok, wrong cartoon, Eddy.

Knuckles: Ready to be impressed?

[Staci grins. Knuckles picks up a dumbell and lifts it into the air. Bluebot uses a slingshot to fire one of the FleaBots onto Knuckles, the Eds & Boggy & the Powerpuff Girls. Knuckles screams and starts scratching himself. Staci shakes her head slightly, picks up her towel, and walks away. Knuckles ends up falling over from the weight of the dumbell.]

Edd: Good lord, not again. What is with all that itching?

[Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day.]

[The HenchCombats are on top of it. Redbot is holding a coffee cup and a drill.]

Redbot: I'll drill a small hole and drop the FleaBots inside. Sticks will never even notice.

[The second Redbot starts drilling, however, Sticks bursts out of her burrow.]

Sticks: Who's there?!

[The HenchCombats flee, with Orbot dropping the cup, releasing the FleaBots to swarm the growling Sticks.]

Rottytops: (busy swatting bugs with a flyswatter) (smiling) Oh hello again.

Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset & Shantae: (checks on Sticks with Hugo, Flynn & Cali) Hm?

Shantae: Sticks? Are you ok?

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[The HenchCombats are on the roof. Greenbot throws the remaining FleaBots in through the rooftop fan. They land on Tails, who is working on a device, but drops his work and starts scratching like crazy, eventually falling over, while the Noir Spies & Totallty Spies check on him. One of Eggman's Spy Bots is watching this.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, Interior, day.]

[The last icon on Eggman's monitor turns green, indicating that all the members of Team Sonic have been infested. Eggman, who is eating a piece of cake, starts laughing. This causes him to choke on the cake, and smack his chest to cough it out. He resumes laughing.]

Plankton: Now, just a couple more groups left.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

(The Piraka & the Mixels were seen at Meh Burger)

Slumbo: Have you seen the others? They have been a little late.

[Sonic approaches, still scratching himself.]

Sonic: There's the gang. Better play it cool so they don't know I have fleas.

[Sonic walks up to the table where Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are sitting, turns a chair around, and sits down.]

Vezok: Speak of the devil, there you are.

Sonic: 'Sup, peeps?

Amy: Nothing! No shameful hygiene problems here, that's for sure! [chuckles nervously]

Knuckles: Yeah! I've never felt more fresh!

[Tails forces a smile to hide the fact he is itching like crazy. Sonic does the same, scratching his arms. Everyone at the table is fidgeting.]

Tentro: Are you sure about that? You look like you got hurt from landing in thorny bushes. Should we take a look?

Sonic: [points at the floor] Hey! Check out that hideous stain on the floor!

[While everyone else looks at it, Sonic scratches himself.]

Dave: It's not a stain. It's the only clean spot.

[Knuckles nervously looks around, then knocks a salt shaker to the ground]

Knuckles: I'll get that!

[Knuckles drops to the ground, and starts scratching himself with his hind leg like a dog.]

Avak: Hey... Watch it. At least throw some salt over your left shoulder.

Tails: [hesitantly] Better get some more ketchup...

Burnard: (chuckles a bit) Perfect, more treats treats.

[Tails carries his fries over to the ketchup dispenser, then scratches himself while using it. The ketchup ends up spilling over. Back at the table, Amy props up her hammer and uses the handle to scratch her back. Sticks walks up, scratching herself.]

Ed: Help me guys, ah I am so itchy...

Zaktan: Itchy?

Sticks: You guys got fleas too, huh?

Sonic: What?! No! We jus-- ah, the heck with it!

[Everyone, minus the Piraka & Mixels starts wildly scratching themselves.]

Snoof: Oh my mixels, what's gotten into everyone?

Glomp: Do you think they need flea collars?

Zaktan: How in the world did you all get fleas? Fleas need fur, duh!

Sash Lilac: I'm just as surprised as you are.

Ed: Still itchy...

Tails: Where did these things come from?!

SpongeBob: How should we know?

Ed: I'm itchy... Come on, guys...

Gox: Alright, spill it. Who's responsible?

Sonic: Well, it wasn't me! I keep that dilapitated shack where I live spotless! If anywhere, they probably came from Amy's old rug!

Amy: It's not old, it's vintage! And it's too expensive to have fleas. Sticks is the one who lives in a hole in the woods!

Sticks: I had a shaman cast a pest control spell on that place years ago!

Twilight Sparkle: Don't look at us, we didn't know about these fleas that bite so viciously.

Knuckles: Everybody, please! We all know who's really to blame... It was Knuckles! [Acts shockedWhat?! How dare I besmirch my good name, sir!

Tails: Guys! It doesn't matter who started it!

Sticks: That's what Patient Zero would say!

[Sticks charges Tails, but is restrained by Sonic. At a nearby table, Plankton is watching this while reading a newspaper.]

Teslo: Hey hey hey control yourself, queen of the jungle!

Plankton: Oh-ho, I'm so good, this is just delicious!

Dave: [Delighted] Really?

Plankton: Not the food! The plan!

Dave: [Deflated] Oh. That makes more sense. Have you seen the clean spot, by the way?

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Team Sonic & Team Crossover rocks down the road, still badly scratching, while the Piraka & the Mixels are taking them back home]

Vezok: Listen, your staying here til you stop itching.

Ed: Scratch me, I'm itchy...!

Knuckles: Oh, these fleas itch even worse than that poison ivy scented deodorant I've been using!

Male Fennec: [Blocks their approach] Wait, fleas. You can't bring your flea-infested pelts into my shop.

Sonic: But you're the only store in town that sells anti-itch lotion! Can you at least bring the stuff to us and we'll pay for it out here?

Magnifo: Oh, I'll pay for us.

Male Fennec: All right.

Avak: Good, the sooner we get rid of the fleas from our friends, the better.

[Male Fennec walks back towards his store, but pushes a button under his stand, which triggers an alarm. Beaver Policeman, Wolf Policeman, and Mayor Fink run up, dressed in Biohazard suits]

Beaver Policeman: Freeze, fleabags!

Edd: We should've known better.

Wolf Policeman: You folks are going to have to vacate the village immediately.

Sonic: Are you banishing us?!

Mayor Fink: Of course not, especially after the real gorilla incident. We're quarantining you. It's like a banishment, but more confined.

Thok: In the meantime, we gotta figure out what's wrong with the flea circus.

[Scene Change: Tails' House, day.]

[A ring of police tape is surrounding the house. Inside, Team Sonic is still scratching like crazy.]

Hakann: Bingo, all set.

Piraka & Mixels: (checking inside)

Flain: Is everything ok in there?

Sonic: I guess this isn't so bad. I mean, the town's turned on us for less.

[The rest of Team Sonic murmurs their agreement]

Seismo: We feel sorry for you. We can help you.

Tails: [Grabs a basket] At least they gave us this basket of treatments. [Reads the label on one of the sprays] "Warning: May cause dizziness, nausea, heartburn & night terrors..."

Knuckles: Oh-oh! Me first!

[Tails sprays some of the spray on Knuckles. Knuckles lets out a sigh of relief, but then wobbles dizzily, barely stops himself from vomiting, clutches his chest in pain, screams, and faints.]

Tails: Uh... who's next?

SpongeBob: (put down the spray & toss it away) Uh no thanks, I think we'll stick with the cold cream.

Teslo: You do whatever it is. Cause I believe it's about time, someone had a bath.

Milla Basset: Is there gonna be soap?

[Scene Change: Tails' House, day.]

[Ed & Milla laughs as the Piraka & the Mixels spreads cold cream on Ed & the rest of Team Sonic & Team Crossover, while giving Milla a nice bubble bath.]

Meltus: We'll have you back to normal in no time, gang!

Ed: Gravy!

Buttercup: It better be worth it.

Kramm: More cold cream, Piraka!

Reidak: Coming right up, Doctor Mega-Mall! [He flings a spoonful of cold cream onto DK.]

Kramm: [sarcastic] Oh, that's real good, Piraka.

Krog: (sarcastic) Yes, That should really– [A huge amount of cold cream falls on the Mixels & the rest of Team Sonic & Team Crossover, covering them, causing them to shiver.]

Pinkie Pie: (turning a shade of cyan blue, while shivering) C-C-Cold...!

Zaktan: [with snow shovels along with the Piraka] Shout if you need more!

Ed: Guys! We are still itchy. Um, my mom always uses talcum powder for itching.

Avak: Klinkers, Thok & Hakann, could you please fill the talcum powder dispenser?

Hakann: Yeah, yeah. [muttering while filling the talcum powder dispenser] But you better not call me Nurse.

Avak: [taking the dispenser] Thank you.

Eddy: [noting the dispenser's small size] That's gonna take forever!

Avak: Yes, but it will provide an even, equal distribution.

Eddy: [dumping the container of powder in front of a fan with the Piraka & Klinkers' Help] Time is money, Piraka. And I love money!

Vezok, Zaktan & Mixels: [fighting the artificial wind] EDDY!

Ed: [after the dust clears] I smell pretty.

Fluttershy & Milla: (sneezes) Achoo...!

Boggy B: (still itching) Oh come on!

Knuckles: How come I'm still big, guys?

Edd: Ice should reduce the future swelling.

Thok: Bingo, Sockhead!

[Scene Change: Tails' House, day.]

Sonic: (as the Piraka & Mixels are working on the adjustments to the freezer, while getting an ice pack) Come on, Amy, just try on the flea collar. It's not like anybody's gonna see you.

[Amy growls, but grabs the collar and puts it around her neck. Just then, Mark the Tapir leads a group of Gogobas past Tails' house.]

Mark: And continuing our walking tour, here's Tails' house! Oh, and inside, there's Amy Rose wearing a flea collar, not unlike an outdoor cat.

[The Gogobas ooh and take pictures. Amy angrily pulls off the flea collar and starts scratching again.]

Snoof: (comes back with the Piraka & the Mixels) New plan!

Zaktan: [holding an ice bag] This ice bag should do it.

Avak: And, with my modifications to this refrigerator, we'll have plenty of ice!

Amy: Are you sure that ice is such a good idea?

Frosticons & Frosticons Cousins: (mixed into their Maxed forms) Max!

Frosticons Cousins Max: (Grog's Voice) Fire in the hole!

[Avak, Thok & the Frosticons & Frosticons Cousins are holding a hose with a funnel at the end. The other end of the hose leads into the fridge's ice dispenser. Avak turns it on, and ice comes out of the hose, flying into the ice bag.]

Reidak: You'll be back to your gruesome selves in no time, guys.

Ed: [shivering with the group] Whatever you say, Re-I-I-d-da-a-k.

Hakann: [now with enough ice] All right, Gang. Hold it. Stop. Give it up. [losing his patience, with the ice pack grown to giant size] ENOUGH WITH THE ICE ALREADY!

Thok: Avak! What's did you do?!

Avak: [unable to control his machine] I seem to miscalculate the cubic sheet velocity through circular extention.

Piraka & Mixels:: [getting pelted with ice] Avak! [He falls off Ed.]

[Avak, Thok & the Frosticons Max stumbles backwards, presumably into the fridge, as the flow of ice shuts off, while the group we're covered in ice & snow.]

Vezok: (dizzying, unaware of the few flea parts being dropped during the ice mishap) I think we had enough ice.

Rainbow Dash: (shivering with the group) I-i-i th-th-ink y-you've d-done en-nough he-helping f-f-for o-one d-day.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

Vezok: (walking down the path with the Piraka & the Mixels) Come on, There must be something we can do to help the gang. A flea free bath, cold cream, powder, ice, collars, but nothing's working.

Kraw: (as Plankton looks on in disbelief that the fleas did nothing to make the Piraka & the Mixels itch, due to them being robots themselves) I don't know... but do you ever feel like these fleas were either stubborn or something new?

Plankton: The fleas should've bit them by now! I don't get it...

[Eggman's & Plankton's Robots are invading the village & each other, causing panic.]

Plankton: Eggman! What now?

Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] Yes, minions. Take all the Choco Num-Num Bars you can carry!

Plankton: You take the chocolate bars! I'm doing this my way! (Releasing the fleabots)

Vezok: Hey! What are these fleas?!

(The Piraka & the Mixels quickly begins attacking at the robots, but couldn't crush the fast & agile Fleabots because of their small size.)

Teslo: Quick, the cubits!

(The Mixels begins mixing into their mix & Max forms as pest control exterminators while struggling to spray their element powers at the fleabots)

Zorch/Shuff Mix: Exterminate, Exterminate!

[Mrs. Vandersnout runs over to Mayor Fink, Wolf Policeman, and Beaver Policeman.]

Mrs. Vandersnout: Help! Where's Team Sonic? And why aren't they here to save us?

[Mayor Fink and the policemen look at each other, then chuckle nervously.]

Zaktan: (cross his arms) Wait a minute...

[Scene Change: Tails' House, day.]

[Team Sonic is still madly scratching. Mayor Fink knocks at the door. Tails answers it.]

Piraka & Mixels: (hurry inside)

Gurgle: Gangway...

Eddy: Piraka? Mixels? the Mayor?

Mayor Fink: Congratulations! By decree of the Mayor's office, I now unquarantine you! I hope you learned your lesson!

Carol Tea: (scratching) What lesson? We've been itching all day...

Wolf Policeman: Now, if you wouldn't mind, Eggman & Plankton just tore up the village something fierce.
Knuckles: You ever think maybe you guys should do something? You are police officers, after all.
Beaver Policeman: Hey, that's enough lip from you.
Sonic: We'd love to help, but I don't think we'd be much good right now!
Amy: Yeah! We've tried every potion and powder we can find, but nothing works on these fleas!
Mayor Fink: Maybe they're not fleas.

Zaktan: (holding a crushed robotic flea) We found this that we actually managed to step on.

Tails: I was so busy itching, I never considered that!
Mayor Fink: Well, hurry up and figure it out! The village isn't gonna save itself, you know. Especially with my brother-in-law as chief of police.
Beaver Policeman: [shrugs] Eh, what are you gonna do?
[The Mayor and the police leave. Tails pulls out a pair of tweezers, sticks them into his fur, and pulls out one of the FleaBots. He carries it over to a microscope and examines it.]
Tails: These aren't fleas! They're flea bots!

SpongeBob: And judging from their size, it must've been Plankton's doing.

Sonic: Well, we may not know how to destroy bugs, but we know exactly how to destroy robots!
[Knuckles scratches his head, confused.]
Sonic: With brute force!

Gobba: Wait, I don't think it's such a good-

[Sonic throws a punch at Knuckles, burying it in his stomach and knocking him down.]

Gobba: -Idea...

Sonic: Sorry, Knux. Aiming for the FleaBots. You just happened to be behind them.
Knuckles: Completely understood, my good man!
[Knuckles grabs a log from the fireplace nearby and smacks Sonic, sending him flying into Sticks. Amy pulls out her hammer and smashes Tails' foot with it, causing her to hop around in pain. After a beat, they all jump at each other and a massive fight ensures.]

Avak: Guys! Guys! Stop it!

Edd: Let's not behave like ruffians!

Sonic: [Punches Sticks in the face] Oh, sorry!
Tails: [Kicks Amy in the face] Don't take it personally!
Sticks: [punching someone off-screen] I was aiming for the FleaBots!
Knuckles: Not the face! Not the face!
[The fight finally breaks up by the Piraka & the Mixels, with everyone still itching. Tails sweeps up two FleaBots.]

Hoogi: (suddenly breaks up the fight) Everyone, stop! Brute force is not working!

Avak: As much as I like to disagree, but ever since Irnakk's invasion of Roboken, nows not the time!

Amy: Only two? That's it?!
Sticks: And a tooth!

SpongeBob: Speaking of teeth, I've lost FIVE teeth. (Then spits out four teeth on his hand).

(Everyone looks at SpongeBob confused).

SpongeBob: What?

Amy: You said FIVE teeth.

SpongeBob: Oh, yeah. Except that one will be a while... I swallowed it. One sec. (Then gags out a 5th tooth) Guess I now the fifth tooth. (Laughs)

Amy: (Sighs) Well, never mind. Forget I just said anything.

Eddy: (dizzy) Speaking of teeth, if you find any of them laying around, their mine. (falls on his back)

Tails: Hmm... maybe there's a more scientific approach we can take.
Knuckles: More scientific than punching?
[Tails examines one of the broken FleaBots through a magnifying glass, and sees a blinking light.]

Teslo: Aha, as expected.

Tails: These are programmed to work remotely. All we have to do is find the controller!
Sonic: And I have a pretty good hunch where that might be!

[Scene Change: Sheep Villager's House, day.]

[Sonic and Knuckles suddenly smash their way in, startling Sheep Villager.]
Sonic: Hand over the controller, you lousy--
[Sonic cuts off, realizing he is in the wrong place.]
Sonic: You know, now that I think about it, the controller's probably at Eggman's.

[Scene Change: Plankton Lair, interior, day.]

[A pile of open Choco Num-Num Bar wrappers are on the floor of Eggman's lair. Another one is tossed onto the pile.]
Dr. Eggman: Mmm... tastes like victory. WIth a hint of nougat!

Plankton: It was my idea, shouldn't you be thanking me for teaching you that lesson?

[Team Sonic and Team Crossovers bust in, still scratching.]

Flain: (with the Piraka & the Mixels determined) What's up docs?

Dr. Eggman: You can't come in here! You'll track in fleas! Seriously, some people. How rude.
Sonic: We know your game, Eggman Now hand over the FleaBot controller!
Plankton: [Holds the controller up] Oh, this old thing? How about you come and get it?

Sonic: Ok, now that I think about it, small sized robots are more Plankton's thing.

Flain: Get'em! (Mixes into a Max with the Infernites & the rest of the Mixels into their Max forms)

Orbitons Max: Oh yeah! It's exterminating time!

(Beat the Sax playing as battle background music).
[Plankton pushes a button on the remote, causing Team Sonic & the rest of Team Crossovers to itch even more. Some Motobugs and Mantis Bots enter, and Team Sonic tries to go on the offensive, but are hampered by their itchiness, with only the Piraka & the Maxed out Mixels on the brutal offensive. Tails is knocked off his feet by a Motobug. One of the Mantis Bot's arms is launched at Amy, but she ducks under it to scratch her leg.]

Patrick: (punching & kicking with each itch) So... much... pain!

Sonic: Can somebody scratch my back for me? Oh, that’s the stuff.
[Something starts scratching Sonic's back, causing him much relief. He glances back and sees that it's one of the Mantis Bots scratching his back. He jumps into the air and smashes it. Sticks has a Motobug driving on her back.]
Sticks: Ohh, yes...
[Knuckles is spinning in circles on the floor, whooping, luckily kicking away Moto Bugs as he does. Sonic continues to wince and moan as the itching continues, while Plankton laughs.]

Plankton: How does it feel to be ridden with fleas?

SpongeBob: (screaming) That's it!

Sonic: I can't take it anymore!
[Sonic jumps into the air, bouncing around the room like a pinball, while SpongeBob rolls into a Balls & becomes a pinball.]
Dr. Eggman: Whoa, dude! Get a hold of yourself!

Reidak & Cragsters: Batter up!

[With the boosted strength combined by the Piraka & the Mixels, Sonic & SpongeBob slams into Eggman & Planktom, knocking them down and sending the remote flying to Tails. Tails picks it up.]

Plankton: D'oh! My remote!

Tails: Let's see how these fleas thrive in mustache hair!
[Tails pushes a button on the remote. The Fleabots on him and the rest of Team Sonic & Team Crossovers jump off, finally relieving them of their itchiness. The FleaBots then swarm Eggman, who screams, starts scratching himself, and starts running.]
Dr. Eggman: Get off me!

Ed: (sighs happily with the group) My itch is gone.

SpongeBob: Thanks Piraka & Mixels, we owe you one.

Thok: (as the Mixels defuse back to normal) Plankton is definitely clever for a little guy. Best to keep a sharp eye on him.

Camilot: You might be right. These fleas are hard to crush sometimes.

Amy: So Tails, is this remote the only way to stop the FleaBots?
Tails: Pretty sure!
[Amy takes the remote, drops it, then smashes it with her hammer. Team Sonic and Team Crossovers laugh and leave as Eggman runs by again, still screaming.]

Avak: But seriously next time we're protecting you from your allergies & even future flea bots.

Ed: Jimmy cracked corn & I don't care.

Dr. Eggman: Mombot!
[Some time later, while Plankton is wrapped in bandages, Eggman is sitting in the tub, with Orbot and Cubot slathering anti-itch lotion on him.]

Plankton: (sighs) If I can get that remote to be fixed, there's always next time. But not today or tomorrow.

Bluebot: At least you came close this time. Maybe your small & agile body may prove useful.

Orbot: It probably wasn't wise to have all those Choco Num-Num Bars. Now you have a tummyache.
Dr. Eggman: Less talking, more slathering!
[Eggman considers to scratch himself as the episode ends.]

The End

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