This is the 109th episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover.

This Episode Focus on Ed, Edd n Eddy, the Powerpuff Girls, Hakann & the Infernites


Chef Pepper Jack, the evil chef in Skylands is causing a heat wave with his giant heat lamp from his blimp. If this keeps up, The whole village will burn up in flames. Fortunatlly, 3 little girls called: The Powerpuff Girls can help with the situation. Can our heroes cool down this hot headed chef?

​Spicy Chef PerilEdit

(The scene starts at the village.)

(Lady Goat is getting ice cream, but unfortunatlly it melted. She looked up and saw a blimp with a chef with a jalepano pepper head brings out a megaphone, the chef's name is: Chef Pepper Jack.)
Chef Pepper Jack

Chef Pepper Jack

Chef Pepper Jack: People of the village, I Chef Pepper Jack am prouldy to annouce that tonight on the menu... We servin' YOU! And by serve you as in gonna cook you as a dinner, not serve you as in present the food to ya, I can say how that would be confusing. ANYWAY Let's spice thing up on FIRE.

(A giant heat lamp comes out of the blimp and heats up on the island.)

Female voice: (offscreen) Not so fast! Pepper Jack!

(Chef Pepper Jack turned around and saw 3 little girls with superpowers, Their names are: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.)

Chef Pepper Jack: Mmm mmm, We meet again, Powerpuffs.

Blossom: What kind of chef would cook people on a nice day?

Chef Pepper Jack: This one, but hey, why don't we talk this out with nice hot oatmeal? (Holds out 4 bowls of oatmeal on a serving plate)

Blossom: Is this another one of your culinary tricks?

Chef Pepper Jack: Hey, I starting to see the error of my ways.

Blossom: Well, alright.

(The girls then eat the oatmeal)

(Chef Pepper Jack smirks as the girls relizes that the oatmeal is really hot and screams in pain.)

Bubbles: My tounge!

Blossom: This oatmeal's too hot!

Chef Pepper Jack: Ooh-wee, I can smell your fears. Oops, nope that's just my inferno hot sauce. (Laughs)

Buttercup: Now you're gonna get it!

(The girls then fly towards Pepper Jack, but Chef Pepper Jack uses his Mixer Gun on the girls who got zap by the gun.)

Chef Pepper Jack: Time to take out the trash! (Throws the unconsious girls overboard) Have a nice fall girls. (Laughs)

(Meanwhile with Team Sonic and the Crossover Gang)

Hakann: (head outside of the Crossover Shack) Well, it's Time to take out the trash! (Whistles as he takes out the trash, which is from Ed's room, into a dumpster) Clean, clean, clean clean clean. (Whistles)

Edd: Ed, how many times do we have to tell you, never leave your room a spoiled mess.

Ed: I am so sorry Double D, it is so wrong of me, it will not happen again.

Eddy: Good, can we go back inside now & cool off? The heat is starting to get to me.

(As the rest enter inside to drink lots of water, the Infernites, both original three & Infernite cousins, lounging under the sun, until they heard three crashing sounds coming from the dumpster.)

Flain: Hey, what was that?

Vulk: I don't know, but it sounded like a bird hitting some metal or windows or something like that.

Flain: I don't think that's a bird.

Zorch: Say, we can go check it out while we're sunbathing.

Flamzer: Aren't you gonna do it?

Zorch: It is your room of the house.

Meltus: You mean our room of the house, right? (Sneezes)

Burnard: (chuckles) Let's all check it out together.

(The Infernites & the Infernite Cousins check inside the dumpster to see Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup, unconscious in the dumpster.)

Burnard: Uh, Is it dead?

Vulk: Oh, I hope not.

Flamzer: Somebody poke it.

Meltus: (brings out a long stick & gently pokes at Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup)

(Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup start to wake up slowly)

Vulk: Oh good, they're not dead.

Blossom: What happened?

Meltus: You were all unconsious.

(Amy arrives and sees the Infernite cousins talking to the Powerpuff Girls.)

Amy: Oh, you poor sweet 3 things.

Flamzer: We need to get these 3 back inside.

Hakann: Whats going on here? (Checking in the dumpster & notices this) Oh not again. Every time someone has been shoved overboard bad things would happen.

Edd: (checking with Ed & Eddy) Oh dear, I understand that the same thing has happened to many other new arrivals in the past. But can we at least give them protection from this heat wave as well? It feels so hot without sunscreen.

Hakann: Fine, but you guys owe me a solid.

Amy: Help us get them inside.

Ed: (nodding) One, Two, buckle my shoe.

(Amy, Hakann, the Eds & the Infernites & Infernites Cousins carry the Powerpuff Girls inside the Crossover Shack carefully.)

(Inside the Crossover Shack, Amy is putting bandages on Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, while the rest of the Crossovers & Team Sonic gather around inside.)

Flamzer: You girls still haven't told us your names yet.

Blossom: I'm Blossom, these are my sisters. Bubbles and Buttercup.

Sonic: How did you girls ended up in that dumpster?

"More Coming Soon"

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