A new kid had just come to South Park Elementry. Her name is Crystal, Crystal Trent. She is in the 6th grade. She took the bus and met the 4 boys Eric, Kyle, Kenny and Stan. She was too shy to say anything to them! The bus stopped at South Park Elementry and everyone on the bus got off. Butters noticed Crystal as she walked to her new locker. Butters knows to give a new kid space so thats exactly what he did. Crystal took out her studing books and walked to her 6th grade class. As she was walking there she bumped into Stan and dropped her books. "Let me help you!" said Stan as he helped Crystal pick up her books. "Th- Th- thanks" she said as she contenuied walking to her class. The teacher told her to sit on her desk and work on the test that was on her table (along with everyone else in her class). The bell rang for recess and she went outside. She found a kid bullying Stan and beating him up (like throwing the ball at his eye which gave him a black eye scratching and breaking his arm and twisting his ankle). Crystal knew what to do. "Leave him alone!" yelled Crystal. "Think your the boss of me NEW KID???" said the bully as he walked up to Crystal with his fists. Crystal knew if she tried to run the bully would chase her. Crystal did the only choice but to run to PC Princable and tell him what was going on. The bully got suspended from school and Crystal ran outside to help Stan. She helped him go to the nurse and tried to comfort him. The bully was also in the 6th grade and he beat up Stan very good! Worst than how his sister Shelly beats him up. The nurse wrapped Stan's foot and arm in a bandage and gave him an ice pack to put over his black eye. Crystal asked the nurse if his injury was serious. The nurse said it was very serious and Stan couldn't go to school till he was completely healed. The nurse called Stan's parents, Sharon Marsh and Randy Marsh to come pick up Stan. Crystal was kinda sad and school had already ended. Crystal told her mom whathad happened to her new best freind. Crystal is allowed to swear cause she is 12 so when she went up to her room she said "That bully is a little B*****d!". The next day she waited at the bus stop with the 3. Stan had showed up, but his leg and arm was covered in bandages (not band aids). Crystal comforted Stan and helped him get on the bus. Stan told Crystal about how he needed to go to the hospital. At school Crystal drew in her notebook. She drew Nyan Doge (Doge and Nyan Cat mixed together). At recess she met the goth kids. She asked them about Raven after hearing Stan talking about him. One the goth kids told her Raven was Stan. She asked Stan about this. Stan said it was true. Crystal helped Stan walk to class. The next week Stan's leg had healed but his arm had not yet. Crystal was scared that everyone thought she had a crush on Stan. This was not true because they had just met. Crystal grabbed out her mp3 and headphones and listened to Its Been So Long. She saw that Stan needed help with his book so she grabbed Stan's books and took them to his classroom and set them on his desk. She went to her class and saw No one was there. She was so bus helping Stan that it was already recess time. She went out and got on the swings. Stan wanted to go on the swings too so Crystal helped Stan on the swing next to her. The next week Crystal walked to Stan's locker to help him but his arm had healed. Crystal walked to her locker and got her books. It was the last day of school before thanksgiving vacation. Stan asked Crystal if she would spend Thanksgiving with him. Crystal said yes. Stan and Crystal had a sleepover. Stan grabbed Crystal's hand and said "I love you". Crystal said the same thing to Stan and they went to sleep. The next day at South Park Elementry Stan said that Crystal was the prettiest girl ever. Crystal said "Scince we met things have nver been the same" as she hugged Stan.


Trey Parker and Matt Stone: South Park creators.