This is the 96th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

This is also the 21st Sonic & Spongebob Special

Main All Star Heroes: Bunnie Rabbot, Ed, Edd & Eddy

Main Villains: Splitface

Story #1: Transcript

Upgrade, Catch the Rabbot (Staring Bunnie Rabbot, Ed, Edd n Eddy)

(In the Doctor's room)

(We can see Ed, Edd & Eddy are waiting for Bunnie, who she is in stasis as the doctors begins analysing her.)

Eddy: (is damaged)

Edd: (checking Bunnie's robotics) Hmm... most of Bunnie seems to be back in order.

Mobian Doctor #1: Her life signs are finally stablizing, Doctor!

Mobian Doctor #2: Respiration, heart beat and brainwaves are just about normal for someone in her state!

Dr. Quack: Yeah, but her metabolism is still haywire!

Ed: What caused it doctor?

Dr. Quack: Her bionics and nervous systems are having a heckuva compatibility gap! Close her up! We've done all we can at the moment! The next decision... is hers!

Ed: Gotcha Doctor. (closes the stasis tube)

Eddy: Great, can we go now? (wraps bandages around himself) My bruizes are beginning to hurt even more when I'm angry.

Dr. Quack: I have a question, why would you 3 become doctors only for this patient?

Edd: It is because of what happened earlier this morning & we we're here for Bunnie Rabbot's safety. You see, it all started when Bunnie sleeping last night.

(Eariler This Morning, In Bunnie's hut)

Bunnie: (sleeping)

(In Bunnie's nightmare)

Bunnie: (Looks around, seeing a robotic city) Where am I?

Splitface: (laughs evily) (Metal Voice) Welcome Bunnie Rabbot to your worst nightmare. (Organic Voice) In other words, you'll never see your organic self ever again!

Bunnie: Hey! What's that suppose to mean? (suddenly her roboticized parts begins to take over her body, slowly turning her body robotic) (gasps) No! Stop!

Splitface: (Metal Voice) Never!

Bunnie: (only her head is organic) You gotta stop! I'm losing control!

Splitface: (Organic Voice) We both agree on one thing. (Metal Voice) That's not gonna happen!

Bunnie: (screams in pain as she is fully roboticized)

Splitface: (Organic Voice) Enjoy your miserable life as a robot, cause you'll be stuck like this forever! (Both Voices) (Laughs evily)

(Back in reality)

Bunnie: AAH! (suddenly wakes up from her nightmare & looks at her body & sighs in relief that it's only a dream) Phew, that was one rough nightmare. (gets up)

(Suddenly she felt her roboticized parts, beginning to spark unusually.)

Bunnie: (notices this) Hm? This is unusual.

(In South Knothole)

[Avak rides by on a jeep. Eddy watches happily.]

Eddy: What a pathetic set of wheels.

[Avak screeches to a halt.]

Avak: (turns to Eddy) What did you say about my jeep? And how would you know about vehicles?

[He is suddenly carried backwards by Ed & Owen. Eddy follows.]

Eddy: No need to be displeased, we've got all your needs at Krazy Ed's Kustom Hot Bikes. [shoving Avak in] Yeah yeah, I know what you're saying. How can I afford a Kustom Hot Bike, Krazy Eddy? That's me, Krazy Eddy. But wait till you see this beaut! Show him the Big Daddy Cruiser, Krazy Ed! That's him, Krazy Ed. [Ed whips the sheet off of a giant superbike.]

Ed: Ta-da!

Avak: [eyes wide] Incredible! Check out these rad spokes! How'd you do this? [The spokes are really kitchenware.]

Eddy: Yep, and at no extra cost.

Duncan: (with Geoff) Yep, I Krazy Duncan. That's me Krazy Duncan. Along with Krazy Geoff & Krazy Owen. That's them, Krazy Geoff & Krazy Owen have helped the Krazy Eds, that's them, design this super bike in tribute to my bike the "Lethal Weapon".

Edd: (to Eddy, Duncan, Geoff & Owen) Gentlemen, don't you–

Eddy: Hey, do you mind? We got a customer here!

Avak: Oh man, these tires are choice, they're super thick.

Eddy: You got an eye for quality my friend. Why don't you take her for a spin Avak, while Krazy Double D–that's this guy, Krazy Double D–gets the boring paperwork ready. Get it?

Edd: No.

Owen: AAH!

[Avak peels out on the bike.]

Avak: Out of my way, pencil necks!

Eddy: Avak plus sucker equals cash for Eddy.

Avak: [doing stunts] This is so cool! Awesome! Yahoo!

Duncan: Oh yeah! That's the stuff!

Edd: He can't do that Eddy! You said he wouldn't do that! You said build a bike that looked good, and that's it! That's all!

Eddy: Looking good is what it's all about, Double D. You just lie about the other stuff.

Duncan: Yeah, as in making them strong enough to endure the damage, that's all.

Geoff: Yeah dude! Your zooming faster than ever without the bolts!

Edd: (looks alarmed)

Geoff: So I'd forgot the bolts.

[Avak is happily riding along when one of the wheels come off. The other rear wheel is quick to follow, and Avak goes into an ungraceful slide down the street, skidding on his back and scattering parts everywhere.]

Owen: Uh oh.

Ed: Come again!

[Avak runs into a mailbox.]

Owen: (winches) Ooooh. Avak? Are you ok?

Avak: (angrily) What do you think?!

Eddy: Hey Avak, what'd I tell ya. Is it hot or what? [Avak throws a pedal at him.]

Avak: You 3 are right about one thing, most of your scams have become a bust! (grabs Owen, Duncan & Geoff) Your coming with me mister!

Duncan: Hey!

Geoff: Ow Ow Ow!

Owen: What did we do?

Avak: You're responsible for this, so your coming with me! (to Ed, Edd & Eddy) I'll get you 3 for this! Right after I find Nate Morgan so I can have my robotic spine surgery. [He walks away, his back totally torn up, with electric sparks flying.] Ouch.

Owen, Duncan & Geoff: (being dragged away by Avak)

Eddy: What's with him? I did everything to renew my scams & did everything my dad does. How come he sells stuff? Maybe it's the tie.

Edd: Well it certainly couldn't be that we manufactured the bike from HAND ME DOWN KITCHENWARE! Ten hours of hard work! And for what?

Ed: To fleece the masses!

Eddy: Check's in the mail, Ed.

Edd: [ranting] It's the same thing, day in and day out! It's so monotonous! A pipe dream at best!

Ed: You are not alone, my friend. I dream of pipes too.

Eddy: Boy, Ed, who'da thought?

(Suddenly someone screams, as a figure went through the straw roof, it appears to be Bunnie Rabbot.)

Bunnie: (only her upper body is seen in the hole in the roof)

Ed: (waves hello) Hi Bunnie!

Edd: Oh dear. Are you alright, Bunnie?

Bunnie: How do I look?

Eddy: Stuck in the roof? (laughs hysterically)

Edd: Don't worry, Bunnie. We'll get you down. Somebody get a ladder.

(As the 3 Eds get the ladder, Bunnie begins moving up & down, because her robotic ladder legs is stuck going up and down in a pattern.)

Bunnie: These ladder legs might be come in handy next time I fix the elevator.

Edd: I believe your cybernetic legs needs a simple tune up.

Bunnie: I don't think my legs aren't the only one that need a tune up. (suddenly her ladder legs stretches upwards, causing Bunnie to go through the hole in the roof, we can see her body, except her legs, which are still inside.) AAH!

Edd: (places the ladder) There.

Ed: (climbs upwards & catches Bunnie) Gotcha Bunnie.

Bunnie: (smiles) Thanks Sugah Ed.

Ed: Your welcome Bun- (suddendly felt his nose ticklish, because of one thing; Ed's allergic to rabbits.) Ah... ahh... AHHH... AHCOO! (sneezes, letting go of Bunnie Rabbot)

Edd: (fixes Bunnie's ladder legs) (sighs) I'd forgot to mention that Ed's allergic to rabbits.

Bunnie: Really? I never even know that. (comes back down, with her robotic legs back to her normal leg height) Thank you Double D.

Edd: You are very welcome, Ms. Rabbot.

Eddy: Man, what's with you? You look like you seen a ghost.

Bunnie: I just hav' a nightmare about being fully robotic by Splitface.

Edd: Still concerning that Splitface wanted revenge on you for putting him in jail?

Bunnie: That's right, Sugah.

Ed: (sneezes) Ahcoo! I sneezed... again.

Eddy: Look, forget about Splitface. The Legion of Darkness are in jail again, caught & cuffed.

Edd: You might want to take it easy on your robotic limbs, next time, ok?

Bunnie: Ok. I'll see you later. (heads off, not knowing her robotic limbs begins sparking again)

Eddy: What's with Bunnie? She can control her robotic parts, but now she lost control of them temporarily. What's with that?

Edd: It must be a minor malfunction, but I have a strange feeling that this minor malfuncition is going to be a major.

Eddy: Relax, will ya? What's the worse that can happen?

(Suddenly the 3 heard Bunnie's robotic limbs begin to lose control again)

Bunnie: (offscreen) Oh no, here we go again!

Ed: They're having fun.

Edd: (a bit annoyed) Eddy, why do I believe that you we're the butt of that joke?

Eddy: Ok, so it's just a minor setback.

Edd: Quickly gentlemen, we must follow Bunnie & make sure that she's alright. (follows Bunnie)

Eddy: (follows Edd) Sometimes I have to agree with you there.

Ed: (follows Edd & Eddy) Choo Choo. (laughs)

(With Bunnie)

Bunnie: I think I'll be alright, I think. (picks up a giant log with her robotic arm) There we go. I got it. (suddenly loses control of her robotic limbs as she is holding a giant log up high with her robotic arm)

Antoine: (notices this as he is picking up sticks) What is wrong, macherie?

Bunnie: Sugar twan, I'm... getting... dizzy... can't... hold... uhh. (lets the giant log go & falls down)

Antoine: Ma cherie! She needs a doctaire!

(Antoine doesn't realized Bunnie's roboticized parts begin to spark again.)

(With the Eds)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (looks around)

Bunnie & Antoine: (screaming from the background)

Edd: Heavens, it's Bunnie & he is near Antoine!

Ed: (follows the sound of the scream)

(As the 3 Eds arrive, Bunnie lost control of her robotic legs.)

Bunnie: Help! Eds my legs are stuck again! (goes upwards) AAH! (comes down to earth) OW! (her ladder legs stretches higher, causing Bunnie to get shot into the sky) HELP ME!

Antoine: Ed, Double D, Eddy! Now what is happening?!

Edd: Oh dear. Bunnie is not meant to go that high.

Bunnie: Whoa! Look out! [Bunnie comes down. She lifts one leg & her leg stretches out & takes a sizable chunk out of the FENCE near Eddy, Edd and Ed. It then retracts. Ed goes to look through the hole, and the other leg knocks him through it. Ed climbs out and stands in front of the hole. Predictably, he is kicked through again.]

Eddy: Do something, Sockhead! How do we stop it? [The leg rebounds at Antoine]

Antoine: AAH! [dodges the leg, which it hits Eddy in the face instead.]

Eddy: Ow!

[It then becomes perfectly plain that Bunnie has no control, as her robotic arm & legs push and pull at her in various painful ways.] 

Bunnie: Do something Sugah T'wan & Sugah Eds! I'm like a walking disaster!

Edd: Do not worry, Bunnie. I have the solution to your problem & I have the key to solve it. (pulls out a remote control with a big red button) Observe. (presses the button, but nothing happens) That's weird, I thought for sure I have that fixed.

Eddy: Gimme that! Your doing it all wrong! [He snatches the remote and pushes the button repeatedly.] Why isn't this working?!

Ed: My turn! [presses the button repeatedly] This is fun!

Edd: Ed! Eddy! You two be careful with that!

[Suddenly, the remote breaks.]

Ed: Oops.

(Suddenly Bunnie's legs begins to quiver & begins to increase energy in her robotic legs, causing Bunnie to run in place, sounding like a train)

Bunnie: Oh no... this could be bad! (begins running away in super sonic speed) AAAAAHHH!!!

Antoine: MACHERIE! (turns to the Eds) Please help me! First Bunnie collapsed just like zat! And the next thing I know, she got up & runz away!

Edd: Oh dear, we gotta do something. There's no telling what would happen to Bunnie if we don't do something! Not to fear Antoine, we'll help you get Bunnie back.

Ed: (running after Bunnie) Let's capture her!

Eddy: (following) And trap her!

Edd: (bringing up the rear) You two mind your p's and q's now.

Antoine: I gotta warn the other Freedom Fighters! (heads off to warn the Freedom Fighters)

(With Bunnie)

[Bunnie rushes down the lane, the Eds following it at a breakneck pace.]

Bunnie: Hurry, I can't control my running speed!

[Eddy comes close but rams into a fence at the end of the path.]

Eddy: [dazed] Hello! Hey, it's a dead end.

Edd: Drats! We'll have to go around.

Eddy: Let's get a slingshot from the Angry Birds.

[The Eds head the other way. Edd is sweaty and tired from the short run.]

Edd: Oh, I'm exhausted! My genetic makeup has thrown in the towel! I'm filthy with sweat! Bath, I need a bath! [He realizes that Ed is carrying him on his shoulders.] Why thank you, Ed!

Ed: She's getting away! [He stoops over to place Eddy on top of his shoulders.]

Eddy: Thattaboy, Ed! C'mere, you little-

Bunnie: Hurry, sugah! I'm starting to get a robotic ham'string!

Edd: Don't you hurt her, Eddy!

Eddy: What? All I'm gonna do is trap! [He laughs evilly. Suddenly, Ed trips on his untied shoelaces.]

Bunnie: Ed! You're shoes are untied!

Ed: Uh oh!

[The tower tips, and it's all Eddy can do to run on his hands. Unfortunately, Eddy can't control their direction, so the tower of Eds run headlong into a tree.]

Bunnie: (trying her best to control her robotic parts, while she in the confessional) Never run while your shoes are untied. You could trip & hurt yourself if your not careful.

(With Applejack, in Equestria in the MLP:FIM Universe)

Applejack: (busy doing the farm chores for the Apple Family)

[Bunnie continues to rush into Applejack's farm, which is Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack is busily cleaning the cows. The Eds enter, chasing Bunnie, who is knocking down the Apple Trees, which the apples luckily fallen into the basket perfectly.]

Applejack: What in Ponyville is going on here?! Why is Bunnie knocking down my apple trees?!

Eddy: Stop the Rabbot!

Edd: Applejack, we have a bit of a situation here!

Bunnie: Ah'm very sorry Applejack, I can't control mah limbs!

Applejack: (notices the sparks around Bunnie's robotic limbs) Whoa! I'd better warn the rest of the All Stars!

[The Eds run into a chicken.]

Ed: Chicken! [The Eds hit a pig.] Pig. [The Eds run into the cow that Applejack is washing. It stops them in their tracks.] Cow.

[The cow slowly tips over onto Applejack.]

Applejack: Whoa nelly! AAH! (got crushed by tipped over cow) Ouch!

Bunnie: (running past Applejack) Sorry about that! I'll do the work for you!

Eddy: [restarting the chase] Hurry up, Bunnie's getting away!

Edd: Excuse me, Applejack.

Ed: What'd ya do, Double D?

Applejack: [in pain, as her head is the only part of the body that is free] Wait a minute! What about this cow on top of me?! You guys come back here right this second! I'M GONNA TELL BIG MCINTOSH ON YOU!

(However Applejack is already alone)

Applejack: (only got her front legs free) Aw pony feathers.

(Back in South Knothole in Mobius Prime)

[Bunnie pounds through a wooden fence & rushes into the lane and out of view.]

Bunnie: (panting) Ah'm getting tired here.

Eddy: (running around in circles) Where'd she go? I lost Bunnie! You guys see her?

Ed: (joins in with Eddy) What does Bunnie look like, Eddy?

Eddy: Shut up, Ed.

[Edd begins to wheeze as he joins with Eddy & Ed.]

Eddy: Boy, Double D, you're such a jock.

[Edd stops and pours himself a glass of water. He drinks it down and then runs off. Ed follows.]


[Eddy looks over fences, trying to glimpse at Bunnie Rabbot.]

Eddy: Stupid fence! [Bunnie Rabbot, with her legs in ladder legs mode, walks by right over Eddy's head.] I found her!

Bunnie: Help me!

[Bunnie leads him into Knothole Village and up the hill.]

Eddy: Come on baby, come on.

[Eddy comes to the end of the top of the hill and goes down the top of the Great Oak slide. Ed pops out the end.]

Ed: Look at it probe.

Edd: I got it, Ed. [He slowly climbs onto the monkey bars. The balloon drifts past.] I got it. I got it. [He stands up and hits his head on a bar. Edd falls to the ground.]

Bunnie: Oooh, that's gotta leave a mark.

Eddy: Oh no you don't! [He jumps on a swing and grabs Bunnie.] Gotcha! Ha ha ha! [The swing falls away, and he plunges to earth. The force of the impact makes him let go of Bunnie.]

Bunnie: (begins running as her ladders keeps going up & down) I'm getting dizzy!

Ed: Ooga booga booga!

Edd: [Using a makeshift butterfly net] Wait, don't go! We have so much in common! [Ed pounces on top of Edd and uses his breath to propel Bunnie away from capture.]

Edd: What are you doing!?!?

Ed: Look at her go, Double D! Run, Bunnie, Run!

Bunnie: Ah do believe that's not helpin' ate all.

Edd: Heavens, Ed, what's that devouring your leg?

Ed: It's a bag! [Edd's net is caught on his foot.] Get it off! Get it off!

[Edd chuckles as Ed tries to shake the perfectly harmless pillowcase off.]

Eddy: Good one, Sockhead. But the virus' toast!

Bunnie: Hurry, I'm starting to feel dizzy! Do something before I pass out!

Eddy: [He follows Bunnie.] Let's go, boys!

Edd: Don't you dare, Eddy!

Ed: Release me, mutant bag! Have pity! [Ed has somehow managed to get the bag stuck on his head.]

Squidward: (on a beach chair, reading a magazine) Morons.

(We can see that Squidward is actually with Pinkie Pie, Scott & Crash)

[Squidward, Scott and Crash are on a pretend plane with several stuffed animals, being tended to by .]

Scott: I got three nuts in one shell. This must be my lucky day.

Pumbaa: Good day, sir. Oh, a violation. Please fasten your seatbelts or I'll have to throw you off the plane.

Scott: Fine.

Timon: [as pilot] Welcome aboard to the Timon & Pumbaa's jungle airlines, passengers. Just in case, the emergency exits are located by Pinkie Pie, and the other one by Squidward. After all, we might explode into a zillion tiny pieces! Wouldn't that be something? He he he!

Pinkie Pie: That would be something, like pretty fireworks (giggles)

Crash: (eating a Whumpa Fruit)

Timon: Anyways, for the drop back to Earth, please place our neato oxygen masks firmly over your face. Show 'em, Pumbaa!

Pumbaa: You got it, Timon.

Eddy: [interrupting] C'mon! She's getting away!

[Edd, exhausted, collapses into a chair. Ed and Eddy fight over Bunnie Rabbot.]

Eddy: Mine!

Ed: No, mine!

Eddy: She's mine Ed!

Ed: No, she's yours Eddy!

Eddy: That's what I said, she's mine!

Ed: Forget it, she's yours.

Eddy: You idiot, just grab her! Get her! Get her!

[The dueling Eds have destroyed much of the pretend plane.]

Pumbaa: Everyone stay calm! Don't panic!

Timon: Ed! Get off my plane! We're very busy playing pretend here! And becareful of my First Class seats, they don't come cheap you know!

Ed: But Timon, we just want Bunnie.

Pumbaa: Oh, I see your point. Timon, do you think...

Edd: [holding out his magazine] Um, excuse me, Pumbaa, would you have a more current issue?

Timon: (as Timon talks, Bunnie is seen in ladder legs running by) Hey, how come your still here? This is my backyard of my hut, you'll have to pay me up with grubs, and if you don't leave–

Ed: [running past Timon] Bunnie!

Eddy: Oh, you're so caught.

Ed: Hurry guys! [The 3 Eds runs through the house.]

Eddy: Go, baby, go!

Timon: My hut!

Pumbaa: You mean "Our Hut"? [The sound of a call button interrupts him.]

Scott: (holding a call button) What? I need more nuts.

[The Eds exit and stare at Bunnie, who keeps walking away with her ladder legs stucks going upwards, with each step, Bunnie gets even more taller.]

Bunnie: Help! I'm starting to get woozy!

Eddy: Man, look how high it is!

Edd: We'd have to either grab Bunnie by the legs or sprout wings to retrieve her from that height.

Ed: Fly Double D, fly! [He tosses Edd skywards.]

Rarity: [walking up] Greetings gentlemen, what is going on?

Ed: Fly Rarity, fly! [He throws the unsuspecting unicorn at Bunnie.]

Rarity: Aah! (crashes into the leaves of the tress safely)

Eddy: Rarity didn't even make a grab for Bunnie!

Ed: Your turn, Eddy.

Eddy: Get away from me, Ed! [He backs up, but Ed grabs Eddy's loop and pulls it.] Why I oughta– [His hairs suddenly start to whirl like helicopter blades.]

Ed: Bunnie Rabbot, mister! [He lets go of Eddy, and Eddy floats up to Bunnie's new level.]

Eddy: This better not mess up my hair, Ed. [He hovers by the balloon.]

Bunnie: (begins to feel woozy) Hurry, I'm beginning to pass out.

Eddy: Hello, Bunnie. Come to papa! [Bunnie feels more dizzy & begins to wobble just out of reach.] What the? Why you little!

Edd: Remind me to ask you how you did that, Ed.

Eddy: C'mere, you furry cyborg! [He continues to fail to grab Bunnie.]

[On the pretend plane, Lindsay & Beth is wheeling a baby carriage down the aisle.]

Lindsay: Excuse us, but we are your airline food service waiters, Pilot Beth & Pilot Lindsay Her-Hotness.

Beth: We have your lunch. [On Scott's tray is set a plate with three beans and some half melted butter.]

Scott: (confused) That's lunch?

[Beth sets a steaming lobster dinner in front of Crash.]

Crash: (gibberish)

Scott: Whaddya mean you special ordered? [He looks back at his tray in disgust.]

[In the sky, Bunnie feels like she's ready to pass out.]

Bunnie: Too high... feel like... passing out. (passes out & is about to fall.)

[Eddy clamps onto Bunnie's waist with his shoes, catching her, causing her robotic limbs to return to their normal length.]

Eddy: Ha! I'm too smart for you, Rabbot! Ha ha ha! Hey guys, check it out!

[Eddy holds up Bunnie Rabbot, and the hairs hit Bunnie's robotic arm and tangle around it. Eddy & Bunnie starts to fall.]


Squidward: (hearing Eddy's scream & looks around) What was that? (looks upwards & notices Eddy & Bunnie falling) Oh... no.

(Eddy & Bunnie lands on top of Squidward.)

Squidward: Ow.

Timon: That's it! I've had it with you guys interrupting our flight!

Ed: Aw, come on, Timon. Look at Bunnie Rabbot!

Bunnie: (sleeping peacefully, snoring cutely)

Edd: A blessing in disguise, don't you think?

Pinkie Pie: Aww, you bet. It makes me wanna hug her! (hugs Bunnie Rabbot, not knowing that the robotic limbs of Bunnie Rabbot begins beeping louder)

Pumbaa: (not hearing the beeps) What happened to Bunnie?

Edd: Her robotic limbs are having major techical difficulties.

Bunnie: (wakes up) What in the hoo haa happened?

Ed: Bunnie, you're back. (suddenly sneezes again) ACHOO! I sneezed...

Crash: ?

Scott: I know, Ed is allergic to rabbits.

Squidward: (groaning in pain) I'm really glad that I don't live here.

Lindsay: What's that beeping?

Beth: I heard it too.

Eddy: Ed, knock off that beeping!

Ed: Uh, it wasn't me.

Bunnie: It's coming from me! (her robotic limbs begins sparking & shaking) Uh oh, not again.

[Bunnie's robotic limbs begin to quiver. Bunnie's ladder legs begin to extend even more, causing Bunnie herself to be shot at a great height, carrying Eddy along for the ride. He stays there for a few minutes]

Eddy: (holding Bunnie in fear)

Crash: (gibberish, sounding "Look at that!")

Bunnie: Hold on, I think we're going down!

[Suddenly the supports of Bunnie's ladder legs give out, sending them back down again.]

Eddy & Bunnie: AAAAAAAAHHH! [They hit the ground to the sound of a discordant, crashing piano chord.]

(This crash causes Lindsay, Beth, Timon & Pumbaa)

[Ed walks over to a hole in the ground.]

Ed: Cool. Hi Eddy! Hi Bunnie! [He slips and falls into the hole.]

Edd: (goes up to the hole) Ed?

[Bunnie's ladder legs expand tremendously, lifting herself & the Eds incredibly high.]

Bunnie & the Eds: AAAAAAAAHHHH!

Eddy: Not again! Not again!

[Bunnie & the Eds are nearly end up in space, which they are above the clouds. They are suspended only by Bunnie's roboticized legs, stuck on ladder leg mode, which are tilting back and forth.]

Bunnie: Oh no! We're too high!

Ed: Aaaaaahhhhh! (clutching onto Edd, Eddy & Bunnie very tightly)

(Back down, we can see Splitface who has escaped from Jail, noticing all of the action)

Splitface: (Metal Voice) Time for payback! 

Lindsay: Banana Split Man?

Beth: No! Don't...!

Splitface: [kicking through Bunnie's ladder legs, heavily damaging Bunnie's legs] (Organic Voice) Timber!

Bunnie: (suddenly gets electrocuted by the heavy damage sparking) AAAAAAHHH! (her robotic limbs begin to power down & begins to tumble)

Eddy: Uh oh.

Ed: Aah!

Bunnie: Oh no! We're done for! HOLD ON!

Bunnie & the Eds: [falling] WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! [Preytor is seen flying, but she suddenly hear the 4 screaming]

Preytor: What the? (looks up & notices them)


Eddy: NOOOO!

Preytor: (screams in shock & disbelief as she is about to scatter away, Bunnie & the Eds lands on top of Preytor, causing Preytor to lose control of her flying.) WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!

Preytor, Bunnie & the Eds: (begins flying out of control) WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!

Preytor: (about to land, but slips, due to her lose of control of her flight & slides through the village of Knothole & South Knothole & crashes into Timon & Pumbaa's hut, destroying it.)


Preytor, Bunnie & the Eds: (feeling dizzy)

Preytor: (feeling dizzy) Uuuurrrggghh, coming home mama. (shakes her head)

Timon: MY HUT!

Pumbaa: OUR HUT!

Pinkie Pie: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Are you all ok? That was so awesome! That stunt really put the icing on the cake!

Edd: (breathing heavily) And also, remind me never to do that again.

Ed: That was fun! Can we do it again?

Edd & Eddy: NO!

Edd: Preytor, thank you for saving us! Are you alright?

Preytor: (feeling dizzy) Just a little headache, mama.

Bunnie: (her roboticized limbs begins sparking a lot this time, due to the damage)

Eddy: What happened?!

Scott: Splitface has unexpectedly enters in & knocks Bunnie, causing you 3 & her to fall back down to earth.

Edd: Splitface has escaped from jail?!

Beth: That must be why Splitface's jail cell has been destroyed.

Bunnie: That was... a... close one... Uuurrr... (passes out again)

Edd: Quick, we must take her to the hospital!

(The Eds begins to carry Bunnie Rabbot to the hospital, leaving Scott & Squidward behind)

Scott: Hey, Squidward! We get the pretend plane to ourselves.

Squidward: (rubbing his head) That's it. I'm out. (leaves)

(At the Hospital, back at the Present Time)

Edd: And that's all we know about our recent adventure.

Eddy: Yeah & that is extremely painful let me tell ya.

Dr. Quack: Well I'm glad that you are here to help Bunnie, but I believe you have guests to show to Bunnie, before you go.

Ed: Guest time for Bunnie. (picks up Edd & Eddy) I love guests, even when I am the host! (hurries over to the guest room, carrying the two)

(In Bunnie's hospital room)

Bunnie: (wakes up)

(We can see Sonic, Tails, Sally & Antoine & all of the All Stara Freedom Fighters have gathered by Ed, Edd & Eddy)

Ed: Is that all of the guests?

Eddy: Looks like it, Ed.

Sonic: We came as soon as we got word, Kiddo! You gave us quite the scare!

Edd: And a chase that has happened nearly all day.

Sally: Is there anything I can do for you, Bunnie?

Bunnie: (rubbing her head with her organic hand) I feel like a dozen Swat-Bots all piled on top of me, Princess! But I'll be fine in no time!

Spongebob: That's good.

Dr. Quack: (enters, noticing this) What is this? Mobius Grand Central Station?

Patrick: Maybe?

Dr. Quack: Everyone clear out except my patient, naturally!

Twilight Sparkle: It appears we have to leave. Get well soon.

Bunnie: Thanks. Don't let 'im scare ya, guys! His bark is actually worse than his beak!

Sonic: Maybe so... but he outranks us here!

Antoine: I'll be outside just in case, Ma cherie!

Applejack: We'll be right outside waiting for you, good luck.

Ed: Don't forget to write.

(The gang begins to leave Bunnie & Dr. Quack behind.)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (waves goodbye)

Eddy: Quick, let's listen before we get caught.

Edd: Eddy, what we're you thinking?

Eddy: Come on, let's check this out.

Edd: (sighs) Is there a doctor in the house?

(The Eds begins to listen carefully through the door.)

Bunnie: Okay, Doc! I'm a big girl! Give it to me straight! What happened to me?

Dr. Quack: What happened young lady? I'm amazed what happened, didn't happen long before this! In a nutshell, you have conflicting operating systems! Your bionics no longer work reliably with your central nervous system!

Edd: (in thought: That would explain why Bunnie is losing control of her robotic limbs.)

Bunnie: (looks her robotic hand) What does that mean? That I'll no longer walk? Or be able to lift things with my hand?

Dr. Quack: I'm afraid it's worse than that, Bunnie! As your bionics continue to detriorate eventually they'll shut down and become toxic to the organic part of your body!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (gulps)

Eddy: (in thought: Toxic?! That's bad, right?)

Dr. Quack: From what we can tell from the tests, it's as if your body was at war with itself, determined to be either all-organic or all-robotic!

Bunnie: Does that mean I'm going to... to...

Dr. Quack: Die? If we do nothing that's certainly a probability!

Ed: (gulps) Poor Bunnie.

Eddy: (suddenly covers Ed's mouth) (whispers) Shh, quiet.

Dr. Quack: You 3 can come out, I know you're hiding behind the door.

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (enters)

Eddy: How'd you know?

Dr. Quack: I figured you might be concerned about Bunnie, so I figured that you 3 should help out.

Edd: Why thank you, Doctor. You are definately a kind & up right doctor.

Bunnie: So what are my options, Doc?

Dr. Quack: You only have three other alternatives to choose from;

Edd: And they are... 1;...

Ed: 1.

Dr. Quack: Disconnect your robotic limbs from you body.

Edd: 2;...

Ed: 2.

Dr. Quack: A hardware upgrade with no possibility of ever being deroboticized...

Edd: And 3;...

Ed: 3.

Dr. Quack: Or chancing a deroboticization process after all the modifications, where the odds of your survival are a billion-to-one!

Eddy: That's stupid, we're right back where we started!

Bunnie: What would you do, doc, if you were me?

Dr. Quack: That depends on hich answer I could live with the rest of my life!

Bunnie: (begins to tear up) That's a good one, Doc! I'll have to get back to you on that! (begins crying)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (begins to tip toe & exits the room & they are next to the closed door)

Eddy: (now completely nervous about the situation) This is going just like my brother said it would.

Edd: What are we gonna do?

Ed: We can't let Bunnie become a zombie of the undead.

Eddy: Ed, are you reading comic books again?

(Suddenly they saw Antoine entering the room)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Huh? (looks inside)

Bunnie: (sobs)

Antoine: Bunnie? (enters the room)

Bunnie: (smiles, but still has tears in her eyes) Sugah-Twan!

Eddy: Antoine? What are you doing here?

Antoine: I came to zee if there was any-zing I could do for you, my love!

Bunnie: Do you think you could still love me if I remained like I am for the rest of my life?

Antoine: My dearest sweet Bunnie... I would love you no matter what... as long as we faced each day togethaire!

Bunnie & Antoine: (hugs each other)

Bunnie: Oh, Sugah Twan! You're the best friend I evah had!

Ed: Group hug! (hugs Edd, Eddy, Bunnie & Antoine tightly & begins spinning around while hugging them)

Eddy: Ed!

Ed: Hello!

Eddy: Ed!

Ed: Hello!

Eddy: ED!

Ed: Hello!

Avak: (comes by, with a repaired robotic spine) Yes! My robotic spine is fixed! I never felt better with an upgrade. I'm stronger than ever! YahoO! (notices Ed, Edd, Eddy, Bunnie & Antoine) What?

Edd: (gets an idea) That's it! I know what to do.


[Sonic, Antoine & Eddy are outside the garage, with Eddy trying to find out what's going on inside. On the inside, Ed, Edd & Nate Morgan are readying themselves for intense experimentation. Outside, Eddy tries to look in through the window but fails, because of his height.]

Edd: Saw. [Ed hands the saw over, and Edd uses it.] Heat. [Ed hands over a welder.]

[Eddy, on the outside, is tapping his foot. The door opens slightly, and Eddy rushes in.] 

Ed: [putting him back outside] It's not done yet, Eddy.

[Eddy groans in frustration.]

[Inside, Edd uses various hoses on the product. He then spits on two brushes and uses them to shine the invention]

Nate Morgan: There! That should do the trick! Now how about trying it on?

Bunnie: (offscreen, putting on the upgrade)

Edd: Okay, Ed, they're ready! Let him in.

[Ed opens the garage doo, and Eddy leaps in, while Sonic & Antoine follows inside.] 

Eddy: So?

Edd: Behold, the new & improved Bunnie.

(We can see that Bunnie Rabbot's robotic limbs have been upgraded from it's SatAM design to a more modern design.)

Eddy: (whistles) Now that's modern.

Ed: Choc-o-rama!

Bunnie: Well, it shoah does feel fine and looks even bettah! Are you certain I won't have the same problem again with this heah set-up?

Nate Morgan: Absolutely! If you give me a few minutes I can go over all the technical details with you!

Bunnie: As long as it works, I can live with that!

Spongebob: (arrives) Guys, there's a mission coming up. Splitface is on the move again.

Eddy: Alright, time for more action!

Edd: Actually, we'll have Bunnie deal with Splitface. (turns to Bunnie) After all Bunnie, it's the perfect time to test your new upgrade surprize.

Eddy: What's the surprize?

Edd: You'll find out. Let's just say that Astro's not the only one that has rocket feet.

Eddy: I wanna see.

Bunnie: Then hang on tight. (grabs Eddy's hand & concerntrates)

Eddy: (becoming impatient) Nice boots, Mr. Inventor Smarty-PaAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

[Suddenly Bunnie begins to fly upwards by using her rocket feet, ramming Eddy through the ceiling. Eddy comes back down a few seconds later, dazed.]

Eddy: [dazed & confused] Nice pants, Mr. Smarty-Boots, nice...

Ed: (pointing upwards) Look at her go, guys!

Bunnie: (as she is flying off, beginning her mission to track down Splitface) Watch out, world... here I come, bettah than evah!

Sonic: You go girl!

Eddy: I gotta check this out! (races off)

Ed: (follows) Wait for me Eddy!

Edd: (bringing up the rear) You two, please wait for me. Thank you.

(With Splitface)

Splitface: (Metal Voice) Ha! Did you see the looks on their faces! (Organic Voice) Yeah, they we're shocked to see Bunnie & the Eds falling from the sky.

(They didn't realized that a shadow figure is watching him.)

Splitface: (Metal Voice) With our arch rival, Bunnie out of the picture... (Organic Voice) We can attack anywhere. (Metal Voice) And the Freedom Fighters won't be ready for us this time! (Organic Voice) Yeah? (Metal Voice) Ah, what do you know?

(Splitface accidently bumps into someone in front of them)

Splitface: (Organic Voice) Hey, watch where you going! (notices someone familiar) (Metal Voice) What?! It can't be!

(We can see that Bunnie Rabbot is the shadow figure that followed them)

Bunnie: Howdy boys, ah'm back & bettah than evah!

Splitface: (Organic Voice) Wow, she is even more awesome than ever! (Metal Voice) Well this is one heck of an ending.

Bunnie: (begins attacking Splitface with her brand new cyborganic strength)

(We can hear Splitface screaming in pain as Ed, Edd & Eddy are watching the one-sided action, eating popcorn.)

Eddy: Oh man, this is so sweet! Bunnie is really tearing Splitface to shreds!

Edd: That is because Splitface has finally met his match & this time the upgrade within Bunnie makes her even more powerful than anyone can ever imagine.

Ed: (eating popcorn) Good times, huh guys?

Splitface: (got into a submission move by Bunnie) (Organic Voice) Ack! Help! Uncle! Uncle! UNCLE!

The End