This is the 90th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan, Duncan, Tree Rex, Fluttershy & Ultra-V

Main Villains: "Dr. Robotnik Prime", Plankton, Uka Uka, Dr. Neo Cortex, Black Phantom, Dingodile, Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five, Tiny Tiger, Krekka & Nidhiki

Story #1: Transcript

The Comeback from Plankton

(In the Royal Thorne Room of Maximillian Acorn...)

Sonic: Knothole's gone.

All Stars: (with Sally, Bunnie, Tails, Antoine, Amy Rose, Nate Morgan & Elias Acorn) Gone?!

Scorpio: What do you mean all of Knothole is gone?

King Acorn: Explain yourself, Sonic. What do you mean by such a cryptic statement?

Sonic: It's just like I said, your highness. My whole family... Mom, Dad, Uncle Chuck and even my dog Muttski... have disappeared from Knothole Village along with the rest of the Robians!

Spongebob: There's not a single robian in sight of Knothole Village.

Sally: Oh, Sonic!

Elias Acorn: How?

Eddy: Oh man.

Eva: (not impressed) Great. Now what?

Nate Morgan: There must be an explanation!

Bunnie: Oh my stars!

Owen: Holy cow!

Pinkie Pie: Anyone want milk with that?

Tails: No way!

Antoine: Eet eez impossible!

Corroder: This can't be good.

Amy: That's terrible!

King Acorn: Where could they have gone? A whole village can't just up and vanish all at once. Something is definitely wrong!

Platinum: (was banaged up)

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs)

Sonic: Something's definitely wrong all right... it's those crummy satellites. THat've been or biting Mobius for months now... I betcha they're somehow responsible for what's happened!

Spongebob: We don't know if Plankton is behind all this, but all we know that the Master Jack-X will be complete in under Uka Uka's instructions.

Zaktan: Is there a way we can help?

Sonic: Well, I've had enough and I don't intend to sit around waiting for the next disaster to strike!

Tree Rex: Ok, I think it's a good time to calm down.

King Acorn: Tree Rex is right. Please, Sonic... you must remain calm while...

Sonic: (is a bit angry) Calm?! Calm?! I've been reunited with my family after ten years, now they're suddenly gone again...

Sally & Fluttershy: (tries to stop Sonic)

Fluttershy: Um, you can stop now, please? Pretty please?

Sonic: (calms down) ...and you want me to keep calm? I... I'm sorry, sire... but I can't do that. (walks off, looking angry)

King Acorn: What?! Sonic... I forbid you taking any action!

Edd: Um, your highness? Sonic already left.

King Acorn: Sally... talk to him. Please.

Sally: (nods & then goes after Sonic, who is storming down the hallway) Sonic! Wait! Try hearing what my dad has to say!

Sonic: Gimme one good reason why, Princess!

Sally: He's our monarch, Sonic... you've got to listen to him!

Sonic: No, Sal... not now... maybe never again. (leaves)

(They didn't know that Duncan is watching them go down the hallway)

Duncan: (begins to think) Hmm...

Duncan: Apparently, Sonic is frustrated that he got his parents back, but they are gone again. If you didn't trust the king, who can you trust? That's why I've got a plan.

(Back in the Throne Room)

Twilight Sparkle: Your highness?

King Acorn: Yes, Twilight Sparkle?

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) You see... Platinum's injury is because... Crystal Gem & the SkunK Girl Guardians are captured.

King Acorn: (was in shock) What?! How can this be? Platinum, can you tell me everything on what happened?

Platinum: I... well... I... (groans in pain as he hold his head in pain) Ow. My head.

King Acorn: What has happened?

Twilight Sparkle: While I obtained the 9th & Final Clue to the All Star Emerald, Platinum arrived, feeling injured & suffered a concussion.

King Acorn: This is a real pickle. (sighs) I believe it's time that I tell you the truth. Clear the room, I wish to speak to the All Stars alone once again.

(Everyone except King Acorn & the All Stars left the throne room)

Tree Rex: Is there something you want to tell us?

Bouncer: Something very important?

King Acorn: (sighs) Yes. The real reason that I forbid Sonic to take action & disband the Knothole Freedom Fighters is because... (feels guilty) while my guards remade Robotnik's war room into my old throne room, I found this. (gives them a scroll)

Spongebob: (reads the scroll & gasps) Guys, look at this.

(They all noticed that the scroll is actually the plans of the Master Jack-X)

Twilight Sparkle: I don't believe this. It's the plans of the Master Jack-X.

King Acorn: Yes, I'm very ashamed of myself. I have no other choice. If I don't disband the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the Plankton Empire would capture the entire city of Mobotropolis.

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness. You we're been delivered with black mail?

King Acorn: Indeed. Plankton black mailed me by threating me to disband the Knothole Freedom Fighters & forbid any member to take any action, otherwise the entire city of Mobotropolis will be destroyed & reformed into a city he calls "Planktopolis".

Spongebob: Now where have I heard that before?

King Acorn: Plankton didn't realize that you All Stars are more heroic as any Freedom Fighter I know.

Spongebob: We still have a chance to stop him.

King Acorn: Please, I beg of you. Stop Plankton's Master Jack-X or else he wins.

Duncan: No problem. We'll take them out ourselves. Let's move.

(The All Stars heads outside)

King Acorn: (sighs sadly) What have I done?

(With the All Stars)

Zaktan: Do you think we can stand a chance against the completed Master Jack-X without the Knothole Freedom Fighters?

Duncan: Everyone needs help, including us. But in this case for the Knothole Freedom Fighters, there's only one option... (pulls a walkie talkie out of his shirt) Trust... no one. (winks)

Spongebob: What do you mean?

Edd: (gets a bit annoyed) Oh don't tell me. You have a plan, right?

Duncan: You know it.

Eddy: Now your talking my language.

Duncan: Let's move.

(The All Stars begins to head outside)

Ed: End of first sequence & fade to black.

(A short while later on the outskirts of Mobotropolis...)

Sonic: (on top of a junkyard pile) (in thought: Well, so much for... just about everything! I should've know those "disasters" that were occuring... weren't natural at all! Now I've gotta figure out a way to...)

Sally: (behind Sonic) Sonic!

Sonic: (turns to see Sally Acorn, Nate Morgan, Amy Rose, Tails, Antoine, Bunnie & the All Stars)'

Patrick: (waving hello) Hi.

Sonic: Sal... why'd you guys bother following me?

Duncan: Rule #1 of being a dangerous man that has nothing left to lose; Trust no one.

Reidak: (a bit wide eyed)

Tree Rex: Duncan brought us all here for a reason.

Sally: We're here to help, Sonic, and...

Sonic: If you're thinking about trying to talk me out of whatever bonehead move I'm gonna pull, it won't... waitaminnit... you're gonna help me?

Spongebob: Yes.

Zaktan: Absoulutely.

Rigby: Yeah, I guess.

Fluttershy: Um... maybe?

Xplode: I suppose.

Sally: Of course, silly... we don't have to be Freedom Fighters to be friends!

Sonic: But how're we gonna investigate those satellites?

Zaktan: It's all the way up in Outer Space, how are we gonna get there?

Nate Morgan: Perhaps I can assist in that department! Why don't you follow me!

Coco: Alright then. Let's go.

(They all arrived at a Space Shuttle)

Sonic: What on Mobius is it?!

Nate Morgan: It's called a Space Shuttle... it's designed to travel up into orbit. Rotor & I stumbled across it before he left!

Edd: Amazing. This Space Shuttle is the perfect transportation within Outer Space.

Beth: I love Sci-Fi!

Courtney: Do you have enough Science Fiction with your imaginary friend. What is his name? Brainy?

Beth: It's Brady & he's totally real.

Fluttershy: This shuttle is very... big.

Sally: Robotnik had obviously intended to expand his reign to the stars.

Bunnie: Ah'm sho glad he didn't get the chance!

Jetbug: That's for sure.

Nate Morgan: (picks up a couple of power rings from his bag) The energy lockd in these power rings should be able to take you at least part of the way to those satellites... but I'm afraid you'll have to rely on fossil fuels to make the balance of the journey.

Sonic: No, we won't... I've got an idea!

Vezok: Oh yeah? What's the plan?

Sonic: (whistles for help)

Dulcy: (flies by & arrives, hearing the whistle) Did someone whistle my name?

Vezok: (was amazed) Sorry I asked.

Sonic: I did, Dulcy! I sure could use a favor from my favorite dragon!

Dulcy: I'm always willing to lend a hand (softly) Or a wing (normal voice) for you, Sonic!

????: Well too bad for you that no one's going anywhere! (appears to be Nidhiki, with Krekka)

Reidak: Krekka & Nidhiki?!

Krekka: And... (snaps his fingers, calling in the new recruit of the Plankton Empire)

???: (roars as his shadow begins to cover most of the gang)

Twilight Sparkle: Oh my!

Crash: AAH! (hides behind Aku Aku)

???: (appears to be Tiny Tiger)

Aku Aku: Tiny!

Crunch: What the fudge are you doing here with those 2 robotic bounty hunters?!

Tiny Tiger: Uka Uka, Plankton & Cortex want Tiny destroy rocket so no hero can go to Outer Space to stop Master Jack-X. Crash, leave rocket for Tiny to smash or Crash get crushed!

Sonic: Hey! Why don't you back off, pal!

Tiny Tiger: (grabs Sonic & pulls him up to his eye level)

Sonic: Whoa!

Tiny Tiger: Krekka! Nidhiki! Hero more stubborn!

Krekka: We'll just have to stop you by force!

Nidhiki: Now stand aside & let us destroy the rocket!

Rainbow Dash: Make us!

Big Brother Bird: ... (gets determined)

Tiny Tiger: Tiny fight back by force!

Tiny Tiger, Krekka & Nidhiki: (charges with an army of mutant koalas, known as "Koo-alas")

Duncan: Let's stop them!

Coco: And remember, we gotta keep them away from the rocket!

Twilight Sparkle: Otherwise, we're sitting ducks!

Squidward: Yeah, I got it. Don't know, don't care. (got punched by Tiny) Augh!

(The gang begins to fight back as Amy Rose, Nate Morgan & Dulcy watches the action.)

Sonic & Spongebob: (spindashes at Koo-alas)

Koo-alas: Dang it! Tarnation!

Zaktan & Duncan: (nods to each other as they are ready to face off against Krekka & Nidhiki)

Nidhiki: This time, we will not fail!


(As the tag team battle begins, Tree Rex & Tiny are having a stand off)

Tree Rex & Tiny Tiger: (faces each other)

Tree Rex: (gets into his battle stance) Be afraid of the bark!

Tiny Tiger: (roars) Never! Be afraid of Tiny!


(The battle rages on as the All Stars & the former Knothole Freedom Fighters continues to fight back against the Koo-alas)

3 Blue Birds: (rams at 3 Koo-alas)

Koo-alas: My pa was right! Oh, the trauma! I'll be back!

(They manage to defeat all of the Koo-alas, as Zaktan, Duncan & Tree Rex defeated Krekka, Nidhiki & Tiny Tiger.)

Tree Rex: Your not going to stop us from going to Outer Space.

Sally: That's enough from the 3 of you!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (groaning in pain)

Nidhiki: (growls) Your gonna pay for this!

Tiny Tiger: (gets up)

Krekka, Nidhiki & Tiny Tiger: (runs off, making their escape)

Spongebob: That was a close one.

Zaktan: (checking the rocket) Hmm, looks like it's still in perfect shape.

Edd: The engines are 100% intact.

Coco: That was a close call.

Twilight Sparkle: Plankton & his empire are onto us. We must go now!

Sonic: Then we're set! Listen, Amy... I want you to stick around mobo with Nate and keep an eye on things! That goes for you too, Sal... no reason for your dad to be mad...

Sally: I'm going, Sonic, and that's my royal decree...

Heather & Courtney: What?!

Owen: Yeah, what? Why?

Sally: Sonic has already broken on given by father, so don't push your luck!

Xplode: Man, she is one brave princess.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, it's the perfect time for her to show her stuff!

Duncan: Pretty cool huh?

Patrick: What now?

Duncan: (moves Patrick's hands) (talks for Patrick) (as Patrick) I like it, Duncan! I have a big belly & an appetite of a hippo.

Noah: Going into Outer Space requires planning, Duncan. There's so much work involved that...

Owen: (moving Duncan's lips, talking for him) (As Duncan) Relax, Noah, I'll help them pack.

Patrick: (moving Squidward's lips, talking for him) (As Squidward) As will I cause I love to help too.

Squidward: Let go of me!

Aki: (giggles softly) Yes, well, let's be sure to pack hand soap. But never mind that now, we must get ready to go to Outer Space.

(Minutes Later)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters, plus Sonic, Tails, Sally, Bunnie & Antoine are all inside the Space Shuttle, while Dulcy is carrying the space craft up into outer space.)

Duncan: Put some muslce in it, Dulcy.

Dulcy: (in thought: Ughh! This thing is... so heavy... I can... barely... lift it! But... I've got to! Everyone... is counting on me!)

Ultra-V & Astro Boy: (exits the shuttle & flies up, helping Dulcy carry the Space Shuttle, by carrying it underneath)

Astro Boy: Mind if we lend you a hand?

Dulcy: (in thought: Ultra-V & Astro are helping me. That's thoughtful of him. Just...a little bit... higher... further... and...)

Tree Rex: (from inside the rocket) 3... 2... 1... IGNITION!

(As the shuttle reaches into orbit, the rocket begins to blast off into Outer Space)

Ultra-V: It worked!

Astro Boy: Time to catch up to them! Gotta fly!

Astro Boy & Ultra-V: (flies after the Space Shuttle)

Dulcy: (in thought: I did it! I did it! There they go! Good luck, Freedom Fighters. Good luck... my friends) (waving goodbye, with tears running down her cheek, feeling sad)

(The rocket exits the planet's atmosphere & stops in zero gravity)

Ultra-V: (knocking on the Space Shuttle's door) Knock knock.

(The All Stars & Sonic, Sally, Tails, Bunnie & Antoine exits the Space Shuttle, wearing white spacesuits, except for the heroes that are already robotic, which are the Piraka, the Hero Factory Villains, Aku Aku, Robo-47, Ultra-V, Astro Boy, & Bouncer.)

Bouncer: Don't worry, robots can survive in Outer Space.

Aku Aku: And not to worry, I can survive in space as well.

Spongebob: That's a relief. (floats upwards) Whoa!

Reidak: (grabs Spongebob & pulls him down) Whoa! Spongebob, your too light in Outer Space. Your amazingly light.

Spongebob: Guess that could be a problem.

Rigby: Don't sweat it, Spongebob. (grabs a floating rock & places it on Spongebob's head & ties it up) Here. Problem solved.

Spongebob: Thanks, I guess.

Sonic: Huh.

Sally: What is it, Sonic?

Zaktan: What's the matter now?

Sonic: Well, it's just that I got so caught up... that I forgot to thank Nate.

Twilight Sparkle: I see. But what do you mean by that?

Sonic: I mean, why would he do this? If King Max finds out, he's sure gonna be miffed at 'im!

Twilight Sparkle: There's something we gotta tell you. I don't know how to say it.

Sally: Nate told me that in the short time he's known you, you've proven yourself to be a hero, Sonic. He knows if anyone can stop those satellites... it's you.

Twilight Sparkle: And Spongebob, you may not be strong or fast or agile, but you have a big heart & it's the key to becoming an All Star Warrior. And the only one that can stop the Master Jack-X... is you.

Spongebob: I guess your right, Twilight & Sally.

Sonic: Boy! I didn't know the old-timer had such a high opinion of me! He's way past right, y'know...

(A milk carton gently hits Sonic)

Lindsay: Ooh, milk!

Sonic !

Spongebob: Whoa!

(They all noticed the ROBOTNIK ORBITAL PLATFORM in full view)

Kei & Yumi: Whoa!

Sonic & Kei: What the heck is that?!

Yumi: Is that...?

Zaktan: Yes, that's where the Master Jack-X is being hidden. Inside that space statioN!

Sally: (holding NICOLE in her hands) NICOLE... can you give us a status report?

NICOLE: Yes, Princess... the eight orbiting satellites have apparently joined together to form a space platform of some type.

Tree Rex: Kazuya really clonked Zaktan, not only at the eyes, but in the noggin too.

Duncan: Now, how do we get inside?

Tails: But what's with all of this... yech... trash?

(As they float through the trash chute, NICOLE continues to explain)

NICOLE: The debris consisis mainly of chemical waste and metal debris. Ther will be thirty second window... during which you will be able to board the platform through any of several waste disposal chutes along it's hull. A second longer and you run the risk of being exposed to a chemical bath that can corrode your space suits.

Harold: Yikes, that would be dangerous.

Spongebob: We gotta go, fast!

Sonic: Then we'd better juice!

(But before they do, however they we're stopped by the Mega Monkey Megazord, controlled by Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five)

Specter: Hold it right there, Freedom Fighters! That is far enough!

Kei & Yumi: Specter?!

Monkey Pink: You?! Yumi, it's you again! I've told you for the last time that I SHALL BE THE ONE AT THE TOP!

Thunder: You two met before, Yumi?

Kei: It's kinda of a long story.

Monkey Yellow: Oh boy! I can go for some deep fried Bandicoot.

Crash: (yelps in fear)

Ultra-V: Stay back Specter! You & the Freaky Monkey Five are not going any further!

Fluttershy: Ultra-V, what are you doing?

Ultra-V: I'll distract the Mega Monkey Megazord while you head inside!

Robo-47: But you're gonna be rusted by the waste & the debris!

Ultra-V: I know. (pushes the gang inside, through the hatch, causing the gang to enter inside the platform without Ultra-V) (turns to the Mega Monkey Megazord & lands on one of the 5 floating platforms) Now, time to finish what they could not!

Specter: I couldn't agree more! Perpare yourself!

Monkey White: Mega Monkey Megazord! Ready for battle!

Monkey Blue: There is no escape from the rust, pal!

Monkey Red: We're gonna grind you up into chunks of metal! Come & get some!

Ultra-V: (unleashes his Plasma Sword) We will see who is the best giant robot!


Ultra-V: (begins shooting plasma balls at the Mega Monkey Megazord)

Mega Monkey Megazord: (launching rocket missles at Ultra-V)

Ultra-V: (dodges the attack & spots the robotic sinews that helps the body & the limbs of the Mega Monkey Megazord) Now it is so on! (charges at the Mega Monkey Megazord)

Mega Monkey Megazord: (charges at Ultra-V)


Spongebob: Wow, Ultra-V is very brave.

Twilight Sparkle: (reading the final clue) Hmm...

Duncan: Well, for a robot, Ultra-V does have a heart, like Astro.

Zaktan: (closes the hatch) Alright, we've closed the hatch.

NICOLE: There is artificial gravity within this air-lock, as well as oxygen, which will allow you to stand as well as...

Tree Rex: Time to take off these helmets.

(The gang takes off their space helments)

Dudley: (breathes in & out) Much better.

Twilight Sparkle: Alright everyone & everypony, we will have to split up & cover more ground without being seen.

Antoine: What shall we be doing now zat we have arrived?

Sonic: Simple, Antoine... we're gonna find Snively and then he's gonna tell me what happened to my family!

Hank: Alright then. But we have to be on the look out for any danger.

Deimos: (spots familiar robotic figures in the shadows) Um... like that?

Spongebob: Like what?

(The robotic figures appear to be Swatbots & Jack-2 Bots)

Swatbot: Surrender... and prepare for complete robotization.

Jack-2 Bot: Surrender to Master Plankton or risk anihilation.

Ezekiel: Oh right. Them.

Sonic: Heads up, everybody! I smell Swat-Bots!

Spongebob: Jack-2 Bots have found us!

Duncan: Looks like we're in for another battle & I love it.

Sonic: And you know what we do to Swat-Bots, don't you?

Boggy B, Hank, Sanford & Deimos: (pulls out their weapons)

Boggy B: The same thing we're gonna do to the Jack-2 Bots! GO!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters, plus Sonic, Tails, Sally, Bunnie & Antoine begins destroying the Swatbots & the Jack-2 Bots easily.)

Hank: That was too easy.

Sonic: Like I had to ask?

Donkey Kong: Yeah, let's hope that Ultra-V is back victorious.

Antoine: Zee melee... whew... I am quite glad she eez over as soon as she began.

Crunch: Yeah man. Let's go before something bad else happens.

(Suddenly they heard loud stomping sounds, coming from even bigger Swatbots called the "Shadowbots" & the new GUN Jacks)

Shadowbot: (deeper voice) Surrender... and prepare for complete robotization.

Sonic: More bigger Swatbots?!

Vezok: Not to worry, the Gun Jacks are here too. They can help us save the day!

Gun Jacks: (aims their Drills at the team) Surrender!

FluttershY: EEP! (hides behind Astro)

Vezok: Or not.

Astro Boy: (notices a shadow behind the Shadowbots & the Gun Jacks) Look! Over there!

Crunch: What is it? And why are these Gun Jacks feeling a little funny?

???: (chuckles evily as he emerges from the shadows, revealing to be Dingodile) G'day mates.

Sanford: (readies his signature hook) Who are you?

Dingodile: Dingodile's the name, and Uka Uka, Plankton & Cortex gave me orders to protect the ultimate weapon from all of ya no good bandits. 

Sonic: Bandits?! Who are ya calling bandits?

Dingodile: You are, that's who. So turn back, surrender peacefully & shove off, or I'll roast yas!

Sally: Wait, I remember you! Your the one that has caught me while NICOLE & I are cracking the code to the blimp, Uka Uka have created back at Nimbus Island.

Dingodile: You got that good, right on the noggin, Sheila. Your very smart, aren't ya? Good thing I stopped you cracking that code, otherwise it would've been a lot more easier for you lot. Your not that smart to see me coming or your not that tough to stop me either. (chuckles evily)

Sally: (gets a bit irritated by Dingodile) Stay back guys. Dingodile is mine. I know it's not the time for payback, but at times like these, it's time for action & payback.

Crash: (staring at Sally, smiling)

Spongebob: Go for it, Sally.

Twilight Sparkle: Good luck & be careful, Sally.

Mordecai: We'll be right there with you.

Sally: (nods & turns to Dingodile) Dingodile, are you ready to face me... (smirks a bit) Or are you too scared to face a princess that is also a freedom fighter! (gets into her battle pose)

Dingodile: (gets a bit irritated by Sally Acorn) Right... now you've gone and done it! Stand back Shadowbots & Gun Jacks, cause that Princess is mine! (turns to Sally & gets into battle position)

Sally & Dingodile: (get determined)

Dingodile: (laughs as he readies his signature flame thrower) Break out the butter, I'm gonna make toast!


(The Battle begins with Dingodile setting up 3 rows of crystal barriers)

Dingodile: (launches fire balls at Sally)

Sally: (dodges the fireballs)

Dingodile: firey flames at Sally, not knowingly breaking the crystals in the progress)

Sally: That's the opening! (charges through the openings of the barriers & kicks at Dingodile)

Dingodile: (got hit & the alarm of his flame thrower goes off)

Sally: Oh my gosh, it's gonna blow! (gets out of the way before an explosion occurs, breaking the crystal barriers)

Dingodile: (gets up & sets up 3 more rows of crystal barriers & launches more fireballs at Sally)

Sally: (dodges the fireballs) Whoa! I'd better make sure I don't get burned!

Dingodile: (launches flames from his flame thrower at Sally, breaking the crystals again)

Sally: I've got to time it just right. (charges & kicks at Dingodile again)

Dingodile: (got hit & the alarm of his flame thrower goes off again)

Sally: (gets out of the way before another explosion occurs, breaking the crystal barriers again)

Dingodile: (gets up slowly & sets up the last 3 crystal barriers) Hold still ya little devil! (launches multiple fireballs at Sally)

Sally: (barely dodges the fireballs)

Sonic: Sal! Becareful!

Xplode: Watch out!

Dingodile: (launches firey flames from his flame thrower at Sally, breaking the crystals once more)

Sally: (dodges the fire) This is it. (rams at Dingodile, not before kicking at Dingodile's face)

Dingodile: (got hit & the alarm of his flame thrower goes up)

Sally: (gets out of the way before a 3rd explosion occurs, breaking all of the crystal barriers) 

Dingodile: (falls down on his stomach)

Sally: (smirk) Never judge a princess by it's appearance.

Dingodile: You thrashed me, Sheila. No worries, but soon you'll be up against much worse...

Tree Rex: "We'll be up against much worse"? What does he mean?

???: (to the Shadowbots) Enough... I think they know the drill... don't you, Freedom Fighters? (appears to be Dr. Robotnik Prime)

Plankton: (arrives with Uka Uka & Dr. Cortex) Besides, we always pick a winner.

Sonic: Robotnik?

Spongebob: Plankton!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: That's Doctor Robotnik to you, Hedgehog!

Dr. Cortex: Surprize to see Robotnik Prime back from the dead?

Harold: In a scientific sort of way, yes.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And while I truley apologize for having to correct you twice within the space of ten seconds... these aren't outdated Swat-bots either! They are the Shadow-Bots Delta and Gamma... my personal vanguard!

Sonic: They're toast and so are you if you don't tell me what's happened to my family and the other roboticized mobians, Ro"Butt"nik!

Dr. Cortex: Now, now, hedgehog. Your as troublesome as those bandicoots, especially Crash.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Come now, hedgehog... can't you at least take a moment to welcome me back from the dead? How rude! Didn't your parents teach you better manners?

Sonic: (charges at Robotnik)

Zaktan: Sonic! Wait!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (swats Sonic away)

Sonic: Ugh!

Fluttershy: Sonic! (goes up to Sonic)

Bunnie: Ah'll sho you manners! (extends her robotic arm, punching at Dr. Robotnik Prime) What's up doc? Long time no punch!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (stumbles backwards)

(They all noticed the factory, through this door, where the captured Robians are under the villains' control.)

(The gang got on the catwalk, facing Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Dr. Cortex & Uka Uka.)

Tails: Sonic... look!

Spongebob: Whoa!

Xplode: What's going on down there?

Sonic: I see it, Tails! All of the missing Robians... being forced to work in this suped-up, outer-space sweat-shop!

Fluttershy: (gulps) Oh my goodness. Poor Robians.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Forced? No... quite the contrary, Sonic. I've merely restored their lack of free will... they have absolutely no say in the matter!

Uka Uka: Now that the Robians are now back on our side, they'll continue their work for us!

Plankton: And another thing, the Gun Jacks are also part of the new GUN upgrade project & also... (chuckles) I've outsmarted the entire planet that I had a change of heart. I lied. Like you said Twilight, "Once a dictator, always a dictator".

Twilight Sparkle: Hey! How did you know what I've already said?

Dr. Cortex: That doesn't matter now, but you've managed to defeat Tiny, Krekka, Nidhiki & Dingodile. And where is Ultra-V, hmm...?

Duncan: It doesn't matter, what matters is that we're here to kick your butt once again.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: How can you say that we've done something wrong? Why, look at all the new jobs I've created!

Sonic: (charging at Dr. Robotnik Prime) Create this! (knocks himself & Robotnik off the scaffolding and into the factory)

Sonic & Dr. Robotnik Prime: (lands on a conveyor belt)

Plankton: Stop them at once!

Gun Jacks: (charges at the heroes)

Spongebob: Let's go gang!

(The Heroes goes down from the scallyfolding & into the factory as they begin their battle against the Gun Jacks)

Hank: (shooting bullets at the Gun Jacks)

Tails: (flying with his 2 tails as helicopter blades, carrying Sally into the factory) Sonic's really letting him have it, Aunt Sally!

Sally: I know, Tails! I've never seen him so enraged!

Twilight Sparkle: Neither have I.

Bunnie: Ah have! (stretches one of her robotic leg down

Spongebob: So did I.

Antoine: (sliding down Bunnie's extended leg like a pole) I as well!

HF ROtor: You have? How?

Antoine: Eet was when he believed you were dead, Preenzess... as a result of zee wicked doctair's scheme!

Spongebob: And one time, while Plankton & I are in the War Room as temporary allies, Sonic was super enraged when he believed that the entire Knothole Village is destroyed, but was actually sent 3 hours into the future.

Sanford: Where is Sonic now?

Coco: (spots Sonic & Dr. Robotnik Prime facing each other on a conveyor belt) Over there!

Meltdown: Say! Look! (spots a corrosive chemical spray)

Edd: Acid?!

Sally: We've got to do something... they're on that conveyor belt... and it's headed right towards that corrosive chemical spray!

Meltdown: I'm immune to acid, I'm on it! (charges after the two)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You won't escape me that easily... (suddenly felt his cape got snagged) eh?

Meltdown: (whistles) Oh Robotnik. Time to take a bath. (shoves Robotnik Prime, pushing him towards the corrosive gas)

Spongebob: Look out! (quickly saves Sonic from the corrosive gas, just in time)

Spongebob & Sonic: (hops off the conyevor belt)

Sonic: Thanks Spongebob.

Spongebob: Phew. No problem, but I'm really gonna faint after a save like that.

Tree Rex: Wait, look!

(The corrosive gas begins to melt away the Doctor's disguise.)

Crunch: What the fudge?!

Owen: HOLY COW! Is that...?!

Uka Uka: Don't you see. We've outsmarted you, yet again!

Sonic: HOLY SMOKES! I don't believe it! It's not Robotnik! It's... It's...

Ultra-V: (comes back, having defeated Specter, the Freaky Monkey Five & their Mega Monkey Megazord) What did I miss? (notices the doctor's disguise melting away) Ouch.

Plankton: Like I said, I've never liked Robotnik Prime ever again since the day I betrayed him & this time, my new partner will be rid of your all, once & for all!

Tree Rex: This doesn't look good at all.

To be Continued..