This is the 86th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Zaktan, Twilight Sparkle, Avak & Coco Bandicoot

Main Villains: Plankton

Special Guest: Chester Cheetah

Story #1: Transcript

I Robotnik & I'm Plankton

(In Knothole)

(We can see that the All Stars & Knothole Freedom Fighters, plus Nate Morgan, Mecha Uncle Chuck, Amy Rose & Sonic's parents are inside, preparing the tv)

Avak: (fixing the TV)

Sonic: (knocking on top of the tv) Say... what gives with this gizmo, Nate? All I see is a screen full o' static.

Nate Morgan: Of course you do, Sonic... mainly because this here telecrate requires a broadcast to be sent before it shows anything else besides static!

Twilight Sparkle: Interesting.

Sonic: And how exactly did you and Rotor come up with this doohickey again?

Edd: First of all, it's a TV, short for Television. Second, we're trying to assemble it, for all of the Mobians live with technology, starting with the TV.

Zaktan: Exactly.

STH Rotor: It was easy to build this and hundreds of others by combining Robotnik's leftover tech... with a freshly forged batch o' power rings!

Nate Morgan: It took us a little over two weeks to make sure that there was a telecrate for every home here in Knothole Village... and in our capital city of Mobotropolis. Otherwise, how would all the citizens in this...

Spongebob: That would be, Kingdom of Acorns?

Nate Morgan: Thank you. The Kingdom of Acorns... see and here King Max's address later on this evening?

Sonic: Must be really important if everybody gets a new hunk o' hardware by Royal Decree, huh?

Xplode: Yeah.

Coco: After we complete the Telecrates, it will play games, watch movies, pay-per-view & shows! It'll be the mother of all TVs!

Crash: YAHOO!

Sonic: What's you dad got to say anyway, Sally?

Sally: Even I don't know the answer to that one, Sonic... I only know that I have to be back at the castle the he says it!

Twilight Sparkle: I see your point.

STH Rotor: Uhh... guys? Well, now that my work with Mr. Morgan is over, I figured now was the time to go searchin' for my folks. That last I saw of 'em they were bein' mind controlled by Robuttnik up in the arctic.

(They we're all surprised of saying "...Wow, Rote...", "...Totally forgot...", "...Can't believe it..." & "...Good luck...")

Sonic: We'll miss you!

Spongebob: Good luck Rotor Walrus.

(They didn't know that they have been watched by Thornraxx)

Thornraxx: (hiding in the trees, having heard every word from the gang) Enemy security has been breached. And I know who's gonna love this gossip. (chuckles, then clears his throat) I mean, intelligence. (flies upwards, flying away)

(Later at the Castle of Acorn)

(King Acorn, Elias Acorn & Geoffrey St. John are inside a special set, when Sally & Nate Morgan arrives)

King Acorn: Sally! uncle Nate!

Sally: Hi, Daddy... we're back from the village! (looks around) Wow! Would you just look at this place!

King Acorn: Look indeed... it's like the Great War just broke out in my throne room!

(Just then, Cyrax comes by)

Cyrax: Greetings.

Sally: Cyrax? What are you doing here?

Cyrax: Smoke & I never really left.

Smoke: (appears with Cyrax) That is correct, we're being laying low underground in Mobotropolis ever since Sektor had delivered the Devil Gene to Jinpachi himself.

Cyrax: Plus, Sub-Zero is still on his quest to find Scorpion.

Sally: That explains it.

Nate Morgan: Never you mind, Max, old friend... all of the telecrates have been distributed throughout the land. Now your subjects sit at home awaiting your announcement... today is a great day!

Elias Acorn: Father... what exactly do you intend to tell the populace?

King Acorn: (placing the crown on his head) Well, Elias, I need to inform them of the mysterious illness that keeps your mother... Queen Alicia... in a perpetual state of slumber... and of Sonic and Tails & the All Stars' success in defeating the sorcerous Ixis Naugus & the devil tyrant, Jinpachi Mishima.

Smoke: Your majesty.

Cyrax: We've also came to tell you that the director has just arrived.

(We can see that the director is none other than the mascot of Cheetos himself, Chester Cheetah)

Chester Cheetah: All right! Take your places, people...

Cyrax: Speaking of which, Smoke & I must go find Sub-Zero.

Smoke: Farewell...

Cyrax & Smoke: (leaves)

Reidak (with Zaktan): Can someone please explain to me why Chester Cheetah is in this episode?

Zaktan: (to Reidak) We need someone to direct the film for King Acorn's announcments. (notices Reidak's confusion) What? We're on a budget.

Chester Cheetah: Lights! Camera! Action!

(At South Knothole)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters places their Telecrate on the table.)

Avak: There we go.

Spongebob: Let's see what's on TV.

Owen: (eating Cheetos chips)

Vezok: Are you eating Cheetos Chips?

Owen: Yes? Wanna share mine?

Vezok: Oh thanks.

Owen & Vezok: (begins eating Cheetos Chips)

Twilight Sparkle: (turns on the Telecrate) Here goes.

King Acorn: (On TV) Good evening, Kingdom of Acorn... this is King Maximillian Acorn! It's been a long and winding road to the restoration of our beautiful mobotropolis...

(We can see Sonic, Jules, Mecha Bernadette, Mecha Uncle Chuck & Mecha Muttski watching the TV as well)

King Acorn: (On TV) ...and as you all know, we've worked very hard to get here.

(Now we see Amy Rose, Bunnie Rabbot & Antoine watching the TV as well)

King Acorn: (On TV) I'm taking a moment now to extend my thanks... and that of the entire royal family... to each of you for your efforts over these past few months.\

(Now we see even Kodos Lion is seen watching TV in bed as well.)

King Acorn: (On TV) But, although we've managed to clean up our city outwardly, Robotnik's factories have affected its ecosystem on a far deeper level.

Kodos: (in thought: I had Uma steal one of these boxes for this!?! You've got to be kidding!

(Then we see John Doe & Jane Doe cleaning the dishes while watching TV)

King Acorn: (On TV) Mother Mobius will obvisously require the necessary time in which to heal herself and as creatures of both conscience and intellect... it is our sacred duty to aid her. We can achieve this in the following ways...

(Meanwhile, up above the world so high in the Space Station in Outer Space)

Thornraxx: (hurries over inside the control room)

Uka Uka: (to the Plankton Empire) Imbeciles! FOOLS! NINCOMPOOPS! Can't you do ANYTHING right? (turns to the evil chart) According to this, your track record & past attempts for spreading evil on Mobius is PATHETIC!

Plankton: It's not our fault! The All Star Freedom Fighters & the disbanded Knothole Freedom Fighters are to blame!

Kanker Sisters: Yeah!

Uka Uka: (growls) I will not let anything stand in the way of evil! Especially not those Freedom Fighters! They must be eliminated!

Vezon: May I remind you that the All Stars & the Knothole Freedom Fighters always find a way to beat us.

Pythor: But with the Knothole Freedom Fighters being disbanded by King Acorn, it's much more easier to stop the All Stars that way.

Dr. Cortex: Yes, but even with the dissolve of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the All Stars are still too good for us.

Uka Uka: Enough excuses! All of you idiots, especially your partner need to come up with one good plan to trap the All Stars, while the Master Jack-X Project is operational... or else!

Redbot: (with Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot) Why are we stuck in this situation?

Turahk: There must be something that we can come up with?

Witch Doctor: Master Plankton, have you been working on an upgrade of the Jack Bots lately?

Plankton: Upgrade?

Von Nebula: He is referring to the special GUN upgrade you've been working on day & night.

Fire Lord: I belive it suppose to be the 3rd upgrade of the series.

Uka Uka: Enough bickering! Do we have a plan?!

Thornraxx: (goes up to Plankton)

Plankton: What is it?

Thornraxx: (whispers to Plankton)

Plankton: (nods & then turns to Uka Uka) Thanks to my officers, of course I do! The special GUN upgrade, a new line of Jack Bots that will put all of Mobius in ruin.

Krekka: Yeah! That will do the job much easier!

Nidhiki: But wait a second. How are we gonna do that? The Freedom Fighters now know that Jack Bots are the Plankton Empire's main soldiers. Is there even a way to deliver at least one Jack Bot?

Plankton: That's the easy part. I'll pretend to surrender & we'll give it to them in packages, free of charge.

Uka Uka: Tricking them into deliver our bots to them? Yes! YES! Thinking outside the box.

Plankton: Right, the Element of surprize! With our brand new upgraded Jack Bots being delivered to the Mobians, we can capture them right under their noses.

Dr. Cortex: With every mobian being our roboticized slaves, we have the power of our new line of Jacks that can crush entire mountains & demolishing entire cities!

Uka Uka: And destroying the All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters, wiping them from the face of the Multiverse, forever!

Plankton: (to ???) Start the satellite!

???: (activates the satellite)

(The 7th Satellite comes back online)

???: N-Sat Unit back online... and commencing system location of target.

(The 7th Satellite aims & locks on target.)

???: Target acquired... system locked... and beginning activation... Now! (activates the Satellite's effect)

Plankton: It's showtime! Prepare to feel my wrath, Spongebob Squarepants! (laughs evily)

(Back in South Knothole)

(The All Stars are still watching the TV)

Harold: (notices something odd on the TV) Say, what's going on?

(The Tv begins losing it's signal)

King Acorn: (on TV) ...A new golden age in which... (sqwaaak) Hope to (sqwaaak)...

(The All Stars begin to step back, turn around, covering their ears, waiting for something else to happen. However the TV went static.)

All Stars: (turns back to the TV)

Ed: Where's the movie?

Avak: Relax, will ya?

Coco: Yeah. There's nothing to worry about.

Eddy: Yeah, maybe it's on the wrong channel.

Zaktan: Wait, look.

(The All Stars then notice the TV is back on, only on a strange documentry.)

Spongebob: Huh?

Plankton: (appears on TV) Greetings. My name is Plankton & K-Bot presents, for the first and only time, the illustrious biography of the world renowned super scientist known to any imbecile, fool, nincompoop & nit-wit with half a brain cell...

Twilight Sparkle: What is Plankton doing on TV?

Bridgette: Up to no good, I'm afraid.

Plankton: (on TV) It is my honour to present to you the documentry on the greatest overlander who ever lived! And also... he's my former partner; Dr. Robotnik...

(We can see that Sonic, Jules & Mecha Bernadette are shocked to see the change on TV)

Plankton: (on TV) Let's begin, shall we? Good. Lights! (the lights turned off & the slideshow begins) Born into the prestigious house of IVo in the year... well, er... forget the year. Let's move on. Julian Kintobor was obviously destined to make a lasting impression.

(We can see the All Stars are confused about this.)

Plankton: (on TV) Julian was the sole son in the kintobor clan to be blessed by an astounding intellect... a broader brain capacity... and by the by, he also had an annoying brother named Colin. I know how he feels to have an annoying family relative. All of my relatives are hillbillies.

Mordecai: Do you remember any of this in King Acorn's announcement?

Rigby: No, No!

Plankton: (on TV) Anyway... (clears his throat) As the years went on, his body grew to match his vast I.Q. and... as a young man... he became assistant to a local geophysician in the city of Megapolis... a Nathaniel somebody or the other. Just call him "Nathaniel Morgan" for all I care! Though it wasn't long before Julian himself was in charge of the lab!

(We can Nate Morgan looked on in shock)

Plankton: (on TV) Then... out of nowhere... the flea-bitten, furry inhabitants the overlanders were forced to share the planet with... began the greatest war ever seen known as; the Great War!

(The All Stars are remembering the Great War, the time where Nate Morgan has told the story before.)

Crash: Uh?

Coco: Who's Nate Morgan?

Ed: Shh, shh.

Xplode: (groans)

Plankton: (on TV) The ministry of conflict called upon every genius in Megapolis to devise weapons of mass destruction. Julian did better... he created a device called the Ultimate Annihilator! All that was needed to power it was a rare mineral ore...

Owen & Noah: (looks at each other & shrugs)

Plankton: (on TV) ...That was never received. Instead of praising the misunderstood intellectual... Colin Kintorbor, now minister of justice... foolishly punished him for his efforts on using his own people as test subjects for a monstrous machine.

Astro Boy: He must've had a tough past.

Zaktan: You think?

Plankton: (on TV) Rather than enduring the ten year imprisonment to which his traitorous brother had sentenced him, Julian used his cunning to effect a heroic escape beyond the mobian badlands...

Avak: (scratching his head in confusion)

Plankton: (on TV) ...Where he was found by two Mobian Savages. They didn't do him any harm... there were hedgehogs... no real threat!

(We can see Jules feeling a bit dissapointed & Mecha Uncle Chuck places his hand on Jules' shoulder & Jules looked at him)

Plankton: (on TV) ...They took him to their leader... King Max! Now here was a sucker who could spot greatness in a split-second. It wasn't long before ol' Maxie, who is actually named King Max, practically handed over control of his realm to Julian!

(We can see that King Max & Chester Cheetah looking shocked upon hearing the documentry as well.)

Plankton: (on TV) That's Part 1 done, don't worry. We'll continue with the 2nd Half, right after this commercial break.

(The TV turns to the commercial)

(We can see Snaptrap, struggling to carry too many gadgets)

TV Announcer: Are you tired on having too many defence gadgets, cluttering your life?

Snaptrap: (falls down with loads of gadgets on top of him) AAH!


Snaptrap: (on TV) Yes. And there must be an easier way.

Plankton: (on TV, arrives) And now there is. Ladies & Gentleman, I Sheldon J. Plankton has a change of heart.

(We see the All Stars are shocked to hear Plankton's last 3 words.)

Plankton: (on TV) Thanks to the Freedom Fighters, I now help the entire Multiverse on creating defence systems, so they won't have to fear the forces of evil ever again.

Twilight Sparkle: Hmm...

Plankton: (on TV) So without further ado, I present to you... the Defence Gadget to end all Defence Gadgets, the robot of tomorrow & the Power House Mech! Behold... the Gun Jack!

(Emerging from the fog, appears to be the upgraded Jack bot, known as the Gun Jack
Gun Jack

Gun Jack


Vezok: Whoa!

Gun Jack: (on TV) (activated & his eyes glows red)

Plankton: (on TV) With the Gun Jack, you will be safe from any evil doers, for example, robbers who attempt to steal the bank. (notices the HenchCombots, disguised as 4 bank robbers) Look! There's a gang of bank robbers now!

Redbot: (on TV) Everyone freeze!

Yellowbot: (on TV) This is a stick-up!

Greenbot: (on TV) We're scary looking Bank Robbers & we're here for the money!

Bluebot: (on TV) And we're coming to get you!

Plankton: (on TV) It's the perfect time for a demonstration on how this marvelous machine works. Observe. Gun Jack, stop those robbers!

Gun Jack: (on TV) (scans the HenchCombots) Robbers detected! Initiate Battle Mode! (begins attacking the HenchCombots)

HenchCombots: (on TV) (screaming in pain, as they we're smashed, bash, battered & bruised, by the Gun Jack)

Gun Jack: (on TV) (slams the HenchCombots to the ground, creating a pile)

HenchCombots: (on TV) (groaning in pain)

Plankton: (on TV) Now that's a demostration! What do you think of that audience?

(We can hear the applause, clapping in approval)

Plankton: (on TV) Bad credit? No credit? Trouble with your security? Activate the Gun Jack & this magnificent bot will protect you, your family & your home, even for the safety of the planet.

Snaptrap: (on TV) (goes up to the Gun Jack) Yes. Thanks to the Gun Jack, I have more time for relaxation & never stress upon any dangers that comes our way.

Vezon: (on TV) (goes up to the Gun Jack) And also, with the Gun Jack, I have more to devote in my hobbies, like making Model Ships... (holds up a Model Ship) and cooking... (holds up a bowl with mixed ingredients around his other arm) and let's not forget... (holds up a plate of any kind of cheese on with the other hand) ...classical cheese.

Snaptrap: (on TV) ! Cheese?

Vezon: (on TV) Yes, even cheese. Try some. (feeds Snaptrap some cheese) Thank you, the Gun Jack for making our lives easier & thank you for technological bliss.

Snaptrap: (on TV) AAAAHHH!! (swells up, due to being allergic to cheese)

Vezon: (on TV) (notices Snaptrap) Wait, you're allergic to cheese?

Snaptrap: (on TV) (growls in annoyance)

Plankton: (on TV) But wait, there's more. With the Gun Jack, you can access any file, talk to your friends with messages or online, watch pay-per view & even create french fries with a single potato.

Gun Jack: (on TV) (creates french fries from a single potato & gives them to Plankton)

Plankton: (on TV) (eats the French Fries) Mmm, delicious. Now, how much would this superior defence robot cost? Let's hear it for our scientists.

Turahk: (on TV) It says here that the Gun Jack would cost about 200,000 dollars.

Lerahk: (on TV) Now that's an expensive robot.

Bird Brain: 20 to the square root of itself currency or more.

Plankton: (on TV) Ladies & Gentleman, it is my pleasure to annouce the lucky winning planet to have their entire planet, protected from alien invaders & any other evil bad guys that come around, free of charge.

Pythor: (on TV) Now to see which planet is the luckiest to win. (activates the spin machine) And the winning planet is...

(The machine stops, showing a picture of a planet, which is actually the picture of Planet Mobius.)

Pythor: (on TV) Planet Mobius!

Plankton: (on TV) Congratulations, Planet Mobius. Your entire planet will be protected by the brand new Gun Jacks, free of charge.

TV Announcer: From the people who brought you the Electric Spoon & the "I Can't Believe It's Been Told" Story Book. Call now & you also receive Neck Beard in a Can. Got a problem? Spray some hair on it.

Dudley: I gotta get me one of those!

Avak: What? The Gun Jack?

Dudley: Not that, I meant the new Neck Beard in a can! I must have that Neck Beard! (begins calling on the phone)

Zaktan: Huh?

TV Announcer: Stare into the dancing lights! Stare and dream! Stare and dream! Get your Gun Jack today! Call now! (talks fast) Soon to be available in the new organization known as the Chum Corporation.

Coco: Whoa! I must have one of those!

Ezekiel: The Neck Beard in a can?

Coco: No! I must have one of those Gun Jacks! They're so awesome!

Crunch: I want one too! Getting one is gonna be awesome!

Spongebob: Okay?

Plankton: (on TV) And now back to our documentry.

(The TV changes back to the documentry)

Eddy: That's it, I'm out. (heads over to the door)

Plankton: Welcome back to the 2nd half of the documentry of Dr. Robotnik. Where we left off, Dr. Robotnik was brought in to King Acorn's castle by Jules & Bernadette.

Edd: Coming, Ed?

Ed: (shushes him)

Eddy: (goes up to Ed) C'mon, this documentry stinks.

Zaktan: Plankton's up to something & I'm having a bad feeling about this.

Avak: Ed? Are you...

Ed: (turns to the All Stars, looking mad) Movie good for Ed!

Eddy: Lighten up, Lumpy.

Twilight Sparkle: Ed, we don't know what Plankton is up to. Once a dictator, always a...

Ed: (interupts her) Shut up! Sit down!

[The All Stars take seats on stools, chairs & sofas. Ed turns back to his movie happily.]

Twilight Sparkle: (was surprized by Ed's anger & then gets very annoyed)

Plankton: (on TV) Let's continue. Time for Part 2.

Spongebob: Looks like we're gonna be here in a long time.

Plankton: (on TV) First that wash-up of a warlord... Kodos... was ordered to instruct the new arrival in the art of warfare. After all, who knew the overlanders' weaknesses better than Julian?

Squidward: (sighs softly)

Plankton: (on TV) And second, it was Julian who replaced Kodos after learning everything he had to teach. Go ahead and ask yourselves... wasn't he the best man for the job? I know that he has his chance.

(We can see Kodos looking a bit concerned.)

Plankton: (on TV) For the first time, the inferior mobian ground troops had the necessary brains and brawn required to shift the war in Mobotropolis' favor.

(We can see the All Stars are only concerned about Ed, but they remember that Ed's just being Ed.)

Plankton: (on TV) Days later, Julian's dim-wit nephew... Snively... arrived at the war ministry building to pledge his allegiance to his uncle.

Ed: (gets closer to the TV)

Plankton: (on TV) But... Julian... never content to just rest on his laurels... decided that beating back the overlanders wasn't enough. He desired now to remodel the face of mobius. It would take an artifical army...

(Just then, Rolf came walking by & notice the All Stars watching TV)

Plankton: (on TV) ...and the sabotage of Sir Charles Hedgehog's roboticizer, a newly-invented device that was supposed to help cure the wounded.

(We can see that Mecha Uncle Chuck was feeling dissapoint as well.)

Plankton: (on TV) And so, it was on that morning more than a decade ago, a massive, metal flagship appeared over the Mobotropolis skyline, forever altering it. And who claimed responsibility for this new industrial age? Was it Julian Kintobor? No... it was... Doctor Robotnik... the greatest scientific mind of all time!

(We can see that Rolf enters the South Knothole Cabin, wondering what's going on.)

Plankton: (on TV) But there were the ignorant few who adhered to the ways of tradition and opposed Robotnik's reforms... they were dealt with...

(We can see King Acorn feeling saddened as well, while Sally & Elias comforts their father.)

Plankton: (on TV) ...While the other mobians took advantage of all the new jobs that the good doctor had created and willingly volunteered themselves to undergo the changes needed to work in his posh factories.

Crash: (can't see the TV, because of Ed in the way & then joins Ed at the TV)

Plankton: (on TV) As if being absolute ruler of an entire world wasn't difficult enough, there were also upstart rebel groups to contend with... notably, Sonic the Hedgehog and his rabble rousers, known as the Knothole Freedom Fighters!

(We can see Antoine cheering, while Tails, Bunnie & Amy Rose looks at him, oddly.)

Plankton: (on TV) After taking a hometown trip to the overlander city of Megapolis, Robotnik was shocked to find the location entirely deserted. Too bad... he had brought them a surprise.

(We can see Rolf going up to the All Stars)

Rolf: Ho Ho! There you are, Snake-in-the-Grass All Stars.

Ed: Shh!

Plankton: (on TV) It wasn't long before that I, Sheldon J. Plankton have created an alliance with Dr. Robotnik, for our alliance grew even bigger with each plan we've come up with.

Rolf: (joining Ed & Crash at the TV, spotting Plankton on TV) That creature who you name "Plankton" reminds me of my one-eyed Great Nana. She was such a sweet woman. Always bumping into things.

Ed: (gets very annoyed with Crash & Rolf)

[Ed sets Crash & Rolf on their stools.]

Ed: No more talking. (turns back to the TV)

Crash: Uh?

Plankton: (on TV) Some time later, in one of his many efforts to end the menace that is Sonic, Doctor Robotnik was seemingly vaporized by his own creation... the synthetic being known as E.V.E. & Robot Spongebob, who turned against me & Robotnik, because of Fluttershy's kindness!

Fluttershy: (blushes a bit, feeling a bit embarassed)

Plankton: (on TV) That was until, moments ago I was accidently transported to the alternate future & also Robotnik, who instead went to the alternate future instead of the afterlife. We're stuck in the alternate future where we would have remained, had we not met Robotnik's counterpart in that reality... the mechanized Robo-Robotnik!

Coco: Robo Robotnik?

Ed: I said "No more talking".

Coco: Sorry.

Plankton: (on TV) During that time, Shang Tsung has a brilliant plan that is consider one of the biggest challenges...

Aku Aku: Care to explain what happen in the past?

Spongebob: It's a long story.

Plankton: (on TV) Now just imagine if the all-great, all-powerful Robo-Robotnik hadn't returned Julian to Robotropolis. He would never have seen his enemy punished for the alleged murder of Sally Acorn (gets angry) by stealing Shang Tsung's idea in the first place, holding my empire back for a long time, causing me to betray him by controling Swatbots to capture him!

(We can see Geoffrey St. John was a bit stunned, while Sally Acorn looking at him in worry.)

Plankton: (on TV) (panting & then calms down) As I was saying... Shao Kahn has freed Dr. Robotnik & has stabbed me in the back! That's why I have to make an alliance with the All Stars to get even with Robotnik & Shao Kahn.

(The All Stars looks each other in confusion)

Plankton: (on TV) But as is true with so many historic figures, Dr. Robotnik didn't sacrifice himself, he was erased from existance by his own nephew, Snively! With Robotnik Prime gone, Shao Kahn, inside the Prototype of the Master Jack-X, battles the All Star Warrior & failed. Aw forget it! This documentry is... OVER!

Spongebob: (gulps)

Plankton: (on TV) But I must warn you, the Master Jack-X will be complete once we activate the 8th & final Satellite. Good luck getting into outer space, Freedom Fighters. Your going to need it now more than ever. (laughs evily)

(The TV turns off.)

Trent: Ok, Ed. The documentry is over.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, show's over big guy.

TV Announcer: And now, it's time for the 8 Hour Cyclops Movie Marathon!

Ed: Oh boy! Oh boy!

Mordecai: Wait, isn't that...?

Ed: (pushing Mordecai out of the way) This is where the cyclops blinks his victims to death!

Zaktan: Does this happen to him, very often?

Eddy: You have no idea.

Ed: Shh!

Rigby: Again?!

Rolf: [to Edd] How long must we sit?

Edd: [looking a little sick] It's an eight-hour marathon.

Ezekiel: Looks like we'll be waiting for a long time.

Eddy: Good thing we already went to the bathroom.

Ed: I SAID QUIET! [He returns to the movie.] SNACKS! (turns back to the TV, chuckling)

Avak: (sighs) Oh brother.

(Back in the Space Station)

Speeda Demon: Can you have a look on the clue now?

Plankton: Very well. I'm in a good mood after all. (opens up the metal, twisting both sides in opposite sides, revealing the clue) There it is. (reads the clue)

Speeda Demon: What does it say?

Plankton: It says "The Clue you seek is an island of danger nevermore, beware of the monsters or you'll be knocking on death's door"

Speeda Demon: (gulps) Monsters on an island? That is extremely dangerous.

???: (turns to a scared Snively, angrily) Well, well, well, Snively... it seems that you're getting the opportunity to see what the denizens in the Kingdom of Acorns did not... undeniable evidence that it was your treachery that caused your uncle's unfortunate demise. For that, I brand you... a traitor!

Snively: No... not you?!

Plankton: Yes, I've brought back an old friend. We both have unfinished businesses. And this time, we will make them pay.

To Be Continued