This is the 82nd episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

This is the 16th Sonic & SpongeBob Special

Main All Star Heroes (Story #1): SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka

Main Villains (Story #1): Dr. Ivana Robotina, the Kanker Sisters, Crystal King, Tremorox & Geolix

Super Transformation Debuts (Story #1): Superhero SpongeBob & Superhero Patrick

Main All Star Heroes (Story #2): The Mixels, Mane 6 & Zaktan

Main Villains (Story #2): D.O.O.M.

Story #1: Transcript

Zone Wars: The Luna Zone

(It was a beautiful peaceful day out in the grassy fields, however we can see SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka retreating from the Jack-2 Bots, who we're commanded by the Kanker Sisters. And the Rock Monsters commanded by the Crystal King, Tremorox, Geolix & the 4 Crystal King clones, who we're all chasing after them.)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: RUN AWAY!

Lee Kanker: Come back boys!

Marie Kanker: Yeah, we just want a group hug!

Avak: Yeah right!

Zaktan: Turn!

(The group then turns to the left, as Jack-2 Bots & Rock Monsters smacks themselves into a giant boulder & that boulder breaks to pieces)

SpongeBob: Are they still after us?

Reidak: (looks back & notices that the Kankers, the Jack-2 Bots & the Rock Monsters are still after them) Yep. They don't give us this easily this time.


Crystal King: Strike, my Rock Monster brothers! Make them pay for our previous defeat back at Eurish!

Patrick: Uh, guys? How do we got ourselves into this mess?

Hakann: It's a simple mission, take out the barracks from the Plankton Empire & we're done. Somehow, it's a trap, created by the Kanker Sisters. They got us on the run!

Patrick: Oh, I thought it was a giraffe.

Eddy: What's the deal with you & giraffes, Patrick?

Edd: (panting) Can... we... please... stop? I think... I'm about to... stretch a ligament! Even a hamstring!

Ed: (carries Edd on his shoulders) Up you go.

Edd: Why thank you Ed.

SpongeBob: Guys? Are there any members of the All Stars we can contact?

Thok: None, because they've all went to their own simple missions, on taking out each building of the Plankton Empire, like we're doing now.

SpongeBob: Then I guess, it's all up to us now. (looks at his Morpher)

SpongeBob's Morpher (voice): New Transformation Form from Zone, detected.

SpongeBob: Guys, it looks like I'm detecting a new transformation for my morpher.

Reidak: Let's hope it's not the wrong powers.

Eddy: WHOA!

(They all screech to a stop, accidently crashing into Sonic)

All: Ow!

Sonic: (rubbing his head) All Stars? What's up with you guys?

SpongeBob: We've run into a trap & the Kankers, along with those Rock Monsters & Jack-2 Bots started chasing us, what's going on with you?

Sonic: Same thing, but with a Robotnik wannabe! (points to an alternate version of Robotnik Prime)

(The Alternate version of Robotnik is his female version, wearing purple instead of red, a yellow cape & wears a purple skirt & has orange hair tied in 2 pig tails. Her name is Dr. Ivanna Robotina, the female version of Robotnik Prime from the Luna Zone.)

Hakann: Ew! Who the heck is that?

Reidak: Forget her. What about them?! (points to the Kanker Sisters, Crystal King, Tremorox, Geolix, the 4 Crystal King Clones, the Rock Monsters & the Jack-2 Bots)

Zaktan: Oh right, we forgot. RUN!

(As the gang begins to run for their lives together, Dr. Ivanna Robotina, the Kankers, the Rock Monsters, Crystal King, Tremorox, Geolix & the 4 Crystal King Clones continue to chase after them)


Dr. Ivanna Robotina: (tries to blast at the heroes, but misses every time) There's more of you huh? Don't run away, little creatures! All Queen Robotina wants to do... is transform you into one of her monsters!

Sonic: Sheesh, if it's not Robotnik tryin' to roboticize you... it's a Robotnik wannabe tryin' monsterize you! What a world!

Patrick: Which way do we go? I don't know anymore!

SpongeBob: Make a left! And then make a right!

(The gang turns left & then right, but the villains are still chasing them.)

Hakann: Great! They're still after us!

Avak: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Eddy: What the...?!

(However they all screeching to a stop at a cliff)

Spongebob: STOOOP!

(They've all stopped, but they we're surrounded by the group of villains)

Red Crystal King: Gotcha!

May Kanker: I will take the big goofy one, Lee!

Ed: I'm scared, guys!

Zaktan: (looks down at a ravine)

Eddy: (looks down as well)

Zaktan: There's only one option left.

Eddy: Yeah, teach those bullies a thing or...

Vezok: JUMP!

(They heroes jump as a cliff breaks off by Tremorox & Geolix's slams)

Eddy: (got dragged by Reidak) TOOOOOO!!!

Sonic: Now what?

Vezok: Uh... does anyone know how to fly?

SpongeBob: Uh, nope. Why?

Vezok: Oh, no reason.

Hakann: In that case... (screams)

SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka: (screaming)

Sonic: (notices 8 shadow beings emerging from the portal) Huh?

(They appear to be an alternate version of Sally Acorn with 2 very long pig tails, wearing her school girl clothes, wielding her staff, her name is Sally Moon. An alternate version of Amy Rose, also wearing her school girl clothes, her name is Chibi Rose. And the alternate version of the Mane 6, wearing super hero costumes, without the capes. They are the Power Ponies, the members are the Masked Matter-Horn [the alternate Twilight Sparkle], Fili-Second [the alternate Pinkie Pie], Zapp [the alternate Rainbow Dash], Radiance [the alternate Rarity], Mistress Mare-velous [the alternate Applejack] & the Saddle Ranger [the alternate Fluttershy])

Avak: Sally? Amy Rose? And the Mane 6?

Zaktan: That's not our Sally, Amy & the Mane 6. They're the alternate versions!

Reidak: Wait, what?!

Sonic: What the?

Masked Matter-Horn: Hold on! (flies down & launches her freeze ray powers, creating an ice slide)

Radiance: We got you. (uses her jewelery to create energy constructs of a bobsled & places it under the heroes.)

Sonic, SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka: (lands on the energy construct bobsled & starts sliding on the ice slide)

Zapp: Time for the weather forcast! (uses her lightning bolt necklace to create a snowstorm cloud, creating a large pile of snow as a safety landing pad)

Sally Moon, Chibi Rose & the Power Ponies: (safely arrives in the bottom of the cliff)

Sonic, SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka: (crashes into the large pile of snow, without getting hurt & emerges)

Sonic: Wow, that was fun!

SpongeBob, Patrick & Ed: Let's do it again!

Reidak, Hakann & Vezok: Yeah! Rad fun! Rad fun!

Zaktan: No time! Look! (points to the Jack-2 Bots & the Rock Monsters jumping off the cliff after them)

SpongeBob: Who are you guys?

Sally Moon: The 2 of us are from the Luna Zone, in which the treacherous Dr. Ivanna Robotina has escaped.

Vezok: Escaped? You mean that alternate Robotnik is not from here & not some freaky clones or something?

Sally Moon: (holds up her sun staff) Actually, Robotina's from my world! (launches sun beam at Robotina, distracting her) And in the name of justice and the Mobius Moons... it's my duty to stop her! For I am Pretty Soldier, Sally Moon!

Chibi Rose: And I'm Chibi Rose! Hello!

Masked Matter-Horn: And the rest of us are the Power Ponies! I am the Masked Matter-Horn!

Fili-Second: I am Fili-Second! The fastest superhero in Maretropolis!

Zapp: I am Zapp, I control the forces of nature with the power of my lightning medallion!

Radiance: I am the ravishing Radiance, I use energy to construct something useful out of energy.

Mistress Mare-velous: I am Mistress Mare-velous! I use my trusty rope & gadgets to stop any evil doers!

Saddle Ranger: And I am the Saddle Ranger! When I intend to get mad, I transform into a giant powerful monster.

Sonic: What the...?

SpongeBob: (his morpher begins to scan them) Hm?

SpongeBob's Morpher (voice): Scan complete, Luna Zone & Power Ponies Zone have been detected.

SpongeBob: Sally Moon, Chibi Rose & the Power Ponies, the wrong powers are the right powers for you.

Sally Moon: (gasps as she notice SpongeBob) Oh... my... gosh! You are the famous All Star Warrior!

Chibi Rose: Wow, you're very incredible, taking out Lord Fuse.

Masked Matter-Horn: We shall help you in your desperate time of need. Ok girls, let's give his morpher our powers!

Sally Moon, Chibi Rose & the Power Ponies: (nods & then gives some of their powers to SpongeBob's morpher)

SpongeBob's Morpher (voice): New Morph Transformation required.

Eddy: (notices the Jack-2 Bots & the Rock Monsters are gaining on the heroes) They're gaining on us!

SpongeBob: Let them wait. TRANSFORM! (transforms into his new Morph Transformation, which is called "Superhero")

Superhero SpongeBob: (appears, wearing a blue super hero costume, complete with a blue hero mask, a blue cape, blue gloves, blue & cyan pants, a black belt & blue boots
Superhero Spongebob

Superhero SpongeBob

) I am SUPERHERO SPONGEBOB! Defender of the Sea!

Patrick: Oh boy! Oh boy! I wanna play! I wanna play!

Superhero SpongeBob: The more, the merrier! (shares his transformation with Patrick Star)

Patrick: (chuckles) I feel tingly! (transforms into another of his Superhero Form)

Superhero Patrick: (appears, wearing a yellow & green super hero costume, complete with a green hero mask, a green cape, a yellow hero suit with a star symbol, green gloves, black belt, green & yellow pants & green boots
Superhero Patrick

Superhero Patrick

) I am SUPERHERO PATRICK! The Hero of... uh...

Superhero SpongeBob: The sea.

Superhero Patrick: Oh yeah. Hero of the Sea!

Superhero SpongeBob & Superhero Patrick: (charges at the Jack-2 Bots & the Rock Monsters, attacking them with their super punches, super kicks, super tackles & super slams)

Dr. Ivanna Robotina: (launches a green beam from her robotic hand at the group)

Hakann: Hit the deck!

(The group dodges the attack, as Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka we're ready to fight.)

Dr. Ivanna Robotina: Meddlesom brats! Follow me to this dimension, will you?! (aims) Well, this will put a stop to you... once and for...

(Suddenly, Ivanna's attack is interrupted as a rose comes flying out of nowhere & strikes her in the neck)

Dr. Ivanna Robotina: Ouch! (falls down, like she's been tranquilized)

Avak: Uh?

Eddy: Where did that come from?

Chibi Rose: Sally Moon, look!

(They all noticed an alternate version of Knuckles the Echidna, wearing a black tuxedo, a black top hat & a black cape, wielding roses. His name is Tuxedo Knux.)

Ed: Hi Knuckles.

Zaktan: That's not our Knuckles, Ed.

Chibi Rose: It's Tuxedo Knucks! He's come to save us!

Ed: Huh?

Edd: We'll explain later, Ed. Ok?

Sally Moon: (goes up to Tuxedo Knux) Oh, wow!

Sonic: Wha...?

Hakann: Uh guys?

Tuxedo Knucks: I trust you're okay now, Princess?

Sally Moon: Now that you're here, Tuxedo Knux.

Sonic: WHAT?!

Hakann: Guys!

Vezok: Yes, Hakann?

Hakann: (points to someone else, emerging from the portal) We have guests.

(Emerging from the portal is a familiar Zone Cop from the series finale of Sonic Underground: Crossover, Zonic the Zone Cop. He is sideways as usual.)

Sonic: What's going on here?

Zonic: All right, move along. Zone Police coming through. Time for everyone to return... to their zone of origin!

Superhero Spongebob & Superhero Patrick: (goes up to Zonic, transforming back to normal)

Spongebob: Is that... Zonic?

(Suddenly a blast of red crystals freezes Zonic in place)

Zonic: AAH! (now frozen in red crystals)

Red Crystal King: Your grounded!

Blue Crystal King: And also...

Crystal Kings: (shoots crystals at Sally Moon's, Chibi Rose's, Tuxedo Knux's & the Power Ponies' feets, freezing them in place)

Sally Moon, Chibi Rose, Tuxedo Knux & the Power Ponies: AAH!

Crystal King: No one goes anywhere, until you deal with the 8 of us!

Kanker Sisters: (to Ed, Edd & Eddy) Oh boys!

Spongebob: Ed, Edd & Eddy, face your fears & let's do this thing!

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (hands Ed, Edd & Eddy multiple spare Zamor Launchers)

Zaktan: Use these!

Vezok: Don't worry, we have loads of spares.

Edd: (falls down upon the weight on the 2 Zamor Launchers, he's holding) Violence can only bring more violence! And also, those weigh like a ton to me!

Thok: That is because you need is exercise.

Eddy: (sighs & turns to the Kankers) Okay, Kankers! I'm calling you out!

Kanker Sisters, 5 Crystal Kings, Tremorox & Geolix: (in position)

Lee: What took you so long?

Eddy: You know what we're here for!

Lee: I love a man in uniform.

Eddy: Stand your ground, deputies. [He's alone once again.] Deputies?

[Eddy turns around to see Ed and Edd clinging to each other fearfully.]

Vezok: This ain't the wild west, you know.

Lee: (to Marie & May) Ready, girls?

Spongebob: Patrick & I will take on Tremorox & Geolix. Piraka, you guys take on the 5 Crystal Kings & we know that the Eds are taking on the Kankers.

Crystal King: Alright, you varmints! Make your move.

[The Kankers & the Rock Monsters start to approach across the long expanse of dirt that separates the villains from the heroes. All of their fingers twitch above their Zamor Launchers.]

Sonic: (using his spindashes to break the crystals, freeing Zonic, Sally Moon, Chibi Moon, Tuxedo Knux & the Power Ponies)

[Ed and Edd are scared; by contrast, the Kankers & the Rock Monsters are all confident in their abilities. Spongebob, Patrick, Eddy & the Piraka is the only one who truly seems ready to fight.]

Eddy: Draw!

[The battle begins. Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok fires two guns at once. Ed uses his teeth and hands to control three. Edd uses one.]

Edd: Tell me if I hit them. No, don't.

Spongebob: (throws Bubble bombs at the Jack-2 Bots & the Rock Monsters)

Patrick: (throws large watermelons at the villains with his super strength)

[The Rock Monsters begins to shoot crystal at the heroes. Eddy continues with his two guns. Ed, meanwhile, has moved on to running on five guns laid out in a row on the ground.]

Fili-Second: (zipping back & forth, tagging the Jack-2 Bots, the Meltroxes, Glaciators, Boulderaxes, Sulfurixes & the Firoxes) Tag you're it! Tag you're it! Tag you're it! Tag you're it!

(The Jack-2 Bots & the Rock Monster Minions try to catch Fili-Second, but they end up crashing into each other)

Sonic: Incredible. (spindashes at the Rock Monster Minions & the Jack-2 Bots)

Green Crystal King: Over there! There! There! You idiots!

Masked Matter-Horn: (shoots an ice beam, creating a slippery ice floor)

Rock Monster Minions & the Jack-2 Bots: (charges at the Masked-Matterhorn, but ends up slipping all over on the icy floor)

Zapp: (uses her lightning bolt medallion to summon a tornado)

(The tornado starts sucking in the Rock Monster Minions & Jack-2 Bots inside.)

Zapp: Need a place to put these guys!

Radiance: (skates on over & creates energy construct cages & places the Rock Monster Minions & Jack-2 Bots inside)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (shooting Zamor Spheres at the 4 Crystal King Clones)

Blue Crystal King: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Orange Crystal King: Ouchie WA WA!

Green Crystal King: Stop that!

Red Crystal King: That actually hurt!

Sally Moon: (launches a sun beam at the Crystal King, with her sun wand)

Chibi Rose: (launches pink heart beams at the Rock Monsters & the Jack-2 Bots)

Tuxedo Knux: (launches roses at Rock Monsters & Jack-2 Bots, putting them to sleep)

(Some of the Jack-2 Bots & Rock Monster Minion tries to ambush Spongebob & Patrick, however they we're stopped by the Mistress Mare-velous)

Mistress Mare-velous: Hold it right there, partner! (lassos the Jack-2 Bots & the Rock Monster Minions & hangs them up high on top of a cliff)

[Edd & Avak uses a makeshift Zamor Launcher Gatling Gun & Edd begins to open fire. At first, he is tentative, but he quickly becomes excited by the weapon.]


Eddy: [embarassed] Double D! Double D! [Edd stops firing.] Relax, will ya? It's a toy. From Canada. Geez, how embarrassing.

(As the battle rages on, Spongebob notices the Saddle Ranger, trying her best to be angry.)

Spongebob: Saddle Ranger? Do you need some help?

Saddle Ranger: You seem to have everything under control.

Patrick: Huh?

Spongebob: Fluttershy, I mean Saddle Ranger! We need you to help us too! You have to power up! I mean, just look!

[Eddy goes back to firing, but his guns have run dry. The same thing has happened to all his friends. The Kankers stand in the middle of the dirt expanse on a hill of dirt, who are the only ones untouched by any Zamor Spheres.]

Lee: Are you through?

Edd: [amazed] We missed every shot.

Lee: We won't.

Kanker Sisters: (pulls out their Crystal Bazooka Cannons & starts at the Eds' feet) Dance, cowboys!

Eddy: [cocky as soon as the barrage stops] Forget your glasses at home? You only got our feet!

Marie: It's the Rock Monster's Crystal Bazooka Cannons, filled with Frozen Crystals. Check again, Deadeye.

[The Eds lift their feet and find that their feet are stuck in crystal, they are pretty much trapped.]

Edd: It feels as though I'm in Ed's basement.

Eddy: We're trapped!

Crystal King: (aims an Extra Large Crystal Bazooka Cannon at Spongebob, Patrick & Saddle Ranger)

Saddle Ranger: I'm sorry, it's just that nothing is making me mad!

Crystal King: Goodbye All Stars!

(Suddenly a firefly flies from out of nowhere & is in Crystal King's range.)

Crystal King: (notices a firefly) What the? Shoo you little pest! (swats the firefly away)

Lee: [applying lipstick to her lips] Time for some home cookin! [The Kankers close in on the Eds.]

Ed: [as Edd & Eddy scream] Not home! Not home!

Saddle Ranger: Oh, goodness! Are you okay? [to the Crystal King] Are you kidding me? I mean, I know you're evil and everything, but [getting frustrated] you hurt a teensy, little, harmless firefly?! Really?! Well you're just a great, big, meanie!

Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (noticing this)

5 Crystal Kings & the Kanker Sisters: (noticing this as well)

Saddle Ranger: [voice getting deeper] There! I said it! What makes you think you're so special?! (her eyes begins to change to red, as her hulking monster transformation begins) Like the rules of common courtesy don't apply to you?! [voice getting even deeper] Why don't you pick on somepony your own size?!

(They've all noticed Saddle Ranger's monstrous transformation)

Crystal King: (quietly & scared) Uh oh...

Hulk Saddle Ranger: (lets out a loud monstrous roar that is heard by everyone, who have stopped what their doing)

Kanker Sisters: (now completely scared) WHAT IS THAT?!

Spongebob: Looks like it's big, it's yellow & we'll eat you alive in a heart beat.

Kanker Sisters: (realized that Saddle Ranger's monstrous transformation is too scary for them to handle) RUN AWAY GIRLS! (begins running away, retreating)

Crystal King: I'm not gonna let that thing stop me! (launches a crystal beam at Hulk Saddle Ranger)

(However, due to the massive power & strength of Hulk Saddle Ranger, the beam rebounds back at Crystal King, along with the 4 Crystal King Clones)

5 Crystal Kings: (got blown back) AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!

Hulk Saddle Ranger: (jumps over to the 5 Crystal Kings)

Red Crystal King: No! Leave us alone! We don't deserve this!

Hulk Saddle Ranger: (roars & then starts attacking the 5 Crystal Kings, smashing at them to the ground multiple times)

Spongebob: Ok, that's enough.

Edd: You can stop now.

Reidak: They had enough already!


Hulk Saddle Ranger: (has the Blue Crystal King, in her teeth & stops as she notices the group & spits the Blue Crystal King out & blushes in embarrassment, realizing that she had taken this a bit too far)

Avak: Thank you.

Zaktan: Look! (points to the 4 Crystal King Clones, who are starting to crack)

Orange Crystal King: (noticing this) Uh oh... (explodes into Orange Crystals)

Green Crystal King: (noticing this) No! I don't wanna go out now! (explodes into Green Crystals)

Blue Crystal King: (noticing this) You will all pay for this! (explodes into Blue Crystals)

Red Crystal King: (noticing this) Well, that's all for me folks. (explodes into Red Crystals)

Crystal King: (noticing that his 4 Clones have exploded into Crystals) Oh no! My clones! The next time we meet, you will pay for that... WITH YOUR LIVES! (begins running away, retreating into the distance)

Spongebob: (smiles) Well, that ought to hold them.

All: (agreeing)

Sally Moon & Tuxedo Knux: (carries a K.O.ed Ivanna Robotina back into the portal to the Luna Zone)

Chibi Rose: (follows Sally Moon & Tuxedo Knux)

Masked Matter-Horn: Thanks for all your help. But we really must be going. We got a report that the Mane-iac is on the loose again. Farewell.

Power Ponies: (heads into the portal back to Maretropolis in the MLP universe)

Spongebob: (turns to Zonic) Hello Zonic, long time, no see.

Zonic: The All Star Warrior, it is an honour meeting you once again after a long time.

Sonic: Ok. You! (points to Zonic) Sideways guy! I want answers! NOW!

Zonic: Sure, kid. See, I'm a Zone Cop... I come from a perpendicular zone... which runs through every parallel dimension. Like your zone, Mobius Prime... and their zone, the Luna Zone. (points to the portal to the Luna Zone, which is closing)

Sally Moon: (waving goodbye) Bye!

Chibi Rose: (waving goodbye) See ya!

Power Ponies: (waving goodbye)

(The 2 portals to both the Luna Zone & Maretropolis in the MLP universe have dissapeared.)

Vezok: (waving goodbye to the closing portals)

Zonic: It's my job to maintain multi-dimensional order... and make sure nobody goes into zones they don't belong.

Sonic: Yeah, right! Look, I've been to dozens of zones. And nobody's stopped me...

Spongebob: And apparently, the All Stars & I have been transported into many zones, in & out.

Zonic: On the contrary, I sent you all there.

Zaktan: Hubba wha?!

Sonic: You what?!!

Avak: (covers Sonic's mouth) You really need to work on your anger issues, like Hakann.

Hakann: (was annoyed by that comment) I do not have anger issues!

Avak: (covers Hakann's mouth with his other hand) (sarcastic) Surrrre, you don't. (normal voice) But I'm serious.

Zonic: Thank you. Come on, Sonic. Wise up.

Edd: Can I please get a time out here? You we're responsible for sending us through many zones?

Zonic: Exactly.

Eddy: What?

Zonic: You think zone portals used to just pop out of nowhere...and zoop... you'd wind up in a zone where you were needed?

Hakann: Yep, that's pretty much it.

Zonic: (sighs) You want me to explain?

Edd: Please do.

Zonic: Like the first time you went to the Special Zone... and became Super Sonic?

Ed: We defeated the Universalamander & the Mecha Togera. And I want to be a monster!

Zonic: Or when you confronted the Evil Zone version of yourself?

Edd: Evil Sonic & Doodlebob to be precised.

Zonic: Or enlisted the help of your counterparts from the Cosmic Interstate?

Patrick: Yeah, Squidward fell asleep throughout the whole action.

Avak: That is because Squidward's nightmare has come true, which are seeing hundreds of Spongebob wherever he goes.

Zonic: Or all the times you've aided others on parallel worlds? Precise dimensional travel can't be chalked up to dumb luck! (softly) Especially now, that the ultimate annihilator's weakened the barriers between zones!

Spongebob: That is when the time we meet Sly Cooper, Bentely & Murray to help us stop Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five. And also, Carmelita had also joined in the ride.

Sonic: Wow! If I hadn't a' gone to those zones...

Zonic: Lots of bad stuff woulda' come down. (opens the portal back to the No Zone) I know you can thank me later.

Spongebob: Excuse me, but we would like to know something else. Is there a real reason why you sent us All Stars here?

Zonic: Because Crystal Gem has given her regards on sending you there along with Sonic, for training. To find more clues to find the location of the All Star Emerald. Legend has it, that only All Star Warriors have the power to unlock it's true potential.

Eddy: Whoa.

Ed: Cookies & Milk!

Edd: Interesting. This All Star Emerald must be very powerful that an All Star Warrior can unlock it's true power.

Zonic: Indeed. But the All Star Emerald must also be protected at all costs from any villains. And I've heard that Plankton is planning to destroy the All Star Emerald.

Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (gasps)

Zonic: And if he does, this could well mean the end of the All Star Order. (begins to close the portal) Farewell & good luck.

Zaktan: See you later Zonic. The All Stars are always happy to help.

Sonic: But why always me? Why not send somebody else?

Zonic: (enters inside the portal & salutes) 'Cause you're Sonic Prime. The one true Sonic of all the dimensions. It's your destiny to become the most divotal hero... of all time and space...

(The portal closes, leaving Sonic, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka alone.)

Spongebob & Patrick: Wow!

Sonic: Whoa!

Spongebob: That's one doozy of an adventure

Eddy: Yeah & a short one at that.

Patrick: Yeah, let's go home.

Sonic: Yeah? Well, it that's so... (gets annoyed) Why didn't I get the girl?!! The hero always gets his girl, right?

Reidak: (to the viewers, in a dark, deep, booming voice) Don't you believe it.

The End... for now...

Story #2: Transcript

Running on Empty, the Sugar Rush

(In Mixels Land)

(The Infernites, the Cragsters, the Electriods, along with 3 new tribes, are relaxing eating their delicious food.)

(The Blue Mixels are called the "Frosticons" & they are "Flurr", "Lunk" & "Slumbo".

The Frosticons (From Left to Right: Slumbo, Flurr & Lunk)

) (The Brown Mixels are called the "Fang Gang" & they are "Jawg", "Chomly" & "Gobba".
Fang Gang

The Fang Gang (From Left to Right: Gobba, Jawg & Chomly)

) (The Orange Mixels are called the "Flexers" & they are "Kraw", "Tentro" & "Balk".

The Flexers (From Left to Right: Kraw, Balt & Tentro)


Zaptor & Jawg: (eating their Hamlonga Sandwiches) Mmm! Hamlonga Sandwich!

Seismo: (eating a Coconapple) Coconapple! Yum Yum!

Flain, Vulk & Zorch: (eating slices of pie together)

Flain: Boy, lunch time sure is great. Right guys?

Vulk: Yeah, it sure it.

Gobba: (eating Bar B Cubes & Pop Rocks) Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Lunch & snacks are so delicious.

Kraw: Not so fast, my friend. Don't eat too much or you might get a tummy ache.

Gobba: Don't worry, I won't be stuffed again, but I'm hungry again.

Jawg & Chomly: Us too!

Flain: You know what happen last time when we try to eat something with sugar. It was the donut incident back at Mobius Prime, one month ago.

(The camera begins a ripple dissolve, before changing to South Knothole, one month earlier with a time card that says "One Month Ago".)

French Narrator: 1 month ago...

(We can see all 18 Mixels are in the kitchen with Twilight Sparkle.)

Twilight Sparkle: Greetings, you must be the Mixels that Spongebob is talking about, right?

Flain: That's us.

Krader: We use cubits to mix!

Twilight Sparkle: That's good, you've really done us a big favor on stopping Plankton's plan on stealing the Master Emerald.

Teslo: Thanks, but it was mostly Knuckles the Echidna who saved the day. We should repay you for saving Mixels Land too.

Twilight Sparkle: That would be very nice.

Flurr: (notices a poster that has a donut) Say, what's that?

Twilight Sparkle: That's only a sign for donuts. (gets an idea) Say, I got an idea. How's about you guys get the donuts for the All Star meeting at noon.

Jawg: Whoa, really? (licking his lips in delight)

Twilight Sparkle: Yes. But first, there something you should know. Since I'm on going to be exercising today in the gym. I want you to pick me up a whole wheat donut. It's the only donut that is healthy.

Zaptor: Like a bagel, or a bread from a Hamlonga Sandwich?

Twilight Sparkle: Uh, yeah. Something like that. You can pick the rest if you like. And remember, do not pass them out until the meeting. Got it?

Kraw: We got it crystal clear, my purple intelligent equestrian friend.

Twilight Sparkle: (blushes a bit) Oh, thank you, Mr. uh...

Kraw: Kraw. The Frosticons, the Fang Gang & the Flexers are new here.

Twilight Sparkle: (clears her throat) Ahem. Right. Let's go over this one more time, just to make sure you all got it. Ok, what did I just say?

Zorch: Get the donuts and don't pass them out before the meeting starts.

Twilight Sparkle: And?

Slumbo: And you want a whole wheat donut.

Twilight Sparkle: Good. (gives a map of Equestria to the Mixels) Here is the map of Equestria to get to Donut Joe's donut shop.

Seismo: Oh boy! Donuts! Donuts!

Vulk: Oh boy, I can't wait!

Chomly: Me neither

Flain: Then what are we waiting for guys. Let's go get some donuts.

(In Equestria in the MLP:FIM Universe.)

(The Mixels arrived at Equestria & arrives at Donut Joe's donut shop.)

Balk: This is it. The donut shop.

Lunk: Yeah.

(As they entered inside, they take a look at the donuts & they we're amazed.)

Mixels: Whoooaaa!

Zorch: Awww-yeah! Let's pick some donuts!

Seismo: Donuts! Donuts!

Flain: Hold on, remember what Twilight said first? (to Donut Joe) We'd like one whole wheat donut please.

(Donut Joe picks up one whole wheat donut & puts it in the donut box.)

Kraw: Now we can pick what we want.

Jawg: Let's get two of those!

Chomply: And five of those, and some of those!

Krader: Don't forget the chocolate donuts!

Slumbo: Wait, what are those? (points to the donuts behind Donut Joe.)

(Shows the rainbow glaxzed donuts, sparkling rainbow light.)

Donut Joe: Oh, you mean those Rainbow Glazed Donuts?

Mixels: (their mouths water in excitement) Rainbow glazed...

Donut Joe: Yeah, the last time I have an order of those donuts, it was back at Rainbow Dash's birthday party last year.

Teslo: We'll take them!

Donut Joe: Alright, donuts are a bit each today. You all got lucky today.

Mixels: (hands out their gold bits to Donut Joe)

Volectro: We'll these cover it?

Donut Joe: Alright, you want those here or to-go?

Tentro: To go, please.

Donut Joe: (gives the Mixels, boxes of Rainbow Glazed Donuts & gives them a donut box with one whole wheat donut for Twilight Sparkle) Here you go. Enjoy & if you see Twilight Sparkle, tell her I said "hi".

(Back at South Knothole)

(The Mixels are back at the kitchen & they placed the donut boxes on the table)

Flain: Donuts delivered!

Zaptor: Wow, that was an easy task.

Lunk: We've done it in no time.

Flurr: Yeah, we did.

Vulk: Wanna go for a quick game of Mixelball?

Shuff: Oh boy! Let's play!

(As the Mixels head outside, Gobba suddenly stopped before he goes outside the kitchen, by the smell of Rainbow Glazed Donuts)

Gobba: (turns to the donut boxes & opens one) Well, at least I'll try one bite. (picks up a Rainbow Glazed Donut) What's gonna happen? (eats it) Mmmm... (suddenly starts shaking due to the high sugar...)

French Narrator: (As the time card appeared) One game of Mixelball later.

(The Mane 6 we're entering the kitchen)

Rainbow Dash: I see the new guys, the Mixels we're having fun.

Rarity: Indeed, all 16 Mixels are having fun with their own games, like this Mixelball, with 1 Mixel being the referee.

Twilight Sparkle: 17? I thought they we're 18 of them? That would mean... (notices Gobba) Gobba?

Applejack: Are you alright, sugarcube?

Gobba: (turns to the Mane 6, still shaking due to the sugar) (laughs) AHAHAHAHAHAHA, hellohellohello my little ponies did you notice that those donuts are so good?!

Fluttershy: AHH! (hides behind Applejack)

Twilight Sparkle: Wait a minute? Gobba? Was that a Rainbow Glazed Donut?

Pinkie Pie: Like the ones we have last year at Rainbow Dash's birthday party?

Gobba: Why, yes, yes it was a Rainbow Glazed.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry, but I've told you not to let anyone including yourselves touch those!

Gobba: Oh my, my giant appetite has gotten the best of me every time! I hope I haven't caused anyone trouble!

Applejack: You have an appetite of a full grown stallion?

Gobba: No. The Fang Gang has an appetite of a GIANT full grown stallion!

Mane 6: (gasps)

Rarity: Oh my goodness.

(Just then, the other 17 Mixels returned inside.)

Flain: Hey guys, what's going on?

Twilight Sparkle: Your friend Gobba has ate a Rainbow Glazed Donut.

Gobba: And it tasted like magic!

Teslo: Aw no, we forgot that Fang Gang's has gigantic appetites.

Pinkie Pie: And look at Gobba, he's so funny when he is in on a sugar rush. (giggles)

Kraw: Let's get Gobba outta here before anyone sees.

(At the Mane 6's hut)

(Vulk & Volectro try to stop Gobba's hands from shaking unsuccessfully.)

Rarity: Anything, darling?

Vulk: It's no use.

Volectro: Gobba won't hold still. (zaps)

Gobba: I'm sorry guys. (licks his fingers) But I couldn't avoid those delicious Rainbow Glazed Donuts they were super duper yummy- I like what you did to your room, my little ponies!!

Rainbow Dash: Chillax Gobba.

Krader: Yeah, chill.

Slumbo: What do we do about Gobba?

Twilight Sparkle: The meeting starts in 15 minutes.

Balk: How do we calm Gobba down before it starts?!

Flain: We'll have to tire him out.

(Montage Music plays. Several scenes of Gobba doing some excersise, trying to calm down. Like jumping jacks, push ups, jump rope, exercise videos [even with Pinkie Pie speeding the videos out, but Gobba keeps going faster without slowing down, much to their disappointment].)

(And finally Gobba, who is tied to a long piece of rope, is pulling a cart around, and the rope breaks, sending Zorch & Seismo flying to a tree as the montage ends.)

Zorch & Seismo: (lands)

Mane 6: (winches in pain) Ooohhhhh

Rainbow Dash: So much for Gobba pulling our weight around.

Seismo: Me no think it's working.

Zorch: Yeah, but some fun, eh?

(The Mane 6 & the rest of the Mixels, minus Gobba, goes up to Seismo & Zorch)

Applejack: Are you fellers ok?

Krader: I think they're ok.

Flurr: Seismo's right, Gobba is still super hyper & we only got 5 minutes.

Flain: We need some help.

Chomly: But who?

Twilight Sparkle: (smiles) I think I know just the All Star.

(As the gang left, they didn't know is that the D.O.O.M. agents are watching them from the bushes)

Ollie: Wow, Snaptrap! Your plan will be pure genius!

Snaptrap: It is? I accidently double glazed the donuts by mistake. Larry, taste those donuts or perish! Check to see if they are

Larry: Mmm, donuts! (starts eating the double glazed rainbow donut & begins shaking vigorously, spinning around in mid air) WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH....! (disappears into thin air

Snaptrap: Wow, it really did work.

Francisco: Where'd he go? I don't think Larry's coming back.

Snaptrap: Exactly. I made Larry disappear. Yay me! Watch out, cause D.O.O.M. will make them disappear! And besides, I'm hungry for a donut myself. (Eats a donut, not knowing it's the Rainbow Glazed Donuts) Alright men, let's go... Oh? (Suddendly begins to jump around) go go go go go go gogogogogogogogoGOOOOOO.... (Suddenly disappear into thin air)

Francisco: Should we go get help?

Ollie: (sighs as he hung his head)

(At Zaktan's hut.)

(We can see the Mane 6, Zaktan & the rest of the Mixels, watching Gobba doing jumping jacks & shadow boxing, counting to 10 & repeating it again.)

Gobba: (doing jumping jacks) And 1, and 2, and 3, and 4, and 5, and 6, and 7, and 8, and 9, and 10! (doing shadow boxing) And 1, and 2, and 3, and 4, and 5, and 6, and 7...

Zaktan: Yeah, Mordecai & Rigby told me that has happened in their world before. He'll crash if we just give him more sugar.

Claim: Really? More sugar? Are you sure about that?

Apple jacks: He might be right, I don't think it's healthy.

Zaktan: Have I ever been wrong?

(The Mixels & the Mane 6 exhange looks and Shuff opens of the donut box.)

Gobba: (Smells the donuts and runs over to Shuff, stuffing donuts in his mouth.) OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!!! (Jumping around)

Skips: Hmm...better give him some more.

Shuff: (Sighs & slowly opens up the box again.)

Gobba: (Dunks whole head into the box, eating up the donuts)

(Gobba jumps around, yelling "Oh Boy" over and over again and later disappears, leaving the group with surprised & shocked faces.)

Zaktan: Uh-oh.

Flain: What? Why "Uh-oh"?

Vulk: He is coming back, right?

Zaktan: Uhh...probably not.

Mixels & Mane 6: WHAT???!!!

Oldie: (with Francisco) Your not the only ones.

Rainbow: Ollie & Francisco! What are you doing? Whatever the reason is trouble for DOOM.

Ollie: Snaptrap is trying to eliminate you with a plan, but Larry has disappeared & so is our boss.

Francisco: We gotta do something to save him!

Applejack: Fine, but since DOOM is actually one of the easiest to beat, guess we'll help. But we're keeping an eye on you.

Zaktan: Grab a donut. We're going in after him.

(Everyone grabs a donut.)

Zaktan: See you on the other side. (Eats donut) Mmm....tasty.

(As the Mixels & the Mane 6 plus Zaktan, Ollie & Francisco eat their donuts, they spin around and teleport to a higher sugar plane.)

"More Coming Soon"